Synopsis to “The Textfile”

First of all, to explain the featured image on this post, they are a pocket knife and penlight carried by my main character, Grayson Thomas, until they are lost in a work-related “accident.”

On a Saturday, I believe it was December 10, 2005, I was walking around Bayou Cane, Louisiana, (for those who don’t know, that’s a suburb of Houma, located to its north and west) mostly for shopping but exercise as well.  Walking around that city always inspired me to write.  A few weeks prior, I had also watched a certain movie on home DVD for the first time.  That movie had an enormous impact on me writing this, both at the conscious and subconscious levels.  Other people noticed it too and when reading it, would frequently say how it reminded them of that said movie.   I also recently got my own computer though it was terribly out of date.  It still served its purpose I needed for writing things.  I was a backslidden Christian at the time, which was a major factor in me deciding to write this.  My pain hangup was about certain sects of Christianity, specifically the ones that taught one must speak in tongues to be saved, but other unBiblical teachings.  They turned me off to Christ and brought me almost to the brink of apostasy.  Thank God, for rescuing me though, and drawing me back to Him in late 2008.   I finished the original draft of this story in June of 2006 and had edited it a couple of times to make it better.  However, I believe sometime in 2013, I destroyed it altogether.  In June of 2017, after taking a trip to Tennesee, I decided to rewrite it again, mostly from memory, and completed it in the Summer of 2019.    This new version, while still attacking cultish forms of Christianity that either teach false things or turn people off to Christ, does not attack genuine Christians.  If anything it paints them in a very positive light.

The story begins with eighteen-year-old Anna Ryan riding home from school on her bicycle.  The church she attends forbids its members from driving mechanized vehicles or getting a driver’s license, watching or owning a television set, or using cell phones.  She is supposed to go home and get ready for youth service, but instead, stops at a local bar and grill and enters.  She sits in a booth and looks around the room.  Soon, she notices a young man.  He is sitting at the bar sipping on bottles of Budweiser and eating peanuts.

Anna is attracted to him though she can only see him from behind.

To get his attention, she pretends to sneeze.

The young man looks at her and says, ‘God bless you.’

Anna replies, ‘Aww thanks.’

He begins to sip his beer again but then does a double-take.  He’s very much attracted to her and begins to stare.  She smiles at him and he blushes then looks away.

Anna pretends to sneeze again and the young man says,  ‘God save you!

Anna replies ‘Thanks.   It must be all the dust from these peanut shells that’s stirring up my allergies.’

He tells her that she has a cute sneeze and then asks to come and sit with her.

She accepts.

The young man remarks that he’d never seen her in this place before and that he comes here every afternoon to kill a few beers.

Anna confesses that it’s her first time there and he says how he hopes it’s not her last.  He then tells her his name: Grayson Thomas.

Anna introduces herself as well, to which Grayson said how he didn’t know there were any Ryans in the town of Melody.

Anna explains that her family keeps to themselves and only associates with those at her church, which is a fragmented, mixed-race church with doctrine similar to the UPCI.

With slight irritation, Grayson remarks, ‘Oh, jee whiz, I’ve heard all about them.  Your parents would probably beat the hell out of you and press charges on me if they knew we were talking right now.’

Anna explains that they would indeed beat her, but they cannot press charges on him because he’s a legal adult.

Grayson then wants to know what she is doing later that evening.  Anna explains that she has youth service.  Grayson tries to talk her into hanging out with him instead.

Anna says if her parents would find out they would be livid and beat the daylights out of her.

Grayson then asks her a very piercing question, “Are you happy?  Do your parents really make you happy?  Does that insane church make you happy?”

There’s a silence, but then Anna replies,  ‘No-I am not happy at all.  I am miserable.  My parents only allow me to go to church and school.  They beat me sometimes for a yes or a no.  People at school make fun of me because of the way the church forces me to dress.’

Grayson then asks her, ‘Do you think I could make you happy?  I definitely think you could make me happy, in my twenty-two years on this earth, I’ve never beheld anyone as beautiful as you!’
Anna says that it would be worth a shot.

They continue talking and getting to know each other better.  Anna says how she wants to be a writer, and she does actually write but her parents would be furious if they knew exactly what she wrote, they would destroy every copy and then, of course, beat the daylights out of her.

Grayson suggests that she press charges on them.

Anna says that she would go to hell for not honoring her parents.

Grayson explains that the law is not a guide to save yourself, but rather proof that you cannot save yourself.

Anna says how she likes the way he preaches, and never thought she would hear those words coming out of his mouth because he was drinking beer.  She also says how she wants to know him better as well.

Grayson explains that he is a mechanic for the Melody City Dockyard and works the 6 AM to 2 PM weekday shift.  He also says how he has a cabin on his mother’s property, where he stays.  He finally says that he’s been wanting someone for a long time.

Anna said she would gladly be that someone but she just has to get away from her parents.

Grayson holds Anna’s hands and says,  ‘You just let me know if you need any help with that.’

His G-Shock then beeps indicating Four PM.

Anna says how she has to get ready for youth service.

Grayson convinces her to spend time with him instead.

Anna agrees and says she’ll meet him back at the bar and grill around Seven PM.

Grayson drinks several glasses of Wild Cherry Pepsi to help sober him up.

He pulls out his smartphone and searches for the church Anna attends.  He finds their web page and learns the doctrines of how they are forbidden from driving, watching television, or owning a cell phone.  He also read how church members were forbidden to associate with non-church members.

Anna arrives home and is sternly reminded of youth service, by her parents Sean and Janice Ryan.

After an exchange of words, she goes bathe and imagines the night she will share with Grayson.

Her mother bangs on the bathroom door and tells her that God can see everything she does, especially behind closed doors.

She then got dressed and mounted her bicycle and pretended to go to youth service.  Her dad squeezed her arm and said for her not to embarrass him at the service.

She drives secretly back to the bar and grill, runs up into Grayson’s arms, wrapping her legs around him.

Grayson pays off his tab, then they leave the bar.  Anna puts her bicycle in the bed of his truck then they ride to his cabin.  Grayson lets Anna drive his truck in the fields on his mother’s property as the sun goes down.

He then escorts her out of his truck by the light of his Pelican 1920 penlight.

They then walk into his cabin and dance in the kitchen to music on Pandora for an hour or so.

Afterward, they go on his balcony and Grayson says how he comes here to drink beer or whiskey and contemplate life.

Anna says how she could be inspired to write all kinds of things because it’s so beautiful.

Grayson says how ‘it’s nowhere near as beautiful as you, Anna!’

They then share a kiss and begin to pet each other when Grayson’s G-Shock beeps again, indicating Ten O’Clock.

Anna says how she has to get back home before her parents become livid.

Grayson writes down his house and cell numbers on a piece of paper and says how he knows all about her church and how they forbid cell phones, but to call him whenever she can.

Anna hides the paper in her brassiere, and says, with a distressed giggle, ‘It’s close to my heart, just like where I want you to be.’

Grayson then drives Anna to her parents’ trailer, all too quickly arriving.

Anna says, ‘I know you want to get the door for me and let me out, but it’s not safe here if you’re an outsider.’

Grayson replies, ‘I understand.  May I at least give you a good night kiss?’

Passionately, Anna tells him, ‘Of course, Grayson!  Just so you know, I’ll take that kiss to bed with me!’

Their lips meet one final time, then Anna takes her bicycle out of the truck bed and goes inside.

Grayson drives back to his cabin, drinks a few shots of Crown Royal put his phone on to charge, then goes to bed.

Anna walks into her parents’ trailer and her dad, with a belt in hand, confronts her about not going to youth service.  He tells her the pastor, Brother Darryl, called him and said she didn’t attend.

At first, Anna tries to keep silent, but her dad strikes her with his belt several times.

She then says how she’s eighteen now and it’s none of his business, to which he beats her even more.

Her mother comes out of the bedroom, smacks her across the face, then says,  ‘It is our business, the church’s business, and most importantly God’s business and always will be.  Now answer us!’

Anna still keeps silent. 

Her mother takes a claw hammer from the kitchen drawer and threatens to knock Anna’s teeth out with it.

Anna breaks down and confesses about how she spent the evening with a young man and how’s he’s so much better than the young men at her church.  She goes on to say that while they were indeed alone together, he never took advantage of her and she does have feelings for him.

Her mother flings the hammer at her toes, then says how her feelings are sinful energies, brought on by evil forces.

Anna boldly states,  ‘No, they feel very right and natural.  You and dad have no affection in your relationship, whatsoever.  You never kiss, you never touch, you never speak any romantic words to each other.  I don’t want to be subjected to such a cold marriage like that and if I marry one of the men at church, that’s exactly what will happen to me.’

Her dad slams her to the ground and says,  “You have invited so much sin into your life, you’re driving and dancing, which is absolutely forbidden, and now you’re attacking your me and your mother’s marriage just because you never see us behaving lewdly in front anyone!  This is all because you are very rebellious and always have been.  I tell you, it is going to stop right now if you know what is good for you!”

He then tells her to go to bed because she has school.

The next morning, Grayson gets up and prepares for work.

Anna too gets ready for school, then rides her bicycle there arriving early.

At around seven-thirty in the morning, Anna goes to the student office and asks Mrs. Barabara McGregor if she could use the phone.

Mrs. Barabara agrees and Anna calls Grayson’s cell number.

Grayson takes a coffee break to talk with her.

Anna tells all that her parents did her last night and Grayson suggests once again that she press charges.

Anna then says God would punish her if she did.

Grayson says how parents aren’t supposed to provoke their children to wrath and they obviously do, because they are trying to keep her from being happy.  Grayson then asks if he even makes her happy.

Anna says that he definitely does.

Grayson says that she makes him happy too and that he was lonely before her and uses alcohol to temper the sting of loneliness.

They continue to talk and flirt on the phone until Grayson’s coffee break comes to an end and other students need to use the phone.

Anna goes to a secluded area on the school campus, then fantasizes about Grayson, lapsing into a trance until the bell rings.

Meanwhile, Grayson is assigned two forklifts to repair, with a little assistance from the foreman, Mr. Jed McGregor.  He works until Noon, then goes to eat lunch.

At lunch his mom, Kathy Thomas calls him over Skype wondering why he didn’t come to dinner the previous night.  Grayson tells her about Anna, then explains her background.  Kathy warns him about the people of Anna’s church, Grayson pulls out his Snap-On pocket knife and says, “Wait, let them try something.”  Kathy warns that he would go to pen.  Grayson states that Anna is worth it.  Kathy says she wants to meet Anna, then goes back to work.  Grayson finishes his lunch, then clocks back in.

Jed McGregor has him do a tune-up on the dockside truck as the last assignment of the day and comments how he notices Grayson is in a better mood than usual.  Grayson tells him too about Anna and the whole situation.  Jed says how he and his wife will pray for them.  Jed McGregor and Barbara McGregor are married if you haven’t guessed that already.

Grayson does the work on the dockside truck and soon enough has it running.  He drives it to the docks and tells the dock foreman how it is fixed.

Grayson then clocks out and heads home suppressing the urge to drink alcohol, since Anna might call him.

Anna is sitting in English, the last class of the day, studying the works of George Gordon Byron.  She thinks of how her parents would be furious if they knew about these works, but also thinks of the previous night on the balcony with Grayson.  The teacher goes on to talk about Byron’s scandalous life and early death.  Anna begins to feel nervous wondering if she will die for what she is told is rebellion.  However, she knows her feelings for Grayson are valid and genuine. 

Finally, the dismissal bell blares and Anna goes down to the office to call Grayson.  Anna asks him to pick her up from school, to which he agrees.

Mrs. Barbara asks Anna if she is serious about whomever she is talking to on the phone.  Anna says how she hopes it is.  Mrs. Barbara asks, “What’s his name?”  Anna says “Grayson Thomas.”

Mrs. Barbara goes on to say how he works under her husband and she’s heard many good things about him except how he’s lonely and not to break his heart.  Anna says how she’d never dream about it.  Mrs. Barbara asks if Anna is eighteen yet.  Anna says she is.  Mrs. Barbara goes on to say how that’s good because if she wasn’t Grayson would be in a world of trouble [with the law.]  Anna says she’s more worried about what her church members would do.  Mrs. Barbara says she and her husband will pray for her and to go wait outside for him.

Anna goes out to the bicycle rack just as Grayson is pulling up in his truck.  He parks his truck then gets out and they kiss with passion until the SRO makes them stop.  Anna unlocks her bicycle [and puts it in the truck bed], then Grayson opens the door for her and she gets in.  Grayson then gets in on the driver’s side and they leave.

As they are driving, Grayson talks Anna into secretly getting a smartphone so they can keep in touch.  At first, Anna is reluctant but then realizes he is showing dedication to her and it means a lot to her.

With that, they drive to the Best Buy Mobile store in the mall…

Grayson ends up purchasing Anna a mid-grade Samsung smartphone that is on clearance.  Afterward, they eat at a corn dog restaurant, use the bathroom, then Grayson partially takes Anna home, she rides her bicycle the rest of the way.

Anna’s parents confront her about being late, to which she fabricates a partially true alibi that she went to use the bathroom at the mall.

Her parents lecture her about malls being sinful, worldly places but believe her otherwise.

She then goes into her bedroom pretending to study.  She barricades the door with several heavy objects, then hides in her closet whilst texting Grayson. 

They fall deeper and for each other and end up exchanging those three words via text message.

Anna’s dad barges in but she quickly hides the phone in her underwear and pretends to be sleeping in her closet.

Her dad angrily yells at her and they begin arguing to which he ultimately punches her in the head, knocking her unconscious.

Grayson blows up her inbox, thinking she ghosted him, then drinks a fifth of Crown and passes out in his bed.

Friday morning, Anna comes to, uses the bathroom, and reads all of Grayson’s text messages.

She replies to him, frantically explaining all that happened.

Grayson is hungover, but hears his watch alarm and then sees Anna’s message.

He says how he is glad she still wants him, but her life is in danger and she should come live with him.

Anna agrees.

Grayson explains how he drank until he passed out when he thought she ghosted him, but he will take a personal day to sober up and then prepare his house for her.  He promises her that there is no more alcohol in his cabin and that he will quit drinking at least until this situation is resolved.

They further discuss their plans via text.

Grayson calls his boss to take a personal day, then Anna’s mom orders her out of the bathroom.

