Radiant Affection-Meet Mila’s Grandparents

Sunday, April 25, 2010, was a stormy afternoon as Mila was driving Logan to Checker to meet her maternal grandparents, after church. Lightning flared, thunder rolled and a cold rain began to fall.

Mila rolled her windows up and said, “I hope my grandparents like you, Logan. I am a little nervous.”

Logan replied, “I will make it known to them how much I love you.”

Mila smiled at him and they held hands. As they were halfway between Melody and Checker; Logan’s cell phone went off. It warned them of a Severe Thunderstorm Warning and Tornado Watch. Logan told Mila to turn her car radio to the news station. The meteorologist spoke of a severe thunderstorm in the Checker area and for people in the area to get to safety. He also stated the possibility of a tornado forming at any time. As they were driving; they approached an overpass.

Mila said, “Maybe we should park under there, at least until the weather passes.”

Logan replied, “Please don’t do that Mila. Overpasses are very dangerous during tornadoes. The debris will hit you harder because the winds gain speed when the tornado gets into the columns.”

Mila nodded and asked, “Well, where do we go?”

Logan replied, “Let’s just get to your grandparents’ house as quickly as possible.” He paused then said, “We should also pray that we get there safely.” Logan then prayed “Dear Heavenly Father, we ask that you get us to our destination safely and protect us and everyone else from this dangerous weather. I also fervently ask that Mila’s grandparents will accept me for who I am and that they bless our engagement. Furthermore, we ask that you bless our relationship and that you allow us to marry. And we ask that you protect us from all our enemies. Be with us now as we travel to Mila’s grandparents, in Jesus’ Name we make these prayers, Amen.”

Mila smiled and said, “I trust you, Logan.”

Logan kissed her hand and said, “But you should trust God more!”

“I certainly do,” Mila replied with assurance.

They continued to drive. The rain had increased as they pulled into the driveway. Logan stepped out of the passenger door, the open the driver’s door for Mila as they walked onto the carport and into the door where her grandparents greeted them.

“Maw Maw, Paw Paw, this is Logan Baines!” Mila said with happiness and pride.

Suddenly a flash of powerful lightning struck and knocked off the current. Logan pulled his flashlight out of his pocket, “Ever since I worked in Eastern Europe, I always carried a flashlight on me.

“Very smart, young man!” Mila’s Paw Paw said.

Logan then turned it on, but suddenly the bulb blew.

Mila’s Paw Paw interjected, “Why do you young people buy that trash?” He then retrieved his vintage 6-volt lantern from the utility closet and lit up the room.

Logan dismantled his flashlight and removed the spare bulb from the tail cap then installed it into the head.

Logan turned it on and it illuminated the room. Mila’s Paw Paw said, “I stand corrected.”

Mila also pulled out her flashlight, from her purse turned it on, and said, “Logan bought one for me as well.”

In the semi-lit up the room and they talked throughout the storm. Mila’s ring sparkled in the glow of the three flashlights.

Her Maw Maw noticed it. “That’s a very pretty ring, Mila.” She said and continued, “Did Logan buy it for you?”

Mila smiled and said, “Yes he sure did,” Mila paused, then continued, “That is actually why we came here. We are engaged and we have been since February 5th. I should have told everyone much sooner.”

Her Maw Maw replied, “Are you sure you want to get married, Mila? How long have you known him?”

Mila replied, “I have known him for four years now, and, really it was love at first sight.” She paused then continued “We met when I was an eighth-grader and he was a senior. He graduated and went to school to become a tractor mechanic. Logan even worked in Eastern Europe, but he never forgot me. Last February, we met again, by chance, in the public library and we have been together ever since.”

Her PawPaw looked at Logan and asked, “So you are a tractor mechanic?”

“Yes sir!” Logan replied with a wide smile.

Her PawPaw smiled then said, “Now I have someone who can always fix my old tractor.” Mila’s Maw Maw gave her husband a dirty look.

Logan replied, “And I would be very happy to do so!” He paused, then continued “I would like to see your old tractor one day.”

“Sure,” Her Paw Paw replied, then continued “In fact; it was made in Eastern Europe, maybe around where you were working.”

Mila’s Maw Maw interjected, “In all seriousness; why haven’t you told us about your engagement sooner?”

Mila replied, “We have to keep our love a secret.”

Her Maw Maw asked, “Why is that?”

Mila answered, “Well; I kissed Logan in the library when we met again, and the cop patrolling the library yelled at us. I was wearing my school uniform when it happened and word got back to Kieth Koresh who threatened to expel me if I didn’t break up with Logan. Instead of us breaking up, we keep our relationship covert.”

Mila’s Paw Paw told his wife, “I don’t think we need to make any more contributions to Mila’s school.”

Her Maw Maw replied, “You’re right honey, but Mila shouldn’t have been kissing him in public either.” She paused and then asked, “Have you set a date?”

“It will be definitely after graduation, that way Kieth Koresh won’t be able to do us anything. I graduate on May 23.” Mila paused and said, “I hope you two are coming.”

“Well of course we will come,” Her Maw Maw replied.

“Yes, we will make it our business to be there,” Her Paw Paw added in.

With that, the power came back on.

Mila’s Paw Paw said, “Good, now I can cook us some dinner. I have plenty of vegetables from my garden.” He paused and then said, “You’re both welcome to stay.”

Logan and Mila nodded in agreement.


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Radiant Affection-Logan and Mila find a Church

Sunday, February 7, 2010, was cold and rainy as they woke to the beeping of Logan’s watch alarm. Their eyes met and they shared a soft, sweet kiss.

Soon afterward, Mil and Logan visited the bathroom one after the other to relieve their bladders.

Logan then prepared some oatmeal and coffee for himself and Mila.

Mila walked into the kitchen and said, “I feel like we should be in church and not the catholic church. I mean today is Sunday.”

Logan replied, “I would love to take you to church with me, but it would have to be one where it would not get back to Kieth Koresh that we are going to church together. Furthermore, they would have to be good churches.”

“Do you know of any like that?”

“There are two towards the Coast, but that is too far of a drive. There is one on the less fortunate side of Melody, but there could be drama because of our financial status and educational background. Finally, there is one on the Northeastern Outskirts of Melody, I think that would be the best choice.”

“Let’s try that one, then.”

“Your wish is my command!”

“Let me go get a change of clothes from my Mom’s house then I will meet you back here as soon as possible.”

“Okay be careful and know that I love you. Please keep me posted.”

“I love you too and I will,” Mila said as she kissed Logan then walked out the door.”

Logan began to select his clothes for church. He picked a green work shirt, black pants, black shoes, and a matching black leather belt.

Mila stepped out into the bleak February morning then entered her car and drove off to her Mom’s house. She was keenly aware of her surroundings after Kieth Koresh had attempted to follow her. She arrived in decent time, stepping out of her car and walking to the front door. She turned her key in the lock and opened the door.

“Who is there?” Mila’s Mom shouted in an angry drunken stupor.

“It’s just me, Mom,” Mila replied.

“Oh. Where have you been?”

“I have a boyfriend now and spent the past two nights at his condominium.”

“Yes. I was told by the front office that you were given two Saturday Schools for kissing him in the public library while in uniform.”

“Okay I kissed him, and, yes, I was wearing my uniform. Maybe that was wrong in a heartless person like Kieth Koresh’s eyes but I have been in love with him for a long time, like since eighth grade.” Mila paused, then continued, “What about how a football player can lift a girl’s skirt right there in the school hallway and nothing happens to him, but I share a consensual kiss from the sweetest guy I ever met and I almost get expelled. Might I add that I wasn’t even on campus?”

“Why have I never heard about this boyfriend before?”

“Because for years it was only a fantasy of mine that he and I would somehow be together. He’s four years older than me so I wouldn’t have been able to legally date him anyway. But now I’m eighteen and I saw him in the public library last Thursday. So I walked up to him and confessed that I had feelings for him and miraculously he felt the same way. I couldn’t help but kiss him.”

“He may just be trying to get into your panties, Mila.”

“Well, you were passed out on the couch last Thursday evening and I had him follow me home. I threw myself at him but he refused because he’s a Christian and now, so am I. But he did snuggle with me all night long and every night since. And not only that, look at this!” Mila then showed the engagement ring to her Mom and said, “He proposed! How could I ever say no? I mean it’s as if the greatest desire of my heart was given to me!”

Mila’s Mom examined the ring and said, “Well I have to admit, he seems like someone wonderful.”

Mila replied, “I need to let him know I safely arrived. I was just coming to get a change of clothes because we plan to attend a church service later today.”

She then texted Logan, “I arrived safely and I am talking to my Mom.”

Logan replied, “That’s fine. I’m glad you’re safe!”

“I’ll get my clothes and come back in a little bit.”

“Whatever you do, be careful. I love you!”

“I love you too!”

Mila then walked up to her room and selected a pink blouse and a black pair of dress pants. She then picked out her dress shoes and a black pair of socks.

After she had picked out her clothes, she walked back down to the living room and her Mom was taking a sip of wine.

“Good Lord Mom, it’s Seven on a Sunday Morning and you’re drinking.”

“Mila Gunther, you just became a Christian and now you’re already judging me.”

“I’m not trying to judge, I just know that the booze and the pills are what split you and Dad up.”

“It’s much deeper than that, young lady. Your father quit paying any attention to me. All he did was work non-stop. I became depressed from the lack of affection and intimacy. So I went see a doctor and he wrote me some prescriptions. They worked haphazardly. so I started drinking. You know it’s the alcohol that tempers the sting of my loneliness. I know this young man you like must work hard if he can afford a ring like that, but don’t allow him to put his work before you. What is his name, anyway?”

“Logan Baines.”

“Oh, that sounds like the name of a storybook character.”

“What does he do for a living?”

“He’s a tractor mechanic.”

“So he’s four years older than you, that means he is twenty-two, right?”


“I was twenty-two when I married your father. He was twenty-four and just starting as a corporate attorney.”

“When did it start getting rocky?”

“Around the time you were starting high school.”

“Maybe Dad was under pressure. I mean we all lived only on his income and he built this nice house in a nice neighborhood, we always had fancy cars, he is sending me to a private school, we used to go on exotic vacations not to mention those treatments I had to get my thyroid gland working properly.” Mila paused, then continued, “Remember, I how used to be so fat, but even when I was at my heaviest in eighth grade, Logan would smile at me every time he saw me. He would even blush and I thought he was so cute. No other boy ever paid any attention to me until after I lost the weight, but by then, none of them ever measured up to Logan.”

“I want to meet him and make sure he is as wonderful as you think he is.”

“Sure, I guess. Maybe after church today?”

“That’ll work.”

“Okay, I’ll bring him here later.”

“Well, you enjoy yourself with Logan.”

“Please don’t let anyone know that Logan and I are still together. One of the terms Kieth Koresh set forth for me not to be expelled was that I break up with him. Instead of breaking up with him, I just see him covertly.”

“I always thought Kieth Koresh was a tyrant and a hypocrite, so don’t worry, my lips are buttoned.”

Mila then texted Logan, “I’m headed back now.”

In the meantime, Logan went into the bathroom and showered scrubbing himself thoroughly. After he was clean, he shaved and applied Aqua Velva to his face.

He stepped out of the bathroom then checked his phone and saw the message from Mila.

He typed back, “Be careful.”

A minute later, Mila knocked on Logan’s door, to which he let her in.

They shared a hug and a kiss, then Mila said, “Ooh, you smell so sexy!”

“Thanks, it’s my aftershave.”

“My Mom wants to meet you after church.”

“That’s fine. I’ll be honored to meet her.”

“Just please don’t get the wrong idea.”

“Mila, I love you. No family member of yours could change that.”

“Aw. I love you too, Logan.” She sweetly kissed him, then said, “I’ll go shower now if that’s all right.”

“Sure thing, just know the service starts at 9.”

“Okay. I’ll be as quick as possible.”

Mila took her clothes then went into the bathroom and turned on the water. Logan finished dressing then sat in his living room and listened to the radio. He kept switching the stations, not satisfied with anything being broadcast. Finally, he retrieved his Bible out of his EDC bag and read. He read The Song of Solomon and no doubt thought of Mila. He then decided to read Paul’s Epistle to the Romans and decided to later teach from it to Mila since she was a brand new convert. He did feel convicted when reading about giving tribute fear custom and honor to whom it is due in the 13th Chapter, because of how he was trying to subvert Kieth Koresh’s authority, even though he could discern that the motives of that school president’s heart were for behavior modification and not heart modification, for appearing good but not being good, and for power and money, not genuine faith and true godly living. The worst part was that Kieth Koresh and his school administrators carried out all of this corruption in the Name of Christ and he remembered Pastor Clarkson’s teaching on the 17th Chapter of Revelation and how they made more sense than ever. Logan also knew that the only reason why he wanted to subvert Kieth Koresh’s authority was that he had commanded Mila to break up with him or be expelled. Logan felt the need to pray, to which he did silently. Moments later a Bible verse came to his mind and heart. It was Exodus Chapter 14 Verse 14 “The LORD shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace.” Logan felt comforted and decided he wouldn’t blast the picture of Kieth Koresh purchasing alcohol on social media. He realized that God would fight this battle better than he ever could.

In time, Mila stepped out of the bathroom and then got dressed.

She then walked into the living room and said, “I’m ready if you are, Logan.”

“I’m ready as well,” Logan replied.

“Should we take my car or your truck?”

“My truck, I guess. Also wear your dark glasses and scarf, just in case.”

“Okay. Will do.”

With that, Logan grabbed his keys and EDC bag, then they walked out of his condominium. Mila followed as he locked his front door. Both then walked to Logan’s parking spot, to which he opened the passenger door for Mila. She climbed in, then kissed him. Logan then entered on the driver’s side and cranked the engine. Both fastened their seat belts then Logan shifted gears, backed up then shifted gears again, and began driving towards the church.

“I’ve never been in any church beside a catholic one,” Mila said.

“It’s different, but I think you will find it very liberating,” Logan replied.

“Mass at school was so boring.”

“I know, right?” Logan paused then continued, “I think you will enjoy this service though.”

“I just know that we need to be in church.”

“So do I. I’ve been meaning to find a home church since I’ve been back Stateside.”

Mila then leaned on Logan’s shoulder as they drove through the cold damp weather.

In about twenty minutes they arrived at the church.

Logan stepped out of his truck then walked around and opened the door for Mila. They walked through the parking lot, holding hands. They entered through the doors and were greeted by an usher.

“Good to see both of y’all!” He said, then continued, “I’m Brother Marley Broderick.”

“Logan Baines.”

“Mila Gunther.”

“Well after the service we have a gift bag for y’all.”

“Thank you, sir!” Logan said.

“Yes. Thank you very much!” Mila added in.

“Y’all are so welcome. Find a seat and make yourselves at home. The service is about to start.”

Logan and Mila took their seats in the back row next to the middle aisle.

The pastor came on stage and said, “Good Morning everyone! Welcome to Second Chances Outreach. I’m Pastor Oakley Pechette and if you need prayer or just someone to talk to, please see me after the service. For now, let’s get our praise on. Stand up and give God the Glory for He is indeed worthy!”

Logan and Mila stood up as the church band began to play.

The first song the church band played and sang was, “How He Loves” which was originally done by Dave Crowder. Mila looked intently at the lyrics on the screen and sang them quietly while meditating on the words. Logan sang slightly louder with his hands up and head bowed.

The second song performed was “The Power of Your Love” which was created by Hillsong. Logan sang out loud while smiling up at the Heavens. Mila sang as well because she had heard it in catholic mass a few times.

The third song which was beautifully done was “In Christ Alone” which was originally sang by Stuart Townsend. Logan began to kneel and sing whilst Mila paid close attention to the lyrics on-screen and towards the song’s climax tears filled her eyes and she began singing out loud.

The final song was the classic hymn “I am Resolved” written by James Filmore. The lyrics were posted on the screen as the whole church sang along with the keyboard player. Logan continued kneeling and singing, while Mila joyfully sang along.

There was then a time of brief fellowship where several members warmly introduced themselves to Logana and Mila.

One lady walked up to them and said, “I’m sister Tori. Brother Marley is my husband. Can I have a word with you, young lady?”

“Sure, I guess,” Mila replied.

She then escorted Mila to the back room and asked, “Can you take off your dark glasses?”

Mila removed them.

Sister Tori carefully studied Mila’s face, then said, “I apologize. I saw you wearing dark glasses and a scarf and I was just trying to make sure the young man you are with isn’t abusing you.”

Mila replied, “Oh no. It’s nothing like that. I go to a really strict catholic school and I got in trouble for kissing him in the public library while wearing my uniform. The school president gave me a choice either break up with him and take two Saturday Schools or be expelled. I cannot ever break up with him, I’ve had feelings for him for the past four years and his feelings for me are mutual. So I wear the scarf and glasses while in public to not be easily recognized and then word gets back to that school president and I get expelled.”

“I know all about the catholic church. The Bible calls it a harlot.”

“Yes. I recently discovered that as well. My boyfriend and I were watching a pastor on YouTube last night and he pointed that out.”

“Has your boyfriend ever pressured you for sex?”

“No he didn’t but I pressured him though. He politely refused because he’s a Christian and said he was afraid that God would punish him and cause us to split up if we fornicated. He said that he doesn’t ever want to lose me. And I don’t ever want to lose him either. So I didn’t feel rejected, especially when he snuggled with me for the rest of the night and we just talked.”

“Wow! They don’t make too many like him anymore. What about you, are you a Christian?”

“Yes. My boyfriend led me to Christ yesterday. It was my idea to start going to church.”

“Where was he going to church before?”

“Well he just got back in Melody last Christmas, but he was on a missions trip as a tractor mechanic in Eastern Europe for the past year and a half.”

“How long have you known him?”

