So, Yes, I am Single…And Looking!

So, I created this specific page because I deeply desire a genuine loving connection and committed relationship (idealistically resulting in marriage, eventually) where she and I would be totally happy and we would also bring out the best in each other. In addition, I’m looking for someone, whom I can love, revere, cherish, honor and satisfy in all manners for life.  And not only that, I am looking for someone with whom I can affectionately communicate and interact with daily.  In a nutshell, someone with whom I can: go on long night drives with and eat convenience store food with, although we could eat at fancy places as well…someone who reminds me of the good female characters I write about and who will inspire me to write even more.  Speaking of my writing, I would like someone whom I could read my stories to and see the looks on her face whilst I do so…. Definitely I would want someone who is willing to attend church with me and afterward, go visit each others’ families, because that is what I believe ought to be done on a Sunday…By the way, I am generous with my affections, especially if I know she is committed to me and I her, so I would want some who appreciates and reciprocates my affections.  If that is what you, the reader, desire as well, then wonderful, keep reading.  If not, don’t even waste my time.

I will say this because it applies to those who may have been referred to my blog from a dating site: If you meet or exceed my standards, I will reply to your messages in a timely fashion. If you don’t meet my standards, I won’t even contact you or in the case of you contacting me first I will tell you right away that I am not interested. I fervently believe that clear and honest communication are key to any healthy relationship. Does the current trend of ghosting potentially good men and deliberately leaving their well intended messages on read bare any good fruit? Only you know the answer to that. I think I have an idea, though. Be forewarned: continue with these narcissistic behaviors and you shall indeed wind up with someone who indeed has plenty of “game” or whatever the kids call it these days but in time or maybe even from the get go he runs around on you, treats you terribly, possibly abuses you, maybe knocks you up, and eventually ruins your life and then you will also possibly be below my standards and a lot of other good mens’ standards as well. Only then will you want a good man but it will be too late. Some folks call it karma, but I like to refer to it as reaping what you sow, as Christ did. So is it really worth it? Look to The Bible for relationship advice, not your magazines that promote selfishness! And that goes for both men and women. If you heed this advice properly, you will find it empowering and satisfying in the long run! I would like to write more extensively about this subject…

My faith in and resulting relationship with Jesus Christ is tremendously important to me. I got saved at the age of seventeen and a half (July 2004.) I am quite active in my church and will soon be its website administrator. I serve my pastor and fellow congregants in other functions as well and I feel highly honored whilst carrying out my duties, both great and small!  Though I have only been attending my church since January of 2020, I have never been so happy in a church setting nor did I think I would find such a wonderful church on this side of Glory! I frequently find myself counting the hours between services.  If you’re not a Christian, we probably won’t get along and not only that The Bible forbids me from dating, courting or marrying you.

Yes, I am a divorcee, and well aware of the considerable degree of stigma associated with such a sub-prime relationship status, but I assure you that every professional (medical and pastoral alike) who was familiar with my situation has put me overwhelmingly in the right. That faulty former marriage of mine has taught me how I must needs have standards and just know that I will not settle for less anymore. I am all too aware of how it is far better to be lonely and free than to be stuck with someone who perpetuates or propagates misery and voids all the joy out of me!

By the way, I strongly prefer a BBW or SSBBW!  My reasons for this preference are very deep seated and psychological!  Unless she was very sweet and posessed other truly outstanding qualities, I doubt I would ever be happy with a woman of any other body type.  If you haven’t figured it out already, I’m not like most other men and this aspect is just the tip of the iceberg!

Fun Fact: My former love interests always told me how I am indeed a good kisser! In addition, I enjoy cuddling and would definitely prefer it over going to a night club or bar room, no matter how good the music or drinks would be.  Furthermore, as a Christian, I feel at least slightly at odds with myself whilst being inside a night club or bar room.

While I do greatly enjoy kissing, cuddling and, yes, even more than that, I won’t do these things with just anyone.  I believe she and I must have at least some established level of mutual commitment towards each other first!

Don’t let my perceived seriousness on this page fool you, because I am told frequently by people of whom I interact with in person that I am, in fact, very funny. I guess it’s indeed true because I do notice myself often causing reactions of laughter from my friends, neighbors, and, to a lesser degree, my family members.

I do try to practice random acts of kindness.  This is one of the more meaningful and important lessons that which I learned in high school, so therefore, I believe that I should help others whenever I am able.  Helping others does indeed bring me joy.

