I am working on a new story that takes place initially on August 3, 2004, at a shopping mall in what one could assume to be South Louisiana.

The story in a nutshell is what life might have been like for my wife, Hollie Boartfield Monier, and I had we met as teenagers.

This is not a true story, but instead what could have been in what some would call a parallel universe if such a thing indeed exists.

The story begins with seventeen-and-a-half-year-old Eliezer James “Eli” Mouton confirming that his SSI check was deposited and he is at Radio Shack to purchase a brand new Uniden BC72XLT scanner. He also purchased some fresh rechargeable batteries for it and is then using it to tune in the security guards at the mall. His eighty-two-year-old grandpa dropped him off at the mall. Eliezer is a schizophrenic turned high school dropout and lives with his grandparents. He is 5’6″ slightly overweight due to medication, has short dirty blonde hair with sideburns down to the lobes of his ears but otherwise clean-shaven, green eyes, pale, and with slight acne.

Meanwhile, it was recently the thirteenth birthday of Hannah Danielle “Hannah D” Bienville and she is spending her birthday money at a Game Stop Store. She bought some Poke`Mon games for her Gameboy Advanced SP. She is also buying a stuffed Pikachu and some Pokemon cards. Hannah is moderately autistic. She is also 5’6″, fair with numerous freckles, blue eyes reddish brown hair that goes down to her shoulder blades, bespectacled and pleasantly plump.

Here is the Character Guide

I know some may be offended by the ages and age difference of my two characters, but thirteen-year-old girls date seventeen-year-old guys all the time, and, to them, it is almost like a fantasy come true, at, provided the guy treats her well.

For years I always thought that four years is the perfect age difference for any couple and I still stand by that belief.

Without further ado, here is the story:

How Eli met Hannah

Eli gets a Job

Eli goes Shopping for Work Clothes


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