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Scanner Directory

About scanning:

First, let me quote the 1969 Radio Shack Catalog:
¨Only an informed public can think clearly, can react swiftly, and in time when time counts…¨

This was from the advertisement for the Radio Shack Patrolman series, one of the first police band radios. Many years have passed since that statement was published, but it is just as valid today as it was in 1969.

Now let me quote the 1993 Radio Shack Catalog:
“…Scanners bring you the most exciting listening of all-local events as they happen, not hours later through an edited newscast…”

Scanning is an excellent form of entertainment and seeing our tax dollars at work. It is also very helpful for train watching, shopping, boating, or just trying to figure out why that siren is blaring. With a scanner, you hear the raw footage of any situation, even situations that the news media will not report or is not allowed to report.

Here are links to the frequencies:

Comprehensive Louisiana Railroad Frequencies

[Unencrypted] New Orleans Area LWIN Users

New Orleans Area Conventional Public Safety Frequencies

[Unencrypted] Houma-Thibodaux Area LWIN Users

Houma-Thibodaux Conventional Public Safety Frequencies

Houma-Thibodaux Area Retail Frequencies

Southeast Louisiana Wide-Area Business Band Frequencies

American VHF Marine Channels

[Affordable] Radios for Listening to VHF Marine Traffic

North American Railroad Frequencies

[American] Personal/Citizen’s Radio Services

Most of the information compiled on this page has been research by yours truly,

Eric John Monier, KE5FNB.

If you, the reader, have any correction or contribution, please feel free to

drop me a line.

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