Those Years

This is a high school/teen drama which I began some time in 2015. I wrote it through 2016, then I suddenly went on hiatus.  One day, I might add to this series, though I am not sure exactly when.

Here is  The Character Guide

It initially centers around sixteen year old loner Grady Arden and his terminally-ill, nineteen year old girlfriend, Kylie LaCroix.

There hasn’t been much written to it, but I am still posting it, because I feel the time is finally right.

This too, somewhat reflects post modern American life, though not as much as other things I’ve written.

Here are the pieces to the drama in chronological order.

These first few pieces take place one week before Thanksgiving Day 201x:

Those Years-Pilot

Those Years-Grady and Kylie’s Lunch Together

Those Years-That Afternoon/Bus Ride

Those Years-Confrontation and Confession

Those Years-Ride to the Park

Those Years-At the Park

This next piece takes place the Friday before Thanksgiving Week 201x:

Those Years-The Next Morning

…That’s all I have at the moment.  Maybe one day I will be inspired to continue this…

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