“For four years. I was in eighth grade and he was a senior, and at the time I was overweight but he was so sweet to me when no other boy would even give me the time of day. He would open doors for me and every time he saw me he would smile and blush. I would smile and blush too. And, of course, I thought he was very cute. So I developed a huge crush on him. I was so sad when he graduated because I didn’t think I would ever see him again. I wrote many romantic stories about him and me and posted them online. Then earlier this week, I happened to see him in the public library and since I’m eighteen now, so I rushed up to him and confessed my feelings for him. He said that he liked me too and that he wanted to be my boyfriend but knew he legally couldn’t at the time and wanted to save me the scandal. I told him how I am now eighteen, so he agreed to be my boyfriend. I felt as my heart would pop out of my chest when he said that and the rest is history!”

“Okay. Well, it seems like you have a wonderful boyfriend and you seem like a sweet young lady as well. We would be happy if y’all joined our church!”

“I think we will.”

“You said you like to write?”


“Maybe God could use you.”

“My boyfriend already said he would support me so I could focus solely on my writing career.”

“You know, y’all will have to eventually get married.”

Mila showed Sister Tori her engagement ring.

“Wow. Look at that rock! You do have a good man!”

“I am so thankful to God for giving him to me, even though I wasn’t even a Christian yet! And then God used him to lead me to Christ.”

“That’s a powerful testimony, girl! You need to write all of this down and share it.”

“Believe me, I will!”

“Good. Now go sit with your boyfriend while Pastor Oakley gives the word. And if there is anything you need let me know.”

Mila and Sister Tori subsequently exchanged phone numbers.

Logan was already sitting down with his Bible turned to the 13th Chapter of Romans, which Pastor Oakley was preaching from.

Mila came to sit next to him and rested her head on his shoulder.

Pastor Oakley continued preaching on how Christians must pray for those in authority over them and submit to them unless they are commanded to do something that goes against The Word of God. Logan was amazed because he had just been reading that passage earlier that morning. Mila also listened. She felt slightly trouble thinking that because Kieth Koresh is in authority over her that she must break up with Logan. She became filled with distress as she held Logan’s hand tightly.

When the service concluded, Mila told Logan, “According to what was preached, I am supposed to break up with you because Kieth Koresh is in authority over me. I don’t ever want to break up with you though.”

Logan replied, “You don’t have to break up with me, though.”

“Are you sure?”

“Why don’t we go talk to Pastor Oakley?”


So Pastor Oakley was shaking hands with everyone and then Mila and Logan walked up to him and Logan asked, “Could we talk with you?”

“Absolutely. Come to my office.”

Mila and Logan were seated and Pastor Oakley sat across from them.

“What can I do for y’all.”

Mila said in distress, “I recently became a Christian in fact, my boyfriend right here led me to Christ yesterday. I feel very trouble over what was preached today, about submitting to those in authority over me. I go to a very strict catholic school and the school president wants us to break up because we kissed in the public library while I was in uniform. I pretended that we broke up, but we didn’t. But the thing is, I’ve wanted to be with him for the past four years, but legally couldn’t until I made 18. I never wanted anyone else.”

Pastor Oakley looked at Logan and asked, “How do you feel about this?”

Logan replied, “I love her and I don’t ever want to lose her. I think this school president is obsessed with control and I think the roman catholic church gets off on human suffering in general. I am also convinced that the 17th Chapter of Revelation is describing the roman catholic church. I also had feelings for her for the past four years but couldn’t legally date her up until recently. I never wanted any other woman or girl. As a matter of fact, I was doing missionary work in Eastern Europe for the past year and a half and many of those foreign women tried to catch my eye, but I only wanted this young lady right here.” Logan held Mila’s hand, then continued, “When we met again, by chance, in the public library she told me her feelings and I was overjoyed. A day later I proposed to her, because of our mutual love. I have never known any woman or girl and I want no woman or girl but her. I’m also willing to wait for marriage because fornication offends God and frankly I am afraid that God would punish us and cause us to split up if we fornicated. I love her and I want her by my side for life!”

Mila then added in with distress, “Do I have to break up with him?”

Pastor Oakley calmly replied, “Well, let’s look at it this way: This young man led you to Christ. He loves you. He is committed to you, to the point of marriage. Both of you have had feelings for each other for the past four years and neither of you wanted anyone else. I think God put y’all together for a reason and he will bless your relationship. It’s also possible that Revelation 17 is indeed about the roman catholic church, as he mentioned. I mean, if you read The Word, you will soon find out that the roman catholic church is in direct violations of many things in There. I would also seriously doubt that your school president is of God.” Pastor Oakley paused and then said, “Now, when you see him, don’t go out in public together until you graduate. Also, don’t tell anyone besides family or church members that you are still together with him. Just go to school, keep your head low and stay quiet. When do you graduate?”

“This May.”

“Good, so you only have a few months to do this. I know y’all wanted each other for a long time, but just be patient and use this time to grow, especially in The Lord.”

“Is it all right if I stay with him? I mean my Dad is living with a much younger woman and my mom is constantly drunk. My boyfriend owns a condominium and lives quietly.”

“Biblically it’s not all right, but we are all guilty sinners in a fallen world and that is why Jesus went to the Cross. However, given your situation, I think it would be better to be with him than to be around adultery or drunkenness. Just be sure to forego any sexual relations until y’all are married. This will require a lot of praying, reading of The Word, listening for God’s voice, and quickly recognizing escape routes from temptations that will arise. Also, make sure no one at your school can find out that y’all are living together. Keep as low a profile as possible and stay off the RADAR.”

“Thank you, Pastor Oakley,” Logan said.

“Yes. Thank you so much!” Mila added in.

“Y’all are welcome to join our church if y’all feel right here.”

Logan and Mila nodded.

“Have y’all set a wedding date?”

“It would have to be sometime after I graduate,” Mila answered.

“Well if y’all are going to be living together and y’all are indeed committed as y’all claim to be, don’t wait too long.”

“Would you perform the ceremony for us?” Logan asked.

“I’d be honored, but y’all need to continue coming to church,” Pastor Oakley replied.

“Of course. I already love it here! So much better than a catholic mass!” Mila said.

Pastor Oakley chuckled and then said, “Well we have a prayer meeting and a Bible study every Wednesday Evening, and of course the main service is on Sunday.”

“Awesome!” Mila said.

“What do you think?” Pastor Oakley asked Logan.

“Honestly, I’ve been back in Melody since Christmas and have been meaning to find a home church, but got sidetracked between securing employment, buying a condominium, and working, but, yes, I love it here as well. What is amazing is that, while waiting for Mila to get ready, I was reading the same passage of The Bible that you were preaching from, and, believe me, I was heavily convicted. I was plotting ways to get back at her school president for interfering with Mila and me. God subsequently reminded me of Exodus 14:14 and how He will fight my battles and that I must simply be still.”

“And, how did you get saved?”

“It was almost a year ago and I was employed as a tractor mechanic in Eastern Europe on a missions trip. I went there only in hopes to get experience for my career and to have something impressing on my resume` but was invited to a local missionary’s Bible Study one Wednesday Evening and I went. He is the one who initially pointed out to me that catholicism is false and not of God. So after, the class, I asked him how do I get it right with God to go to Heaven. He presented the Gospel to me and led me to Christ and I surrendered that very moment. Several catholic priests had him banished shortly afterward. I watch his videos on YouTube all the time though.”

“What is this Pastor’s name?” Pastor Oakley asked.

“Michael Clarkson,” Logan replied.

“I’ll have to look him up. And what are y’all names?”

“Logan Baines.”

“Mila Gunther.”

“Well I want both of y’all to fill out a contact card and I will give y’all my cell phone number. If y’all need anything, don’t hesitate to call me.”

Logan and Mila filled out the contact sheets, then they exchanged phone numbers.

Finally, Pastor Oakley, said, “Why don’t we pray?”

Logan and Mila agreed, then they all held hands.

Pastor Oakley then led, “Dear Heavenly Father, we come asking that You guide this young couple in Your Ways. We petition you to bless their relationship and to give them the grace required to honor You with it. Please allow them to be together without any persecution from anyone and have them live quietly and peaceably among all. Allow them to marry as soon as they are able and give them many years together to serve You with their marriage. Compell them to keep You at their center. Equip them to withstand all assaults that will come against them and their relationship. Keep them unequivocally faithful to each other and only allow them to treat each other with patience and kindness, reverence and respect. Furthermore, we take Authority in Jesus’ Name over all wickedness in high places and all rulers of darkness who wish to oppress Your children. We cut the forces of the enemy down and we cast them out. We ask for Your angels to surround Mila and Logan everywhere they go and we ask that Mila and Logan remain committed to You and Your Christ for the rest of their lives. In Jesus Holy and Precious Name, we pray, Amen!”

“Wow! That was a powerful prayer. Thank you, Pastor Oakley!” Logan said.

“That’s so much better than I ever heard any priest pray! Yes, thank you.” Mila interjected.

“My pleasure!” Pastor Oakley replied, then asked, “What are y’all plans for later today?”

“My Mom wants to meet him, so I hope and pray she approves.”

“What about your Dad, Mila? Has Logan met him yet?”

“He met Logan already, it’s just he doesn’t realize who Logan is to me.”

“Oh, wow!”

Logan then said, “I too hope and pray her parents to approve of me.”

“Well, just let your Light of Christ shine to them and of course show them that you love and respect Mila and I don’t think there would be an issue with them.”

“Yes sir! Thank you, Pastor Oakley!”

“No problem. It was nice meeting y’all and I hope y’all can come back Wednesday Evening.”

“We’ll be here! Logan said.

“Yes, we will!” Mila added.

“Wonderful!” Pastor Oakley replied, then continued, “Now, I have to lock the church up and y’all have to go visit with family, but thanks for coming.”

Pastor Oakley then walked Mila and Logan out of his office, then into the church parking lot.

Logan unlocked his truck then, opened the passenger door for Mila, and afterward entered on the driver side door. Both fastened their seat belts, the Logan cranked the engine and they began driving to Mila’s Mom’s house.


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Radiant Affection-Mila becomes Born Again

Saturday, February 6, 2010, was cold, damp, and bleak as Mila yawned and stretched. Upon looking at her hand she saw the ring. Logan was already up and getting his day clothes on as she wrapped her arms around his waist, from behind. She rubbed Logan’s belly and chest while he was still shirtless.

She then said, “Let me watch you get dressed.”

Logan already had his slacks on. He told Mila with a smile. “Pick out which shirt you want me to wear.”

She replied “One of your white T-shirts that are just like the one I am wearing.”

Logan told her “Get one out of my drawer and put it on me.”

Mila replied, “Well, I am only putting one on you because I don’t want you to freeze.” She then dressed Logan as she giggled.

Logan asked her “What are you going to wear?”

Mila replied, giggling. “Well, I have Saturday School today and next Saturday. I want to wear your T-shirt and sleeping pants. I would feel so naughty if I did that.”

Logan smiled and kissed her.

Mila asked, “Do you have any breakfast?”

He replied “I have some navel oranges, grown locally. They are especially sweet since they are grown in cold weather. I also have oatmeal with maple syrup.”

Mila smiled as she said “Sure that sounds perfect. I don’t want to gain weight again, though, so I’ll just eat the oranges.”

Logan replied, “It wouldn’t matter to me if you gained weight or not, I would still love and revere you.”

Mila replied, “I know I was right to create all of those fantasies about us. You are so sweet to tell me that.”

Logan answered, “Well, I am in love with your heart, not just your body.”

Mila kissed him then they ate. Over the course of breakfast, she said, “Don’t be offended, but I won’t wear my ring to Saturday School. I just don’t want to get it dirty.”

Logan replied “That’s perfectly fine, Mila. I am glad you care that much about what I give you.”

Mila giggled and said, “I will be wearing it this Monday morning, I promise you that.”

Logan simply smiled.

There was a silence for a moment then Mila said, pouting, “I am going to be sad being apart from you today. You won’t be able to drive me to Saturday school because Keith Koresh will be there. If he sees me with you, he will expel me.”

Logan asked, “Is Saturday School still from 8 to 12?”

Mila replied, “It sure is.”

There was a silence as they sat across the table and held hands, smiling.

The silence was broken when Mila said with a smiling face. “I wish you could at least take me there and pick me up.” She then asked, “What are you going to do while I am gone?”

Logan replied, “I will probably just read on my laptop.” He paused, and then continued, “Speaking of that, do you think you could copy your stories to my laptop from your flash drive?”

Mila smiled and then replied, “Sure.”

Logan then said, “I would love to read all of the stories you wrote about us.”

Mila’s eyes twinkled as she asked, “You really would?”

Logan replied, “Of course; I am longing to see all that your wonderful heart and your brilliant mind have created.”

Mila hugged him tightly and then said “Get your laptop ready. I will gladly give you all that I have written.”

Logan went to the bedroom and removed the laptop from his EDC bag. He turned it on, as Mila removed her flash drive from around her neck. After the computer finished booting, Mila plugged her flash drive into the laptop and copied the files. Logan and Mila were both reading one of her stories when the clock computer indicated 7:40 AM.

Nervously, Mila said, “I have to go now, but I will be back as soon as possible.” She kissed him and walked out the door. There was raw dampness in the air as Logan watched Mila walk to her car. Quickly, he handed her his jacket, which he had purchased in Eastern Europe. They kissed once more and Mila drove off.

Logan walked over to his laptop and began to read Mila’s work. Her stories drew strong emotions from him. His longing for Mila was greatly multiplied. Some of her work brought tears to his eyes. He sat there, continuing to read. Everything else seemed distant from him. All he could concentrate on were Mila’s stories. There were many adventures that he and Mila went through. There were many intimate moments they shared. There were stories where Logan rescued Mila from her cruel, tormenting peers then humiliated them. He knew at once what to do: He was going to live out each one of these fantasies with Mila. Some of them would be easy to do in the present. But; Logan knew some fantasies would have to wait until Mila graduated. After that day, however, Keith Koresh would be powerless over her.

Mila was at Saturday School in the meantime, and she was being forced to work outside in the cold. Keith Koresh was overseeing all of the punishment work. Mila, though picking up trash around the school grounds, was feeling very naughty. She was wearing Logan’s clothes right in front of that hateful school president, who was none the wiser. It was cold, about 37 Fahrenheit. Mila was suffering from that malicious weather. Her body was quaking. Her teeth were chattering. Her ears and nose were like ice. Ashley Janus, one of Mila’s cruel classmates, was also at Saturday School for chewing gum. She had constantly made fun of Mila in the past out of pure jealously and hatred. Ashley was skinny but an eyesore to look at while Mila was always beautiful, even when she was overweight. One could assume that was the motive behind Ashley’s vicious hatred for Mila. Ashley had heard of what transpired in the library that previous Thursday. The thought of it filled her with raging jealousy.

Ashley confronted Mila, saying, “Why are you wearing men’s pants? I bet they belong to Logan Baines!”

Mila quickly fabricated a lie, saying, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I bought these at GoodWill.”

Ashley shouted, “Mila Gunther shops at GoodWill!”

All the other captive students laughed mockingly.

Koresh came up to Ashely and Mila and asked with anger, “What’s going on here?”

Ashley maliciously said, “I think Mila is wearing Logan Baines’ pants.”

Koresh walked up to Mila and asked angrily, “Is this true.”

Mila lied once again saying, “No, I bought these at GoodWill so I wouldn’t ruin my good clothes doing all this dirty work.”

Koresh said with anger, “Watch the attitude, Miss Gunther. You acted like trash, so now you will pick up trash.”

Mila sulked.

Koresh continued, “Both of you get back to cleaning up and Miss Gunther, I’ve got my eye on you.”

He walked off and Mila continued to pick up trash. When the school grounds were clean, all of the captive students were sent into the locker rooms to sweep, mop, clean the toilets and take out the trash. Thankfully, all Mila had to do was sweep the floor. By this time it was 11 am. Koresh escorted everyone into the library and told them to study until Noon. Naturally, instead of studying, Mila continued to work on her fantasies about her and Logan. Kieth Koresh was none the wiser.

Finally, Saturday School had finished up. Mila got in her car and was very aware of Keith Koresh. She knew that he would be watching her every move. He entered his car. Mila began driving to Logan’s condo when she noticed that Keith Korseh was following behind her.

She called Logan and said, “Keith Koresh is following me to your place, he will catch me with you.”

Logan said softly, “Calm down. Don’t go to my place just yet. Drive to the police station and park there. If he gets out, and I doubt he will let the first cop you see know that he is stalking you. I know he is so obsessed with making his school look spotless. It sure would be interesting if the press finds out about a catholic school president that is stalking a female student.”

Mila replied, “That’s a great idea. Okay, now I’ll call you back and let you know what happened.”

Logan said, “Okay, I love you, Mila. Please be careful.”

“I love you too, and I will, Logan,” Mila replied and ended the call.

She stared at Koresh through her rearview mirror. He stared back. Mila drove turned away from the boulevard leading to Logan’s condo and straight to the police station. The school president was following her still. Finally, she made it there and entered the parking lot. Keith Koresh drove off like a coward.

Mila breathed a sigh of relief and called Logan saying, “Your plan worked, he drove off.”

Logan laughed heartily, then said, “I wish I could have seen that.” He paused then said “Now, you come here and relax. You have been a good girl and a naughty one too. When you get home, I will cuddle with you!”

Mila, now aware of her surroundings, drove to Logan’s condominium and parked in the parking garage. She stepped out of her car and knocked on his door. Immediately, he answered. Mila walked in and Logan closed the door.

He began to pet her and said, “Oh Mila, you are like ice. Come in and let me wrap you in a blanket then hold you before you get sick. First, please get out of those dirty wet clothes.”

Mila moaned then said, “And what do you expect me to wear?” Logan handed her a long-sleeved turtle-necked shirt and his sweat pants.

Mila said, “Oh Logan, I feel so warm but so nasty in these.”

He replied to her, “Listen to me Mila, it doesn’t matter to me how you look or what you are dressed in. I love you.” He paused then continued “Of course, I would much prefer you to look modest. You look modest in my clothes, so you are doing right.”

Mila went change then walked up to Logan briskly and threw her arms around him. “Shall we go to cuddle?” Mila asked.

