Their First Date-Grocer and Writer (Young Lady’s Perspective)

My boyfriend and I have been together a week and a day. Religiously, we text each other.

I have never felt so happy before and I only hope it continues.

I’m laying down in bed and very hungry. My mom frequently gets drunk or high, then goes on a binge eating rampage leaving me with little food. She did that last night while my dad was working late.

All I had to eat last night were some pieces of toast bread with strawberry preserves and the last few drops of milk.

I haven’t had breakfast and the hunger pangs are overwhelming.

I’ll try to sleep them off.

So, I go to my room and cover up.

I’m just settling in when my phone rings.

It’s my boyfriend calling. He usually only texts me, so it must be important.

By the way, if anyone else would have called, I would be very irritated.

But, it’s him and I’m very prejudiced in favor of him.

So, I answer, “Hey you!”

He replies, “Hey. How would you like to go shopping and eat out with me on the river?”

Oh, my! This has just made my day. I’ve had feelings since for him ever since I first saw him in the park a week and a day ago, but now I think I’m in love! I just don’t know if I want to tell him just yet.

“That would be wonderful. I’d love to.”

“How soon can you get ready?”

“Well, I’m in my night clothes right now, but give me about forty-five minutes.”

“Awesome. I need to get ready as well.”

“I can’t wait to see you.”

“I’m going to throw my arms around you.”

“And what else?”

“Well, I’d kiss you, too, that is if only you wanted me to. I feel such a reverence for you and don’t want to overstep my bounds.”

“Of course I’d want you to kiss me. In fact, you better kiss me!”

“Then yes, I will kiss you with immense passions.”

“No one else wanted to kiss me.”

“What fools they were. They have no idea what a wonderful and beautiful person they rejected.”

I don’t just think I’m in love with him; I know I’m in love with him now.

So, I tell him, “I love you!”

“Baby, did you say something?”

The cell signal must have cut out.

So, I’ll say it again, “I, told you before and I’ll tell you again, I love you!”

My God, I hope he doesn’t reject me.

I then ask him, “Do you love me as well?”

Finally, he replies, “Yes. I definitely do. It’s just I’ve been too afraid of scaring you off by telling you.”

Oh, my! He loves me too! My heart is filled with jubilation!

I then tell him, “You don’t scare me at all. I trust you! Now let me get ready so we can go out together.”

“Okay. I’ll get ready too. You know what, baby?”


“I love you!”

“I love you too!”

We both then hang up and I begin to get ready.

First, I text him, “I know you need to conserve your minutes, so I’ll text you when I want you to pick me up.”

I take a hot bath and scrub body and hair so I’ll be fresh.

Then I turn the bathroom heater on and let the warm air dry me off.

I also blow dry my hair.

Finally, I am completely dry.

I then get dressed.

Carefully I select my clothes. I want to wear something that is cute but modest.

There, I think this outfit will do nicely.

I slip into it, then put on a sweater.

I am ready and it is a few minutes until the hour of Noon.

So, I text my boyfriend, “I’m ready now, so please come get me. I love you so much!”

Seconds later, he replies, “I’m coming right now and I love you too!”

I go stand on the driveway and eagerly await his arrival.

Finally, that old Toyota pulls up.

He steps out. I’m so happy to see him again.

We embrace, then stare into each others’ eyes. Passionately we kiss.

I am filled with pleasure and excitement.

He pets my hair and I rub his buttocks.

We smile lovingly at each other, then I tell him, “Let’s get out of here before my mom wakes up and confronts us.”

“Good idea baby.”

So we walk to his car. He opens the passenger door for me, to which I kiss him before stepping in.

He then sits down in the driver seat and we leave my subdivision.

As he is driving, my boyfriend tells me, “I have to go to my job and pick up my check first, then cash it.”

“That’s fine. Just as long as we can be together.”

I then lean against him and we ride to the Business District.

He parks his car in the parking garage of The Downtown Grocer, then steps out. He opens the passenger door for me and we walk into the store hand in hand.

I hold myself close to him with my head close to his shoulder and my hand in his back pocket.

Suddenly an angry man confronts us and yells, “If you want to continue working here, you will stop the lewd behavior this instant. It disgusts me and the customers.”

How could someone be so hateful? I see why my boyfriend hates this job.

Humbly, he replies, “Yes sir,” Then we let go.

He then walks to the service counter then picks up his check. The cashier reminds him of a five dollar cashing fee.

My boyfriend consents to cash it anyway.

After he is handed the money, I whisper, “It’s horrible how they treat you here.”

“I know, but where else could I work?”

We then walk back to the parking garage and he unlocks the car, then opens the passenger door for me. I step in, then he sits in the driver’s seat and we leave.

“Let’s try and forget about this miserable place and focus on each other. I know I want to.”

“Good idea,” I tell him then rest my head on his shoulder.

We drive through the city streets then finally make it to the river.

We walk into the shopping area and my boyfriend says, “I dare anyone to tell me not to hold you out here!”

I kiss him and we walk together.

We come upon a coffee shop.

“Are you hungry?” He asks me.

“Yes, I’m starving. My mom went on an eating binge yesterday and ate almost all the food in the house.”

“Well let me feed you then.”

I sweetly kiss him, then we enter the shop.

