A Christian Couple on Vacation

Part ONE:
My wife and I have been happily married for almost a whole year. Time has gone by really fast.

I had prayed for God to send her into my life after some failed relationships and I am so thankful that He did send her.

For those wondering she is indeed supersized. I am indeed strongly (and exclusively) attracted to bigger ladies, so I was thankful to God when he sent her into my life. I think I won her over when she found out that I am so attracted to bigger ladies, but I digress. She also has long beautiful brown hair and the prettiest face I have ever seen. I thank God for her every day that He sends and my prayer is for her and me to share a long life, serving Him and each other!

It is that wonderful time of year when Summer transitions to Autumn.

A few days ago, we learned that another couple and friends of ours are taking a trip to New York City and they want to bring us along for at least most of the ride.

The plan, they revealed to us, is that they will drop us off at a charming little bed and breakfast in Old Saybrook Connecticut and then they will continue to New York City and get their business done. Afterward, they will pick us up. The best part of all is that their company is paying for most of our trip.

So with that, we are finalizing our packing. It is three o’clock in the morning. We are securing our necessary belongings as well as our favorite articles of clothing.

Now, we are ready.

In the morning dampness, we text our friends stating that we are ready for them to pick us up.

In time, they arrive in a newer Chevy Suburban.

We greet them, then we seat ourselves in the third row of seats, with our belongings in front of us on the floorboard.

We drive off and head up North.

My wife and I sleep in each others’ arms until the sun is now up and we are passing through Northern Mississippi near the Alabama border, we relieve ourselves at the rest stop.

We sit close to each other and I observe the scenery and highway signs. We also talk with our friends about how God has blessed our marriage and how we both prayed for Him to send us the right one and that He answered those prayers. I go on to say how my wife fits the standards I had for a spouse precisely and she says the same about me. Our friends seem very impressed, and they give God the Glory.

It is now near Noon and we are in Birmingham, Alabama. We all agree to make a stop for food at a Cracker Barrel. We all happily eat and I think my wife is so cute as she wolfs down her chicken and dumplings and then her peach cobbler. I eat some fried chicken and green beans. We all drink sweet tea. After our meal, we relieve ourselves in the restroom and then head out once again.

Our friends take turns diligently driving into the afternoon and evening until we stop at a motel in Northern Virginia.

We all turn in just for the evening and fall right asleep. The room is very cold, but my wife keeps me very warm with her pleasantly plump body. She holds me tight and sleeps partially on top of me all night long.

In the morning, I wake up to her lovely face and we share a kiss.

We all take turns relieving ourselves, then eat the continental breakfast and check out.

We get back on the road and I keep watch of the road signs and scenery yet again.

While traveling through Southeastern Pennsylvania, I notice that the weather is getting blue.

So, I pull out my Weather Radio and scan for the strongest station.

I learn that there is a Severe Thunderstorm Warning and a Tornado Watch for the area we are passing through.

We all pray as the weather gets darker.

We’re very nervous, but then our prayers are answered and the storm dies down.

We all praise God in Jesus’ Name, then continue on our journey.

Several more hours pass, then we are dropped off at our Bed and Breakfast in Old Saybrook.

It is late afternoon and we are hungry.

So, the owners of the bed and breakfast feed us a meal consisting of fish ‘n’ chips and some tea to drink.

We say grace then eat.

The meal is exquisite, despite being so simple.

We then go up to our room.

Upon entering, we place a Do Not Disturb placard on the outside doorknob.

My wife teasingly lifts her yellow skirt in front of me, revealing her lacy white slip and then her white cotton panty.

She then pushes me onto the bed and I fall on my back.

She climbs on top of me and places her most intimate regions in my face, pulling the crotch of her panty aside.

I lovingly go down on her until she violently climaxes all over me.

The sensation and emotion are so intense as she pulls off my pants and boxer briefs, then I remove her skirt, slip, and panty.

Fiercely, we make passionate love until she climaxes, spraying all over me again and I fill her with my seed.

Sweetly we cuddle into the night exchanging caresses and kisses until we fall asleep under the moonbeams coming through the window.

In the morning we get dressed. She dons a white blouse and a light blue skirt. I wear a black pair of pants and a creme-colored Oxford shirt.

We decide to go exploring.

I take my scanner, knowing that we can listen to nearby boat traffic.

We walk along the shoreline and come upon a lighthouse.

