The Dirty Drip Pan-A Collection of my own Unique Recipes

It seems that in the last few years I have proficiently acquired the skill of cooking.

Those who taste what I prepare have said that I should either be a gourmet chef or at least, in the case of children, I should work in their school cafeteria.

I cannot chase that dream because most chefs and virtually no cooks make enough money nor do they have enough benefits to cover my necessary medical expenses.

So, because of that, I’m just an amateur blogger living on a disability pension.

However, my Heavenly Father has definitely imparted me with a gift and that gift is the ability to cook well so I try to find ways to apply this gift in ways that give Him the glory He so deserves!

I have been cooking since my mid to late twenties.

From the ages of thirty-one to thirty-four and then part of age thirty-five, I have lived by myself, so I needed to tweak my cooking abilities.

I do the majority of the cooking for my wife and I, so it warms my heart to see her eating and enjoying what I prepare for us.  I love her immensely and will boldly declare that she is the biggest blessing in my life!

I was a Southern Baptist from the ages of twenty-two to thirty-two and Lord knows just about every Southern Baptist loves to cook and especially loves to eat.  From the ages of thirty three to thirty-six, I attended a Four Square church and have cooked for other church family.  At age thirty six, I moved to a different area and began attending a non denominational church.

An ongoing joke of mine is that if I ever came into a lot of money, I would open a very casual restaurant in New Orleans and call it “The Dirty Drip Pan.” I don’t know if it should be in The French Quarter or Uptown on Magazine Street, but it would serve down home cooking that the rich and elite could thoroughly enjoy and appreciate but at prices that the middle class and even the working poor could afford.

I have no culinary arts degree nor do I have any formal training in that field.

Instead, I am mostly self taught through the use of Internet based research with a little bit of help and tips from my family members and friends.  Ultimately it is the Grace and Favor of God that helps me prepare food so well.

I don’t meant to sound my own horn so much, but those who have tasted what I cook have never spoke any ill of it.

The background of my cooking influence is Cajun, Creole/Caribbean, Southern United States, a little hint of Soul and an even slighter hint of Midwestern United States (especially the German aspect.)

Without further ado, here are the links to my recipes.

Red Beans and Rice

Green Beans

Potato Salad

Fried Chicken

White Beans

Ghetto Punch

Spaghetti and Meatballs

Pan Seared Salmon with Walnuts

Home Made Hamburgers

Gourmet Four Cheese Macaroni

Semi Healthy Milkshakes

Special K Treats

Sweet and Tangy Easy Coleslaw

Chicken Sauce Piquante

Christmas Rice Pudding

Multi-Racial Sloppy Joe

Baked Barbecue Chicken

Louisiana Lima Beans

Sweet Peas

Oven Baked Sunday Chicken with Vegetables

…Check back often for updates. I plan to post more when I get the inspiration and energy…

If you wish to exchange other recipes, Contact Me .

As I have stated before, it is God who gives me the grace and favor that allows me to prepare such tasty meals.  Therefore I wish to acknowledge Him and furthermore give Him the glory!  I am by no means perfect but only because of the all perfect Sacrifice that which Jesus Christ shed His Precious Blood and no other means whatsoever, I am eternally right with God.   You, the reader, can be too!  Click here to find out how!