Second Chances

If you, the reader, are wondering about the meaning behind the featured image on this page, I will explain: These are the two items that are carried by my main character while he is sitting in the Bible Study class.

I began work on this series back in December of 2019 and that is also when the series takes place. In essence it is a story line about a disabled young man who moves to a new city in order to have a fresh start and more accommodating life. He winds up getting invited to a church, where he meets a beautiful, sweet and equally disabled young lady. They quickly fall for each other. I didn’t write much further than that, but now I have a motive to continue writing this story line some more, so hopefully I will be able to make my additions in a timely manner.

Without further ado, here is what I have so far:


Making Groceries

How I met Her

Christmas Eve Part 1

Christmas Eve Part 2

Christmas Day Part 1

Christmas Day Part 2

…Check back for updates…

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