A Train Conductor Meets a Young Blogger

I began work on this series in March of 2016, when I realized that many found my infamous “Grocer and Writer” stories to be quite offensive and controversial.   That is why I began this series is the first offshoot of “Grocer and Writer”. I worked on this throughout 2016, then went on hiatus with it and in February of 2017, I went on to write the second “Grocer and Writer” offshoot, “A Disabled Electrician turned Writer” of which I had had more success.

The story is about a  freight train conductor named Cyrus Braeden (23M) who discovers the work of a young female blogger named Tabitha Howell (19F) from a post in a regional Facebook Group.  He enjoys her work while many others criticize it.  He comments words of encouragement on her post while most everyone else was criticizing it.  They begin to crush on each other and then she sends him a DM, which turns into a conversation which turns into a blossoming romance.

Without further ado, here is what I have written of it so far:

Sweet Online Conversation

Sweeter Phone Conversation

In 2023, I have decided to try and breathe new life into this series, but it is going to take some serious effort and energy on my part.

While this series does teach that everyone deserves to be loved romantically, despite almost everything, there is a Greater Love that God Almighty has for mankind.  It is available to everyone who will surrender to it and it does not have the stringent prerequisites that romantic love has.  It was, however, bought at the most tremendous price ever.

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