We both look upon it with great interest.

There is now a consistent sea breeze blowing onto the shore and it is causing her flouncy skirt to billow up.

I stare at her with a mixture of love and lust but she is quite frustrated.

Ultimately, we decide to lay in the grass until the sea breeze dies down.

She cradles me in her lap and uses me as a weight for her skirt.

She looks down at me with love and pelts my face and head with many kisses.

I take my scanner and we listen to the boat captains coordinating their movements with each other.

I blush and apologize for the content of some of these boat captains’ filthy speech.

She simply comments that they have such potty mouths.

Eventually, I turn the scanner off and we simply bask in the sunlight and watch the waves beat on the shoreline.

It is silence but a peaceful and blissful silence we share.

Now and then, she teasingly pulls her skirt and slip over my head, to which my desire for her multiplies. She then whispers, “Just wait until we are behind closed doors, mister!”

We stay like this until we are hungry, so we go for a walk and find a local restaurant.

They serve us lobster and clam chowder. Happily, we eat and then pay for our meal. We drink iced tea with that.

Afterward, we walk back to the bed and breakfast and watch movies together, until evening.

At nightfall, we go back to the lighthouse and watch it give off its bright light.

The breeze coming off of the water once again causes her skirt to billow up but this time she says she is thinking of something that the lighthouse reminds her of.

I grin from ear to ear and then shower her with kisses as she grabs me.

At once, we make a beeline back to our room and make love, reinforcing our marital bonds stronger than ever before.

We thank God for each other and petition Him to continue to bless our marriage.

We spend the rest of the night cuddling, reading our Bible, and praying together until we fall asleep in each others’ arms.

It is now dawn and our friends are here to pick us up.

We thank them for providing us with this romantic getaway and they comment on how we look happier than ever.

My wife and I simply wink at each other as we load up the Suburban and head back home.

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A Christian Couple Evacuating from a Hurricane

I had been thinking of writing something like this throughout the summer of 2021. There are factors from my life that inspired part of this, but it is mainly a work of fiction. I used the likeness of what I think a very nice future spouse would be like as inspiration for this story.

Without further ado, here is the story:

…Late Summer…

…Wednesday Morning…:

We are woken up by our weather radio and notified that our whole area is now under a Hurricane Warning.

I’ve been monitoring this situation for days and am not surprised at all.

The weather radio mentions our parish as being under a mandatory evacuation.

At once we kiss, use the bathroom, then get ready.

My wife and I have been married for almost nine months and we make each other incredibly happy.

In fact, we are so happy with each other, that we are not worried about how our trailer may be destroyed in this storm, just as long as we can still be together.

This is the second marriage for both of us and my prayer is that this is also the final marriage for both of us, because she fits my standards perfectly. She tells me how I am the answer to her prayers. Both of our previous marriages were quite faulty, but this is one of the reasons why we fit together so well.

At once, we pack.

I get my SwissGear EDC backpack and fill it with all that I usually carry plus all the gifts my wife gave me and any extra supplies that I may need.

She gets the SwissGear overnight bag that I gave her as a birthday gift and fills it with her valuables and other gifts I gave her.

We then get our SwissGear rolling suitcase and pack our clothes in it. I place my favorite tee shirts and pants in there, she places her favorite blouses and skirts in there. We both also place our undergarments and toiletries in there. I take several boxes of Little Debbie Doughnut Sticks, two jars of Community Instant Coffee and Chicory, and placed them in our oversized reusable shopping bag. I place our milk into several used water bottles along with my carton of Great Value Half ‘N’ Half and place them in my Igloo Playmate Cooler. I get my G. E. Superadio and she grabs our fireproof box containing all of our important papers and other valuables. We load up her white Dodge Caravan, pray over our property then head out.

She takes the wheel and I navigate.

I hold her hand the entire time.

We pray together and reassure each other how God is in control.

Two-hundred-seventy-five miles later inland, we pull into a truck stop for some fuel. She parks by a pump and I pay with my credit card, then fill up her van.

I then buy us each a bottle of Lipton Brisk Tea and a prepackaged turkey breast sandwich.

We park by an outside table, say grace then eat.

A tall gentleman notices us praying over our food, then asks us if we are evacuees.

We tell him how we indeed are.

He explains how his pastor is volunteering his church as a shelter and we should come there.

We agree then exchange contact information.

Then we eat our meal, and head to the church.

