Synopses of Other Stories I’ve Written Over the Years

As the title suggests, this page contains links to synopses to other stories I’ve written or am currently writing.

Some stories I’ve written are too long to be posted online (if not written in series form.)

Other links are commentaries, explanations and synopses of stories I have written in a serial format.

Without further ado, here are the links:

Synopsis of “Scanner Drama” -I initially wrote this on January 31, 2004/February 1, 2004, and have been working on it ever since.  It is basically a high school/teen soap opera that takes place during the first decade of The New Millennium.

Synopsis of “Separated Affection” -I began this in the Spring of 2014 and had periodically added on to it.  A dream I had in June of 2006, childhood experiences and my own imagination were the three factors that inspired this.  Okay, I lied, there are four factors, news events in world politics also inspired this as well.  If anyone wishes to help collaborate with me on this, by all means, drop me a line.

Check back often for updates…This page is currently under construction…