Christ or Conformity

Unsaved or saved, I think we all have idols in our lives, at least to some degree.

I’ll be the first to admit that I idolize happiness and I think those around me would agree.

As noble as it may sound to idolize happiness, in the eyes of God it is dead wrong.

It is especially wrong if our happiness is derived from doing anything that goes against God’s word.

So, yes, at least to some degree I am guilty of idolizing happiness.

There is another idol that I want to point out that many of those who surrounded me whilst growing up had.

That idol is conformity. And it is rampant among middle-class members of Generation Jones, in other words, Baby Boomers born between 1954 and 1964.

That subdivision of Boomers is known as Generation Jones because they were born when conformity was most idolized. This era was the time of “keeping up with the Jones.”

The idea of keeping up with the Jones was and still is conformity at its worst.

Just about all of the adults that surrounded me while growing up were members of this generational subdivision and it is now abundantly clear to me that they all idolized and still do idolize conformity. They strived to be like everyone around them and attain a useful higher education or skill, perform a meaningful career that pays enough to sustain a middle-class lifestyle, obtain home ownership, excessively shelter their children (they will always choose safety over freedom), be completely self-sufficient and mercilessly shame those who are not (because they feel the need to look down on others to feel better for what is missing in their own lives) and to not rock the boat at all. Furthermore, to not risk criminal charges, because that could disrupt their precious lifestyle indefinitely, they overlooked much wrong that was done to them both by the government and lawless citizens. They also feverishly taught their young to not associate with anyone who doesn’t espouse this lifestyle.

They put so much into their seemingly secure lifestyle and are willing to sacrifice everything, possibly even eternity, to keep it going.

In worldly terms, this is fine, actually more than fine as there still is a considerable group of people who live this lifestyle.

The people I am describing all were roman Catholics, with varying degrees of piety.

Please see the post “Why I am no longer a roman catholic.”

I will say that even the most pious roman Catholics are more into religion than an actual loving relationship with the Creator of the universe. They are more motivated by fear of going to hell than loving and being loved by Someone Who loves them more than anyone else ever has or will.

I know this post will rub some the wrong way, but I am writing it for the love of God and the love of my fellow man, whether it seems that way or not.

I believe God told me to write this piece and some of it has been on my heart and mind since about 2019. Today is January 6, 2023.

So yes, living a lifestyle that is one of conformity and the American dream will indeed give great things in this life.

But what about eternity?

I would dare say that very few of the people that come to my mind when writing this piece are indeed Born Again and that is the only requirement to be saved eternally from hell! I’ll even say that those in this group of people who are Born Again are also double-minded, one foot in the Kingdom, one foot in the world. See James 1:8.

These people are very religious. I’m not sure if it is to salve their consciences or if they genuinely get something out of regularly going to mass, saying rosaries, praying novenas, and any other catholic ritual.

And yes sometimes their prayers are answered, I will admit that.

But how often do they share the Good News of Jesus Christ? They won’t because they are afraid of angering others and maybe even somehow losing their place in this life.

It’s all about playing it safe and not testing the waters.

For fear of the unknown, they keep their mouths shut but at what cost?

I will admit that I am lax about this as well, but I try to whenever I am able and I need to share this Precious Truth more often.

I’ve never heard most of them talk about the need to be born again, except one person, one time and it was after I had faced a huge crisis. I think I can safely say though that the person who led me to Christ thinks I now take my faith in Christ too far! The person who led me to Christ, just wanted me to accept Christ as my Lord and Savior, then, afterward, keep quiet and not rock the boat at all. However, I was taught something else in just about every church I attended since.

The truth is people’s souls are at stake here!

Oh but these people who idolize conformity:

How often do they cry out to God earnestly when met with trouble instead of just reciting a vain repetition on a string of beads? Hardly ever!

They don’t rely on God for any provision nor do they often acknowledge Him for what they have. They can use their financial assets or connections to carry them through life or bail them out of just about any situation!

Because of that, they don’t realize how much they need God, yet He still wants them tremendously and might I add He does not need them?!

I know this is offensive. This is probably one of the most offensive pieces I ever wrote, but I feel as if God is telling me to write it.

My job is simply to present this information.

It is The Holy Ghost’s Job to convict of sin.

It is God’s job to judge.

Might I also add that Jesus Christ did His job to rescue us frail, fallen humanity from our sinful state so that we may have eternal life? He was tortured and ultimately shed his Precious Blood to accomplish this!

Christ commands us to be different from those around us!

He has the very right to command that or anything else of us because of What He paid.

As written in 1 Peter 2:9, “But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light”

This applies to all who are Born Again and is meant to show the stark comparison between God’s Children (Born Again Christians) and the world (everyone else.)

Click Here if you wish to be Born Again.

I will leave you with what the Apostle Paul, wrote and it can be the theme of this entire piece it is from Romans 12:2 “And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.”

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Our First Sunday Dinner-Second Chances


My church neighbors drive me home and we discuss what it will take to keep my next-door neighbor from further harassing me and what to do if he makes any more trouble with me.

“Tomorrow morning, we are presenting that video you sent us to the higher-ups in the city,” The lady says.

“If he starts any trouble with you between now and then, call 911, then call us,” Her husband adds.

“Will do,” I reply, then continue, “I just hope he leaves me alone since I am going to walk to my girlfriend’s house for dinner later today.”

“Is your neighbor correct about you and your girlfriend having intercourse in your house?” The man asks.

“No. He is wrong,” I pause, then continue, “We may have been alone together a few times but we never had intercourse, although we were tempted many times.”

“If y’all are alone together a lot, there will be chances for the sin of fornication to be committed,”

“My fear that God would punish us and cause us to split up is enough motivation for us not to have relations until we are married. I want her by my side for life and not only that, I want my relationship with her to be happy and fulfilling and I believe one of the ways to achieve that is to wait until marriage,” I tell them.

“That is so sweet,” The woman says, then continues, “My husband and I both come from broken marriages but we knew that our marriage had to be God-centered, and if none of our mental health skills would have saved it if it wasn’t.”

With that, we pull up outside the entrance to the gate of my hurricane fence.

I step out of their van with my backpack and the man says, “We will see you tomorrow night,”

“God willing, I’ll be there.”

They then drive off and I enter my gate then walk through my front yard.

The clouds and dampness seem to be moving away and it is now sunny and bright but still slightly chilly.

I walk up the steps, then cut across my porch and unlock my front door, then enter.

After I set my backpack down on my couch, get out of my Sunday best then turn my television set on.

I scan for channels and realize that because of the weather, more channels than usual are coming in.

For a few minutes, I sit and watch, until I get a text.

It’s from my girlfriend and it reads, “Come over a 1:30. I love you!”

So, I reply, “Will do and I love you too!”

I then look at my watch which indicates Noon Thirty Six.

I freshen up a bit and look for a shirt that is casual but still worthy of wearing while going out.

Finally, I find a Navy Blue Polo shirt with yellow stripes.

I put it on then sit and watch television until my watch indicates that it is 1:22.

With that, I turn off my television, then grab my backpack, and walk out the front door locking it behind me. I then walk across my porch, through my yard, and out the gate of my hurricane fence, then head east on the sidewalk.

Thankfully, my next-door neighbor is nowhere in sight nor is his truck parked on the curb in front of his house.

I walk briskly in the cool sunny air until I arrive at my girlfriend and her roommate’s house.

I look at my watch, which indicates 1:29:33 PM

So I knock on the door.

My girlfriend, dressed in black yoga pants and a gray shirt answers the door. I admire her for just a moment as those clothes accentuate all of her lovely features.