We park, then unload our clothes and food.

Immediately, we are welcome with open arms.

After being assigned our spot, we begin to fellowship with those in the church.

My wife assists the women with keeping watch over the children and I assist the men with cooking.

Despite, us being storm refugees, we are having a wonderful time.

We all eat a wonderful meal of spaghetti and meatballs, then we watch movies.

It’s now nightfall and several other evacuees wish to know what is going on back home, so I turn on my G. E. Superadio and can tune in to the AM stations back home. Several others are amazed by this as we all listen.

There are numerous reports of how conditions are starting to deteriorate and all lifelines are being cut off.

The pastor prays over us and we are comforted.

My wife and I then snuggle together, even though we are sleeping on a floor, we are so grateful to be together. She partially covers my body with hers and says, “You’re mine forever and no one else can have you, Mister!” I look up at her and shower her with kisses as I reply, “You’re the only one I want, so don’t ever worry, baby!” I pause then whisper, “But I think it’s very sexy when you act possessive of me!” She giggles and playfully smothers me with her breasts. I am powerfully turned on to her and she is equally turned on to me, but we realize not to cross the line with our affections since we’re not alone.

So she wraps us up in a blanket, then we fall asleep in each others’ arms, after exchanging many sweet kisses.

The next day, the pastor offers the church WiFi, so we’ll be able to conserve our mobile data.

I assist the elderly evacuees with connecting their iPhones and iPads through the church WiFi.

We learn how the storm is moving quickly through and that damage was minimal but all lifelines are still cut off. The storm’s remnant is forecast to go to the northeast of where are.

My wife continues to assist the ladies in watching the children and I continue to assist the men in cooking for everyone. Today I help them make Red Beans and Rice. I also show them how to make my version of ghetto punch.

We all eat together then watch movies, once again.

At night I tune in to our home stations and the reporters are saying how lifelines are being restored by we dodged a bullet for the most part.

Several people breathe a sigh of relief.

I call my pastor at home and check on him and his family. I then give him the contact information of the church where we are staying, in hopes that we can ally the two churches.

My wife and I then fall asleep together after having a war of kisses. We would be much more affectionate, but we are surrounded by many other people. How I long to fondle her thick love handles and caress her plump caboose, but I know I must be respectful of everyone around me! She giggles as she whispers to me, “Oh baby, how I wish I could pull your pants down!” We wrap our arms around each other and she sleeps partially on top of me as she says, whispering, “I don’t want you anywhere but underneath me and I cannot wait until we get home, Mister!”

The next morning comes as we are slowly waking up. We are fed biscuits, fried eggs, and sausage patties that were donated from a local deli.

Gratefully, my wife and I say grace then eat.

I share my milk with the children since it will expire in a few days.

The church supplies me with ice for my Igloo Cooler.

The men at the church recruit me to cook with them once again saying how we need to make a very nice meal since the all-clear is about to be issued and many will go home without a hot meal for a while.

I describe to them my fried chicken recipe then they agree to make it.

Several of the men bring in fresh chicken, herbs and spices, and flour and oil.

I also tell them how some sweet peas and mashed potatoes would be good with that.

I prepare the chicken and the sweet peas, and another gentleman makes the mashed potatoes.

They also have me make my ghetto punch recipe once again.

We prepare a huge meal as my wife assists the ladies in watching the children.

Finally, we, serve the food, say grace then eat.

We then watch a movie until it is dark.

I tune in to our home station and learn how the all-clear will likely be issued sometime tomorrow and that, cell phones, natural gas, and tap water are restored, but cable and electricity will be up to a few days more.

The pastor prays a prayer of thanksgiving over all of us. Relieved, my wife and I exchange our affections until we fall asleep.

When morning comes, we are once again fed biscuits with fried eggs and sausage.

Happily, we eat.

I assist the men in cleaning everything up until the all-clear is issued.

We are instructed to go home and take care of ourselves and that if we are ever up here again, to come and visit them.

I give them my church’s contact information, then we lovingly bid farewell to each other.

The pastor prays over us for safe travels.

My wife and I load up her van, then we head back home.

Halfway through the trip, we fuel up and I buy us some more Lipton Brisk Tea and turkey breast sandwiches.

We arrive home in mid-afternoon, then survey our property.

There is no structural damage to our trailer, praise God!

My wife unloads her van and I clean up our yard.

Then I fix the skirting on our trailer.

