Synopsis of and Commentary to my “Grocer and Writer” Stories

On June 30, 2021, it made seven years since I began writing my infamous “Grocer and Writer” stories. I have caught both flack and praise for writing them and yes I’ll admit that they are quite polarizing. In 2016 and 2017, I had written offshoots of them, trying to be less offensive, but I haven’t been able to elaborate on them as much as the original stories.

In this piece, I will try to document every source of inspiration that I drew from to create these stories.

It is a love story between a mildly Autistic young man who is a twenty-two/twenty-three-year-old Grocery clerk and his girlfriend, a supersized seventeen/eighteen-year-old honor student turned high school dropout. I know that in and of itself brought a lot of flack due to the high amount of controversy, but I was only trying to teach that everyone deserves to be loved.

These weren’t written in chronological order, by the way, they were written as the inspirations came to me.

WARNING: There are some sins that take place in these stories, but there is also repentance for these sins so if you, the reader, find this offensive at all, then don’t read it…

On June 30, 2014, I wrote my first piece of the series. I had previously worked as a grocer for a company I had hated, but this was 2010-2011 and there were no other jobs available, little did I know that working for this said company would cause me to draw so much inspiration. The piece takes place in January and starts with my male character whom I now will name Garth Cooper getting off of work from his God-awful grocer’s job. The name of the store where he works is known as “The Downtown Grocer” and its location is based on the New Orleans Central Business District. He fires up his old car, a 1989 Toyota, and heads to his girlfriend, an honor student turned dropout, whom I have now named Samantha Abbott, parents’ house in the suburbs which are based on Metairie/Old Metairie (a suburb directly west of New Orleans.) He brings her to his house, which was based on my Maternal Grandma’s house located in Metairie, but instead his neighborhood is inspired by Mid City, New Orleans.

In early July 2014, I wrote a piece on how they met. It is Thanksgiving and Garth Cooper is in the municipal park, writing stories in a composition book. He has the day off and uses it to focus on his passion, writing love stories. The park is based on New Orleans City Park, but also Central Park in Manhattan, New York City. The fictitious city in which they reside is inspired by a combination of New Orleans, New York, and Detroit and their respective suburbs. While Garth is writing in the park, Samantha takes a walk to the park to get away from her arguing parents. She first notices him and is attracted to him. She can get him to allow her to sit with him, even though you, the reader, will find out that she is seventeen and he is twenty-two. At first, he is reluctant but realizes no one else wanted him. They exchange phone numbers and he reads to her, making her want him all the more. They end up as a couple and sit together until the sun and Mercury go down. He drives her home, concluding the piece.

In either July or August of 2014, I wrote a piece consisting of a day at Garth’s God awful job, which is based on some personal life events I had previously experienced and Samantha’s miserable home life, which was done by observing others I had formerly known. It takes place on The Winter Solstice. As mentioned before Garth’s job at the Downtown Grocer, which is located in a neighborhood which is based on the Central Business District of New Orleans and Samantha’s parents’ house takes place in a neighborhood, based off of Old Metairie, which is a suburb to the immediate west of New Orleans. Garth is on a break along with the male janitor and the female cook. He is texting Samantha when the janitor sees the bliss in his eyes and wants to know if he is talking to his girlfriend. Garth says he is and talks about how he loves and reveres her. The cook then starts badmouthing Samantha and refers to her as a whole because she cannot stand to see a happy or chaste couple. Garth stands up to the cook and to which she threatens him with an edged weapon. All in all, Garth threatens to record her making the threats and turn the recordings over to the police to which she quiets down. Then the break is over, to which Garth begins stocking the shelves. A gentleman asks him to help him find the remoulade sauce and then helps him get some fresh fish from seafood. Garth takes care of his customer, who we later find out is none other than Samantha’s dad. The assistant store director chews Garth out for conversing with the gentleman, to which the gentleman backs him up. The assistant store director comes down harder on Garth and the gentleman overhears to which he cancels his revolving account and says how neither he nor his business partners will ever shop there again because of the way they treat their employees. Garth is forced to stock the boxed gelatin from now on. Meanwhile, Samantha is in her room listening to one of the music channels. Her pill-addicted mother is woken up by the music. She accuses Samantha of stealing her Xanax and threatens to beat her. Samantha calls her dad, to which he intervenes and tells his wife to look under the sofa for her stash. She then takes the Xanax and crashes. I wrote another piece following this where Garth gets off of work and goes pick up Samantha, then brings her to his home, which his neighborhood is based on Mid City, New Orleans. They tell each other about all that went on during the day over a simple dinner of oatmeal. Both contemplate only in their minds that they should live together as soon as Samantha turns eighteen. Then they discover their synchronous thoughts. The piece concludes with Garth looking at the clock on his dining room wall and realizing that he has work tomorrow. She tells him how she doesn’t want to go home and be around her mother. So he lovingly tucks Samantha into the bed in his extra bedroom, then goes to sleep in his bedroom, concluding the piece.

In August of 2014, I wrote a piece consisting of their first time being intimate with each other. It takes place on Christmas Eve, and Pachelbel’s Canon in D Minor had a lot of inspiration for it. Yes she is seventeen in he is twenty-two, and while they didn’t fully realize that she was legal they lovingly had sex anyway. Since the location of these stories is mostly based on Louisiana and the age of consent in Louisiana is indeed seventeen, no laws were broken. The piece begins with Garth getting off of work then going to pick up Samantha from her parents’ house. He then drives her to his house and they sit on the sofa. He offers her virgin egg nog, to which she says she shouldn’t drink because she is so fat. He reassures her that he would love her no matter what size she is. Garth then turns his television on, to where he learns of several murders that occurred over the past twenty-four hours and he also learns of the world preparing for global conflict. Samantha suggests that he turn the television off and that they focus on each other. She then confesses that she wants to be intimate with him. He doesn’t know that seventeen is legal, so he is hesitant. She convinces him that they are not guaranteed tomorrow and they should make tonight worth it. She says how she wants him so badly because he accepted her when everyone else she was interested in so cruelly rejected her. Eventually, he agrees and they go to bed together and deflower each other, falling even deeper in love.

Later in 2014, I wrote a piece of their first date together. It takes a place a week and a day after they met and became an item or a week and a day after Black Friday. Before this, they had been religiously texting each other and getting to know each other. He calls her and says how he’d like to take her on a date to a place that is based on The Riverwalk in New Orleans. She agrees, and as the phone call is finishing up they exchange those three little words! She gets dressed then texts him that she’s ready. He comes to pick her up and they go to his job to pick up and cash his check. They hold hands in the store until his boss the assistant store director orders them to stop holding hands. He cashes his check and pays the $5 cashing fee, then they go to the Riverwalk. They eat breakfast at a restaurant based off of Cafe` Du Monde, then they have lunch at a fish and chip shop, based off of the Louisiana seafood restaurant Spahr’s, which doesn’t have a presence in New Orleans. He then buys her a Casio Baby G watch at a gift shop. Afterward, they walk until the sun goes down and he takes her home. They plan to see each other again on his next day off.

Even later in 2014, I wrote a piece consisting of the night before Samantha’s eighteenth birthday and her moving in with Garth. It takes place in early February. It starts with him getting off of work and heading to the suburbs to pick Samantha up. It is a very cold evening. She is waiting for him on her parents’ driveway. His headlights illuminate her stature. He gets out of his car then opens the door for her and she gets in. He drives her to his house and they settle in. He asks her what would she like him to order her for her birthday dinner. She says something Asian. He begins to look through his telephone directory, to which she replies how she has an app to order it on her phone. She orders and soon the delivery man comes. Garth takes the food, pays him then escorts him back to his car. Afterward, they eat dinner in the dining room, to which Samantha says how the food made her sleepy. They go to bed, this time in the same bed, and cuddle, soon falling asleep in each others’ arms. They are awoken by the loud noises and subsequent explosions of a train derailment. Since this series takes place in New Orleans, but in the future almost, I had written it to where the Norfolk Southern Back Belt railroad line was rerouted from Old Metairie to Mid City, though this has yet to take place in real life, a little over four years later. The train derailment knocked out transmission power lines and caused a blackout. Samantha looks at her phone and sees how it is midnight and she is now legal to stay with him. A few minutes later, however, there is a knock at the door, and a policeman, I haven’t decided if it was a state trooper, a railroad special agent, or a city cop, orders them to evacuate.

At some point in 2015, I wrote a piece detailing their first phone conversation, on Black Friday the day after they first met. This is how they begin to get to know each other and they keep in touch on the phone for a week, mostly texting. Garth finds out that Samantha is a virgin but he doesn’t admit to her that he is as well. He also finds out that she is a high school dropout, but it doesn’t bother him. Samantha finds out how Garth wound up in the city and she is also impressed as to how Garth uses proper grammar even when texting and she decides to do so as well. Samantha tells Garth about her dad’s job and how he puts it before anything else. She also makes Garth promise that no matter how successful a writer he becomes to always sets aside time for her. He promises but states that he doesn’t know whether or not he will ever become a successful writer. Samantha tells him to be patient and have some faith. The piece concludes with Samantha’s mom waking up and being very belligerent.

In June of 2015, I wrote a piece taking place on the Sunday after their first date. Samantha texts Garth and asks him to come over. He is just waking up but gladly accepts. So he drives to her parents’ home and picks her up. He then drives her to his home for the first time. He warns her about his shady neighbors and states that his home isn’t the best. She states that it doesn’t matter to her. After they enter then he reads to her from his computer until he hears her stomach growling. He asks if she is hungry. She replies about how she is and that her mom went on an eating binge and ate all the food in their house. So he feeds her some pork n beans, the only food he has in his house. She wolfs them down. Afterward, they watch Breaking Dawn parts 1 and 2 on broadcast television, while they snuggle on the sofa. After watching the movie, they eat rice pudding and drink a coffee, chicory, and milk blend then he takes her home.

At another point, sometime before July of 2015. I wrote the piece which takes place in the early morning hours of Samantha’s eighteenth birthday. They are complying with the policeman’s orders and leaving the city. Traffic is very dense as they discuss where should they go. Samantha says she doesn’t want to be with her mother. Garth says the only other option is to go to his parents’ house which is five hours away. She agrees. Traffic is still at a standstill. Finally, traffic begins to move. At some point, Garth calls his mother and explains the situation to her. He tells her that he also has his girlfriend with her. The route I planned to have them take is based on Interstate 10 from Mid City, New Orleans to around Gonzales, Louisiana with its junction with US 61/Airline Highway. They continue towards Baton Rouge on US 61 then west on US 190 until its junction with US 71, between Port Barre, Louisiana, and Krotz Springs, Louisiana where they head North. They stop at a diner for food and fuel in a town based off of Bunkie, Louisiana. Garth goes to pay for the gasoline, but Samantha insists that she will pay instead and that he can repay her “all night long.” She then hands her debit card to the cashier, to which she says how she thinks they are so cute. In July of 2015, I once met a cashier at the Race Trac in Paradis, Louisiana, who very much reminded me of the cashier in this story. As they explain the situation to the waitress, she gives them free food and a thermal mug with the company name on it. These two pieces were inspired by the Country song “Callin’ Baton Rouge.” Since Garth Brooks covered that song, I named my male character Garth, his surname Cooper comes from Dr. Sheldon Cooper on Big Bang Theory, since they are both on The Autism Spectrum, but still high functioning. By the way, Samantha also got her name from that said song and she is “such a strange combination of a woman and a child.” The last name Abbott comes from the Abbott family on “The Young and the Restless” since her dad is a business executive and reminds me of a combination of Jack Abbott and Victor Newman. I already had created a character with the last name Newman in another story I wrote, so that is why I used Abbott. I did watch Y&R a little before creating this series, but I didn’t watch Big Bang until years after creating it. You will see that Garth’s mother is also a lot like Sheldon’s mother, which was totally by accident. Anyway, after eating and talking with the waitress they get back on the road. The diner was partially based on “The Highway 71 Sandwich Shop” which was located in Bunkie, Louisiana, but I don’t think is any longer in business. They continue North, at some point deviating from what is based on US 71 and ending up on the Northeastern Louisiana Delta at Garth’s parents’ soybean farm. They are greeted by his mother.

At another point in the Summer of 2015, I wrote the piece which takes place on Christmas Day. It starts with Garth making a breakfast of French Toast for Samantha. She is sitting on the bed researching on her smartphone and finds out that she is legally at the age of consent, despite still being seventeen, in their state (which is based mostly on Louisiana where seventeen is indeed the age of consent), unbeknownst to Garth. He serves her breakfast and they awkwardly eat. She says how he should meet their parents since it is Christmas Day. There is freezing rain but they head out. During the car ride, Samantha says that she did some research and found out that she is legal. Garth is confused and asks what do you mean. She explains that seventeen is the legal age of consent in their state and that he didn’t break the law. She then confesses that she is afraid he won’t feel obligated to stay with her now that he knows this. Garth assures her that there isn’t anything in creation that could cause him to leave her. She asks him point-blank what if he got her pregnant. He then said how he would then marry her and that he already wants to, it’s just he cannot afford a ring on his low wages. Samantha brightly beams after hearing this. Her dad then calls wanting to know where she is. She explains who she is with that he is good to her and that he does indeed love her. She then says that they are headed to the house at the moment. Upon arrival they ring the doorbell and Samantha’s dad answers, saying how they’ve met before. Samantha is confused and wants to know how do they know each other. Her dad explains how he waited on him and The Downtown Grocer and took very good care of him, but was punished for talking instead of working. Garth says how he is on thin ice because of that incident. Samantha’s dad says how he can easily get him a better job but wants to make sure that he is committed to Samantha first and then asks how did they meet. Samantha interjects and tells the story and goes on to say that Garth is the only one who accepted her despite her weight. Her dad then says how she has an underactive thyroid gland and the weight is not her fault. He goes on to say how it tore him up seeing her rejected and lonely all the time. Garth despite being Autistic looks him in the eyes and says how he knows rejection too and that Samantha is the only one who wants him despite his quirks and awkwardness and that he would never dream of breaking her heart. Her dad then says how he is holding Garth to that statement and knows people who could tar and feather him. He then invites them in for Christmas Dinner, which is Asian takeout since he refuses to shop at The Downtown Grocer anymore. Samantha’s mom enters the room and asks Garth who the hell are you. Samantha replies that’s her boyfriend, and to not embarrass her. Her dad quickly says, let’s all eat, it’s Christmas and it should be peaceful. Thus the piece is concluded.

On November 7, 2015, I was sitting in the Paradis, Louisiana library and wrote the piece on when Samantha meets Garth’s parents while evacuating from the train derailment. After being greeted by his mother, she suggests that they must be tired from their trip and that Samantha can have his old bed and Garth can sleep on the sofa. Samantha becomes very distressed and Garth says how that is not necessary because they are both adults. Garth’s mother asks Samantha her age, to which she replies how she just made eighteen and she was in the process of moving in with him. This upsets Garth’s mother even more because they aren’t married. Garth’s dad wakes up and walks into the kitchen, wanting to know what is going on. Garth tells about the terrorist attack. His dad curses the terrorist groups. His mother commands him to explain the rest. Garth says how his mom is angry because he and Samantha want to sleep in the same bed. His dad tells her not to be so hard on him and they thought he wouldn’t ever find anyone because of his condition. Samantha gets very upset and wants to know what condition he has because she thinks it is something life-threatening. Garth’s dad says that he is mildly Autistic. Garth then looks at her and says how he was afraid to tell her because he thought she would leave him. Samantha replies reassuringly how she never would leave him because he loves her and reveres her. She then goes on to say that she is so fat anyway. Garth tells her that he likes her beautiful curves and that he feels bliss holding her at night. Garth’s mother then sharply commands him to watch it. Garth’s dad suggests that they all hit the sack. Garth’s mother walks to her liquor cabinet and takes a shot of whiskey, then another and tells them to do what they want. Garth’s dad shows them to the bedroom. Though I wasn’t watching Big Bang Theory at the time, I can say for sure that Garth’s mom is very similar to Sheldon’s mom.