She then grabs me and plants a powerful on my lips. I feel so loved!

I play with her sexy love handles and then kiss her lips cheeks and neck several times in return.

She moans and coos with happiness, then we walk in.

I sit on her futon and she says, “Dinner will be ready in a few minutes, I hope you like it.”

“What are we having?” I ask.

“Oven Roasted Chicken with Carrots and Red Potatoes. Linguine Pasta with Butter and Three Cheese Blend. Steamed Broccoli Florets in a Butter Sauce.”

“Wow!” I say, then continue, “That sounds beyond amazing! I cannot wait to have some.”

“I cannot wait to see you enjoy it, but we need to make a plate for each of my roommates, for when they get off of work.”

“That’s fine.”

“Now you wait in the living room while I finish dinner,” She says as she wiggles her buttocks on me, then prances over to the kitchen with her hips swaying, her love handles bouncing, and her hair flowing from side to side.

In a few minutes’ time, she brings us both a plate.

We say grace then eat.

We both wolf down our meal as it is so good, blowing kisses at each other.

“You’re so sexy when you eat!” She tells me.

“So are you.”

“No, I mean I am highly turned on watching you so happily eat the meal I prepared!”

“I love you, baby!”

“I love you too, sweetheart!”

We then place the dirty plates in the dishwasher and turn on the television set and cable box.

My girlfriend tunes the cable box to the Hallmark Channel and we watch movies.

For hours we sit on her futon with arms around each other, sharing many kisses.

My girlfriend then points her buttocks in my direction and passes gas, then giggles.

“Oh baby, you are so hot!” I tell her as I grab her, hold her tightly and kiss her as I play with her hair.

“I only do that in front of you because I know you like it!”

“I wish you would sit on me and pass gas!”

Her eyes light up and she says, “That can be arranged…Lay down!”

So I lay on the sofa facing up and my girlfriend towers beside me.

I look up at all of her beautiful features, when she turns her back to me, then pulls down her yoga pants and says, “Thought you might like to see my cute panties before all goes dark for you!” She says with a naughty giggle

I stare up at her full-featured buttocks with a peach-colored granny panty covering them.

She is about to sit on my face with we hear car doors slam and horns briefly blare, indicating that her roommates are home.

Hurriedly she pulls her yoga pants back up, takes me by the hand, and pulls me up from the futon.

“Dang it!” I say.

“I”m sorry, sweetheart. I was looking forward to sitting on you.”

“You and me both.”

Her roommates enter the front door and go to each other their bedrooms.

After they come out my girlfriend serves them each their plates.

We then go sit on the porch steps, showering each other with affection until it is too cold.

We realize we both need to take our medication, so we exchange those three little words along with many hugs and kisses.

“Let me know when you made it home,” She says.

“Will do, my baby!” I reply.

My girlfriend then goes inside and I head home.

In due time I am in front of my house so I enter the gate of my hurricane fence, walk through my front yard, then up my steps and across my porch.

I unlock my front door, then enter and lock and deadbolt it once again.

Immediately afterward, I call my girlfriend, to which she sweetly answers.

I let her know that I made it home, then I give her our good night tidings, followed by us exchanging those three little words.

We then take our medication and go to sleep…

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Why I am no longer a Roman Catholic

Before you, the reader read any of this, I want you to pray and ask God to prepare you for it and to open your heart and mind to receive it. My job is to simply provide the information in this piece. It is The Holy Ghost’s job to convict and it is God The Father’s job to judge. Jesus Christ and Him alone paid the price it required to make it right between a totally depraved mankind and a Holy God.

What I am writing here is nowhere as palatable as I would like to think most of my work is, but keep in mind that I am trying to be as gentle and kind with it as I can be.

I know this piece will probably offend a great deal of those who read it, including members of my own family and my in-laws.

I can live with that and the reason why I can live with that is that I feel right in my convictions that the roman catholic church is counterfeit and not of God at all.

I believe that the roman catholic church is nothing more than a perversion of true Christianity, mixed with the ancient derivative of the Babylonian religion.

It was not started by Jesus Christ, although some translations of the Bible use the word catholic to describe the original church.

There was a church located in the city of Rome, in fact, the Apostle Paul wrote a letter to it and much good doctrine can be learned from it. See the Book of Romans in the Bible.

However, The Bible does not mention a specific roman catholic church headed by a pope. That was the invention of Constantine and his successors.

Peter was not the first pope. Constantine was.

In fact, the title “pope” or “holy father” are even calling priests “father” are complete blasphemies, as Jesus Christ commanded His followers to “Call no man your father upon the earth: for One is your Father in Heaven.” See Matthew 23:9.

Before I go any further, let me declare that I believe the Bible is the Word of God and the final authority. It says so in 2 Timothy 3:16, “All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness.”

I can point out many and will point out some instances in which the roman catholic church goes directly against The Bible and this is one of the many reasons why I cannot endorse roman catholicism and maintain a clear conscience.

One major blasphemy that the roman catholic church projects on its adherents are the teaching that its traditions are equal to Scripture.

Jesus Christ had something to say about this in the Seventh Chapter of Mark when He was dealing with the Jewish religious elite of the day. It is recorded in verses 7-9, “Howbeit in vain do they worship me, teaching [for] doctrine the commandments of men. For laying aside the commandment of God, you hold the tradition of men, [as] the washing of pots and cups: and many other such like things you do. And He said unto them, Full well you reject the commandment of God, that you may keep your own tradition.” Christ went on to say in verse 13, still addressing the religious elite, “Making the Word of God on none effect through your tradition, which you have delivered: and many such like things you do.”

Not only has Rome put tradition on equal footing with scripture but for much of its existence had forbidden most of its subjects from reading the Bible at all. Once religious freedom became more prevalent, Rome kept most of its subjects from reading the Bible by falsely claiming that if a lay person were to read the Bible, it would cause him or her to go mad. This is a cunning satanic tactic, used to keep these poor Catholics from learning about the True Freedom that is found in Jesus Christ as opposed to the terrible bondage of religion. The hierarchy of Rome wishes to keep these poor souls in their heavy merciless bondage instead of the light yoke that Jesus Christ has to offer. The most unfortunate truth about all of this is that most roman Catholics become more interested in a dead and useless religion instead of a loving relationship with God Almighty accomplished through the final, perfect, and all-sufficient sacrifice that was obtained from the precious blood of Jesus Christ shed on that Cross, almost two thousand years ago!

When writing to the young pastor Timothy, the apostle Paul, warned him of how even in their day which predated Constantine by nearly three hundred years that wicked people would come in and infiltrate the church. It is recorded in 1 Timothy 4:1-3: “Now The Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils. Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron; Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which God had created with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth.

It seems to me that this passage was predicting the coming of the roman catholic church because the description fits it to a tee and maybe this is one of the reasons why Rome has either forbidden or at least strongly discouraged (depending on the time of his history) its subjects from reading the Bible? Just some food for thought.