I have a powerful craving for a hot cup of coffee and chicory along with some doughnut sticks.

Unbeknownst to me, my wife is preparing that very thing.

She comes outside and hands it to me.

I eat and drink, then ask, “What do I owe you, ma’am?”

“You know what I want, mister!” She replies as she teasingly lifts her skirt at me, revealing her white lace panties.

She then yanks me into our trailer, straight to the bedroom as we peel each others’ clothing off.

We pelt each other with kisses.

I then begin to kiss her neck, then her busty breasts, then her thick stomach then her nether regions between her creamy thighs as I unzip her skirt then remove her panties while she pulls down my pants and boxer briefs.

We make love with intense passion then cuddle in the sheets all night long.

The next morning, to which we are happily greeted with the electricity coming back on.

Fervently we praise God for taking care of us during that stressful time and also praise Him how He turned something meant for evil into something good. Subsequently, we get ready for church…

Yes. I think it is clear that this marriage from which the narrator is describing is a rock solid marriage. It could be close to the pinnacle of human love. However, there exists a tremendously Greater Love and it is available to all who surrender to it. The best part is that this love does not have all the stringent prerequisites of fleshly love.

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A Christian Honeymoon

It was a quiet ceremony, just our pastor as well as a few family members and friends as witnesses, but I am now married to a wonderful young lady.

I know we’ve only been seeing each other for the past six months, but I have never been so compatible with anyone else. And not only that, we are crazy about each other and can’t keep our affections under control. So, as the Apostle Paul suggested, we got married.

We are saving our sexual intimacy for the honeymoon, but the beautiful part is while neither of us is virgins, our pasts are equivalent enough.

Everyone thought we were crazy to marry after only six months, especially because of our status.

In the six months, we have been seeing each other, we never once argued nor have we even been angry with each other.

We now sign the marriage license, thereby making it legal to the earthly authorities.

Initially, I wanted to get married without the government’s involvement. However, my pastor pointed out that while we wouldn’t be living in sexual sin, we would still be lying and cheating both of which are indeed sins.

So, we may lose some of our government assistance, but I know for certain that our God shall provide for whatever need that may arise, both seen and unseen, known and unknown.

We then change into our street clothes. I put on some Navy blue pants, and a plaid work shirt. She dons a baby blue tee shirt and a long denim skirt. We also cover up in jackets, because it is cold and rainy. She still feels the need to dress the way her former church commanded, but I don’t mind at all. If anything, I think it is very sexy and feminine. She somehow likes the fact that I wear long pants year-round, though several times she mentioned how she cannot wait to pull them off of me!

Now we are packing our suitcases with our favorite clothes and headed to an off-grid cabin situated on the shore of a beautiful lake for the next two weeks! Of course, as usual, I also have my backpack and she has her purse. We load everything into her white Dodge Caravan then drive to the North. The trip will take about a day and we plan to take turns behind the wheel.

We commence our trip. It is still cold and rainy, but what do you expect for late November?

We pray for God’s protection as we drive through the squall lines.

She finally drives us out of the squall line and we continue pressing on.

I check the RADAR on my phone, it’s clear.

She’s getting tired, so I take the wheel.

I drive diligently through the night, while she sleeps-even her snoring is cute. Then at sunrise, she wakes up and takes over. I sleep for the next few hours.

Now I am awake again.

It’s mid-morning and we stop at a travel center for food coffee and fuel. I park by the pump, then insert my credit card in the payment terminal and fill her van up. She goes into the store and buys us each a cup of coffee and two cherry cheese Danishes. We park her van near the entrance then sit at a table, say grace then eat our breakfast. She’s so cute as she scarfs down her pastries. We walk to her van and I open the driver’s door for her, then I sit in the passenger seat and take a nap. She gently wakes me up. It’s near lunch time and we’re stopped at a welcome center. We walk to a picnic table with our Igloo Playmate Cooler and eat some turkey sandwiches along with chocolate Moon Pies and drink from our gallon jug of sweet tea.

After eating, we relieve ourselves in the family restroom, then she begins to drive.

A few more hours pass, and, finally, we arrive at our destination.

She drives up to the office and we both check in.

The clerk hands us a key with a numbered tag on it. She drives to our unit.

I step out then open the driver’s door for her.

She deliberately swings her legs out and I can see her peach-colored panty right up her skirt. I stare for just a moment, blushing.

