A Disabled Electrician turned Writer

I began writing these stories in February of 2017.

It is centered around a twenty-five/twenty-six year old disabled electrician, Johnny Joseph Elder, who now aspires to be a writer and eighteen/nineteen year old Annabelle Jenkins, his girlfriend who also aspires to be a writer.

They are a young struggling (impoverished) couple, but the love they share gets them through everything.

I feel guilty for posting these stories, because my two main characters are indeed guilty of both fornication and cohabitation.

I know that those who actually read this story when it was available enjoyed it.  However, there is too much sinning in this story and The Good Lord started to withold blessings from my life for making it public.  When I asked Him why my blessings were being witheld, He told me because of the aforementioned sins that take place in here.  Because such themes do not honor God, I took it down in order to make it right.  My walk with God is more important to me than what my readers think of me, believe it or not…Sorry not sorry.