She packs all of her valuables, her flash drives, and composition books, some hygiene products, and a few changes of clothes in addition to her new phone, then heads to school.

Before the morning bell rings, Anna talks to Grayson on her phone from the girl’s restroom.  They further discuss their plans.

Grayson picks Anna up from school at the end of the day.

He takes her to his house and minutes later his mother shows up, stating that she is having issues with leaking oil in her car.

Grayson introduces them to each other, then fixes his mother’s car, the problem was that the oil filter was on loosely.

Afterward, Grayson washes up, then takes Anna out for shopping and dinner.

Whilst shopping for clothes, Anna’s corrupt and overbearing pastor confronts her in the mall.

Grayson stands up to him and he eventually backs down stating how Grayson has won the battle but not the war.

Anna has a panic attack, but Grayson eventually calms her down.

They then go eat out and are waited on by one of Anna’s school friends.

The night turns out very pleasant and they retire to Grayson’s cabin.

That Saturday, Grayson, and Anna decide to hang out in the park and watch boats pass from the bed of his truck.

At some point, a girl from Anna’s class begins to harass them.  She makes a sexual advance at Grayson to which he sharply turns her down, then she threatens bodily harm to Anna, to which Grayson retrieves his shotgun from the box in his truck pumps it, points it at her, and scares her away.

They later go to the library, then the grocer to buy the supplies to make dinner, Shepherd’s Pie.

While shopping they see the pastor’s wife in the store purchasing collard greens for the next day’s dinner.  Anna gets nervous because the woman carries a gun in her purse and would be crazy enough to shoot Grayson with it.  A stocker overhears their conversation and hides them in the warehouse until the pastor’s wife leaves.  The stocker is based on another infamous character of mine.

They then go home, prepare dinner, eat, watch movies then fall asleep.

That Sunday, they wake up, then sit outside and watch the sunrise from Grayson’s front porch swing.  Afterward, Anna feels the urge to write, then composes a story and reads to Grayson. 

Everyone at Anna’s church is angry over her leaving and they form a plan to kidnap her back and harm Grayson for revenge.

After Anna reads to Grayson, his mother calls them over for Sunday Dinner.

Anna ends up helping prepare the dinner and she learns about Grayson’s childhood.

On Monday their plan is carried out.  Several longshoremen who attend Anna’s church decide to sabotage the dock crane.  Grayson has to go to the top to repair it and one of the longshoremen assists him, but purposely causes him to fall.

Grayson is seriously injured and rushed to the hospital.

Anna is called to the office over threats Grayson made with a gun to a fellow student.

She is suspended from school while the matter is investigated.

Anna tries calling Grayson to pick her up, but his phone goes straight to voicemail.

Her Dad is called.  He along with her pastor secure a ride and pick her up from school.

Barbara is watching the whole situation unfold and calls her husband Jed.

Jed and Barbara are talking about these events and realize that foul play is the reason why Grayson fell from the crane.  They call the police, who charge the disgruntled longshoreman.

An APB is also put out on the van.

Soon it is located and stopped, Anna’s dad and her pastor are arrested.

Anna is asked to be taken to the hospital, but ironically says she wants to be with her boyfriend. A detective later informs her of all that is going on, then takes a statement from her.  She is then taken to the hospital where she meets Grayson’s mother.

They along with the hospital chaplain and an unknown person pray for him around the clock.

For two days Grayson is in a coma, but then he wakes up, with Anna being the first person he sees.

Grayson ends up proposing to her…

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A Review of the Weltool M6 Golden-Eyed Tiger Cub LED Penlight

As mentioned numerous times before, both on this blog and in other forums and mediums, I have been fascinated by flashlights since infancy.

I had been carrying a flashlight on my person and and off since the age of seven and permanently since the age of eighteen.

For most of that period from age eighteen to present, I had been overwhelmingly prejudiced in favor of Maglite flashlights, especially the Incandescent Mini Maglite.


Because it is durable, affordable, American made and most importantly, EMP proof.

In the early parts of 2012, I had a dream that entailed America being hit by an EMP weapon and all LED flashlights, among other electronic devices were totally incapacitated. However, incandescent flashlights still functioned.

Because of that dream, I had vowed to only EDC incandescent flashlights and I kept that vow up until some time in 2017, though I still have incandescent flashlights in my EDC backpack as a backup for that very reason. I also have a stockpile of tactical grade incandescent flashlights and their bulbs at an undisclosed location, in the event of an EMP attack.

It was also in 2012 that LED flashlights were actually becoming better than their incandescent counterparts, in terms of brightness.

In 2017, I gave in and began to start EDCing LED models, such as the NiteCore MT06 and the Pelican 1920.

In 2018, I briefly EDCed a ThorFire PF04, but I sold it. I definitely want another one. Also in 2018, I was using a NiteCore MT20A and a Streamlight Pro Tac 2AA.

In 2019, I mostly carried an LED Streamlight Jr.

Also in 2019, I had purchased a Weltool M6 “Golden Eyed Tiger Cub” LED penlight, which this piece will be a review thereof.

It was in June of 2019 when I had purchased this flashlight on eBay on a whim, then I had stored it for the next few years.

I had kept in in my now decomissioned tactical communications briefcase.

After my residence being destroyed by Hurricane Ida and all of that misery and moving into a new place, I had rearranged what personal property that I could salvage.

A night ago, I was going through my stored flashlights and came across it.

It turned it on and was impressed by the very warm and evenly distributed LED light it gave off.

I am thinking of putting it in my EDC rotation, at least for non tactical and non night time commuting situations.

At the moment, I think it would be a great addition to my computer repair gear.

The switch boot on my Energizer Hardcase Inspection Light is beginning to tear, so I am thinking that I will use it to replace that very flashlight. The only problem is it wouldn’t be able to be used near live exposed circuits.

However, this version of the Weltool M6 is perfect for close up electrical and electronics work, especially where accurate color redition is a must.

It probably would also be a hit with the medical profession, though, I think there is another type of Weltool M6 that is marketed specifically for that.

According to the company website, it is designed to be a close up illumination to for professional users. It utilizes a no glare warm white LED with a color temperature of 3000 Kelvin. This provides a color rendering index of 85%, which is nearly the same as an incandescent bult and resduces blue light damage to the end user’s vision. The optics are professionally designed and feature a light emitting angle of 70 degrees through a high quality lense with a transmission rate of 90%. This provides a perfectly even circle of light with not hot spots, dark spots or glare. It is powered by 2 AAA Alkaline batteries and a stainless steel pocket clip is included. The website goes on to say that this version of the M6 is the perfect light for inspection, reading and any tasks that require close range illumination.

A night ago, I had begun to do my research on the company Weltool and it turns out that it is one of those Chinese name brand flashlight companies. From what I have observed, I can venture to guess that it is better than Lumintop and almost on par with NiteCore, though it serves a different market.

There is another Weltool flashlight I would hope to acquire some day and it is the Weltool M7-AM, which is basically a portably fog light. And I have been fascinated on and off by fog lights since I was a toddler and it was from playing with the ones installed on my Paw Paw’s 1972 Dodge D100 pickup truck.

I’ll admit that I haven’t really put my Weltool penlight to the test as of yet, but I am thoroughly impressed by the build quality and optical system of this lighting instrument.

I think it is perfect for most industrial, medical and scientific applications and maybe a few domestic settings as well.

However, this is not a tactical flashlight.

Nor is it something I would want for night time commuting.

Still, if I weren’t so disabled, the job I would probably perform best at would be something either in the facility engineering or information technology sectors and this flashlight would be perfect in both, provided that a more tactical model could also be carried.

For it’s intended purpose though, it is a clear winner.

I give the product 5 out of 5 stars and I wish I would have paid more attention to this company years ago.

I guess this thus concludes my review of the Weltool M6 Golden Eyed Tiger Cub Non Glare LED Flashlight.

I hope that you, the reader, have been informed, enlightened and maybe even entertained.

May God richly bless you!

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A Review of the AAA Mini Maglite LED

If anyone has read this blog for any amount of time, they will know that I am highly fascinated by flashlights and have been this way since infancy.

I discovered Maglite flashlights at some point in 1998.

My first Maglite was a 4 D Krypton model which my dad gave me in October of 1998.

I bought my first Mini Maglite in December of 2005.

I bought my first LED Mini Maglite in the Summer of 2007.

I bought my first high-powered Maglite in September of 2012, a Mini Maglite Pro.

In October of 2013, I bought my first AAA Mini Maglite LED and have owned several versions of them since.

The first one was a Blue 84 Lumen model, that I ended up giving to a now ex in law in July of 2014.
The next was a Black 87 Lumen model which I bought in June of 2014. Fun fact, this was the flashlight I had in my pocket when evacuating my apartment due to a nearby tornado in late April of 2015. It was that moment when I decided that I should EDC a Weather Radio. I ended up selling it in October of 2018 and now wish I wouldn’t have.
The next one was a Black 111 Lumen model which I purchased at a rural Ace Hardware in April of 2018. I purposely chose that model and that location in honor of my “Grocer and Writer” stories. I still have it and still sometimes carry it. For those unfamiliar with the series, there is a scene where Garth Cooper and his girlfriend, Samantha Abbott, are shopping at the hardware store in his rural hometown and she purchases one for him. He tells her his plans to pay her back, to which she says that he can do so all night long. Several people begin to point and stare, then as they are leaving, Garth’s mother calls him up and demands to know why he and Samantha were acting lewd in the hardware store. It is revealed that some small town busybodies called Garth’s mother and complained about his and Samantha’s behavior.
I purchased a Warm White Spectrum version in August of 2018, which I had until July of 2021. Itl was moslty disappointed by the short run time, but loved the color rendition.
Another one I purchased in December of 2018, came bundled with a Gerber US1 Pocket Knife and was sold at Wal*Mart. I had won a Wal*Mart gift card at a church White Elephant Christmas game. I still have it, though it is picked up.
Finally, and this one shouldn’t count, in October of 2021, I purchased the Green Spectrum model, which I EDC. One day, I might write a review on it, because I thoroughly enjoy it.

Most of those aforementioned flashlights are what this piece will be a review thereof.

I had been a big fan on the original AAA Mini Maglite mostly for sentimental reasons due to the fact that it was initially put on the market in 1987, the same year that I was born.

So, I was really happy when I had discovered that Maglite had released an LED version.

It is huge improvement over the incandescent version, except for not being EMP resistant, at least, to my knowlege.

However, it is many times brighter and equally many times more efficient.

The most recent version, if I remember correctly, packs more of a brightness punch than its bigger AA conterpart. It is also more compact and lightweight.

In most of these, except for the 84 Lumen version and the Spectrum versions, it gives off a Neutral White light color, which is useful for a plethora of tasks.

I think it would be the perfect flashlight for any number of domestic and industrial settings, especially if one wants a flashlight that is both affordable and American made! Not only is it very suitable in most domestic and industrial settings, it also makes a decent budget friendly EDC flashlight and I indeed haved EDCed it quite a bit over the last almost nine years at the time of writing this piece. Dare I say, that it may even have a few light tactical applications!

My one complaint about this and most other Mini Maglites [and Solitaire/Marquis] in general is the location of the lanyard hole. I have mentioned this before, but I am well aware of how Mag Instrument can be very set in their ways. But this design flaw is a fatal one!

Another complaint about this model is the pocket clip. Not only does it scratch off the anodizing, but it isn’t very secure to begin with.

Those issues are very small potatoes, considering how this product is American made, yet is more affordable than most of the foreign made equivalents. Most American made goods come at very lofty prices. And not only that, it is bright, efficient and sturdy.

Another good quality is that every unit is serialized, which allows for identification, assuming the end user registerred it to him/herself. This can be helpful not only in terms of warranty coverage but also in the case of theft.

This is the perfect EDC flashlight for carrying when one wants something that is simple and appears non threatening.

For the more skilled combatants, this flashlight could be ideal for taking out an enemy’s eye or at least digging into an enemy’s pressure point while in a weapons restricted area!

And, of course, as with all other Mini Maglites, there is the option for Candle Mode which could prove useful for giving a wider area of light, such as during a power failure.

I could picture someone reading a book or writing a love letter by the light of this flashlight. I know, it sounds partially like a post apoclyptic scenario, but the very thought crosses my mind frequently.

All in all, despite the two flaws of which I pointed out, I still give this product a 5 out of 5 stars.

Maybe I am still a little prejudiced in favor of Maglite products, but that is a prejudice that goes back over twenty years!

I guess this therefore concludes my review of the AAA Mini Maglite LED.

I hope that you, the reader, have been informed, enlightened and maybe even entertained.

May God richly bless you!

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A Review of the Lumintop EDC05 Flashlight

Since infancy, I have been fascinated by flashlights. I think that anyone who knows me at all knows this about me.

Since my preteen years, I have felt a compulsive need to carry a flashlight on my person, though I would only do this permanently at the age of eighteen, because I was frequently harassed in grade school for my love of flashlights.

So, now, at the age of thirty five (the time this article is being composed), I have been carrying a flashlight on me permanently for almost seventeen years. There have only been a few times in which I went without a flashlight. And during those times I am miserable.

After seeing posts in Facebook groups pertaining to EDC and Flashlight Collection, I had begun to want a flashlight of which I could EDC and only ran on one battery.

And after my disappointment in the NiteCore E4K, I had decided to try and find another single cell flashlight of which I could EDC and could put out a considerable amount of brightness.

After a little research, I came across a Lumintop EDC05 and seemed interested. Therefore, I bought one as a birthday present for myself.

And that flashlight is what this piece will be a review therof.

I purchased the Cool White model because that was the only one available from the eBay dealer.

However, it came bundled with a Lumintop 920 milliamphour 14500 battery that is rechargeable via a Micro USB cable.

This battery literally doubles the light output on High mode when used in the stead of a standard AA battery.

Here are the specifications:

AA Battery:
High Mode 400 Lumens for 1.2 Hours.
Medium Mode 200 Lumens for 2.2 Hours.
Low Mode 60 Lumens for 11 Hours.
Moonlight Mode 2 Lumens for 200 Hours.
Strobe Mode 400 Lumens.
S. O. S. Mode 200 Lumens.
Beacon Mode 50 Lumens.