He orders us each a cup of hot cafe’ au lait and a big plate of beignets, then pays the cashier.

I scarf down my food. He watches me and smiles. He even admires me even though I must eat like a pig. I can’t help it though, because I am so hungry.

After we are finished with breakfast we continue to walk, holding hands.

As we are walking in the bleak weather, he tells me, “There is something about this city at this time of year that inspires me to write.”

I reply, “You write beautiful stories, I’ve never read anything like them.”

He then tells me, “You know, you are like someone straight from one of my stories. It is as if you came into existence just from what I dreamed and penned. Hopefully, you will always be mine and give me even more inspiration.”

I grab him with all my strength, steal a kiss then say, “Not just hopefully, but most surely I’ll always be yours. You are so perfect for me!”

He passionately kisses me in return while everyone on the walkway watches.

The people smile at us, for the most part at least.

We walk together for a few hours until we are hungry again.

There is a fish and chips shop right in front of where we are standing and he asks me, “Would you like to eat here?”

“I would love to, but I’m already so fat and I’m just going to get fatter.”

“It wouldn’t matter to me, I would love you no matter how big became. Yes, I am madly attracted to your body, don’t get me wrong, but I’m also deeply in love with your soul! Besides, with your mom eating all the food in the house you need some nourishment, so let’s get you a hearty meal.”

I tightly embrace him, then shout so everyone can hear, “Oh, I love you so much!”

“And I love you just as much!”

He walks in and orders us a large platter of deep fried cod fillets and deep fried potatoes along with coleslaw, hushpuppies, tartar sauce, cocktail sauce and lemon wedges. Then he orders us each a large cup of Pepsi.

After he pays the cashier, we are served and we sit down to eat.

We happily eat. I’m very glad he gave me a decent meal.

Soon the platter is empty and we continue on our walk.

There is a cruise ship passing on the river and sounding its horn.

I pull out my smartphone then take a selfie of us with the ship in the background.

“Baby, please Bluetooth this to my phone so I can have it as the background.”

“Sure. And I’ll make it my background as well.”

I then transfer a copy of the picture to his phone.

We continue walking until we come upon a gift shop.

He buys me a Casio Baby-G wristwatch.

He then places it on my wrist and says, “I wish I could buy you something more elegant than a Casio Baby G, but this is all I can afford.”

I smile, then say, “I know you want to get nice things for me, but you don’t have to. Just give me your time and your affections.”

“Baby, I will give you all the time I can, but I just want you to have things to have and think of me.” I pause then show her my watch and say, “I wear a Casio G-Shock too. It’s so I can keep track of time while I work.”

We continue to walk up and down the walkway.

“At least we’re burning all those calories from breakfast and lunch,” I say.

He nods but then says, “Yes, it’s a good idea to exercise, but I love you just the way you are. I longingly imagine how wonderful it would feel to hold you at night.”

We both blush, afterward then share another kiss.

The sun begins to set on the river. A flock of birds takes off in flight. The street musicians are playing their harmonies and melodies. My boyfriend and I get lost in each others’ eyes as we caress one another.

The moon is now up in the sky.

I then tell him. “I have to get back home before my parents realize I’m gone, but I am going to miss you so much.”

“I’ll miss you too, but we can do something again on my next day off.”

“When will that be?”

“This Sunday.”

We kiss once more, then leave the river.

After we get to his car, he opens the passenger door for me then gets in on his side. We head to my subdivision where he drops me off then watches me go inside.

Afterward, I go to bed and sleep, dreaming many dreams about him, until my mom wakes me up.

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Pilot-Grocer and Writer (Young Lady’s Perspective)

My life was once depressing that is very true. I am an honor student turned high school dropout. The reason why I am no longer in school is that my mom is always drunk or high. There is no bus service to the private school I was attending. I would endure hellish torment if I began attending the public school in my district because I am very much overweight. The reason why I say my life was once depressing, is because, despite all of this, it is no longer depressing. Last Thanksgiving I met an awesome young man in the park and he loves me immensely despite my weight and my status as a high school dropout. I know he is five years my senior, but he loves me more than I ever dare dreamed when every other person of the opposite sex rejected and mocked me. I am seventeen and soon to be eighteen, which at least makes me legal in this state. He gives me the affection and attention that I have been desiring all my life and now I cannot picture life without him.

Right now I am actually waiting for him to get off of work and spend some time with me. He works as a grocer but his dream is to be a writer. I think he writes the most beautiful love stories.

So, I send him a text and it reads, “Come get me when you’re done with work, baby. I love you!”

Hours pass. He must be so miserable at his job. He’s not supposed to use his phone while working.

Finally, I get a reply, “I am coming right now and I love you too!”

I’m so overjoyed. He’s coming to see me. I stand in the dining room waiting for that old Toyota to pull up.

At last, it is coming down the driveway. My mom is overly sedated and my dad is working, so I go out to greet him without any confrontation from my parents.

He steps out of the car, then we embrace and kiss.

Afterward, we get in his car and head to his house in the working poor section of the city.

We arrive and parks his car against the curb, the opens his hurricane fence for me.

His neighbors are sitting on their porch, lighting up joints as we walk across his yard. We both can smell the putrid smoke.

