Sweeter Phone Conversation-A Train Conductor Meets a Young Blogger

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Tabitha was awake writing and editing more love stories on her computer. Her parents were getting ready to go make groceries.

“We’re leaving, Tabby.” Her mom said.

“Is there anything you want us to get you?” Her dad added in.

“No, I’m good right now,” Tabitha replied.

“Call us if you need anything.” Her mom said.

“Will do,” Tabitha replied.

And then they left.

Tabitha resumed her writing. She had felt more encouraged to write her love stories than ever before since she met Cyrus Braeden the previous night and he told her how he enjoyed her work even though many people didn’t. She thought about her conversation with him and the feelings she had developed for him. For a brief moment, she began to think just about him and paused from her writing.

The next day Cyrus woke up with feelings of euphoria. He had lived a lonely life up until this point when he had met Tabitha Howell online the previous night. He conversed with her for a while and quickly developed feelings for her. She revealed to him that her feelings for him were mutual.

After slowly waking up in his bed, Cyrus looked at his smartphone charging on the night table, then sent Tabitha a text, “Do you have free texting?”

Tabitha sat in amazement for about a minute because how she believed that she and he were having mutual thoughts of each other. Then she realized that she should reply and texted back, “I sure do.”

About a half minute passed; then Tabitha got two replies. The first one read, “Great! I texted you because I remember you telling me that your parents are overprotective.” The second one read, “I don’t know how they’d react hearing you talking to me.”

She was going to try and make the relationship with Cyrus work as best as she could, so she answered with two messages, First, “Well, I am nineteen so they can’t do or say much.” Then, “Anyway they went shopping, so you can call me if you want to.”

She got a quick reply from him, “I’ll call you then.”

Tabitha’s heart skipped several beats as she replied, “I’m waiting.”

Cyrus was nervous. At the same time, however, he was much excited for a chance to call Tabitha. So, he selected her number on his phone and then touched the “Call” icon.

After only one ring, Tabitha answered “Hey!”

After about two minutes, Tabitha’s phone rang. She only let it ring once and quickly answered it as she was no doubt infatuated with him.

“Hey, you!” She said.

“Hi,” Cyrus replied.

Tabitha then said “Finally I get to hear your voice. It’s very sexy!”

Cyrus blushed, caught his composure, and then replied, “I like your voice as well.”

“Are you off all day today?” Tabitha asked.

“Yes, but I go on duty at six o’clock tomorrow morning. I assume you’ll be getting ready for school at that hour.”

“I will, but I have half days all week since we are having third-quarter exams.”

“Well I would love to spend time with you; but I know you should be studying.”

“Yes sir, Mister Braeden. Gosh, you sound just like my teachers.”

“I just want you to be successful so you might have an easy job with a predictable schedule.”

Tabitha’s fear of rejection began to surface, but her desire to be honest with Cyrus outweighed it. So she said, “I’m disabled and I doubt I could get any good job, especially in this economy.” She paused and then continued “I only go to school because I still live with my parents and they demand that I go.”

“What’s your disability?” Cyrus asked.

Tabitha became more desperate and nervous as she said, “I’ll tell you, but I hope and pray you don’t leave me.”

“I won’t leave you. If anything, doesn’t your writing teach that everyone deserves to be loved?”

She breathed a sigh of relief and then said, “Okay. I’ll tell you: I’m a schizophrenic. That’s why I had to take my medicine last night. Actually, I’m supposed to take it every night.”

“That doesn’t faze me at all,” Cyrus replied with assurance.

“You really mean that?” Tabitha asked with a mixture of happiness and desperation. She only hoped and prayed that Cyrus was being truthful.

He then continued, “Of course. There are lots of foamers I know with yours and similar disabilities.”

Puzzled, Tabitha asked, “What are foamers?”

“Oh, I’m sorry. Not everyone knows that term. A foamer is someone who likes trains but doesn’t work for the railroad.”

“Oh, okay. That’s cool I guess.”

“Many of them take heavy medications which sedate them. That in turn prevents them from getting any railroad job.”

“How come.” She asked with curiosity.

Cyrus answered, “Because, to work for the railroad you have to be awake and highly alert for shifts as long as twelve hours.”