Rome has brazenly returned to the priesthood, something that was done away with when Jesus shed his precious blood on the cross. Not only that Rome fervently teaches that forgiveness must be obtained through confessing one’s sins to a priest and doing whatever penance the priest commands. This is a most terrible kind of blasphemy and abomination. The sacrifice of Jesus Christ was and is forever there to provide a wretchedly fallen people with not only complete reconciliation but direct access to a Holy God. Matthew 27:51 describes how when Jesus Christ died, “…the veil in the temple was torn in two from top to bottom, and the earth did quake and the rocks were split.” This veil separated the Holy Room in the Temple from the Holy of Holies, which was filled with God’s presence. Only the Jewish Priest was allowed to enter the place and only at certain times of the year and while sprinkled with sacrificial blood. Anyone entering not under those conditions would die on the spot. Sometimes even the priest would die. But when Christ gave Himself, this system was done away with and anyone who surrenders his or her heart to Jesus Christ has direct access to God and such a person can boldly approach God’s throne of Grace with confidence to help them in times of need. The apostle Paul when writing to Jewish Christians encourages them to do this and it is recorded in Hebrews 4:16. I love how this is written to Jewish Christians, the very people coming out of this religious system of bondage. But, God did away with all of this bondage and He paid the most tremendous Price ever to do it. Do you, the reader, think He is amused that mankind has come in and replaced perverted what His Son accomplished and brought in a new system of bondage? The God I know is furious with all of this and He has every right and reason to be! All I can say is that He is merciful and takes no pleasure in the death of the wicked (see Ezekiel 33:11.) Furthermore 2 Peter 3:9 says this, “The Lord is not slack concerning His promise, as some count slackness, but He is patient not wishing anyone to perish but all to come to repentance.”

All I can say is that God’s Goodness is so immense that it cannot be measured!

However, fallen man’s depravity is almost as immeasurable as God’s Goodness!

The verse of Scripture that comes to mind when I ponder this is Romans 5:20-21, “But where sin abounded, grace did much more abound: that as sin has reigned unto death, even so might grace reign through righteousness unto eternal life by Jesus Christ our Lord!”

I could cover more aspects of the roman catholic church and how they are in direct violation of God’s word but I think I just need to point out one more and that is how Rome teaches that salvation is obtained through works when the Bible says otherwise. I know that many will argue according to James 2:26 that Faith without works is dead. Yes, that is very true. However, these works are the result of salvation, not the requirement of salvation. Furthermore, Ephesians 2:8-9 clearly states, “For by grace you have been saved through faith; and not that of yourselves, it is the gift of God, not of works, lest any man should boast.” Boasting in one’s works instead of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ as how one goes to Heaven and is saved from sin is severe blasphemy. And I’ve been around many Catholics and all I hear is boasting about their supposed good works. They say things such as, “I was baptized.” “I go to mass every time I am supposed to.” “I give to xyz charity.” “I obey the ten commandments.” “I was confirmed.” “I receive communion.” It’s just a whole bunch of I’s and nothing about what Jesus Christ did. The Bible says in Isaiah 64:6 that our own righteousness is like filthy rags before God. I am not a Bible scholar myself but I have heard other Bible scholars say that what filthy rags mean is used feminine products, to put it nicely. I’ve heard other Bible scholars say it means bloody bandages. Either way, it is nothing nice. If anything it’s beyond nasty. And in the Eyes of a Holy God, our good works, when compared to the sacrifice of Jesus Christ are that disgusting in his eyes. And yet Rome teaches that we must earn our way into Heaven through good works. Blasphemy!

If you, the reader, happen to be catholic, and somehow God has used these words to expose your religion for what it is, I promise you that there is indeed Hope and you don’t have to be subjected to this terrible bondage for a moment longer.

A little about me:

I was raised catholic, mostly in name only so that my parents would have an easier chance of my siblings and I getting accepted into catholic schools because they are a lot safer than the public schools in my district. Also, my parents believed that the strict discipline and rigorous curriculum would better prepare me for life.

From preschool through First Grade I wanted absolutely nothing to do with God. I resented my parents bringing me to mass every Sunday Morning or Saturday Afternoon.

However, by Second Grade things started changing and I began to take a liking to catholicism.

From Second Grade until about Sixth or Seventh Grade, I took mass and all the sacraments very seriously and I enjoyed going to mass.

I was a troubled child and only had a few friends, one of whom was and still is a devout catholic. He is also one of my friends from childhood whom I still keep in touch with regularly. I love him like a brother and I pray that he be freed from this catholic bondage.

From eighth grade until my sophomore year, I did my own thing, which was like a combination of catholicism, new age, and humanism all in one. I was in grave error.

During my sophomore year, I began reading the Bible earnestly. Also through my interest in radio listening, I began listening to many Christian broadcasts. This was preparing me for an encounter with Jesus Christ.

In the Summer between my sophomore and junior year, I became Born Again. The following October I started attending a really good Assembly of God church while also attending a catholic high school. This was a major source of conflict in my life.

There was one female classmate with whom I was good friends, never really a romantic interest just a good friend. She too was a devout catholic and had a heart of gold.

One morning in chemistry class the teacher decided to check if our textbooks were covered and if they weren’t we would get a zero out of thirty points. I’m not trying to be like Karl Marx, but this teacher had a strong middle-class attitude and some of the faults of the middle class are that they idolize achievement, education, and conformity to the point where they shun and sometimes persecute those who don’t. The teacher went around checking everyone’s book cover. The female classmate saw I didn’t have one, so after she was checked, she handed her neoprene book cover to me and I quickly covered mine but was still caught. Even though she is a devout catholic, she was following the command to “bear each other’s burdens” (see Galatians 6:2.)

From the church I was attending, I had learned of the shortcomings of catholicism but my heart was sadly not yet ready to accept it, knowing that, despite this chemistry teacher, there were some kind-hearted teachers at my high school, that genuinely cared about me and I had many friends and to learn that they were potentially hell-bound had ripped my heart to shreds. From learning this, I quit going to that Assembly of God church and went straight back into catholicism, which was the most foolish mistake I had ever made. The only defense I could claim is that I felt the same way that the Apostle Paul felt when he penned Romans 9:3, but I went about it completely wrong.

God could have let me fall away because of this, but instead, He dealt with me albeit harshly at times.

For years, like over a decade, I had lost my fellowship with Him.

Still He never truly left me nor forsook me, but He did allow me to go through some severe chastening.

Hebrews 12:11 says, “For the moment all discipline seems painful rather than pleasant, but later it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it.”

Furthermore, Verses 6 and 7 say, “For whom the Lord loves, He chastens, And scourges every son whom He receives.”

The Lord did severely chasten me indeed so much as to allow me to marry my first wife, who mistreated me every step of the way. However He also used that first wife to get me away from catholicism for good and as much as that marriage was unpleasant, it got me away from catholicism and possibly, if possible, losing my salvation.

At the age of 21, I started moving back to God, although I wouldn’t truly be back in fellowship with God until maybe the age of 33. I divorced my now ex-wife at the age of 31 going on 32.

All I can say is that God was tremendously merciful and faithful to me in that situation.

At the age of 34, my pastor told me that The Holy Ghost revealed to him that I need to be Baptized in The Holy Ghost. This is apart from water Baptism. I immediately began to pray for this. God told me that I would be Baptized in The Holy Ghost on the 34th anniversary of my being baptized into the catholic church. I accepted what He said, but was surprised. However, on March 29, 2021 (which is indeed the 34th anniversary) I was at a prayer meeting and I went down and asked to be Holy Ghost Baptized. Later that evening, I was speaking in tongues. The Bible doesn’t specifically say it, but I sometimes think God has a sense of humor.

At age 35 I married my current and pray forever wife. I love this lady and I want her until death. I find myself frequently thanking God for her and praying for my marriage.

Now, that was a brief testimony but I only used it for teaching, because this piece is about how to be right with a Holy God when one is a depraved lost sinner.

I think I have made it quite clear that roman catholicism is not the way.

Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. None one gets to the Father (God Almighty) but through Him!  He even said so in John 14:6.

Please choose Jesus and not a religion…

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Christmas Rice Pudding

I had been enjoying the confectionery dish of rice pudding since my twenties.

