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This page contains all of the fictitious works I have done and choose to share with the world.

These are some General Love Stories I’ve Written Over the Years:

“Original” Stories from 2003-These are the first stories I attempted to write on my own and for fun…These were formerly on my Express Page site, but that server was shut down. They are all edited for better grammar and some have a slightly revised or more elaborated plot…

Christmas in July -These are very some short stories that I have posted during the Month of July since 2018. They have each and all been inspired by Christmasy pictures which are featured on the respective story page.

A Christian Marriage -I began writing these in the spring of 2021 and they are basically what an ideal marriage would look like to me. The female character in these stories is a portrayal of what my heart desires in a spouse. They may also be God’s guidance, at least to some degree.

An Exile in Genuine Plaza -This actually came to me in a dream I had back in March of 2002 and predates my writing. However, a recent encounter with a former girlfriend and then subsequent conversations with a high school buddy caused the memory of this dream to resurface. A week and some days later, I transcribed it into a story.

A Stormy Louisiana Monday -I was actually inspired to write this on a Wednesday Evening, April 14, 2021. I put it into text the next day and in one sitting. Mid-April of 2021 was very stormy for Louisiana, so I am sure that was part of the inspiration.

An American Family Living through the Pearl Harbor Attack -I was inspired to write something like this while I was a Junior in High School (which would be about eighteen years before I actually wrote this piece.) After making a Facebook post about this story on the 81st Anniversary of Pearl Harbor, I decided this piece would definitely be worthy of my blog as well.

A Christian Family in Nazi Germany -I had seen a 1942 magazine image some time ago about how in America, as opposed to Nazi Germany, one is able to listen to the radio broadcast of his or her choice and not have to worry about harassment from their government. Immediately, I thought I could write a story behind the four characters in that picture. Between May 21 & 22, 2021, I wrote that story.

Scanner Drama -This is a soap opera that I initially wrote as a teenager in late January of 2004. It is much more technically detailed than any soap opera I ever watched, though. I had edited it many times over the years but if it seems dated, that is because it takes place between 2004 and 2006.

Island Drama -This is the sequel to “Scanner Drama” which I had begun in January of 2004. It takes place in the month I initially wrote it, July of 2005, on the fictitious but sovereign Archangel Island. I’ve been editing it several times over the years but now I feel as if I am ready to share it. Note this piece reflects the political views of my teen years, not necessarily my current views.

Synopsis to “The Textfile” -I began writing this back in December of 2005 and completed the original version in June of 2006. I destroyed it in 2013. I began writing a new version of it in the Summer of 2017 and completed it in 2019. This synopsis is of the new version. But whether original or new, at its core, The Textfile is a love story between a free-thinking twenty-two-year-old man employed as a mechanic and an eighteen-year-old girl raised in a religious cult.

A Teenage Fantasy -I began writing this at some point in 2017 through 2018 when I completed it. I didn’t include the whole story because of the sinning that takes place at the end. However, I kept most of it, because I feel it teaches a good enough lesson. If it seems dated, that’s because it takes place in the Spring and Summer of 2001…

A Short Romance Story involving EDC Gear -I had been thinking of something like this almost nightly since the Summer of 2014, but finally penned it into a story on February 3, 2018…

a.D. MMIV -I began this new story in August of 2022. I takes place some eighteen years prior. Basically it is a fictitious narrative of how my wife and I could have met as teenagers. I am still in the process of fleshing this story out so, please, bare with me.

These are my Public Displays of Affection stories. I wrote the first one in the Summer of 2009 and have been writing them ever since. They typically involve a young couple in love who must struggle against an oppressive authoritarian entity:

Synopsis to “Dystopian Affection” -This came to me in a dream on the morning of February 9, 2003. I began drafting it into a story in the Summer of 2011, completing the first draft at some point in 2012. My final draft was completed in 2019, with some fine-tuning done thereafter. It takes place in a futuristic and dystopian version of the Greater New Orleans area.

Depression with Affection -I was inspired to write this in the Summer of 2009 but made some alterations since then. It is a short story entailing an eighteen-year-old senior at a Catholic high school who is an aspiring writer. He meets a twenty-something disabled lady and they quickly fall in love but his corrupt and oppressive school president forces them to break up. The “official” reason is because of their public displays of affection while he was in uniform.