My boyfriend makes a face of irritation and rolls his eyes.

I am very nervous and he notices, so we both make a beeline for his porch and front door.

We enter his house and he locks the door.

He offers me a cold can of Best Choice Creme Soda and we sit on the sofa drinking it.

After we are finished, he kisses my forehead. I feel so loved when he does that.

“Could you read your stories to me?” I ask him.

“All right, baby,” He replies.

We walk to his rickety old desk with the equally old computer. He gives me his swivel chair and sits in one of his kitchen chairs. That is so sweet and thoughtful of him.

We sit together and he reads those beautiful stories to me. I stare at him, hanging on to every word.

I begin to lovingly kiss him multiple times and say, “I want you so much right now!”

He passionately kisses me and replies, “I’m all yours, baby, both now and forever!”

We immediately walk to his bedroom and become intimate. For hours we passionately make love.

As we cuddle into the night, I ask him, “Do you have tomorrow off?”

“Yes,” He tells me.

“Then let me stay with you; at least for tonight,” I ask him while I stare lovingly at him.

“Sure, I guess,” He tells me, following with a long kiss.

“I love you so much!” I tell him as I wrap my arms and legs around him.

He then tells me with joy “I love you too, baby and if it were up to me you would stay with me until the end of time!”

“I will when I turn eighteen!” I reply, then kiss him.

This is proof that my life isn’t depressing anymore…

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How They Met-Grocer and Writer (Young Lady’s Perspective)

My parents are fighting again. My dad always tries to be a good provider but I think he works too much. My mom resents the fact that he puts his career before her and uses pills to fill the void that his affections once occupied. My dad loathes my mom’s pill habit and avoids her like the Plague.

Earlier on in the school year, I made excellent marks. I was even an honor student. Now that my mom is always loaded and my dad is gone for weeks at a time, I cannot get a ride to school. There is no bus service to the private school I attend and I would endure hellish torment if I attended the public high school in my district. So, I dropped out. My dad is slightly bothered, but he doesn’t do anything. My mom doesn’t care at all.

It’s Thanksgiving and my dad is home, for today at least. You would think we could celebrate as a family, but my parents are at each other’s throats. It may be cold and sunny outside but there is a nasty storm brewing inside. I do not want to be hit by their flying debris, so I go to the park. I watch the brown Sycamore leaves fly around in the breeze and go exploring.

Suddenly; I see him, sitting there, writing something in a composition book. He’s greatly focused on his work. I watch him for just a little bit. He’s very cute so I smile at him. He smiles back. I walk past him, feeling giddy. He actually noticed me. I wonder what he is like. I have no one at all. My family is a mess as I have already said. Could he possibly be a friend, maybe even a lover? I surely need love in my life.

So I begin to pace up and down the walking path, looking at him each time I pass by. He notices me.

So, I say to him, “Hi.”

“Hello,” He replies.

“Could I sit with you?”

“Sure, I guess,” I am so happy, he is actually letting me sit with him!

“You’re cute,” I tell him as I smile from ear to ear.

“Thanks, I guess.”

That’s all?

Maybe he isn’t attracted to me. I wish I could be skinny like all the other girls I know. There’s only one way to find out what he really thinks about me.

I’ll ask, “Do you think I’m also cute or am I too fat?”

“I think you’re very beautiful and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.”

He is so sweet to tell me that. I want him even more now! “Good. You make me feel special!”

There is a quick silence, but then “I’m very happy that you want to sit with me, but don’t you have a family to go home to?”

“I do, but my parents are fighting like cats and dogs and Thanksgiving was canceled.” What will he think of me now?

“That’ awful. I’m so sorry you have to go through that.” Wait, what is he doing now? He hugged me!

“What about you? Don’t you have any family?”

He replies “I do, but they’re all far away from me. I can’t afford to travel to them and they can’t afford to travel to me.”

Why can’t he afford to visit his family and they can’t afford to visit him either?

So, I ask him, “Do you work?”

“Yes. I’m a stocker at The Downtown Grocer, it’s a God awful job. I can do so much better if only I had the chance.”

“How can you do better?”

“With this.” He shows me his composition book and continues, “I am trying to become established as a writer.”

That is so awesome. My dad knows people who could get him published. Maybe he would love me if I could make him successful.

I would love to see what he writes about as I always enjoyed English classes.

“Let me read.”

“Sure,” He says and hands me the book. He actually hands me the book.

I begin to read. These love stories he writes fill me with all kinds of wonderful feelings. Oh my; I am now blushing.

“These are beautiful. I love them!”

I know what I’m going to do; I’ll give him my phone number.

So I ask him, “Could I borrow your pen?”

“What for?”

“I want to write something for you.” I wonder if he can see me blushing? My face feels so warm.

“Here you go.”

Quickly; I write down the ten digits and say, “That is for you.”

He’s blushing. Now he is slightly distressed. Did I come off too strong?

He then asks me leerily, “How old are you, anyway?”

Why is he asking me that? I know how I’ll handle this. “It’s impolite to ask a girl her age, but that’s all right because I think you are nice. You’re cute, too, but I told you that already.”

He seems unfazed, then says, “So, I will re-state my question; how old are you?”

Humbly, I reply “I’m seventeen if you must know.”

