Works of Fiction

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This page contains all of the fictitious works I have done and choose to share with the world.

These are some General Love Stories I’ve Written Over the Years

“Original” Stories from 2003 -The first stories I attempted to write on my own and for fun…These were formerly on my Express Page site, but that server was shut down.

Teenage Fantasies -I wrote these in 2017 and early 2018, but they take place in either 2001 or 2002. Despite the title it really isn’t that scandalous. It is simply a love story between a 14-15 year old boy and a 16-17 year old girl.

The Textfile -I began writing this on December 10, 2005. I finished it in August of 2006. I then deleted it completely sometime in 2011 or 2012. I began rewriting it from memory in June of 2017 and finished in July of 2019.

A Short Romance Story involving EDC Gear -I had been thinking of something like this since about 2014, but finally penned it on February 3, 2018.

Undying Faith -I wrote this story at the age of 19 going on 20 in December of 2006.

Very Sad and Very Short Stories -Though they are sad and short, I think there is still a strange kind of beauty to them.

Synopses of Other Stories I’ve Written -These stories are much too long to be placed online, so I’ve written brief synopses of them to give you, the reader, the meat and potatoes of them.

These stories are known as my “Public Displays of Affection”:

Depression with Affection -I began writing this in the Spring and Summer of 2009, actually on my lunch breaks at work!

iAffection -I began writing this in November of 2009. Recently I’ve fine tuned it. Yes, it is one of my “Public Displays of Affection” stories but also the forerunner to my “Post Modern” stories, especially my “Grocer and Writer” stories, I just didn’t realize it at the time…

Radiant Affection -I began writing this in 2012 as one of the replacements to my story “The Textfile.” I continued writing it through 2014 then writer’s block set in…

These are Love Stories dealing with Life in American Society Resulting from Post Modernism:

My [Non-Offensive] “Grocer and Writer” Pieces -I began writing these stories in the Summer of 2014 as a result of years of observing what Post Modernism has done to American and Global Society but was also desiring to teach that everyone deserves to love and be loved.

A Disabled Electrician turned Writer -I began writing these, though, in February of 2017 with my mission to teach that everyone deserves to love and be loved, without so many controversies that were involved with the previous, “Grocer and Writer” stories.

“Those Years” -A high school/teen drama I began writing in 2015 through 2016. This somewhat reflects post modern American Society or the result of its influence.

A Freight Train Conductor meets a [Disabled] Aspiring Writer -I began writing these back in March of 2016. Hopefully, I can continue them…

“Two Foamers in Love” -It has its own controversial themes but hopefully isn’t too offensive. I began this in June of 2017, but as of August 2018, only wrote two pieces…

An Autumn Squall Line -Probably the least controversial of all my Post Modern Stories. I wrote it in the early morning hours on April 16, 2018, a week after taking a trip to Uptown New Orleans but rewrote it on August 11, 2018. Initially, in the original version, this young impoverished couple was cohabitating, but in the new version, they are married. The Lord got a hold of me, I guess. I made a few other minor adjustments as well…

Love Among Terrorism I wrote this on the evening of November 7, 2018. While it isn’t a true story, just very realistic fiction, the narrator is based on none other but myself and the young lady is based on my girlfriend.

Other Works of Fiction I’ve Done:

My Own Zombie Apocylapse -This came to me straight from a dream I had in the early morning hours of May 13, 2018. The weird thing is I do not watch any television programs about zombies or the living dead. The only one I ever watched that referenced zombies was an old Simpsons Halloween Special.

“A Teenage Student-Worker and His Eveready No. 1259 Flashlight” -The first two parts of this series came to me in a dream I had in 2012. I penned them in early 2014. I wrote the third piece in 2016 and it is more romantic than the first two pieces.

A Day at My Grandparents’ -This is my first attempt at a children’s story. I began writing this in the Summer of 2016 and it is heavily based on my childhood.

Excerpts and Ideas from Stories I Never Finished -These are bits and pieces from stories I had attempted to write over the years, but never finished. Still, I find them to be at least a little noteworthy, hence me posting them.