I also associate it with Christmas time, which is my favorite season.

So much so that, I was hoping and wishing that there would be a version of Android known as “Rice Pudding” and that it would be released around Christmas one year. I may have even posted to social media about that.

I want to give kudos to a friend of mine and my wife for posting a MEME containing the ingredients of a recipe simple recipe for rice pudding.

This piece will be a modified version of that recipe.

Here is what you, the reader will need:

White Rice
Refined Sugar
Whole Milk
Pure Vanilla Extract
Almonds from a can of Planter’s Winter Spice Nuts (optional)

If there is enough rice left over from your evening meal, it will do nicely, if not boil a cup or two of white rice. Add a tablespoon or two of butter to the boiling rice.

After the rice is soft and fluffy, pour it into a mixing bowl.

Add milk until all grains of rice are covered. Next combine 1 to 2.5 tablespoons of refined sugar, a tablespoon of vanilla extract, and at least a dash of Cinnamon.

At this time, garnish the dish with the Almonds from the can of Planter’s Winter Spice Nuts.

I musts needs give my God the Glory in Jesus’ Name. I had been developing a peanut allergy since the age of 15. It began to worsen at the age of 31, to the point where I could no longer eat peanuts.

However, at the age of 34 going on 35, God healed me of that allergy, so I can eat peanuts again.

I am especially grateful because one food item I always bought around Christmas time was the Planter’s Winter Spice Nuts. This year, I bought a can and I also bought a can of Planter’s Holiday Nut Crunch for my lovely wife.

Stir the entire mixture briskly.

Enjoy right away or chill in the refrigerator and enjoy after it is cold.

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New Year’s Celebrations-Second Chances


My girlfriend and I have affectionately been texting each other all day.

It is now early evening.

In a group text, my Sunday School teacher has offered to take everyone in his class out to watch fireworks on the River.

He offers to drive my girlfriend and me.

I get dressed putting on some Navy Blue pants, a white turtle neck sweater with a tee shirt underneath, and a black vintage Corduroy Jacket. I place my Streamlight Jr. flashlight in my right pocket as usual along with my Motorola Smartphone in my left and my SwissGear Wallet in my left rear pocket. I also place one of my scanners, an older Uniden BC72XLT, in my jacket pocket so I can tune in to the railroad and marine communications.

The other couple is coming in their older minivan.

My teacher is with his wife and grandchildren. They pick me and my girlfriend up in an SUV.

Soon enough, they drive to my house.

He is in the driver seat, his wife is in the front passenger seat and their grandchildren are seated in the middle row of seats. My girlfriend is sitting in the third row of seats. She is wearing a soft pink sweater, a knee-length denim skirt, long black socks, and light blue tennis shoes.

I get flashed by her as she makes room for me to sit next to her.

For just a moment I stare longingly at her peach-colored panty, clinging to her thick pelvic region in between her creamy pale thighs until she lovingly grabs me and pulls me into her embrace. We then sit close together as we share some very sweet kisses.

She wraps her arms around me and holds me tightly as we ride to the ferry landing.

“Thank you so much for taking us,” I tell my Sunday School teacher and his wife.

“Yes. Thank you!” My girlfriend adds in.

“Y’all are both welcome,” He replies.

“Y’all make a lovely couple,” His wife interjects.

“Thank you. We met because of your husband’s class,” I reply.

“I had been praying for years that God would send him to me. I just didn’t think that He would have placed this sweet young man right in Sunday School, but He is so good and I’m glad He did!” My girlfriend then says.

“I guess I had to get away from everyone and everything I formerly knew, and start a new life after a divorce and then a breakup, but, just days after moving to this city, I met this lovely young lady in our Sunday School class and besides Christ, she completes me!”

My girlfriend then steals a kiss.

The two grandchildren giggle at us.

We see a train, switching one of the city’s many terminals.

The grandchildren watch in amazement.

“Y’all want to see something really neat?” I ask everyone.

My girlfriend nods.

The grandchildren both say, “Yeah…Yeah!”

I pull out my scanner and tune in to the conductor and engineer talking to each other.

My girlfriend watches in amazement. I can see a bright twinkle in her eyes.

“Aw, that is so cool!” The younger grandchild exclaims.

“Can you tune in those on the boats too?” The older grandchild asks.

“I can, but those on the boats use too much filthy language and this is a Christian vehicle, so I won’t tune them in.”

“Aw dang it.”

“I know. It’s really interesting to listen to because you know when a boat or ship is coming before it gets here, but it seems that those marine crews will not watch their mouths. I don’t want to expose my girlfriend or your grandmother to that kind of talk. You don’t need to be hearing it either.”

“Oh, okay.” The older grandchild says.

“Well, I am hungry, what about y’all?” My Sunday School teacher interjects.

“Yes,” My girlfriend says.

“Me as well,” I add in

Us too…Us too!” The young grandchild replies.

“Well, let’s go to Rally’s. My treat.

“Let’s each get a Big Buford and the largest Banana Shake to split amongst us,” My girlfriend whispers to me. I nod in agreement, then kiss her.

We pull into the Rally’s and our Sunday School teacher asks us, “What would y’all like?”

My girlfriend says, “A Big Buford for each of us and a Large Banana Shake for us to split.”

“Okay good,” He replies.

He then looks at his wife and asks, “What would you like, honey?”

“A fish sandwich and some sweet tea,” She replies.

“I think I’ll have that too,” My Sunday school teacher interjects, then continues, looking at his grandchildren, “And what would y’all like?”

“A Chicken Sandwich and a Cherry Coke,” The older grandchild replies.

“A chicken tender basket and some orange soda,” The younger grandchild adds.

“All right, I think we are ready to order, then,” My Sunday School teacher says, then pulls up and places his order.

He then drives up to the window and pays.

In time our food is handed to us.

We sit at a table and the other couple from our Sunday School group meets us there.

My girlfriend and I look nervously at each other.

Our Sunday School teacher leads in saying Grace as we all bow our heads and hold hands.

We then eat.

I tell my Sunday School teacher, “Thank you for dinner, especially Rally’s. This should give us enough nourishment to hold us up throughout the night and I can even go home and write for my blog.”

“Yes. Thank you so much!” She pauses, then looks at me and says, “I cannot wait to see what you write, baby!”

“Well, I draw my inspiration from you!”

She giggles and we rub our noses together.

The young woman from the other couple says, “Y’all are so cute together!”

“Thank you!” We reply in unison.

“He is everything I prayed for in a mate!” My girlfriend says, beaming.

“And I feel as if I am living out the lives of the characters in the stories I write just by loving and being loved by her!”

The young man from the other couple says gruffly, “I came across his blog the other night. He’s wrong for writing some of the stuff on there.”

Defensively, I ask, “What do you mean?”

“Nope! Uh-uh! I won’t discuss it here, there are children present!”

“Well, what I write involves nothing more than what people who are in love would normally do,” I tell him.

“I think what he writes is beautiful. I’ve never seen anything like it!” My girlfriend adds in.

“Thank you, baby!” I tell her as I kiss her hand.

“All right, settle down. Let’s have a peaceful time of fellowship,” My Sunday School teacher says.

“Yes sir,” I reply.

The other young man simply gives me a dirty look.

My girlfriend and I finish our Big Bufords, then begin spoon-feeding our banana shake to each other while smiling from ear to ear.

The sun is beginning to set, so we drive to the ferry landing and lay several blankets and sheets on the River Levee.

Our Sunday School teacher prays with us while we listen to worship music.

My girlfriend sits with her legs crossed and cradles my head in her lap as I look up at her blushing face.