In March of 2016, I wrote the ending piece [but not the final piece.] Garth has now become a famous writer, so he fixed up his house, bought a new truck, a new computer, and an engagement ring for Samantha. He then drives to her parents’ house to pick her up. He had asked her dad’s permission to marry her previously (in a piece which has yet to be written) to which he happily agreed. Garth then opens the passenger door for her and helps her in. He then drives her to the park. After they arrive, he suggests that they go sit on the bench where they sat when they first met. After sitting for just a moment, Garth gets down on one knee, pulls out the ring, and proposes to her. Her eyes swell with tears and she happily says yes. The cook from his former job is in the park with all of her illegitimate children. Garth stands on the bench and says how he just proposed to the girl of his dreams and she said yes. Everyone in the park claps and cheers. The cook then starts yelling to the crowd how Samantha is fat and Garth is retarded and that they will be on disability and all of the people will have to pay taxes to support them and any children they have. Garth then stands up to the cook and says he just secured a job as a romantic novelist, but that probably means nothing to her. He then says that either she leaves them alone or he will call the police. The cook pulls out a revolver and shoots Garth dead. She then aims for Samantha but several people wrestle the gun from her. Samantha sees Garth dying and her heart explodes. She then collapses on top of him and dies as well. The cook in these stories is based on several women whom I had the unfortunate experience of being acquainted with over the years. She is violently jealous of Samantha because she is only intimately known to one man, Garth, who exceedingly loves and reveres her at that, whereas the cook has children for several different men all of whom used her. The piece was also inspired by Meghan Trainor’s song “I’m Gonna Love You Like I’m Gonna Lose You.” That song was popular around that time. I caught a lot of flack for writing this, especially from my then-wife, now ex-wife. After writing this, I decided that the series was too offensive and the world wasn’t ready for it, so I decided to start writing another series, “A Train Conductor Meets a Disabled Writer”, which I haven’t had much success with.

In November of 2016, while sitting at the Raceland, Louisiana library, I wrote two more pieces covering the time Garth and Samantha spent in the country while they were evacuated from the train derailment. It starts with Garth and Samantha waking up in his old bed at his parents’ house and finding out that the heater isn’t working. Garth turns on his flashlight that he had packed (a vintage First Alert Ready-Lite that came with his house) to check the thermostat but then the bulb burns out. Samantha calls for him to come back to bed, which he does until they are both overtaken by the hunger pangs. So they walk to the kitchen where Garth’s mother is putting pancakes and bacon on the table. They eat, though there is great tension in the air. Garth says how the heater is broken. His mother corrects him and says how it is just out of oil. She then tells him to make himself useful and to go to the hardware store and get more oil. Garth says he plans to go there anyway to get a new bulb for his flashlight. Quickly they leave the house and go into town. They arrive at the hardware store just as it is opening up. Other customers are being waited on, so Garth and Samantha walk around the store. Garth meets the owner’s son and a former classmate of his while Samantha takes a call from her dad and goes into a corner. The owner’s son was once a football star but ended his career in college from an injury. He says how he now tries to be the best hardware salesman he could be. Garth explains how he is in town because the city he lives in was evacuated because of the train derailment and he needs bulbs for his flashlight and oil for his parents’ heater. The salesman looks in the computer and says there are five bulbs left. Garth says he will take all five of them, then says he’ll be paying cash for the bulbs but to charge to oil to his parents’ account. The salesman suggests he buy a Mini Maglite LED flashlight because the power might be back on to charge his flashlight. Garth says he doesn’t have enough cash for both the bulbs and the Mini Maglite. The salesman says to charge it to his parents’ account. Garth says they would be livid if he did. Samantha comes out of the corner from her phone call and says how she will gladly buy the flashlight for him like she bought gasoline for him at the truck stop. She goes on to say how he can pay her back all night long. Several people point and stare at them, then whisper amongst themselves. Garth charges the oil to his parents’ account, pays cash for the bulbs and Samantha buys him the Mini Maglite LED with her debit card. At the time of writing this, I had never been to Northeast Louisiana the first time I had gone there was in mid-April of 2018. The hardware store reminded me of one I had worked at, in Houma, Louisiana, just in a more rural setting. It also reminded me of one in Thibodaux, Louisiana. Earlier in April of 2018, I went to a rural hardware store in Napoleonville, Louisiana, and purchased a 2 AAA Mini Maglite LED just like the one featured in this piece. I was trying to recreate and live out these stories in my weird way, I guess. The piece concludes with Garth opening the car door for Samantha and then getting to the driver’s side. His mother calls him on the phone wanting to know why he and Samantha were acting lewd in the store, because of her saying he can pay her back all night long for the flashlight. She then commands them to hurry and come home because it is freezing there. This scene was based on a campaign speech I heard from Mike Huckabee where he stated that he lived in a small close-knit community and if he did anything “wrong” several people would have already called his parents to tell them, before he even got home. Also, I grew up in a small town and lived in another (Raceland, Louisiana and Mathews, Louisiana) where the people there are a bunch of nosy busybodies. The second piece of this begins with Garth driving Samantha back to his parents’ house and explaining to her that the people in the hardware store called his parents’ house about the comments she made about him paying her for the flashlight and that he is not angry with her and that he indeed will pay her back all night long, but she needs to be careful what she publically says and does in a small town. He comforts her by saying that she probably never went to a small town and didn’t realize that “everybody knows everybody” -a line from a certain Tracy Byrd song about living in the country and that small-town people are busybodies. They soon arrive at Garth’s parents’ house to which he hands his mother the tank of oil then they go to his bedroom. Garth installs a new bulb in his flashlight then opens up the packaging of the Mini Maglite LED and installs the batteries and turns it on. He is impressed by the brightness and reminds Samantha that he will indeed pay her back all night long with tips and interest compounded nightly. His mother is secretly listening to the conversation, then barges in and wants to know from Samantha how long have they “been screwing out of wedlock.” Garth tells her she doesn’t have to answer that. His mother says for them to find another place then. Samantha breaks down and says, how they first had sex on Christmas Eve. Garth’s mother gets angry with him and accuses him of charming Samantha. Samantha said how he didn’t charm her, that he does write beautiful stories but she wanted him before that and he was the only one who didn’t reject her, despite her size. Garth’s mother then insists that if they will live like a married couple then they will have the responsibilities of a married couple. She orders Garth to help his dad on the farm and Samantha to help her cook and clean. She even forbids them from sharing a kiss before going to work. Garth sulks, walks to the barn, and enters, turning on his new flashlight. His dad is impressed by the brightness. Garth says how Samantha bought it for him. His dad says she is a keeper and that he had been praying that he finds someone. Garth says how his mother isn’t happy about the relationship to which his dad says she just doesn’t like seeing him all grown up. Garth says how his mother wants him to work on the farm for as long as he stays there. His dad then asks him to help change the fluids in the tractor, then to organize the barn, as he used to when he was a child. He has said that it has gotten into disarray since he moved out. Garth’s dad is loosely based on Noah Calhoun’s dad from “The Notebook.” Garth spends the day organizing the barn until the sun goes down. Samantha helps Garth’s mom cook and clean then she also reads some of Garth’s older stories, falling even more in love with him. Finally, the day is done, Garth and his dad come in and are served green beans and seared chicken breasts. As they are eating dinner, Garth and Samantha get alerts on their phones that the evacuation order is lifted. Minutes later, the assistant store director calls Garth and tells him he has twenty-four hours to return to work or he will be terminated. Garth’s mother comments on them going home and screwing. Garth’s dad walks them to the car and suggests they get married.

In 2017, I had rewritten most of the series, but also began working on another replacement offshoot, known as “A Disabled Electrician turned Writer” which was supposed to have similar themes as these stories but without so much controversy. I had slightly more success than my previous offshoot but haven’t written any more of it since 2018. Also in 2017, I began writing “Two Foamers in Love”, yet another offshoot replacement, but haven’t gotten much of it done.

On September 4, 2018, I wrote a piece of the series which is/was a prequel to the whole series. From Garth’s perspective, he is stocking salad dressing at “The Downtown Grocer” and how he hates his job and wishes at twenty-two he would have done so much more with his life. He thinks about his loneliness and how if someone loved him for him, he would love her immensely in return and treat her with the utmost reverence. He then thinks about his writing and tries to remember all of the inspirations coming to him in waves. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and he will be off, to which he plans to go to the park and write. He works late into the night, sweeping the warehouse and taking out the trash after the store is fronted and blocked. He gets off at 11:02, goes home, and goes straight to bed not realizing that tomorrow he will meet the love of his life.
Meanwhile, from Samantha’s perspective, her mother just took several Xanaxes and then has crashed into a deep sleep. Samantha then goes into the kitchen and eats some canned fruit and drinks some milk. She says how she hates her life and how it isn’t like most seventeen-year-olds. She talks about her underactive thyroid gland and her weight problem and how she has liked many boys but they all reject her. She says how she wishes she could find a boy or even a young man who would love her for her and how she would treat him like a king. She says how she dropped out of school because she cannot get a ride to the private school she was attending because her mom is always loaded and because of her weight, she knows she would be tormented and harassed relentlessly if she began attending the public high school in her district. She contemplates suicide, by taking all of her mother’s Xanaxes at once. However, a voice in her head tells her not to give up. She goes into her room and watches “The Notebook” on demand. She watches until she can no longer keep her eyes open. Her mom then wakes up from a deep sleep and is belligerent. Samantha hears the voice again, saying just a little while longer. Her dad then comes in and argues with her mom all night long. Samantha goes to bed and dreams about those little encouraging voices, little does she know that tomorrow she will meet the love of her life…

In the Spring of 2020, I wrote my latest piece of my “Grocer and Writer” stories consisting of Garth waking up with Samantha to lightning and thunder, then sharing and hug and a kiss. Samantha then prepares breakfast whilst Garth gets ready for work. They then sit in the dining room of his house and eat breakfast, lovingly staring at each other. Garth realizes soon that he needs to be at work, so he collects the flashlight that Samantha previously bought for him and his phone then heads out the door. Samantha pleads with him to be careful, to which Garth asks her to pray for him. They then exchange those three words and one final kiss. Samantha then engages all of the locks on the door, then takes a nap. Garth drives to work and immediately clocks in. For hours, he stocks to boxed gelatin all by himself as the storm gets worse. The power is then knocked offline. Garth uses the flashlight that Samantha gave him to escort customers through the store. Samantha texts Garth about a storm cell near him and alternates between praying for him and keeping an eye on the RADAR. Garth stays in touch with Samantha discreetly by texting her from in the bathroom. Just before that, Samantha’s dad contacts her and tells her that his company is looking to get Garth published as a writer. She texts Garth and tells him that she has good news for him but wants to tell him. The cook (from the God Awful job scene) sees Garth’s flashlight and demands to use it to help repair the oven in the deli. Garth refuses based on how it is sentimental to him because Samantha bought it. An argument quickly ensues afterward the cook once again refers to Samantha as a whore. Garth threatens to sue for defamation. The assistant store director overhears and they both get written up. He also tells the cook to just charge a flashlight from the housewares section to the store’s account. Garth works diligently until break time, in which he texts her asking for the good news. She replies how she wants to tell him in person instead. They then describe their day and Garth tells Samantha how he got written up yet again, for basically refusing to allow that hateful cook to use his flashlight. Samantha tells him to hang on a little longer and that things are about to turn in his favor. He asks her if she is mad that he was written up and she replied that if she had her way, he would never work there again. Garth then tells her how he loves her with all his heart and she replies that she loves him the same. Garth then gets back to work and works until dinner time, then during the dinner break, he texts Samantha from the terrace whilst eating. Garth then works until 9:00 PM then after sweeping the warehouse, clocks out and goes home. He knocks on the door and Samantha lets him in as they lovingly kiss each other. Samantha tells Garth that the good news is how her people in her dad’s company want to make Garth a published writer and how there are still a few things to iron out but his days as a grocer are over. Garth tells Samantha how he is indebted to her and her day. Samatha then tells Garth to love her for the rest of his life and to make time for her to pay back the debt, to which he asks, how else will he have the inspiration to write what he writes? Samantha asks him what does he want to do now. Garth replies how he is tired but he wants to hold her all night long and then tomorrow they will do something together. Samantha agrees, then they walk to the bedroom with Garth setting his window unit to the coldest setting as they cuddle all night long. I think the series itself inspired most of this piece as I have borrowed elements from all previous pieces…

That’s all I have as of July 10, 2021. There are still some loose ends that need to be tied up and I am not sure of when I will get to doing so. I regret not making much of a statement to celebrate the seventh anniversary of the beginning of this series which was on June 30, 2021. All I can say is that I have been suffering some serious writer’s block. It has been quite an adventure writing these stories and I hope that anyone who reads them will realize that the main theme I have been trying to teach is that everyone deserves to love and be loved. I know there was quite a bit of controversy, and yes in some areas my heart wasn’t in the right place, but I would like to think I’ve since had my heart corrected. As I mentioned before, I have since written other stories which have been offshoots and improvements. I guess this, therefore, concludes my synopsis and commentary of my “Grocer and Writer” stories.

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Excerpts from “Bohemian America”

I began writing this story in late February of 2020, just before Coronavirus became an issue for the USA.

I imagine it to take place in New York City and the suburbs thereof, but one of my main characters is from Southeast Louisiana.

The story is about a blossoming romance between a tortured visual artist named Carlisle Snowden and a violinist named Alexandra Barbu with a troubled past of her own.

I wish I could write more of this, but unfortunately I have been suffering severe writer’s block.

I do admit that some of this story needs to be redone because of the sinning that occurs in these stories, but I pray that God give me the grace to remove it.

I do have other pieces which are innocent enough to share, though…

So, below are some excerpts from the story:


Alexandra’s abusive uncle was waiting in the front to pick her up, when he witnessed pianist and most experienced member Davis Istre giving her a handful of cash, saying, “You earned it girl, with those mad violin skills! You bring our group to a whole new dimension, and you were awesome at our last gig, so go buy yourself something nice!”

She hugged him and thanked him, then saw her uncle.

“Let’s go!” He said impatiently, “I want us to get out of this part of the city before the sun goes down and all the riff-raff come out!”

Saxophonist Leroy James answered him, “Chill out man! And don’t be so full of hate!”

“Spoken like a true blue dope head,” Her uncle replied with disgust, “I’m surprised you don’t use your saxophone as a bong pipe.”

He then looked at Alexandra and said, “Now you come with me right now young lady!”

Alexandra rolled her eyes and then left with her uncle.

They walked out of the abandoned building and into his single cab older GMC truck.

“I know that those in your band smoke that dope. I better not find out that you smoke dope or I will kick you out of my house.”

“No, I don’t smoke dope. I’m already fat and if I smoke dope, I’ll likely get fatter and have wrinkles as well.”

“Well, the fact that you are fat means you will never make it in the music industry. So you should go back to school or get a real job like everyone else.”

Alexandra was now getting angry, but kept calm and concealed it, saying, “I don’t know, what about Meghan Trainor?”

“I never heard of her,” Her uncle replied.

“That figures, otherwise you wouldn’t have made that ignorant statement.”

“Watch that attitude young lady, you will never be too old for me to backhand you.”

“That’s where you are wrong. If you lay a single finger on me, I will press charges.”

“How dare you! You are riding in my vehicle and staying under my roof and you would press charges on me after all your aunt and I did for you.” There was a tense silence but then he continued, “You know what, give me your money, you owe me for food and rent!”

“I need that money to keep my phone turned on so I can keep in touch with my band,” Alexandra protested.