14500 Battery:
High Mode 800 Lumens for 0.4 Hours.
Medium Mode 320 Lumens for 1.7 Hours.
Low Mode 100 Lumens for 12 Hours.
Moonlight Mode 10 Lumens for 44 Hours.
Strobe Mode 800 Lumens.
S. O. S. Mode 300 Lumens.
Beacon Mode 80 Lumens.

Maximum Beam Intensity is: 4500 Candela.
Maximus Beam Distance is: 135 Meters or 442.9133858 Feet.
Impact Resistance Rating is: 2 Meters or 6.56167979 Feet.
Water Resistance Rating is: IPX-8.
Dimensions are: 87.8 by 20.3 Millimeters or 3.456692913 by 0.799212598 Inches.
Net Weight is: 43.5 Grams or 1.534417345 Ounces.
Power Source is: 1 AA Battery or 1 14500 Battery.

Some prominent features include:
50,000 Hour Cree LED.
Reverse Polarity Protection.
Aircraft Grade Aluminium Body with Type III hard anodized anti-abrasive finish on surface.
Toughened unlta-clear glass lens with anti-reflective coating.
Titanium coasted stainless steel clip.

To turn on the flashlight quickly press the button located on the side of the head, it will start off in Moonlight Mode. Quickly press repeatedly to cycle into Low, Medium, High and back into Moonlight Modes. Give a long press to switch off. To turn back on in the last used mode, give another long press.

To access the special modes, while off double press the power button. It will activate in Strobe mode. Single press to cycle into S. O. S., Beacon and back into Strobe mode. Double press to return to the regular modes or long press to switch off.

As you, the reader, can see, these specifications are very generous, especially for a budget type flashlight.

I previously owned the Lumintop Tool AA 2.0 and was satisfied, so I decided to give the EDC05 a try.

I am mostly satisfied. It is like a smaller and safer NiteCore E4K.

This flashlight has faithfully served me on several nighttime commutes at my new residence. It is bright enough to adequately illuminate my walking path but not disturb the neighbors.

It is compact enough to place in my pocket and forget about until needed, yet projects out just enough lumens for any given task.

When used with the 14500 battery, which I do, it is double the brightness of my Fenix E20 2.0, yet about half the length.

While it did get activated accidently in my pocket, thankfully it didn’t burn any holes in my pants as my NiteCore E4K did.

I have been EDCing this flashlight for a couple weeks and I really have no complaints, accept that I wish the battery held more current. The glorified specs are due to the battery’s high voltage but their short runtime is due to the battery’s low current. This is my only cause for saying anything negative.

Other than that, I think Lumintop has proven itself to be a decent flashlight company overall and may give Fenix and NiteCore a run for their money one day.

I would be delighted if a flashlight like this could be made Stateside, but then it would probably wind up costing several times more.

There is a squall line due in my region later tonight and into tomorrow morning, so this flashlight might be needed should the current fail.

I know it will be a very useful given its specs and my previous experiences.

All in all, I give it a rating 4.9 out of 5 stars.

I guess this therefore concludes my review of the Lumintop EDC05.

I hope you, the reader, have been informed, enlightened and maybe even entertained.

May God richly bless you!

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A Review of the NiteCore E4K “EDC” Flashlight

I had been a fan of tactical flashlights since October of 2004.

The first time I purchased a tactical type of flashlight was on May 5, 2005.

Then in December of 2005, I discovered the Mini Maglite.

I would mostly carry one for the next twelve years.

I was also very hesitant to try the name brand Chinese flashlights, as I thought that the American made Maglites and SureFires were superior.

However, by 2017, my thoughts were changing.

I had seen more than enough positive reviews of the Chinese brands on sites like Candle Power Forums.

I have to say that my three favorite Chinese brands are NiteCore, Fenix and Lumintop.

So, in May of 2017, I purchased my first of these, a NiteCore MT06, which I EDCed on and off during the year 2017.

This was followed by a NiteCore MT20A in January of 2018 and a NiteCore i4000R in the Spring of 2020.

In the latter parts of 2021, I had begun to desire a NiteCore E4K, after seeing one on broadcast television back in the earlier parts of 2020.

I was looking for an upgrade for a flashlight that was bright not not threatening like my NiteCore i4000R and one I could simply EDC.

So, as an early Christmas present to myself I ordered a NiteCore E4K.

It came in after a few days and that is what this piece will be a review thereof.

While it is indeed a powerful flashlight and does have a very cool appearance, there is a major design flaw that can be dangerous:
It can be accidently switch on way to easily while being carried in a pocket or bag.

Because this light gives off over 4,000 lumens, it tends to get quite hot.

That is not the kind of flashlight one would want whilst carrying in a bag or pocket because it can literally start a fire!

I learned this the hard way early on: it burned a hole in my pants pocket twice while also burning my thigh.

Smoke was even rising from my pocket!

So, I quickly learned that this flashlight was not a good candidate for EDC and while I still carry it in my backpack, I make durn sure that the switch is locked out!

With all that being said, I still think this flashlight could be a useful one.

It has multiple output settings, which makes it appropriate for a range of tasks.

Turbo mode lasts only a few seconds, but, it would be very useful in disorienting an openent in any tactical situation as would the variable frequency strobe function.

The second highest setting would be useful for ranchers in search of livestock gone astray at night or even for any sort of search and rescue operation.

The medium setting would prove itself worthy for any sort of nighttime commuting.

The low setting would be helpful in just about any domestic setting and many industrial settings as well.

The ultra low setting would provide an unbelievable amount of runtime for tasks such as close up detail work in a low light or no light setting or even reading at night to not disturb those in close proximity.

The Neutral White color tint is perfect all across the board.

This is indeed a versatile flashlight it’s just the combination of a very hot running temperature and a switch system that is way too easily activated can make it potentiall dangerous.

By all means and I cannot stress it enough, one absolutely must lock out the tail cap when carrying if the battery is to be installed! If not serious injury and property damage will occur!

If any NiteCore executives happen to be reading this, please consider making a replacement tailcap with a sturdy lockout switch, that will prevent accidental activation.

It shouldn’t be too hard.

Such a modification would result in me giving this product a five out of five stars instead of the two and a half out of five, which is the lowest rating I ever gave a product reviewed on this blog to date!

I remember for Christmas Eve of 2021, after dark, I was playing on my family’s property and trying out high and turbo modes. I was thoroughly impressed by the brightness and the amount of light coverage in terms of throw and especially spill.

Once again I am living in close quarters with neighbors, so I usually do not use this flashlight when commuting at night as to not disturb them.

This is a powerful flashlight but also a potentially dangerous flashlight and I urge NiteCore to consider making a modified tailcap that features a sturdy lockout switch.

Until now, I lockout the tailcap in a more crude fashion and that is unscrewing it enough so the circuit is broken no matter what. If I don’t and it activates whilst in my backpack, results could prove catastrophic.

I guess this therefore concludes my review of the NiteCore E4K and I wish I didn’t have to include all the negativity.

Still, I hope that, you, the reader, have been informed, entertained and enlightened.

May God richly bless you!

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Synopsis and Commentary to “A Disabled Electrician turned Writer”

This is my first blog post since Hurricane Ida.

I want to thank all of my readers for their patience.

First I want to explain the items in the featured image of this post. The well-used Mini Maglite flashlight and Klein Pocket knife were used by my main character, Johnny Joseph Elder when he was employed in the electrical trade. The Streamlight Junior LED flashlight and Leatherman Style PS are what he carries now after being given them as gifts for Christmas.

In the latter parts of 2016, I realized that my first offshoot of my “Grocer and Writer” stories, the love story between a lonely train conductor and aspiring writer was not gaining much traction, and therefore decided to pursue something new.

So it was in February of 2017 that I was inspired to write a new story series, “A Disabled Electrician turned Writer.” I had borrowed some of the themes from my, “Grocer and Writer” stories, but was determined to make it less offensive.

The inspirations for this piece, actually predate my “Grocer and Writer” stories. My then-wife, now ex-wife, and I visited an impoverished couple shortly after we tied the knot and we broke bread with them. Then in September of 2011, I was acquainted with some teenage girls, that were high school seniors who were associated with my now ex-in-laws as they were preparing for Tropical Storm Lee.

There are also people on my mom’s side of the family, whose locations and lifestyles provided me with some inspiration.

So, this piece will be a synopsis and commentary on, “A Disabled Electrician turned Writer.”

In essence, it is a love story between twenty-five/twenty-six-year-old Johnny Joseph Elder and eighteen/nineteen-year-old Annabelle Jenkins.

It is written in first person limited from the perspective of Johnny Joseph Elder.

I have decided to present it in chronological order instead of how it came to me.

Johnny Joseph Elder had a promising career ahead of him as an electrician and was dating a single mother who was twelve years his senior. After a night of wild but bizarre sexual encounters with her, Johnny was distracted on the job while connecting power to an outdoor condenser unit in the New Orleans area, was shocked by the 240 Volt current, thrown from the eight-foot-high platform, and landed back first onto the top bar of a hurricane fence. The impact damaged his lower back, leaving him in debilitating pain. His girlfriend dumped him when she realized he would be permanently disabled. He had just bought a fixer-upper house in the suburb west of New Orleans known as Metairie. His company compensated him well and he was able to seamlessly transition from Workmen’s Compensation to Social Security Disability. He was twenty-three at the time of his injury and had been continuously employed since the age of eighteen. Therefore, he was able to meet his existing financial needs and live somewhat comfortably. So, for the next two years, he spent his days writing on his computer, watching broadcast television, befriending his neighbors as well as the employees at his local grocer, Melinda’s Massive Superstore, and doing whatever work he could on his home, which was an older wood-frame house. The woman he was dating was toned, tanned, and muscular. He grew to deeply resent her and instead prayed that he would meet a young lady who was the complete opposite of her.

Annabelle Jenkins had a very happy early childhood. Her mom Debbie Lou Jenkins and dad Rupert Jenkins had a very happy marriage. Rupert was a Born Again Christian. Sadly, he was killed on the job in an accident, leaving Annabelle and Debbie to collect Social Security Survivor’s Benefits and Welfare. Debbie Lou had become angry and bitter. They moved from a decent ranch-style house in the suburbs (Kenner) into a fictional public housing complex in Metairie. Annabelle extensively romanticized the way things used to be. Debbie Lou subsequently got into a relationship with a single dad, Oliver Hudson, but they didn’t marry because of financial reasons. Oliver spends his days drinking, taking pain pills, and watching sports. While in the Second Grade, Annabelle was talking about age-inappropriate affections, remembering how her parents loved and cherished each other openly and, as a result, sent to the principal’s office. The principal molested her, doing incalculable amounts of mental and physical damage. She gained enough weight to be considered clinically obese and remained that way when she met Johnny Joseph Elder. She also had mood swings and would frequently butt heads with her stepdad, Oliver Hudson, and stepbrother Maurice Hudson. Annabelle was afraid of her mom’s reaction to the principal molesting her, thinking she would get blamed for it, so she kept it to herself. Because of her weight, she is frequently harassed in school. She is very lonely and longs for a young man who would accept her, for her, treat her with kindness, and shower her with affection. She resented men like Oliver and the principal, plus all the jocks who would torment her. She knew good men existed, because her dad was good to her, hence the reason why she set her standards so high.

Fast forward to May of Annabelle’s senior year of high school. She has a part-time job cleaning houses for cash, but Oliver frequently takes her money to buy pills. She is shopping with her mom at Melinda’s and asks her to buy her a phone card to keep her service on and a flash drive so she can write her term paper, which she needs to complete to graduate. Her mom tells her to buy it herself. Annabelle replies her Oliver stole her money to buy pills. They end up in an argument and Debbie Lou abandons Annabelle in the parking lot.

If that weren’t enough Tropical Storm Alidore, there to my knowledge never was a Tropical Cyclone by that name, which I did on purpose, is threatening the Louisiana Coast and specifically the New Orleans Metro. It is also forecast to become a strong Category 1 or weak Category 2 hurricane before making landfall. So, Mrs. Angela Fulton is at Melinda’s purchasing a Weather Radio and walking out with her purchase when she witnesses the whole event between Annabelle and her mom. Angela drives Annabelle to her house. She then calls Johnny Joseph Elder (her next-door neighbor) to come over and set up the new Weather Radio for her.

Johnny promptly crosses over and knocks on her door and Angela lets him in. He and Annabelle briefly exchange a smile, then he goes into Angela’s master bedroom and unboxes then programs the new Weather Radio for Angela. In the process of doing so, he asks her about the beautiful girl in her living room. Angela explains that the girl’s mom abandoned her in the parking lot at Melinda’s. Johnny comments the mother getting charged with child abandonment. Angela explains how the girl is eighteen. She then says how Johnny should go talk to her. Johnny says how he is twenty-five and wouldn’t have anything in common with her. Angela corrects him and says that age is just a number and that her husband was seven years older than her, how they deeply loved each other, and that she misses him to this day. Johnny says how marriages like that are pretty much non-existent. Johnny is very much attracted to Annabelle but is more afraid of rejection. Angela encourages him all the more to talk to Annabelle and agrees to help him out.

After the weather radio is programmed they both come out of the bedroom and Angela introduces Johnny and Annabelle to each other. She then tells Annabelle to explain her situation to Johnny and how she needs to buy a flash drive to type her term paper to graduate and a phone card. Johnny offers to buy one for her at Melinda’s because he has a revolving account there. He goes on to say how he was going there anyway to purchase a Weather Radio from there since a hurricane is coming. Angela interjects how she should accept his offer because he is a good man and couldn’t stop saying how pretty she is. Annabelle asks Johnny if he really does think she is pretty, to which he nods with a bold blush and a wide grin. She asks if he really would buy those things for him and he tells her he would unless she had a boyfriend. She comments that she is fat and that is why she doesn’t have a boyfriend, because no one wants her. Johnny replies how he thinks her weight compliments her appearance. Annabelle smiles and blushes then say how everyone at school harasses her because of her weight. Johnny says how they are cruel but once she graduates none of them will ever matter again. Annabelle says how she won’t graduate if she cannot turn in that paper. Johnny then suggests they go to the store and he will buy it. Annabelle agrees to walk with Johnny to Melinda’s. Angela tells them to have a good time.

As they are walking, Annabelle asks Johnny what he does for a living.