“You’re young,” He tells me cautiously. Well, of course, I am young. He is young too, right?

“I may be young, but you seem like a sweet guy.” I know what I’ll do. I’m going to kiss him-just a quick peck on the cheek.

He is shocked and seems cautious.

“You know I am twenty-two and I can get in plenty of trouble.”

Oh no, I hope I didn’t blow it. Let me see if I can salvage this, “Wow, I thought you were my age. I still like you, though.” I tell him. There is a silence, so I continue “You don’t have to worry about getting in trouble because I won’t make you do anything illegal.”

“Are you asking me out?”


It is quiet now. I want him so much.

“So, will you be mine?” I ask.

He’s now staring at me. What is he thinking right now? If he rejects me; my heart will be broken. Can he see the tears I am holding back?

Finally, he says, “Yes. I’ll be yours because love knows no numbers. Forgive me for making you wait, I’m just nervous that’s all.”

“Don’t worry; I forgive you. Just know that you don’t have to be nervous around me.”

“I’ll try not to be.”

He still seems leery. I am going to kiss him, this time I won’t hold back. Oh my, now he is kissing me too. My heart is singing!

I want his number, too. Let’s see if I can get it from him, “Could I have your phone number as well?”

“Sure.” Oh my he is actually calling it out. Now we’re programming each others’ numbers into our phones. Slowly our faces and lips are meeting. We’re going to kiss yet again! I hope this never ends. I snuggle next to him on the bench and he reads to me. We sit there for hours until the sun sets and the temperature drops.

“Shouldn’t you be home?”

I know I should and I had better get there before my parents realize I am gone. So I ask him, “I guess. Could you walk me home?”

“I’ll drive you home instead.”

We walk to his car, an old Toyota. It starts up perfectly, despite its age. I wish I could somehow get him a better car. I know if I can help get published through one of my dad’s connections, he would be rich and then he would love me for it. I think he would love me anyway or at least that is my hope. I sit next to him and give him directions to my parents’ house. He holds me with his right arm. We are now in my parents’ driveway.

I give him a long goodnight kiss and say “Call me.” Oh, how I hope and pray that he will. If not; I will call him. I look at him from the window and wave as he drives off into the night.

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An Experiment Testing the Subconscious Mind

This is an excerpt of two pieces from a stories series I had formerly written.

It was inspired by a certain Country song that was covered by several artists.

This song is also frequently played at LSU sporting events.

I want you, the reader, to see if you can guess which song inspired me to write these two pieces.

If you, the reader, can guess correctly, it will definitely enforce my belief in the subconscious mind.

I would prefer either LSU or Country Music fans or both to guess, but my question is open to anyone who is willing to answer.

Here are the two pieces, without further ado:

 Good Lord, it’s cold tonight, but at least it is dry. What do you expect for early February? That’s all right because I have someone to keep me warm. I leave work and head to my girlfriend’s parents’ house. Tomorrow is special for her-she’ll turn eighteen! The air conditioning in my car is shot, but at least the heater functions well. I leave the parking garage and head to the suburbs. Now I am entering the subdivision and approaching the house. As I turn into the driveway, my headlights illuminate her stature. She is shivering. I wish she wouldn’t wait outside for me in the wretched cold, but it speaks volumes of her love for me.

I step out of my car and we embrace.

“Let’s get you warm,” I tell her.

“Good idea!” She replies as her teeth chatter.

With that, we step into my car and drive off quietly. The sun is now set-all we have are the city lights.

There is a brief silence, but then I say “I know what tomorrow is!”

“Yes, I’ll be free! My parents’ll no longer have power over me!” She replies.

“Now you know your dad is good to us.”

“Yes, he is. But my mom is a lunatic. No longer will I hear her raging about her stupid pills again.”

“Do they know that we’ve been intimate?” I ask.

“No, they don’t-and that is a good thing. It won’t even matter after the stroke of midnight.”

“That’s a relief. I know your dad likes me, but how he would react if he knew?”

“Well, I can make him feel guilty about not being around if he indeed got angry.”

We drive into the city and into my neighborhood and are now in front of my house. I park my car against the curb and escort her through my yard, closing the hurricane fence behind us. As usual, my neighbors are rolling and smoking joints. I detest the abominable smell of that smoke. However, if I reported them, they would retaliate in many horrendous ways. I am also afraid how they might try to harm my girlfriend if they ever found out she is alone in my house while I work. Because of this, I have already installed several extra locks on my doors and I’ll also buy her some Mace.

Quickly we walk in the door and sit down on my sofa. I turn on the local news and learn of the whole country is on high alert for a terrorist attack. This makes me fear for the safety of everyone I care about. I wonder about my family in the countryside and if they are prepared. Being drafted off to war also frightens me.

“Let’s turn this miserable thing off and think about us!” She says.

“Very well.” I say, switch off the TV, then continue “Would you like to eat something?”

“Sure.” She replies.

“I will order something for delivery. What do you feel like?”

“Something Asian, I guess.”


I begin to look through my telephone directory, when she says, pointing to her smartphone “Wait, I have an app for ordering it on here.”

She places the order, and we sit on my sofa. She rests her head on my chest.

Soon enough, there is a knock at the door. It is the delivery man. I pay him and he gives us the food, then I escort him back to his car.