“That makes sense. Many times I fall asleep in class, because of my medicine. Other students mock me and accuse me of being drunk. In reality, though, I don’t drink at all.”

“Would you drink if you didn’t have to take medicine?”

“I don’t know. I would want to try, but I’m way too afraid of the consequences.”

“You mean like getting injured or injuring someone else while behind the wheel?”

“No, I don’t drive. I meant like someone taking advantage of me while I was drunk.”

“Why can’t you drive?”

Tabitha became more nervous and her feeling of fear about rejection resurfaced again. Still, she knew it was best to be honest; so she told him, “My doctors and my parents don’t want me to. It’s mostly because my medicine oversedates me. Gosh, Cyrus, I hope you don’t leave me because of that. I’m so afraid that you will.”

“I know we’re just starting our relationship, but rest assured that nothing in creation can make me leave you unless you cheated on me or something serious like that.”

Tabitha assured him, “I would never cheat on you, even if I was the cheating type, who else would want me? But, I really hope you mean what you said.”

Cyrus replied, “I remember from your writing how the main point you try to drive across is that everyone deserves to be loved. I see this in the way your characters love each other. I want to love you like that and I only hope and pray that you will love me the same way.”

Her heart skipped a beat and she began to be filled with strong desires for him as she said, “You’re very sweet. Oh, if only I was alone with you right now.”

Cyrus soberly replied to her. “I wouldn’t want to take advantage of you in a weak moment.”

Hearing that made her want him even more, so she told him, with giddiness “If you did, it wouldn’t be taking advantage of me. Instead, it would be something wonderful!”

Cyrus asked, “How would you know it would be wonderful? Have you been intimate with anyone else?”

“Never. What about you?”

“I’ve never been intimate with anyone either! Believe it or not, I’m a twenty-three-year-old virgin!”

Tabitha was then sure that she and Cyrus were meant to be and she said, “Then if or should I say when we do become intimate, it will be very special for us!”

There was an awkward silence, but then Tabitha asked with a heavy heart, “Would you even want to be intimate with me?”

Cyrus’ heart skipped a beat and he was filled with excitement. A plethora of his coworkers made fun of his virginity at his age, but now he felt vindicated. He replied, “Of course, I would! I was just thinking about how glad I am because I waited for the right one! All those guys taunting me through school and at work will be worth it!”

“People harass me about this too. Girls at my school constantly mock me. Only the creepy guys want to touch me, but I refuse them.”

“Just forget about them. I can also tell you this: If I’m ever able to pick you up from school, I’ll throw my arms around you and plant a huge kiss on your lips in front of everyone. I bet that would make everyone super jealous of you!”

Tabitha became filled with such a mixture of happiness and excitement as she asked, “You really would?”

“Most definitely!”

“I would love you to do that, but I might get expelled if you. My school is very strict about P.D.A. I would be expelled and then have to go to the public high school and get tormented even more about my weight.”

“Well, maybe we should just meet at the Landing Station depot then. How would you get a ride there, though?”

“I do have one friend that has a car, but I would have to convince her that you’re decent.”

“How could you do that? I would like to meet you!”

“I don’t know.” Tabitha said as she grew frustrated. She realized that she might have trouble with being able to meet up with him, then continued, “I would like to meet you as well!”

But then Cyrus said, “I have an idea: Maybe you could show her all of our online conversations and my Facebook profile. I have nothing to hide.”

Tabitha thought of all their online conversations and thought of one disturbing part, then said, “I remember you saying that the previous owner of your house was murdered. Did that happen in his house and why did that happen?”

“I can fully explain: The previous owner of my house used to work at The Downtown Grocer. There was a deli cook who constantly harassed him. After he became a successful writer, he took his girlfriend to the park and proposed to her in front of everyone. She accepted. In an unfortunate twist of fate, that cook also happened to be in the park with all her children. She began to make trouble with him and his girlfriend. He warned that he would call the cops, and also told her off, so she pulled out a revolver and shot him dead. His girlfriend watched him die and then also died of a broken heart.”

Tabitha seemed relieved, but was still concerned as she asked, “So how did you get his house?”

