My “Original” Stories from 2003.

This page contains links to the first stories I ever attempted to write, at least for fun.  The only difference is that the language is edited, details are added and the grammar may be improved.  Those of you who knew me back then might remember these on my former Express Page.

I was but sixteen years old when I wrote these, so if they seem a bit primitive and overly idealistic, that is why.  I wasn’t as experienced in life lessons much less writing itself and instead was basing everything on raw emotion and limited experiences.

At some point, I found out that my old page which this page is a replica of was archived multiple times in The Wayback Machine.  I felt highly flattered when I found that out!  However, because of my crude writing format, if one could even call it a format, at the time, I don’t know if it was archived for satirical purposes or if people were truly moved by the writing…


Without further ado, here are those stories:

#1…A Teen Couple Killed in a School Shooting -My First Story. Written on April 10, 2003. -If I had to place a setting for this story it would be Los Angeles, California in 2002 or 2003.  Within days a school shooting occurred in New Orleans and quite possibly there was another one in North Louisiana.

#2…Was inspired by the Titanic movie, but was too much like it. Except the ship was sunk by a terrorist attack and so was the life raft that my two young lovers were on. I guess 9/11 was fresh in everyone’s mind and The Notebook movie hadn’t been released yet, so Titanic was the main source of romantic inspiration. Back then I thought it was okay to borrow ideas, but now I believe there is an extremely fine line between inspiration and plagiarism. -Written in mid-April of 2003. -It took place in the North Atlantic Ocean sometime after 2001.

#3…It was originally a love story between two high school dropouts, Taylor and Laura.  Though they struggle, they make it on their own.  I guess I was trying to prove everyone wrong back then and I didn’t believe in education.  The strange thing is, I remember getting a good bit of kudos for writing it. -Written on April 17, 2003. -If I had to place a setting on this, it would be somewhere in the Midwest in the Spring of 2003.

#4…Reunion and Tragedy -It was about a young couple who were in love as children, then cruelly separated, and finally reunited as teens but then killed in a car accident after being relentlessly pursued by an abusive neighbor.  -Initially written sometime in late April or early May of 2003. If I had to place a setting on this story, it would be Southeast Louisiana in the Summer of 2003.

#5…It was heavily inspired by “The Giver”, a dystopian novel by Lois Lowry.  However, it was way too much like the said book and again I believe there is an extremely fine line between inspiration and plagiarism. -Written in June of 2003. -The nation-state this took place in was an island in the Pacific sometime in the not so distant future.

#6…17th Century Love -Initially written later in June of 2003. Of course, this takes place in Massachusetts sometime in the late 1600s.

#7…It was originally about an Irish slave girl named Eileen with a cruel master.  A young man, named Brennan, comes and rescues her and they run off together.  I don’t know of too many other details about this since I lost it and cannot find it anywhere. -Written sometime in late June of 2003. -Takes place somewhere in Ireland in the 1700s.

#8…It was originally about two children a boy and a girl who are in love if one could call it that.  This one too is lost forever and cannot be found nor do I remember too many specifics. -Written in late June or early July of 2003. I don’t remember enough details to place a setting.

#9…Island Couple -Initially written in mid-July of 2003. -This takes place partially in the USA and partially on Archangel Island, a fictitious sovereign state in the tropical Pacific, sometime in the near future.

#10…Runaway Teens -Initially written in late July of 2003. -This takes place in Schriever, Louisiana, in December 2002.

There were a few other stories I wrote in the year 2003, but I cannot remember them all.  A good bit of them is gone forever mostly through my own fault.

Many other stories have taken their place and I would like to think I have improved since then, but I’m not quite sure…

I do now admit that these were somewhat crude examples of what could be the pinnacle of human love towards another human.  However a much Greater Love is available to all who desire it and it does not have the pre requisites or conditions that the love of a man and a woman demands!

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