“Let’s go!” Logan replied.

With that, she pulled Logan to his room.

After they walked in; Mila began to pull off Logan’s tee shirt when he said, “Mila, I can’t.”

She pouted and replied in distress, “Why not? What’s the matter? Did I do something wrong?”

Logan replied, “No, you didn’t. I love you Mila, but I am a child of God and this is wrong.”

She asked, “But what about us getting married and being together forever?”

Logan held her close to his chest and said “Yes, I still want you forever. And, yes, I still want you to marry me. I just want our love to be right in the eyes of the Lord.”

“Why does that matter?” Mila asked.

Logan replied, “Remember how I said I am a child of God?” Mila nodded. Logan continued “That means I have eternal life. I want you to have eternal life too.” Mila smiled and kissed him. Logan continued “My heart will stop one day and my body will become cold, but my soul will be alive forever. I want the same for you, but it is strictly between you and God.”

Mila smiled but didn’t understand. There was an awkward silence then she asked “I would be infinitely joyous if we could spend eternity together. How may I have eternal life as well? ”

Logan replied “You must put God first in your life. You shouldn’t want eternal life so you can be with me, but rather with God.” He paused and then continued “Please understand me, I will be yours for as long as we live, no matter what your choice is.” He paused again and said, “But if you turn God down, I will still pray for you.”

Mila hugged Logan with great strength and said “I love you so much.”

He replied, “And I love you too, sweetheart, but God loves you more.”

She kissed him and said, “Just keep me close and don’t let go.”

“Never will!” Logan replied.

She then asked, “At least, could we still cuddle with each other?”

“I guess, Mila.” Logan said, then continued “We are getting married anyway, so I suppose it will be all right.”

“Awesome!” She said.

With that, they laid down and soon fell asleep.

Mila began to toss and turn in the course of her sleep.

Eventually, her movements woke Logan up. “What’s the matter, Mila?” He asked.

She replied, shaking “All the years in school I was taught that the alternative to going to Heaven and having eternal life is going to hell. Is that true?”

Logan lovingly held her and gently said, “Yes, it is true. We are all wretched sinners and deserve nothing but going to hell.”

Mila began to shake even more. She asked “Well, how do I not go there? I know I am a sinner. What am I to do?”

Logan kissed her and said, “God loves us. He loves us so much that he doesn’t want anyone to go to hell.”

Mila’s eyes opened up with hope.

Logan continued “God cannot tolerate sin and He must be forever separate from it. There must be a sacrifice for sin to make it right with Him. A human being must die to make it right, but not just die, die without sin. Every human being that ever existed has sinned at one point or another, so no one can die without sin. Therefore, the only way to pay for those sins is to burn in hell forever.”

Mila became distressed again and started to shake.

Logan continued “God doesn’t want that to happen, so He paid that sacrifice for us. His Son, Jesus Christ, came down from Heaven as one of us and lived among us for a while. He lived a perfect life, never once sinning. He went to the cross and died the perfect death. He didn’t die of the physical injuries on His body, but rather when God, His Father, placed the sins of everyone ever committed on Him. He went through hell for us, because He loves us that much.” Logan paused, then said, “Someone once said that Jesus paid a debt He did not owe because we owed a debt we could not pay.”

Mila smiled and asked, “So there is hope?”

Logan replied “Of course there is hope. Praise God for what He did.”

Mila asked, “What must I do?”

Logan replied, asking “This is possibly the situation you are in: He paused then continued “You are bound for hell, but God will save you if you surrender to Jesus Christ and His ultimate Sacrifice ask Him to save you. He doesn’t have to save you, but He definitely will. Do you believe anything I am saying?”

Mila nodded “Yes, it scares me but then it comforts me as well!”

Logan smiled and said “Then you must realize that you will never be good enough to save yourself, but Jesus was good for you. You must ask Jesus to come into your life and God The Father to adopt you as His child. Speak to Him from your heart. He will hear you!”

Mila closed her eyes and prayed silently. Mila felt as if a huge weight was lifted off of her. She said, “I am experiencing peace now.” She then looked at Logan and said, with confidence, “I was born to be a child of God!”

Logan was filled with happiness, looked up towards Heaven, and said with tears of praise in his eyes “Thank you Jesus for saving her!”

Mila then hugged Logan also with tears in her eyes. She too looked up to Heaven and smiled at God, thanking Him with all of her heart. Suddenly Mila said, “We need to be married as soon as we can!” She paused and continued “I want to get it right and I know we must marry. I would marry you right now if I could!”

Logan kissed her repeatedly and said “Oh I love you so much, Mila! The desire for us to marry is you are being convicted by the Holy Ghost.”

Mila and Logan went lay down in his bed and gently held on to each other until lunch.

After feeling the pangs of hunger, Logan decided to order Chinese for them. He called and asked for a plate of General Tso Chicken, Lo Mein noodles, hot pork, and tapioca pudding for dessert. A half-hour passed then the delivery man knocked at Logan’s door.

Logan paid him, tipped him then brought the food inside.

Afterward, they sat at Logan’s dining table and ate.

“Is it a good idea to say grace?” Mila asked, then continued, “We usually did in my family on special occasions, but I think we should say grace for every meal.”

“Good idea, Mila.” Logan replied then bowed his head and prayed, “Heavenly Father, we thank you for this food and everything else you have provided for us. Please forgive us of our sins and bless our relationship. Please allow us to get married and please prevent Mila from being disciplined in any way for being with me. Be with us both now and forever, in Jesus’ Precious Name we pray, Amen.”

Mila smiled at Logan and then they began to eat.

After they finished lunch, Mila said “I love you so much Logan and I want to be intimate with you so much, but I don’t want to offend God either.”

“I know Mila, I have those desires for you as well. We should pray for an escape route from the temptation.”

“You’re right.”

Both silently prayed.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door.

Mila was startled and went hide in the bedroom.

Logan followed her and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Mila replied, “I don’t want anyone to see me in your place and word gets back to Kieth Koresh, that’s all.”

“You’re right, Mila. I understand.”

Logan answered it and beheld a young busty, Southern young woman.

“Can I help you, Miss?”, Logan asked.

“My boyfriend and I are moving into the unit above yours and I was wondering if we could borrow a few things until we get all of our stuff moved in.”

“What do you need?”

“A few dishes and tools to hang pictures and assemble some of the furniture.”

“Sure, I can get those things for you.”

The young woman stepped in but Logan blocked her saying, “Sorry, Miss, please don’t take any offense, but I don’t want you entering my property unless your boyfriend is present with you. I’m in a relationship with a young lady whom I deeply love and revere and I don’t want to be in a situation where one would even think I was cheating on her.”

“Okay. I understand I’ll go get him and we’ll be back in a few minutes.”

The young woman walked off then went upstairs.

Mila came out from her hiding spot and said, “I heard the whole conversation; that was very noble of you Logan.”

Logan replied “Well you mean everything to me, Mila. I cannot picture myself with anyone else. Therefore, I walk the chalk line for you!”

They began to kiss each other with affection until Logan’s doorbell rang again.

Mila went back into hiding.

Logan answered the door again. It was the young woman and this time, her middle-aged boyfriend as well.

Mila listened from the bedroom.

Logan introduced himself, saying “Hi, I’m Logan Baines.”

The middle-aged man replied, “Walter Gunther.”

Mila heard the conversation from the bedroom and had a panic attack. This was none other than her estranged dad who was going to be living on the floor above them with a younger woman.

The young woman then said, “I’m Fannie Jane Giddens.”

“It’s nice to meet both of you, now what exactly did you need?”

Walter said, “A couple of screwdrivers and a hammer, I’m going to be hanging nails and assembling some furniture.”

Fannie Jane added in, “And some dishes.”

“I’m sorry if I seemed rude to your girlfriend, Mister Gunther, but I have a girlfriend myself whom I tremendously love and revere and I refuse to be alone with anyone else of the opposite sex. That’s why I made her come back with you.”

“Oh, no, that’s not a problem. Just as long as you don’t preach to me about having a younger woman and all of that.”

“As long as you love each other, I guess. I’m twenty-two and my girlfriend is eighteen, so I can somewhat relate.”


Logan went to his kitchen drawer and retrieved the tools. He handed them to Walter and then asked Fannie Jane, “Exactly what dishes do you need?”

“Two drinking glasses, two plates, and a frying pan, that is if you got them.”

“I do,” Logan replied.

“Good, because I want to make some Southern Fried Chicken.”

Logan handed her the dishes.

Walter said, “She makes the best fried chicken I ever tasted. You can come over and eat some with us at dinner time.”

“Bring your girlfriend too.” Fannie Jane added in.

“Sure, I guess,” Logan said with considerable reluctance.

The couple then left Logan’s unit.

Logan closed the door and locked it.

Mila came out of hiding with tears in her eyes and an angry look on her face.

“What’s the matter, baby?” He asked.

“That man who just came in is my dad and now he is with another woman.”

“I’m so sorry, Mila.”

“God this is awful. My dad bought me a car then he left my mom a year ago. I knew he was cheating on her, but I didn’t picture her to be so young.”

“If your dad could afford to send you to private school, buy you a brand new car, divorce your mom and buy a condo, and then have a young girlfriend, he must have money. What does he do?”

“He’s an attorney.”

“Oh, now it makes sense.”

“My parents struggled to send me to private school.”

“What do they do?”

“My mom is a librarian at the queen of heaven elementary school and my dad is a history professor at the community college. They sent me to private school because they felt it was safer than a public school.”

“Do they get along?”

“Not perfectly, but I guess they’ve managed to stay together.”

“Do they ever fight?”

“Probably just as much as any other couple.”

“I know this is a little off the subject, but I don’t want to eat dinner with my dad and his new playmate and I don’t want you going either.”

“That’s fine, actually more than fine. It’s a great relief to me. I didn’t want to go anyway. That woman makes me very uncomfortable, she’s just so nasty, God please forgive me.”

“But, what should we do for dinner?”

“I can go to The West-Side Grocer and buy something to cook for us. I wish you could come with me, but I don’t want you to get in trouble at school.”

“I guess. What did you want to buy and cook?”

“What would you like?”

“Something not too fattening. I was chubby until my junior year, but then I lost weight. I’m sure you remember me. I’m now afraid that since I’m in a stable relationship, that I’ll gain it all back.”

“You were indeed chubby years ago, but I thought you were beautiful back then and I still think you’re beautiful now. And no matter how big or small you get, I’ll want you because I see your inner beauty as well as your outer. I love you, Mila.”

“Oh, I love you too, Logan. If only making love to you didn’t offend God so much. I want you so much right now!”

“I want you just as much, Mila. Since you’re so concerned about your weight, I’ll try to cook healthy for you. How about I make some seared chicken breasts and steamed green beans.”

“That would be perfect. If only we were married, though.”

Logan kissed her forehead then told her, “I think me making groceries is the escape route for now, but I’ll be back and I’ll make us dinner.”

“Do I have to answer the door if someone knocks?”

“No. Don’t worry about it.”

“Be careful out there, Logan. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Logan walked out of the door to his truck and started it. He then pulled out of the parking garage and then drove to The Westside Grocer and parked.

He walked to the produce section and saw fresh green beans, so he placed some in a plastic bag and weighed them on the scale until he had a pound. Then he went to the meat department and selected a package of boneless and skinless chicken breasts. Finally, he went to the juice aisle and selected a bottle of sparkling Concord grape juice. Afterward, he proceeded to an open checkout lane and placed his items on the conveyor belt. Quickly the cashier rang up his items and he paid.

As Logan was about to leave the store, he saw Kieth Koresh was placing beer and whiskey on the conveyor belt in the lane next to his. Quickly he grabbed his smartphone and took a picture of him purchasing the alcoholic beverages. Logan knew that this picture could be used against that hateful school president. He then sent the picture to Mila’s phone.

Suddenly, Kieth Koresh confronted him, “Logan Baines, what do you think you are doing?”

“I think I should ask you the same question.”

“I’m a grown adult and I can drink alcohol if I so choose. I need to drink after dealing with some of the students I have to deal with.”

“But what would your students think if they saw you purchasing alcohol, yet you suspend or expel them for doing the same? They would see a total hypocrite. They would lose the little bit of respect they have for you. I now have pictures of it as proof.”

“How dare you!”

“Well, let’s just say it’s payback for interfering with Mila and me.”

“You are messing with forces more powerful than you think, so I suggest you quit now.”

“And you are sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong and you stalk your students.”

“I have a job to do and that job is to make my school appear respectable to the community.”

Logan was now angered and said, “Okay mister catholic school president, I’m going to quote Jesus Christ, Someone Whom you claim to follow: ‘For you are like whitewashed tombs which on the outside appear beautiful, but inside they are full of dead men’s bones and all uncleanness.’ That is in the Bible, Matthew Chapter 23 verse 27, and it perfectly describes what you and your school are truly like!”

The two female cashiers on duty covered their mouths and giggled.

Kieth Koresh said “Keep this subversive behavior up and you will be dreadfully sorry. I can be your worst nightmare.”

“I don’t think so; I graduated already.”

“But I have connections who can make your life a living hell.”

“Are you threatening me? Because I can go to the police.”

“They’ll just laugh at you. Now I suggest you stop this subversive behavior or it will get very ugly for you.”

Kieth Koresh then left the store.

Logan was speechless.

He was about to leave when the two cashiers approached him. They were twins named Amber and Alexis Stewart.

Amber said to him, “I think it is brave what you are doing.”

Alexis added, “We were expelled by him last year for getting drunk at a party. It’s all because someone took our pictures taken while we were plastered.”

Logan replied, “He’s trying to make my girlfriend break up with me, simply because she kissed me in the public library and it was caught on camera while she was in uniform. It breaks my heart because I love her with all that I am and I have been in love with her for a long time. I was a senior and she was an eighth-grader when we first met, but now she is a senior and she is the only girl I ever wanted.”

“Ohh. That’s so sweet,” Amber said with a smile.

“I think you and her are meant to be, no matter what that douche bag tries to do,” Alexis added in.

“Thanks. That’s very encouraging.”

“If something does happen to you, we can testify about the threat he made. We both saw it,” Amber said.

“So yes, go ahead and post that picture. Show it to as many people as you can. We’ll back you up and say he threatened you anyway,” Alexis continued.

“Make it go viral,” Amber finally said.

“Will do. Now I have to go home and make dinner.” Logan said.

Amber said, “Have a nice evening.”

Alexis ended with, “Thank you for shopping with us.”

Logan walked to his truck and started it up. He drove back to his condominium, parked in the garage, and began walking to his unit.

Fannie Jane saw him and said, “Dinner is almost ready, so you and your girlfriend can come over.”

Logan replied, “I’m sorry, but my girlfriend wanted to eat something healthier, so I’m cooking her dinner tonight.”

“All right, maybe another time then.”

Logan nodded, half-heartedly, then walked into his unit. Mila greeted him with a kiss.

“Want to help me prepare dinner?” Logan asked Mila.

“Sure,” She replied.

“We have to snap the green beans. I can teach you how, it’s really easy though.”

“I know how already because I did it with my grandparents many times.”

They both began snapping the tips of the green bean hulls and placing them in the garbage bin.

Afterward, Logan placed the snapped green beans in a bowl with butter and then in the microwave.

As the green beans were cooking, Logan asked Mila, “What spices would you like on the chicken?”

“What do you have?”

Logan turned his lazy susan around and showed Mila all the spices as he said, “These are all I have.”

Mila grabbed the poultry seasoning and said, “I guess this goes on chicken, right?”

“Yes and I think we need some Olive Oil and black pepper as well.”

Mila and Logan rubbed the seasonings on the chicken, then placed it in the pan.

Logan lit his gas range and put the pan of chicken breasts over the lit burner.

He periodically turned the breasts over until they appeared done.

He went to the basket on his counter which held all of his kitchen gadgets and retrieved his thermometer.

Carefully, he placed the probe into the center of each piece of chicken and patiently waited for the needle to reach 165 Fahrenheit. When he saw that the needle made it, he turned the range off and let the chicken breasts cool.

Logan then poured himself and Mila each a glass of sparkling grape juice. Afterward, he placed each chicken breast and some steamed green beans on a plate for them, then said grace, “Heavenly Father, we love You and we thank you for this wonderful food. We especially thank You for saving us and blessing us. We ask that you bless our relationship, allow us to get married, keep us together for life and protect us from all who wish to harm us, especially Kieth Koresh. Please use this food to nourish our bodies for your service and glory. We make these prayers in Jesus’ Precious Name, Amen!”

They began eating smiling at each other from ear to ear.

Mila then asked, giggling, “I got that picture you sent. What was that all about?”

“I saw your school president purchasing beer and whiskey at The Westside Grocer, so I just had to take a picture of it.”

“He’s such a hypocrite, so you did right.”

“Unfortunately, he caught me doing so and confronted me about it.”

Mila began to shake.

“Did I do wrong?” Logan asked.

“No. You didn’t. I’m just afraid he will look for more reasons to expel me now.”

“If he does, post that picture on your webpage that you write your fantasies on.”

“My parents would be furious and they would probably take my car from me.”

“Since we’re getting married, I’ll buy you a car if that happens.”

“Thank you, Logan! You’re making me want to commit that sin with you even more!”

“Believe me, I want to as well. But I don’t ever want to lose you!”

“I don’t ever want to lose you either!”

Mila and Logan finished the last of their dinner then placed their dishes in the dishwasher.

They walked to the living room and sat together on the sofa.

“I read all of your stories, Mila. They are the most beautiful stories I have ever read!”

Mila blushed then said, “Wow! I feel elated! You’re the inspiration for all of them and you think they’re beautiful! I’ve accomplished exactly what I wanted by writing them!”

“You should pursue a career in writing.”

“But most writers don’t make that much and only a few of them achieve fortune and fame.”

“Well, how about I pay your way and you focus on being creative!”

“You would do that for me?”

“Of course, we’re getting married, right?!”

Mila nodded.