Johnny explains how he is on disability but was an electrician’s helper on his way to becoming an electrician.

He goes on to explain how he injured his back on the job and that being on disability allows him to pursue his main passion-writing.

Annabelle states that she also is a writer.

They begin to discuss wanting to read each others’ work.

Johnny says how he wouldn’t want to show some of the more steamy pieces to a lady like her.

Annabelle says she might like the steamy pieces even more, though.

Johnny asks her if she’s eighteen, to which she replies that she is, then asks Johnny his age to which he says, twenty-five and that he hopes he’s not too old for her because he likes her.

Annabelle says how age is just a number and that she thinks he is cute and sweet, plus he is taking care of her and that a lot of guys she knows are either immature or total jerks but he seems different.

Johnny exclaims that he feels like he is on Cloud Nine, to which Annabelle says she does as well.

They then share a hug as they enter Melinda’s.

Johnny selects a Weather Radio, a flash drive, and a prepaid phone card.

The cashier, Mrs. Sally Smith Williams, checks them out and tells Annabelle how Johnny is a keeper and to treat him right.

Annabelle exclaims how Johnny is indeed a keeper and cute as can be, to which she then smacks his buttocks.

Johnny and Annabelle then sit in the food court and exchange phone numbers, after Annabelle adds the funds to her GoPhone account.

Afterward, they leave Melinda’s Annabelle says how she now needs to type her term paper. Johnny offers her his computer, to which she gladly accepts. 

They walk to his house.

Upon entering, he shows her around, they awkwardly stare at his bed, then smile at each other, blushing. Annabelle says how she will get to work, to which Johnny logs her in. He offers her dinner; some oatmeal because it’s near payday for Johnny, and he is running low on food and cash. Annabelle agrees to stay.

They share a hug, then a kiss, to which Johnny apologizes, but Annabelle says it was sweet of him.

She then begins writing her paper.

Johnny sets up his new Weather Radio and places it on his kitchen gadgets rack. He then watches television and prepares dinner.

Annabelle finishes her paper, then they say grace and eat oatmeal. Afterward, they wash the dishes.

After the dishes are done, they agree to read their stories to each other but are interrupted by Johnny’s Weather Radio and Annabelle’s phone alerting them to a Hurricane Watch in effect.

Johnny offers to walk Annabelle to her mom’s apartment.

Annabelle states that she and Oliver will be on edge.

Johnny offers her his spare bedroom, to which Annabelle gladly accepts and instructs him to walk her to her bus stop in the morning.

They then begin to read to each other, especially the steamy parts, until Annabelle realizes she needs to bathe.

Johnny provides her with fresh towels and soap, and she goes to bathe.

Johnny watches television until she comes out, wrapped in a towel.

Annabelle then says how she will go to bed and asks Johnny to kiss her goodnight.

They exchange a kiss and Annabelle says she wants to do so much more, then goes into the spare bedroom and gets dressed.

Johnny also goes to bed in his bedroom, concluding the first piece.

The next morning, Johnny is woken up to Annabelle’s alarm on her phone.

He retrieves his flashlight which he usually EDCs and puts fresh batteries in it.

Annabelle becomes slightly annoyed because she is in a hurry.

They walk out the door to the bus stop and Annabelle apologizes for rushing him, stating that she is nervous as to what her mother and Oliver’s reaction will be when she walks in the door to get her backpack and a fresh change of clothes.

Johnny states how he wishes there was something he could do, to which Annabelle says to just be there for her.

Johnny assures her that he isn’t going anywhere, except to Melinda’s [Massive] Superstore.

They begin to share hugs and kisses under the glow of a streetlight until an uptight motorist sounds the horn.

Johnny then walks Annabelle up to her mom’s unit, then kisses her goodbye.

He then goes home, retrieves his personal shopping cart then walks to Melinda’s to buy some storm supplies and non-perishable groceries.

Sally checks him out again and says how her husband, Rodney Williams, is terminally ill and on Oxygen and states that she will be evacuating with him as soon as her shift is over.

Johnny offers to pray for them, to which she thanks them.

Johnny takes his loaded shopping cart and sits in the food court as he sips on a blend of coffee, chicory, and hot milk.

When the sun is finally up, Johnny walks home and secures his purchases.

As he is cutting across his front yard, Angela stands by the hurricane fence and asks about how it went with him and Annabelle.

Johnny picks up everything, then goes over to tell her about it.

He notices a local government truck is parked in front of her house and asks her about it.

She replies that her son, Roger Fulton, is there.

He comes out, introduces himself, and explains that he is a fleet mechanic for the fire departments.

Angela says how Johnny looks out for her and helps her out a lot.

She then asks Johnny how it went with him and Annabelle, to which Johnny says he is glad she set them up.

Roger shouts from outside that he is going to hook up the generator.

Johnny says how he has to board up his windows.

Angela says to have Roger help him, so his back doesn’t get further messed up and that he needs to be able to be a lover to Annabelle.

She goes on to say that Roger will especially help him if he can properly wire the generator.

Roger has the mechanical aspect of the generator figured out but is clueless as to the wiring.

Johnny explains how he was an electrician’s helper for five years and would have become a fine electrician had he not injured his back.

He then goes on to properly wire the generator albeit with terrible back pain as a result.

The generator is proven to work, then, Angela requests Roger to assist Johnny in boarding up his windows as well as hers, to which he agrees. After the tasks are complete, Roger heads to work and Johnny presents him with a high-quality ratchet and socket set that he no longer needs.

Johnny then prepares all of his appliances and electronics for the storm, then once finished he walks to the park and writes in a composition book. Annabelle is the source of his inspiration. He writes until she calls him and has him meet her at the bus stop. She says how she turned in her term paper and the deadline was extended because of the storm, but she is getting extra credit for turning it in early.

He meets her, then they exchange a kiss. She goes inside and packs her bags, then twelve minutes later she comes out.

Johnny attempts to carry her bags but collapses on the sidewalk.

Annabelle apologizes saying how she didn’t realize how badly damaged his back was and that she will carry the bags.

Johnny says how he is afraid she will leave him now that she knows.

Annabelle replies that even though his back is messed up, he has a good heart.

Johnny gets back up and Annabelle hugs and kisses him. Another uptight motorist sounds the car horn, to which Annabelle gives the “Metry Salute” (her middle finger.)

Hand in hand they walk to Johnny’s house.

Johnny shows Annabelle the storm supplies and groceries he purchased then hands Annabelle a personal-sized flashlight to keep in her purse.

She asks him to read to her, which he does until they are alerted via phone and Weather Radio of a Hurricane Warning now in effect.

Annabelle becomes nervous and tears fill her eyes.

Johnny tries his best to comfort her and promises to take care of her.

He then takes a sealed bag of frozen white beans from his freezer and warms them up.

As the beans are getting hot, they share kiss after kiss.

Then dinner is ready and Johnny pours pancake syrup on the white beans and they say grace and eat.

Afterward, they wash the dishes then go watch Breaking Dawns Parts 1 and 2 on DVD, then fall asleep in each others’ arms, thus concluding the second piece.

Annabelle and Johnny wake up to howling winds and driving rain as the feeder bands are passing through.

Johnny makes them an egg omelet for breakfast.

After they are finished eating, Annabelle begins to wash the dishes, until there is a flash of lightning.

Nervously, Johnny commands Annabelle to get away from the sink.

She questions him with irritation but he explains, that the lightning can hit her through the pipes and they will worry about the dishes later.

Johnny then listens to the radio and the reporters paint a grim picture.

He then apologizes for yelling at Annabelle, to which she rubs his chest hair and kisses him, accepting his apology, and then says that Oliver makes her do dishes no matter what the weather.

Annabelle then asks Johnny to change the radio to a music station because she wants to dance with him.

They find a music station and dance until they are sleepy from the physical activity and breakfast.

Annabelle cradles Johnny in her lap and they fall asleep.

Hours pass until they are woken up by even more howling winds and whipping rains and Annabelle needs to answer nature’s call.

As she attempts to turn on the bathroom light, she realizes there is no power. Johnny reminds her there is a flashlight in her purse.

Annabelle walks to the bathroom with her purse and shuts the door behind her.

In time Annabelle steps out, then Johnny goes to relieve himself as well.

After Johnny steps out, Annabelle rushes up to him stating that she is scared.

Johnny promises that he will try his best to comfort her, then suggests that they hunker down.

Annabelle says how usually she enjoys hurricanes because of all the junk food, then she says ‘look how fat I am.’

Johnny tells her that he thinks she is beautiful, body and soul.

Annabelle says there must be something wrong with him.

Johnny admits that he thinks he is a perv because he likes big beautiful women.

Annabelle grabs him and says that he is her perv.

They exchange kisses until her glasses fog up.

Annabelle then asks if they could cuddle in his bed.

He agrees.

After a moment of cuddling and increasing affections, Annabelle comments that she could so make love to Johnny.

Johnny replies that he would want her to.

She then asks if he was sure, then reveals what happened to her in the principal’s office.

Johnny then reveals what happened with his ex-girlfriend.

Annabelle then promises that if they do make love, she won’t throw him away as his ex did.

They then become intimate both climaxing as the eyewall passes over them.

The storm settles down, so they get dressed, step out and Johnny observes all the damage.

Angela also steps out of her house and greets them.

Johnny is nervous wondering if his house will stand the storm.

Angela says how her house stood all the previous storms and so did his and that the only damage is blown off siding and shingles and those are small potatoes. She goes on to say how he should take advantage of being alone with Annabelle.

Annabelle replies how they already have and it was wonderful.

Angela tells them to do it some more because there are a plethora of health benefits associated with coitus.

The storm starts picking up again and Angela tells them to go love each other.

Johnny and Annabelle agree and make love until they are too tired to move, falling asleep in each others’ arms until morning, thus concluding the third piece.

I must add that, while I would have written a story involving fornication in 2017, I definitely would not write something like that in 2022. I have since grown in The Lord and was heavily convicted for writing this and similar stories. I still think this series of stories communicate some ideas that I tremendously value, hence my reason for sharing.

There is an interlude that takes place, then it is the Fourth Wednesday of May and payday for Johnny Joseph Elder. 

During the interlude, Annabelle graduates and moves in full-time with Johnny.

Johnny gets dressed and collects his EDC items after checking his bank account and confirming that his SSDI check was deposited. He then listens to the forecast on his Weather Radio, which tells of high heat and high humidity with a significant chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon (which is typical for Louisiana in the late spring and summer.)

He knows that he needs to run his monthly errands and get home before the thunderstorms are due.

Annabelle is slowly waking up and he asks her if she wants to come run errands with her.

She agrees and gets dressed.

They leave the house on foot and walk to the transit terminal. Johnny renews his transit pass and also purchases one for Annabelle. 

They then board the bus and go to the bank.

After waiting in line for several minutes, they see a teller. Johnny pays his mortgage and takes the paperwork.

He and Annabelle then walk half of a mile to Melinda’s, to which Annabelle comments how she needs to lose weight.

Johnny replies for her not to lose too much weight because he thinks she is sexy just as she is. He then tells her that he would want her whether she was big as a house or tiny as a toothpick.

Annabelle blushes then they begin to exchange hugs and kisses publicly with hands in each other’s back pockets.

Several uptight motorists sound their horns at them as they make their way to Melinda’s on foot.

Finally, they arrive, out of breath.

They walk to the customer service desk where Johnny pays off his credit line in addition to his utilities.

After they are done, he and Annabelle go shopping, and he purchases Annabelle two romance novels and himself a multi-tool and a phone card.

They are once again checked out by Sally Smith Williams and she asks how did they fare for Alidore.

Johnny replies how there are just shingles and siding blown off, but the storm brought him and Annabelle closer together.

Annabelle then winks and she rubs her nose against Johnny.

Sally then said how she drove her husband two hundred miles inland and they stayed at a church.

Johnny said how he thanked God they excused her absence and that he wouldn’t shop at Melinda’s if he found out that they were cruel to the workers.

Sally replies not to worry and how they are like one big family.

Johnny pays for his items with his debit card and is approved.

He and Annabelle then go to the deli and order a fried chicken meal which they eat in the food court.

After they are finished eating, Johnny applies the phone card funds to his Go Phone account, then begins playing with his new multi-tool.

Annabelle giggles and comments that he is cute.

Johnny blushes slightly.

They refill their drinks and then walk back to their house.

They sit on the sofa and Annabelle reads from the books he bought her.

Johnny logs onto his computer and pays his wireless internet bill.

He then does a little research on his computer, until he gets a tap on the shoulder.

He looks away from the computer screen to see Annabelle standing in her undergarments.

Assertively she says, ‘you…me…the bed, right now Johnny Joseph Elder!’ As she kisses him with excitement.

Johnny replies, oh bae, your wish is my command!

She then pulls off his clothing and he removes her undergarments.

They become intimate as a thunderstorm unleashes its power.

After making love they eat a meal of boiled hot-dogs and canned chili, thus concluding the fourth piece.

There is then approximately a six-month interlude between this previous piece and Thanksgiving. It entails Johnny getting his house fixed, including a personal loan to cover what his insurance did not. Of course, he and Annabelle fall deeper in love during this time and their relationship grows more serious, as you, the reader, will see.

Johnny and Annabelle are slowly waking up on the morning of Thanksgiving.

The gas-powered floor furnace is on full blast despite it only being late November in Southeast, Louisiana.

Both step out of bed and Johnny throws his arms around Annabelle and rubs her buttocks.

She beams brightly and giggles then comments on how she almost wishes that they didn’t have to go to dinner so they could instead spend the day making love.

Johnny replies how he feels bliss when they make love, but they are at least getting a free meal.

Annabelle then says how it is free monetarily but they pay in other ways, to which Johnny says how they can just leave.

Johnny goes on to say that if they make her feel uncomfortable and distressed, how he will leave with her and he doesn’t care what they think.

Annabelle says how he is making her want to stay home even more.

Johnny said that if he didn’t have to cover that deductible, then he would have money for his own Thanksgiving meal.

Annabelle says that he is responsible and wise with his finances, unlike her mom or Oliver.

She then goes to relieve her bladder.

Johnny enters the bathroom after he hears the toilet flush, then they make love while showering together.

After they are clean, Johnny turns on the gas valve to his bathroom heater and strikes a match as they lovingly dry each other off.