“Well, that’s too bad. Now give me your money or you can find somewhere else to stay.”

“You’re such a jerk!”

“No, you just need a dose of reality, big time! Now give me your money…”

“I’ll speak to my aunt first,” Alexandra said, pulling out her phone.

“If you call her you can get out right now.”

“Then put me down right here. I’ve had enough of you anyway.”

“Fine, have it your way. Now get out!”

Alexandra unbuckled her seat belt, opened the door and stepped out onto the sidewalk.

Her uncle then flung her violin in its case out the door then said, “And take that stupid instrument with you!”


An elderly black lady came outside and said, “Carlisle, I heard you shouting what happened, baby?”

Alexandra spoke up and told her, “It’s partially my fault, ma’am. My uncle was driving me to his house but we had an argument and he kicked me out of his truck. He then threw my violin out as well and it knocked this young man’s easel down and ruined his painting.”

“Well, I’m going to have to call the police then, people can’t just be abandoning minors on a city street.”

“But, I’m not a minor. I’m actually twenty-going-on-twenty-one,” Alexandra said, then continued, “But I do, however, have no place to go.”

The artist spoke, “Wow, I thought I had issues. I’m very blessed compared to you! My name is Carlisle Snowden by the way.”

“You are blessed, Carlisle and your blessings will continue as long as you be a blessing to others. Just remember to keep taking that medicine, keep letting your light of kindness shine to others around you and keep painting those beautiful pictures!” The elderly black lady said.

“It’s nice to meet both of you, I’m Alexandra Barbu.”

The elderly black lady answered her, “You can call me Mother Nellie. I look out for the whole neighborhood and I pray for everybody.” She paused and then said, “Something tells me there was a reason that both of you met.”

Carlisle’s face grew very serious as he looked at her and said, “Mother Nellie, if you’re suggesting what I think you’re suggesting, I believe Alexandra is a bit too young for me.”

“Child, age is just a number. Besides, I know how lonely you are and how you’ve been praying that the Lord send you someone special. She just might be the answer to your prayers! I know you’re one of the few white men in the neighborhood and she is also white. I’m very aware of the racial tension that exists, so I think you and her would be perfect together! While I think mixed babies are beautiful, I know they receive a lot of ill-treatment in this cruel, hateful world.”

“You don’t look that old anyway,” Alexandra said.

“I just made thirty-four,” Carlisle replied.

“Wow. I thought you would have been twenty-two or twenty-three, twenty-five, tops. I mean, you are very cute!”

“Well, thanks. I get that a lot. But, see, I’m probably too old for you.”

“What if I told you that I’m very mature for an twenty-going-on-twenty-one-year old and I do like older guys?!”

“I don’t know. You are very pretty and you seem sweet, but I have a lot of reverence for you and…”

“You’re making me blush! It’s a good thing though if you have reverence for me, that means you would treat me well.”

“Yes, that’s true, I suppose.”

“We also have a lot in common, I mean we’re both artists in our respects. I bet I could play my violin while you paint and inspire you to create some beautiful portraits or I could study your previous paintings and be inspired to play some beautiful music.”

“Come to think of that, as Mother Nellie said, I have been praying that the Lord send me a significant other, and I would want my relationship with her to have exactly those attributes. Maybe age is just a number after all.”

“Well, duh, silly!” Alexandra replied, then continued soberly, “But am I too fat for you, though?”

“As I said before, I think you’re very pretty, weight included! And more importantly, you have a beautiful heart and a brilliant mind!”

“You’re making me blush even more, but I feel so giddy!”

“I can see you blushing and I think it’s adorable! I’d like to kiss you where you are blushing, but I don’t want to overstep my bounds.”

“Aw, that is so sweet. By the way, you wouldn’t be overstepping your bounds. I’d want you to kiss me. In fact, come here and kiss me right now!”

Carlisle walked off the steps and onto the sidewalk.

Mother Nellie said, “I’ll leave you two alone.” She then went inside.


I would like to be in on their jam sessions and paint while they make music.”

“They would be flattered, I’m sure.”

“When is the next time you practice with them?”

“Not tomorrow but the next day.”

“Do you think I could come and paint?”


“Where does your band meet to practice?”

“There’s an abandoned building a few blocks away.”

“Wow! Just from what you describe your band seems very genuine. I bet they make the most awesome music. What is their name?”

“A Little Bit of Everything (And Not Too Much of Nothing.)”

“That is so original! I now cannot wait to hear you play with them!”

“I would like to see some of your paintings, if that’s all right.”

“Of course! I’d be honored to show you!”

Carlisle walked to his closet and pulled out several painted canvases.

“There’s this blogger who’s work I love to read,” He said, “I typically read the fiction page of his blog and then meditate on his stories, once my heart and mind are full of inspiration I try to bring those stories to life in my paintings.”

He began to show them to Alexandra one by one:

“This first one,” He said, “Is a portrait of a young couple sitting in an urban park. He is reading his stories to her and she is hanging on to his every word. Look, you can almost feel what they are feeling!”

“It’s kind of like us, but in a parallel universe,” Alexandra replied.

“Here’s another one, two teenage runaways hiding under an overpass on a cold night. It’s them against the world but look how much in love they are!”

“Yes! Yes! I can feel it! Show me some more!”

“Very well: Here is a teenage couple laying together in the fields on a dreary day. He is cradled in her lap, but look how he stares up at her with so much love!”

“I want to cradle you in my lap if that’s all right with you. There’s so much more I want to do with you as well!”

“I desire those things as well, Alexandra, but you do command a lot of reverence!”

“Then if you revere me so much, give in to my desires!”


Carlisle hugged Alexandra then they share a few kisses once again.

“I would like to cradle you in my lap, that is if you would want that as well.”

“Sounds wonderful to me. Let me pull out the mattress on my futon.”


“I have a Sony portable radio that’s probably older than you and I use it to listen to NPR. However, I’m probably the only resident of this building who listens to that network. There’s some fine music on at this hour if you want to listen.”

“Wow! I too would try to listen to NPR, but then my uncle broke my radio in a fit of anger when he caught me doing so. He took a sledge hammer and crushed it to pieces. Of course, he did that also to my computer, which I lost so many of my recordings.”

Carlisle said, “He sounds like a terrible person and how I saw him act today further backs that assumption I have about him,”

“You assume correctly though!” Alexandra answered.

“I don’t have it in me to act like that, unless I’m severely provoked,”

“Well I think someone would have to do something extremely wrong to provoke you.”

“You’re right.”

Alexandra smiled at Carlisle and he plugged his radio into the electrical socket, then extended out the FM antenna and turned it on, placing it on the window sill as he said to her, “Well, for the record, in my place, you may listen to NPR or anything else you wish to hear until your heart is content!”

Alexandra then sat on the mattress of the futon and Carlisle rested the back of his head in her lap and looked up at her face with admiration.

She played with his curly hair and spoke as they listened to classical music, “I’ve never met a man like you, but I must confess I am falling for you quickly!”

“The feeling is mutual! I’m so sorry I misjudged you about your age because you do seem so perfect for me!”

“It’s quite all right. All that tells me is what a decent guy you are!”

“Thank you. That means a whole lot coming from someone like you!”

“Well, I mean every word of it,” Alexandra said as she continued to play with Carlisle’s hair and rubbed his face with her soft hands.

They rested on the futon and listened to the radio until Carlisle heard Alexandra’s stomach growling. The noise became increasingly loud.

“Are you hungry?” He asked her.

“Yes. I haven’t eaten since Noon. All my band and I had were doughnuts and coffee.”

Carlisle looked at his SwissGear wristwatch. The hands pointed to 10:17.

“Good Lord, you need to eat, as do I,” He said, then continued, “I made a pot spaghetti around lunchtime, but I can heat it up.”

“That sounds good, I’m not picky. Of course, I’m not picky, look how fat I am!”

“With all reverence due, I think you’re very sexy!”

“Aw. Thank you! Just so you know, there’s a lot of sexy things I want to do with you!”

“As do I but let’s eat first. We both need some nourishment.”

Carlisle and Alexandra walked to the kitchen and he began to heat the pot of sauce and the pot of noodles on his stove.

In time the noodles were steaming and the sauce was bubbling.

He grabbed himself and Alexandra a plate and served both of them a generous portion of noodles and sauce.

He then took a two Liter bottle of Cherry Coke from his refrigerator and poured them each a tall glass as he said, “I don’t know if you prefer Wild Cherry Pepsi or Cherry Coke, but I buy whichever one is on sale.”

“Either one is fine like I said, I’m not picky.”

They then sat down at Carlisle’s coffee table and ate quickly.

That’s all I am willing to share at the moment.  I hope I can clean these stories up and make them more appropriate, both for Christians and non Christians alike.

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A Review of the BellSouth 1010 FRS Transceiver

Just so we’re all operating on the same wavelength, I do not own the featured image on this page. I give credit to whomever credit is due.

Between the summer and fall of 2001, my interest in radio electronics was taking off astronomically.

It began in the spring of 2001 but in reality, I had always been interested in radio electronics.

I discovered Family Radio Service in either late September or early October of 2001.

Later in October of 2001, I purchased my first FRS transceiver, a BellSouth 1010 Ranger Communicator, made by U.S. Electronics. And that is what this piece will be a review thereof.

I purchased this radio during one weekend of October 2001. I believe it was a Saturday. Of course, I was planning to purchase it for several weeks. The night before I purchased it, I saw several people using them at the Chackbay Firemen’s Fair.

When I got home, I installed the batteries and then began to use the scan feature.

Even though I wasn’t in a very populated area, I heard quite a few people talking on different channels. Some of them would answer me back in a friendly way, others would get annoyed that I tried to join their conversation.

Most of what I heard were spouses talking and hunters in the woods. Now and then, I heard people traveling in caravans. Once or twice I came across other teenagers.

I would soon discover that the maintenance crew at my school also used FRS transceivers at the time and that is how I began to befriend them. They gave me my first job in the summer of 2005.

FRS had two things going for it twenty years ago:

First, while the advertised range was only two miles, you actually could get two solid miles of communication range. This is unlike nowadays when the advertised range is maybe 35-50 miles but in practice, you’re doing well if you can get a few blocks of communication range.

Second, there were fewer people with cell phones because cell phones cost more two own and operate, weren’t as user-friendly, and could only call, text, and maybe play a few basic games. There also were very few if any people with unlimited calling plans. So this made FRS a much more cost-effective communications plan, at least for short-range communications.

Now in 2021, I am in a slightly more densely populated area and can set an FRS transceiver to scan and won’t hear anything for hours or if I do, it’s a GMRS repeater on one of the shared channels. Most of FRS traffic is antenna tower climbers and land surveyors. Although on Christmas Day, I’ll hear some kids and teenagers playing on the FRS transceivers they got for Christmas.

The BellSouth 1010 had amazing audio quality and despite being very affordable was built pretty solidly, although the belt clip was flimsy. It could also transmit the signal a solid two miles and hear units two miles away. It featured all fourteen channels (which was the legal limit back then), a backlit LCD, a scan function, volume control that was loud enough even on the lowest setting, a light to indicate the unit was transmitting, and a call tone feature. It operated on 4 AAA batteries and the run time was pretty generous for its time. An optional charging adaptor and batteries could be purchased. There were no CTCSS or DCS tones, but the radio made up for it with range and audio quality.

During Thanksgiving Week of 2001, we were eating at New Orleans Hamburger and Seafood Company when my parents’ car had an electrical problem. I used the radio to summon help and one person answered me and offered but the problem with the car was too complex, so eventually, they had to get it towed to a mechanic.

I had realized there were even more FRS users in larger metropolitan areas, much to my delight.

I carried this radio with me until August of 2002 when I upgraded to a BellSouth 2231 and I tried out several other FRS radios since. I have since bought duplicates for sentimental reasons.

It was FRS that got my feet wet with radio communications and would be one of the catalysts that caused me to get an Amateur Radio license. I now hold a General Class license and plan to start studying for my Extra Class.

I wish FRS transceivers were made this well in 2021. And it would be nice to add some of the modern features such as CTCSS, DCS, multiple call tones, waterproofing, weather radio, USB charging, to name a few.

If you’re wondering what FRS transceiver I am currently using, I now use a Motorola Talkabout T600.

For years though, I used a Motorola Talkabout T6250, which I initially purchased in October of 2003 and I wish Motorola would bring that model back!

I should write a review on both of those radios because I do like them as well. Stay tuned!

By the way, I give this radio 4.75 out of 5 stars! I took off a quarter-point because of the flimsy belt clip.

I suppose this concludes my review of the BellSouth 1010 Ranger Communicator.

I hope that you, the reader, have been informed, entertained, and enlightened.

May God richly bless you!

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A Review of the Coby CX-17 AM/FM/Weather/TV Audio Receiver

Just to let everyone know, I do not own the featured image on this page. Rather I downloaded it from eBay. I give credit to whomever credit is due!

It was Labor Day September 3, 2001. I was out shopping with my Mom because I had some extra cash on me from doing various odd jobs.

I was hoping to buy some CDs with that cash, but the employees of the music store refused to sell them to me because I wasn’t old enough and the lyrics were explicit.

In the previous summer, I had begun to cultivate my interests in all radio electronics. At that point, I was amazed by the fact that television signals could still be received over the air for free. I wanted to experiment with that. I had even asked my parents to put up a television antenna so I could experiment but they flat out refused. They were never supportive of my electronics interests at all, but they sure call me up whenever one of their electronics is on the blink. They had subscribed to cable since before I was born and they didn’t like the idea of watching over-the-air television. To this day, they still don’t. Must be a Boomer thing…

So, while my Mom was shopping at Southland Mall, I had wandered over to Big Lot’s which had recently been established there and was only a few feet away. In those days Big Lot’s had a much better selection of electronics than they do now.

I had seen a few interesting things in there but what caught my attention was a Coby CX-17. Not only could it receive standard AM and FM broadcasts but also the audio from TV channels 2-13 and Weather Radio broadcasts!

And that radio receiver is what this piece will be a review thereof.

Technically this was my first Weather Radio, although I never used it for that purpose nor do I remember it ever picking up the weather broadcasts.

I wanted it to be able to hear the television audio, so I could experiment with that.

When I got home, I remember standing near the dog kennel in my parents’ backyard and listening to FM. I don’t recall which station I was hearing but it was playing, “Push” by Matchbox 20. I did appreciate the audio quality when it was indeed able to lock onto a station.

In the following days, I tried to be able to hear the television signals with varying degrees of success. The stations that were easiest to hear were WWL-TV which was on Channel 4 and WDSU-TV which was on Channel 6. I could also hear WYES which was on Channel 12.

Unfortunately now, this radio is mostly obsolete because television audio signals are no longer analog FM as they were before June 12, 2009. The FM selection is nowhere near as good as the selection on even the cheapest dedicated FM receivers. This is because it shares the bandwidth selection with TV channels 2-6. So there’s not much space for FM and therefore very poor selectivity.

I think I was only able to receive the stronger stations on AM but I wasn’t much of an AM listener at the time.

For the Weather Band, I don’t ever recall hearing a weather broadcast on this radio, but maybe I never tuned it down to that position, since TV Channel 13 was at one end of the band and Weather was at the other end. Also, this isn’t the strongest of receivers and the two weather broadcast stations nearest me were about 40 and 50 miles away, respectively.

On Friday, September 7, 2001, there was a teacher conference and so I was with my siblings and younger cousins at our Grandparents’ house. I was experimenting with that radio. The day was quite stormy and we were in between thunderstorms. I commented on how my radio is picking up a lot of static, so I think another storm is coming. My Paw Paw commented that the static had happened because he “just expelled a gas.” For those that knew my Paw Paw, you would all understand, but for those who didn’t, he was constantly cracking dad jokes or toilet jokes. He probably made me laugh more than anyone else.