Logan continued, “Just from now on, don’t glamorize fornication or any other sins in any stories you write from now on.”

“I won’t.”

“So, what would you like to do?”

“Maybe we could watch a movie together?”

“I don’t have cable or any DVDs.”

“Then let’s watch YouTube on your laptop.”

“Would it be all right if we watched Pastor Clarkson?”

“Who’s that?”

“He’s the preacher who led me to Christ back while I was working in Eastern Europe.”

“Yes. We could watch him.”

“I know the perfect message from him. It’s about why the roman catholic church is not of God. This should explain why people like Kieth Koresh are the way they are.”

“Let’s watch it then. This should be good.”

Logan pulled up the browser on his laptop then went to YouTube. He then pulled the video on which Pastor Clarkson taught, exposing the wickedness and false doctrine within the roman catholic church. The video was about two hours long. Logan and Mila watched very intently.

After the video concluded, Logan and Mila were tired from all that happened. They walked to Logan’s bedroom and soon fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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Radiant Affection-Logan Proposed to Mila

Friday, February 5, 2010, was biting cold and dark as they woke up shivering in each others’ arms to the beeping of Logan’s watch alarm. It was 6 AM.

Mila moaned and stretched.

Logan kissed her forehead and said, “Time to wake up beautiful.”

Mila smiled and giggled slightly saying, “Wow, I thought it was only a dream.”

Logan replied, “No this is reality and tremendously better than anything dreams can provide! If I have my way, I shall wake up to your beautiful face every morning until the end of time!”

Mila kissed him and said, “Well I am happy it is real because it is better than any dream.”

Logan blushed, then nodded.

They each took a turn in the bathroom.

Afterward, Mila retrieved her school clothes then bathed and dressed.

She then walked out of the bathroom and teasingly lifted her uniform skirt at Logan.

He embraced her and they began to exchange kisses, each one more passionate than the last.

Mila asked Logan, “Are you hungry?”

“A little,” Logan replied.

“Well have some muffins with me.”

“That sounds wonderful.”

Happily, they ate banana nut muffins and drank skim milk in the dining room while Mila’s Mom was still passed out cold.

For a spell, they simply held hands and stated at each other with smiles and admiration.

Mila then spoke with sadness, “I’m going to be late for school, but it would be worth it for you though!”

Logan replied, “Now Mila, your schooling is important, make sure you keep your grades up and finish it.”

She kissed him and said with a playful pout, “All right Mister Baines.”

Logan held Mila until she saw his watch, and became slightly distressed over the time displayed.

She said with a sad face, “It’s time to go now.” Logan held her close to him as she rested her face in his chest and spoke with sadness and affection, “I am going to miss you today, Logan.”

“Well just remember, I love you, Mila.”

She smiled then replied, “I love you too and I can’t wait to see you this afternoon!”

Passionately they kissed each other goodbye and left. Logan drove to his condominium and got ready for work and Mila drove to school.

After arriving on the campus and parking her car, Mila walked into school happier than ever. She had the most beautiful smile on her face and the giddiness she felt could be sensed by all whom she passed. She sat down alone, in the library, working on her current fantasy. She wrote with passion until the morning bell rang. Slowly, she headed to class, with Logan on her heart. It was her math class, so she knew she needed to try and pay attention.

Suddenly, the school president called Mila’s teacher over the intercom, “Please send Mila Gunther to my office.”

The teacher replied, “She’s on her way,” Then motioned for Mila to leave the classroom.

Mila walked down to the office, wondering what she could have possibly done to warrant her being called down.

She opened the door to the president’s office and he spoke with graveness, “Mila, I have a serious problem with you.” He paused and then said with a fit of confrontational anger, “You want to tell me why you were carrying on in a lewd manner while in uniform?” Mila began to shake. The president continued, “You have tarnished this school’s reputation and we have it on video from the library security camera.”

Mila shook more as she replied, “All I did was kiss him. There are so many others who get away with doing much worse than me.”

The president then replied with even more anger, “It’s the fact that you had attention called yourself by also talking out loud and kissing Logan Baines while in uniform, then having that policeman correct you. There were several civic leaders and local business owners present for a meeting. This disgusting incident is now the impression that everyone in the community will have of a student at our school. You’ve seriously misrepresented us.” The president continued “I am giving you two Saturday schools because of this. Consider yourself lucky, because I could have easily expelled you.” He paused then continued “However, I want you to break up with Logan Baines. If not, you will, indeed, be expelled.”

Mila began to cry as she said, “I cannot break up with him-we love each other deeply and we’ve been in love for over four years.”

Koresh replied, “I don’t care, so save it for your counselor.”

Mila asked, “Why do you want me to leave him?”

Koresh replied, “Among other reasons; it is part of your punishment for carrying on like a whore and making our school look bad,” He paused, then angrily said, “Now get back to class, and don’t you dare step out of line!”

Mila sulked as she walked back into the classroom. She was by no means going to break up with Logan, with whom she had been in love for so long. However, she knew that if anyone found out that they were still together she would be expelled and unable to graduate. The remainder of the day went by painfully slowly. As soon as school let out, Mila called Logan and explained the situation to him.

Logan replied, “That gosh durn Keith Koresh has gone too far this time. I thought after I graduated he would no longer have power over me.” He paused, then asked her “Well I hope you still want us to be together.”

Mila said, “Yes, of course, but we will have to keep it covert. I am not about to give up on you and me, after all, we share.”

Logan then told her over the phone, “I will text you my address. Keith Koresh knows where you live, but doesn’t know where I live.”

Mila asked Logan with happiness, “Do you mean you want me to stay with you?”

Logan replied, “I am not trying to pressure you into doing it. I only want you to stay with me if you want to stay with me.”

Mila giggled and said, “Of course I would. It’s as if all of my stories are coming true!”

Logan then said, “I get off of work at half-past four. Meet me at my place at five.”

Mila then replied with happiness, “It’s a date, well more than a date.”

Logan said, “Now I have to finish up my work, but I love you so much, Mila!”

Mila felt warmth throughout her body as she said, “I love you too, Logan.”

Mila arrived home and bathed. Afterward, she put on a dress skirt and stockings, along with a warm shirt and a coat. She then read Logan’s address that was sent to her phone and then called him.

Quickly, she said, “Should I bring some changes of clothes and other items with me?”

Logan asked, “Do you still want to stay with me?”

“Yes, of course,” Mila replied.

“Then you answered your question!” Logan answered with happiness.

Mila answered with strong affection, “Wait when I get to your place!”

They hung up and Mila packed her clothes and other things. Logan worked in the shop for some time after. Soon, it was half-past four. Logan calibrated all his instruments and cleaned his tools. After that, he clocked out and started up his truck. Upon arrival, he showered and then dressed himself up. He put on a white dress shirt and navy blue slacks. He sat at the door waiting for Mila to come. Suddenly, he heard a knock. Immediately he opened the door and beheld Mila. He opened his arms and hugged her, then lifted her and spun her around. Passionately Mila kissed him.

Logan then asked her, “Hey since we’re both dressed up, how about I take you out for dinner. After all; it is Friday night.”

Mila replied, “Well we can’t go out in Melody, because I don’t want any of my teachers to see me and then report us to Keith Koresh.”

“Then we can go shop then eat out in Blues City, there are several malls out there.”

“You would take me shopping?”

“Of course, I just got paid.”

Mila threw her arms around him and kissed him as she “You treat me so well, Logan.”

Logan answered, “That means the world to me hearing you say that.” He paused and said, “Then again, you mean the world to me.”

Mila smiled from ear to ear and then she rubbed her nose against his and said “It’s cold outside; you might want to bring your coat.”

Logan agreed and took it out of his closet. He then retrieved his truck key and asked Mila “So, are you ready to go.”

Mila smiled brightly and said, “Let’s go.”

Logan kissed the top of her head then walked out of the door and into his truck. He backed out of his parking spot, then headed east.

There was a biting coldness in the air, so Logan turned his truck heater on and said, “I am so sorry about the cold, it always takes a while for my truck to get warm.”

Mila moved closer to him as she said, “That’s all right, I could always have you keep me warm.”

Both were happy for a Friday night in Blues City.

As they drove onto the main highway that left Melody; Mila took out her MP3 player and plugged it into Logan’s truck stereo. She then said, “These are some of the songs I would listen to when I wrote those stories about us.”

Immediately Logan’s truck became an atmosphere of love, passion, and sensuality.

Logan spoke, “If I wasn’t driving on a high-speed expressway right now, I would kiss you.”

Mila crawled next to Logan then cuddled beside him and said, “I can kiss you though. She pecked him several times on the cheek.

Logan smiled and said, “I love you, Mila.”

She rubbed his chest then said, “And I love you, too, Logan.” She then leaned beside him as they drove through the dark.

After driving for some time, they entered the city and came up to the mall. Logan drove into the parking garage and parked his truck. He then opened the passenger door for Mila then lifted her out. He held her up and spun her around, then locked both doors. There was a brisk chill in the night air, so hurriedly they walked in.

Logan said “I bought plenty of my work tools at the Sears in this mall. In doing so, I discovered some awesome eating places. I also know of a nice gift shop. What do you want to do; eat or look around?”

Mila replied, “Let’s eat.”

Logan nodded and they walked to the food court. There was an Italian nook; that served pasta, salads, and bread. They also served wine. They ordered and were handed their food.

Mila asked Logan “Since you’re over 21; could you order us a bottle of wine?”

Logan smiled from ear to ear, blushed, and then agreed.

Mila began to drink the wine and soon had a smile of mischief on her face. She was also feeling very affectionate from getting quite tipsy.

Logan kissed her and she kept laughing and holding on to him. He was very turned on, but knew the night was young and asked her, “Why don’t we get some dessert? It will take away the effect of the wine. Then I can take you shopping some more. Next to the Italian nook, there was a French Coffee stand.

Logan said to her, “You need to eat something else.”

She smiled and said, “What about some of those French doughnuts?”

Logan nodded, and then he told the server, “Give us two beignets, two spiced oatmeal cookies as well, and two cups of cafe au lait.”

They rang up, Logan paid and their food was handed to them.

Logan said looking at her, “Good Lord Mila, you are so beautiful.”

She smiled, leaned over, and kissed him. Logan ran his hand through her long brown hair and held her close to his chest. Mila kissed Logan quickly once more and they began to eat. After eating dessert; they went shopping. They walked to Bed Bath and Beyond and entered.

Logan said to Mila, “I would like to get you something, anything.” She looked around and then said, pointing to an electric massager, “You can get me this and massage me all of my body when I am hurting; especially when I am on my period.”

Mila then giggled, and Logan blushed.

He kissed her and then said, “Very well, I will get it for you.” With that, they walked to the cash register and paid.

After they walked out; Logan said “Now, there is something, a surprise, I want you to have. Please wait here on this bench. I have to go on the second level to get it and I will give it to you later tonight.” Logan paused then said, “I am sorry I have to make you wait, but I think you will like the surprise.”

Mila smiled at him nodded and they kissed.

Logan then walked up to the jewelry store and looked at the rings. He looked carefully and then he saw a ring that had a yellow gold band with a center cut diamond surround by several smaller diamonds. He decided to purchase it on credit. After he was approved and the paperwork was finished, Logan placed the ring in its box and into his pocket. He walked out of the store and headed back to Mila.

When arriving, he came up from behind her and covered her eyes, and said, “Guess who?”

Mila replied, “Is it, you Logan?”

He kissed her head removed his hands and faced her. She giggled and kissed him back.

Afterward, Logan said, “Why don’t we find a store that would sell dark sunglasses, so you would not be recognizable when you are in public with me.”

Mila giggled and said, “That sounds like a wonderful idea to me.” She paused then asked, “What about something to cover my head as well?”

Logan replied, “That’s a good idea too.”

They searched for a clothing store. After plenty of walking around, they found one at last and entered. Mila and Logan looked around, thoroughly. Finally, they saw a pair of sunglasses and a scarf then checked out.

Logan said, “I want to buy you one more item, but you might think it is somewhat nerdy.”

“What is it?” Mila asked.

Logan pulled a small black metal flashlight out of his pocket and said, “I want to get you one of these. I carry it everywhere I go because you never know when the electricity might fail. The electricity in Eastern Europe was very intermittent, especially in the winter.”

Mila smiled and said, “I don’t care if it might be nerdy because it is a gift from you.”

Logan asked, “If I buy you one; will you keep it in your purse?”

“Of course I will!” Mila replied.

“Well then let’s go get you one.” They walked into the Sears store and found the display of flashlights.

Logan asked, “Should I get you a pink model since you’re a lady?”

Mila giggled and nodded, then kissed him.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” Logan said and then purchased the flashlight.

Mila smiled and smacked Logan’s backside with affection.

As they walked out of the store she placed all items in one shopping bag and Logan looked at his watch.

With a look of shock on his face; he said “I think we should go home now before it gets too cold.”

Mila nodded and they left the mall.

As they were walking to Logan’s truck, there was a freezing wind blowing through. After much shivering, they finally made it and walked in. Logan fired up his truck and they headed home.

The ride was a cold but peaceful one. Mila was snuggled next to Logan as they traveled the expressway across the trembling prairie.

While riding, Logan told Mila, “I cannot wait to give you your surprise.”

She then asked, “When will that be?”

Logan answered, “When we are cuddling in my bed tonight.”

Mila smiled from ear to ear. Logan noticed his truck was running low on fuel. He knew there were about 14 miles to Melody didn’t want to get stranded in the bitter cold. There was a truck stop in Checker, so Logan took the exit and pulled up to a pump. Mila was sleeping as he parked.

Logan tapped Mila’s shoulder and said “Get down with me; I am going buy some fuel.” He paused then continued “I don’t want you to get abducted.”

Mila nervously agreed, so they entered the store. Logan purchased some fuel, then walked out and filled up his truck. After the truck was full, they headed back to Logan’s condo.

Logan said to Mila, “I hope your surprise makes you feel even more happy and special.”

Mila replied, “I cannot wait.”

Logan said, “Now close your eyes and lay down on the bed!”

He picked up his coat and reached into the pocket. He pulled out the presentation box with the ring in it. Logan turned out the light and opened his curtains. It made the mood just perfect in the glow of the moon and street lights.

He then lay down next to her wrapping his arms and legs around her and said, “Okay, now open your eyes!”

The diamonds sparkled as Mila asked, “What is this?”

Gently, Logan told her, “Take a guess!”

Tears filled her eyes as she asked, “Do you want me to marry you?”

Logan nodded as he kissed her.

She hugged him with all of her strength and then said, “Yes of course I will marry you. This is all of my stories come true!”

Logan then said seriously, “It’s no use holding back, we’re both in love with each other, right?”

With bliss, Mila nodded and kissed him.

Both were filled with great happiness as they cuddled together and soon fell asleep in each others’ arms.

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Radiant Affection-Logan and Mila Meet Again

Thursday, February 4, 2010, was a cold but dry and sunny afternoon. Logan had just clocked out of his work. He locked the building, then started up his truck and, as usual, drove to the library. Upon arrival, he retrieved his EDC bag from behind the seat. This bag held his laptop and other personal gadgets. Logan then walked to the second floor and sat down. He connected his laptop through the library’s WiFi system and began to browse the Internet. He checked his email then looked at Myspace and Facebook for a while. When he saw there was no new activity; Logan pulled up the weather report. It indicated that the weather would be sunny and dry, but with near-freezing temperatures. For the night it would be clear and dry but with a light freeze. After reading the weather report; he pulled up the secret web page. He read all of the stories that had been posted since 2006 and were focused on his computer screen. Logan wondered who would still be writing these since he was almost four years out of high school. He still assumed that this was a prank, so it was quite shocking that someone would still want to do this to him.

Mila drove to the library to upload a fantasy of her and Logan that she had just completed. Upon finishing with the computer, she walked upstairs to begin her schoolwork. Mila walked through the stairwell doors and entered the room.

Logan noticed that a new story had just been posted to the web page. He was about to read it when, suddenly, the stairwell door opened and in walked a beautiful girl in her uniform skirt. Immediately, he thought of Mila and his eyes were instantly fixated on her. After a few moments of staring, he realized it was indeed Mila, just thinner and grown. He stood up and watched in awestruck admiration, as she walked in. She noticed him and smiled sweetly. She took a second look at him and realized who he was. It was Logan, but with a more masculine look.

“It’s him!” Mila said with excitement. Immediately, she ran up to him, and said, “I know you! You’re Logan Baines.”

Nervously, but passionately he replied, “Oh Mila, I can’t believe you remember me!” He softly said as they tightly hugged each other.

She humbly replied to him, “Well, you sure are hard to forget.”

Awkwardly, they stared into each others’ eyes and simply smiled. Mila then said, “I had such strong feelings for you back when you went to school with me and I still do. Oh, if you only you knew.” Mila paused then continued, “I think you felt something for me, I always noticed how you would smile and blush.”

Logan’s whole body became flushed, but he caught himself and said, “Yes, it is true. I had feelings for you back then. I still have those feelings. They never left me.” He paused and then continued, “I would have sought you out back then, but I was afraid of the law and wanted to save you the humiliating scandal.”

Mila replied, “I am eighteen now, and that means I can be your girlfriend and we can do whatever we please.”

Logan swallowed hard and then said, “I would be honored to have you, but…” He paused, then continued, “It’s just I still see that same sweet and innocent girl from four years ago. I have a deep reverence for your beautiful body and soul. I don’t mean to sound like I am talking down to you and I don’t want to repel you. Please just understand!…” He was then at a loss of words.

But Mila replied “Oh Logan! Those are the sweetest words I have ever heard anyone say about me. And the fact that they came out of your mouth, fills my heart even more with ecstasy and giddiness! If only you knew how much I want you.” She continued, “I just hope you are okay with this!”

Quickly she pecked him on the cheek.

Logan blushed and his whole body became warm once again. “Oh Mila, you are just as affectionate and sweet as I imagined. It’s perfectly fine that you kissed me. I would like to kiss you as well.”