We take the food to my dining room and eat. There is cold air coming through my drafty windows, so I turn my floor furnace on. It is located in the middle of my house, so, hopefully, it should keep us warm.

She motions for me to sit and continue eating with her. I do so, staring at her with admiration. Soon we are finished eating.

“Asian food makes me sleepy. Let’s snuggle together!” She says.

“Right behind you, baby!” I reply.

We walk to my bedroom and wrap ourselves in the blankets.

Our sleep is peaceful until she wakes up from the whistle of a freight train.

Her jerking wakes me up and then I hear the train as well.

She looks at the clock on her phone. It indicates 12:01 AM.

“I am eighteen now!” She exclaims, wrapping herself around me.

Suddenly, there are some horrible sounds. It’s a grinding and squealing, followed by several loud explosions. Then, I hear the motor on my old refrigerator shut off. I push the switch on my bedside lamp but it doesn’t turn on. The power is out. My girlfriend reaches for her phone to light up the room.

“Let me go to the kitchen. I have a rechargeable flashlight there plugged in between the refrigerator and the stove.”

“Go get it, but after let’s keep snuggling.”

“Of course. You know I don’t want to be anywhere but in your arms.” I tell her, retrieve my light then climb back in bed.

“We can stay together now because I am legal!”

I give her a kiss, but I am full of anxiety.

Suddenly, our phones display messages of a civil emergency.

A few minutes later there is a knock on my door. I open it.

A policeman greets me and sternly says “You must leave immediately! There has been a train derailment which resulted in a chemical release.”

I wonder to myself if this was a terrorist attack…

“All right, let me just get a few things,” I tell the policeman.

“Where could we go?” My girlfriend asks me. “I don’t want to be with my mom.”

“If you don’t want to go there, we can go to the country and visit my family.”

“Are you sure?”

“What other choice do we have?”


So I grab, my composition books and my flash drive, my rechargeable flashlight. my phone and charger. My girlfriend grabs her purse, phone and charger as well. God, it’s cold. I hope my car can make it out of this wretched city. All I have is a wing and a prayer.

We walk out of my house, locking the doors behind us. Then we walk through my front yard and to the curb then shut hurricane fence. We get in my car and thankfully it fires right up.

I turn my car radio to the news and information station. My theory is proven correct; this was a terrorist attack. Contraflow is being used on all of the main highways out of the city. Right now it’s bumper to bumper, I hope and pray the terrorists don’t strike again right here. I must get off this Interstate as soon as I can and take an alternate route. That way, there’ll be less traffic and less chance of another attack.

There is a heavy police presence but I guess that is a good thing. I hope and pray that they are not harmed by those damn terrorists.

For forty-five minutes the traffic moves like molasses in the dead of winter. She rests her head on my shoulder and I repeatedly kiss her forehead. We are making the best of a bad situation. Finally, we are now moving.

“Once we get out of the city, I should get us some coffee and food. I need something to keep me awake.”

“Sure, do what you need to do.”

We are now out of the city and on the Interstate. Thank God, the traffic is now moving. Just as planned though, I will get off.

I see an exit to a dark, but well-maintained highway two-lane. Right away I take it.

“Looks like we are safe now, but why are you getting off right here?” My girlfriend asks.

“Because I don’t want to take the chance of someone wrecking or breaking down. If that happens, traffic will back up and the terrorists could possibly strike again.” I reply.

“I hope you know what you’re doing.”

“Look, I am trying my best. You must know that I am just trying to get us out of harm’s way.”

“I guess,” She says with irritation.

“Let’s not fight, if we do the terrorists have another victory.”

“Yes, thank God we weren’t away from each other when this happened.”

“You’re right! I would rather die with you than live and us be apart!”

“I love you so much!”

“And I love you too, baby!”

“How much longer from here?”

“About four hours.”

“That’s fine.”

“Yes, I just hope and pray my car won’t break down,” I reply.

“What’s your family like?”

“Let’s just say interesting.”

“I hope they will accept me but I’m afraid of what they will think of my mom’s pill habit.”

“Don’t worry, they’ll accept you. They always wanted me to find love and now I have because of you. They just might tease you about being from the city.”

“What about the pills? Would they judge me about that?”

“No, they won’t. My family has always taught me that no one is perfect and that we all have faults. Plus, you’re not the addict; your mom is.”

“What’s your hometown like?” She asks.

“Boring, flat and quiet. I guess that is a good thing at the moment. It’s not an important place so the terrorists wouldn’t try to strike there.”

“So you think we’ll be safe there?”

“Yes, there is only a two-lane highway in and out of town and there are no waterways, railroads are airstrips. It’s nothing a terrorist would want to hit.”

“You should call your parents first, to let them know you are coming.” She tells me.

“You’re right. I was going to, but you know I should conserve my minutes, especially for my job.” I reply.

“I don’t think you will be returning to work for a while and, to me, that’s a very good thing. Besides, you can use my phone.”

“Are you sure?”

“Of course. I love you and would do anything for you.”

“Oh, I love you too baby! Thank you so much.”

She turns her phone on and I call out the ten digits. She then puts the speakerphone feature on and we hear the ringing.

“Hello.” My mother answers, half asleep.