Annabelle helps Johnny get dressed, then she dresses in front of him.

Johnny comments how Annabelle’s outfit drives him wild.

Annabelle replies how she loves him because he adores her including her weight. She goes on to say that she also loves him because he has a heart of gold, he takes care of her, and he’s level-headed and cute. She asks what made him fall in love with her.

Johnny states that it’s the fact that she still wanted him despite his disability and that she is still very sweet despite all those bad things happening to her and the fact that she takes care of him as well in her own way and he went on to say that since he first laid eyes on her he thought she was the most beautiful girl ever.

Annabelle then says how she guesses that they do have a lot to be thankful for no matter where they celebrate Thanksgiving.

Johnny announces that it is an hour until she is expected at her mother’s.

Annabelle suggests they go visit Angela.

They then cross over and she greets them but says how her son is coming over in about an hour to take her to his house for dinner.

She then asks Johnny to check and see why her Weather Radio isn’t charging.

He figures out that the fuse for her bedroom receptacles blew.

She comments how that must be why her portable space heater doesn’t work either.

He installs a new fuse and offers to run a dedicated line for her space heater tomorrow when the stores are open.

Angela says how she will pay him so they can go shopping for Black Friday.

She then goes to her kitchen and calls her son to see where he’s at.

After hanging up the phone, she says how Roger is only a few blocks away.

Minutes later, he arrives and Angela tells him how she needs him to take Johnny to the supply house so he can run an electric line for her heater.

He agrees and states that he’s glad Johnny watches out for his momma.

He then takes Angela to his house.

In the bleak biting cold, Johnny and Annabelle walk to her mom and stepdad’s apartment.

Oliver lets them in.

Debbie Lou states how they have takeout from KFC, and Annabelle angrily whispers to Johnny how they were too lazy to cook anything.

Debbie Lou asks Oliver when he wants to eat, to which he gruffly replies halftime.

Annabelle asks how long until then.

Oliver says how there are two minutes left on the clock but in real-time it could be five to seven minutes and that she will live and she’s not exactly starving.

Johnny whispers for Annabelle to ignore him and that she’s beautiful.

Annabelle places her face in Johnny’s chest then looks up at him and says thank you.

They begin to hold hands and exchange kisses. Johnny even kisses Annabelle’s stomach.

They both exchange those three little words, then go sit on the sofa and engage in even more affections, until Oliver bellows for them to cut it out.

Annabelle says how he’s not her dad, no not even close.

Oliver reminds them that it’s his apartment and it disgusts him to see them pawing at each other like randy cats.

Debbie Lou interjects and asks that they all eat.

Annabelle agrees and says that she is hungry.

Oliver remarks that she is always hungry.

Annabelle comments that he probably weighs as much as her.

Oliver then replies that he is a man and men can bet fat but fat women and fat girls, like her, are disgusting.

Johnny is now angry and tells Oliver that Annabelle is not disgusting by any means and that she is the most beautiful young lady he ever laid eyes upon, weight included.

Oliver calls Johnny a chubby chaser and that he stays with her because his back is messed up and no one else wants him.

Johnny said how he’s glad no one else wants him because that means there’s no temptation.

Annabelle tells Johnny that he’s so sweet and sexy as hell. She then calls Oliver a douche bag.

Oliver threatens to kick them out.

Debbie Lou asks Annabelle why is she disrespecting Oliver.

Annabelle replies that he called her fat.

Debbie Lou then says that she told Annabelle how she needed to lose weight for years.

Annabelle goes on to say the reason why she is obese. And that her grade school principal molested her in his office. She went on to say how she was talking about her daddy who recently died and about all the affection he showed both of them the teacher thought it was inappropriate so she was sent to the office where the principal molested her. She went on to say how she never told her because she was afraid of being whipped.

Oliver said that if he would have known, he would have flattened the principal like a bug.

Annabelle said how he harassed her about her weight more than anyone else.

Oliver apologized and said how she’s the closest to a daughter he ever had and even though they never got along, he wouldn’t have ever wanted her to be molested.

Debbie Lou stated that her appetite is ruined but they need to report this.

Annabelle said how the principal is now out of the country, having his way with countless other little girls.

Oliver wants to know how can he make amends.

Annabelle tells him to be more understanding in the future and not to say those horrible things he says about heavyset women and girls, to take care of her mom, and to stop taking those pills.

Oliver promised to seek treatment for his addiction and that he was a star football player in high school and college but an injury ended his career. The pain from his injury became unbearable and that is how he got hooked on pain pills.

Annabelle then asks if they can eat to which Debbie Lou serves the food.

Silently they eat dinner, thus concluding the piece.

The next day Johnny is up early and is making breakfast in bed for Annabelle.

He listens to his Weather Radio and learns about cloud cover all day with high in the upper forties and an eighty percent chance of showers and thunderstorms after dark.

He then serves Annabelle breakfast.

She is woken up by the dishes rattling, softly rubs her eyes, and puts her glasses on.

They eat together in bed.

Annabelle asks if they could cuddle until it’s time to go.

Johnny replies how he couldn’t think of a better way to spend the morning.

Annabelle wraps her arms and legs around Johnny and Johnny kisses her stomach, then says how she is the sexiest lady he’s ever seen.

The passion increases but is interrupted when Roger knocks at the door.

They exchange those three little words, then Johnny leaves.

Roger drives Johnny to the supply house and they order all the parts they need.

When the order is filled, they drive to Angela’s and Johnny installs the electric line for her portable heater.

The room is now very warm.

Angela sees the conduit and thinks Johnny laid a gas line.

Johnny shows Angela how it is an electric line but only for her heater.

He also lectures her not to put anything within three feet of that heater.

Angela then pays Johnny $200 and instructs him to go Christmas shopping.

Johnny places the bills in his wallet and walks home. Annabelle is dressed and ready to go shopping, thus concluding Black Friday Part 1.

Johnny and Annabelle then walk to the bus stop and take a bus to the shopping center.

Upon arrival, Johnny walks to the supply house and purchases a high-end screwdriver set for Roger. He and Annabelle then go to the adjacent Wal*Mart and that she will purchase the gifts for the females and he will purchase the gifts for the males, and they split up.

Johnny buys a Hyper Tough tool-set for Maurice, two sports almanacs one for his dad and one for Oliver, and a Bluetooth headset for his brother.

He and Annabelle later meet up in the food court and began their public displays of affection until reprimanded by a policewoman working on security detail.

Johnny tells her that he will purchase that at Melinda’s later in the evening after they pick up the other gifts.

They then take their purchases to the bus stop and ride back to their stop. As they are riding Annabelle shows Johnny the gifts she purchased, body wash and an Oldies CD for Angela, a Snuggie for Johnny’s sister, and “Law and Order” DVDs for Johnny’s mom and that is everything except a bottle of cherry wine for her mom. Johnny tells Annabelle that he will purchase the wine later in the evening at Melinda’s and offers Annabelle to go eat some turkey sausage gumbo sold in the deli. She gladly accepts, stating that she is hungry. The bus soon arrives at their stop, then takes them to their home stop. Johnny and Annabelle walk home and put away the gifts.

Promptly, they walk to Melinda’s and purchase the wine.

Sally cards Johnny, then checks him out, trying to keep a straight face.

They then walk to the deli and each purchase some gumbo and drinks, say grace then happily eat.

When finished their meal, they walk home. On the way, Annabelle asks if they should pick up where they left off this morning, to which Johnny replies, bae you wish is my command.

They then rush home and passionately become intimate, thus concluding Black Friday Part 2.

At some point, Johnny purchased train tickets for himself and Annabelle to take the train on Christmas Day to see his family.

There is then a three-to-four-week interlude, but then the next piece takes place on Christmas Eve Morning, with Johnny and Annabelle getting out of bed and lovingly exchanging affections, which ultimately leads to Johnny performing cunnilingus on Annabelle and then making love to her afterward.

Subsequently, they exchange gifts.

Johnny then gives Annabelle a promise ring, stating that he promises to be hers and hers only and that he wants no one else and that he hopes she feels the same way.

Annabelle says how the ring is beautiful and that indeed feels the same way, then gives Johnny a smartphone and explains that he is about to be twenty-six and therefore needs to upgrade from his rugged flip phone.

Johnny says how he is glad that he doesn’t have to be tied to his computer anymore for internet access and that he can combine his phone plan with a data plan and save money each month.

They exchange those three little words, then Johnny says how he wishes he bought Annabelle and an engagement ring instead but didn’t want to scare her. Annabelle says how it wouldn’t have scared her but would have been a dream come true.

Johnny offers to buy her an engagement ring once the deductible loan is paid off, to which Annabelle says for Johnny to give her his time, loyalty, and affections. To which he assures her that she has those forever.

After the lovemaking they are hungry and Johnny makes them some French Toast AKA Lost Bread.

They then get dressed together, then go bring Angela her gifts.

It is sunny and mild outside.

A moment later they arrive and Angela welcomes them in.

They hand her the Oldies CD and some body wash.

Angela gives Johnny as TSA compliant Leatherman Multi-Tool and Annabelle a $40 Target Gift Card.

She then gives them some Christmas punch which is spiked.

Johnny and Annabelle dance together to the music of the Oldies CD, then they all watch a Christmas movie together.

After the movie is over, Johnny and Annabelle walk to her mother’s apartment and they exchange gifts.

Johnny and Annabelle each get a $100 gift card to Melinda’s.

Maurice then watches gamers on YouTube, Oliver reads his sports almanac and Debbie Lou gradually gets drunk on the wine.

Johnny and Annabelle snuggle on the sofa until everyone goes to bed, then they walk home and fall asleep in each others’ arms, thus concluding the Christmas Eve piece.

Johnny and Annabelle wake up slowly in each other’s arms. It’s seven-thirty on Christmas Morning.

They exchange several kisses, then Annabelle relieves her bladder in the bathroom.

After she flushes and steps out, she tells Johnny that if she didn’t have to meet his family, she would want to spend the day making love to him.

Johnny states that he hopes her family accepts him and that he’s worried they will have the wrong assumptions because of their age difference.

Annabelle reassures him that she isn’t worried about that and she loves him for him and he just happens to be seven years her senior.

They mutually agree that they cannot picture themselves with anyone else.

Annabelle then pushes Johnny onto the bed and begins to sit on his face, when her phone rings.

It’s Maurice calling asking if she is ready to which she says she will be in ten minutes.

They then get dressed together with their bags already packed.

Johnny then turns off all the lights in addition to his floor furnace. Annabelle gets the gifts, then they deadbolt the door.

The weather is bleak, humid, and cold.

Maurice pulls up in his pickup truck.

They place the gifts in the truck bed.

Johnny opens the door for Annabelle and peeks under her dress, then climbs in.

Maurice drives them to the train station and asks Johnny what did he do before he went on disability.

Johnny explains that he was an electrician’s helper, but ruined his back on the job.

Annabelle then chimes in how Johnny would have made an awesome electrician, but he is very good at laying pipe.

Johnny corrects her and says that to an electrician it is known as conduit, not pipe.

Annabelle then says that whatever he calls it, it’s amazing.

Maurice comments TMI but admits he wishes he could find a relationship like that.

Then Johnny said that for Maurice to make himself more desirable Johnny could teach him how to be a handyman.

Then Maurice says he could teach Johnny how to fix computers.

Annabelle then says how they could both teach him how to write.

Maurice then says how they all need to get together soon as they arrive at the train station.

Johnny and Annabelle retrieve their gifts and bags, then wish Maurice a Merry Christmas. Annabelle then says how she will call him to pick them up when the train returns tomorrow evening.

Johnny and Annabelle wait until they hear their announcement that their train is ready, then board. After being seated, Johnny calls his mom and lets her know that he is on his way and that his girlfriend is with him.

The train begins to head west, thus concluding Christmas Day Part 1.

Annabelle falls asleep on Johnny until the train begins to cross the Huey Pierce Long Bridge.

Johnny wakes her up so she can enjoy the view.

I, myself, make an appearance in the story as I am also a passenger on that train and I am listening on a portable scanner radio.

I stare at Johnny and Annabelle for a moment then apologize to them, and explain how it’s always amazing when I see people in real life who resemble characters in the stories I write.

They say how they are writers as well.

Annabelle then asks what am I listening to.

I explain that it is a scanner and I am listening to the train crew’s communications but also marine communications on the Mississippi River.

Johnny tells me how he always wanted one, but could never afford it.

I tell him he can get one for cheap on eBay, assuming he just wants to listen to railroad and marine.

Johnny says how he lives near a railroad yard (KCS West Yard) and is a few blocks from The River.

I then say how I don’t like to turn my scanner on in front of ladies, because of the language some of those marine workers use over the radio.

Annabelle says how Johnny doesn’t curse in front of her either.

I then ask what they do for a living.

Johnny explains his disability and Annabelle says how she cleans houses for cash but how she wants to become a security guard at Melinda’s.

Johnny adds in how she could practice her defensive tactics on him and it would be a turn-on if she wrestled him down and sat on him.

Annabelle blushes and says how Johnny is such a perv but it is sexy as hell.

I tell them that they are a cute couple and they thank me.

I then ask where are they getting off and Johnny replies the very next one. I tell them how I am headed out west to meet up with other bloggers.

Annabelle asks if I can hear the workers at Melinda’s on my scanner, to which I tell her that I can.

She then tells Johnny that she could buy him a scanner for his birthday.

I tell her how I can only hear them when I am near the store.

Johnny replies that they’re only a block from Melinda’s.

I tell him then they could listen to all they want.

I then start reading on my phone.

Annabelle falls asleep on Johnny’s shoulder.

Johnny looks outside seeing ponds homes and forests.

Finally, an announcement is made that the next stop will be in ten minutes.

Johnny calls his mom and states his location to which she replies that they are on their way now.

I then tell Johnny and Annabelle that it was a privilege talking to them because they are so much like the characters I create and how I hope I can find love that is like the love expressed in the stories I write about.

Annabelle tells me not to give up and to keep writing and one day a young lady will come along and realize that she is the one for me.

Johnny gives me his email address and suggests that we exchange each other’s work.

I then program it into my phone and send him the link to my blog via email.

Annabelle says how she and Johnny will read it together.

The train comes to a stop with Johnny and Annabelle disembarking.

Johnny’s parents are waiting in their CUV.