“If you want to, you may,” Mila said as she smiled. Softly, Logan kissed her. Their lips mixed and became one set.

“This is so wonderful Mila!” Logan said.

The city policeman working a security detail in the library shouted, “Knock it off right now or get out!”

Many people stared in shock.

“Sorry,” Logan said, sheepishly.

Then Mila continued, “Why don’t you come over to my house?”

“Sure, Mila, but what would your parents think?”

“My mom is probably drunk or full of pills and my dad left a year ago.”

“Well, I guess,” Logan nervously said, then continued, “I don’t want you to make you do something you will regret.”

“Trust me, you won’t!”

“Well do you have a car or do you want me to drive you to your house?”

“My dad bought me a car; just before he left my mom. You can follow me home.”

“Very well Mila, I will follow you home.” He became filled with passion and nervousness.

They left the library, not realizing that several of Melody’s elite upper-class were conducting a meeting and that they saw and heard everything that went on between Logan and Mila.

When they both arrived, Mila walked Logan into the front door. Her mother was sleeping on the living room sofa with the TV tuned to some rerun of a drama show.

Mila asked, “Why don’t we go up to my room?”

Logan blushed and nervously said “Mila, I…”

She kissed him then said with a playful pout, “Come with me!”

She held his hand and they walked the stairs and into her bedroom. Logan sat down on Mila’s computer chair and faced her. Mila, still wearing her uniform skirt, sat on the bed with her knees up. Logan could see up her skirt. He saw her pale thighs and her white cotton tights and even her panty line all covering her lovely bottom and intimate parts. He blushed until his face was a burning red.

Mila giggled as she asked, teasingly, “Like what you see?”

Logan tried to catch his breath but he couldn’t. He tried talking to her but he couldn’t. His eyes were fixed on what was underneath Mila’s skirt.

She giggled at the whole situation, then said, “You can have me if you want me. I’m all yours and you will be my first.” She paused then asked with slight distress, “Will I be your first?”

Logan caught his breath. His voice shook as he said, “Yes. You will. I have known no other and I want no other!” He then blushed even more.

Mila said with great passion, “Well take me then!”

Logan choked as he said, “Mila, I…”

“Yes?” Mila asked with slight anxiety.

Logan continued, “I can’t. I mean I want to, but I am a child of God and fornication is wrong.”

She replied, “You sound so hot when you talk about God. You know women are turned on by that.”

Logan blushed more, as he shook.

He bowed his head and silently prayed.

Mila asked, “What’s wrong, Logan?”

Logan replied, “Please try to understand me, Mila: I am very attracted to you, don’t get me wrong. You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen and you’re the only girl I have ever wanted!”

“Well then take me!”

“If it wouldn’t offend The God Whom I love so much, I most certainly would. I’m afraid that He would punish me and I would lose you if we fornicated. Trust me, I don’t ever want to lose you!”

“I don’t ever want to lose you either, Logan Baines! We don’t have to have sex. You just showed me how sweet you truly are! And I always loved that about you.”

“Thank you for being so patient with me Mila!”

“What would you like to do?”

“Honestly, just hold you next to me and innocently snuggle. Let’s make up for those years when we were apart and finally we can truly get to know each other.”

“What was it like for you when we were younger? Did I ever turn you on?”

Logan smiled, kissed her, and said “Well there was this one time; I was running a high fever and therefore retrieving the daily assignments from my teacher, who also taught you. I always thought you were so cute and sweet, but I knew I couldn’t legally be with you. However, I liked you even back then and I figured you liked me too. I also saw underneath your skirt that day. I was blushing and you were blushing too. I was never turned on so much, well except for just now. It felt so wrong, and I felt very dirty. It was so conflicting. I felt great reverence, yet great lust.”

Mila placed her finger on his lip as she said, “I remember that day too. It should not have been conflicting. Rather, it should have been proof that we were meant to be, even back then. “I can’t believe you liked me even when I was so fat. No other boy smiled at me during that time except you, but when I did lose weight, many boys liked me but honestly none of them measured up to you.” Mila paused then said “I have a confession to make Logan: I write fantasies about us and post them online. I use your name, but I kept mine a secret. I didn’t want to embarrass myself. I did this ever since that day in math class. I am working on one right now, you have given me plenty of inspiration.”

Logan’s mouth dropped wide open as he blushed and choked once again, “Good Lord, Mila. That was you?” He paused then continued, “Please don’t take this the wrong way, but I read those.” He paused, then said “I had no clue it was you. I was very turned on, never responded to it. I feared it was just someone trying to play a cruel prank.”

Mila sobbed as she placed her face in his chest. “No, it was me all this time. I poured my heart into it.”

Logan petted her hair and then looked at her as he spoke, “Well I thought all of them were very beautiful and I am even more touched by them than ever before because I know you’re the one who wrote them.”

Mila smiled and said, “I have all of them stored as text documents on my flash drive and usually keep it around it my around my neck. That way; they would always be close to my heart.”

Logan passionately kissed her and then said, “Well if you will have me, you can keep me close to your heart always.”

Tears rolled down Mila’s face once again as she said, “Don’t be scared Logan, but, I love you. It’s no use denying it. I only pray you feel the same way. I understand if you don’t though.”

Logan held her close to his chest and kissed her head and petted her hair as he spoke, “When we went to school together, you were on my heart. I graduated, still with you in my heart. I worked in Eastern Europe for the past almost two years. Many of those foreign women and girls tried to get after me and I refused them because you were still in my heart. I could not stop thinking of you. It’s strange; you are the only girl I ever wanted. It is as if your image was burned onto me. I remained a virgin. When I came back to Melody this past Christmas, I prayed without ceasing for a chance to meet you again. Yes, with profound certainty, I can say it as well Mila, I love you too! We now have the rest of our lives together and I will give my utmost effort to make you happy.”

Mila smiled and asked, “Can you stay with me tonight?”

Logan kissed her and said, “Sure, it would make me immensely joyous but would your parents mind?”

Mila grabbed Logan, kissed him in return, and replied, “They won’t even notice. I told you my dad doesn’t live here anymore and my mom is full of either wine or pills.”

Logan said, “It’s supposed to get cold tonight. I read the weather report on my computer.”

Mila grabbed Logan again and wrapped her arms and legs around him as she spoke, “Well since it is supposed to get so cold, you can keep me warm tonight.”

Logan replied, “Sure. We should sleep in each others’ arms.”

Mila beamed and then said, “Good, because, that’s the only way I want to sleep tonight.”

Logan then told her with assurance, “And if I have my way, every night until the end of time.”

With that, they turned out the light and held each other all night long talking and exchanging affections.

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Radiant Affection-Prelude

Thursday, February 9, 2006, was a cool, dry, and sunny morning at Seven Hills Catholic High School. Mila Gunther was sitting down in her Eighth Grade Mathematics class. The tardy bell was about to ring when, suddenly, Logan Baines walked into the classroom. He was checking out of school for the day, as he was running a high fever. Immediately Mila’s eyes became fixed on him. The teacher, who happened to also teach Logan Advanced Mathematics, was retrieving his assignments.

Mila had been attracted to Logan for some time now. It began around the start of the school year when they first met in the hallways and he opened the door for her while smiling at her. Ever since then, every time she saw him, she would become immensely giddy. She was madly attracted to his deep eyes, perfect lips, thick blonde hair, pale complexion, and skinny build. This time was no different as she was highly excited to be within a few feet of him. As Logan stood near the teacher’s desk; Mila began to smile at him uncontrollably. He noticed her and began to smile back. She was filled with ecstasy that he noticed her. His eyes were glued to her soft plump body, dark brown hair, flawless complexion, numerous freckles, sweet smile, and gentle eyes. Not realizing her leg movements, she accidentally flashed him. Logan saw clearly under her uniform skirt and his eyes locked onto her thick creamy thighs leading up to her turquoise tights that hugged her full shapely bottom. He began to blush brightly. Logan was never known to any woman or girl. The reason being was he did not believe in fornicating with a girl and then leaving her like so many of his peers did. He felt a deep reverence for any decent girl and Mila was no different, so he became nervous and anxious about, yet passionately attracted to what he had just seen. They began to stare at each other, both smiling from ear to ear, fixed in time and space.

The teacher interrupted them and said “Um, Logan, you may go now. I thought you had a fever.”

He left the classroom and Mila winked at him. The tardy bell then rang and Mila pulled out her books. The teacher immediately began her lesson. Mila was overflowing with emotions toward Logan. She tuned out the teacher completely and began to daydream about him. This went on for the rest of the period and into the remainder of the school day. At the end of the day; her mother picked her up and drove her home. The ride was completely silent. As soon as the car was parked; Mila walked up to her room, locked the door, and turned on her music. She sat for hours listening. It provoked deep and powerful emotions from the depths of her soul. She continued to think of Logan. The thoughts about him would not leave her mind. Mila went to bed but could not stop thinking of him. Eventually, she stepped out of bed and logged on to her computer. With headphones, she continued to listen to her music. Suddenly, Mila felt the urge to write. She began working on a love story. Naturally, the characters were based on her and Logan. She kept her character’s name a secret but used Logan’s name, mannerisms, and physical features for his character. Upon finishing, she posted it online under a secret identity. After doing so, she went to bed. It seemed that all of her emotions were released, at least for now.

Friday, February 10, 2006, Mila was standing in the commons area thinking about Logan. She walked all around the campus, looking for him. Finally, she saw him sitting in the library; reading a science magazine. The table he was reading at was near the computers, so Mila logged in on the computer nearest him. She then began to write. Now and then, she would look up from her work and stare at him. Finally, she caught his eye. He put down the magazine and stared at her. She felt victorious and smiled at him brightly. Mila was about to converse with Logan when the bell rang. She sulked and headed off to class. Before she left; she winked at Logan and he blushed. He thought she was absolutely beautiful and began to desire her as well, but never acted on the urges. He revered her deeply and therefore wanted to keep her reputation clean. He also was afraid of the law since he was eighteen and she was only fourteen. Logan wanted to love Mila in every way but was extremely leery of the laws and statutes on the books. He didn’t want to allow himself in any situation where the flesh would overpower the will. He also knew of the potential harassment from everyone he and Mila would face if they did enter a relationship, even one lacking all indecent behavior. Because he revered her so much, he decided not to pursue her, but not to reject her either. So From then on; every time they saw each other, both filled with great infatuation. This went on for the remainder of the school year. Her infatuation soon grew into an obsession. Mila continued to write fantasies about him and her and post them online. Still, she kept her identity a mystery.

Thursday, April 27, 2006, Logan came across these online fantasies that evening. At first, he was in great shock. After a few nights of reading the mysterious stories, he assumed it was some cruel, horrible prank. Never once, did he assume Mila was the author. He thought it was the work of one of the meaner girls in his senior class. To him; Mila was tremendously innocent and therefore wasn’t capable of writing such lust-provoking literature. He felt nothing but pure reverence toward Mila. Still, he was powerfully drawn to her. Logan not only wanted her body, rather, but he also desired a meaningful and lasting relationship. He deeply wanted her love and affections and to give the same to her, but he knew their current ages prohibited such a thing. So, unfortunately, nothing ever became of it.

Saturday, May 20, 2006, was the graduation for the Class of 2006, and Mila made it her business to be there. She sat at the very top of the bleachers and quietly watched. When Logan’s name was called and he was handed his diploma; Mila was filled with sad emotions. She fought back tears; wondering if she would ever see him again. After the ceremony was over; Mila went home and began to write. She forged it on her heart that she and Logan would be together; at least someday.

Summer 2006 Likewise, Logan never forgot Mila. He worked various part-time jobs during the and Mila greatly focused on her writing. Her hopes of being Logan’s one and only someday did not go away. Both remained virgins. It was unknown to them, but The Good Lord was in favor of them being together.

Fall 2006 When the summer was over; Logan went off to school to become a tractor mechanic. He was a model student and learned the trade with great ease.

June 2008 Upon completion of technical schooling Logan went to Eastern Europe to do missionary work. He knew that wheat was grown in abundance there. The locals soon recognized his vast skills and before long, he was in charge of a whole fleet of grain harvesting equipment. While working in Eastern Europe; Logan met a missionary pastor, named Michael Clarkson.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009, was on a cold and dreary evening. Logan had just finished up his work for the day and was heading to Pastor Clarkson’s Bible study. When he arrived; several people were meeting there and Pastor Clarkson was preparing the night’s lesson.

After everyone settled down; he started with a prayer “Dear Heavenly Father, thank You for the wonderful people we have here tonight. Thank You for bringing all of us here safely. I ask You to use me that we all may learn and prosper from the lesson You have laid on my heart. I pray that we all will apply what we learn to help us and others give You all the love and glory that You deserve. In Jesus’ Mighty Name we ask these prayers, Amen and thank You, Lord.” He then began to teach. “All right, class, tonight I am going to teach about something that might make me unpopular. I might very well offend some of you, but that is all right. I am still going to teach it because I believe it is my conviction that God wants me to present this lesson to all of you.” He paused then continued “There is a worldwide religious system in existence today and has been in existence for over a thousand years. It has led many souls to destruction. It pretends to be a Christian church even as far as claiming to be the true church and many believe it is. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. This organization is none other than the roman catholic church. Now, before any of you all walk out on me, I beseech you to keep an open mind and just consider what I am about to present. There are many different ideas they hold that go directly against the Word of God. I will call out some of them to you right now:

They have stated time and time again that Mary was and is immaculate. The Bible says otherwise. Romans 3:23 clearly states ‘For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;’ It does not say ‘except Mary.’ Yes, she did a wonderful deed of carrying, giving birth to, and raising our Precious Savior, but she is no purer than anyone else and she has even admitted so in Luke 1:47, ‘And my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Savior.’ She acknowledged God as her Savior and therefore knew she was a sinner like any other human being. If she was truly free from sin, then why did she refer to God as her Savior?

The roman catholic church has taught that tradition is equal and sometimes more important than the Word of God. Jesus Christ said otherwise in Mark 7:7-8 ‘Howbeit in vain do they worship Me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men. For laying aside the commandment of God, ye hold the tradition of men, as the washing of pots and cups: and many other such like things ye do.’

The Apostle Paul in the New Testament warned of a false religious system coming into existence in 1 Timothy 4:1-3: ‘Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron; Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth.’ The roman catholic church fits this description perfectly. Many of their doctrines are true compromises with paganism. Their so-called priests are not allowed to marry.” Meats weren’t allowed to be eaten at certain times of the year, right? Let’s not forget about indulgences, where they taught that paying money could forgive sins. Finally what about all of the physical and sexual abuse of children at the hands of priests and nuns, that still sometimes goes on.” There are many more examples that I will give to anyone who wishes to learn more.

Finally; I want all of you to consider Revelation Chapter 17, which is written in symbolism, but a little understanding and wisdom will reveal the truth: ‘And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet color.’ Remember, bishops wear purple, and cardinals wear red. ‘And decked with gold and precious stones and pearls.’ The Vatican has accumulated much excessive treasure all around it. There are also so many treasures in each of their churches. The roman catholic church is the richest organization in the world. ‘Having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations.’ “Remember the inquisitions where they murdered and tortured millions of people?” ‘and filthiness of her fornication: And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.’ Babylon was the beginning of all pagan religions during the time of Nimrod. The roman catholic church is nothing more than a deadly perversion of Christianity mixed with all the false religions of the world.”

Some had walked out of the classroom in anger by this point. Logan, on the other hand, was hanging on to every word that Pastor Clarkson was teaching.

At the end of the class, Logan approached Pastor Clarkson, just before he left and asked “I have gone to catholic school all my life and now see clearly that they are not of God. How do I make it right? I do not want to go to hell.”

Pastor Clarkson patted Logan on the shoulder and closed the door. He began to talk “Yes, Logan, humanity is hell-bound. That is true. God created man so He could have a creature to love Him. Satan foiled that plan, by tempting Adam and Eve. They fell into sin and so have all of their offspring. God’s holiness forces Him to be separate from sin. We are all full of sin and deserve to be eternally separate from God. However, God loves us and does not want that to happen. Still, there must be a payment for the sins of the world. We as fragile and frail unequivocally sinful humans cannot successfully make that payment no matter how good we act. So, to deal with that; He sent His own Son to become one of us, and sacrifice Himself on behalf of all of us. This is why Jesus died for you and me and the rest of the world.” Pastor Clarkson paused and then said “The debt has been paid through the loving Sacrifice of Jesus Christ. He was victorious over satan and the sins of the world when He rose from the dead. If you believe that, then you are on the right track because the worst sinner who truly believes and accepts this truth will be saved.”

Logan felt comforted as he heard those words. It was as if a burden had been lifted off of him.

Pastor Clarkson asked, “Do you believe what I am telling you?” Logan nodded and Pastor Clarkson continued “You must fully understand that you cannot save yourself, but Jesus is entirely capable and entirely willing to save you if you just submit and surrender to him?” Logan nodded again. Pastor Clarkson then said, “Pray to Jesus to come into your life and for God the Father to adopt you as his child. He will if you sincerely ask Him to.” Logan silently prayed. Pastor Clarkson asked Logan “What do you believe?”

Logan calmly replied “God loves me. I know I cannot save myself, but God sent His Son Jesus to die for my sins so that I can live with Him forever. He was victorious over my sins and God rose Him from the dead.”

Immediately, Logan was Born Again!

Pastor Clarkson congratulated him and said, “What you must do now is spread what I just told you to everyone else.”

Logan left the classroom a new man and headed to his dwelling. When several catholic priests in the area discovered Pastor Clarkson’s warnings they accused him of teaching hate and had him banished from missionary work. Logan continued working there as his skills were highly valued. All the while Mila was etched onto Logan’s heart. Many local girls tried to catch his eye, but each time one made a pass at him, he thought of Mila’s innocence and beauty. Never did he become known to any of them, because none of them measured up to Mila.