The other young man says, “Can’t y’all act right for just a little while?”

His wife says, “Come on, leave them alone. Besides, I would like you to lay your head in my lap.”


“Because I love you.”

“There’s more to love than showing off your affections to everyone.”

“You’re right, but it should be one of the benefits of being in love.”

“All right. I know we had Rally’s instead of Burger King, but have it your way!” The young man says with slight irritation.

His wife then smiles and giggles.

She sits near us, also cradling her husband in her lap.

We then have some real fellowship.

In time the countdown begins.

The crescendo of fireworks increases until the stroke of midnight then the sky lights up.

My girlfriend’s lips meet mine and we ring in the New Year with a long, powerful kiss.

Little do we know what we will face in the upcoming months…

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Our First Sunday Service-Second Chances


My girlfriend and I have been seeing each other religiously since the last time I wrote.

We are falling more and more each day.

Since Christmas Day, she has consistently stated that she wants to marry me and I couldn’t agree more.

I just woke up to her text, “Good morning baby. I can’t wait to see you at church. Love you!”

So, I reply, “Here is a good morning kiss from me to you. I love you too and I will start getting ready.”

She then replies with a kissy face emoji and a blushing face emoji.

I look outside my window and see that the weather is very dreary, somewhat damp, and slightly cool.

I select my favorite clothes from my closet: some sturdy black pants, a dark grey Oxford shirt, a white tee shirt white crew socks, a brown belt, and brown work boots. I hang the clothes from my bedroom door knob and place the boots and socks on the floor.

With that, I step into my bathtub and draw some hot water.

After relaxing for a few minutes, I scrub my body with Dial Soap and my hair with Tresseme`.

Afterward, I let the water drain out, then crack the valve, strike a match, and light my bathroom heater.

After I am completely dry, I shave until I have a baby face once again. I splash some Aqua Velva on my face then get dressed.

I clip my Leatherman Style PS to my front right belt loop, my Streamlight Jr. in my right side pocket, my SwissGear wallet and my Motorola e5 Play Smart Phone in my left side pocket.

Finally, I grab my SwissGear backpack along with my keys, then exit my front door, locking and deadbolting it behind me.

While waiting for my church neighbors to arrive, I sit on the front steps of my house and put on my Wayfarer reading glasses, and read my Bible.

My next-door neighbor is picking up pecans in his yard. He keeps giving me dirty looks, to which I try to ignore him, then turn my Bible to the latter parts of Ephesians Chapter 6.

I start thinking about my girlfriend and then begin to read the Song of Solomon, with a smile from ear to ear.

My neighbor shouts at me, “What the hell are you so happy about?”

Calmly I reply, “I see something in the Bible that makes me think of my girlfriend.”

“You’re a total hypocrite, reading the Bible and going to church, but I saw you and your girlfriend go inside your house alone together and not come out for several hours. Y’all were making babies in there and my taxes are going to support them because you’re too lazy to work and she is too fat.”

I pull out my Motorola Smartphone, activate the camcorder feature, and say, “Just keep harassing me, I’m recording you and turning over everything you say to the police.”

“You’re just a punk. How dare you! I served my country. All you do is live off the government and screw your girlfriend while my taxes have to pay for you and her lifestyle. Those tax dollars could instead go to giving me better benefits than having to use the VA.”

“We both have significant mental illnesses that require expensive medications. And my girlfriend has sustained lots of trauma so it’s pretty low of you to comment about her weight.”

“What trauma did the snowflake sustain, did her parents spank her or something?” My neighbor sarcastically asks.

“No, it’s much worse than that, but it’s none of your business.”

“Well, she only wants you because she is fat and no one else would pay attention to her.”

“I think she is beautiful and that she also has a heart of gold. Furthermore, I am recording everything you say.”

“You don’t scare me. I have connections.”

“This is going on YouTube as well so everyone can see what a jerk you are!”

“You’re lucky I don’t come over there and beat your butt.”

“You’ll be assaulting a disabled individual, and that is a felony.”

The couple from church pulls up in their van and sees me arguing with my neighbor.

“What’s going on here?” The man asks.

“My neighbor is being a jerk, as usual.”

“Don’t you have anything better to do?” The lady asks my neighbor.

“I don’t know why you’re even bringing him to church. Between Christmas and now he and his girlfriend were alone in his house several times. I don’t need to paint you a picture of what they were doing in there.”

“Then they need to be in church even more, as do you,” The lady tells him

“Don’t preach to me, woman, I served my country. All you do is social work or as I call it ‘socialist’ work. People like you are the reason why so many young people are so soft these days.”

“Hey. Don’t talk to my wife like that?”

My neighbor spits on the ground waving his rake, and says “Or what?!”

The man looks at me and asks, “Are you still recording?”

I nod.

“Well you’re intimidating government workers and we have a recording of it. You need to stop right now.”

“As I told your punk friend, I have connections.”

“So do we and they have a much more clout than your good ole boys.” The lady says.

“I suggest you quit, or you will be arrested and charged.” The man finally says.

“This isn’t over.” My neighbor shouts.

I keep recording him.

The man then says, “If you’re looking for trouble you will find more than you bargained for.”

My neighbor starts cussing at us and I get it all on video.

“We’re going to be late for church,” The lady says.

“Let’s go then,” Her husband says.

I grab my SwissGear backpack and enter the right rear passenger side of the van.

The man gets in on the front passenger side and the lady gets in on the driver’s side.

We then head to church.

“Please share that video to both of our phones through Bluetooth,” The lady says.

“Will do,” I reply.

I send it to both of them and I also back it up in several clouds.

“We are going to talk to some higher-ups in the police department as well as the D. A. He has been making too many people miserable for too long and it needs to stop now,” The man says.

“He’s such a pig. I don’t care whether he is a veteran or not, he has no right to mistreat you or anyone else.”

We arrive at church. My girlfriend is waiting for me at the entrance. She is wearing a red Courdoroy jumper that goes just below her knees, with a black and white checkered shirt underneath, some black knee-length socks, and clog shoes.

We share a hug and a kiss, then walk to the sanctuary together.

We sit next to each other in the pew, holding hands as the service begins to start.

We praise God together during the worship service, The first song is “Open the Eyes of my heart, Lord” and we both sing out loud with arms raised high. The second song is El Shadai and we close our eyes in contemplative worship. The final song is Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing and we sing along with joy.

Then the main pastor walks up on stage and begins preaching. His sermon entails how we must seek God not only when we need or want something from Him, but also seek Him when our needs and desires are fully met and everywhere in between.

My girlfriend rests her head on my chest until the main pastor gives us a stern look, then continues preaching.

Finally, there is an altar call and we both go down to pray, for ourselves and each other. We also recommit ourselves to Jesus Christ.

Afterward the main service, we go to Sunday School in the special needs class.

Our teacher asks if there are any prayer requests, to which I answer, I have some praise that God put me and this lovely young lady together and I just pray that he blesses our relationship.

“I’m in total agreement on that!” My girlfriend says as she holds my hand.

The young man from the other couple then says, “For my wife.”

The young woman from the other couple adds, “For my husband.”

Our teacher then leads us in prayer then we get started on the lesson.

Soon afterward, we get off the topic and the other couple starts talking about the flaws in the marriage.

The young man says that his wife listens to everyone but him.

The young woman says how he is thoughtful to everyone but her.

The teacher looks at my girlfriend and me and asks, “What do y’all think?”

“I have prayed that God would send me someone special for some time now. I intend to marry her in time and love her as Christ loves the church,” I tell our teacher.

