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1-985-266-9265 (If in The States, call or text.  Anywhere else, text.)

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Myspace -I’ve had my current Myspace page since April of 2006, but I hardly ever check it anymore. Does anyone?

My YouTube Channel -I’ve been using YouTube on and off since 2006, but this most current channel was created in 2018.

Facebook -I began using Facebook in August of 2009 and it has been a staple in my personal Internet use ever since.

I was formerly on Instagram, from July of 2018 until February of 2022, but I found there was too much inappropriate content on there that which I gave in to the temptation to view way too many times. The Good Lord is dealing with me about this and has been for some time now.

…My screen names…

ICQ Number (had it since May of 2001): 118745161

Zello (had this new one since August of 2019): moniereric87

…My Email Addresses… -Had this email address only since late January 2018. -Had this email address since April 2006. -Had this email address since April 2002, or so. Some of you may remember it from my Expage days.

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