Fall 2009: Meanwhile, Mila had grown fully into a beautiful young lady. Many boys wanted her. However, none of them somehow seemed to measure up to Logan. Many boys asked her out but she politely refused each of them. Rather; her infatuation with Logan flourished. She didn’t go on any dates with anyone. Instead, she continued to write fantasies about her and Logan and post them online under a secret identity. These intimate stories were the outlet for all her immense passions. She revealed her secret to a few, but they all eventually thought of her as delusional. Still, Mila didn’t give up. She fervently believed that she would see Logan again and they would somehow be together.

Thursday, December 24, 2009, Logan decided to return home on Christmas Eve and caught the last flight back to The States, after almost two years in the wheat and mission fields. Upon arrival, he visited with family and friends. As soon as normal business resumed, he applied for a job at a local tractor repair shop. The owner, impressed by his experience and dedication, hired him on the spot. Logan subsequently purchased a condominium in Melody. Every day after work, Logan would visit the local library and read on his laptop. He soon realized that there were still stories about him and a secret girl being posted online. Many of these works, brought back memories of high school. Every time memories of high school came to mind, Mila came to mind. However, Logan never made the connection that Mila was the author. Nothing but reverence and innocence was still what he associated with her. Now that he was back in Melody; he prayed without ceasing for another chance to see her again. Little did he know how soon his prayers would be answered.

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Millennial Affection

I wrote this in the Summer of 2016, but it takes place in the late Spring or early Summer of 2002.

The main character is loosely based on me or whom I would like to be.

His girlfriend is based on someone I knew a long time ago but lost all contact with.

Without further ado, here is the story:


…June 2002…

Emmet Matthews was browsing the Internet on his self built computer after getting home from his summer job. He was a hard-working fifteen-year-old, who fixed computers in his spare time and pushed shopping carts for his local Target store as his main summer job. The Express Page or Expage was a popular social networking site at the time and Emmet was browsing other teens’ pages. He had come across a girl’s page and found out that her name was Kira Andersen. Emmet had always been partial to the name Kira because he was very close to a girl with that said first name as a young child. Unfortunately, he had lost all contact with her. In the back of his mind, he wondered if she was the same Kira he had known many years ago. Feverishly he studied her page, but there was no picture of her, past or present. The only information he had acquired from the page was that she wanted to be a writer and wanted to post some of her stories, but her computer had crashed. There was a listing of her ICQ number. Upon reading those two details, Emmet worked up the courage to message her. He started his ICQ application. Anxiously Emmet waited for it to load as the foghorn sound blared. When it finally loaded, Emmet added her number to his contact list. Upon looking at her ICQ information, he learned that she wasn’t far from him, only fifteen miles to the northwest.

He then sent her a message, “Hi. I saw your Expage site and I learned that you’re a writer. I also saw that your computer with all the stories you wrote is broken. I might be able to fix it and, for you, I’ll do it for free.”

Patiently, Emmet waited for a reply.

Finally he heard the “uh-oh” voice through his speaker and a reply message flashed on his screen “First tell me about yourself. I would like to know you better before I am able to trust you with my computer, let alone any of my stories.”

“That’s fine. I’m fifteen and I push shopping carts at Target but also work on computers in my free time. I might be young, but I have lots of experience. I built the computer that I’m talking to you on right now.”

“Is there a Home Depot next to the Target where you work?”


“Then I work next door to you. I’m a cashier there.”

“Awesome!” “Maybe we could meet up on our breaks?”

“We’ll see. I want to make sure that you are who you say you are.”

“I can get on my WebCam and show you what I look like.”


Emmet turned on his camera and invited Kira to watch him. She accepted.

“You’re cute!” She said.

“Thanks.” He began to blush and smile from ear to ear after sending that message.

“I would like to see a picture of you as well. You know just to make sure you are who you say you are.”

“I understand.” “I’ll send you a picture.” Kira took her school picture from her yearbook and scanned it then sent it to him.”

“Good Lord, Kira, you are beautiful!” Emmet said.

“Thanks. You’re sweet to tell me that.”

“Well it’s the God’s honest truth. How old are you though?”

“I made sixteen this past April.”

“Nice! Do you drive? I can’t get my license yet.”

“Yes, I drive. I work and give the money to my mom and she pays the note on my car. That’s also how I pay for Internet service.”

“What school do you go to?”

“Landing Station High.”

“Oh. Well I go to Seven Hills Catholic High. I guess that’s why we’ve never seen each other before.”

“I bet that’s a strict school. But at least, I would imagine harassment is not allowed. A bunch of stupid boys are always trying to touch me where I go to school.”

“Do you want me to protect you?”

“That’s sweet and noble of you, but some of those boys would kill you if you tried. They carry sharp weapons made of plastic so the metal detectors won’t pick them up.”

“Well I must say that doesn’t go on at Seven Hills, but there is still much harassment. And if the student doing the harassing is rich or an athlete, he gets away with it. I’m not rich and I hate sports as well, not to mention I’m a computer nerd, so I get harassed quite a bit.”

“Well don’t worry about them, you’ll be a huge success one day, if you are as skilled with computers as you claim.”

“I’ll try. Speaking of that, do you still want me to fix your computer?”

“I sure do. We can meet tomorrow if you work.”

“I go in at ten o’clock in the morning.”

“Awesome, I go in at eight but I get off at three. When do you get off?”

“Four P.M.”

“Great! When can you take a lunch break?”

“One P.M. I guess.”

“Good, I’ll take mine then as well.”

“You mean we can spend our break together?”

“Yes. Then you can come to my house and work on the computer. That is if your parents allow you.”

“I can convince my dad, no problem. My mom might grill me a lot though, but for you it’s worth it.”

“You’re sweet! Now we should get some rest, so we can work tomorrow.”

“Hey, where do you want to meet tomorrow?”

I’ll drive to the Target and you wait for me in the food court.”

“Good idea.”

“All right. I guess I’ll tell you good night.”

“Good night to you too.”

Emmet turned off his computer filled with anticipation and a slight anxiety. He was beginning to have feelings for Kira and thoughts about if she was indeed the same Kira from years ago were bombarding his mind. He knew he had to sleep, so he quietly went to his parents’ medicine cabinet and took a single Tylenol P.M. then dozed off. He dreamt many dreams about this Kira and the one from his past. These dreams seemed to hint that they were the same person.

The next morning Emmet woke up to the beeping of his Casio watch. He dressed for work and also retrieved his computer tools, along with an Anti Virus CD ROM. He ate two energy bars, then brushed his teeth and washed out his mouth with Listerine.

Then his dad asked “Are you ready son?”

“Yes, I’m ready.”

They walked to the car, when his dad asked “What’s with the tools?”

“I’m fixing a computer for a girl. She’s going to drive me to her house after work.”

“Is that all?”

“Well I do have feelings for her, I won’t lie.”

“Do you have any money on you?”

“Yes, why?”

“I want you to go to the pharmacy section in Target and get a condom, in case you get lucky.”

“Right, dad.”

“How are you going to get home?”

“She’ll drive me.”

“Okay remember, there is a curfew so don’t stay out too late, or you both can be arrested.” He then handed Emmet his cell phone and said “Take this in case plans change.”

“Will do. I’m off tomorrow, just so you know.”

“Just remember what I said about using protection.”

The rest of the ride was awkwardly silent.

Finally, Emmet was dropped off at Target. He immediately clocked in, placed his tool kit and CD ROM in his locker and began work. Naturally, Emmet kept an almost constant gaze at the screen on his watch.

Customers came and went and Emmet continuously moved the shopping carts from the parking lot to the store.

An old couple tipped him five dollars for loading the new television they purchased set into their van.

A pregnant lady also tipped him ten dollars for pushing her crib on a flat cart and loading it into her SUV. Seeing a pregnant woman made Emmet think about the condom he was told to buy but instead, decided to use the money to take Kira to lunch.

Emmet continued to push carts with his heart racing, thinking about Kira. Finally, his watch indicated twelve fifty-eight. He walked to the time clock, punched out and went sit down in the food court.

He sat down with anxious anticipation. Finally, he saw Kira walk into the store and towards the food court. He stood up and couldn’t help but admire her.

She smiled, waved and then said “Emmet?”

“Yes, it’s me.”

They walked up to each other and embraced.

Emmet then asked, “Could I buy you lunch?”

“Sure, that’s very sweet of you.”

“What would you like?”

“The fruit and yogurt cup.”

“It’s yours.”

“Thank you!” Kira said with another hug, then asked, “What are you going to eat?”

“The all-beef hot dog and a pretzel, what do you want to drink? I get free fountain drinks, but since you’re so nice to me, I’ll buy you a better drink.”

“An iced coffee I guess.”

“It’s yours.”

Emmet retrieved the yogurt and coffee from the refrigerator, paid for them, then ordered the hot dog and pretzel. Afterward, he asked the cashier for a fountain cup which he filled with Pepsi from the soda tap.

They then ate in happy silence, smiling at each other.

What broke the silence was when Emmet asked Kira, “What are you going to do while waiting for me to get off?”

“I guess I could park my car and wait in the parking lot to watch you work, that is if me doing so won’t make you mad.”

“It wouldn’t make me mad, but if anyone else did, then I don’t know.”

“You’re so sweet and you have such cute curly hair! Can I play with it?”

“Sure. That would feel so good!”


Kira moved from the chair across from Emmet and sat in the chair next to him. She then rested his head in her lap and played with his hair. He smiled up at her with bliss and she giggled.

They exchanged phone numbers and addresses and continued until the manager said “Emmet, it’s time to get back to work. The shopping carts need to be brought back in.”

“Yes, sir,” Emmet replied.

“I guess I’ll see you at four o’clock.” Kira said, winking.

“For sure, Kira.” Emmet replied.

They hugged affectionately then got back to work.

The rest of the day dragged on. Emmet pushed shopping carts in the hot sun. What kept him going was thinking about the evening he would spend with Kira.

When three P.M. came, Kira drove her car to the Target parking lot and watched Emmet push the carts. Every time their eyes met, there was also a wink and a wave.

Finally it was four P.M. Emmet clocked out, retrieved his tools and antivirus CD-ROM from his locker, then walked to Kira’s car. She then drove him to her mom’s house.

When they arrived, Emmet said, nervously “I guess I’ll get to work.”

“Great, come to my room.”

Emmet said “I need to open up your old and your new computer, but first let me install antivirus on your new one.”

“Sure, do whatever you need to do.”

Emmet installed the antivirus software, then shut the computer down. He then opened both of them up and took the hard drive out of the old one and connected it to the mother board and IDE power supply of the new one. He turned it on and checked the boot sequence, making sure that the new computer’s original hard drive would boot. He had Kira log in and then clicked on the My Computer icon and double-clicked the icon for the old hard drive.

Emmet then asked Kira “What folder were you stories in?”

“My Document\Stories I believe.”

Emmet accessed the My Documents folder and right clicked on Stories and selected Copy. Afterward he accessed the new computer’s original hard drive then Windows, then My Documents and right-clicked in the folder then selected Paste. Quickly the files were transferred.

“May I read one of your stories to make sure it copied?”


Emmet opened the text file and said “It works!”

“Let me read it to you.” Kira said.

She read about a teenage couple whom were massacred by gang members.

“That was tragic, but very beautiful. At least they died together.”

“Thank you, Emmet! I was so full of emotions before and after I wrote that.”

“You truly have a gift.”

“You know, I wrote this before I met you but, somehow, you remind me of the boy in this story. The girl is based on me.”

Emmet simply hugged Kira and she petted his hair, but then there was a slight awkwardness.

Kira then said “Would you like to watch As the World Turns with me? I record it every day.”

“Sure. But I would do anything if it meant we could spend time together.”

They sat on Kira’s bed with Emmet resting his head in her lap. The theme music to ATWT began playing.

“I see all these couples together: Jack and Carly, Holden and Lilly, Tom and Margo. Yet, I can’t seem to find anyone.” Kira said.

“I cannot believe you don’t have a boyfriend.”

Kira paused the show and said, “It’s because I have high standards, but that’s my own fault because I expect a guy to be like the good guys in my stories.”

“You can’t think too highly of me, then right. I mean I can’t even legally drive yet.”

“Actually I think the world and the moon of you. You’re a hard worker. You are so good with computers. You are adorable. And, as I’ve said before you do remind me of the good male characters in my stories.”

“Kira, I have feelings for you as well. I’m just afraid you would dump me because of my nerdiness.”

“Rest assured, that would never happen.”

“Then, yes I want you too. I was just afraid I would do something to turn you off.”

“Why do you think that?”

“Because I eventually turn everyone else off.”

“Have you ever had a girlfriend before me?”

“Well sort of. In fact her name was Kira as well, but I was four years old and she was a little older than me. Sadly, I lost all contact with her.”

“Where did you meet her?”

“At a church nursery in Landing Station, this was back in 1991. My grandmother convinced my dad to take me out of there. I wish I could see her again.”

“You’re looking up at her right now! It was me! Now I can see why so many of the characters in my stories remind me of you! Let me say that I’ve wanted you before, but now I want you more than ever!”

“My God, Kira, you have no idea how I’ve been longing to see you again!”

“Yes. I remember how we were always the first kids there and we grew close. I was so sad when you left.”

“Well now we have each other and I refuse to let anything come between us again.”

Their lips met and they began to passionately kiss. They began to hug. They began to pet each others’ hair.

“My gosh that felt wonderful,” Kira said.

“It was as if fate set us up. What’s really something is that we first met in 1991, and here it is 2002 and we meet again. 1991 and 2002 are the only years whose digits are the same frontwards and backward that we will see in our lifetime.” Emmet replied.

Suddenly they heard the front door opening.

Kira’s mom called out “Kira are you home?”

“Yes, mom.”

Emmet got nervous once again.

“Don’t worry, Emmet,” Kira whispered

“Are you in your room, Kira?”


“Okay. I’m coming to see you.”

Kira’s mom walked into the room.

“Who’s this Kira?”

“This is Emmet Matthews. Remember the boy from church eleven years ago? This is him! I’ve finally found him!”

“Hi. I’m Harriet Andersen. I remember you and Kira playing together before all the other children arrived but I also remember how heartbroken Kira was when you were taken out of the church nursery.”

With great seriousness, Emmet answered her “That was completely beyond my control, but in every way I can, I’ll to make it up to her for the rest of my life. I love her and I’ve always loved her.”

Kira gently held Emmet’s hands and kissed his forehead.

“You better never break her heart again.”

“I swear by whatever or whomever you wish me to that I never will.”

“Well you shouldn’t swear, but I’ll give you another chance. You’re welcome to stay for dinner.”


“I’ll let you two alone for now.”

Harriet left the room and began to prepare dinner.

Kira said “Imagine if my mom wouldn’t have come in. Would you have made love to me?”

“Only if you would have wanted me to.”

“My God, Emmet, you’re so sweet!”

“I’m off tomorrow, what about you?”

“Yes, I’m off too!”

“Will your parents be home?”

“I can convince my dad to take my mom out for a few hours. He’s been wanting me to have a girlfriend for a long time now.” Emmet paused, then continued “In fact, let me call him now!”

“Put it on speakerphone.” Kira said

Emmet dialed his dad’s house number.


“Hey. I’m still at the girl’s house. Her name is Kira Andersen and we are now a couple. Is there a way you can take mom out to the city tomorrow, so we can be alone at your house?

“I guess Emmet. Did you go to the pharmacy section at Target.”

“Not yet.”

“You better. By the way, when are you coming home?”

“Right before curfew begins.”

“Where’s her house?”

“In Landing Station.”

“Then make it an hour before that. You might get delayed because of a slow-moving train.”

“All right. Will do. But you take mom out tomorrow.”

“I’ll try.”

“Okay, I’ll let you go for now.”

“Okay bye.”

“Bye son.”

Emmet looked at Kira and said, “My dad definitely wants me to use protection.”

“You don’t have to worry about STDs because I’m a virgin.”

“So am I, but you probably realized that already.”

“Yes. I figured that, but that makes our relationship even more special. By the way, when you told my mom that you loved me, I wanted to say love you too Emmet! Let’s never be taken apart again.”

“I will do everything I can to keep us together.” He paused, then continued “I think my dad is more concerned about me getting you pregnant.”

“I’m on birth control, just to regulate my cycles, nothing else. But it should prevent me from getting pregnant when we do make love.”

“I hope it will be wonderful when we do.”

“I am almost sure it will be.”

Kira kissed Emmet once again and they resumed watching As the World Turns.

“Is this boring you?” Kira asked Emmet.

“Not really, my parents and grandparents used to watch it when I was younger, so I’m used to it.”

“Why don’t they still watch it?”

“Well, I don’t know why my parents stopped. But, my grandparents stopped because myself and the other grandchildren were at their house and there was a lovemaking scene. My grandparents tend to get very uptight about sex.”

“Oh, I see. You know I do want you in every way possible and I hope your grandparents don’t come down too hard on you or me when and if they find out.”

“It wouldn’t matter who gets mad at me. It would be worth any drama if it means I can love you in all the ways you want.”

Kira put her arms around Emmet as he still lay in her lap and said, “Fate is definitely on our side. The fact that we’ve been pining for each other so long and never been with anyone else, makes me believe that we are truly meant for each other!”

“I wholeheartedly agree.”

Kira kissed Emmet’s head and they resumed watching, until Kira’s mom called them for dinner.

Over the course of dinner, Emmet’s dad’s cell phone rang. The number shown on the caller ID was his grandparents’ house number.

“It’s my grandparents calling, I have to answer.”

“Go ahead.” Kira’s mom said.

Kira nodded at Emmet as well.

“Hello.” Emmet answered.

“Emmet, I see you have a girlfriend.”

“Yes. How did you know?”

“Several people saw you and her in the food court at your job. They said you two were acting lewd.”

“All she did was play with my hair.”

“How long have you known her?”

“About eleven years.”

“Eleven years? How come I’ve never heard about her before?”

“Because we met as children at the church nursery.”

“Oh, so she’s a Protestant and you’re supposed to be a Catholic.”

“I don’t believe in all that religious stuff and more importantly I love her.”