Johnny and Annabelle load the bags and presents into the hatch, then Johnny opens the door for Annabelle and they ride to Johnny’s parents’ house, thus concluding Christmas Day 

Part 2.

Johnny’s mom asks Annabelle what are her intentions with her son.

Annabelle replies that she loves him a lot and he loves her.

Johnny’s mom asks whether or not she will leave him suddenly as the last one did.

Annabelle confidently states that Johnny has her for good.

Johnny’s dad asks how they met.

Annabelle said that Johnny’s neighbor set them up and she is so thankful that she did.

Johnny’s dad asks Annabelle if she works anywhere to which she replies that she cleans houses for cash but is trying to get hired on as a security guard at Melinda’s. He then asks if he thinks she could handle a dangerous customer. Annabelle says how she could sit on him or her until the cops arrive. Johnny then adds in how he will let her practice on him so she can get good at it. Johnny’s mother tells him to watch it. She goes on to say how she thought his back was ruined or was he just making it up.

Johnny and Annabelle silently exchange those three little words.

Johnny’s dad then asks her if she is going to school anywhere. She says she is done with school for good and that she graduated high school this past May. Johnny’s mother asks why she doesn’t further her education. Annabelle states how she is sick of being mistreated because of her weight but Johnny is the only man that ever made her feel beautiful and that is one of the reasons why she fell in love with him but it’s definitely not the only one.

Johnny adds in how Annabelle makes him happier than he ever dared hope or dream and just about everyone around him can see it and how his ex ghosted him once she found out he would be disabled but Annabelle is right there by his side and so much 

more beautiful inside and out.

Annabelle then says how she wants Johnny for his heart and his looks as well.

Johnny’s mom comments that Johnny is settling because Annabelle doesn’t mind him living off the government.

Johnny states how he was settling when he was with his ex and how Annabelle exceeds his standards and to him is wife material.

Johnny’s mother then turns around, looks at them, and sternly says how she wants them to be contributing members of society and not two lazy moochers who make babies they cannot feed.

Annabelle comments how she does indeed work and Johnny adds in how the income he gets is drawn from what he paid into the system when he worked.

Johnny’s dad says how they’re almost home and suggests letting it be peaceful.

Johnny’s mom says how they’ll discuss it later but she is very upset.

They then pull into the driveway.

Annabelle and Johnny step out of the vehicle and share a kiss.

They go inside and sit on the sofa.

Johnny apologizes to Annabelle about his mother.

Annabelle replies that her mother and his mother should go jogging together.

Johnny says how he hopes Annabelle still wants him.

Annabelle says more than ever that she felt so special when he told his mother how she exceeds his standards and is indeed wife material. And how when they get home she will practice her security guard tactics on him and see where it leads, then showers Johnny with kisses.

They then exchange those three words yet again.

Johnny’s siblings and their significant others arrive.

They all exchange gifts and Johnny introduces Annabelle to them.

They talk amongst themselves while the parents finish up the Christmas Dinner.

As Johnny’s dad is taking the ham out of the oven, he notices the heating element is on fire and panics.

Johnny cuts off the breaker to the oven, then takes a wet bath towel and puts out the fire.

He then uses the screwdriver element on his multi-tool and removes the damaged heating element.

Annabelle whispers to Johnny that he is so sexy when he fixes stuff.

Johnny suffers from multiple shooting pains in his back as he performs the task.

His mom offers him some Excedrin.

Johnny says he has to let the pain run its course and that he hopes she realizes that he isn’t making it up.

His mom says how she wishes he could make more money and not live off the government.

Annabelle interjects that money cannot buy happiness.

Johnny adds in how there are plenty of people with good-paying jobs, nice houses, and multiple vehicles yet they are still absolutely miserable.

His back pain then eases up and he finishes removing the broken element.

He then writes down the model and make of the oven and instructs his dad to take it to a supply house.

Johnny’s dad states how he will pay for Johnny and Annabelle’s train tickets back home since he will fix the oven.

Johnny’s parents each give their children and the partners a $100 check then they all watch television.

Hours, later, Johnny’s siblings and their partners leave.

Even more hours later, they all go to bed and Johnny’s mom instructs that he and Annabelle sleep in separate bedrooms.

Johnny says how the others are allowed to sleep in the same bed at her house, though.

His mom says that the others work and he doesn’t.

Johnny says he would if he could.

His mom says for him to get a job that doesn’t affect his back instead of living off the government.

Johnny says that he would then be at the mercy of employer-sponsored health insurance.

His mom says how that’s life and to get over it.

Johnny points out to his mother that she is angry that there are people who don’t achieve as much as she does yet they are still happier than her, including himself and Annabelle.

His mom rebuffs that those on disability have it way too easy and that she has to bust her butt so where’s her happiness.

Johnny further points out how perceived prosperity is not the key to happiness and that even the working poor have it worse than her, yet many of them are still happier than her. He then went on to say how when he was younger she told him that money makes a person comfortable not happy.

His mom states how she was more idealistic then but now deals in reality. She also says how if they want to make babies and with her tax dollars supporting them then she cannot stop them but she won’t let it happen in her house.

Annabelle soberly tells her that they wouldn’t have coitus in her house because she wouldn’t disrespect her like that but she would like Johnny to keep her warm because it is cold.

Johnny’s mom still refuses them.

Johnny and Annabelle attempt to share a good night kiss but his mom stops them.

They then go to separate bedrooms and text each other all night long, thus concluding Christmas Day Part 3.

There is another month and a half interlude and then the Pilot piece occurs.

That was the first piece I wrote and it takes place in February. I never covered the events of Johnny replacing the oven’s heating element, the train ride back home, or Johnny’s twenty-sixth birthday, all of which occur during this interlude.

Johnny introduces himself, his girlfriend, and his entire living situation to the reader.

The piece continues with Annabelle stepping out of the bathroom and saying, bae, let’s go make groceries, which is NOLASpeek for grocery shopping.

Johnny struggles to get his jacket and shoes on, then they walk out the door.

They walk the block to Melinda’s, then enter.

After walking the store for a bit, Johnny asks Annabelle what she would like for dinner.

She replies with homemade fried potatoes.

Johnny says, say no more, then selects a large bag of Russet potatoes, a gallon jug of Wesson cooking oil, and a canister to Tony Chachere’s Creole Seasoning.

They then ask an associate on skates to show them where the Remoulade sauce is located, which is a clear reference to my “Grocer and Writer” stories.

Finally, they select a two-liter bottle of R. C. Cola and some Moon Pies for dessert.

Annabelle reminds Johnny that she is going to gain even more weight, to which Johnny says he thinks she is sexy as hell and feels ecstatic holding her at night.

They begin exchanging their public displays of affection, then check out.

Sally comments how they always make such a cute couple.

Johnny thanks her and then says how they usually get harassed for showing PDA.

Sally says how the world needs more love and less hate and how anyone who harasses them is either jealous, uptight, or both.

Johnny charges the items to his revolving account, then they walk out with the items in his personal folding shopping cart.

They go home and become intimate, until the hunger pangs set in.

Johnny then prepares dinner and they eat.

Afterward, they watch some old DVDs, until Annabelle suggests that they go write.

They create romantic fantasies together until they are too sleepy to keep their eyes open.

They go to bed and hold each other all night long in a peaceful slumber, thus concluding the Pilot piece.

There is then a three-month interlude, in which Johnny comes out of his backsliding, pays off his deductible loan, and purchases an engagement ring for Annabelle.

He is walking home with the ring on a late afternoon, in May, the first anniversary of them being a couple.

Annabelle greets him, then he walks her to the park, saying he has a surprise for her.

She puts on her shoes and then heads to the park with him.

Johnny tells her that he is blessed to have her in his life and he wants her to know that for sure.

Annabelle says how that’s so sweet.

Johnny then says he wants her by his side for the rest of his life, to which Annabelle agrees.

They enter the park and Johnny says now for your surprise.

He gets on one knee pulls out the ring and proposes to her.

Annabelle covers her mouth and her eyes fill with tears and she happily says yes.

Johnny places the ring on her finger and they share a passionate kiss.

Johnny points out that today makes one year that they are together.

Annabelle states that she hopes for many more.

Everyone in the park cheers and claps, another reference to my “Grocer and Writer” stories.

Johnny then tells Annabelle that he has been a Child of God since the age of seventeen but had backslidden for years but now he is running back to God and knows in order to please Him they must marry.

Annabelle says that she wants to be a Child of God as well and what must she do.

Johnny suggests they go home and he will gladly explain all of it, thus concluding the piece.

Johnny and Annabelle walk home and then go sit on the sofa.

Annabelle says how her daddy always claimed he was a child of God and therefore will go to Heaven when he dies and she wants to be a child of God too.

Johnny replies that he will do his best to explain it and he wants her to be a child of God, more than anything else.

Johnny gently states that we are all sinners and deserve to go to a sinner’s hell.

He continues by saying that God does not want that to happen though, because He loves us immensely, but still our sins must be paid for and the payment required is very high. It is so high it requires us to spend eternity in hell paying for it. Someone paid that price for us in full. God was also satisfied with the payment. That Someone is Jesus Christ. He went to the cross and suffered terribly to pay for the sins of mankind because He loves us that much.

Johnny finally tells Annabelle that she must first off acknowledge that she is a sinner deserving of hell. Then she must realize that Jesus Christ loves her and took her punishment, but she has to be willing to invite Him into her life and let Him rule her life and accept Him as The Lord of her life and the Savior of her soul. And believe that His payment is sufficient.

Annabelle asks how to do that.

Johnny then tells her to talk to Him sincerely but to please do it as soon as possible because this is the most important thing she will ever do. Just pray to Him, and in that prayer, invite Him as your personal Lord and Savior and ask Him to save your soul and rule your life. If you truly mean it and you truly believe what I am telling you, then you will become a child of God.

Annabelle closed her eyes and bowed her head reverently.

Tears began to flow from her eyes and a smile came to her face.

She then exclaims, ‘I believe it all! And yes I have asked Jesus Christ to save me and rule my life. I am feeling very guilty about living with you and having coitus with you even though we’re not married, but I have nowhere else to go.’

Johnny explained how That was the Holy Ghost convicting her of sin and how he has felt guilty about it too, just he loves her so much and never wanted to lose her, so that is why he slept with her.

Annabelle admits that If she would have known exactly how wrong having sex with him was, she wouldn’t have done it, but what is done is done and she is glad they’re getting married now because she strongly feels the need to. And that because he’s so sweet to her, he would have never lost her.”

Johnny explains how they need to find a church to start going to and they need to marry as soon as possible.

Annabelle asks Johnny if he would be offended if she slept in his extra bedroom until they are married.

Johnny says that if she feels that is what God is telling her, then listen to Him by all means.

Annabelle tells Johnny that she loves him so much and thanks to him for being so understanding.

Johnny tells Annabelle that he loves her too and he is immensely joyous that she is saved and that he’s been wanting her to be saved ever since he met her, but he, himself, had been in a horrendously backslidden state.

Excitedly, Annabelle says that she will see her daddy again when she dies and that she was angry at God for years for taking him away from her, but now she knows that God has him safe and sound and she thanks Him for that.

Johnny then prepares them some white beans, thus concluding the series…

I had finished work on the series at some point in 2020.

I know there are some loose ends and I apologize for that, but I did pour my heart into this story series. Furthermore, the loose ends are probably since my writing of it spanned a period of a failing marriage, a divorce, a new blossoming and promising romance, and then sadly a breakup.

I hope this has been an entertaining and informative synopsis and thank you for taking the time to read it.

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A Review of the Streamlight ProTac 2AA Tactical Flashlight

Just so we’re all clear, I am not the owner of the image featured on this page. I must needs to give credit whereupon credit is due and I downloaded this image from Streamlight’s website.

I had discovered Streamlight’s flashlights some time in my teens and first saw one in real life in December of 2005 when I was 18 going on 19.

A Terrebonne Parish Sheriff’s deputy showed me his Streamlight Twin Task and I thought it was cool.

I almost bought an incandescent Streamlight JR in January of 2006 and now can kick myself for not doing so.

I bought my first Streamlight flashlights in 2009 and 2010 but gave them to friends.

The first time I had considered EDCing a Streamlight flashlight was in early 2018.

So respectively in January and March of 2018, I purchased a Streamlight ProTac 2AAA.

On both of them, the pocket clamp popped off and they were forever misplaced.

So, in May of 2018, I had moved into my current place after leaving my now ex-wife and was wanting another tactical flashlight not only for illumination purposes but also for personal protection. I did not want another 2AAA ProTac because of the faulty pocket clamp, but I wanted something like it, ergo, I decided to buy its bigger brother the 2AA ProTac. And that, ladies and gentleman, is what this piece will be a review thereof.

I was indeed going through a divorce in May of 2018 and I didn’t know whether or not my soon-to-be ex-in-laws would try to cause me harm. So, I felt the need to protect myself and I knew a tactical flashlight was the way to go for me.


Because they can be legally carried where other true weapons cannot be carried.


I know how to deploy a tactical flashlight as a self-defense instrument.

At least it would give me somewhat of an advantage.

Praise God, to this date, none of my ex-in-laws or my ex-wife has made any sort of trouble with me.

I, however, know that Louisiana is unfortunately very crime-ridden and I feel the need to carry at least some sort of protection, when out and about, should anyone decide to make trouble with me.
So, at the time, the Streamlight ProTac 2AA fit the bill perfectly.
When my money was deposited on May 3, 2018, I drove to Tri-Parish Police Supply in hopes to purchase this flashlight.

Sadly they had just sold their last one before I came in the store.
So, I drove a few blocks to my local Batteries+Bulbs and saw they were selling one for the same price.

It was ~$50+tax.

That was a little high, especially for me being on a disability pension, but at the time I felt the need to carry some sort of protection.

So, instantly, I purchased it, then drove home and registered the serial number to my name.

Subsequently, I installed the 2 AA Alkaline batteries in the flashlight and turned it on.

I was amazed by the punch of brightness that this flashlight packed.

Also, the tactical strobe which was deployed by two quick presses of the switch seemed to be a winner.

And the other selling point the jagged, scalloped strike bezel also was perfect for turning a defensive weapon into a potentially offensive one.

A strike to the right place with this flashlight could be lethal.
I do remember one time I was at a church that I formerly attended and the power went out. I quickly deployed that flashlight.

