Personal Reflections

These are links to pieces about personal facts, life events, and/or dreams that I thought are/were noteworthy.

They are true stories, all involving me.

I hope you, the reader, can better understand me now or at least after reading these.

…Here we go…

Reflections on my Christian Faith:

Celebrating God’s Divine Providence -I know that I am totally reliant on my God for everything and it is He that sustains me.  So in order to celebrate Him for all that He provides, there is a certain meal I eat and it is described in this piece.

Somber and Serious Reflections:

#PurpleForAutumn -Autumn Elizabeth Fuller was the young aspiring writer whose life was tragically cut short and her death was the catalyst for me launching this blog.

Reflections About Flashlights:

My Obsession With Flashlights

I Carry a Flashlight on me at all Times

I’ve been Carrying a Flashlight Permanently for Fifteen Years

[Yet] One Time I did not have a Flashlight

Flashlights used by my Relatives and Neighbors

My Interest in “Industrial” Pocket Sized Flashlights

Reflections About Other Items I Collect:

My Fascination with Calculators -This piece details my personal history of how I became fascinated by certain devices that helps people with their math.

A Royal #101 Scientific Calculator -This piece is about a brand of calculator I had as a hand me down as a child and briefly EDCed and specifically the Royal #101 which I had EDCed in the Spring and Summer of 2018.

I Now Collect Matchbox Cars, Too! -I was introduced to Matchbox Cars in August of 1990 when my Mom’s boss gave me a box of them.  I had purchased and was also given several others throughout childhood and I began briefly collecting them in my early thirties, prompting me to write this piece.

My Interest in Swiss Army Knives -I first heard about Swiss Army Knives on “The Simpsons” when I was 10 years old.  I first saw one in real life when I was 15 going on 16.  Black Friday 2002 to be exact at my local Target.  This piece details my interest in them.

Reflections About Accessories I Use:

I Always Wear a Watch -I feel the need to wear a watch, because I am a stickler for being punctual.  This piece was written in 2016 and entails my history of wearing a watch.

I EDC a Calculator in addition to a Flashlight -I wrote this in 2020 and it details the history of me carrying those two items throughout my life.

I Now use Reading Glasses -This is dated from 2017.  I need to write a new piece because I wear glasses much more often now.

I EDC (Everyday Carry) and have been doing so since the Age of Seven -That was in 1994 and back then EDC wasn’t a household word as it is now or when I wrote the piece.

Why would I EDC a Weather Radio? -My thoughts about the need for carrying a weather radio everywhere.

Reflections on my Personal Stories and Facts:

My Prayers have been Answered -My thoughts and commentary on a new and lovely relationship of which I have recently entered.  Also an explanation as to why I have not been posting content as I ought to.

I am getting Married in Two Days -My thoughts and commentary expressing the happiness that my soon to be bride brings me and the history of our relationship.

The Personal Crisis I Face whilst Listening to NPR -This is about a personal conflict I face as a Christian when listening to said radio network.

Thoughts and Humor on Communism and Subsidized Housing -I wrote this in the latter parts of 2020 and it entails how I liken living in a subsidized apartment to living in a Communist country.

Dave Matthews’ Impact on my [Young] Life -He was my favorite singer as a teenager.

Childhood Memories -I wrote this in March of 2020 and it entails certain childhood memories, especially my experiences visiting the New Orleans area as a child.

I am a Lipophile (and I am Durn Proud of it too)! -A lipophile is someone who is attracted to heavyset people.  In my case I am a heterosexual lipohile.

The History of my Attraction to Bigger Females -The title of this piece is self explanatory and I tell of how I wasn’t always attracted to plus sized and super sized females, and when I was I wasn’t public about it until way later.

I am a Self-Taught Computer Technician -This entails my experiences over the years of me teaching myself how to fix computers, starting out of financial necessity, than into a hobby.

A Synchronous Dream -This entails a dream I had in June of 2006.  The young lady in that dream told me the next day how she could feel me holding her at night, much to my surprise and delight.  Unfortunately she eventually ghosted me and was the first person to do so.

Sixteen Years of Writing! -I wrote this piece in April of 2019 and was celebrating a milestone in my writing hobby.  I chose that specific anniversary because I was 16 years old when I started writing.

Remembering 9/11-Sixteen Years Later -Obviously I wrote this in 2017 and I recall all that happened in my personal life on that horrible day.  I also am showing off how powerful my memory is.

I am an Avid Radio Listener -I wrote this in the summer of 2018 and it covers my interest in radio listening dating back to toddlerhood.

My First Time Drunk -This was written in 2017 and it details my first time drunk which occurred on March 16, 2003.

I am a [Potential] Alcoholic -I wrote this in May of 2018 and it details my love for alcoholic beverages that dates back into my early childhood.  Thank God I no longer have the urge to drink alcohol.

My Addiction to Soft Drinks -I wrote this in 2018 and God be praised, I am no longer addicted to soft [or hard] drinks any longer.  In the former parts of 2021, God delivered me from the urge to drink these.

Pairing a Royal Crown Cola with a Moon Pie -I wrote this piece in January of 2021 after doing some research and being in touch with my Southern Roots.  For those who do not know, this is a delicious combination.

Dreams of Unconventional War Tactics used on American Soil -I think I wrote this in 2016 and it entails some dreams I have had since childhood about the said title.

Reminiscing my Reactions to the Government Shutdown of 2013 -I wrote this in 2018 and I was reminiscing the events of October 2013.

The First Time I saw “Ghostbusters” -I wrote this in 2020, but it details my recollections of a certain day in May of 2014 in which I first watched the aforementioned movie on Netflix and other interesting happenings of that day.

Early Morning Thoughts -I wrote this in 2020

Transportation-Related Reflections:

Avionics, Travel, Belize and Other Topics -I wrote this over the course of November 28 and 29 of 2022 and had expounded on other topics covered on this blog in addition to new topics on my mind.

Why I Like Trains? -I wrote this in the latter parts of 2017 and it details my personal history of my interest in trains.

Trains, Scanners and Memories -I wrote this in 2012 originally as a Facebook Note because I didn’t have a blog at the time.

I am a Human G.P.S. -First of all, I had been referred to as that since 2001.  This piece tells of my interest and ability to memorize road maps and how it came in handy when I first started driving.

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