Articles I Have Written

These are some articles I have written recently and in yesteryears. They pertain to subjects that I would like to think I have at least an above-average knowledge on. Some have been posted on various forums, some in my Facebook Notes, and some were posted in both.

I hope you, the reader, enjoy and become more informed and enlightened than you previously were on any given subject I write about…

Without further ado, here are the links:

Articles About Flashlights:

All of the Industrial Grade Flashlights I’ve Owned -This was originally a post I wrote on CandlePowerForums. I think I made this post in the earlier parts of 2013. Members on that said group used to enjoy my stories and really that encouraged me to write other material aside from just love stories.

50 Years of Tactical Flashlights -I wrote this piece in 2018 which is 50 years after 1968 when the Kel Lite was invented. The Kel Lite was the first truly tactical flashlight and began a revolution in the personal-portable lighting that we are still benefiting from today.

Why Plastic Flashlights are still Manufactured and Successfully Marketed? -I wrote this piece also in 2018 explaining why plastic flashlights have not been totally supplanted by metal flashlights. I was going through a divorce and my soon to be ex wife at the time complimented me on the piece when she usually hated just about anything I wrote.

Eveready Dolphin Lanterns and their Equivalent American Counterparts -I wrote this piece in 2018 but was inspired to write it in 2015 from purchasing an Enerigzer Weatheready 6 Volt Floating Lantern which was an American Equivalent of the Eveready Dolphin Lantern.

Do Vintage Flashlights Seem Dimmer (Or Has Human Eyesight Become Weaker)? -I wrote this piece initially in 2012 as another post on CandlePowerForums. I hypothesize that the human eye has become weaker due to modern lighting technology.

1992 and 2001-2003 Excellent Times for Eveready Flashlight Manufacturing and Marketing -I wrote this piece in 2016 and I go into detail about the flashlights made by Eveready and by proxy Energizer and how I thought they were wonderful and I wish they were not discontinued.

Flashlights Used by Fire Fighters and Consumers Alike -I wrote this piece after consulting with many veteran and current firefighters on what flashlights they used on their jobs and I also found out that they were equally used by consumers as well.

My EDC Flashlights of 2016 -These were my go to flashlights during that year. My, my how things have changed since. I probably should write a follow up piece.

Incandescent Flashlight Technology was Modernized in the mid-to-late 1980s -This piece covers SureFire and Maglite amongst others how they modernized incandescent flashlight technology to near its pinnacle in during those parts of said decade.

Garrity Flashlights have Fallen from Grace -My scathing reviews of Garrity’s current product lineup and how terrible it is especially when compared to what they used to make in bygone times.

Articles About Radio/Electronics:

Hurricane Katrina Ruined Radio Broadcasting in New Orleans -My own personal thoughts on how radio broadcasting in the New Orleans area was once very interesting and educational but that changed after a wicked woman named Katrina did her wicked deed.

About AM (Mediumwave) DXing -This has been an on and off hobby of mine since about 2003 or 2004. It entails trying to receive distant AM radio broadcasts after sunet.

My Idea for the Perfect EDC Weather Radio -This is what I think should be the attributes of the perfect personal sized weather radio meant for everyday carry and traveling.

About Television -My commentary and personal experience with said medium.

Vintage Consumer Electronics -I wrote this in 2013 and was inspired after watching a rerun of “Married with Children.” In the piece I describe how certain vintage electronics can still be useful years and even decades after they were taken off the market.

Addressing the Offensive Language used on VHF Marine Communications -Pretty self explanatory. I try to confront as peacefully as possible those who use filthy language on VHF Marine Radio and don’t realize all who are in earshot due to the proliferation of scanners.

CB Radio-A [Preventable] Wireless Wasteland -I was inspired to write this in 2015 after trying to make contact on CB but being keyed out by others using illegal power. And others constantly uttering non-sense over said radio service.

About Weather Radios Why You Should Invest in at least One -The title is pretty self explanatory but I go into detail on how one should own at least one Weather Radio as at least a backup means to receive vital data about dangerous weather and other dangers.