“You don’t know what love is.”

“I think I do; I’ve waited eleven years for her.”

“Well you were raised a Catholic and if you leave the Catholic church you will have plenty to answer God for.”

“Can’t you just be happy for me?”

“No. I don’t want you with her. She’s a hellbound Protestant and she’ll take you to hell with her.”

“Look I have to go. I’m eating dinner with her right now and you’re not going to change my mind. I love her, period.”

“Emmet Joseph Matthews! You’re breaking bread with Protestants?!”

“Yes, because I love her!”

“Go ahead do what you want. However, don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

Emmet’s grandmother hung up the phone.

He was visibly upset as he returned to the table.

“What’s the matter?” Kira asked.

“My grandmother is giving me a hard time because you’re not Catholic.”

“Well I hope you still want me.”

“Of course I do. Nothing can change that.”

Kira walked up to him and hugged him.

Emmet continued “Even though she gives me a hard time, I still choose you. We lost each other once before and I refuse to let it happen again.”

“Why is she hung up on all this Catholic stuff? If anything the Catholic church is a false, money-hungry and corrupt church.” Kira paused then continued “Remember how you said if a rich or athletic student harasses someone at Seven Hills, they get away with it?”

Emmet nodded.

Kira’s mom walked out of the room as she said “I’ll leave you two alone. Kira, you should tell him the truth.”

Kira continued “As I was saying before the Catholic church is full of corruption. The unfair rules at your school are just an example of many hypocrisies in the Catholic church. The Bible says ‘For the love of money is the root of all evil’ it also says to ‘Make not a graven image’. Aren’t there all kinds of statues in those so-called churches and schools?”

“You’re right! My God, I’ve never realized this. If all this Catholic stuff is wrong, then how do I get to Heaven then?”

“You may get to Heaven only by trusting Jesus Christ through His sacrifice on the cross to forgive you of your sins. God knows we cannot pay for the sins we commit, so He paid for them Himself through Jesus Christ His Son. There is no way you can earn your way into Heaven like the Catholics teach. The reality is Jesus paid it all. The most famous quote from the Bible says “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believe on Him should not perish but have everlasting life.’ All you must do is earnestly and sincerely believe this truth in your ask Jesus to forgive you of your sins then invite Him to be Lord of your life and Savior of your soul. Just pray to Him from your heart.

Emmet understood and believed, then bowed his head and silently prayed, with the utmost reverence and honesty. He could feel as if a huge burden was taken off of him and he felt peace like never before and then spoke “I’ve never experienced this before, but it is wonderful! I am in complete peace with God even though I had been running from up until this point. Something keeps telling me that if we love each other and we can’t control our urges that we must marry, but I am too young. However I know that I love you Kira with all my heart and I want to express it to you physically. I do know that it is a sin, but I cannot control myself.”

“I know Emmet. I too want to love you physically. If we ever do, I know God can forgive us of it, but if we are tempted we can pray and God will give us an escape route.”

“I was planning for us to be alone at my parents’ house tomorrow, but now I don’t want to sin. But I definitely want to spend all my time with you. Can we go somewhere tomorrow?”

“Sure thing, Emmet!”

Kira’s mom walked back into the room and asked Emmet “Did Kira tell you the truth about God and salvation?”

“She sure did.”

“And do you believe it”?

“I sure do.”

“Praise God! Now let’s eat.”

Happily the three ate dinner.

After eating Emmet and Kira were walking back to her bedroom when the cell phone rang again. It was Emmet’s dad calling.

He answered “Hello.”

“Hey I don’t mean to interrupt your date but curfew starts in an hour.”

“Okay, I’ll have her bring me home then.”

“Tell her to be careful.”

“Are you and mom going out tomorrow?”



“You know I want you to use protection.”

Emmet lied, knowing he would try his best not to fornicate, and said, “Will do.”

They hung up and Kira asked “Do I have to take you home?”

Emmet blushed and said, “Yes, but I’ll deeply miss you and I want to see you again tomorrow and every other possible time!”

“I’ll definitely try for us to spend every possible hour together.” Kira said, kissing him.

“Mom I have to take Emmet home.”

“Okay be careful, Kira. It was nice meeting you again, Emmet.”

They walked to Kira’s car and rode off into the darkness.

“I love you so deeply Emmet!”

“And I love you so massively Kira!”

They held hands for the entire trip, which seemed to go very quickly. Emmet secretly hoped for a train to pass, so they could spend just a few more minutes together.

In what seemed like an instant, they arrived at Emmet’s house.

They kissed lovingly, then Emmet said, “Be careful on your way home and call either my dad’s cell phone or our house phone when you get back home to let me know you’re safe.”

“You’re so sweet, Emmet. I love you!”

“I love you too, Kira.”

They kissed once more and Kira drove off.

Emmet walked in, handed the cell phone to his dad and said, “When it rings, that’s Kira telling me she’s home safe so let me know when it does.”

“Okay. You know I just got an earful from my mother how you and Kira were acting lewd in the food court and she’s angry that Kira’s a Protestant.”

“How do you feel?”

“I’m happy for you and proud as well. But remember to stay respectful to your grandmother and try to keep the public displays of affection to a minimum while at work or you both could be fired.”

“You’re right. Will do.”

“Now why don’t you get some sleep so you can be awake for tomorrow.”


Emmet was preparing for bed when his dad came with the phone and said “I think Kira is calling. Answer it.”

Emmet answered “Hey.”

“Hey I wanted to let you know I’m safe at home.”

“Thank God! I love you, Kira!”

“I love you too, Emmet! Good night.”

“Good night.”

They hung up and went to bed. Emmet dreamt many dreams about Kira.

The next day he woke up and his parents had already left.

Quickly he called Kira “Hey. My parents left, so you can come over.”

“Awesome! I’m coming right now.”

“I love you and be careful!”

“I love you too!”

They hung up and Emmet got ready.

He then paced around the house in anticipation of Kira’s arrival. Finally, he looked through the dining room window and saw Kira pulling up in her car. Emmet walked outside and greeted her with open arms. They kissed with strong affection and then walked inside.

“Should I give you a tour of the house?” Emmet asked

“If you want to,” Kira replied.

So he began to show her around, then they came to the bedroom.

Kira hugged him and said, “I know it’s a sin, but I could very much make love to you.”

“I would do it for you, Kira.”

They began to remove each other’s clothes, until Kira took a deep breath and said, “We need to pray for an escape route.”

“You’re right.”

Suddenly there was knocking at the door, followed by a shrill voice. It was Emmet’s grandmother. She shouted “Emmet I know you’re alone in here with that horrible Protestant girl. Either both of you come out or I will call Bruce Mitchell to deal with you.”

“Who’s Bruce Mitchell?” Kira asked.

“My busy body neighbor. He used to beat me when I was younger.”

“Do you think he would try it again?”

“Possibly. He might even try to hurt you. Just pretend we’re not home.”

Kira nodded.

“I have a key, Emmet and I’m coming in.”

“What will we do now?” Kira asked in distress.

“I’ll get our clothes and you get your keys and make a break for it. I doubt she can catch us.”

“How will we get past her if she blocks us in?”

“You’re right. Damnit I don’t know.”

“I’m scared Emmet.”

They could hear the door unlocking and held each other tightly.

“Emmet, I know your in here and I know your with that damn girl.”

She walked to Emmet’s room and saw them half-dressed and said “Tell me you shoplifted. Tell me you’re on drugs. Even tell me you’re gay. But don’t tell me you laid down with this Protestant girl.”

“No, we didn’t,” Kira said

“But you were going to.” She paused, looked at Kira and said “You need to leave, right now!”

“Then I’m going with her!” Emmet said.

“Don’t you dare.” His grandmother interjected

“But I will,” Emmet replied with confidence.

“Then I’m calling Bruce over.”

Kira said “If whoever this Bruce person is strikes me or Emmet, I’m calling the police!”

“Just try it. I’ll tell them that you two were having sex.”

“But we weren’t.” Kira answered.

“But you were going to. Now leave.”

Emmet whispered in Kira’s ear “She’s blocking us in the doorway right now, but pretend to leave. As soon as she gets out your way I’ll run fast and follow you.”

Kira nodded and kissed him, then began to walk away. Immediately, Emmet ran and followed her then they both ran out of the house.

Emmet’s grandmother shouted “Wait, now I’m calling Bruce and he’s going to deal with both of you.”

Emmet and Kira hurriedly got into the car and she drove off.

“Watch the speed limit Kira; it’s only fifteen. We can’t afford to get pulled over.”

“You’re right. That’s the last thing we need.”

So Kira slowed down.

Emmet looked in the right side mirror and saw an old white truck catching up with them. “Damnit, that’s Bruce Mitchell following us.”

“I’ll tap my brakes and if he hits us, we can sue,” Kira said.

“Good idea,” Emmet replied.

So Kira stared at him in her rearview mirror then hit her brake pedal.

Bruce came within a foot of hitting her. She then accelerated again, but Bruce was soon on her tail. She tapped her brakes again, but Bruce flashed a revolver.

“Oh, God! He’s got a gun!” Kira said in a panic.

“Screw the speed limit, let’s get the hell out of here. If the cops pull us over we can tell them about what Bruce Mitchell was doing to us and his address as well.” Emmet said.

“Good idea.”

Kira accelerated. Bruce also accelerated. After catching up with them, he fired a shot, striking Kira’s left rear tire. They went into a spin and struck a utility pole. Then the car burst into flames…

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A Better Day and Night-Persecuted Affection

The next day as Kurt was walking to the bus stop, both of his parents approached him.

“Now, I know your excited to have Eileen as your girlfriend but as far as anyone at the school knows, you and her are broken up,” His dad said.

“I know,” Kurt replied. Then continued, “I want to meet her at the YMCA tonight. Could you bring me?”

“Of course,” His dad answered.

“But keep those hormones in check,” His mom added in.

“How can we do anything at the Y? The lifeguard won’t even let us hug or kiss,” Kurt answered.

“I just don’t want to raise a grand baby yet. Wait until you have a degree or a trade and a good job, so you can raise it,”

“And a place of your own,” His dad added in.

“Yes. I know,” Kurt said with a slight irritation.

“We’re only looking out for you,” His mom said.

“But we’re glad you have a girlfriend and we’re sorry you have to keep it a secret,” His dad finally said.

“Yes, but once you go to a different school next year it won’t be so bad, now you go and board the bus. We have to get to work,” His mom added.

Kurt walked to the bus stop and waited for the bus to come.

Finally, it arrived and he boarded.

The ride was quick and he soon arrived at school and sat on the bench.

Johacim and Matthew saw that he arrived and began to start harassing him.

He kept thinking about Eileen and was able to successfully tune them out.

Instead he pulled out his assigned book and began to read where he left off.

Matthew and Johacim whispered to each other, then Matthew came and knocked the book out of his hands.

Johacim then threatened to throw it in the toilet of the restroom.

Kurt told him, “Go ahead you’ll be vandalizing school property.

Mrs. Kraft was on duty and witnessed the latter parts of the event.

She told Johacim, “You will be suspended if you damage that book!”

Kurt then told her, “Matthew also knocked it out of my hand while I was reading it.”

“No recess for the next week for you,” She told Matthew.

“That’s messed up,” Johacim added in.

“No, what is truly messed up as you say is that both of you constantly harass Kurt and get away with it. But not under my watch!”

She then looked at Matthew and said, “Hand the book back to Kurt and apologize to him!”

Matthew rolled his eyes and did so, albeit very begrudgingly.

Kurt went back to reading until the bell rang.

All the students went to their respective classes.

Mrs. Kraft continued the science lesson on bovines. Most of the lesson was how cow’s milks is used for human consumption

Kurt listened intently until Johacim said, “I wonder if the milk I poured on my Oreo Os this morning came from Eileen Cartensen’s boobs; I mean she is a cow!”

Several classmates laughed.

“To the principal’s office-now Johacim!” Mrs. Kraft sternly said.

“But she doesn’t even come to this school,” He protested.

“I don’t care where she goes to school is still a human being with feelings and she deserves dignity! Furthermore you said a word that is totally inappropriate for class.” Mrs. Kraft said with anger.

Johacim left the classroom and went to the office, sulking.

Mrs. Kraft continued the lesson, until it was time to teach social studies.

The lesson was about the Watergate Scandal, but in a way seventh graders could understand.

After the lesson was concluded, Mrs. Kraft asked each member of the class if they had chosen their president to do a project on.

Kurt, off the top of his head chose Ronald Reagan, as he had forgotten all about it.

No one else chose Reagan so it went fine for him.

Then it was time to switch classes.

All the students lined up and exited, then headed for Bouchard’s class.

“Where is Johacim?” She asked.

The whole class remained silent.

“Well either tell me where he is, or no one will have recess today!” She continued.

“One girl at last spoke up, “He got sent to the office for saying something inappropriate in Mrs. Kraft’s class.”

“I see. Well, we need to begin our lesson. Everyone take our your religion books,” Bouchard commanded.

Kurt pulled out his religion book and listened as Bouchard lectured, “Sex is meant to be had only in the confines of marriage and strictly for the purpose of procreation. Sex in any other form than this is a mortal sin.” She paused and then continued, “In 1960, birth control was put on the market and since then society has morally plummeted. Before birth control was available, anyone having sex ran the risk of making more mouths to feed. That was a good thing because it more or less limited sex to only those who were financially capable. And those who had pregnancies out of wedlock were shunned from society. Those were glorious days. But then birth control came along, but let me tell you something class, birth control doesn’t always work. Of course now when birth control fails for an unfit mother, she goes on welfare and my tax dollars have to support her and her baby. If I find out that any girls in this school are on birth control, they will be expelled on the spot. It is impossible to be a good Catholic and use birth control, so I refuse to let my students use it. Sex was meant for procreation not recreation.”

By this point, Kurt began to daydream about Eileen.

He tuned Bouchard completely out and thought about how he would see Eileen later that evening at the Y.

Finally Bouchard’s lesson on the supposed evils of birth control was over and she starting lecturing about English.

By this point Johacim returned to class, with a smirk on his face.

Bouchard continued lecturing on English and had a way of sucking all the fun out of grammar and making it as miserable as possible.

Kurt tried to pay attention because of Eileen’s suggestion for him to be a journalist one day.

Finally the bell for little recess rang, to which Kurt went relieve his bladder in the boy’s restroom then got a drink of water and sat by the wall.

He thought about Eileen for the entire recess period, hoping and praying that they would spend some time at the Y later that evening.

Just as he was enjoying his thoughts the bell rang and he headed back to class.

Then there were some spelling and reading exercises.

Finally it was time for lunch. The class line up and walked to the cafeteria.

There was hamburger steak, mashed potatoes with gravy, green beans and banana pudding for dessert.

Kurt ate with everyone else but was soon finished. He pushed his tray forward then put his head down.

Matthew said, “Hey Kurt, where do hamburger steaks come from?”

Kurt ignored him until it was time to pick up the tray and head to big recess.

Once again Kurt went sit by the wall and watched everyone else play. As usual he began to fantasize about Eileen until the bell rang.

Then it was time for the PE period.

Kurt played put out once again, but deliberately got put out so he wouldn’t have to play anymore.

Finally it was over and he walked back to Mrs. Kraft’s class for math class.

Mrs. Kraft decided to teach a little ahead of their grade level and began to talk about the polygons.

Kurt listened intently and it came as a breeze to him.

The teacher then had them pull out the TI-30 calculators to do various formulas for those polygons.

Kurt had hated math up until Mrs. Krafts class, but he began to appreciate it because of her ability to make the lesson understandable.

Finally the dismissal bell rang, so Kurt went out on the benches to wait for the bus.

Mrs. Sandra Mathers was on duty, so Kurt got real quiet as he knew she was out to get him.

Instead he pulled out his two line display TI-30 and began to practice the formulas for the different polygons.

Miraculously, Mrs. Mathers didn’t harass him.

Finally Kurt’s bus pulled up, so he boarded.

The ride was boring but fairly quick.

Kurt arrived home and asked his Dad who had gotten off from work and was watching Fox News in the den, “Can you bring me to the Y tonight?”

“I guess so. Are you and Eileen going to hang out?”

“I’m going call her to see if she can.”

“Well, you need to exercise, so I want you to go whether she can go or not.”

“I know.”

Kurt walked to his room and picked up his cordless phone and dialed Eileen’s number.

“Hey you!” She answered.

“Oh, I missed you so much.” Kurt replied.

“I missed you too. What’s up?”

“I was wondering if we could hang out at the Y tonight?”

“Let me ask my Mom, be right back!”

Kurt waited anxiously.

Finally Eileen came back and said, “I’ll be there at 6:45.”

“Awesome I cannot wait to see you.”

“Now I have to do my homework.”

“I do too.”

“Well, I love you, Kurt!”

“I love you too, Eileen!”

They then hung up and Kurt went back to his Dad.

“Eileen will be at the Y at 6:45 this evening.”

“Okay, that’s cool. I’ll bring you. Now go do your homework.”

Kurt started his homework. First he did the math and everything with the polygons. Then he did science and was angered about how his classmates compared Eileen to a cow. He knew he was going to shower her with much affection later that evening. Then Kurt did his history worksheet and filled it out. Afterwards he read “Holding Steady” until it was time to go to the YMCA.

Kurt’s Dad drove him there in the blue sedan, then went in the men’s locker room. Kurt went in the boy’s locker room and changed into his swimming trunks.

Afterwards, he jumped into the pool. Eileen then jumped in afterwards.

Their eyes met and they shared a strong hug and a passionate kiss.

There was a female life guard on duty, who commented, “Y’all are so cute together. Just be careful though.”

Eileen then said, “Let’s swim together so we can exercise!”

“Sure thing, Eileen,” Kurt replied.

With that they began swimming vigorously next to each other until out of breath.

Both went into the shallow section of the pool and stood next to each other.

“Do you think I am sexy in my bathing suit?” Eileen asked Kurt.

Kurt kissed her and said, “I sure do!”