She giggles then grabs me and kisses me.

I get our bags then we walk up the steps and onto the front porch.

“How are we going to cross the threshold? I know I am a big girl and you have a bad back,” She asks.

“What if I open the door for you? That way, you can walk in first, then grab me and pull me in!” I reply.

“Good idea. Will do!”

She then hugs me and plants several kisses on my face. I caress her love handles and she rubs my buttocks.

We are lost in each other’s embrace for just a moment, then she hands me the key.

I unlock the door and open it for her and say, “After you, my lady!”

She grins at me with mischief, swivels her shapely hips, and walks in.

A split second later, she grabs me and pulls me inside with great strength.

After I am inside, she places a “Do Not Disturb” placard on the outside doorknob, then locks us in. I set our bags at the base of the stairs then she grabs me again.

I begin to playfully lift her skirt and she says, “Don’t just lift it, take it off!”

“Oh, honey your wish is my command!”

I then unbutton her skirt and it falls to the floor.

She begins to unbutton and unzip my pants and then aggressively pulls them down.

We begin to walk up the stairs.

She pulls her shirt off and I likewise remove mine.

I admire her thick stomach and begin to kiss it as I say, “My God, you’re beautiful.”

“You’re so sweet. Now it’s time for me to pay you back for how wonderful you make me feel, get ready for me to rock your world!”

We continue walking and are now in front of the bedroom door

I then kneel in front of her and begin to rub her thick creamy thighs.

She moans and giggles with happiness.

“I finally get to have you!” She says beaming.

So I stand up and pull down her panty and she removes my boxer briefs.

Finally, she takes off her flesh-colored brassiere, then pulls me into the bedroom.

With great force, she shifts her sexy hips and ample-sized caboose, bumping me. From the impact, I lose my balance and fall onto the bed. She climbs on top of me.

“I love you so much!” I say as I catch my breath.

“I love you too and I’m only just beginning.”

She holds me down and begins a barrage of kisses on my face until I am overtaken by a tidal wave of love and lust for her.

We change positions then begin to have intercourse, so much love with each other. In due time, I fill her with my seed, as a loving and lustful reaction to her spraying me with her fluids.

Now we collapse into the bedclothes and begin to snuggle.

We exchange many more kisses as I caress and her plump naked body. With tremendous adoration, I behold every pound, curve, inch, and dimple of hers.

She notices the loving gaze in my eyes and says, “You have revived the passions in me that I thought were long dead and I’ve never felt so cherished. I remember after my ex would finish with me he would either fall right asleep or go watch sports.”

“It’s his loss, but more importantly, my gain!” I tell her as I gently cup her supple bare breasts with my hands.

“What was it like with your ex, if you don’t mind me asking.”

“The instant she and I were done having sex it was right back to nagging and yelling. Sometimes she would even hit me.”

“Mine too.”

“Let’s never be like that with each other.”

“We then need to make sure that Christ is forever at our center.”

“You’re right.”

The sky begins to darken and the sunlight coming from our window vastly diminishes.

I see a Radio Shack Weather Cube and a Garrity LED lantern on the nightstand.

“Wow, I’ve never noticed these until just now. And well, you know how I am fascinated by all this. You truly had my undivided attention, baby!”

“Aww. I saw them right as we walked in and was wondering if you would notice. You were focused on me, instead. And I know how much you like that stuff, so I feel pretty flattered.”

“Was the intimacy good?”

“The best!”

“Yes. I have to agree, it was the best for me as well! I promise as long as my flesh is capable that I shall be intimate with you whenever you desire!”

“Aw! God knew what He was doing when He put us together!”

“And I promise to snuggle with you and cherish you both before and after, just to make sure that you know how much I love you!”

“I love you too and my only regret is that we couldn’t have met sooner!”

Suddenly there is an abrupt flash of lightning.

“Do you mind if I turn that Weather Cube on, just to see exactly how bad the weather is?”

“No, I don’t mind.”

I press the Play button on the but hear nothing but a hiss.

“Shucks. Maybe I need to adjust it,” I say.

So I turn the Weather Cube upside down and begin to turn the tuning knob. Seconds later, I hear that familiar computerized voice.

“There we go!” I say, then set it upright on the nightstand.

“You’re so sexy when you fix things. Every time I saw you fix the church computer, I felt tingles in my lady parts, even though I was in church!”

