The New Generation Gap

So, I’ve been mentally toying with the idea of a pregnant Millennial couple purchasing a house next door to a cranky old man of the Silent Generation and frequently being harassed by him, since 2019. It is now March of 2021 as I am getting it into text.

Basically, the main theme in this story is a disabled Millennial couple who is frequently heckled by Boomers and Silents for what they deem to be poor life choices and generational conflict in general.

There is a 9+ year span over which this series occurs, with it beginning in 2012. It is centered around the lives of Zachary Moore and Tiffany Taylor.

I draw my inspiration for this from some former coworkers who were difficult to work with and what I observe occurring in Post Modern society.

Silents have been known to grossly mistreat Millennials and Zoomers, especially in the workplace. Baby Boomers also do this to a degree, but not as much as Silents.

Without further ado, here are the stories:

How Zachary met Tiffany

Zachary and Tiffany’s First Evening Together


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