My [Innocent] “A Disabled Electrician turned Writer” Pieces

I began writing these stories in February of 2017 as a less offensive alternative and replacement to my “Grocer and Writer” stories.

In these new stories, there is going to be little to no references to class or race struggle as were rampant in my “Grocer and Writer” stories.

Yes, these conflicts still occur even in the most recent and current of Post Modern society and I believe they will unfortunately always be present.

I wrote both of these series to teach more than anything else that everyone deserves to love and be loved.

The main character of my “Grocer and Writer” resides in a neighborhood that is based on Mid City, New Orleans, and I will not mention which real grocery chain inspired the store he works for, The Downtown Grocer, other than that it has no presence in New Orleans even though it is located in a neighborhood based on the Central Business District of New Orleans. I will say that these new stories take place in a neighborhood based on Metairie AKA Metry, Louisiana (a suburb located to the immediate West of New Orleans) and the neighborhood grocer, Melinda’s Massive Superstore, is based on none other than a combination of Schwegmann’s and The Real Superstore, though it takes place in modern times.

However, I added the references to race and class struggle in my “Grocer and Writer” stories because I felt that at the time only certain narratives and perspectives pertaining to those subjects were considered valid and all the others were ignored and many times vehemently discredited or even persecuted to the point of violence at times.

And, because of that, many were offended and I realized at that point, I was doing more harm than good. It’s as if, the anger generated by peoples’ reactions tended to shadow the true meaning of me writing these, which always was that everyone deserves to be loved especially in spite of a seemingly unattractive appearance or a potentially stigmatizing disability.

So, to compensate myself and in an attempt to right the wrongs that had happened, I decided to start the new series, “A Disabled Electrician Turned Writer.” I began it sometime in February of 2017. There would be no references to class or race struggle and most of my characters get along peacefully. I also tried better to teach about everyone deserving to love and be loved, yes even in spite of disability or appearance.

Unfortunately, from my Christian perspective, there is still a considerable amount of sin occurring in this series. My two main characters, a young impoverished couple, Johnny Joseph Elder and Annabelle Jenkins, not only cohabitate but also fornicate. I guess it occurs because fornication and cohabitation are unfortunately all too frequent in Post Modern Society and this series is very much an observance of Post Modern Society. I will boldly state that my two main characters are very much in love, but unfortunately, that doesn’t cut it in God’s eyes. If I ever continue writing this, I will indeed have them get married and live godly lives. I left it off with my Annabelle Jenkins becoming not only engaged to Johnny Joseph Elder but also Born Again, after he is so convicted of his sins and backslidden state that he presents the Gospel to her. And then I went on hiatus. There’s also an elderly widow, Angela Fulton, whom the Scriptures would possibly consider a busybody and she’s actually the one who set my two main characters up and she also, unfortunately, encourages them to have premarital coitus.

Like He did all the while I was writing my “Grocer and Writer” stories, The Good Lord has dealt with me for writing these as well. His Word and His Spirit have pierced my heart and soul like two-edged sword, and have convicted the living daylights out of me, so I refuse to publically show any of the sinful pieces in this series. That is why I am only showing the more “Innocent” pieces because they still do teach that everyone deserves to love and be loved and that was my original intent for writing this and many other love stories.

Without further ado, here they are:

Those of you in my immediate circle would greatly appreciate the Character Guide . Most of the characters in these stories are named after cats that either myself and/or my family took care of.

How Johnny Joseph Elder met Annabelle Jenkins -Takes place on a Thursday afternoon in mid to late May during the latter half of the 2010s decade.

Hurricane Alidore Approaches the City -Takes place the next day, a Friday.

…Approximately a year passes between the previous and next pieces. A good bit of sinning happens in this time period and I am not making it public anymore because I believe it offends God but also causes others to sin…

Johnny Joseph Elder Proposes to Annabelle Jenkins

Annabelle Jenkins Converts to Christianity