My girlfriend then says, “I have had a hard time trusting a man let alone submitting to one until I met my boyfriend. He is so sweet to me and I honestly thought I would never meet like him. And just for the record, I also want to marry him and I wish I could right this moment.”

The young man then remarks, “Y’all just have that new relationship feeling, it will wear off in time,”

His wife gives him a pair of eyes then I say, “How dare you even speak that into existence.”

“Oh, so you’re one of those Christians?” He asks in an arrogant tone.

“What do you mean?”

“Speaking stuff into existence. We don’t talk about that Pentecostal garbage in this church.”

The young man’s wife elbows him.

“It’s in the Bible though,” I reply, then continue, “I only want to speak life and good things about me and my girlfriend’s relationship.”

My girlfriend holds my hands and puckers her lips at me.

We then rub our noses.

“That’s inappropriate for church,” The young man says.

“Leave them alone, they are a cute couple. We could learn something from them.”

“When they have been married as long as we have, then I will listen.”

“Sometimes I don’t know why I married you.”

“I married you because I am committed to you and I made that commitment before God. Maybe I could be more affectionate if you listened to me.”

“Maybe I would listen if you were more kind like you are to everyone else.”

“Y’all are already headed towards the relationship death spiral. It happened with me and my ex-wife.” I tell them.

“Oh, looks whose speaking things into existence now. You’re a hypocrite and an adulterer as well.”

“You don’t know me or my past. I think you’re miserable and you want everyone else to be. And that fact that my girlfriend and I make each other happy fills you with envy.”

“All right, settle down.” Our teacher says with authority.

“Sorry sir, I was already on edge because my neighbor is making more trouble with me.”

“That man is scary and he is such a jerk,” My girlfriend adds.

“Well the couple that invited me to church is turning him in and we have video evidence of his bad behavior.”

“Good. I didn’t want to upset you, but I was so afraid when he gave us the death stare the first time you brought me to your house.”

The young man then says, “You need to confront him over his bad behavior,”

“No. He’s a veteran and he likely has guns. I don’t want my man hurt.” My girlfriend then looks at me and says, “Promise me you will avoid him at all costs, I prayed for a future spouse for a long time and I don’t want to lose you.”

“Don’t worry baby, I will let the authorities handle it. I promise you.”

“Thank you, sweetheart.”

We then share another very brief kiss.

The bell then rings and we are dismissed.

“After you get home and rest a little while, come to my place and have dinner with me and my roommates.”

“Will do baby.”

With that, we hold hands until we are at the exit.

We share a long passionate kiss and then those three little words, then she gets in the car with her roommates and I get in the van with the couple who invited me to church…

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The Day after Christmas-Second Chances


I wake up to a text message alert on my phone.

It’s the day after Christmas.

I rub my eyes and read look at my phone.

There are two messages, one from my mom and one from my dad.

The first one is from my dad and reads, “Check your bank account.” It was from much earlier this morning, 9:15 to be exact.

The second one is from my mom and reads, “We all deposited some Christmas and Birthday money in your account, use it wisely.”

I look at my watch. It is 10:28 AM.

So I reply to my parents in the group text, “Thank you both, and I will tell my siblings thank you as well and that I appreciate it. I am just waking up.”

I then realize that I need to send my girlfriend a good morning text.

So I begin writing, “Good morning my beautiful lady! I hope you slept well. I wish I was there to wake up to your lovely face. Hopefully, we will be in touch throughout the day and even more, hopefully, we will be able to see each other. Until then, just know that I love you and I hope you have a wonderful day.”

Seconds later I get a reply, “Good morning to you too, my sexy man. I love you too! And yes, you can come to see me, in fact, you better come see me! Until then, this is me kissing you.”

My heart skips a beat as I read her message.

I take it all in for a moment, then I check my banking app on my phone.

A $300 electronic check was wired to my bank account and has cleared.

I know what I will do: take my girlfriend shopping with me.

With that, I text her, “When can I come to see you today?”

“Give me a half hour,” She replies almost instantly.

“Good I will get ready as well.”

“I can’t wait.”

“I was given money from my family for Christmas and my birthday and I want to take you shopping.”

“Aw, that is so sweet. Now I really can’t wait!”

“She sends another text message, “I’ll wear something cute and I think you will like it!”

“Surprise me, honey.”

“I will, now let’s both get ready. I love you!”

“I love you too.”

Hurriedly, I take a bath, and thoroughly scrub my body and hair.

Then I crack open the valve on my bathroom heater, strike a long match, and light it. I dry off as I shave and put on some deodorant. Even though these types of heaters are now frowned upon, they work very well. After I am finished grooming myself, I extinguish my bathroom heater, then walk to my master bedroom and raise the thermostat until the floor furnace in the middle of my house ignites. I get dressed, donning a Navy Blue work shirt with a white tee shirt underneath, some black pants, and some grey work boots. I take my Streamlight Jr. flashlight from my backpack and place it into my right front pants pocket, my SwissGear wallet in my left back pants pocket and my Motorola e5 Play Smart Phone in my left front pants pocket. I compare the time of my last text with the current time and realize that I should get going to arrive at my girlfriend’s place on time.

So I grab my keys and coat and step out the door locking and deadbolting it behind me.

I then walk across my porch, down the steps, and cut through my front yard, exiting the gate of my hurricane fence.

The weather is sunny and clear but very cold as I start heading east on the sidewalk.

In time, I arrive at my girlfriend’s place and knock on the door.

She greets me with a strong hug and powerful kiss, dressed in a cream-colored fleece sweater that hugs all of her sexy features, an evergreen colored skirt that is long enough to be modest but still short enough to drive me wild, long white socks that accentuate her pretty legs and black buckle shoes.

“You look so cute!” I tell her.

“Thank you! You’re quite handsome yourself, you know!”

We embrace once again and are soon entrenched in a volley of kisses towards each other.

Our glasses begin to fog up as we simultaneously say those three little words to each other.

We start walking off the front porch, down the steps, through the front yard, and out of the gate to the hurricane fence.

“What would you like me to buy you?” I ask her.

“There is a thrift store a few blocks away where you can get me all kinds of clothes.”

“Okay. Anything else.”

“If you have enough, I’ve been wanting a handheld gaming console that is sold at Walgreens.”

“Would you like to eat anywhere?”

“I would like a shrimp Po’Boy and it doesn’t matter from where.”


“You really mean it?”

“Most definitely.”

“I’m glad God sent you to me.”

“Good because you make me happy.”

“The thrift store only takes cash, but they are cheap enough to buy a whole wardrobe. However, if I have some money left over, I want to buy some pretty panties. But I won’t let you see me in them until our wedding night.”

In honored amazement, I ask her, “You still see that kind of a future with me?”

“Of course! No one else has ever been so sweet and sexy” She pauses and then asks, “You see that future with me too, right.”

I hug her warmly and kiss the top of her head as I say, “Yes. I am tremendously honored that you chose me because you have a pure heart not to mention you are a perfect solid ten in my book.”

“I wish we didn’t have to wait until our wedding night for you to see me in those pretty panties.” She pauses, then whispers to me as she smacks my rear end, “I also want you to pull them down and be intimate with me!”

“Oh, honey, you don’t know the urges you are bringing alive in me. If only it wasn’t such a sin, I would do that and so much more for you!” I paused then continue, “I would be exceedingly honored to marry you though!”

“I love you, my sexy man!”

“I love you too, my beautiful lady.”

We are now in front of Walgreens as I say, “Let’s get your game console.”

“Lead the way, Mister.”

We walk down the toys section and select the handheld gaming console of her choice asking, “Is this one okay.”