“His parents sold it to me through the help of the engineer on the train I work. But they sold it for double the price.”

“That doesn’t seem fair.”

“Well, in all fairness, he had fixed it up after he became a successful writer.”

“That’s fine then; I guess,” Tabitha said.

“His writing style was very similar to yours. He also seemed to convey the same message that you do.”

“I wish I could be a writer, but I would have to make it big overnight or risk losing all of my medical coverage.”

“I think you could do it, but I fully realize that your health and medical needs come first.”

She felt very happy hearing this and told Cyrus, “Thanks for understanding. I wish my parents realized that.”

“Anytime. I see all the time what those foamers with medical conditions go through.”

Then came another awkward silence, until Cyrus said “You know I have all of his composition books, journals and flash drives. Maybe we could read them together one day.”

“Sure, I guess.”

“Does it bother you to read the thoughts of a dead man?”

“Sort of, but I would like to see his work if he indeed wrote like me.”


With slight anxiety, Tabitha changed the subject and asked Cyrus, “Now, if and when my friend decides to bring me to the train station, how will I know that you’ll be there?”

He replied, “Right before I go on duty, I can text you every morning whether or not my train has a job at Landing Station or not. But afterward, I have to turn my phone off. It’s a railroad mandate for me to do so. But, I’m sure I’ll have work to do in Landing Station at least one day this week. I know the economy is stagnant right now, but Landing Station still has some rail traffic.”

“Wonderful, I can’t wait until then!”

“And if my train has to park in the siding for a few hours, we can hang out on the passenger platform. The only problem is that I won’t know that far in advance.”

Tabitha then said with sadness, “Hey my parents just got home. I have to go now, but please keep in touch with me.”

“I will as much as I can.”

She felt bliss realizing that he truly wanted her and replied, “I’m so glad you’re mine!”

“As am I!”

Tabitha hung up the phone. She realized that she was beginning to fall in love with Cyrus. With a big smile on her face, she went into the kitchen to help her parents unload the groceries.

Cyrus then got dressed and left home to make his groceries for the week. He had fallen even more in love with Tabitha but didn’t want to tell her and scare her off.

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Sweet Online Conversation-A Train Conductor Meets a Young Blogger

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Tabitha Howell was checking the comments to her post on a regional Facebook group. Most of them were giving her harsh critiques. She sulked in depression. In her mind writing was the only thing she thought she was good at, but this wasn’t the case according to her online peers. She kept scrolling through the members’ feedback. People made comments like “Somewhat lovely but very inappropriate.” “Too trashy.” “Not believable.” “Someone has issues.” She had mixed feelings about these reactions. In part, she was glad that she was able to provoke the emotions of others, even though they were negative. However, in a much bigger part, she felt hurt by some of the comments.

Cyrus Braeden came across the post containing a link to the love story that Tabitha wrote. Instantly, it caught his undivided attention. He thought it was beautiful, albeit a little graphic. He looked at the original poster’s profile and saw her name was Tabitha Howell and that her blog was known as TheThoughtsOfCuteCuddlyTabby. He figured she was someone who deeply desired to be loved. However, her age wasn’t listed on her profile. This made him hesitant to contact her in case she might be underage. The comments that other members made about her story made him want to stand up for her. He decided to comment on the story, just to give her hope and let her know that he appreciated her writing.

So he commented on her post “Don’t worry about what the others tell you because I think your work is beautiful. I wish I could write at least half as well as you. Your stories bring about all kinds of feelings in me. Usually, I can suppress them, however, when I read your work, I can’t. But I don’t want to either. Keep it up. I look forward to your next post.”

Cyrus then continued to look at the other posts on her blog and was deeply moved by her them. He was beginning to feel attracted to her, though he didn’t even know what she looked like. He didn’t send her a private message in case she could have been a minor.

Tabitha was about to log out and take a bath to wash away the stench of failure when she saw the new comment. She began to read it. Immediately Tabitha pulled up Cyrus’ profile page and gained a great deal of information about him. She learned that he was a twenty-five-year-old freight train conductor named Cyrus Braeden. At first, she seemed nervous since he was four years older than her and might only be interested in sex. She also knew that no other worthwhile boys or men ever paid attention to her. She looked at his profile picture and was instantly attracted to him. She began to do a Google search for his name but didn’t find anything substantial aside from what she read on his Facebook profile. This made her slightly suspicious, but she still wanted to know more about him. His profile displayed “Online Now.”