“Hey, momma it’s me. There has been a terrorist attack in my city and I am headed your way. Put the news on, you’ll hear all about it.” I reply.

“Are you all right?”

“Yes. I am fine, but I have someone special with me.”

“Whom do you have?”

“My girlfriend. I will explain everything when we arrive.”

“Okay, be careful.”

“I sure will.”

“How much longer until you’ll be here?”

“If everything goes right, about four to five hours. As soon as we find a truck stop, I will get some, food and coffee to keep me awake.”

“Okay, you drive safe and I will see you then. I can’t wait to meet this lovely young lady.”

Suddenly the signal fades out.

“Momma, can you hear me?”

“Durn it.”

“Your mom seems nice.”

“Oh, she is very nice. I wish I could see her more.”

“It’s a good thing she is not like my mom.”

“The worst she does is take a shot of whiskey every now and then. It’s only to help her sleep.”

I continue to drive. It is cold and dark. The heater is working well for the most part. My girlfriend snuggles next to me and we keep warm.

I see a truck stop sign ahead, so activate my turn signal. We get off the highway, then pull into the parking lot.

We drive up to a pump, then go inside to pay the cashier.

My girlfriend pulls out her debit card and says “Let me pay. My dad deposited grocery money in my account, but I think we need gas more than groceries right now.”

“Thank you so much, baby! I wish I could repay you!”

My girlfriend replies “It’s the least I can do. By the way, when we get back home, you can repay me all night long!” Then, she tells the cashier and says “Forty Dollars on pump five.”

The young cashier says, blushing “Y’all are so cute.” She then runs my girlfriend’s card.

We go out to pump the gas, then come back after we’re done. I desperately need food and coffee, so I ask the cashier, “Is your restaurant open?”

“Well, we were going to close, but could sure use the business.” She pauses then calls the waitress. “There are some customers, don’t shut down just yet.”
We walk into the diner and the waitress greets us.

“What’ll it be?” She asks.

I look at my girlfriend and say “Tell her.”

“I would like some strawberry pancakes if that’s all right.”

“Sure. And for you?”

“Whatever sandwich you can make. And coffee lots of it.”

“Where are y’all from?”

“The city south-east of here. There was a terrorist attack and we are refugees.”

“A terrorist attack?” She asks.

“Yes. Turn your TV on. You’ll learn all about it.” I tell her.

“Can’t. Cable’s out.” She replies.

“Well, these radical extremists purposely derailed a train right where the transmission lines cross the tracks. That caused a chemical release and the power in most of the city is out.”

“Good Lord, that’s awful.”

“Yes. And it’s her eighteenth birthday.” I tell the waitress.

The waitress looks at my girlfriend and says “Well since it is your birthday, Y’all both eat free. Y’all have seen enough hell for tonight and it’s the least we can do.”

“Thank you so much; I surely appreciate that,” I tell her.

“Yes, y’all are both welcome. Just tell any travelers about this place when you can.”

“I just hope and pray that you’ll get more refugee customers coming from the city, but most are probably on the Interstate. I took a back road so we wouldn’t be caught in all that traffic.”

My girlfriend and I happily eat and converse with the waitress and then we get coffee to go.

“Here’s a thermal mug with our company name on it. Tell everyone you can about us.” The waitress says.

“I sure will,” I tell her.

“Come back if you’re ever passing through again and we’ll take care of Y’all.”

We leave the truck stop and get back on the highway. I am now awake and alert thanks to the free coffee. My girlfriend is sleeping on my shoulder. I hold her with my right arm and the wheel with my left. Three and a half hours before I am in my hometown…

I see plenty of yellow lines and reflectors and at least my car is running smoothly. Finally, I see the junction and turn to go into town.

I pull into my parents’ driveway. We step out of the car and I ring the doorbell. My momma greets us…

Now that you, the reader, have hopefully read both pieces, can you tell me which Country Song inspired these?

Phone Conversation-Tabitha’s Perspective

The next day, Tabitha had woken up and began writing more love stories on her computer. Her parents were getting ready to go make groceries.

“We’re leaving, Tabby.” Her mom said.

“Is there anything you want us to get you?” Her dad added in.

“No, I’m good right now,” Tabitha replied.

“Call us if you need anything.” Her mom said.

“Will do,” Tabitha replied.

And then they left.

Tabitha resumed her writing. She had felt more encouraged to write her love stories than ever before since she met Cyrus Braden the previous night and he told her how he enjoyed her work even though many people didn’t. She thought about her conversation with him and the feelings she had developed for him. For a brief moment, she began to think just about him and paused from her writing.

Then she received a text on her smartphone. It was from Cyrus and read, “Do you have free texting?”

Tabitha sat in amazement for about a minute because of how she believed that she and he were having mutual thoughts of each other. Then she realized that she should reply and texted back, “I sure do.”

About a half minute passed; then Tabitha got two replies. The first one read, “Great! I texted you because I remember you telling me that your parents are overprotective.” The second one read, “I don’t know how they’d react hearing you talking to me.”

She was definitely going to try and make the relationship with Cyrus work as best as she could, so she answered with two messages, First, “Well, I am nineteen so they can’t do or say much.” Then, “Anyway they went shopping, so you can call me if you want to.”

She got a quick reply from him, “I’ll call you then.”

