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My First Love

I was but four years old, the very first time I had fallen in love if one could call it that. This girl had the biggest impact on my life, more than probably anyone else with whom I crossed paths, aside from Jesus Christ.

Only those very close to me know this fact and many others assume, that my first love was a girl two years my junior whom I met in September of 1994 and lived up the street from me. I was with her from ages seven to nine.

The reality is, I met my first love some time early in 1991.

It was while attending a church nursery and/or preschool in the railroad town of Schriever, Louisiana.

This was a very rough time in my life, but this girl was so sweet to me, that I couldn’t help but fall for her, even though I was so young.

The reason why my life was rough at this time is that my brother and sister were infants and my parents didn’t have much time for me. I guess I took this hard because before this I was an only child. The other reason is that someone tied to my family was frequently beating the living daylights out of me. I have since forgiven him for beating me and am only bringing it up in this piece because it contributed to this traumatic part of my childhood. I was also special needs but no one at the time realized it.

I was sent to this church every Monday and Tuesday so I could interact with children around my age. To tell the truth, I hated going there, even though it was the only place I saw her.

She and I were always the first two children to arrive in the morning, so that is how we grew “close.”

There was also something about her, even though she was maybe only a little older than me, that she could tell when I was in distress and always had a way of comforting me.

There was even a time I happened to see the man who was beating me while being driven to that preschool and had my first of many panic attacks as a result.

When I arrived, Kristen saw that I was upset and somehow, she managed to calm me down.

There were numerous other times as well when she comforted me, though the only phrase I ever remember her saying is “Don’t worry.”

I ended up falling for her because of her kind heart, but also I thought she was beautiful.

She had porcelain skin, brown eyes, and light brown hair.

She frequently wore either blue and pink dresses. I don’t think I ever remember seeing her wear pants or shorts, which makes me wonder if she was raised in the United Pentecostal Church International or a fragmented church with similar doctrine. This church, by the way, was not UPCI or a non-denominational/fragmented church. Some of those churches strictly enforce dress codes, especially for women and girls, and also frequently teach their members to be reclusive from society and could be the reason why I have not seen her again.

Then in July of 1991, I would be taken out of the church preschool. Unfortunately, I would attend a far worse place for the next nearly ten years.

I remember the day I left very well. She crawled up to hug me goodbye, but I turned her down for fear of being teased.

That probably hurt her feelings immensely and I still regret it almost 30 years later at the time of writing this.

This was one of the worst mistakes of my life and if I had my life to live over, I would somehow have found a way to stay in touch with her, knowing what I know now.

To my knowledge, I’ve never seen her again.

The one time I think I might have seen her was on Easter Sunday, April 11, 2004, at the Wal-Mart in Thibodaux, Louisiana, but this is strictly speculation.

Since 2001, I’ve been trying to locate her and over the years I have asked hundreds if not thousands of women and girls with her first name if they were indeed her. None of them have ever told me “yes.” Many of them never replied, to begin with. Unfortunately a few have blocked me, for nothing more than asking an honest and harmless question. I feel as if people have become extremely block happy in recent years.

In 2004 and 2005, I went back to that church to look for her and did come across a couple of classmates since then but none of them remember her. Pay close attention to that fact!

Because her first name is Kristen, that means there are numerous methods to spell it and I am nowhere near sure of the exact spelling. This on top of not knowing her middle or last name nor even what year she was born in has made locating her all the more difficult.

This is the first time I am 100% public about this very personal story in my life, previously, I’ve only told people whom I deeply trust and I’ve gotten mixed reactions ranging from them thinking I am delusional to them thinking that she and I are indeed meant to be and to not give up on finding her one day.

While I was going through a divorce, I had renewed efforts in trying to locate her.

My main fear is that with me going public with this personal story, there will be some imposters that show up, which is why I have left out the details of exactly which church in Schriever, Louisiana, I met her at or the names of the teachers and other classmates, all of which I vividly remember.

I’ve come across several other classmates from that preschool and nursery, over the years, but the most shocking thing is none of them remember her at all.

I know some would maybe think that she was an angel that only I or maybe a few others could see.

The only reason why I wonder whether or not she’s an angelic being that only I could see is that I remember the teacher saying her name.

BOMBSHELL: She is the truest reason why I decided to start writing back on April 10, 2003. I used my memories of Kristen for most of my inspiration in my early days of writing.

There had been other women and girls who had inspired me to create characters and there had been some young ladies who reminded me of characters I created.

Unfortunately, I got into a relationship with a young woman which resulted in marriage and then ultimately divorce. The relationship lasted from 2007 to 2018.

Around 2014, I started searching for Kristen again, but to no avail. In that year, I also started writing stories again with her as my inspiration. Several of them are up on my blog.