A day later my brother had a bantam football match in the Superdome and I stayed with my Grandparents again. I was trying to improve the reception with aluminum foil but only had marginal results. There was some tennis match being covered, I remember that.

So this wasn’t the best of radio receivers, not by a long shot.

However, it does have sentimental value one for it helping me further cultivate my interest in radio electronics. And this was the radio I had with me on September 11, 2001. I don’t think any American alive on that horrible day will ever forget where they were when those radical islamic terrorists carried out their egregious attacks.

I was in class, an Eighth Grader at Vandebilt Catholic High School.

I did have that radio in my pocket throughout the day.

I wasn’t carrying a flashlight at that point in my life out of fear of harassment for liking flashlights.

Carrying a knife or multi-tool to school would have meant automatic expulsion and criminal charges.

One girl pointed out that I had a radio in my pocket during lunch and she threatened to tattle on me. I have no idea how I talked her out of it.

Later that day, after school I stood on my parents’ driveway and tuned in WWL-TV’s audio signal. Dan Rather was covering the aftermath of the terrorist attacks.

I carried that radio with me everywhere until October of 2001 when I began to get interested in FRS and bought a BellSouth 1010 Communicator. I should do a review on that radio as well.

My Cob CX-17 broke some time a little over a year later and I was disappointed because of the sentimental value it had.

Earlier today, I ordered another one on eBay, for old times sake. I plan to keep it in a safe place when it comes in.

If I had to give a rating of it, I would give it a 3 out of five stars. While it is very compact and does indeed look cool. And yes the audio is fairly decent. But the selectivity, especially on FM is poor and the receiver sensitivity especially on Weather Band is also poor. This radio would have been more appropriate for those who dwelled in a major city, not someone living on the broadcast fringe like myself.

All in all, I guess this concludes my review of the Coby CX-17.

I hope that you, the reader, have been informed, enlightened, and maybe, somehow even entertained.

May God richly bless you!

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Hurricane Katrina Ruined Radio Broadcasting in New Orleans

I was always interested in radio.

Starting at the age of eight going on nine, I listened to the radio regularly. From that age until the age of fifteen or sixteen, I mostly listened to stations that played Top 40 music.

Starting at age 15, I began to become interested in talk radio, though I didn’t start to listen to it on the regular until the Summer of 2003 at the age of sixteen and a half.

Part of this was a desire to experiment with AM radio and the other part of this, was because I was starting to think politically.

By the Fall of 2003, I was listening to talk radio more than music radio. I was then sixteen going on seventeen.

Because of many policies of the Bush Administration (2001-2009), I remember commenting in my World History Class that America had become “a police state.” I was echoing what former Libertarian Presidential Candidate Harry Browne, God rest his soul, said on his talk show. The teacher barked back saying that I “listen to too much talk radio.” He was right about me listening to too much talk radio, but, America during the Second Bush Administration had become very much like a Fascist police state. Do me a favor and read the 14 Points of Fascism and see for yourself. Another time, this same teacher personally went up to my desk and referred to the French as “cheese-eating surrender monkeys” because they refused to participate in the Iraq War. He durn well knew that nationality of my surname is French and he frequently made fun of it.

Okay, I may seem off topic but I’m going somewhere with this.

Between the time I started listening to talk radio in 2003 until late August of 2005, there was a lot of awesome talk radio content to choose from in the New Orleans market and even in adjoining markets.

A very wicked woman named Katrina ruined all of this and many other things. Some things have rebuilt themselves out of the ruins, but unfortunately, talk radio in New Orleans has not. Even most of the current content on WWL is pretty boring for someone like me.

In this piece, I will try to list the stations in the New Orleans market that was once very entertaining and informative but have since either gone dark or were converted to something more boring.

I think the best way to do this is to list by frequency. I will be going mostly by memory but I do have the assistance of good ole Wikipedia. Some stations are still in operation, but during that time I didn’t listen to them. Keep in mind that the period I am referencing for these stations is between June of 2003 and late August/early September 2005.

Here we go:

600 kHz WVOG-So I didn’t listen to this station until after I came to Christ in July of 2004. Afterward, I listened to it quite a bit until I began to backslide for the first time in March of 2005.

690 kHz WTIX/WIST (now WQNO)-I discovered this station in October of 2003 and it was carrying a show hosted by former Libertarian Presidential Candidate Harry Browne. The station had a feed from a radio network that carried other interesting shows. I wish I could remember the name of that network. Harry Browne came on every night at 10:00 PM Central Time but before Harry Browne came on, there was a show about astronomy that I would tune in while waiting for Harry Browne to come on. I almost began to cultivate an interest in astronomy just from listening to that show. At the top of every hour, there was a news broadcast from CNN Radio and at the time CNN was more moderate, very much unlike today. In April or May of 2004, the station became more conservative, which I was opposed to conservative values mostly because I had not yet come to Christ and I was young. Furthermore, I was staunchly against blindly following those in authority just because they were indeed in authority. It seems that so many around me blindly supported George W. Bush, no matter what, and I was appalled. The station began playing news broadcasts on the hour from Fox News, which I eschewed. Another thing I eschewed was so much dedication to sports on that station. There were still some talk programs but only aired while I was in school. One program that stayed on until maybe Katrina was a local show hosted by Gerry McCann who was an electronics technician in the New Orleans area. Seriously why can’t there be more shows like these? By the time Katrina did her evil deeds, I didn’t listen to this station. 690 kHz used to put out 20,000 Watts but now puts out less than 10,000 during the day and even less power at night. I’m not complaining at all because the station now carries catholic community radio and also some feeds from ewtn. I cannot endorse anything catholic anymore and maintain a clear conscience.

750 kHz KKNO-I received this station a couple of times whilst trying to receive WSB out of Atlanta, which is on the same channel.

800 kHz WSHO-I didn’t listen to this station until after coming back to Christ in late 2008, so I cannot comment much on what it was like pre-Katrina. I know now that I enjoy Christian music and some of the Bible studies aired on this station.

870 kHz WWL-my Dad listened to this station a lot all while I was growing up, especially during sporting events and whenever preparing for a hurricane. I discovered “Newswatch Magazine” hosted by David J. Smith on this station in the Summer of 2003 but didn’t listen to his show on the regular until the Spring of 2004. That show was a contributing factor in me having a mental breakdown in June of 2004 but that mental breakdown was also a major factor in making me realize that I am a sinner and therefore my need for Christ. I finally came to Christ in July of 2004. I always thought there was way too much sports programming on WWL and of course, I think sports are boring. This station was very helpful though in relaying information during and in the aftermath of Katrina. While I was with my family in Bossier City, Louisiana, they were wondering if they could find out what was going on in New Orleans. So after sunset, I was able to tune in to WWL and they were all amazed.

940 kHz WYLD-I never really listened to this station for any lengthy amount of time.

990 kHz WGSO-I could only catch this station sometimes and only on higher-end radios such as a car radio. I remember it being a business format. I also remember it carried the audio feed to WWL-TV newscasts.

1010 kHz WCKW-I never really listened to this station during that time and it was many times difficult to catch anyway.

1060 kHz WLNO-I did listen to this station quite a bit after coming to Christ in July 2004. In fact, it was on this station at some point in the Fall of 2004 that I was listening to Irwin Baxter’s program about the end times and it was through his program that the roman catholic church was exposed. He stated that the roman catholic church is indeed the great harlot mentioned in the 17th Chapter of Revelation. I didn’t take this too well since I was going to a catholic school at the time and because of my young and inexperienced Christian faith, this was a factor in my backsliding.

1230 kHz WBOK-I don’t ever recall listening to this station during that time, nor do I think the radios I had were sensitive enough to receive it.

1280 kHz WODT-I never had any reason to listen to this station at the time because it was a sports station and as I’ve mentioned before I think sports are boring.

1350 kHz WSMB (now WWWL)-I listened to this station extensively starting in the Spring of 2004 until some time in 2005. Besides WTIX/WIST I think this station was most adversely affected by Katrina. I initially started by listening to Coast to Coast AM on this station. Then I had a mental breakdown in June of 2004. I started listening to the radio again in the Fall of 2004. I remember shows such as “Dig In” with Chef Duke (the theme song was cool and catchy), The Phil Hendrie Show, and others. I listened to this station the most in April and May of 2005, then later secured my first job and didn’t have as much time for radio.

1400 kHz WFPR-I don’t recall even knowing about this station until I was doing my research for this piece.

1540 kHz KGLA (now WFNO)-I don’t speak or understand Spanish, so I never listened to this station.

1560 kHz WSLA-I’ve only caught this a handful of times during this period and when I did, it was almost always sports, so I quickly lost interest.

I could also list the FM stations but they change formats much more frequently than their AM counterparts. In my mid to late teens, I was more interested in talk radio than music radio because while Pop and Punk/Indie music was pretty good back then, there weren’t too many stations in my area that would play it. Most of the stations in my area that were supposed to play Top 40 music (including Pop and Punk/Indie) instead were playing more Rap music. And Rap music got stupid some time around late 2003 or early 2004. Amazingly around this time, Country music was pretty good, but I would listen to that genre on a station closer to me. Unfortunately now, and since about 2013, Country music has become stupid. The only current Pop artist that I am even remotely familiar with is Billie Eilish and while she’s very genuine, she can be weird at times, but maybe I am no longer into what is considered trendy. I never really was. In the late 2000s and throughout the 2010s decade Punk/Indie music was awesome but I’m ashamed to admit that I’m not familiar with any of their current hits. Rap, these days, is sometimes stupid yet some of it is funny too. I am most familiar with Contemporary Christian Music these days and I do indeed like it, which is amazing because there was a time I didn’t like it, yes even after becoming a Christian and years afterward. The genre of music that I liked most in my mid to late teen years was New Age because it did indeed help me early on as a writer. I have recently stopped listening to it because I am a Christian and such music hinders my relationship with Christ.

Okay, enough about my music tastes, this piece is supposed to be about how radio broadcasting in New Orleans was ruined after Katrina and has not recovered at all.

I wish there were some stations in the New Orleans market that carried talk shows about politics, history, science, technology, culture, the arts, literature, health, and other intelligent topics. And have them from diverse viewpoints, not just one. Sure there is WWNO which carries NPR for most of its broadcast cycle, but NPR is way too biased these days, unfortunately. I wish there were more stations to choose from. And I wish there weren’t so many sports stations, especially since there is hardly any other type of programming. New Orleans is a very culture-rich city and is the perfect home for visual artists, musicians, writers, and thinkers. The City is also a wonderful place for those in the medical and technology sectors. So I think the broadcasters owe good radio content to the people of New Orleans and those in the surrounding communities. I will admit that a lot of people do indeed love The New Orleans Saints and I certainly would want those people to have a medium for all topics concerning their team. We all know that there is a whole lot more to New Orleans than just sports. While I think sports are boring and pointless, I get that they make many people happy. Of course, these same people become irate if a bad call is made or their team does poorly, so I don’t see exactly how it makes them so happy. However, I’m all for the policy of to each his/her own. That’s the former Libertarian in me talking, I’ll admit that I still espouse many Libertarian ideals but since about 2019, I have been fiercely Moderate. And I’ve been all over the political spectrum throughout my life. I will also say that Christ not only helps form my current political views but He trumps all of my political views. With all that being said, I think that those like me ought to have a broadcast medium to cover our interests, I mean we once did in the days before Katrina, at least to some degree. Why can’t we have it again?

I know that I’m not that important but maybe there is a reader of this blog who will see this piece. And maybe he or she has plenty of influence and will use that influence to change the way radio broadcasting is done, not only in New Orleans but in all markets or at least the ones that are lacking.

It definitely would be nice to have the programming that was on par with that of WTIX-AM circa 2003.

I won’t hold my breath for it though.

I know that Internet Radio and streaming, in general, has probably taken a good bit of revenue from analog terrestrial radio, but I don’t see how programming on the latter in New Orleans has not yet recovered from Katrina when so many aspects of life in that City things have. I know there are others out there like myself, albeit somewhat few and far between. And it just seems we cannot band together.

For now, I have found other ways to enrich my mind and learn about what interests me. Unfortunately, it is rarely through local radio.

I guess this, therefore, concludes my piece on how radio broadcasting in New Orleans was ruined by Hurricane Katrina.

I hope that you, the reader, have been informed, enlightened, and maybe even entertained.

May God richly bless you.

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A Review of the Grundig Yacht Boy 400

First off, let’s be transparent:
I do not own the featured image on this page and I am giving credit to whomever credit is due.

I had known about shortwave (HF) radio since 2001. My Paternal Grandmother was the first person to mention it to me.

I wouldn’t own a shortwave receiver until December 1, 2002, and then it was only a mediocre model.

In 2004 or so, I discovered the Grundig Yacht Boy 400PE. Since then I had coveted one for almost two decades. Earlier in June of 2021, I found a Grundig Yacht Boy 400 (the predecessor model which comes in a no-nonsense black instead of that goofy platinum color electronics of the early-to-mid-2000s had.) And that is the radio of which this piece will be a review thereof. I was able to acquire one for only $54.79 and that included the tax and the shipping was free!

What made this particular model stand out is that it was capable of receiving not just AM signals on the shortwave band, but also Single Side Band signals on there.

Though it wouldn’t become full-blown until 2015, my interest in listening to Maritime communications was beginning in 2003-2004. Though my knowledge then was limited, I knew I needed an HF receiver that was capable of demodulating Single Side Band transmissions to hear long-distance maritime communications.

I soon realized that the Grundig Yacht Boy 400PE was capable of receiving such, but I was an unemployed seventeen-year-old in 2004 with parents who were not interested in technology at all. So there was no way I could ever afford one. I’m not aware exactly how much a Grundig Yacht Boy 400PE had cost in 2004 but I think it was between $120-170 not including shipping.

The first time I saw a Grundig Yacht Boy 400 PE in real life was in January of 2009. I was briefly employed as an HVAC Technician and was assisting a job at a camp on Grand Isle, Louisiana. We were working on a central system for some rich folks. There I saw it on their dining room table, maybe they too wanted to hear Maritime Single Sideband transmissions. Sadly I didn’t have the time to try it out, as much as I wanted to.

I had since used a few other budget Single Sideband receivers but they all lacked the features I truly wanted.

Then in early June of 2021, I was on eBay looking for shortwave Single Sideband receivers and came across this one. Though I probably didn’t have the money, I bought it anyway because I knew I couldn’t pass it up. After all, I had wanted one for the past 17 years!

It was delivered to my residence on June 13, 2021, but I was out of town. I returned home on June 19, 2021, and my neighbor handed me the package. So that means at the time of this review I am in physical possession of this radio for a couple of days at the time of writing this. I figured out how to properly use it on June 20, 2021.

So this review will be my initial reactions:

Since 2004, I have had a copy of the manual in portable document format saved on various storage media. I will say that operating this device is difficult without reading the instructions first. But once understood, it’s fairly simple.

Two clocks can be programmed, of which I programmed my local time for Time 1 and UTC for Time 2. There is also an alarm feature that I don’t think I will use.

As for band coverage, it receives the following:
Long Wave 144-351 kHz
Medium Wave 520-1710 kHz (US)
Medium Wave 527-1606 kHz (International)
Short Wave 1600-30000 kHz
FM 87.5-108 MHz

I wish something could be done with the Long Wave Band here in The States like maybe some sort of civil defense broadcasting like was once available. I did pick up a handful of non-voice signals. What I didn’t like is that longwave coverage stopped at 351 kHz. I truly think it should have gone all the way to the medium wave band, so I could receive the NAVTEX broadcasts on 518 kHz if I so chose.

Medium Wave is fairly decent, better than most, although it doesn’t hold a candle to my GE Superadio, except that it displays the frequency with much more accuracy.