“Aw, you’re sweet!” Eileen replied, then continued, “Hold me in your arms!”

Kurt wrapped his arms around Eileen and kissed her forehead. Eileen rested her head in Kurt’s chest and they stood there holding on to each other and happy as can be.

There was music playing on a loud speaker, so they slow danced in the pool for the rest of the evening.

During the course of their dancing, Eileen said, “Everyone was so mean to me at the Lion’s Club dances, so I stopped going, but maybe you can take me there and we can dance together!”

Kurt replied, “I’d love to take you. I never went to those before because I knew no one would dance with me.”

“I sure will and only with you,” Eileen said with a big smile, then continued, “You’d only dance with me, right?”

“Yes. Only you. I can’t picture myself with anyone else!”

“Yay!” Eileen said as she kissed him.

They went sit outside on the lawn chairs, holding hands and kissing until it was time for the pool to close.

So Kurt and Eileen got dressed in their respective locker rooms then went wait in the lobby for Eileen’s parents to pick her up.

They pulled up in their white mini van and Eileen introduced Kurt to them.

“You must be Kurt, I’ve heard so much about you!” Her Mom said.

Kurt blushed and nodded.

“That’s my baby girl, so I expect you to be good to her. She has been through so much already.” Her Dad added in.

Kurt looked him in the eye and said, “Of course I’ll be good to her. I know what it’s like to be mistreated also, but I think the world and the moon of Eileen!”

“That’s what I want to hear!” Her Dad answered.

“Why don’t you have dinner with us Friday Night, Kurt?” Her mother asked.

“I’d really like that!” Kurt replied.

Kurt’s Dad was walking into the lobby and he greeted both of Eileen’s parents as well as Eileen.

“You raised a fine young man!” Eileen’s Mom told Kurt’s Dad.

“Yes. We have been praying that God send someone for our daughter.” Eileen’s Dad added in.

“Well I try. Kurt is crazy about Eileen as well.”

They talked for a few more minutes until it was announced that the YMCA would be closing so they all left.

The ride home was silent but happy for Kurt.

Upon arrival he called Eileen, to which she answered, “Hey you!”

“Hey. I was just calling to say we made it home safely and to tell you good night.”

“Okay, I have to get to bed in a few minutes myself.”

“Well just know that I love you!”

“I love you too, Kurt!”

They both hung up and went to bed happier than ever…

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The Situation Improves Slightly-Persecuted Affection

Kurt went sit on the benches to wait for his bus. He was filled with high anxiety known there would be an angry confrontation by his parents when he got home. He was extremely fidgety as he prepared himself for the worst. In time his bus pulled up and he boarded.

The ride seemed like the longest bus ride he ever took, but finally it came to his stop and he got off.

He walked the half block to his house and entered. His dad was already home watching the news.

Kurt walked into the den and was confronted, “What is going on at school now, Kurt?” He asked.

“Last night I met a girl at the YMCA and we really hit it off. We later talked online and I was moved by our conversation, so I printed out the transcript. This morning before school I was reading it and two bullies took it from me. They then handed it over to Mrs. Mathers who handed it over to Mrs. Bouchard and I already know she called you.”

“Well, there is nothing wrong with you having a girlfriend and I’m actually glad you do now, so I won’t make you and her break up. However, you should have known better not to bring that chat transcript to school, especially since you called your school a hell hole in the chat. There will be some consequence for you that your mother and I will discuss, but you won’t have to break up with her. However, no one from your school can know about the relationship. Fair enough?!”

“Yeah. I guess so.”

“Now, Mrs. Bouchard read the transcript to me over the phone and I want you to promise me something: I want you to be true to this girl and not break her heart, because she seems like a really good girl. I think you were right about some of those teachers being out to get you, but if you would have only acted better in the past, I could have backed you up.”

“I would never dream of breaking her heart, she is so sweet to me a lot of people at school are so horrible to me, but Eileen she is wonderful. And she has the biggest breasts I’ve ever seen. Actually, that was the first thing I noticed about her in the pool last night.”

“Well keep stuff like that between you and me and don’t you dare say that in front of your mother. Now go get started on your homework.”

Kurt in the dining room working on his math homework. He later continued reading his assigned book, “Holding Steady.”

Kurt’s mother came in from work and confronted him, as she was also called. However, his dad said, “I don’t want them to break up, however, he does need to be punished for bringing an inappropriate item to school.”

His mother said, “Kurt, you just better keep that pecker in your pants. You’re too young to be making babies.”

“Mom, I know that.”

“Just making sure. Now for your punishment, no BB gun and no video games for a month.”

“I could still use the computer, though, right? I mean that is how Eileen and I are keeping in touch.”

Both parents looked at each other, then nodded.

“Yay!” He said.

“But you will be grounded indefinitely from it if you bring anymore chat transcripts to school.”

“I won’t do that. Now I have to get back to my reading assignment.”

Kurt sat down and continued reading. He was glued to it and actually was three quarters done by eight o clock.

He had decided that he read enough for the night and went log on to the family computer. He then dialed into the AOL server and logged on to ICQ.

Within seconds he heard the familiar, “Uh-Oh.”

It was a message from Eileen, “Hey you! I missed you so much today and I can’t wait for us to talk again. Love, Eileen Cartensen.”

Kurt replied, “Oh, I missed you too and I love you!”

“How was your day?”

“It started out bad, but it turned out very good.”

“What happened?”

“Well, I printed out our chat transcript last night so it could be close to my heart.”

“Aw. You’re so sweet!”

“Thanks. But I was reading it before school the this morning and two bullies took it from me. They turned it in to the teachers and I got in trouble.”

“Oh. I’m sorry.”

“It gets worse: My parents were called and the vice principal who is also one of my teachers said we have to break up or I would be expelled. Now please don’t worry, my parents are not making us break up, but we will have to keep our relationship covert like 007! And my dad seems to like you as well.”

“Oh thank God! You’re so sweet to me and you’re so cute. I never want us to break up!”

“We won’t. I promise you!”

“I wish I was next to you right now. I’d kiss you all over!”

“I would kiss you too!”

“When is the next time you’re going to the Y?”

“I could possibly go tomorrow night if you want. Will you go too?”

“Of course. That is why I was asking.”

“I’d like that a lot.”


“I think you’re changing me for the better.”

“How’s that?”

“Well, I have to do a book report, something I usually hate doing, but I chose a love story and read most of it in just one sitting. It’s called “Holding Steady.”

“Oh, I really like that book. If you want, I could help you write a report on it.”

“That would be awesome.”

“Hey do you think I could have your phone number?”

“Of course. I’ll give you the house number and both of my parents’ cell numbers.”

“All right I’ll give you those as well.”

They exchanged the six numbers then went back to chatting.

They chatted until the hour of 10 PM when Eileen’s parents made her go to bed.

Lovingly they exchanged their good night messages and then signed off.

Kurt went to bed as well…

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Rampant Bullying Corruption and Hypocrisy-Persecuted Affection

The next day at school, Kurt was sitting on the benches waiting for the morning bell to ring. It was impossible for him to hide the smile he had as he once again read the chat transcript.

Suddenly, too classmates, Johacim Dawkins and Mathew Perot came up to him, ready to make trouble.

Johacim asked “What are you so happy about?”

“None of your business.” Kurt replied.

“What’s on the papers?” Mathew then asked, tauntingly.

“What I told Johacim, none of your business.”

“I’m making it my business.” Mathew said snatching it from him.

“Give that back.”


Both Mathew and Johacim read it and began to snicker.

Johacim then remarked “I know who this girl is. I’ve seen her at some of the dances at the Lion’s Club. She’s a cow.”

Mathew added in “Even though she’s a cow, Kurt doesn’t deserve a girlfriend.”

“Let’s show this to Mrs. Mathers, so Kurt will get in trouble.” Johacim added in.

Sandra Mathers happened to be on duty this morning and Johacim came up to her and said “What’s up Mrs. Mathers?”

“Morning, Johacim.”

“I got something to show you.”

He then walked up to her with the papers and said “Kurt Marchal had this.”

She read it then came up to Kurt saying, “I see you brought this filth to school. How dare you. Come with me to Mrs. Bouchard’s office, right now!”

Kurt sulked and then followed her.

As they walked in Claudia Bouchard asked “What did he do now?”

“Let him explain it.” Sandra said, placing the chat transcript on the desk.

Claudia adjusted her glasses and read the papers, then said “Do your parents know about this girl?”

“No not yet.” Kurt answered blankly.

“Well I am going to call them at work and let them know.”

“Why? There’s nothing bad in those papers.”

“It’s still inappropriate to bring to school. And wait, I see here that you called this school a ‘hell hole.'”

“I call it that because everyone is mean to me, both teachers and students.”

“You deserve it because of how you act.”

“But Eileen is very nice to me.”

“You shouldn’t talk to any girl until you graduate from college.”

“Don’t other boys at this school have girlfriends?”

“Yes, but that is none of your concern. You shouldn’t have a girlfriend because, knowing you, you would get her pregnant and my taxes would have to support your baby for the next 18 years, and more than likely even longer if the child takes after you. That’s why I’m contacting your parents.”

“But I love her and she loves me.”

“Oh, don’t give me that heart failure, about love. You’re too young to know what love is. Now, I’m going to call your parents and have them make you break up with her.”

“They’ll never make me do that.”

“If they don’t then you will be expelled, end of the story.”

“But that’s not fair.”

“Life isn’t fair. That’s a lesson you need to be taught. Class will be starting in a few minutes, so get back on the benches. And do not open your mouth, or else!”

Kurt sulked and then walked back to the bench. He was sitting there in complete distress thinking about all his promises to Eileen and how he might have to break them. He was deathly afraid that she would harm herself after he would be forced to leave her. These thoughts caused a great agony in his heart and he prayed for a miracle that he and Eileen would still be able to stay together.

Mathew and Johacim came back to Kurt and began making trouble once again.

“I bet Eileen goes to the bathroom outside because she’s a cow.” Johacim said.

“I can take you picking on me, but why must you pick on her?”

“Because she loves you is the main reason. You don’t deserve to be loved.” Mathew interjected.

“Yeah, anyone who loves you needs their head examined.” Johacim added in.

“Maybe their four stomachs too.” Mathew finally said.

With that the bell rang. Kurt picked up his backpack and walked to the classroom.

The first class of the day was Life Science. Ironically, the animals being studied for the day’s lesson were bovines.

Johacim blurted out, “I didn’t know we would be studying about Kurt’s girlfriend.”

Mathew added in, “Yes, she’s so fat that she has four stomachs.”

Kurt got angry and said “Shut up both of you. I think she’s beautiful both body and soul. Both of your souls are ugly and filthy.”

“Watch it Kurt!” The teacher, Mrs. Kraft, said.

“What about them?” Kurt asked.

“Let me handle them.”

“How can a cow have a soul anyway?” Mathew finally said.

“Mathew see me after class. You too Johacim. Kurt step outside with me right now.”

“Okay.” Kurt said, rolling his eyes, then followed the teacher outside.

“Why are they saying your girlfriend is a cow?”

“Because she’s overweight. But she treats me right and I do love her.”

“They are so cruel, but they get away with it because their families make so many donations to this school. However, I’ll try not to let it happen in my class.”

“Thank you.”

“I do have a question, though: Do you really love her?”

“With all my heart.”

“I was overweight as a teenager as well, but I found someone who loved me in spite of it. He and I have been married for twenty four years and counting. I know the pain she is going through, but I only hope you will be true to her.” She paused and then asked, “You’re not going to use her then leave her, are you?”

“I would wait however long for her, even if it meant until after marriage. But there is a big problem: I want to be true to her, I definitely do, but Mrs. Bouchard says that I have to break up with her or be expelled. I’m afraid that she’ll hurt herself when I’m forced to break up with her.”

“That woman is cruel and power hungry, but you didn’t hear that from me. If she pulls that stunt, your parents can sue her, but you didn’t hear that from me either.”

“Don’t worry, my lips are sealed.”

“Now, I think this girl will do you some good and you will do her some good, so stay true to her and treat her right.”

“Will do! You have my word! I will do this to the best of my ability, so help me God!”

“That’s good and I see you must have watched the Bush inauguration this past January.”

“Sure did.”

“You always liked history and current events.”

“That’s because my parents and grandparents always have the news on.”

“Now I have to get back to teaching and you have to get back to learning, so it’s time to get back to class and you try to ignore those two hateful boys.”

Kurt nodded and they walked back into the classroom.

Both Mathew and Johacim looked at Kurt and then pretended to be chewing grass. Kurt ignored them.

Mrs. Lilian Kraft gave them a dirty look. They rolled their eyes, but then snickered. The class for Life Science finished up and then Mrs. Kraft switched to History. She began to teach about the Vietnam Conflict, but in a way seventh graders would understand. Kurt listened attentively to the lesson, even though he had mixed feelings about the war.

At the end of the lesson, Mrs. Kraft said “Now, I want each student to do a presentation on a former American President. You will each have one of your choice, but I expect it to be done neatly and professionally. Start deciding which president you would like to report on and give me your choice tomorrow. Now everyone get ready to go to Mrs. Bouchard’s religion class.”

The whole class got up and left the room. Soon they all arrived in Claudia Bouchard’s classroom.

She began teaching the class about sexual morality. “Now class, I am going to tell you a shocking fact: seventy percent of all thirteen year olds are no longer virgins. I would like to think that all of you are and if I find out that anyone isn’t he or she will be expelled.”

“Does sleeping with a cow count, as in Kurt’s case?” Johacim blurted out.

The class roared with laughter.

Kurt looked at Claudia Bouchard and said “He just called my girlfriend a cow. Aren’t we all made in God’s image?”

“She’s not your girlfriend as long as you attend this school, now shut your mouth and don’t interrupt my class again.”

“But Johacim just interrupted your class and made a very hateful remark about someone I care about. By the way, she never did him anything to him. Shouldn’t he be punished as well?”

“How dare you question me! You don’t open your mouth again or I will give you an in school suspension.”

Kurt sulked and tuned out the teacher, then began daydreaming about Eileen. Claudia Bouchard taught an agonizingly long lesson about sexual abstinence and the related topics. He would sometimes hear a few words, then drift out and think more about Eileen. Finally Claudia Bouchard switched to the subjects of English and Reading.

She told the class “Your whole generation doesn’t read and write enough and neither do you take pride in any of your work. Therefore, I am giving each of you a book report to do for both an English and a Reading grade. You will each take a book from the library and it will be one that you have never read before. Also if I catch any of you looking for a book with few pages, I will assign you the thickest book possible.”

The whole class sulked.

“Now, let’s walk to the school library.”

Everyone got up and left the classroom.

Kurt tried to make the best of the situation and look for a good love story. The fact that he was doing this made him realize that Eileen was changing him for the better. He looked around the whole library, until he finally found a book. It was Holding Steady by Stephen Schwandt. He flipped through the pages and realized that the two protagonists in the story shared similar pains. While it wasn’t the same pains that he and Eileen were going through, he still could somehow relate to it. Kurt decided to check out this book and only prayed that Claudia Bouchard would think it to be too thin. He sat down in the library and began to read it. The strange thing to him was that he actually was enjoying it. He had never enjoyed reading before, much less a love story, until Eileen caused these feelings in him to surface.

Kurt had just begun to get to a good part in the story when Claudia Bouchard said “All right class, does anyone not have a book?”

No one answered. She walked around to make sure everyone did indeed have a book, then said “It’s time to go back to class and then have recess. Kurt you stay by the wall for bringing that disgusting chat transcript to school.”

The whole class laughed.

Mathew added in “I didn’t think he could write in ‘moo’!”

The whole class laughed even more.

Kurt wanted to stand up for both himself and Eileen, but knew he would be suspended if he did so.”

Soon after, everyone left the library and headed back to the classroom. After a few more minutes, the little recess bell rang.

Kurt went to the building wall and began to read Holding Steady once again. Bouchard saw him and said “You will only read that at home, not while you’re punished!”

“But sometimes you make us do our unfinished homework during recess. I’m just trying to get a head start.”

“Watch it Kurt! You’re already on thin ice. Now pick up the book and sit by the wall in silence.”

Once again, Kurt began to fantasize about Eileen during his recess punishment. Somehow it seemed to Kurt that it was better to be by the wall for recess and have someone to fantasize about then to be free and have no one to fantasize about. As he was at the height of his fantasy, the bell rang.

Kurt got in line with the rest of the students and they all headed back to class. It was time for spelling class with Claudia Bouchard. They were assigned to write each spelling word ten times each. Kurt being a good speller, was soon finished and he thought of pulling out the book yet again, but didn’t want to get in any more trouble. Instead he decided to read ahead in his primer. Finally it was time for lunch. The class lined up and walked to the cafeteria in silence. The students were served nachos with chili, cheese and jalapeno peppers. Kurt ate everything on his plate, then went into a trance thinking about Eileen yet again.

“They grinded up Kurt’s girlfriend and served her in the chili.” Johacim remarked, breaking Kurt’s daydream.

Mathew then added in “Yeah, it’s the unholy eucharist.”

Everyone at the table laughed. Kurt rolled his eyes, put his head down and continued to daydream about Eileen. After lunch was over, everyone went onto the school grounds for recess while Kurt sat by the wall. He sulked in anger but knew he could prove them all wrong just by loving Eileen as best as he could. However he was worried about what his parents’ reaction would be when they found out about Eileen. He well knew that they didn’t like secrets being kept from them and they certainly did not like it when they had to be called by his teachers. He prayed and prayed that they would understand and somehow still allow him and Eileen to be together.

Finally the lunch period ended and the students headed off to big recess.

Kurt stood by the wall, once again fantasizing about Eileen. He lapsed into a trance until the bell rang.

It was now time for PE and the students were playing Put Out. Kurt purposely played terribly just to be put out and not have to participate. Finally it was time for Math class with Mrs. Lilian Kraft. The lesson was on fractions and percentages, which Kurt absorbed, but didn’t like the homework. Finally there was the dismissal bell.

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