I nod, then kiss her.

She grabs me and kisses me several more times.

We walk to the cashier and check out.

I pay with my debit card and get $40 cash back, then hand the two bills to her, saying “$20 for you to buy some clothes at the thrift store and another $20 for you to buy those pretty panties when you can.”

We share one more hug and kiss, then walk out of the store.

In the crisp sunny cold, we walk to the thrift store and she tells me, “I want you to help me pick out my clothes, so I can look cute for you.”

I kiss her and say, “Baby, you have one of those rare bodies that no matter what you wear, still looks very good on you.”

“Still I want to drive you wild!”

“Well, even though our church is not UPCI, I still think you would look sexy in some skirts.”

She giggles then says, “Agreed!”

“And maybe some cute shorts for when it gets warmer.”

“You just want to see my butt, don’t you.”

I blush, then nod.

She continues, “It’s okay because you make me feel beautiful.”

“I love you, my lady,” I say as I kiss her.

“I love you too, my man!”

We begin to pick some clothes out.

She grabs several skirts, some made of cotton, some made of denim, and some made of a blend of fabrics. She then grabs some workout shorts and rubs them on my face. Finally, she grabs some shirts of many colors both long and short-sleeved.

We then check out.

Afterward, we start walking with the two large bags.

“I can’t wait to see you in all those new outfits.”

“Well, I can try them on when we get back.”

“You really will.”

“Of course.”

“Then let’s go back to your place and set all of this down.”

“Good idea.”

With that, we walk back to her roommate’s house.

I sit on her futon while she goes into the bathroom with her new clothes.

Her roommates are at work, so for about an hour she poses in her new outfits for me.

I am overcome with love and lust for her.

She comes out trying on one last skirt. It is a knee-length black cotton skirt with rose designs on it. She pairs it with a yellow tee shirt.

I stare at her with admiration, then we embrace.

I rub her love handles, then her lower back, then her rear end to which she giggles uncontrollably.

I then playfully lift her skirt catching a glimpse of her cherry red panty.

She grabs me with passion, then says, “You’ve been very naughty, so now I need to punish you.”

“Oh, baby, whatever you have in mind.”

“Lay on the futon, face up, if you dare.”

I do so at once.

She then prances towards me with her body jiggling and her skirt swishing.

She looks down at me, waves then blows me a kiss.

Giggling, she then says, “Now for your punishment.”

She turns her back to me and says, “Since you wanted to see my panty, it will be the only thing you see for a while.”

My girlfriend flips her skirt, then slowly lowers her rear end onto my face and sits.

I take in all of her sexy sights, smells, and sensations as I put my arms around her waist and hold her in place.

She giggles and even snorts a little with laughter until she becomes slightly distressed.

“Okay, I have to get up, like right now!” She says.

So, I remove my arms from her waist and she slowly lifts herself off of me.

Suddenly, my face, still under her skirt, is met with great warmth and a pungent odor.

My girlfriend then stands up completely, apologizing over and over and sobbing.

I give her a loving hug and I kiss her as she buries her face in my chest.

Still sobbing she says, “I know I was supposed to be punishing you for lifting my skirt, but I didn’t mean to pass gas in your face. I’m so sorry I did that to you and I understand if you don’t want me anymore.”

I pelt her beautiful face with kisses and say, “Actually it was kind of cute.”

She hugs me tightly and asks, “Are you mad at all?”

“No baby. Please don’t think I am weird, but to be honest, I liked it.”

A smile returns to her tear-soaked face.

“Do you mean that or are you just trying to make me feel better.”

“I mean it. If I had a ring on my person right now, I would propose to you.”

“I love you. And just so you know, I would say yes!”

“I love you too!”

“When I was younger and in school and even church, people would always make rude comments about me passing gas and it was so embarrassing.”

“Well, you don’t have to be embarrassed by it with me. For whatever reason, I like it. I cannot explain why but I just do.”

“I’m glad God sent you to me because I was always afraid that I would find a wonderful man but he would be turned off by my gas problem.”

“Well, I think you’re the sexiest girl that I ever met.”

“And you are the sexiest man I’ve ever met.”

“I wish we were married right now!”

“I know, I want to be intimate with you more than ever, but I know God would punish us because we are not yet married.”

“Why don’t we go get some Po’Boys? That way we won’t be alone in this house!”

“Lead the way, my man!”

We walk down the street and around the corner then come upon a neighborhood deli.

I open the door for her and a buzzer goes off.

She steps in and I follow her.

“What would you like, my baby?” I ask her.

“A fried shrimp Po’Boy.” She replies, then asks, “What are you going to get?”

“Since I had a New Orleans Hot Pattie Po’Boy yesterday, I will eat a Roast Beef Po’Boy today.”


“What do you want to drink?”

“A Coke with Lemon Slice. What about you?”

“A Barq’s Root Beer.”

“Woof woof!” She says giggling.

“You are so gosh durn cute! Could I also get us some fried onion rings?”

She whispers, “Those make me extremely gassy, but now I know that you like it, you’ll get the worst or best of it!”

“Oh honey, you are so sexy! At least you will keep me warm!”

“I love you!”

“I love you too, and I thank God for you!

My girlfriend then sits down and I place our order and pay.

In time we are handed our food, we say grace, and eat.

We take bites off of each others’ Po’Boys and I hand-feed her the onion rings which she happily eats with a devious smile.

After we finish eating, we walk back to her room mates’ house.

She sits on her futon and cradles my head in her lap, then asks, “Are you going to get anything for yourself?”

“There’s a Casio G-Shock wristwatch on eBay that I have been wanting, but I wanted to spoil you first.

“Then, by all means, get it!”

So I pull out my Motorola e5 Play, log in to my eBay app and place the order.

“All done,” I say as I look up at her beautiful face.

She giggles, then say, “Now, I have something for you!”

Without anything further, she pulls the blanket over my head while I am still cradled in her lap and passes gas.

I breathe it all in. Normally this would be disgusting but for whatever reason, I thoroughly enjoy when she does it.”

I kiss her soft belly and say, “Thank you. I hope there is more.”

“There’s plenty more baby.”

“You’re so sexy.”

“I love you!”

“I love you too!”

We go over story ideas for us to write together as she gives me Dutch Ovens for the rest of the afternoon and into the evening.

Finally, we have to take our medicine, so we kiss each other good night on the front porch and I walk home as a breeze is picking up.

I enter my gate and cut through my front yard, up my steps, and across my porch where I unlock my door, then take my medicine with a cup of pudding.

Afterward, my girlfriend and I talk on the phone until we are very sleepy and I give her the good night tidings then we exchange those three little words…

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Chicken Sauce Piquante

I grew up in Raceland, Louisiana, which for some time was known as the Sauce Piquante Capital of the World.

From 1979 until about 1994, for every first weekend in October, the Sauce Piquante Festival was held on the grounds of saint mary’s nativity catholic school and church.

Then the bishop at the time had the festival banned.

Some say it was banned because people dressed in clothing deemed inappropriate (it is still considerably hot in Louisiana in early October.)

Others say it was banned because of the drunkenness taking place on school and church grounds (I am not condoning drunkenness but I realize that it many times goes hand in hand with festivities and merry-making.)

It could be likely for a combination of these two reasons in addition to other factors, but every subsequent bishop has upheld the ban.

What is so hypocritical about this ban on something that was a source of mostly good clean fun and a decent source of income, is that those in the roman catholic church turned a blind eye to the sexual molestation of children by priests, the physical abuse of children by nuns, priests having carnal relations with nuns and married women and if you, the reader, would open up a Bible a read it you will quickly realize that the roman catholic church is also blatantly guilty of all kinds of abominations and blasphemies.