I come back to bed and start caressing her again as the weather radio plays in the background.

“Well, I must admit that I’ve had those stirrings in me ever since I first laid eyes upon you and no matter where we were, they happened. I guess because of your sexy body, your sweet face, that long beautiful hair, and of course the way you dress all drive me wild!”

“Anything besides my looks?”

“Yes. I remember the first time you made biscuits for me and they were so delicious. After we were full, you told me to take the rest home because you said if you would eat them, they’ll go straight to your fanny. I wanted so much to tell you how much I thought your fanny was lovely and no matter how big or small But I was also amazed at how wonderful the biscuits were.”

“I remember that. I was highly turned on by the way you were wolfing down my biscuits. You were so cute and the fact that you were enjoying them made me feel very confident! My ex simply demanded that I cook for him, but never once showed any appreciation for it.”

“It’s not just your looks and your cooking skills that I find sexy. It’s also how you treat me so well, you love me despite every strike against me, and, of course, you cause me to put my best foot forward in all that I do.”

“Aww! I know I say it a lot, but you make me feel so special. Even though we’re going to lose some of our government benefits, it will be worth it if we can be together forever!”

“Do you remember the first time we exchanged those three little words?”

“How could I forget? We said them in unison!”

“I was going home for the evening because my ride had arrived and we were lost in a kiss then our lips unhooked for just a moment and we said it. I instantly pitched a tent, but then quickly grabbed my backpack to hide it and then left. I didn’t want you to get the wrong idea of me.”

“If it makes you feel any better, my lady parts were drenched and dripping that very moment and I was afraid you could smell my fluids.”

“Why were you afraid?”

“Because I didn’t want you to smell the pheromones and lose control then fornicate with me. I feared that God would have punished us and maybe caused us to split up.”

“See, God provided an escape route out of our temptation. We need to always keep Him and His Christ at the center of our lives and marriage, so He will continue to honor and bless us.”

“Even while I was married to my ex, I prayed for a better man. When you came along, I knew you were the answer to that prayer but I was constantly afraid of losing you.”

“Wow. I too prayed for a better woman even while I was previously married. I prayed for years after the divorce. Then you showed up in my life. When I first laid eyes upon you, I knew you were the one. I too was very scared of losing you. But that only caused me to walk the line!”

She smiles, pulls me towards her, lays partially on top of me, and says, “You’re trapped, Mister! And I’m never letting you out. That way, we cannot lose each other!”

I rest happily under her super-sized body and am beginning to feel the powerful combination of love and lust yet again.

“Don’t ever let me go!”

“Believe me, I won’t”

Suddenly we hear the alert tones on the Weather Radio followed by a voice that tells us about a Marine Thunderstorm with a history of waterspouts moving onshore.

“I’m scared.” She says nervously.

“Let’s get dressed and stay in the closet under the stairwell, at least until the weather calms down.”

She nods and grabs the LED lantern.

We pick up our clothing piece by piece and I also grab the Weather Cube.

At the base of the stairs we quickly dress each other, then I grab my backpack and her purse, and we take shelter in the closet.

By the light of the LED lantern, I shield her body with mine as I pray, “Heavenly Father, thank You for putting us together and honoring our relationship. Please protect us not only from this threatening weather but from all threats to our marriage. May we keep You at our center of it all and may You give us the grace to be unequivocally kind, patient, reverent, and faithful to each other for life. Please calm this storm and allow us to enjoy our time together. We make these petitions in Your Son Jesus’ Holy Name, Amen.”

“Even when you pray, I’m turned on!”

“If I wasn’t so nervous about the weather, I’d go down on you right here, right now!”

“Don’t worry, we have a lifetime for that!”

We listen to the Weather Cube as the storm rages on. Finally the “all clear” is issued.

It is now late so we walk back upstairs.

I place the Weather Cube on the nightstand and she places the LED lantern next to it.

I give her many more kisses as we climb into bed.

We embrace as I say, “My greatest desire is to hold your beautiful body close to mine every night and wake up to your sweet face every morning for the rest of my life!”

“Then I’ll be tremendously happy to fulfill that desire for you!”

“I love you with all my heart!”

“I love you too!”

She switches the LED lantern off.

It is now totally dark as we fall asleep in each others’ arms, happier than ever before.