One person referred to me as “Quick Draw McGraw” and, then, subsequently, “Captain Flashlight.”

Well, before that I had decided upon using “Mister Flashlight” as my CB handle, so I got a pretty good kick out of that.

Unfortunately, the power came back on seconds later.
But I did enjoy showing off.

Sadly there were no single plus-sized or supersized young ladies in that church for me to impress.

Weeks later, I traveled by passenger jet to Dayton, Ohio, for HamVention 2018.

I didn’t take that flashlight with me, in case those incompetent douchebags who work for the TSA would decide to confiscate it, even though there are no rules against carrying a tactical flashlight onboard an aircraft.

Instead, I carried a Streamlight ProTac EMS model and an incandescent Mini Maglite which I fitted with an amber lens.

I hate traveling by plane because of how one is forced to not have anything that could be even remotely used as a weapon.

I was so satisfied with my purchase that I EDCed it almost non-stop from May 2018 until January 2019.

That is when I downgraded to a Streamlight Jr.

And since then I have decided to carry a Fenix E20 version 2.0 starting in March of 2021.

The reason why I had downgraded was that I was looking for something that appeared less threatening and by that point my divorce was final and no one from my now ex-in-laws had made any trouble with me at all.

I still may carry this Streamlight ProTac 2AA should I feel that I may be in a threatening situation and I don’t want to carry my NiteCore i4000R, which right now is the best tactical flashlight, but costs double what a ProTac 2AA costs.

I maybe only used this flashlight once for a tactical purpose and that was to confront someone knocking on my neighbor’s door at a strange hour. I also used my Streamlight Jr multiple times for that purpose and subsequently was referred to as a “mall cop.”
Though it was just teenage boys knocking on the door, they got the message loud and clear when the 350 lumens of white light hit them in the face. They stepped back and shielded their eyes and when I realized that they were not a threat, I turned the flashlight off.

I think the perfect use for a tactical flashlight in the hands of a civilian is confronting someone knocking on the door at a strange hour. It could also be used in defense of someone committing a home invasion if all the lights are indeed turned off.

Tactical flashlights first off disorient the opponent, then they allow the opponent to be identified as either friend or foe.

It’s a much better tactic all around than “shoot now, ask questions later.”

And as much as I am against gun regulations, I think it should be mandatory for tactical flashlights to either be mounted on or at least used in conjunction with firearms so one doesn’t end up killing his or her loved ones by mistake when assuming the house is being invaded.

Here are some technical specifications of the Streamlight ProTac 2AA (with my commentary added in parentheses):
High for bright light: 250 lumens; 130m beam; runs 2 hours; 4,250 candela-(bright enough to disorient and identify an attacker or invader.)
Low for longer run time: 18 lumens; 40m beam; runs 43 hours; 400 candela-(provides decent light for most household and some occupational tasks.)
Strobe for signaling or disorienting: runs 4 hours-(bright and long enough to stave off an unarmed and even lightly attacker in a fight.)
Includes two “AA” alkaline batteries and nylon holster-(quite generous.)
IPX7 waterproof to 1 meter for 30 minutes; 2 meter impact resistance tested-(this would be ideal for special forces carrying out an amphibious assault.)
Solid State power regulation provides maximum light output throughout battery life-(get’s the best and most efficient use out of most batteries.)
Rubber push-button tail switch-(ideal for any tactical flashlight, might I add that it is a forward clickie.)
Durable, anodized aluminum construction with impact-resistant tempered glass lens-(not only prevents easy breakage but also scuffing!)
Unbreakable pocket clip-(this one is so much better than the 2AAA model!)
Anti-roll head-(this would be useful if one needs to set the flashlight down.)
6.14” (15.6 cm); 3.4 oz (96 grams)-(short and light enough to carry without weighing the end-user down!)
RoHS compliant-(well this is very ethical and I wish all electronics were automatically held to that standard!)
This flashlight is available in two colors:
Coyote-(good for desert-based warfighting [where a lot of wars indeed occur].)
Black-(good for all law enforcement, special forces, home defense, or any tactical situation where stealth is an advantage.)

My one complaint is that this flashlight is made in the People’s Republic of China instead of the United States of America, but I am fully aware that those two nations are increasingly dependent on each other. In reality, they both engage in nefarious acts against their own people. I know the People’s Republic of China is unequivocally guilty of some serious human rights violations. However, the United States of America, while claiming to be a free country has the highest incarceration rate in the world, per capita. Furthermore, I urge you, the reader, to name one thing or activity in the United States that isn’t illegal, taxed, or otherwise needlessly regulated. And, for the record, The USA is still one of the best if not the best countries in the world to live in. The shortcomings of our government all around the world are just a sad symptom of a fallen world. Remember, Jesus Christ didn’t die to save governments or the planet, but rather the souls of mankind!

So I can overlook that it is Chinese made for now at least because I have to admit it is made very well. I have owned it for over three years and it still functions as well as the day I bought it!

Therefore, I give this product 5 out of 5 stars!

I suppose this concludes my review of the Streamlight ProTac 2AA.
I hope that you, the reader, have been informed, enlightened, and maybe even entertained.

May God richly bless you!

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A Christian Honeymoon

It was a quiet ceremony, just our pastor as well as a few family members and friends as witnesses, but I am now married to a wonderful young lady.

I know we’ve only been seeing each other for the past six months, but I have never been so compatible with anyone else. And not only that, we are crazy about each other and can’t keep our affections under control. So, as the Apostle Paul suggested, we got married.

We are saving our sexual intimacy for the honeymoon, but the beautiful part is while neither of us is virgins, our pasts are equivalent enough.

Everyone thought we were crazy to marry after only six months, especially because of our status.

In the six months, we have been seeing each other, we never once argued nor have we even been angry with each other.

We now sign the marriage license, thereby making it legal to the earthly authorities.

Initially, I wanted to get married without the government’s involvement. However, my pastor pointed out that while we wouldn’t be living in sexual sin, we would still be lying and cheating both of which are indeed sins.

So, we may lose some of our government assistance, but I know for certain that our God shall provide for whatever need that may arise, both seen and unseen, known and unknown.

We then change into our street clothes. I put on some Navy blue pants, and a plaid work shirt. She dons a baby blue tee shirt and a long denim skirt. We also cover up in jackets, because it is cold and rainy. She still feels the need to dress the way her former church commanded, but I don’t mind at all. If anything, I think it is very sexy and feminine. She somehow likes the fact that I wear long pants year-round, though several times she mentioned how she cannot wait to pull them off of me!

Now we are packing our suitcases with our favorite clothes and headed to an off-grid cabin situated on the shore of a beautiful lake for the next two weeks! Of course, as usual, I also have my backpack and she has her purse. We load everything into her white Dodge Caravan then drive to the North. The trip will take about a day and we plan to take turns behind the wheel.

We commence our trip. It is still cold and rainy, but what do you expect for late November?

We pray for God’s protection as we drive through the squall lines.

She finally drives us out of the squall line and we continue pressing on.

I check the RADAR on my phone, it’s clear.

She’s getting tired, so I take the wheel.

I drive diligently through the night, while she sleeps-even her snoring is cute. Then at sunrise, she wakes up and takes over. I sleep for the next few hours.

Now I am awake again.

It’s mid-morning and we stop at a travel center for food coffee and fuel. I park by the pump, then insert my credit card in the payment terminal and fill her van up. She goes into the store and buys us each a cup of coffee and two cherry cheese Danishes. We park her van near the entrance then sit at a table, say grace then eat our breakfast. She’s so cute as she scarfs down her pastries. We walk to her van and I open the driver’s door for her, then I sit in the passenger seat and take a nap. She gently wakes me up. It’s near lunch time and we’re stopped at a welcome center. We walk to a picnic table with our Igloo Playmate Cooler and eat some turkey sandwiches along with chocolate Moon Pies and drink from our gallon jug of sweet tea.

After eating, we relieve ourselves in the family restroom, then she begins to drive.

A few more hours pass, and, finally, we arrive at our destination.

She drives up to the office and we both check in.

The clerk hands us a key with a numbered tag on it. She drives to our unit.

I step out then open the driver’s door for her.

She deliberately swings her legs out and I can see her peach-colored panty right up her skirt. I stare for just a moment, blushing.

She giggles then grabs me and kisses me.

I get our bags then we walk up the steps and onto the front porch.

“How are we going to cross the threshold? I know I am a big girl and you have a bad back,” She asks.

“What if I open the door for you? That way, you can walk in first, then grab me and pull me in!” I reply.

“Good idea. Will do!”

She then hugs me and plants several kisses on my face. I caress her love handles and she rubs my buttocks.

We are lost in each other’s embrace for just a moment, then she hands me the key.

I unlock the door and open it for her and say, “After you, my lady!”

She grins at me with mischief, swivels her shapely hips, and walks in.

A split second later, she grabs me and pulls me inside with great strength.

After I am inside, she places a “Do Not Disturb” placard on the outside doorknob, then locks us in. I set our bags at the base of the stairs then she grabs me again.

I begin to playfully lift her skirt and she says, “Don’t just lift it, take it off!”

“Oh, honey your wish is my command!”

I then unbutton her skirt and it falls to the floor.

She begins to unbutton and unzip my pants and then aggressively pulls them down.

We begin to walk up the stairs.

She pulls her shirt off and I likewise remove mine.

I admire her thick stomach and begin to kiss it as I say, “My God, you’re beautiful.”

“You’re so sweet. Now it’s time for me to pay you back for how wonderful you make me feel, get ready for me to rock your world!”

We continue walking and are now in front of the bedroom door

I then kneel in front of her and begin to rub her thick creamy thighs.

She moans and giggles with happiness.

“I finally get to have you!” She says beaming.

So I stand up and pull down her panty and she removes my boxer briefs.

Finally, she takes off her flesh-colored brassiere, then pulls me into the bedroom.

With great force, she shifts her sexy hips and ample-sized caboose, bumping me. From the impact, I lose my balance and fall onto the bed. She climbs on top of me.

“I love you so much!” I say as I catch my breath.

“I love you too and I’m only just beginning.”

She holds me down and begins a barrage of kisses on my face until I am overtaken by a tidal wave of love and lust for her.

We change positions then begin to have intercourse, so much love with each other. In due time, I fill her with my seed, as a loving and lustful reaction to her spraying me with her fluids.

Now we collapse into the bedclothes and begin to snuggle.

We exchange many more kisses as I caress and her plump naked body. With tremendous adoration, I behold every pound, curve, inch, and dimple of hers.

She notices the loving gaze in my eyes and says, “You have revived the passions in me that I thought were long dead and I’ve never felt so cherished. I remember after my ex would finish with me he would either fall right asleep or go watch sports.”

“It’s his loss, but more importantly, my gain!” I tell her as I gently cup her supple bare breasts with my hands.

“What was it like with your ex, if you don’t mind me asking.”

“The instant she and I were done having sex it was right back to nagging and yelling. Sometimes she would even hit me.”

“Mine too.”

“Let’s never be like that with each other.”

“We then need to make sure that Christ is forever at our center.”

“You’re right.”

The sky begins to darken and the sunlight coming from our window vastly diminishes.

I see a Radio Shack Weather Cube and a Garrity LED lantern on the nightstand.

“Wow, I’ve never noticed these until just now. And well, you know how I am fascinated by all this. You truly had my undivided attention, baby!”

“Aww. I saw them right as we walked in and was wondering if you would notice. You were focused on me, instead. And I know how much you like that stuff, so I feel pretty flattered.”

“Was the intimacy good?”

“The best!”

“Yes. I have to agree, it was the best for me as well! I promise as long as my flesh is capable that I shall be intimate with you whenever you desire!”

“Aw! God knew what He was doing when He put us together!”

“And I promise to snuggle with you and cherish you both before and after, just to make sure that you know how much I love you!”

“I love you too and my only regret is that we couldn’t have met sooner!”

Suddenly there is an abrupt flash of lightning.

“Do you mind if I turn that Weather Cube on, just to see exactly how bad the weather is?”

“No, I don’t mind.”

I press the Play button on the but hear nothing but a hiss.

“Shucks. Maybe I need to adjust it,” I say.

So I turn the Weather Cube upside down and begin to turn the tuning knob. Seconds later, I hear that familiar computerized voice.

“There we go!” I say, then set it upright on the nightstand.

“You’re so sexy when you fix things. Every time I saw you fix the church computer, I felt tingles in my lady parts, even though I was in church!”

I come back to bed and start caressing her again as the weather radio plays in the background.

“Well, I must admit that I’ve had those stirrings in me ever since I first laid eyes upon you and no matter where we were, they happened. I guess because of your sexy body, your sweet face, that long beautiful hair, and of course the way you dress all drive me wild!”

“Anything besides my looks?”

“Yes. I remember the first time you made biscuits for me and they were so delicious. After we were full, you told me to take the rest home because you said if you would eat them, they’ll go straight to your fanny. I wanted so much to tell you how much I thought your fanny was lovely and no matter how big or small But I was also amazed at how wonderful the biscuits were.”

“I remember that. I was highly turned on by the way you were wolfing down my biscuits. You were so cute and the fact that you were enjoying them made me feel very confident! My ex simply demanded that I cook for him, but never once showed any appreciation for it.”

“It’s not just your looks and your cooking skills that I find sexy. It’s also how you treat me so well, you love me despite every strike against me, and, of course, you cause me to put my best foot forward in all that I do.”

“Aww! I know I say it a lot, but you make me feel so special. Even though we’re going to lose some of our government benefits, it will be worth it if we can be together forever!”

“Do you remember the first time we exchanged those three little words?”

“How could I forget? We said them in unison!”

“I was going home for the evening because my ride had arrived and we were lost in a kiss then our lips unhooked for just a moment and we said it. I instantly pitched a tent, but then quickly grabbed my backpack to hide it and then left. I didn’t want you to get the wrong idea of me.”

“If it makes you feel any better, my lady parts were drenched and dripping that very moment and I was afraid you could smell my fluids.”

“Why were you afraid?”

“Because I didn’t want you to smell the pheromones and lose control then fornicate with me. I feared that God would have punished us and maybe caused us to split up.”

“See, God provided an escape route out of our temptation. We need to always keep Him and His Christ at the center of our lives and marriage, so He will continue to honor and bless us.”