I was raised catholic, mostly in name only, but now I cannot endorse anything catholic and maintain a clear conscience.

All right, I’ve said enough about that, at least for now.

After all, this piece is meant to be about making a recipe for Chicken Sauce Piquante.

So here we go.

For those wondering, Sauce Piquante is a spicy tomato-based stew originating from South Louisiana and may be made with rabbit, domestic chicken, turtle, alligator, and sometimes even various types of fish and has been one of my favorite dishes for some time. My version is done with boneless chicken thighs.

In the earlier parts of 2022, I took it upon myself to make it and was thoroughly impressed by the results.

It was everything I wanted it to be and even more.

Here are the ingredients that are needed:

One Pound of Fresh Boneless Chicken Thighs
One 15-ounce can of Tomato Sauce
Cajun Trinity Seasoning (Chopped White Onions, Chopped Green and Red Bell Peppers, Chopped Celery)
Cajun Seasoning (I highly recommend Swamp Dog brand)
Two Cloves of Garlic (if I had to guess)
Two Handfuls of Chopped Green Onions or Shallots
Cooking Oil
Black Pepper
A Bay Leaf or Two
White Medium Grain Rice
Louisiana Hot Sauce or Tabasco Original Red Sauce (or Both) to taste
Brown Sugar to taste.

Place a medium to a large pot on medium to high heat and line the bottom of the pot with cooking oil.

Add the Trinity Seasoning, until you cannot see the bottom of the pot clearly through the oil.

Combine the garlic, shallots, Cajun Seasoning, Black Pepper, and Parsley.

Stir frequently until slightly browned in oil while adding in the hot sauce(s.)

Add in chicken and sear allowing the juices from the meat to combine with the seasoning base.

If I had to guess, do this for about 20-30 minutes but individual results may vary.

Finally pour in the tomato sauce and lower the heat.

At this time you may add some brown sugar to taste, but I advise only adding a minuscule amount.

Simmer for about an hour, stirring frequently.

During the final twenty minutes cook the rice.

Serve main dish over the rice and enjoy!

I hope that you, the reader, enjoy this special dish as much as I have.

Furthermore, if you now have your suspicions about catholicism, then you are on the right track.

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Christmas Day Part 3-Second Chances


Clinging closely to each other my girlfriend and I walk to her roommate’s house.

She then confesses to me, “I have never been so attracted to anyone as I am to you!”

“I think I feel the same way,” I reply.

“No, you don’t understand, after that Mexican molested me when I was fifteen I was afraid of men and had turned so many down.” She pauses then continues, “But I don’t feel that way about you. Instead, I want you so badly.”

We both blush followed by a sweet but awkward silence.

“I want you just as badly. After being with some terrible women, I set my standards very high. However, not only do you meet those standards that I impose but dare I say you exceed them! The only force that held me back from us doing it was fear that God would punish us by causing us to split up if we fornicated and I don’t want to lose you.”

“I am about to tell you something else and please try not to freak out when you hear it.”

“Go on.”

“I think I love you! And just so you know I don’t want to lose you either!”

“I love you too, I was just afraid of scaring you off by telling you so soon, and trust me I will do everything in my power so that you won’t lose me!”

“I will also do everything in my power so that you won’t lose me either!” She says as she grabs me and pounds my face with her kisses.

I fire some sweet kisses at her in return to which she giggles as our teeth chatter.

“I finally have what I want!”

“So do I and I thank God for you!”

“I thank God for you as well.”

“I wish I could move in with you!”

“I would be exceedingly happy if you stayed with me, but we would need to be married.”

“Well, duh.” She playfully kisses me and then says, “Do you get my drift?”

“I think I do and I would be honored!”

“I know you are on a fixed income as am I, so you don’t have to buy me an expensive ring, anything with a pretty gem will do.”

“Is there any color you would like?”

“Anything red or blue?”

“Red like your pretty dress?”

“Yes. And I wish you were underneath it right now!”

“Oh, honey, I will be as soon as I marry you.”

“You better be!” She pauses when then asks, “What would you do while under my dress?”

“Kiss your sexy stomach, then play with your perky rear end and massage your thick thighs!”

“Anything else?”

“What if I pulled off your cute panty and went down on you?”

“Oooh, I know I found the right man!”

“Then after you squirt and spray all over my face, I would be so turned on that I would make love to you too until I fill you with my hot seed!”

“Usually hearing a man talk like that would make me want to flee from him, but hearing you say that makes me want to grab you, take you and make you mine forever! It’s like God chose the perfect husband for me!”

“I love you!”

“I love you too.”

We are now in front of her roommates’ house. I open the gate of the hurricane fence for her and she walks onto the property. I gently pat her rear end, to which she turns around grabs me, and plants a strong, loud kiss on my lips.

We then walk up the steps.

She opens the front door with her key, then steps in as I follow her.

Both of her roommates greet us, then one says, “Both of y’all, dig in. We cannot eat all of this by ourselves.”

“The other one says, “We have some roasted turkey and roasted goose, candied yams, some more green bean casserole, some spiced oatmeal cookies, a fruit tray, and some left over English Breakfast Tea.”

We both stare at all the food in amazement then begin to feast, once again.

We eat until our hearts are content, then we rest on my girlfriend’s futon, listening to one of the cable music channels.

It is now time to take our medicines.

We stand on the porch lost in time as we exchange those three little words and a volley of kisses and hugs.

I walk home as the snow is transitioning to rain.

Finally, I make it to the front of my house, unlock my hurricane fence then I cut across my yard, walk up my steps, then onto my porch. I unlock my front door.

Once inside, I call her.

“Hello?” She answers in a longing voice.

“Hey baby, I was calling to let you know I made it home safely and will give you the good night tidings if you wish.”

“Of course and I am very happy you’re safe.”

“Well, this is me sweetly but reverently hugging you and kissing you as I tuck you in. This is me praying for our sweet dreams and tranquil slumber. And this is me praying for God to watch over us until we see each other again.”

“When will that be?”

“Tomorrow if you want.”

“Of course. I was hoping you would say that.”

“Now, I have to take my medicine, but just know that I love you and I don’t want to lose you.”

“I love you too and I don’t want to lose you either.”

“Then we won’t lose each other at all.”

“I second that. Now go take your medicine.”

“You too.”

“Okay, good night.”

“Good night.”

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An American Family Living through the Pearl Harbor Attack

I do not own the featured image on this page.  I borrowed it from a listing on eBay.  It is a picture of a radio that would likely have been used during the time of the events of Pearl Harbor and that is why I am using it for this post.

This event occurred over forty five years before I was born, however, I have fabricated a story about what would have likely happened to families throughout the United States on that infamous day.

Without further ado, here was go:

I envision a young housewife walking home from church with her husband and babies. After everyone is settled in at home she steps into the kitchen and begins preparing some chicken, green beans, potatoes and perhaps a cherry pie for her Sunday Dinner. Her husband purchased her a kitchen radio for her in order for her to have entertainment while carrying out her household duties. She turns the radio on and just as the tubes get warm enough for the radio to function, the news of the attack breaks. Her husband is in the back yard well bundled up and tending to the cabbage crops in his garden. The babies are equally bundled up and playing nearby in the dirt. A reporter begins to broadcast the details as they are coming in from the teletype machines. The lady calls her husband in to listen to what she is hearing. As he hears this breaking news, anger and fear soon grip him. Later that evening the couple and their children walk back to their church and begin to fervently pray, knowing what potentially lies ahead…

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