I began writing this in November of 2009.

It is one of my “Public Displays of Affection” stories and it is also the forerunner to my “Post Modern” stories, specifically, my “Grocer and Writer” stories.

It is a teen romance and slight drama story, but there are a few comic reliefs.

I was shopping at The Esplenade Mall in Kenner, Louisiana (a suburb of New Orleans), then hung around in other places near New Orleans when I was inspired to write this.

That was almost ten years ago.

I’ve decided to fine tune this story and hopefully, now it is presentable for my blog. It takes place in January of 2009, so that is why the technology seems dated.

Parker Munson and Liberty Cicone, a teen couple on “As The World Turns” somewhat inspired my main couple of whom this story line revolves around.  It is a love story between sixteen year old Ethan Mays and fourteen year old Tessa Behling.

I know that those who read this story when it was available enjoyed it.  However, there is more than enough sinning in this story and The Good Lord started to withold blessings from my life for making it public.  When I asked Him why my blessings were being witheld, He told me because of the fornication and rebelliousness to parents that take place in here.  Because such themes do not honor God, I took it down in order to make it right.  My walk with God is more important to me than what my readers think of me, believe it or not…Sorry not sorry.