“Even while I was married to my ex, I prayed for a better man. When you came along, I knew you were the answer to that prayer but I was constantly afraid of losing you.”

“Wow. I too prayed for a better woman even while I was previously married. I prayed for years after the divorce. Then you showed up in my life. When I first laid eyes upon you, I knew you were the one. I too was very scared of losing you. But that only caused me to walk the line!”

She smiles, pulls me towards her, lays partially on top of me, and says, “You’re trapped, Mister! And I’m never letting you out. That way, we cannot lose each other!”

I rest happily under her super-sized body and am beginning to feel the powerful combination of love and lust yet again.

“Don’t ever let me go!”

“Believe me, I won’t”

Suddenly we hear the alert tones on the Weather Radio followed by a voice that tells us about a Marine Thunderstorm with a history of waterspouts moving onshore.

“I’m scared.” She says nervously.

“Let’s get dressed and stay in the closet under the stairwell, at least until the weather calms down.”

She nods and grabs the LED lantern.

We pick up our clothing piece by piece and I also grab the Weather Cube.

At the base of the stairs we quickly dress each other, then I grab my backpack and her purse, and we take shelter in the closet.

By the light of the LED lantern, I shield her body with mine as I pray, “Heavenly Father, thank You for putting us together and honoring our relationship. Please protect us not only from this threatening weather but from all threats to our marriage. May we keep You at our center of it all and may You give us the grace to be unequivocally kind, patient, reverent, and faithful to each other for life. Please calm this storm and allow us to enjoy our time together. We make these petitions in Your Son Jesus’ Holy Name, Amen.”

“Even when you pray, I’m turned on!”

“If I wasn’t so nervous about the weather, I’d go down on you right here, right now!”

“Don’t worry, we have a lifetime for that!”

We listen to the Weather Cube as the storm rages on. Finally the “all clear” is issued.

It is now late so we walk back upstairs.

I place the Weather Cube on the nightstand and she places the LED lantern next to it.

I give her many more kisses as we climb into bed.

We embrace as I say, “My greatest desire is to hold your beautiful body close to mine every night and wake up to your sweet face every morning for the rest of my life!”

“Then I’ll be tremendously happy to fulfill that desire for you!”

“I love you with all my heart!”

“I love you too!”

She switches the LED lantern off.

It is now totally dark as we fall asleep in each others’ arms, happier than ever before.

This story is indeed beautiful, at least I think so. However, it is a mere representation and reflection of a much Greater Love and yes I know and you, the reader, as well should know that these characters also possess that Love in addition to their love for each other, though more of the carnal side is shown in this piece. It is That Love that will sustain their marriage when the newness has worn off, if they keep their focus on it…

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A Review of the Fenix E20 version 2.0 EDC Flashlight

Just so we all know, I do not own the featured image on this page. It is the property of Fenix Lighting, LLC.

I have been carrying a flashlight on my person pretty much permanently since May 5, 2005.

For this duration it has mostly been a pocket-sized Aluminum flashlight, either a tactical or at least an EDC model.

I started with a Garrity metal LED flashlight, then a Dorcy of similar composition, but brighter, then from about late 2005 until some point in 2017, my choice has usually been some incarnation of a Mini Maglite, either LED or incandescent.

In 2017 and the earlier parts of 2018, I was carrying either Pelican or NiteCore.

From May of 2018 until early 2021, I mostly carried some form of a Streamlight.

In 2011, I joined CandlePowerForums and discovered the brand Fenix but it wouldn’t be until February 12, 2021, that I purchased my first Fenix brand flashlight on eBay. It was the LD02 version 2.0. I paid a total of $32.83 for it.

I was very impressed by it, so on February 28, 2021, I ordered another Fenix flashlight, the E20 version 2.0, also on eBay. The base price was$37.90 and the total price came out to $41.54. Paying these online taxes is murder, but I digress. Anyway, it arrived at my residence on March 4, 2021. That said flashlight is what this piece will be a review thereof.

I tried it out for a little bit then decided that it was nice enough to be my EDC flashlight. At the time I was carrying a Streamlight JR LED.

So I have been carrying it for almost two months at the time I am writing this. And I have no real complaints.

Is this flashlight suitable for a tactical situation?

Probably not.

Why not?

Four reasons.
1. The lowest setting always comes on first.
2. There is no strobe feature.
3. There is no strike bezel.
4. The tail-cap is a reverse click.

But for everyday use, it is perfect.

Might I add that it can be run on either Alkaline or NiMH batteries? Furthermore, it runs on common AA batteries.

Because the lowest setting comes on first, this is quite useful for when one wants to conserve power. Also, a reverse click tail-cap is better at preventing accidental activation than a forward click and some rotary switches.

I would certainly not recommend this for confronting someone breaking into my residence, making trouble with me when I am out and about, or even knocking at my door at a strange hour. That’s what a NiteCore i4000R is meant for. For those who are more budget-conscious, the latest Streamlight Junior or 2AA Pro Tac would also be appropriate for those situations.

However, for regular domestic use, outdoors, some occupational/professional settings, and especially traveling via any mode of transportation the Fenix E20 version 2.0 is a clear winner!

Carrying this flashlight for domestic use will be very handy in a plethora of household tasks because of the diverse power settings (more on that in a bit.) It could be used for looking for your pet in your dark backyard, finding something that well behind your sofa, connecting peripherals to a computer, television, or other electronics, navigating a dark attic or basement, or maybe just getting up to relieve your bladder in the middle of the night.

Carrying this flashlight outdoors, especially with your own family or maybe even bae’s family will be indispensable for many applications, especially after sunset it could be for reading literature while in the tent or navigating a walking path through the woods and anything in between!

Carrying this flashlight to your job will make you appear resourceful to your coworkers and maybe even your superiors. Because it is not a tactical model, there would probably be no issue with bringing this into a workplace where weapons/potentially threatening objects are forbidden.

Carrying this flashlight while traveling on mass transit should not upset the other passengers or security personnel, either. You may even be considered a hero should there be an equipment breakdown at night or on a subway train. God forbid any of you are in a plane crash or shipwreck, but if you survive and happen to have this flashlight on your person, you could assist the rescue workers in locating other survivors.

This is just my take, but as you the reader, probably know, I think about flashlights more than most.

Here is a breakdown of specifications, according to the company website:
Impact Resistance: 1 Meter.
Waterproof/Dustproof Rating: IP68 (submersible to 2 Meters.)
Size: 5 Inches/127 Millimeters Total Length, Body Diameter 0.7 Inches/16.8 Millimeters, Head Diameter 0.8 Inches/21 Millimeters.
Weight: 1.5 Ounces/42 Grams (excluding batteries.)
Included Accessories: 2 AA Alkaline Batteries…Spare O-Ring…Lanyard.

Eco Mode
Light Output 5 Lumens
Runtime on Alkaline 200 Hours
Runtime on NiMH 140 Hours
Beam Distance 49 Feet/15 Meters
Beam Intensity 44 Candela

Low Mode
Light Output 30 Lumens
Runtime on Alkaline 93 Hours, 15 Minutes
Runtime on NiMH 34 Hours, 30 Minutes
Beam Distance 115 Feet/35 Meters
Beam Intensity 288 Candela

Medium Mode
Light Output 150 Lumens
Runtime on Alkaline 11 Hours, 15 Minutes
Runtime on NiMH 5 Hours 30 Minutes
Beam Distance 249 Feet/76 Meters
Beam Intensity 1448 Candela

High Mode
Light Output 350 Lumens
Runtime on Alkaline 3 Hours, 45 Minutes
Runtime on NiMH 1 hour, 30 Minutes
Beam Distance 413 Feet/126 Meters
Beam Intensity 3950 Candela

I think, you, the reader can now see why this flashlight is appropriate for a diverse amount of settings where it would be useful. As I said before, pretty much anything besides a tactical situation, and now I will also amend, this would not be a good idea for use in a hazardous location either. Medical professionals may or may not find this flashlight useful, depending on the task at hand. However, anywhere else, I truly think this flashlight fits the bill nicely.

Unless I discover something better or I know I will be in a situation where I am expecting trouble, I plan to carry this flashlight on me indefinitely. I wish I had decided to purchase flashlights like Fenix a decade ago, but at the time, I preferred only American-made flashlights, so that is why I was so glued to Maglite. Flashlights such as Fenix and NiteCore are made every bit as well as a Maglite or Streamlight and almost as well as a SureFire.

I may try out other Fenix flashlights in the upcoming months and years, so far I’m impressed.

So this, therefore, concludes my review of the Fenix E20 version 2.0.

For what it’s designed, I give the Fenix E20 a 5 out of 5 stars. It would be nice if something like this could be American-made, but then it would cost tremendously more.

I hope that you, the reader, have been informed and maybe even entertained.

May God richly bless you!

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A Stormy Louisiana Monday

The alarm clock rings. A forty-five-year-old gentleman slowly wakes up.

He kisses his thirty-nine-year-old disabled wife good morning then gets ready for the day.

He brews some Community Breakfast Blend Coffee and drinks it mixed with half milk and half cream.

He also fries four eggs sunny side up and also toasts two slices of Evangeline Maid Wite Bread on his natural gas-powered range.

He slides his four eggs onto a plate and spreads some Clover Valley Strawberry Preserves on his two slices of toast.

Finally, he pours a tall glass of V8 juice and, says Grace sits down for breakfast.

He enjoys his breakfast then goes into the bathroom and freshens up in his washbasin, scrubbing his body with a bar of Dial soap.

He then shaves his face and splashes on some Aqua Velva.

Finally, he puts on RightGuard deodorant then gets dressed.

He dons a white Hane’s tee shirt with a left breast pocket, some Navy Blue Dickie’s work pants, a brown Dickie’s leather belt some white Fruit of the Loom crew socks and some brown Brahma work boots.

From his bedroom night table, he retrieves a SwissGear RFID shielded wallet, which he places in his left-back pants pocket, a Leatherman Surge multi-tool which he places in his right pocket and a Streamlight SL-20 LED flashlight which he secures in its belt holster. And he takes his Motorola smartphone secured in an Otterbox and places it in his left pants pocket. He places a bag of Clover Valley Cherry Sours in his breast pocket.

His wife prepares him two Creole tomato sandwiches with Rouse’s Mayonaise and Mustard and black pepper, then a Yeti Mug filled with Black Cherry Kool-Aid and places them in his Igloo Playmate Cooler and hands it to him.

They share a sweet hug and kiss, then she smacks his backside.

She then gets their young daughter ready for school.

Finally, he gets his keys and leaves his house, locking the doors behind him.

The skies are overcast and the wind is blowing as he steps onto his carport and opens the door to his 1993 Dodge Dakota.

He sits down cranks his engine and heads to work.

During his commute, he tunes in the Weather Band on his Midland CB Radio. He learns that the entire listening area is under a Tornado Watch and that a squall line is also due for their area this day.

He cusses under his breath, then asks God for forgiveness and places a couple of Cherry Sours in his mouth. Subsequently, he petitions God to protect his wife and daughter in addition to himself.

The sky is dark as he arrives at the local elementary school where he is employed as the facility engineer.

A bolt of lightning lights up the sky as he walks into the office.

He punches in and listens briefly as the principal’s radio is tuned to the local NPR affiliate.

He then walks to the boiler room and checks his work email on his Motorola Smartphone.

The cooler in the cafeteria needs to be tended to, so he retrieves his required tools and walks over.

There is a smell of bread rolls baking as well as red beans and rice along with smoked sausage being cooked. The aroma is very satisfying.

As the cafeteria staff continues to prepare the students’ lunch, the gentleman services the cooler. In due time he has the compressor pumping again.

One of the cooks attempts to flirt with him, but he replies, “Back off; I love my wife!”

The cafeteria manager warns her to respect his wishes and that he is a good man but a married man and not to mess with him again.

The buses are now dropping off the children.

He sees his young daughter stepping off the bus. She runs up to him and hugs him. He kisses her forehead then escorts her to her classroom.

He checks his work emails again and sees that the new light fixtures for the administration building have arrived and how he is assigned to install them.

He goes to the boiler room and secures a hand truck then walks to the receiving area to pick up the new light fixtures. He loads the boxes on the hand truck then transports them to the administration building along with his tools.

He steps into the administration building just as it begins to pour down rain.

NPR is still playing on the principal’s radio.

Morning Edition is interrupted with a Tornado Warning.

Immediately he assists the faculty and administration round up the children into the halls.

Just as the last student is in the hall, the electricity goes out.

He turns on his Streamlight SL-20 LED and lights up the dark school.

His daughter has an Olight I3E EOS on her lanyard next to her school ID. She also lights up her immediate area.

He stands next to her and begins to attempt to comfort the other students by telling them stories.

Suddenly his phone rings. It is his wife calling.

“I have to take this call,” He says, then quickly answers the phone.

On the other end, she frantically says, “It’s dark as night here bae. I think there’s a tornado nearby. Are you all right?”

“Yes. I am fine. I’m with all the students and my coworkers in the hall.”

“Is our little girl okay?”

“Yes. She has that little flashlight I bought her a while back on her lanyard and she is lighting up the hallways just like me.”

“That’s our girl! We’re blessed with a wonderful child!”

“Like mother, like daughter!”

“You’re so sweet!”

“Now baby, I’m not sure where the tornado is, but please go in the bathtub and cover yourself with a thick blanket!”

“Okay, I will. Do I have to let you go?”

“No. Stay on the line with me, at least until the warning expires. But if the call drops, just know that I love you.”

“I love you too and I won’t be at ease until you and our daughter are home and safe in my arms!”

“I love you, Mommy!” Their little girl called out.

Suddenly a horrible roaring sound was heard…

Now the middle aged man in this story seems to be what both a Christian and a non Christian alike would consider to be a good man.  After all, he works diligently, he loves his wife and is completely faithful to her.  He also loves his daughter.  He even cares about the students and coworkers.  I believe he is a shining example of someone who possesses a much Greater Love and it is because of this Love is the reason why he is so well equipped to be what most would consider a good man.  The Good News is that This Greater Love is available to anyone who accepts it.  Furthermore it does not have the stringent conditions and prerequisites that carnal or communal love tends to associate itself with.  Notice he is not totally perfect, but he is still in perfect possession of that Love!

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