A Teenage Student-Worker and His Eveready No. 1259 Flashlight

The featured image on this page should be obvious to you, the reader.  It is an Eveready 1259 Safety Flashlight and it is owned and carried by the narrator in these stories.

The first two pieces of this came to me in a dream I had while sleeping late on a dreary morning in February of 2012.

There is a reference to a certain video game in the first piece, can anyone guess which one it is?

Eveready No. 1259-Part One

The second piece has a teacher’s lecture which could indeed be used if teaching about  the need for intrinsically safe equipment in hazardous atmospheres.

Eveready No. 1259-Part Two

The third piece was created straight out of my imagination in the late summer/early fall of 2016.

While this series originally wasn’t meant to be romantic, I couldn’t resist steering it in that direction.  A romance blossoms between my main character and a female classmate.  By the way, I imagined that this would have taken place in 2003, so that’s why the technology and prices seem dated.

Eveready No. 1259-Part Three

That’s all I have for now.  I don’t know when I will make another piece to this series, but don’t hesitate to check back from time to time…

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