After wrestling in her head and heart about what to do, she decided to send him a direct message through Facebook, “Hi. I’m glad you enjoy my stories. No one else in the group does. I would like to know more about you, so could you please message me back.”

Suddenly a private message appeared in Cyrus’ inbox. It was from Tabitha Howell so he instantly opened it and read.

Carefully he selected the words for his reply, “Thank you for messaging me. I’m somewhat new here, but I know a beautiful story when I see it. My profile says it all, I’m 23 and I’m a train conductor. I work five sometimes six days a week, but I’m off tomorrow. Before I say any more, I would like to know more about you. You seem young and, even though I wouldn’t dare do anything, I don’t think it is right for me to be in contact with a minor.”

Very quickly a new message from Tabitha appeared, “Oh, I’m sorry I should have told you. I’m 19, so you have nothing to worry about. I don’t think you would want to do anything with me anyway, because of my weight.”

“Don’t be so hard on yourself. You seem like a genuine person and your writing is very beautiful. I never even saw a picture of you, but if I did I bet I would think you’re very pretty.”

“Aww, thanks! You’re sweet.”

“Do you have any real pictures? I don’t see any on your Facebook profile”

“Yes. I’ll send you a few. Don’t be too grossed out.”

Tabitha then DMed Cyrus a few of her recently taken selfies.

He looked at them thoroughly and soon was extremely attracted to her and carefully selected the words for another message to send to her, “You are very beautiful. Even though you may disagree, I think your weight compliments your appearance. Please don’t think I am a pervert or anything for telling you that. I just admire you very much but I also revere you!”

Instantly Tabitha replied “You’re so kind to tell me that. You’re very cute too. There must be some lucky girl in your life.”

Cyrus knew it was time, to open up, so he typed “Nope. There isn’t. We railroaders have trouble getting and staying in relationships because of the hours we work. I do enjoy my job don’t get me wrong but my love life is quite lonely.”

“Oh. I see.”

He had deeply hoped that she would somehow put up with his hectic schedule if he would just have the chance to shower her with affection and attention. He knew that he should contact her through other mediums besides the writing forum. So he asked her, “Would it be all right if I friend request you?”

“Sure. As if you had to ask.”

“Awesome. I’ll request you.”

“And I’ll confirm that request!”

After Tabitha confirmed his friend request she told him, “You’re not that far away from me.”

Cyrus was shocked but even more attracted. He realized this might be able to work. So he replied, “Wow that’s good news. You don’t have your current location listed here.”

“Yes. That’s for safety reasons.”

“I fully understand.”

“I trust you somehow, so I’ll tell you my hometown. It’s in Landing Station.”

“Wow, the train I work on makes a stop there almost every day that it runs.”


“Sometimes we park on the siding track there and let higher priority trains pass us.”

Cyrus now wanted to meet her but also thought of her with great reverence. Carefully he typed a message to her “I want to ask you something, but I’m nervous. I’m afraid I’ll scare you off.”

“Just ask. I’ll do my best.”

He wrote “Maybe one day, you could come to the passenger depot in Landing Station and visit me while my train parked on the siding. I can even have a special agent there for both of our safety.”

“You’re making me blush. What’s a special agent though?”

“A railroad cop.”

“Oh, I see.”

Saying the words “railroad cop” made Cyrus realize that Tabitha might not be some cute nineteen-year-old young lady, but an imposter. He wanted to meet her but was beginning to feel leery that she might not be who she says she is. He then remembered her beautiful stories and his ongoing loneliness and put the thoughts out of his mind and type another message.

“So is that a yes or a no.”

“Yes, one day.”

“Could you tell me more about yourself, before we meet?”

Tabitha replied “Well you know I am 19. I’m still in high school because I had to take a year off for medical reasons. I’m disabled but my parents want me to finish high school and I still live with them. They can be overprotective. I attend a very strict Catholic school. I wouldn’t go to the public school because everyone would torment me about my weight.”

