Articles I Have Written

These are some articles I have written recently and in yesteryears. They pertain to subjects that I would like to think I have at least an above-average knowledge on. Some have been posted on various forums, some in my Facebook Notes, and some were posted in both.

I hope you, the reader, enjoy and become more informed and enlightened than you previously were on any given subject I write about…

Without further ado, here are the links:

Articles About Flashlights:

Flashlight Solidarity Fashion

All of the Industrial Grade Flashlights I’ve Owned

50 Years of Tactical Flashlights

Why Plastic Flashlights are still Manufactured and Successfully Marketed?

Eveready Dolphin Lanterns and their Equivalent American Counterparts

Do Vintage Flashlights Seem Dimmer (Or Has Human Eyesight Become Weaker)?

1992 and 2001-2003 Excellent Times for Eveready Flashlight Manufacturing and Marketing

Flashlights Used by Fire Fighters and Consumers Alike

My EDC Flashlights of 2016

Incandescent Flashlight Technology was Modernized in the mid-to-late 1980s

Garrity Flashlights have Fallen from Grace

Articles About Radio/Electronics:

Hurricane Katrina Ruined Radio Broadcasting in New Orleans

About AM (Mediumwave) DXing

My Idea for the Perfect EDC Weather Radio

About Television

Vintage Consumer Electronics

Addressing the Offensive Language used on VHF Marine Communications

CB Radio-A [Preventable] Wireless Wasteland

About Weather Radios Why You Should Invest in at least One

Supplemental Weather Alert System for Trailer Parks

The Radio Shack Weather Cube

Why Would I EDC a Weather Radio?

Weather Radios and Travel

So Many Radio Stations Changing Formats in my Area [in a short amount of time]

Articles About Other Topics:

Pairing a Royal Crown Cola with a Moon Pie

Ideas for Dating on a Budget

An Awesome Junk Food Combination

Necessary Highway Numbering Changes in Louisiana

Donald John Trump: A Polarizing Figure

Body Shaming: Cruel, Unnecessary and Obsolete

To all the Plus-Sized and Super-Sized Women out there:

Shopping at Target for Gentleman’s EDC Gear

The Evolution of EDC (Mid 2000s to Late 2010s)

Remembering the Glory Days of Radio Shack and Sears

Tactical Grade Equipment Marketed to Consumers

A Brief Proposal to Improve the Health of Truckers