Blogger in a new City

The idea for this new series came to me in a combination of two dreams, once of which I had in October of 2020 and the other I had in January of 2022.

At its core, it centers around the life of a young writer, of twenty-five-going-on-twenty-six, Everette George Mullen who divorces his toxic ex wife after she causes them to lose their house. The reasons for them losing the house is that while previously being disabled and at the mercy of whoever would grant them affordable housing, the landlord discovered his writings, found them to be highly offensive and had since looked for reasons to evict him. When his then now-ex-wife made a huge scene while bringing in groceries, one day in March, the landlord had them evicted.

She moved back in with her family, while he stayed with an older friend until he the divorce was final. By then he had just enough credit and income to purchase a cheaper house in Lake Morgan, Louisiana. The pilot piece will take place with him in the offices of his banker and realtors, receiving the keys to his new to him house.

Subsequently, he begins to purchase items for his home at a new store in Lake Morgan. It is known as Donna’s Discount Electronics and Housewares. While shopping there, he meets the owner’s daughter, a slightly disabled twenty-one-year old, Hailee Bainbridge, who has read his online work for the past ten years and has crushed on him for that same period of time. He is instantly attracted to her and begins to catch feelings for her as well.

After they talk for a moment and Hailee confesses all of this to him, they decide to get in a relationship. Donna catches them exchanging kisses and confronts then but finally approves of their new relationship, especially after seeing Everette’s high credit score.

After ordering housewares and a stereo, among other things, for his newly purchased home Everette offers to take Hailee to lunch, to which she happily agrees.

They leave Donna’s and walk to the sandwich shop next door when Everette is assaulted by two middle class/aged men who don’t want him in their city because of his writing. Hailee witnesses the assault and being built like an Amazon chases the men away and comforts Everette until an EMS unit takes them to the hospital.

If only I had the time, I know of many places I can go with such a story line, it’s just I am more busy than someone on a disability pension ought to be.

Here is what I have written so far:

Dreams that Inspired this

Everette Mullen’s Beginning

How Everette Mullen met Hailee Bainbridge

One of Everette Mullen’s Story Ideas


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