April 11, 2004-The Ones that got Away

It is a bright and sunny Easter Sunday and I received some cash as presents.

I also recently obtained my driver’s license last December.

So, I take my Dad’s car, a 1998 Ford Taurus and drive to the Wal*Mart a few towns to the northwest of me.

I know what I want to buy, some two-way radios that come with a charging base.

I’m walking around the store, and there I see her.

She is a beautiful and pleasantly plump young lady.

She is wearing a white shirt and baby blue shorts.

She reminds me of the girl I was in love with during my early childhood, just as a teenager.

What if that is her?

I am so overcome by her beauty and I feel very giddy in her presence.

However, I don’t know what to say to her, without being weird.

I wish I had the chance to talk to her, but I don’t think I will.

So, I just admire her.

I watch her for a little while, then I go to the electronics section to make my purchase.

Then, my stupid self, I leave the store, not trying to look for her again.

I drive back to my parents’ house with the stereo on full blast.

To my knowledge, I haven’t seen her again since.

What if she was indeed the girl from my early childhood and I blew my one chance at being able to meet her again?

I don’t know and I guess I never will know, but that thought keeps me up at night sometimes to this very day.

A few months later, I suffer a mental breakdown for something unrelated…

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May 2003-The Ones that got Away

It is a sunny and dry Saturday evening.

I am downtown doing volunteer work for a fundraising 5K run.

There I see her: She is a beautiful bespectacled blonde around my age and pleasantly plump.

She is wearing the assigned lime green shirt (as am I) and she is wearing denim shorts that highlight her beautiful legs.

I think she is gorgeous.

By this point, I don’t care what people think of me for liking or even dating a plus-sized girl, but still, I don’t have a chance to talk to her.

It is a shame because she giggles every time I say something.

I wonder if she likes me as well?

I wish I had a chance to talk to her privately because I am crazy about her!

We never get the chance to talk.

I’m crushed.

I worked the event two more years in a row but never saw her again.

Years later, I thought I met her again but she was married and had a son.

However, that apparently wasn’t her.

I don’t even know her name though.

Like the others, I never forgot her.

I see skinny females all the time but never remember them.

However, just about every plus-sized female I have ever seen is forever burned in my memory!

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December 1, 2002-The Ones that got Away

It is a sunny and dry Sunday evening.

My family and I are on a shopping trip.

We all split up once arriving at the mall.

So here I am, shopping at my favorite store, Radio Shack.

There, I see a pleasantly plump girl who is about my age trying out the karaoke machine.

She is wearing a blue shirt and a medium length denim skirt.

She also has a very regal look on her face.

I think she is very beautiful and I do realize exactly how rare it is that a female shop at Radio Shack.

She and I could probably make a wonderful couple.

I feel very giddy, but I don’t know what to say to her.

And not only that, what would everyone think of me for dating such a plus-sized girl?

I want her so badly, but I don’t know how to approach her.

So, I begin to look at the CB’s and scanners and she eventually leaves.

I leave as well and I end up walking to Big Lot’s and purchasing a much cheaper world band radio there for $10.

To my knowledge, I’ve never seen her again.

But, I never forgot her, though I don’t even know her name.

By the way, I never forget any plus-sized young lady of whom I have the happy privilege of beholding!

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September 2002-The Ones that got Away

It’s a bright and sunny but humid Saturday morning.

There I am, doing school required volunteer work at a plantation museum.

I am bored out of my mind but trying to crack jokes to relieve the boredom.

Suddenly, she walks in, with her mother and another lady.

She is around my age, pleasantly plump and very pretty.

She is dressed in a light blue tank top and blue denim shorts.

She has long blonde hair and a bright smile.

I’m definitely attracted to her, but I am afraid of what people would think of me for being attracted to such a girl.

She smiles at me.

I continue doing my chores, talking every now and then.

She giggles every time I open my mouth and say something-I wonder if she likes me too.

She stays with the two ladies for a while, but then they buy some gifts then leave.

I could kick myself, for not trying to get her contact information.

I go home and think about her.

Later that day I go shopping.

It’s been years now, but I never forgot her.

I often wonder what she is doing now.

However, I don’t even know her name.

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