As for shortwave, I’ve pulled in some CB traffic, the US Time signal and, various amateur radio transmissions. I had heard some ham radio traffic that pertains to RV drivers on 7264 kHz but I couldn’t make it out. I later heard some amateur radio traffic on 3685 kHz almost clearly. It picks up the times signals nicely and I also heard some foreign and domestic broadcasts.

The one station I tried on FM came in flawlessly, which is a miracle because I live near an FM transmitter which causes interference on most of my radios.

There are only 40 memory presets available, which will have to do, for now. I wish there could have been more but this radio is over 25 years old.

I’m also curious to know in which country was this radio built? I don’t see it anywhere on the unit unless it would be behind the battery door and I didn’t look well enough.

I do like how it can accurately tune single-sideband signals, but I wish they could come in a little clearer because some of them are still unintelligible. I do appreciate the direct entry of any frequency and I will see exactly how accurate the clock is in the coming weeks.

Some say that the Yacht Boy series of Grundig radios were designed for use aboard yachts, maybe to receive long-distance transmissions. I’m sure it would work better on the open sea than in an apartment surrounded by electrical noise, right?

All in all, I give this radio a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars, because I wish the speaker could be a little louder, I think it should run on 6 C or D cells instead of 6 AA cells (would not mind sacrificing some of the compactness) and there is a gap of coverage between 354 and 519 kHz. So, therefore, I deducted a tenth of a point for each of those aspects I didn’t like. Other than that, so far it is a very nice radio and I hope to get plenty of use out of it.

This, therefore, concludes my review of the Grundig Yacht Boy 400.

I hope that you, the reader, have been informed, enlightened, and maybe even entertained. May God richly bless you!

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A Review of the Kaito KA-210 Pocket-Portable AM FM Weatherband Radio

Just so we’re all clear and understand each other, I am not the owner of the featured image on this page. It is the property of Kaito Electronics.

So, for a while now, I have been trying to reduce the weight I carry in my EDC backpack. My physician advised me to do so, because of my lower back injury.

And because of this, I realize that my AM/FM radio and my Weather Radio should be consolidated.

For the past few years, I would carry a Sony ICF-P26 and a Midland HH50B for those purposes.

So, I stopped carrying the Sony radio among other items to lighten my load.

I still sometimes carry the Midland radio if feel the need to do so.

From December of 2020 to June of 2021, I had tried to EDC several radios that were pocket portables and could support AM/FM as well as Weather.

None of them satisfied me. They all had issues.

The one I tried to use most was a RETEKESS PR-15, but I find it wasn’t loud enough for noisy environments and it was very finicky about what position I could stand in to receive the Weather Broadcasts. This was an issue, especially when commuting to church on foot and needing Weather Information. Although it was very compact and easy to transport.

So, in the earlier parts of June 2021, I ordered a Kaito KA-210 and it came in today, June 11, 2021, a day earlier than expected. I hope the Postal Service is getting back to delivering the mail promptly as they previously had done so before this Covid nightmare. That radio is what this piece will be a review thereof.

For those who were forwarded from my YouTube video, first of all, thank you for checking out this piece (please consider looking at other pieces on this blog.) And secondly, I was highly impressed when I recorded that video because of the superb circuitry on this radio. I mean, it pulled in a Weather Radio station over 30 miles away and did so almost completely clearly without having to stand in a finicky position and being next to a WiFi computer and a television, both of which do cause a great deal of electrical noise. I know I said that I would wait to write a review, but I tried some FM listening with this radio and was even more impressed.

As I have mentioned multiple times, I live near an FM transmitter tower, just a block or two away. Therefore on just about every one of my lower-end FM receivers, this station’s broadcast signal bleeds all over the dials.

But when I tried some FM listening earlier today, I find that this Kaito KA-210 was pulling in FM stations better than other radios of mine in a similar configuration. It either features a Digital Signal Processor Circuit or an Automatic Frequency Control Circuit, maybe even both and the FM stations I wanted were coming in quite decently.

I’ll admit I even listened to NPR for a minute or two, but then got irritated by what was being discussed on the broadcast.

NPR’s fall from grace is another topic I’ve written about to some degree.

But the fact that this radio pulled in the NPR station which is considerably difficult for most of my other radios to pull in is what impressed me and compelled me to write this review today instead of a few days or weeks in the future.

I will say that it isn’t the most solidly built radio, but I think it would be good enough for light EDC and getting weather information while commuting on foot. I know that I have a smartphone, but in a way, I can sometimes be old school and desire to listen to a Weather Radio instead. I think that is the ham radio operator in me coming out, but I digress.

I will also say that the weather in South Louisiana is constantly changing and quite unpredictable except for a well-seasoned meteorologist. So access to accurate and up-to-date weather data is a must for anyone who works in, resides in, or otherwise frequents South Louisiana.

The best way I can describe this device is that it is very sensitive but still excellent at filtering out unwanted interference. It is compact and reasonably built but seems to be loud enough for a noisy environment, at least for personal use.

I can owe its better audio quality to the fact that it has a more powerful speaker and therefore is run on AA instead of AAA batteries. Therefore, it has more current to power the components much better than a model that runs on AAA batteries.

Throughout this spring season, I have commuted to church a handful of times and it began to rain just as I found cover under the metal awning. I would sit and wait for my Pastor to arrive, and then would monitor the NOAA Weather Radio broadcast, in case of something more severe occurring. This was difficult to do with similar radios, I guess because of the metal but also the electronics from the church security system and surveillance cameras. But, I shall see how well this radio performs. I have a hunch that it shall do better than the other and I will update you, the reader, of my findings.

I’ll admit I have yet to use it for AM reception but I have other radios that I would rather use for that band.

I’ll try to take it with me on a walk later today and see how it performs.

Here are some details about this product as provided by the company website. I’ll add my commentary:

AM/FM NOAA weather tuner-Quite sensitive too, especially for the price!
Ultra compact for convenience & portability-Perfect size for EDC
Built-in speaker-Loud enough for personal use almost anywhere.
Headphone jack (earphones not included)-I’ve been told it even does stereo!
LED tuning indicator-Bright green light confirms that you’re locked onto a signal.
Telescopic antenna-Long enough to properly pull in signals, but short enough to be easily carried.
Requires 2 AA batteries (not included)-Thank God it’s not AAA batteries!

Physical Dimensions English: 4.5 x 0.8 x 2.8 inches.
Physical Dimensions Metric: 11.43 x 2.032 x 7.112 centimeters.
Weight English: 0.5 pounds (8 ounces.)
Mass Metric: 0.226796185 kilograms (226.796185 grams.)

I’ve been trying for some time now to figure out what is the perfect portable pocket radio for traveling and I think this comes rather close. I do wish the weather channels were either crystal controlled or phase lock loop synthesized to allow an automatic scan for the strongest weather station signal, but then that would drive up the cost. I also wish these antennas could be much more sturdy but still retractable and replaceable. I don’t have the credentials but I think I could be an excellent electronics designer at least where the appearance, form factor, build quality, and user interface are concerned.

The MSRP is $19.99+tax and/or shipping which I find to be generous since it performs so well. Look $20 actually goes a decent way, even with all this wretched inflation!

Try one out for yourself. Maybe give one as a gift.

It’s perfect for the backpacker, boater, car/truck driver, or any other commuter/traveler. Maybe even the freight train hopper, something which I must not condone but still do find highly interesting, could appreciate this device. I don’t like sports at all, but even a baseball fan could take this to a game. When I go to sporting events with family, I notice that fans don’t bring radios to games like they once did. Of course, I would advise only AM listening at such an event because an unruly spectator or even a foul ball could destroy the external rod antenna.

That brings up another point: If incarcerated convicts have radios with short stubby, but rugged antennas encased in rubber or plastic, why can’t these also be made for radios sold to the general public?

If any executives of radio manufacturing companies are reading this piece, just consider that last statement I made!

As for a rating, I give this product a 4.93 out of 5 stars because I wish the cabinet material was a little more durable and wouldn’t mind the extra weight. I also wish the battery door was secured better as to not get lost. Finally, I wish the writing on the radio was much more permanent. These are all small potatoes though.

This, therefore, concludes my review of the Kaito KA-210.

I hope that you, the reader, have been informed, enlightened, and maybe even entertained.

May God richly bless you!

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Radiant Affection-Meet Mila’s Grandparents

Sunday, April 25, 2010, was a stormy afternoon as Mila was driving Logan to Checker to meet her maternal grandparents, after church. Lightning flared, thunder rolled and a cold rain began to fall.

Mila rolled her windows up and said, “I hope my grandparents like you, Logan. I am a little nervous.”

Logan replied, “I will make it known to them how much I love you.”

Mila smiled at him and they held hands. As they were halfway between Melody and Checker; Logan’s cell phone went off. It warned them of a Severe Thunderstorm Warning and Tornado Watch. Logan told Mila to turn her car radio to the news station. The meteorologist spoke of a severe thunderstorm in the Checker area and for people in the area to get to safety. He also stated the possibility of a tornado forming at any time. As they were driving; they approached an overpass.

Mila said, “Maybe we should park under there, at least until the weather passes.”

Logan replied, “Please don’t do that Mila. Overpasses are very dangerous during tornadoes. The debris will hit you harder because the winds gain speed when the tornado gets into the columns.”

Mila nodded and asked, “Well, where do we go?”

Logan replied, “Let’s just get to your grandparents’ house as quickly as possible.” He paused then said, “We should also pray that we get there safely.” Logan then prayed “Dear Heavenly Father, we ask that you get us to our destination safely and protect us and everyone else from this dangerous weather. I also fervently ask that Mila’s grandparents will accept me for who I am and that they bless our engagement. Furthermore, we ask that you bless our relationship and that you allow us to marry. And we ask that you protect us from all our enemies. Be with us now as we travel to Mila’s grandparents, in Jesus’ Name we make these prayers, Amen.”

Mila smiled and said, “I trust you, Logan.”

Logan kissed her hand and said, “But you should trust God more!”

“I certainly do,” Mila replied with assurance.

They continued to drive. The rain had increased as they pulled into the driveway. Logan stepped out of the passenger door, the open the driver’s door for Mila as they walked onto the carport and into the door where her grandparents greeted them.

“Maw Maw, Paw Paw, this is Logan Baines!” Mila said with happiness and pride.

Suddenly a flash of powerful lightning struck and knocked off the current. Logan pulled his flashlight out of his pocket, “Ever since I worked in Eastern Europe, I always carried a flashlight on me.

“Very smart, young man!” Mila’s Paw Paw said.

Logan then turned it on, but suddenly the bulb blew.

Mila’s Paw Paw interjected, “Why do you young people buy that trash?” He then retrieved his vintage 6-volt lantern from the utility closet and lit up the room.

Logan dismantled his flashlight and removed the spare bulb from the tail cap then installed it into the head.

Logan turned it on and it illuminated the room. Mila’s Paw Paw said, “I stand corrected.”

Mila also pulled out her flashlight, from her purse turned it on, and said, “Logan bought one for me as well.”

In the semi-lit up the room and they talked throughout the storm. Mila’s ring sparkled in the glow of the three flashlights.

Her Maw Maw noticed it. “That’s a very pretty ring, Mila.” She said and continued, “Did Logan buy it for you?”

Mila smiled and said, “Yes he sure did,” Mila paused, then continued, “That is actually why we came here. We are engaged and we have been since February 5th. I should have told everyone much sooner.”

Her Maw Maw replied, “Are you sure you want to get married, Mila? How long have you known him?”

Mila replied, “I have known him for four years now, and, really it was love at first sight.” She paused then continued “We met when I was an eighth-grader and he was a senior. He graduated and went to school to become a tractor mechanic. Logan even worked in Eastern Europe, but he never forgot me. Last February, we met again, by chance, in the public library and we have been together ever since.”

Her PawPaw looked at Logan and asked, “So you are a tractor mechanic?”

“Yes sir!” Logan replied with a wide smile.

Her PawPaw smiled then said, “Now I have someone who can always fix my old tractor.” Mila’s Maw Maw gave her husband a dirty look.

Logan replied, “And I would be very happy to do so!” He paused, then continued “I would like to see your old tractor one day.”

“Sure,” Her Paw Paw replied, then continued “In fact; it was made in Eastern Europe, maybe around where you were working.”

Mila’s Maw Maw interjected, “In all seriousness; why haven’t you told us about your engagement sooner?”

Mila replied, “We have to keep our love a secret.”

Her Maw Maw asked, “Why is that?”

Mila answered, “Well; I kissed Logan in the library when we met again, and the cop patrolling the library yelled at us. I was wearing my school uniform when it happened and word got back to Kieth Koresh who threatened to expel me if I didn’t break up with Logan. Instead of us breaking up, we keep our relationship covert.”

Mila’s Paw Paw told his wife, “I don’t think we need to make any more contributions to Mila’s school.”

Her Maw Maw replied, “You’re right honey, but Mila shouldn’t have been kissing him in public either.” She paused and then asked, “Have you set a date?”

“It will be definitely after graduation, that way Kieth Koresh won’t be able to do us anything. I graduate on May 23.” Mila paused and said, “I hope you two are coming.”

“Well of course we will come,” Her Maw Maw replied.

“Yes, we will make it our business to be there,” Her Paw Paw added in.

With that, the power came back on.

Mila’s Paw Paw said, “Good, now I can cook us some dinner. I have plenty of vegetables from my garden.” He paused and then said, “You’re both welcome to stay.”

Logan and Mila nodded in agreement.


Will add when I am able…

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Radiant Affection-Logan and Mila find a Church

Sunday, February 7, 2010, was cold and rainy as they woke to the beeping of Logan’s watch alarm. Their eyes met and they shared a soft, sweet kiss.

Soon afterward, Mil and Logan visited the bathroom one after the other to relieve their bladders.

Logan then prepared some oatmeal and coffee for himself and Mila.

Mila walked into the kitchen and said, “I feel like we should be in church and not the catholic church. I mean today is Sunday.”

Logan replied, “I would love to take you to church with me, but it would have to be one where it would not get back to Kieth Koresh that we are going to church together. Furthermore, they would have to be good churches.”

“Do you know of any like that?”

“There are two towards the Coast, but that is too far of a drive. There is one on the less fortunate side of Melody, but there could be drama because of our financial status and educational background. Finally, there is one on the Northeastern Outskirts of Melody, I think that would be the best choice.”

“Let’s try that one, then.”

“Your wish is my command!”

“Let me go get a change of clothes from my Mom’s house then I will meet you back here as soon as possible.”

“Okay be careful and know that I love you. Please keep me posted.”

“I love you too and I will,” Mila said as she kissed Logan then walked out the door.”

Logan began to select his clothes for church. He picked a green work shirt, black pants, black shoes, and a matching black leather belt.

Mila stepped out into the bleak February morning then entered her car and drove off to her Mom’s house. She was keenly aware of her surroundings after Kieth Koresh had attempted to follow her. She arrived in decent time, stepping out of her car and walking to the front door. She turned her key in the lock and opened the door.

“Who is there?” Mila’s Mom shouted in an angry drunken stupor.

“It’s just me, Mom,” Mila replied.

“Oh. Where have you been?”

“I have a boyfriend now and spent the past two nights at his condominium.”

“Yes. I was told by the front office that you were given two Saturday Schools for kissing him in the public library while in uniform.”

“Okay I kissed him, and, yes, I was wearing my uniform. Maybe that was wrong in a heartless person like Kieth Koresh’s eyes but I have been in love with him for a long time, like since eighth grade.” Mila paused, then continued, “What about how a football player can lift a girl’s skirt right there in the school hallway and nothing happens to him, but I share a consensual kiss from the sweetest guy I ever met and I almost get expelled. Might I add that I wasn’t even on campus?”

“Why have I never heard about this boyfriend before?”