He realized she was extremely sensitive about her weight, so he decided to tell her “You mean you’re beautiful curviness!”

“You’re making me blush again. What about you?”

“I’m originally from Checker which is 15 miles east of where you are, but I ran away when I was 18 and wandered into the railroad yard on the outskirts of Blues City. I almost got hit by a train, but the engineer named John Blythe took me under his wing and offered me a job. I gladly took it. He helped me buy my house too. I got it for only eighty grand, which is a steal considering it is located in Blues City. The previous owner of the house was murdered right after proposing to his girlfriend. He too was an aspiring writer and had just made it big but a former coworker killed him.”

“What happened to his girlfriend?”

“Her heart burst when she saw him die.”

“That’s horrible.”

“Yes. I frequently think about it because their love for each other is inspirational to me it makes me wish I could love someone like that.”

“You can.”

“Are you talking about you and me?”

“Of course.”

Cyrus’ heart skipped a beat. The young lady he had been desiring also wanted him. However, he knew of the plethora of failed relationships that seemed to plague most railroaders. He typed, “Well I work long hours and I am away from home a lot-I’ve seen that ruin the love lives of many of my buddies.”

Tabitha replied, “I don’t care; I would wait for you to have free time. You’re cute. You’re sweet. And who else would want me?” Tabitha sent another message “Do you even want me?”

Carefully Cyrus replied, “Yes. I do want you. You’re very beautiful, body, heart, and, soul and you write those amazing stories! Like I said before, I admire you but I also revere you!”

“So you’ll be mine?”

“I sure will!”

“You’re making my heart sing and dance!”

“Just as long as it will sing and dance with mine!”

“Of course, it will!”

Cyrus’ heart eased. He had admired this young lady and then desired her, and now she made an advance at him and he accepted her. Everything was beginning to feel complete.

Boldly he asked her, “Could I give you my phone number?”

“Sure. Would you like mine as well?”

“Most definitely.”

They quickly exchanged their phone numbers.

Tabitha texted Cyrus, “I don’t want my parents to hear me talking to you and freak out. They are very protective.”

He then replied, “That’s fine. I don’t want to get on their bad side because I want things to work for us.”

“You’re so sweet.”

“And so are you! I would like to meet them to let them know that my intentions are pure, I mean no harm and I will always treat you right as long as you let me be yours!”

“Uh-oh. I forgot to take my medicine. I’ve been blogging and talking to you all night.”

Out of concern for Tabitha, Cyrus said, “Well go take it. Your health is important.”

“I guess. That medicine is the reason why I’m so fat. It also makes me very sleepy.”

Cyrus thought of all his foamer friends who took medication and how it disqualified them from obtaining railroad jobs for those very reasons. Still, he knew what some of those foamers were like without medication and sent Tabitha another message.

“Well your health is still important, so why don’t you go take it and we can talk tomorrow, either online or on the phone.”

“Okay. Thanks for understanding. I know you’re someone special. You don’t judge me because I have to take medicine and you think my weight compliments me.”

“I think you’re beautiful both inside and out. I just hope and pray you will put up with my crazy work schedule.”

“Of course. Now let me go take my medicine.”

Tabitha walked to the kitchen and took her Abilify with a glass of water. She was anxious because she knew she would eventually have to explain to Cyrus what she takes medicine for and was afraid that he might leave her.

“I’m going to miss you, but I hope and pray that I dream about you.”

“And I hope and pray to dream of you as well.”

Tabitha walked back to her computer and typed “I guess I will tell you goodnight.”

“And good night to you. I wish I could hug you.”

“Would you want to kiss me too?”

“Only if you would want. I don’t want to overstep my boundary.”

“You’re not overstepping any boundary. If anything, I so want you to kiss me.”

“Then, yes, I would give you a long, loving kiss.”

“You make me happy!”

“You make me happy too!”

“Now I’m getting sleepy-it’s because of the medicine.”

“Then get some rest. I will too.”

“Okay, good night.”

“Good night.”

Tabitha went to bed feeling happier than he had been in a long time as did Cyrus.

Sweeter Phone Conversation

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