An Online Romance

In case you, the reader, are wondering the meaning of the featured image on this page, I will explain. It is two scanners a Realistic Pro-54 which is owned by the family of one main character. The other scanner is a Uniden BC72XLT which is owned and carried by my other main character. I felt the need to clear the air about that.

I know by this point in human history that online romances are now quite cliche`.  However, I promise that this one is different than most online romances, whether real or only those that could be thought of.  There probably was never one like this written before as fiction.  You see, it is a blossoming love story between Ezra Lee Toussaint and Sadie Claire MacBride.  Ezra is a thirty-five-year-old schizophrenic and diabetic on disability from outside of New Orleans, Louisiana, while Sadie is a twenty-nine-year-old SSBBW from rural Marshall County, Alabama with a troubled past and also on disability.

Did I not say it was different?

As usual, I am trying to teach that everyone deserves to love and be loved.

Without further ado, here are the pieces to this series:

Character Guide


The Next Day

Laundry Day


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