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Christmas in July-July 4, 2020

I am not the owner of this image, just for the record. However, I find it very inspiring. I picture a young couple around Christmas time. It’s a 17 year old boy and a 13 year old girl from families at odds with each other. He is very destitute but she is very well to do. However, their love for each other is unequivocally strong. He spent the day walking across town in below freezing weather, just to see her for a few minutes. They meet beneath the street lamp and exchange multiple kisses. He then embraces her and she buries her face in his chest. After holding her, he presents her a beautiful watch and says how he synchronized it with the church clock. She looks at the time on the face of that watch and realizes her parents will be home soon. Sweetly, they share several more kisses and one last embrace follow by a mutual, “I love you.” Then bid each other farewell. The boy then walks home and the girl watches longingly from the bay window until he is out of her sight…That’s my Christmas in July for this evening.

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Christmas in July-July 1, 2020

Well today is July 1st which means I will be celebrating Christmas in July in my own way, as I’ve done since 2018. I do not own this picture and I give all credit to whomever credit is due. In this picture I imagine a young man from bygone times with a lengthy past but much bigger heart taking a middle aged couple on a carriage ride. He and their daughter had been corresponding for the past month and this evening he is asking their permission to court her. They agree citing how he makes her happier than they have ever seen while so many other men rejected and mocked her and they further cite how she in turn causes him to be a very good man. They ride up and down the block further discussing the proposition, then he stops at their house. He then delivers the wonderful news to the young lady to which they share a passionate embrace and a sweet kiss. They all then have a toast, then the young man travels back to his modest dwelling, dreaming many dreams about her…

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Christmas in July-July 10, 2019

I do not own this photo, but I draw inspiration from it, so I give credit to whomever credit is due…My couple has been snowed in the cabin for several days now and they are out of food. But the park rangers are searching for survivors of the blizzard and my couple is found by them. They are taken to a ranger station and offered a hearty Christmas Dinner. Happily they both eat and then explain how they are newlyweds and so much in love. The married rangers go home to their spouses and make love to them and an unmarried but cohabitating ranger goes propose to his girlfriend. My young couple then heads home to see their families and exchange gifts…Stay tuned for a new storyline soon…

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Christmas in July-July 8, 2019

I do not own this picture, but I draw inspiration from it, so I give credit to whomever credit is due…My young married couple has been touring all over Europe for their honeymoon. They rent the cabin pictured here for the night. Soon they are overcome by their love for each other. They get the fire as warm as possible then undress. They adore each other’s bodies for just a moment, then become intimate. Afterwards they fall asleep in each others’ arms all night long. The next day there is a blizzard and they get snowed in, allowing more opportunity to be intimate!

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Christmas in July-July 5, 2019

I do not own this picture, but I give kudos to the owner because it gives me inspiration…It is Christmas, one year later and my aforementioned young couple are now newlyweds and on a honeymoon in Germany, but they are also going to tour the rest of Europe. They are walking the streets shopping for gifts for each other and their families. They share a sweet kiss together and soon they are caressing each others’ back sides. Some onlookers smile and think, “how sweet” while others get angry and want to pick a fight with them…

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Christmas in July-July 2, 2019

Sorry I’m a day late, but here is my first Christmas in July picture: I can imagine a young lady waiting on that platform because her boyfriend or fiancee, whom she hasn’t seen in months is coming visit her and is riding on the approaching train. Slowly the train pulls into the station. She anxiously waits for him to step off. At last she sees him and greets him with open arms. He rushes up to her and they share a very sweet hug and kiss. Afterward a very deserved and affectionate greeting, he collects his backpack and they walk to her house, hand in hand, close to each other, under the light of the full moon… For the record, I do not own this picture, and I give credit to whomever credit is due, but I sure can draw plenty of inspiration from this beautiful picture!

Christmas in July-July 31, 2018

This might be my final Christmas in July picture, because there are only a few hours left in July. So, I’ll try to make it count. Though I do not own this picture, I could write a short story about the town being packed with people, on Christmas Eve. A young couple is among the people, when suddenly, in front of everyone, the young man kneels in front of his girlfriend, takes out a diamond ring and proposes marriage to her. She would then cover her mouth, tears of joy would fill her eyes and then she would nod over and over again with giddiness. Then they would embrace and share a passionate kiss! All of the people in the crowd would then clap and cheer them on…

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Christmas in July-July 30, 2018 2

Here is another Christmas in July picture of a couple walking down the road dotted with streetlamps. This could definitely be inspiring for my writing, except the man should be walking on the other side of the woman. Unfortunately, chivalry is getting rarer and rarer these days and is sometimes even frowned upon. This will become politically charged if I continue, so on a more positive note, maybe, when it gets a little darker, the couple could share a sweet kiss beneath the glow of one of those streetlamps. I do not own this picture, but I wonder what was going through the actual owner’s mind when he or she took it…

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Christmas in July-July 30, 2018 1

July is almost over, so I probably won’t be posting too many more Christmas in July pictures. But yet again, I find this image to be very romantic and inspirational. I picture a couple standing on that doorstep kissing each other goodnight, and they’re so much in love. They cannot stop kissing each other either, so the affection goes on and on, despite the cold. I am not he owner of this picture, just so you know…

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