This story is indeed beautiful, at least I think so. However, it is a mere representation and reflection of a much Greater Love and yes I know and you, the reader, as well should know that these characters also possess that Love in addition to their love for each other, though more of the carnal side is shown in this piece. It is That Love that will sustain their marriage when the newness has worn off, if they keep their focus on it…

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Christian Newlyweds

I came up with this off the top of my head on April 29, 2021. However, it had been on my mind and heart since January of 2020. Something like this would be an ideal marriage for me.

Without further ado, here it is:

The alarm clock rings. It’s a cold and bleak January morning.

Time to get ready for church.

My wife and I share a brief but intimate kiss.

I visit the bathroom to relieve myself, then light the gas-powered radiator and make us breakfast.

She relieves herself afterward then slowly walks to the kitchen of our antique trailer.

We purchased the lot free and clear and the trailer was donated to us, so that gives us extra money each month.

I get a disability check for various mental afflictions as well as a back injury and she gets it for PTSD.

I inherited most of my disabilities, her abusive ex-husband caused hers.

I faithfully take my medicine not just for me, but also for her and my fellow church members. She goes to therapy and meets with the ladies at our church as well. It seems to help her out.

We are both divorcees, actually, but that is what makes us so perfect for each other.

I make us each a hot cup of Clover Valley Instant Coffee, mixed with half and half. I add sugar to her cup.

Then I prepare some hot oatmeal, then drizzle it with honey purchased from our local grocer.

Today makes one month that we have been married. I just hope and pray for many more milestones. She started coming to my church six months ago and, well, we quickly fell for each other.

Actually, I had been praying for God to send me someone exactly like her a few years prior to meeting her. I was filled with joy when that prayer was answered.

Furthermore, our pasts are virtually equivalent, greatly enhancing our compatibility.

I just thank God that we are now in a wonderful church. In fact, it is so wonderful, we count the hours between services!

We say grace, then eat breakfast. All the while, we can’t stop smiling at each other.

After we are done eating we watch each other dress.

I step into some long black work pants with a dark green Oxford shirt.

She dons a long black skirt and a pink blouse that accentuates all of her sexy curves.

Playfully, I begin to lift her skirt.

She giggles then says, “Just wait when we get back home, Mister!”

I sensuously rub her plump buttocks, then move to her soft thick belly, then her jiggly love handles. Finally, I caress her lovely face and give her a kiss.

She moans with pleasure, then tightly embraces me and pelts my face with many kisses. Her wire-rimmed glasses begin to fog up.

We say, “I love you!” in unison, then sweetly rub noses.

She wipes her lenses, then I look at my watch and am surprised by the time.

I announce that we need to get going, then shut off the radiator.

We bundle up, then she grabs her purse and I grab my EDC backpack as we walk to church, hand in hand. It’s only a few feet away, praise God!

Upon arrival we are greeted by fellow members, then we both prepare the coffee.

We fellowship with everyone else until the service starts.

The music comes on and we worship wholeheartedly. The music and lyrics are tremendously beautiful as we contemplate God’s unfailing love for us and all He has done for us.

Afterward, she goes to work in the nursery and I continue to man the media equipment.

Our Pastor begins to pray over all of us, then delivers his message.

I hang on to his every word. I feel conviction on some parts and edification on others.

The message concludes then there is an invitation.

We all close our eyes, I think of the first time I came to Christ, almost eighteen years ago.

The service concludes.

I hang out and fellowship with the other men, she with the ladies.

Finally, our Pastor hugs both of us, then tell us how we ought to go home and enjoy each other, to which we happily comply.

Before we leave, an older couple gives us a container filled with beef stew. Happily, we take it.

Now, we make a beeline for our trailer, with our hands on each others’ buttocks.

We walk up the steps and I unlock the door. We lock it behind us, then I light the radiator once again.

Immediately afterward, we begin to peel each others’ clothes off as we briskly walk to our bedroom.

We become intimate falling deeper in love and further strengthening our marital bonds.

Famished from the intense lovemaking we heat the beef stew, say grace, and happily eat.

We then sit in our living room praying and reading The Bible together.

We both thank God especially for putting us together but also fervently petition Him to bless our marriage and to protect it that no one tares our bond asunder…

Yes the characters in this story do indeed possess a strong carnal love towards each other but that is only part of why they fit so well together. It is merely a picture of a much Greater Love in them and it will keep them together when the carnal side isn’t as powerful anymore. I would even dare to say that it keeps the carnal side powerful but only towards each other.

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