Synopsis to “Radiant Affection” -I began writing this in 2012 as a more appropriate replacement and alternative to “The Textfile”. It is a love story between a twenty-two-year-old tractor mechanic and an eighteen-year-old high school senior who has to struggle against an oppressive and controlling school president.

The following love stories are created as a result of my observing the influences of Post Modernism on American society and humanity in general:

Excerpts from “Those Years” -I began writing these stories in 2015, through 2016, then went totally on hiatus. It is the love story between a meek and mild 16-year-old boy named Grady Arden and a terminally ill 19-year-old girl named Kylie LaCroix. I hope to go further with these stories someday.

Synopsis and Commentary to “A Disabled Electrician turned Writer” -I worked on this series of stories between 2017 and 2020. It is the second and probably the most successful offshoot of my infamous “Grocer and Writer” stories. It was also designed not to be as controversial as the former. It mostly takes place, though not explicitly in the New Orleans suburb of Metairie, probably in 2017 and 2018.

An Autumn Squall Line -Probably the least controversial of all my Post Modern Stories. I wrote it in the early morning hours of April 16, 2018, a week after taking a trip to Uptown New Orleans. I rewrote it on August 11, 2018. Initially, in the original version, this young impoverished couple was cohabiting, but in the new version, they are married. The Good Lord got a hold of me, I guess. I made a few other minor adjustments as well…

Second Chances -I began work on this series in December of 2019 and continued working on it in the Fall of 2020. In the earlier parts of 2022, I realized that this series may deserve to be continued, so in June of 2022, I did some editing and revisions. In December of 2022, I wrote more pieces of it and I hope to keep adding. I want to continue. Second Chances initially takes place in December of 2019 and is about a disabled young man who moves to the city for a better life, joins a local church and meets a beautiful, sweet and equally disabled young lady. They fall in love, but have to deal with many trials and hardships…
An Online Romance -I began writing this story in the mid to late Spring of 2020. It is about an online [and later physical] romance between a disabled young man from Louisiana and an SSBBW from Alabama. All during the lockdown, I suffered a terrible writer’s block, at least where writing fiction and love stories were concerned. Then, I was inspired to write this one evening in late May or early June of 2020. I hope you, the reader, enjoy it.

These are some short but tragic love stories I had written, some of which came to me in dreams:

A Sorrowful February -This came to me in a dream, quite possibly on the morning of February 9, 2003. That dream was one of the catalysts if not the most important catalyst that compelled me to start writing. I penned it into a story in August of 2017 but I also wrote a dystopian novel with similar themes between 2011 and 2012.

Two Lovers Caught Outside During a Tornado -This was initially written in the Fall of 2005 as a paragraph in my high school English class. I turned it in at the end of the period and never saw it again. Hurricane Katrina was fresh in everyone’s mind and family members had also told me of bygone hurricanes that struck Louisiana. Those experiences and just the desire to love and be loved were the inspirations to write this.

Two Lovers Caught Outside During a Dry Thunderstorm -This came to me in a dream I had in December of 2006 when I was 19 going on 20. I actually penned the original version of this seven years later on December 23, 2013…

Two Lovers Attacked by Workers of Darkness -This too came to me in a dream. I haven’t had a dream of this nature in almost 14 years at the time of posting this. In the early morning hours of November 18, 2020, I had a romantic and equally disturbing dream. So, in the early morning hours of November 19, 2020, I transcribed it into a short story…

I do admit that many of these previous stories are examples of what could be the pinnacle of love between a man and a woman. However, there is a much Greater Love that is available to all who truly desire it. It sees past everything we humans see as a hindrance to fleshly love!

Other Works of Fiction I’ve Done:

My Own Zombie Apocalypse -This came to me straight from a dream I had in the early morning hours of May 13, 2018. The weird thing is I do not watch any television programs about zombies or the living dead. The only one I ever watched that referenced zombies, was an old Halloween Special of “The Simpsons.”

“A Teenage Student-Worker and His Eveready No. 1259 Flashlight” -The first two parts of this series came to me in a dream I had in 2012. I penned them in early 2014. I wrote the third piece in 2016 and it is more romantic than the first two pieces.

A Day at My Grandparents’ -This is my first attempt at a children’s story. I began writing this in the Summer of 2016 and it is heavily based on my childhood.

There are other stories I have written, but I have my reasons for not going public with them…

I would really like to know your thoughts and feelings on these stories, so, please, don’t hesitate to Contact Me and discuss them with me.