“Wonderful. I’m waiting.” Tabitha replied back.

After about two minutes, Tabitha’s phone rang. She only let it ring once and quickly answered it as she was no doubt infatuated with him.

“Hey!” She said.

“Hi,” Cyrus replied.

Tabitha then said “Finally I get to hear your voice. It’s very sexy!”

“I like your voice as well.”

“Are you off all day today?” Tabitha asked.

“Yes, but I go on duty at six o’clock tomorrow morning. I assume you’ll be getting ready for school at that hour.”

“I will, but I have half days all week since we are having third quarter exams.”

“Well I would definitely love to spend time with you, but I know you should be studying.”

“Yes sir, Mister Braden. Gosh, you sound just like my teachers.”

“I just want you to be successful so you might have a job with an easy schedule.”

Tabitha’s fear of rejection began to surface, but her desire to be honest with Cyrus outweighed it. So she said, “I’m disabled and I doubt I could get any good job, especially in this economy.” Tabitha paused and then continued “I only go to school because I still live with my parents and they want me to.”

“What’s your disability?” Cyrus asked.

Tabitha became more desperate and nervous as she said, “I’ll tell you, but I hope and pray you don’t leave me.”

“I won’t leave you. If anything, your writing has taught me that everyone deserves to be loved.”

She breathed a sigh of relief and then said, “Okay. I’ll tell you: I’m a schizophrenic. That’s why I had to take my medicine last night. Actually, I’m supposed to take it every night.”

“That doesn’t faze me at all,” Cyrus replied with assurance.

“You really mean that?” Tabitha asked with a mixture of happiness and desperation. She only hoped and prayed that Cyrus was being truthful.

He then continued, “Of course. There are lots of foamers I know with yours and similar disabilities.”

Puzzled, Tabitha asked, “What are foamers?”

“Oh, I’m sorry. Not everyone knows that term. A foamer is someone who likes trains but doesn’t actually work for the railroad.”

“Oh, okay. That’s cool I guess.”

“Many of them take heavy medications which sedate them. That, in turn, prevents them from getting any railroad job.”

“How come.” She asked with curiosity.

Cyrus answered, “Because, to work for the railroad you have to be awake and highly alert for shifts as long as twelve hours.”

“That makes sense, actually. Many times I fall asleep in class, because of my medicine. Other students mock me and accuse me of being drunk. In reality, though, I don’t drink at all.”

“Would you drink if you didn’t have to take medicine?”

“I don’t know. I would want to, but I’m way too afraid of the consequences.”

“You mean like getting injured or injuring someone else while behind the wheel?”

“No, I don’t drive. I meant like someone taking advantage of me while I was drunk.”

“Why can’t you drive?”

Tabitha became more nervous and her feeling of fear about rejection resurfaced again. Still, she knew it was best, to be honest; so she told him, “My doctors and my parents don’t want me to. It’s mostly because my medicine sedates me. God, Cyrus, I hope you don’t leave me because of that. I’m so afraid that you will.”

“I know we’re just starting our relationship, but rest assured that nothing in creation can make me leave you unless you cheated on me or something like that.”

Tabitha assured him, “I would never cheat on you, who else would want me. But, I hope you really mean what you said.”

“I remember from your writing how the main point you try to drive across is that everyone deserves to be loved. I definitely see this in the way your characters love each other. I want to love you like that and I only hope and pray that you will love me the same way.”

Her heart skipped a beat and she began to be filled with strong desires for him as she said, “You’re very sweet. Oh, if only I was alone with you right now.”

Cyrus replied to her. “I wouldn’t want to take advantage of you in a week moment.”

Hearing that made her want him even more, so she told him, “If you did, it wouldn’t be taking advantage of me. Instead, it would be something wonderful!”

Cyrus asked, “How would you know it would be wonderful? Have you been intimate with anyone else?”

“Never. What about you?”

“I’ve never been intimate with anyone either! Believe it or not, I’m a twenty-five-year-old virgin!”

Tabitha was then sure that she and Cyrus were meant to be and she said, “Then when or if we do become intimate, it will be very special for us!”

There was an awkward silence, but then Tabitha asked with a heavy heart, “Would you even want to be intimate with me?”

“I sure would! I was just thinking about how glad I am because I actually waited for the right one! All those guys taunting me through school and at work will be worth it!”

“People harass me about this too. Girls at my school constantly mock me. Only the nasty guys want to touch me, but I refuse them.”

“Just forget about them. I can also tell you this: If I’m ever able to pick you up from school, I’ll throw my arms around you and plant a huge kiss on your lips in front of everyone. I bet that would make everyone super jealous of you!”

Tabitha became filled with such a mixture of happiness and excitement as she asked, “You really would?”

“Most definitely!”

“I would love you to do that, but I might get expelled if you. My school is very strict about PDA. I would then have to go to the public high school and get tormented even more about my weight.”

“Well, maybe we should just meet at the Landing Station depot then. How would you get a ride there, though?”

“I do have one friend that has a car, but I would have to convince her that you’re decent.”

“How could you do that? I would really like to meet you and shower you with affection!”

“I don’t know,” Tabitha said as she grew frustrated. She realized that she might have trouble being able to meet up with him.