“Because for years it was only a fantasy of mine that he and I would somehow be together. He’s four years older than me so I wouldn’t have been able to legally date him anyway. But now I’m eighteen and I saw him in the public library last Thursday. So I walked up to him and confessed that I had feelings for him and miraculously he felt the same way. I couldn’t help but kiss him.”

“He may just be trying to get into your panties, Mila.”

“Well, you were passed out on the couch last Thursday evening and I had him follow me home. I threw myself at him but he refused because he’s a Christian and now, so am I. But he did snuggle with me all night long and every night since. And not only that, look at this!” Mila then showed the engagement ring to her Mom and said, “He proposed! How could I ever say no? I mean it’s as if the greatest desire of my heart was given to me!”

Mila’s Mom examined the ring and said, “Well I have to admit, he seems like someone wonderful.”

Mila replied, “I need to let him know I safely arrived. I was just coming to get a change of clothes because we plan to attend a church service later today.”

She then texted Logan, “I arrived safely and I am talking to my Mom.”

Logan replied, “That’s fine. I’m glad you’re safe!”

“I’ll get my clothes and come back in a little bit.”

“Whatever you do, be careful. I love you!”

“I love you too!”

Mila then walked up to her room and selected a pink blouse and a black pair of dress pants. She then picked out her dress shoes and a black pair of socks.

After she had picked out her clothes, she walked back down to the living room and her Mom was taking a sip of wine.

“Good Lord Mom, it’s Seven on a Sunday Morning and you’re drinking.”

“Mila Gunther, you just became a Christian and now you’re already judging me.”

“I’m not trying to judge, I just know that the booze and the pills are what split you and Dad up.”

“It’s much deeper than that, young lady. Your father quit paying any attention to me. All he did was work non-stop. I became depressed from the lack of affection and intimacy. So I went see a doctor and he wrote me some prescriptions. They worked haphazardly. so I started drinking. You know it’s the alcohol that tempers the sting of my loneliness. I know this young man you like must work hard if he can afford a ring like that, but don’t allow him to put his work before you. What is his name, anyway?”

“Logan Baines.”

“Oh, that sounds like the name of a storybook character.”

“What does he do for a living?”

“He’s a tractor mechanic.”

“So he’s four years older than you, that means he is twenty-two, right?”


“I was twenty-two when I married your father. He was twenty-four and just starting as a corporate attorney.”

“When did it start getting rocky?”

“Around the time you were starting high school.”

“Maybe Dad was under pressure. I mean we all lived only on his income and he built this nice house in a nice neighborhood, we always had fancy cars, he is sending me to a private school, we used to go on exotic vacations not to mention those treatments I had to get my thyroid gland working properly.” Mila paused, then continued, “Remember, I how used to be so fat, but even when I was at my heaviest in eighth grade, Logan would smile at me every time he saw me. He would even blush and I thought he was so cute. No other boy ever paid any attention to me until after I lost the weight, but by then, none of them ever measured up to Logan.”

“I want to meet him and make sure he is as wonderful as you think he is.”

“Sure, I guess. Maybe after church today?”

“That’ll work.”

“Okay, I’ll bring him here later.”

“Well, you enjoy yourself with Logan.”

“Please don’t let anyone know that Logan and I are still together. One of the terms Kieth Koresh set forth for me not to be expelled was that I break up with him. Instead of breaking up with him, I just see him covertly.”

“I always thought Kieth Koresh was a tyrant and a hypocrite, so don’t worry, my lips are buttoned.”

Mila then texted Logan, “I’m headed back now.”

In the meantime, Logan went into the bathroom and showered scrubbing himself thoroughly. After he was clean, he shaved and applied Aqua Velva to his face.

He stepped out of the bathroom then checked his phone and saw the message from Mila.

He typed back, “Be careful.”

A minute later, Mila knocked on Logan’s door, to which he let her in.

They shared a hug and a kiss, then Mila said, “Ooh, you smell so sexy!”

“Thanks, it’s my aftershave.”

“My Mom wants to meet you after church.”

“That’s fine. I’ll be honored to meet her.”

“Just please don’t get the wrong idea.”

“Mila, I love you. No family member of yours could change that.”

“Aw. I love you too, Logan.” She sweetly kissed him, then said, “I’ll go shower now if that’s all right.”

“Sure thing, just know the service starts at 9.”

“Okay. I’ll be as quick as possible.”

Mila took her clothes then went into the bathroom and turned on the water. Logan finished dressing then sat in his living room and listened to the radio. He kept switching the stations, not satisfied with anything being broadcast. Finally, he retrieved his Bible out of his EDC bag and read. He read The Song of Solomon and no doubt thought of Mila. He then decided to read Paul’s Epistle to the Romans and decided to later teach from it to Mila since she was a brand new convert. He did feel convicted when reading about giving tribute fear custom and honor to whom it is due in the 13th Chapter, because of how he was trying to subvert Kieth Koresh’s authority, even though he could discern that the motives of that school president’s heart were for behavior modification and not heart modification, for appearing good but not being good, and for power and money, not genuine faith and true godly living. The worst part was that Kieth Koresh and his school administrators carried out all of this corruption in the Name of Christ and he remembered Pastor Clarkson’s teaching on the 17th Chapter of Revelation and how they made more sense than ever. Logan also knew that the only reason why he wanted to subvert Kieth Koresh’s authority was that he had commanded Mila to break up with him or be expelled. Logan felt the need to pray, to which he did silently. Moments later a Bible verse came to his mind and heart. It was Exodus Chapter 14 Verse 14 “The LORD shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace.” Logan felt comforted and decided he wouldn’t blast the picture of Kieth Koresh purchasing alcohol on social media. He realized that God would fight this battle better than he ever could.

In time, Mila stepped out of the bathroom and then got dressed.

She then walked into the living room and said, “I’m ready if you are, Logan.”

“I’m ready as well,” Logan replied.

“Should we take my car or your truck?”

“My truck, I guess. Also wear your dark glasses and scarf, just in case.”

“Okay. Will do.”

With that, Logan grabbed his keys and EDC bag, then they walked out of his condominium. Mila followed as he locked his front door. Both then walked to Logan’s parking spot, to which he opened the passenger door for Mila. She climbed in, then kissed him. Logan then entered on the driver’s side and cranked the engine. Both fastened their seat belts then Logan shifted gears, backed up then shifted gears again, and began driving towards the church.

“I’ve never been in any church beside a catholic one,” Mila said.

“It’s different, but I think you will find it very liberating,” Logan replied.

“Mass at school was so boring.”

“I know, right?” Logan paused then continued, “I think you will enjoy this service though.”

“I just know that we need to be in church.”

“So do I. I’ve been meaning to find a home church since I’ve been back Stateside.”

Mila then leaned on Logan’s shoulder as they drove through the cold damp weather.

In about twenty minutes they arrived at the church.

Logan stepped out of his truck then walked around and opened the door for Mila. They walked through the parking lot, holding hands. They entered through the doors and were greeted by an usher.

“Good to see both of y’all!” He said, then continued, “I’m Brother Marley Broderick.”

“Logan Baines.”

“Mila Gunther.”

“Well after the service we have a gift bag for y’all.”

“Thank you, sir!” Logan said.

“Yes. Thank you very much!” Mila added in.

“Y’all are so welcome. Find a seat and make yourselves at home. The service is about to start.”

Logan and Mila took their seats in the back row next to the middle aisle.

The pastor came on stage and said, “Good Morning everyone! Welcome to Second Chances Outreach. I’m Pastor Oakley Pechette and if you need prayer or just someone to talk to, please see me after the service. For now, let’s get our praise on. Stand up and give God the Glory for He is indeed worthy!”

Logan and Mila stood up as the church band began to play.

The first song the church band played and sang was, “How He Loves” which was originally done by Dave Crowder. Mila looked intently at the lyrics on the screen and sang them quietly while meditating on the words. Logan sang slightly louder with his hands up and head bowed.

The second song performed was “The Power of Your Love” which was created by Hillsong. Logan sang out loud while smiling up at the Heavens. Mila sang as well because she had heard it in catholic mass a few times.

The third song which was beautifully done was “In Christ Alone” which was originally sang by Stuart Townsend. Logan began to kneel and sing whilst Mila paid close attention to the lyrics on-screen and towards the song’s climax tears filled her eyes and she began singing out loud.

The final song was the classic hymn “I am Resolved” written by James Filmore. The lyrics were posted on the screen as the whole church sang along with the keyboard player. Logan continued kneeling and singing, while Mila joyfully sang along.

There was then a time of brief fellowship where several members warmly introduced themselves to Logana and Mila.

One lady walked up to them and said, “I’m sister Tori. Brother Marley is my husband. Can I have a word with you, young lady?”

“Sure, I guess,” Mila replied.

She then escorted Mila to the back room and asked, “Can you take off your dark glasses?”

Mila removed them.

Sister Tori carefully studied Mila’s face, then said, “I apologize. I saw you wearing dark glasses and a scarf and I was just trying to make sure the young man you are with isn’t abusing you.”

Mila replied, “Oh no. It’s nothing like that. I go to a really strict catholic school and I got in trouble for kissing him in the public library while wearing my uniform. The school president gave me a choice either break up with him and take two Saturday Schools or be expelled. I cannot ever break up with him, I’ve had feelings for him for the past four years and his feelings for me are mutual. So I wear the scarf and glasses while in public to not be easily recognized and then word gets back to that school president and I get expelled.”

“I know all about the catholic church. The Bible calls it a harlot.”

“Yes. I recently discovered that as well. My boyfriend and I were watching a pastor on YouTube last night and he pointed that out.”

“Has your boyfriend ever pressured you for sex?”

“No he didn’t but I pressured him though. He politely refused because he’s a Christian and said he was afraid that God would punish him and cause us to split up if we fornicated. He said that he doesn’t ever want to lose me. And I don’t ever want to lose him either. So I didn’t feel rejected, especially when he snuggled with me for the rest of the night and we just talked.”

“Wow! They don’t make too many like him anymore. What about you, are you a Christian?”

“Yes. My boyfriend led me to Christ yesterday. It was my idea to start going to church.”

“Where was he going to church before?”

“Well he just got back in Melody last Christmas, but he was on a missions trip as a tractor mechanic in Eastern Europe for the past year and a half.”

“How long have you known him?”

“For four years. I was in eighth grade and he was a senior, and at the time I was overweight but he was so sweet to me when no other boy would even give me the time of day. He would open doors for me and every time he saw me he would smile and blush. I would smile and blush too. And, of course, I thought he was very cute. So I developed a huge crush on him. I was so sad when he graduated because I didn’t think I would ever see him again. I wrote many romantic stories about him and me and posted them online. Then earlier this week, I happened to see him in the public library and since I’m eighteen now, so I rushed up to him and confessed my feelings for him. He said that he liked me too and that he wanted to be my boyfriend but knew he legally couldn’t at the time and wanted to save me the scandal. I told him how I am now eighteen, so he agreed to be my boyfriend. I felt as my heart would pop out of my chest when he said that and the rest is history!”

“Okay. Well, it seems like you have a wonderful boyfriend and you seem like a sweet young lady as well. We would be happy if y’all joined our church!”

“I think we will.”

“You said you like to write?”


“Maybe God could use you.”

“My boyfriend already said he would support me so I could focus solely on my writing career.”

“You know, y’all will have to eventually get married.”

Mila showed Sister Tori her engagement ring.

“Wow. Look at that rock! You do have a good man!”

“I am so thankful to God for giving him to me, even though I wasn’t even a Christian yet! And then God used him to lead me to Christ.”

“That’s a powerful testimony, girl! You need to write all of this down and share it.”

“Believe me, I will!”

“Good. Now go sit with your boyfriend while Pastor Oakley gives the word. And if there is anything you need let me know.”

Mila and Sister Tori subsequently exchanged phone numbers.

Logan was already sitting down with his Bible turned to the 13th Chapter of Romans, which Pastor Oakley was preaching from.

Mila came to sit next to him and rested her head on his shoulder.

Pastor Oakley continued preaching on how Christians must pray for those in authority over them and submit to them unless they are commanded to do something that goes against The Word of God. Logan was amazed because he had just been reading that passage earlier that morning. Mila also listened. She felt slightly trouble thinking that because Kieth Koresh is in authority over her that she must break up with Logan. She became filled with distress as she held Logan’s hand tightly.

When the service concluded, Mila told Logan, “According to what was preached, I am supposed to break up with you because Kieth Koresh is in authority over me. I don’t ever want to break up with you though.”

Logan replied, “You don’t have to break up with me, though.”

“Are you sure?”

“Why don’t we go talk to Pastor Oakley?”


So Pastor Oakley was shaking hands with everyone and then Mila and Logan walked up to him and Logan asked, “Could we talk with you?”

“Absolutely. Come to my office.”

Mila and Logan were seated and Pastor Oakley sat across from them.

“What can I do for y’all.”

Mila said in distress, “I recently became a Christian in fact, my boyfriend right here led me to Christ yesterday. I feel very trouble over what was preached today, about submitting to those in authority over me. I go to a very strict catholic school and the school president wants us to break up because we kissed in the public library while I was in uniform. I pretended that we broke up, but we didn’t. But the thing is, I’ve wanted to be with him for the past four years, but legally couldn’t until I made 18. I never wanted anyone else.”

Pastor Oakley looked at Logan and asked, “How do you feel about this?”

Logan replied, “I love her and I don’t ever want to lose her. I think this school president is obsessed with control and I think the roman catholic church gets off on human suffering in general. I am also convinced that the 17th Chapter of Revelation is describing the roman catholic church. I also had feelings for her for the past four years but couldn’t legally date her up until recently. I never wanted any other woman or girl. As a matter of fact, I was doing missionary work in Eastern Europe for the past year and a half and many of those foreign women tried to catch my eye, but I only wanted this young lady right here.” Logan held Mila’s hand, then continued, “When we met again, by chance, in the public library she told me her feelings and I was overjoyed. A day later I proposed to her, because of our mutual love. I have never known any woman or girl and I want no woman or girl but her. I’m also willing to wait for marriage because fornication offends God and frankly I am afraid that God would punish us and cause us to split up if we fornicated. I love her and I want her by my side for life!”

Mila then added in with distress, “Do I have to break up with him?”

Pastor Oakley calmly replied, “Well, let’s look at it this way: This young man led you to Christ. He loves you. He is committed to you, to the point of marriage. Both of you have had feelings for each other for the past four years and neither of you wanted anyone else. I think God put y’all together for a reason and he will bless your relationship. It’s also possible that Revelation 17 is indeed about the roman catholic church, as he mentioned. I mean, if you read The Word, you will soon find out that the roman catholic church is in direct violations of many things in There. I would also seriously doubt that your school president is of God.” Pastor Oakley paused and then said, “Now, when you see him, don’t go out in public together until you graduate. Also, don’t tell anyone besides family or church members that you are still together with him. Just go to school, keep your head low and stay quiet. When do you graduate?”

“This May.”

“Good, so you only have a few months to do this. I know y’all wanted each other for a long time, but just be patient and use this time to grow, especially in The Lord.”

“Is it all right if I stay with him? I mean my Dad is living with a much younger woman and my mom is constantly drunk. My boyfriend owns a condominium and lives quietly.”

“Biblically it’s not all right, but we are all guilty sinners in a fallen world and that is why Jesus went to the Cross. However, given your situation, I think it would be better to be with him than to be around adultery or drunkenness. Just be sure to forego any sexual relations until y’all are married. This will require a lot of praying, reading of The Word, listening for God’s voice, and quickly recognizing escape routes from temptations that will arise. Also, make sure no one at your school can find out that y’all are living together. Keep as low a profile as possible and stay off the RADAR.”

“Thank you, Pastor Oakley,” Logan said.

“Yes. Thank you so much!” Mila added in.