Politically, I am fiercely Moderate.  And no, I am not just saying that to make myself appear more desirable.  No wokefishing to see here! In fact, I will clearly back up my claim of being so Moderate: I see evil and good from both of our main parties.  I think the Democrats are trying to create a society that which George Orwell would write about, while the Republicans are trying to create a society that which Charles Dickens would write about.  If left unchecked too much power in the hands of the Democrats shall result in Communism (think Bernie Sanders) likewise too much power in the hands of the Republicans shall bring about Fascism (think Richard Millhouse Nixon, George Walker Bush or Rick Santorum.)  Both of these extreme forms of government are totally oppressive and lacking of all liberty in their own ill-gotten ways.  Furthermore, as a Christian, I have noticed for some time that the Democrats’ policies are attempts to totally remove God’s curses placed upon humanity, while the Republicans’ policies are attempts to exacerbate God’s curses on humanity.  I approve of neither party’s methodology, where that is concerned, by the way, because either which way they’re playing God and will have to answer to Him.  For all whom He saves, Jesus Christ mitigates God’s curses upon humanity in this life and will rightfully remove all of them in the next! How I wish He was on the ballot because He would forever have my vote. However there is coming a Day when He will be the unquestioned Lord and Master of the universe and what a day of rejoicing that will be! Indeed, I vote with my conscience, which is ever shaped and forged by The Bible as well as The Conviction of The Holy Ghost.  I also vote for the candidate of whom I find to be the most ethical, regardless of party affiliation.  Actually, I would love it if Sarah Huckabee Sanders would kill two birds with one stone and become our first female and Millennial president! I am fully persuaded that she is the perfect lady for the job because she is smart, competent, classy, experienced, graceful, trustworthy and a strong Christian!  Andrew Yang has a few decent ideas as well.  Just so you know, I’m always open for healthy but civilized and respectful political discussion and as long as you aren’t on either extreme fringe side of the spectrum, we should get along fine.  I probably should write a standalone piece that details my political orientations and why I harbor them…

Right now, I live alone and am currently renting but hoping and planning to buy a house of my own quite possibly within the next year, if all goes according to my plans and goals.

I hold a technical diploma in HVAC and Refrigeration. While I currently am not employed in that field, only due to medical conditions of which I am afflicted, the well-rounded curriculum required of me to earn that diploma has made me a jack of all trades and these skills do frequently come in handy!  During the final semester of trade school, I had plenty of one on one time with my professor and he taught me other useful skills as well!  In my free time, I also taught myself some web design and how to repair computers. 

My interests include: Reading all sorts of literature because my Mom read to me from an early age which instilled in me a strong value of the written word….Doing research pertaining to subjects that pique my curiosity and learning new things because I believe I should be constantly enriching my mind…Writing a story then having a detailed analytical discussion about it with others, after all I have been writing since the age of sixteen and I love to get reactions from others, especially when I provoke wonderful emotions from them.  My favorite genre to write, I guess, is love stories, and a common theme I try to teach is that everyone deserves to love and be loved, even despite a seemingly unattractive appearance or any disability.  I’ve since learned to write other genres, both fiction and non fiction…Attending church and studying then meditating on The Bible not only because this is vital to my Christian growth but it also gives me a chance to fellowship with other believers and be discipled…Going on road trips either long or short which gives me time to think, reflect and many times inspires my writing projects and not only that, it hones my navigation skills.  Actually, my classmates in grade school frequently referred to me as a human GPS.  But I’m not hesitant to ask for directions, if I need to, didn’t I say I’m not like most other men?…Home improvement projects, I literally can’t wait to buy my forever house and I hope it’s an older one and of the shotgun variety because I find those to be so quaint and charming.  Then I can also fix it up and turn it into my dream home…Repairing appliances, just because I sometimes can and doing so will save myself or anyone whom I am helping at least a few dollars and as a bonus is good for the planet…Custom building, restoring or souping up computers for the simple reason that I am helping myself and others get more effective use out of a device that serves innumerable important purposes and I’m able to do so without breaking the bank account or tying up too much of a credit line…Collecting flashlights and calculators, two things I have been highly interested in ever since I’ve known myself.  It may seem weird, to you, but it’s definitely quite useful and actually keeps me out of trouble…Listening to scanners, not necessarily just to eavesdrop on law enforcement operations but mainly to keep track of the railroad and maritime logistics in my area, although when those are slow I will also listen to utility, fire and medical calls.  This is a unique and fun source of infotainment for me and I have been doing this since 2002…Observing/documenting the weather, mostly for my own safety and preparedness but also for those around me…Cooking for myself and my neighbors, I’ve recently honed this skill since I have been living by myself for the past two years.  I have yet to hear someone speak ill of the meals I prepare…And last but not least visiting with family, neighbors and friends, because a sense of community is ever so important!  If you object to any of these interests of mine, there may or may not be issues, but if you can accept these interests, or maybe even wish to collaborate with me in them, then keep reading.

I want you to take considerable notice of how I did not mention sports in my interests. That’s because most sports bore the ever-living daylights out of me! There are some benefits for you associated with this truth, such as: You won’t hear me shouting angry or foul words at nor will I hog the radio or television set!…I will never shut you out just to watch a bunch of people play with balls!…You won’t have to worry about me acting like a total jerk because a certain team or athlete won or lost!…If something needs to be done, I will do it promptly and thoroughly because I frankly don’t care about missing some foolish game! I told you I am not like most other men!…But, if you do like sports, though, and you yourself indeed engage in any of these aforementioned behaviors that I promised not to do, then we probably won’t get along, so, again, don’t waste my time.

The chores I hate most are washing dishes and sweeping the floors. However my neighbors speak highly of my cooking and I like to do laundry as well as dust the furniture and, furthermore, I don’t mind cleaning the lavatory or taking out the garbage. If we were to ever start a family, I’m told that I am very good with children. Because of my schooling and subsequent being around highly talented individuals, I can fix almost anything that breaks in a domestic setting, and if I’m not exactly sure what to do, Google will assist me. In other words, I can get the job done myself without the exuberant labor costs that a repairman would charge.

If I now somehow have your attention, then, please, by all means, feel free to Contact Me.

…Enough about me…

…Let’s talk about you now…