But then Cyrus said, “I have an idea: Maybe you could show her all of our online conversations and my facebook profile. I have nothing to hide.”

Tabitha thought of all their online conversations and thought of one disturbing part, then said, “I remember you saying that the previous owner of your house was murdered. Did that happen in his house and why did that happen?”

“I can fully explain The previous owner of my house used to work at The Downtown Grocer. There was a deli cook who constantly harassed him. After he became a successful writer, he took his girlfriend to the park and proposed to her in front of everyone. She accepted. In an unfortunate twist of fate, that cook also happened to be in the park. She began to make trouble with him and his girlfriend. He warned that he would call the cops, so she pulled out a pistol and shot him dead. His girlfriend watched him die and then also died of a broken heart.”

Tabitha seemed relieved, but was still concerned as she asked, “So how did you get his house?”

“His parents sold it to me through the help of the engineer on the train I work. But they sold it for double the price.”

“That doesn’t seem fair.”

“Well, in all fairness, he had fixed it up after he became a successful writer.”

“That’s fine then; I guess,” Tabitha said.

“His writing style was very similar to yours. He also seemed to convey the same message that you do.”

“I wish I could be a writer, but I would have to make it big overnight or risk losing all of my medical coverage.”

“I think you could do it, but I fully realize that your health and medical needs come first.”

She felt very happy hearing this and told Cyrus, “Thanks for understanding. I wish my parents realized that.”

“Anytime. I see all the time what those foamers with medical conditions go through.”

Then came another awkward silence, until Cyrus said “You know I have all of his composition books, journals, and flash drive. Maybe we could read them together one day.”

“Sure, I guess.”

“Does it bother you to read the thoughts of a dead man?”

“Sort of, but I would like to see his work if he indeed wrote like me.”


With a slight anxiety, Tabitha changed the subject and asked Cyrus, “Now, if and when my friend decides to bring me to the train station, how will I know that you’ll be there?”

He replied, “Right before I go on duty, I can text you every morning whether or not my train has any work to do at Landing Station or not. But afterward, I have to turn my phone off. It’s a railroad mandate for me to do so. But, I’m sure I’ll have work in Landing Station at least one day this week. I know the economy is stagnant right now, but Landing Station still has some rail traffic.”

“Awesome, I can’t wait until then!”

“And if my train has to park in the siding for a few hours, we can hang out on the passenger platform. The only problem is that I won’t know that far in advance.”

Tabitha then said with sadness, “Hey my parents just got home. I have to go now.”

“All right, but please keep in touch with me.”

She felt bliss realizing that he wanted her and replied, “I will as much as I can.”

Tabitha hung up the phone. She realized that she was beginning to fall in love with Cyrus. With a big smile on her face, she went into the kitchen to help her parents unload the groceries.


Houma-Thibodaux Retail Frequencies

464.5000 AMC PALACE THEATER (Houma/Bayou Cane)
464.5500 Bed, Bath and Beyond (Houma/Bayou Cane)
467.9500 Best Buy (Houma/Bayou Cane)
467.9250 Best Buy (Houma/Bayou Cane)
467.7625 Home Depot (Houma/Bayou Cane)
467.7500 Michael’s (Houma/Bayou Cane)
467.9000 Office Depot (Houma/Bayou Cane)
467.8500 Old Navy (Houma/Bayou Cane)
467.9250 Target (Houma/Bayou Cane) Channel 3
467.9000 Target (Houma/Bayou Cane) Channel 4
467.7500 Target (Houma/Bayou Cane) Voice Paging/Floor Ops
463.2750 Southland Mall Shopping Center (Houma/Bayou Cane)
154.5700 Wal*Mart (Mathews and Houma/Bayou Cane)
154.6000 Wal*Mart (Houma/Bayou Cane and East Houma)

…Under Construction…

…Check back often for updates…

To find more frequencies, take a portable scanner (such as a Uniden BC75XLT or BC72XLT) to one of the areas dotted with retailers and turn the Close Call feature on. Make sure you are monitoring the VHF High and UHF Bands…

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2015 Middle East Persecution Dream

Some time in 2015, I had a dream that I was doing missionary work in a Middle Eastern country where Christians are a persecuted minority.

In this dream, I and other young men were working security at a compound for a Christian Church and School.

We carried guns as part of our jobs, though we apparently weren’t supposed to.

Food was scarce as we only had a few rations and lentils and rice a day.

We were quite hungry and I was craving some kind of pork product but wasn’t allowed to because this country was under Sharia Law.

On one afternoon, there were several young children at play, when a hungry lion was approaching our compound. I feared for the children’s safety but was also very hungry, so I aimed my .50 Caliber rifle at the lion. As soon as his head was in my cross-hairs, I fired, killing him instantly. Other men and myself ended up picking up the lion’s body, butchering him and eating the meat because we were so hungry.

When the government had found out that we had killed an endangered lion, we came under heavy persecution.

I tried reasoning with them that I was trying to protect the children from being killed but also that we were very hungry.

Their reaction was along the lines of how we’re Christians and our lives aren’t important anyway.

I think the whole compound was rounded up and shot, but I woke up before witnessing the event.

What inspired this dream probably was the ongoing persecution of Christians in the Middle East and the killing of Cecil the Lion.

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