“Y’all are welcome to join our church if y’all feel right here.”

Logan and Mila nodded.

“Have y’all set a wedding date?”

“It would have to be sometime after I graduate,” Mila answered.

“Well if y’all are going to be living together and y’all are indeed committed as y’all claim to be, don’t wait too long.”

“Would you perform the ceremony for us?” Logan asked.

“I’d be honored, but y’all need to continue coming to church,” Pastor Oakley replied.

“Of course. I already love it here! So much better than a catholic mass!” Mila said.

Pastor Oakley chuckled and then said, “Well we have a prayer meeting and a Bible study every Wednesday Evening, and of course the main service is on Sunday.”

“Awesome!” Mila said.

“What do you think?” Pastor Oakley asked Logan.

“Honestly, I’ve been back in Melody since Christmas and have been meaning to find a home church, but got sidetracked between securing employment, buying a condominium, and working, but, yes, I love it here as well. What is amazing is that, while waiting for Mila to get ready, I was reading the same passage of The Bible that you were preaching from, and, believe me, I was heavily convicted. I was plotting ways to get back at her school president for interfering with Mila and me. God subsequently reminded me of Exodus 14:14 and how He will fight my battles and that I must simply be still.”

“And, how did you get saved?”

“It was almost a year ago and I was employed as a tractor mechanic in Eastern Europe on a missions trip. I went there only in hopes to get experience for my career and to have something impressing on my resume` but was invited to a local missionary’s Bible Study one Wednesday Evening and I went. He is the one who initially pointed out to me that catholicism is false and not of God. So after, the class, I asked him how do I get it right with God to go to Heaven. He presented the Gospel to me and led me to Christ and I surrendered that very moment. Several catholic priests had him banished shortly afterward. I watch his videos on YouTube all the time though.”

“What is this Pastor’s name?” Pastor Oakley asked.

“Michael Clarkson,” Logan replied.

“I’ll have to look him up. And what are y’all names?”

“Logan Baines.”

“Mila Gunther.”

“Well I want both of y’all to fill out a contact card and I will give y’all my cell phone number. If y’all need anything, don’t hesitate to call me.”

Logan and Mila filled out the contact sheets, then they exchanged phone numbers.

Finally, Pastor Oakley, said, “Why don’t we pray?”

Logan and Mila agreed, then they all held hands.

Pastor Oakley then led, “Dear Heavenly Father, we come asking that You guide this young couple in Your Ways. We petition you to bless their relationship and to give them the grace required to honor You with it. Please allow them to be together without any persecution from anyone and have them live quietly and peaceably among all. Allow them to marry as soon as they are able and give them many years together to serve You with their marriage. Compell them to keep You at their center. Equip them to withstand all assaults that will come against them and their relationship. Keep them unequivocally faithful to each other and only allow them to treat each other with patience and kindness, reverence and respect. Furthermore, we take Authority in Jesus’ Name over all wickedness in high places and all rulers of darkness who wish to oppress Your children. We cut the forces of the enemy down and we cast them out. We ask for Your angels to surround Mila and Logan everywhere they go and we ask that Mila and Logan remain committed to You and Your Christ for the rest of their lives. In Jesus Holy and Precious Name, we pray, Amen!”

“Wow! That was a powerful prayer. Thank you, Pastor Oakley!” Logan said.

“That’s so much better than I ever heard any priest pray! Yes, thank you.” Mila interjected.

“My pleasure!” Pastor Oakley replied, then asked, “What are y’all plans for later today?”

“My Mom wants to meet him, so I hope and pray she approves.”

“What about your Dad, Mila? Has Logan met him yet?”

“He met Logan already, it’s just he doesn’t realize who Logan is to me.”

“Oh, wow!”

Logan then said, “I too hope and pray her parents to approve of me.”

“Well, just let your Light of Christ shine to them and of course show them that you love and respect Mila and I don’t think there would be an issue with them.”

“Yes sir! Thank you, Pastor Oakley!”

“No problem. It was nice meeting y’all and I hope y’all can come back Wednesday Evening.”

“We’ll be here! Logan said.

“Yes, we will!” Mila added.

“Wonderful!” Pastor Oakley replied, then continued, “Now, I have to lock the church up and y’all have to go visit with family, but thanks for coming.”

Pastor Oakley then walked Mila and Logan out of his office, then into the church parking lot.

Logan unlocked his truck then, opened the passenger door for Mila, and afterward entered on the driver side door. Both fastened their seat belts, the Logan cranked the engine and they began driving to Mila’s Mom’s house.


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Radiant Affection-Mila becomes Born Again

Saturday, February 6, 2010, was cold, damp, and bleak as Mila yawned and stretched. Upon looking at her hand she saw the ring. Logan was already up and getting his day clothes on as she wrapped her arms around his waist, from behind. She rubbed Logan’s belly and chest while he was still shirtless.

She then said, “Let me watch you get dressed.”

Logan already had his slacks on. He told Mila with a smile. “Pick out which shirt you want me to wear.”

She replied “One of your white T-shirts that are just like the one I am wearing.”

Logan told her “Get one out of my drawer and put it on me.”

Mila replied, “Well, I am only putting one on you because I don’t want you to freeze.” She then dressed Logan as she giggled.

Logan asked her “What are you going to wear?”

Mila replied, giggling. “Well, I have Saturday School today and next Saturday. I want to wear your T-shirt and sleeping pants. I would feel so naughty if I did that.”

Logan smiled and kissed her.

Mila asked, “Do you have any breakfast?”

He replied “I have some navel oranges, grown locally. They are especially sweet since they are grown in cold weather. I also have oatmeal with maple syrup.”

Mila smiled as she said “Sure that sounds perfect. I don’t want to gain weight again, though, so I’ll just eat the oranges.”

Logan replied, “It wouldn’t matter to me if you gained weight or not, I would still love and revere you.”

Mila replied, “I know I was right to create all of those fantasies about us. You are so sweet to tell me that.”

Logan answered, “Well, I am in love with your heart, not just your body.”

Mila kissed him then they ate. Over the course of breakfast, she said, “Don’t be offended, but I won’t wear my ring to Saturday School. I just don’t want to get it dirty.”

Logan replied “That’s perfectly fine, Mila. I am glad you care that much about what I give you.”

Mila giggled and said, “I will be wearing it this Monday morning, I promise you that.”

Logan simply smiled.

There was a silence for a moment then Mila said, pouting, “I am going to be sad being apart from you today. You won’t be able to drive me to Saturday school because Keith Koresh will be there. If he sees me with you, he will expel me.”

Logan asked, “Is Saturday School still from 8 to 12?”

Mila replied, “It sure is.”

There was a silence as they sat across the table and held hands, smiling.

The silence was broken when Mila said with a smiling face. “I wish you could at least take me there and pick me up.” She then asked, “What are you going to do while I am gone?”

Logan replied, “I will probably just read on my laptop.” He paused, and then continued, “Speaking of that, do you think you could copy your stories to my laptop from your flash drive?”

Mila smiled and then replied, “Sure.”

Logan then said, “I would love to read all of the stories you wrote about us.”

Mila’s eyes twinkled as she asked, “You really would?”

Logan replied, “Of course; I am longing to see all that your wonderful heart and your brilliant mind have created.”

Mila hugged him tightly and then said “Get your laptop ready. I will gladly give you all that I have written.”

Logan went to the bedroom and removed the laptop from his EDC bag. He turned it on, as Mila removed her flash drive from around her neck. After the computer finished booting, Mila plugged her flash drive into the laptop and copied the files. Logan and Mila were both reading one of her stories when the clock computer indicated 7:40 AM.

Nervously, Mila said, “I have to go now, but I will be back as soon as possible.” She kissed him and walked out the door. There was raw dampness in the air as Logan watched Mila walk to her car. Quickly, he handed her his jacket, which he had purchased in Eastern Europe. They kissed once more and Mila drove off.

Logan walked over to his laptop and began to read Mila’s work. Her stories drew strong emotions from him. His longing for Mila was greatly multiplied. Some of her work brought tears to his eyes. He sat there, continuing to read. Everything else seemed distant from him. All he could concentrate on were Mila’s stories. There were many adventures that he and Mila went through. There were many intimate moments they shared. There were stories where Logan rescued Mila from her cruel, tormenting peers then humiliated them. He knew at once what to do: He was going to live out each one of these fantasies with Mila. Some of them would be easy to do in the present. But; Logan knew some fantasies would have to wait until Mila graduated. After that day, however, Keith Koresh would be powerless over her.

Mila was at Saturday School in the meantime, and she was being forced to work outside in the cold. Keith Koresh was overseeing all of the punishment work. Mila, though picking up trash around the school grounds, was feeling very naughty. She was wearing Logan’s clothes right in front of that hateful school president, who was none the wiser. It was cold, about 37 Fahrenheit. Mila was suffering from that malicious weather. Her body was quaking. Her teeth were chattering. Her ears and nose were like ice. Ashley Janus, one of Mila’s cruel classmates, was also at Saturday School for chewing gum. She had constantly made fun of Mila in the past out of pure jealously and hatred. Ashley was skinny but an eyesore to look at while Mila was always beautiful, even when she was overweight. One could assume that was the motive behind Ashley’s vicious hatred for Mila. Ashley had heard of what transpired in the library that previous Thursday. The thought of it filled her with raging jealousy.

Ashley confronted Mila, saying, “Why are you wearing men’s pants? I bet they belong to Logan Baines!”

Mila quickly fabricated a lie, saying, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I bought these at GoodWill.”

Ashley shouted, “Mila Gunther shops at GoodWill!”

All the other captive students laughed mockingly.

Koresh came up to Ashely and Mila and asked with anger, “What’s going on here?”

Ashley maliciously said, “I think Mila is wearing Logan Baines’ pants.”

Koresh walked up to Mila and asked angrily, “Is this true.”

Mila lied once again saying, “No, I bought these at GoodWill so I wouldn’t ruin my good clothes doing all this dirty work.”

Koresh said with anger, “Watch the attitude, Miss Gunther. You acted like trash, so now you will pick up trash.”

Mila sulked.

Koresh continued, “Both of you get back to cleaning up and Miss Gunther, I’ve got my eye on you.”

He walked off and Mila continued to pick up trash. When the school grounds were clean, all of the captive students were sent into the locker rooms to sweep, mop, clean the toilets and take out the trash. Thankfully, all Mila had to do was sweep the floor. By this time it was 11 am. Koresh escorted everyone into the library and told them to study until Noon. Naturally, instead of studying, Mila continued to work on her fantasies about her and Logan. Kieth Koresh was none the wiser.

Finally, Saturday School had finished up. Mila got in her car and was very aware of Keith Koresh. She knew that he would be watching her every move. He entered his car. Mila began driving to Logan’s condo when she noticed that Keith Korseh was following behind her.

She called Logan and said, “Keith Koresh is following me to your place, he will catch me with you.”

Logan said softly, “Calm down. Don’t go to my place just yet. Drive to the police station and park there. If he gets out, and I doubt he will let the first cop you see know that he is stalking you. I know he is so obsessed with making his school look spotless. It sure would be interesting if the press finds out about a catholic school president that is stalking a female student.”

Mila replied, “That’s a great idea. Okay, now I’ll call you back and let you know what happened.”

Logan said, “Okay, I love you, Mila. Please be careful.”

“I love you too, and I will, Logan,” Mila replied and ended the call.

She stared at Koresh through her rearview mirror. He stared back. Mila drove turned away from the boulevard leading to Logan’s condo and straight to the police station. The school president was following her still. Finally, she made it there and entered the parking lot. Keith Koresh drove off like a coward.

Mila breathed a sigh of relief and called Logan saying, “Your plan worked, he drove off.”

Logan laughed heartily, then said, “I wish I could have seen that.” He paused then said “Now, you come here and relax. You have been a good girl and a naughty one too. When you get home, I will cuddle with you!”

Mila, now aware of her surroundings, drove to Logan’s condominium and parked in the parking garage. She stepped out of her car and knocked on his door. Immediately, he answered. Mila walked in and Logan closed the door.

He began to pet her and said, “Oh Mila, you are like ice. Come in and let me wrap you in a blanket then hold you before you get sick. First, please get out of those dirty wet clothes.”

Mila moaned then said, “And what do you expect me to wear?” Logan handed her a long-sleeved turtle-necked shirt and his sweat pants.

Mila said, “Oh Logan, I feel so warm but so nasty in these.”

He replied to her, “Listen to me Mila, it doesn’t matter to me how you look or what you are dressed in. I love you.” He paused then continued “Of course, I would much prefer you to look modest. You look modest in my clothes, so you are doing right.”

Mila went change then walked up to Logan briskly and threw her arms around him. “Shall we go to cuddle?” Mila asked.

“Let’s go!” Logan replied.

With that, she pulled Logan to his room.

After they walked in; Mila began to pull off Logan’s tee shirt when he said, “Mila, I can’t.”

She pouted and replied in distress, “Why not? What’s the matter? Did I do something wrong?”

Logan replied, “No, you didn’t. I love you Mila, but I am a child of God and this is wrong.”

She asked, “But what about us getting married and being together forever?”

Logan held her close to his chest and said “Yes, I still want you forever. And, yes, I still want you to marry me. I just want our love to be right in the eyes of the Lord.”

“Why does that matter?” Mila asked.

Logan replied, “Remember how I said I am a child of God?” Mila nodded. Logan continued “That means I have eternal life. I want you to have eternal life too.” Mila smiled and kissed him. Logan continued “My heart will stop one day and my body will become cold, but my soul will be alive forever. I want the same for you, but it is strictly between you and God.”

Mila smiled but didn’t understand. There was an awkward silence then she asked “I would be infinitely joyous if we could spend eternity together. How may I have eternal life as well? ”

Logan replied “You must put God first in your life. You shouldn’t want eternal life so you can be with me, but rather with God.” He paused and then continued “Please understand me, I will be yours for as long as we live, no matter what your choice is.” He paused again and said, “But if you turn God down, I will still pray for you.”

Mila hugged Logan with great strength and said “I love you so much.”

He replied, “And I love you too, sweetheart, but God loves you more.”

She kissed him and said, “Just keep me close and don’t let go.”

“Never will!” Logan replied.

She then asked, “At least, could we still cuddle with each other?”

“I guess, Mila.” Logan said, then continued “We are getting married anyway, so I suppose it will be all right.”

“Awesome!” She said.

With that, they laid down and soon fell asleep.

Mila began to toss and turn in the course of her sleep.

Eventually, her movements woke Logan up. “What’s the matter, Mila?” He asked.

She replied, shaking “All the years in school I was taught that the alternative to going to Heaven and having eternal life is going to hell. Is that true?”

Logan lovingly held her and gently said, “Yes, it is true. We are all wretched sinners and deserve nothing but going to hell.”

Mila began to shake even more. She asked “Well, how do I not go there? I know I am a sinner. What am I to do?”

Logan kissed her and said, “God loves us. He loves us so much that he doesn’t want anyone to go to hell.”

Mila’s eyes opened up with hope.

Logan continued “God cannot tolerate sin and He must be forever separate from it. There must be a sacrifice for sin to make it right with Him. A human being must die to make it right, but not just die, die without sin. Every human being that ever existed has sinned at one point or another, so no one can die without sin. Therefore, the only way to pay for those sins is to burn in hell forever.”

Mila became distressed again and started to shake.

Logan continued “God doesn’t want that to happen, so He paid that sacrifice for us. His Son, Jesus Christ, came down from Heaven as one of us and lived among us for a while. He lived a perfect life, never once sinning. He went to the cross and died the perfect death. He didn’t die of the physical injuries on His body, but rather when God, His Father, placed the sins of everyone ever committed on Him. He went through hell for us, because He loves us that much.” Logan paused, then said, “Someone once said that Jesus paid a debt He did not owe because we owed a debt we could not pay.”

