Personal Reflections

These are links to pieces about personal facts, life events or dreams that I thought are/were noteworthy.

They are true stories, all involving me.

I hope you, the reader, can better understand me now.

…Here we go…
About Flashlights:

My Obsession With Flashlights

I Carry a Flashlight on me at all Times

[Yet] One Time I did not have a Flashlight

Flashlights used by my Relatives and Neighbors

My Interest in “Industrial” Pocket Sized Flashlights

About Other Items I Collect:

My Fascination with Calculators

A Royal #101 Scientific Calculator

I Now Collect Matchbox Cars, Too!

My Interest in Swiss Army Knives

About Accesories I Use:

I Always Wear a Watch

I Now use Reading Glasses

I EDC (Everday Carry) and have been doing so since the Age of Seven

Personal Stories and Facts:

Sixteen Years of Writing!

Remembering 9/11-Sixteen Years Later

I’m Attracted to Plus Sized Women

[An Appeal] To All the Plus-Sized Women Out There

I am [Once Again] in Love with a Plus Sized Young Lady!

I am an Avid Radio Listener

I Hate Sports

My First Time Drunk

I am a [Potential] Alcoholic

My Addiction to Soft Drinks

Dreams and Visions I have Experienced of Unconventional War Tactics used on American Soil

Reminiscing my Reactions to the Government Shutdown of 2013

Transportation Related Entries:

Why I Like Trains?

Trains, Scanners and Memories

I am a Human G.P.S.