A Christian Marriage

In case anyone is wondering about the featured image on this page, I will now explain: It is of my wife and me, taken at my informally adopted sister’s apartment in the latter parts of February 2023.

I was a divorcee and came out of a faulty former marriage. Even while I was still married I prayed that God somehow send me a better spouse than the one I was bound to. Those prayers have since been answered.

Many aspects of these Christian marital fantasies do indeed line up with my current and I fervently pray forever marriage!

For the record, I knew my wife existed when I wrote these, but we weren’t yet in a relationship. I had a dream about my future now current spouse in the Fall of 2020, but I didn’t realize it was her.

Without further ado, here they are:

A Christian Honeymoon

Christian Newlyweds

A Christian Couple Evacuating from a Hurricane

A Christian Couple on Vacation

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