Mila smiled and asked, “So there is hope?”

Logan replied “Of course there is hope. Praise God for what He did.”

Mila asked, “What must I do?”

Logan replied, asking “This is possibly the situation you are in: He paused then continued “You are bound for hell, but God will save you if you surrender to Jesus Christ and His ultimate Sacrifice ask Him to save you. He doesn’t have to save you, but He definitely will. Do you believe anything I am saying?”

Mila nodded “Yes, it scares me but then it comforts me as well!”

Logan smiled and said “Then you must realize that you will never be good enough to save yourself, but Jesus was good for you. You must ask Jesus to come into your life and God The Father to adopt you as His child. Speak to Him from your heart. He will hear you!”

Mila closed her eyes and prayed silently. Mila felt as if a huge weight was lifted off of her. She said, “I am experiencing peace now.” She then looked at Logan and said, with confidence, “I was born to be a child of God!”

Logan was filled with happiness, looked up towards Heaven, and said with tears of praise in his eyes “Thank you Jesus for saving her!”

Mila then hugged Logan also with tears in her eyes. She too looked up to Heaven and smiled at God, thanking Him with all of her heart. Suddenly Mila said, “We need to be married as soon as we can!” She paused and continued “I want to get it right and I know we must marry. I would marry you right now if I could!”

Logan kissed her repeatedly and said “Oh I love you so much, Mila! The desire for us to marry is you are being convicted by the Holy Ghost.”

Mila and Logan went lay down in his bed and gently held on to each other until lunch.

After feeling the pangs of hunger, Logan decided to order Chinese for them. He called and asked for a plate of General Tso Chicken, Lo Mein noodles, hot pork, and tapioca pudding for dessert. A half-hour passed then the delivery man knocked at Logan’s door.

Logan paid him, tipped him then brought the food inside.

Afterward, they sat at Logan’s dining table and ate.

“Is it a good idea to say grace?” Mila asked, then continued, “We usually did in my family on special occasions, but I think we should say grace for every meal.”

“Good idea, Mila.” Logan replied then bowed his head and prayed, “Heavenly Father, we thank you for this food and everything else you have provided for us. Please forgive us of our sins and bless our relationship. Please allow us to get married and please prevent Mila from being disciplined in any way for being with me. Be with us both now and forever, in Jesus’ Precious Name we pray, Amen.”

Mila smiled at Logan and then they began to eat.

After they finished lunch, Mila said “I love you so much Logan and I want to be intimate with you so much, but I don’t want to offend God either.”

“I know Mila, I have those desires for you as well. We should pray for an escape route from the temptation.”

“You’re right.”

Both silently prayed.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door.

Mila was startled and went hide in the bedroom.

Logan followed her and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Mila replied, “I don’t want anyone to see me in your place and word gets back to Kieth Koresh, that’s all.”

“You’re right, Mila. I understand.”

Logan answered it and beheld a young busty, Southern young woman.

“Can I help you, Miss?”, Logan asked.

“My boyfriend and I are moving into the unit above yours and I was wondering if we could borrow a few things until we get all of our stuff moved in.”

“What do you need?”

“A few dishes and tools to hang pictures and assemble some of the furniture.”

“Sure, I can get those things for you.”

The young woman stepped in but Logan blocked her saying, “Sorry, Miss, please don’t take any offense, but I don’t want you entering my property unless your boyfriend is present with you. I’m in a relationship with a young lady whom I deeply love and revere and I don’t want to be in a situation where one would even think I was cheating on her.”

“Okay. I understand I’ll go get him and we’ll be back in a few minutes.”

The young woman walked off then went upstairs.

Mila came out from her hiding spot and said, “I heard the whole conversation; that was very noble of you Logan.”

Logan replied “Well you mean everything to me, Mila. I cannot picture myself with anyone else. Therefore, I walk the chalk line for you!”

They began to kiss each other with affection until Logan’s doorbell rang again.

Mila went back into hiding.

Logan answered the door again. It was the young woman and this time, her middle-aged boyfriend as well.

Mila listened from the bedroom.

Logan introduced himself, saying “Hi, I’m Logan Baines.”

The middle-aged man replied, “Walter Gunther.”

Mila heard the conversation from the bedroom and had a panic attack. This was none other than her estranged dad who was going to be living on the floor above them with a younger woman.

The young woman then said, “I’m Fannie Jane Giddens.”

“It’s nice to meet both of you, now what exactly did you need?”

Walter said, “A couple of screwdrivers and a hammer, I’m going to be hanging nails and assembling some furniture.”

Fannie Jane added in, “And some dishes.”

“I’m sorry if I seemed rude to your girlfriend, Mister Gunther, but I have a girlfriend myself whom I tremendously love and revere and I refuse to be alone with anyone else of the opposite sex. That’s why I made her come back with you.”

“Oh, no, that’s not a problem. Just as long as you don’t preach to me about having a younger woman and all of that.”

“As long as you love each other, I guess. I’m twenty-two and my girlfriend is eighteen, so I can somewhat relate.”


Logan went to his kitchen drawer and retrieved the tools. He handed them to Walter and then asked Fannie Jane, “Exactly what dishes do you need?”

“Two drinking glasses, two plates, and a frying pan, that is if you got them.”

“I do,” Logan replied.

“Good, because I want to make some Southern Fried Chicken.”

Logan handed her the dishes.

Walter said, “She makes the best fried chicken I ever tasted. You can come over and eat some with us at dinner time.”

“Bring your girlfriend too.” Fannie Jane added in.

“Sure, I guess,” Logan said with considerable reluctance.

The couple then left Logan’s unit.

Logan closed the door and locked it.

Mila came out of hiding with tears in her eyes and an angry look on her face.

“What’s the matter, baby?” He asked.

“That man who just came in is my dad and now he is with another woman.”

“I’m so sorry, Mila.”

“God this is awful. My dad bought me a car then he left my mom a year ago. I knew he was cheating on her, but I didn’t picture her to be so young.”

“If your dad could afford to send you to private school, buy you a brand new car, divorce your mom and buy a condo, and then have a young girlfriend, he must have money. What does he do?”

“He’s an attorney.”

“Oh, now it makes sense.”

“My parents struggled to send me to private school.”

“What do they do?”

“My mom is a librarian at the queen of heaven elementary school and my dad is a history professor at the community college. They sent me to private school because they felt it was safer than a public school.”

“Do they get along?”

“Not perfectly, but I guess they’ve managed to stay together.”

“Do they ever fight?”

“Probably just as much as any other couple.”

“I know this is a little off the subject, but I don’t want to eat dinner with my dad and his new playmate and I don’t want you going either.”

“That’s fine, actually more than fine. It’s a great relief to me. I didn’t want to go anyway. That woman makes me very uncomfortable, she’s just so nasty, God please forgive me.”

“But, what should we do for dinner?”

“I can go to The West-Side Grocer and buy something to cook for us. I wish you could come with me, but I don’t want you to get in trouble at school.”

“I guess. What did you want to buy and cook?”

“What would you like?”

“Something not too fattening. I was chubby until my junior year, but then I lost weight. I’m sure you remember me. I’m now afraid that since I’m in a stable relationship, that I’ll gain it all back.”

“You were indeed chubby years ago, but I thought you were beautiful back then and I still think you’re beautiful now. And no matter how big or small you get, I’ll want you because I see your inner beauty as well as your outer. I love you, Mila.”

“Oh, I love you too, Logan. If only making love to you didn’t offend God so much. I want you so much right now!”

“I want you just as much, Mila. Since you’re so concerned about your weight, I’ll try to cook healthy for you. How about I make some seared chicken breasts and steamed green beans.”

“That would be perfect. If only we were married, though.”

Logan kissed her forehead then told her, “I think me making groceries is the escape route for now, but I’ll be back and I’ll make us dinner.”

“Do I have to answer the door if someone knocks?”

“No. Don’t worry about it.”

“Be careful out there, Logan. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Logan walked out of the door to his truck and started it. He then pulled out of the parking garage and then drove to The Westside Grocer and parked.

He walked to the produce section and saw fresh green beans, so he placed some in a plastic bag and weighed them on the scale until he had a pound. Then he went to the meat department and selected a package of boneless and skinless chicken breasts. Finally, he went to the juice aisle and selected a bottle of sparkling Concord grape juice. Afterward, he proceeded to an open checkout lane and placed his items on the conveyor belt. Quickly the cashier rang up his items and he paid.

As Logan was about to leave the store, he saw Kieth Koresh was placing beer and whiskey on the conveyor belt in the lane next to his. Quickly he grabbed his smartphone and took a picture of him purchasing the alcoholic beverages. Logan knew that this picture could be used against that hateful school president. He then sent the picture to Mila’s phone.

Suddenly, Kieth Koresh confronted him, “Logan Baines, what do you think you are doing?”

“I think I should ask you the same question.”

“I’m a grown adult and I can drink alcohol if I so choose. I need to drink after dealing with some of the students I have to deal with.”

“But what would your students think if they saw you purchasing alcohol, yet you suspend or expel them for doing the same? They would see a total hypocrite. They would lose the little bit of respect they have for you. I now have pictures of it as proof.”

“How dare you!”

“Well, let’s just say it’s payback for interfering with Mila and me.”

“You are messing with forces more powerful than you think, so I suggest you quit now.”

“And you are sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong and you stalk your students.”

“I have a job to do and that job is to make my school appear respectable to the community.”

Logan was now angered and said, “Okay mister catholic school president, I’m going to quote Jesus Christ, Someone Whom you claim to follow: ‘For you are like whitewashed tombs which on the outside appear beautiful, but inside they are full of dead men’s bones and all uncleanness.’ That is in the Bible, Matthew Chapter 23 verse 27, and it perfectly describes what you and your school are truly like!”

The two female cashiers on duty covered their mouths and giggled.

Kieth Koresh said “Keep this subversive behavior up and you will be dreadfully sorry. I can be your worst nightmare.”

“I don’t think so; I graduated already.”

“But I have connections who can make your life a living hell.”

“Are you threatening me? Because I can go to the police.”

“They’ll just laugh at you. Now I suggest you stop this subversive behavior or it will get very ugly for you.”

Kieth Koresh then left the store.

Logan was speechless.

He was about to leave when the two cashiers approached him. They were twins named Amber and Alexis Stewart.

Amber said to him, “I think it is brave what you are doing.”

Alexis added, “We were expelled by him last year for getting drunk at a party. It’s all because someone took our pictures taken while we were plastered.”

Logan replied, “He’s trying to make my girlfriend break up with me, simply because she kissed me in the public library and it was caught on camera while she was in uniform. It breaks my heart because I love her with all that I am and I have been in love with her for a long time. I was a senior and she was an eighth-grader when we first met, but now she is a senior and she is the only girl I ever wanted.”

“Ohh. That’s so sweet,” Amber said with a smile.

“I think you and her are meant to be, no matter what that douche bag tries to do,” Alexis added in.

“Thanks. That’s very encouraging.”

“If something does happen to you, we can testify about the threat he made. We both saw it,” Amber said.

“So yes, go ahead and post that picture. Show it to as many people as you can. We’ll back you up and say he threatened you anyway,” Alexis continued.

“Make it go viral,” Amber finally said.

“Will do. Now I have to go home and make dinner.” Logan said.

Amber said, “Have a nice evening.”

Alexis ended with, “Thank you for shopping with us.”

Logan walked to his truck and started it up. He drove back to his condominium, parked in the garage, and began walking to his unit.

Fannie Jane saw him and said, “Dinner is almost ready, so you and your girlfriend can come over.”

Logan replied, “I’m sorry, but my girlfriend wanted to eat something healthier, so I’m cooking her dinner tonight.”

“All right, maybe another time then.”

Logan nodded, half-heartedly, then walked into his unit. Mila greeted him with a kiss.

“Want to help me prepare dinner?” Logan asked Mila.

“Sure,” She replied.

“We have to snap the green beans. I can teach you how, it’s really easy though.”

“I know how already because I did it with my grandparents many times.”

They both began snapping the tips of the green bean hulls and placing them in the garbage bin.

Afterward, Logan placed the snapped green beans in a bowl with butter and then in the microwave.

As the green beans were cooking, Logan asked Mila, “What spices would you like on the chicken?”

“What do you have?”

Logan turned his lazy susan around and showed Mila all the spices as he said, “These are all I have.”

Mila grabbed the poultry seasoning and said, “I guess this goes on chicken, right?”

“Yes and I think we need some Olive Oil and black pepper as well.”

Mila and Logan rubbed the seasonings on the chicken, then placed it in the pan.

Logan lit his gas range and put the pan of chicken breasts over the lit burner.

He periodically turned the breasts over until they appeared done.

He went to the basket on his counter which held all of his kitchen gadgets and retrieved his thermometer.

Carefully, he placed the probe into the center of each piece of chicken and patiently waited for the needle to reach 165 Fahrenheit. When he saw that the needle made it, he turned the range off and let the chicken breasts cool.

Logan then poured himself and Mila each a glass of sparkling grape juice. Afterward, he placed each chicken breast and some steamed green beans on a plate for them, then said grace, “Heavenly Father, we love You and we thank you for this wonderful food. We especially thank You for saving us and blessing us. We ask that you bless our relationship, allow us to get married, keep us together for life and protect us from all who wish to harm us, especially Kieth Koresh. Please use this food to nourish our bodies for your service and glory. We make these prayers in Jesus’ Precious Name, Amen!”

They began eating smiling at each other from ear to ear.

Mila then asked, giggling, “I got that picture you sent. What was that all about?”

“I saw your school president purchasing beer and whiskey at The Westside Grocer, so I just had to take a picture of it.”

“He’s such a hypocrite, so you did right.”

“Unfortunately, he caught me doing so and confronted me about it.”

Mila began to shake.

“Did I do wrong?” Logan asked.

“No. You didn’t. I’m just afraid he will look for more reasons to expel me now.”

“If he does, post that picture on your webpage that you write your fantasies on.”

“My parents would be furious and they would probably take my car from me.”

“Since we’re getting married, I’ll buy you a car if that happens.”

“Thank you, Logan! You’re making me want to commit that sin with you even more!”

“Believe me, I want to as well. But I don’t ever want to lose you!”

“I don’t ever want to lose you either!”

Mila and Logan finished the last of their dinner then placed their dishes in the dishwasher.

They walked to the living room and sat together on the sofa.

“I read all of your stories, Mila. They are the most beautiful stories I have ever read!”

Mila blushed then said, “Wow! I feel elated! You’re the inspiration for all of them and you think they’re beautiful! I’ve accomplished exactly what I wanted by writing them!”

“You should pursue a career in writing.”

“But most writers don’t make that much and only a few of them achieve fortune and fame.”

“Well, how about I pay your way and you focus on being creative!”

“You would do that for me?”

“Of course, we’re getting married, right?!”

Mila nodded.

Logan continued, “Just from now on, don’t glamorize fornication or any other sins in any stories you write from now on.”

“I won’t.”

“So, what would you like to do?”

“Maybe we could watch a movie together?”

“I don’t have cable or any DVDs.”

“Then let’s watch YouTube on your laptop.”

“Would it be all right if we watched Pastor Clarkson?”

“Who’s that?”

“He’s the preacher who led me to Christ back while I was working in Eastern Europe.”

“Yes. We could watch him.”

“I know the perfect message from him. It’s about why the roman catholic church is not of God. This should explain why people like Kieth Koresh are the way they are.”

“Let’s watch it then. This should be good.”

Logan pulled up the browser on his laptop then went to YouTube. He then pulled the video on which Pastor Clarkson taught, exposing the wickedness and false doctrine within the roman catholic church. The video was about two hours long. Logan and Mila watched very intently.

After the video concluded, Logan and Mila were tired from all that happened. They walked to Logan’s bedroom and soon fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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