Radiant Affection

I’ve been working on this story since February or so of 2012. Initially, it was supposed to be written as a a replacement of my story, “The Textfile”, as a form of repentance for writing it in the first place.

However, it took on its own themes and I must admit was slightly inspired by The Twilight Saga which was popular at the time. Also there are several inspirations that came from my youth and childhood that helped me create this story.

I am not finished yet and for years I had writer’s block where this story was concerned. There is one idea in this story that I incorporated into my infamous “Grocer and Writer” stories.

It was always supposed to be a Christian story, but unfortunately my two main characters committed fornication. I think that is why God didn’t let me progress much with it. However, in the Spring of 2021, I decided to alter the story and have my two main character, Logan Baines and Mila Gunther not commit fornication. When I made that change, much more inspiration started flowing. The unfortunate part is that there are not enough hours in the day to get it all down.

For those who are wondering, the items pictured in the featured image are what I would imagine some of the work tools used by Logan Baines are. After all, he is employed as a tractor mechanic…

It would be nice to see if I can come to a conclusion before 2022, but it will take much effort, discipline and committment on my part.

All in all, I am willing to share what I have so far, so without further ado, here are the links:


Logan and Mila Meet Again

Logan Proposed to Mila

Mila becomes Born Again

Logan and Mila find a Church


Meet Mila’s Grandparents

*The story concludes with Logan and Mila marrying and going on a honeymoon*

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