Supplemental Weather Alert System for Trailer Parks -This is a system I thought of on Christmas Day 2012 to provide weather radio feeds to residents in trailer parks since standard weather radio reception is greatly hindered in a trailer (especially those in more rural area.)

The Radio Shack Weather Cube -Written in 2018, it is my personal breakdown of a Radio Shack classic product and one of the first purpose built Weather Radios to hit the consumer market.

Why Would I EDC a Weather Radio? -I wrote this piece in January of 2020 but it had been on my mind for years prior to. In it, I explain my position of why I personally carry a Weather Radio.

Weather Radios and Travel -I wrote this piece in the earlier parts of 2022 and it too had been on my mind for years prior. In it I discuss many aspects of where the use of Weather Radios and travelling intersect.

Examples of Others EDCing Weather Radios -I tried consulting with others on this piece but no one was willing to participate. However, through extensive research, I gave examples of others besides myself who may carry weather radios.

So Many Radio Stations Changing Formats in my Area [in a short amount of time] -I wrote this piece in 2017 and it was at a time when many radio stations were changing formats and my thoughts on each situation.

Articles About Other Topics:

Space Heaters and Rice Cookers -I wrote this piece in February of 2023, but had been wanting to write it for about a year prior to that.  It is a commentary on young adults living in poverty and as the title suggests, such items used by that demographic.

Certain Parts of Houma, Louisiana, remind me of “Blast Corps -I wrote this pice in the earlier parts of 2022 and it details how certain areas immediately surrounding Houma, Louisiana remind me of the classic Nintendo/RareWare video game, “Blast Corps.”

Ideas for Dating on a Budget -Since I am considered low income and single at the time of writing the piece, I give advice on how one can have a good time with bae and not spend too much money. I wrote this around Valentine’s Day 2020, shortly before Covid became an issue.

An Awesome Junk Food Combination -Written in 2020, this piece is about pairing a certain Starbucks Iced Coffee with a certain Candy Bar and how I myself discovered it one evening at a local truck stop.

Necessary Highway Numbering Changes in Louisiana -I wrote this piece in 2016, but honestly it had been on my mind many years prior to. I discuss a more efficient numbering of certain Louisiana highways.

Donald John Trump: A Polarizing Figure -In this piece which I wrote in March of 2019, I write not only how Mr. Trump is polarizing but also his vast influence dating back decades.

Body Shaming: Cruel, Unnecessary and Obsolete -In this piece I write my thoughts on body shaming and why I am against it.

To all the Plus-Sized and Super-Sized Women out there: -In this piece I tried to write an open letter to all plus sized and super-sized women to encourage them and make it known to them that they are more than worthy to be loved and cherished.

Shopping at Target for Gentleman’s EDC Gear -I wrote this piece in the latter parts of 2018 and I detail the gentleman’s EDC items that which I purchased at Target over the years and how Target has gotten away from selling such items. I will say it is far worse in 2022 than it was in 2018.

Is Target Discriminating Against Men? -I wrote this piece in the latter parts of 2022 and it covers my observances of how I think Target is deliberately not carrying items that would be appealing to me.  It is a follow up to the similar article I wrote in the latter parts of 2018.

The Evolution of EDC (Mid 2000s to Late 2010s) -I wrote this piece on the first day of 2020 describing in detail how items people have EDCed have evolved from about 2004 to 2019.

Remembering the Glory Days of Radio Shack and Sears -I wrote this piece in 2016 after seeing two of some of my favorite retailers go way under and reminisce on how wonderful they used to be.

Tactical Grade Equipment Marketed to Consumers -I wrote this piece in 2016 and I explain that consumers became interested in tactical gear because of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Likely, in retrospect, the proliferation of the Internet was also a major factor.

A Brief Proposal to Improve the Health of Truckers -I wrote this piece in the latter parts of 2019 after observing how many current and former truck drivers are in such wretched health and proposed an idea on how to impact this situation for the better.