In the latter parts of 2018, I stopped searching altogether, because I had entered into a very loving and stable relationship with a young lady that looked like a younger yet grown-up version of Kristen. Also, I took the fact that she was born in 1991 as a sign that she was the one. Unfortunately, on December 4/5, 2019, she called it quits on me. I was crushed but am finally starting to heal from it. I had gotten into a few brief relationships since but I always ended them for one reason or another.

A certain part of me wants to find her and find out whatever happened to her. Then my delusional self would either try to get to know her and maybe we could fall in love again or at least find out where she is now and let her know the impact she had on my life because it is a tremendous one, then wish her the best. I’ve also come to terms that she could be deceased and if that is the case, I want to visit her burial site and pay great homage and reverence to her. If she is still alive, romantically available and we meet again and get to know each other, physical features such as her size or facial beauty will not matter to me. Almost everyone who knows me knows that I am only attracted to plus-sized and/or super-sized women with pretty faces, but for her, I would try to pursue her no matter what she looked like. Also, nothing in her past would matter to me either, I would take her for who she is because I would remember how kind to me she was back then. For her, I could relax just about all of my standards. I do realize though that this is just a fantasy and that I need to move on.

Since 2014, I have been mentally creating stories of her and I together again after she helps me make a daring escape from some terrible people that had me captive. Because 2021 is the thirtieth anniversary of her and I meet, I may write down some of these stories. By the way, in my mind, they always took place in the year 2021! Possibly stay tuned. There is only one I wrote and did so in February of 2018.

Just for the record, I no longer think she and I are meant to be. The Lord has been showing me what my future spouse will be like and, she is similar in some ways but younger and nowhere near as maternal (for lack of a better word) towards me, though still very loving and affectionate. Also, with me being the male sex, God expects me to do [most of] the protecting and comforting not the other way around, so this is probably the main reason why he hasn’t allowed me to find her, assuming she is not an angel. At the risk of sounding unpopular, God indeed has established certain gender roles! Don’t shoot the messenger…

That’s all I have, for now, thank you for taking the time to read.

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Special K Treats

I dreamed about my Maw Maw (God rest her soul) early this morning. The dream entailed me being inside her house and my family wanting me to figure out how to operate her new thermostat. I could hear her talking from one of the rooms in the house. I was slightly sad when I woke up, even though I woke up next to my beautiful and blessed wife.

While I didn’t see eye to eye with her on numerous topics, I did admire her cooking and I take a considerable deal of inspiration from her cooking.

Also, I sat with her during the final year of her life and while she would pick fights with me on political matters, she also helped me hone my cooking skills.

Since 2019, I have been a staunch Moderate on the political spectrum, but my Maw Maw assumed that I was a conservative. She was a lifelong FDR Liberal and had her television locked on MS NBC.

When she would pick a fight with me about whatever was being said on television, I would rebuff how that is her channel’s narrative.

She would then accuse me of watching Fox News, to which I would again rebuff how could I watch Fox News because I don’t have cable. I was telling the truth, I wasn’t lying, because I see no use in subscribing to cable and am perfectly satisfied with broadcast television.

It never sunk in though because we would argue about this at least once a day, whenever I sat with her.

It truly broke my heart watching her get upset over whatever was reported on the news instead of just trying to enjoy the last year of her life.

Whenever the argument would stop, she would ask me to fix both of us something to eat, usually a piece of Boudin, which is a spicy sausage consisting of ground pork, seasonings, and rice cased in hog intestines. It is one of the most delicious Cajun dishes there is.

My Maw Maw also helped me perfect my Red Beans and Rice recipe and she enjoyed my spaghetti.

We would eat our meal or snack and all would become peaceful.

There was one dish my Maw Maw created that I adored.

The dish was known as Special K Treats and she frequently made them along with some form of fried chicken, to have food while traveling on road trips.

There is also a local Louisiana grocer known as Frank’s that makes a version of this dish.

Today I made my version of it, which I shared with my wife, my adopted sister, my adopted niece, and their company.

This piece will describe the recipe in detail so that you, the reader, can try it for yourself:

I had eyeballed the ingredients, as most Louisiana cooks do, so individual results may vary.

4 Cups of Special K Original Cereal
1 Cup of Light Corn Syrup (Karo will do)
3-4 Tablespoons of Refined Cane Sugar
2 Teaspoons of Pure Vanilla Extract
2 Tablespoons of Butter
4 to 4.5 Tablespoons of Peanut Butter (I prefer Jif)

Place stove exactly on Medium Heat. Then in a decent-sized pot, pour the corn syrup, sugar, vanilla extract, and butter. Stir until all is even. Bring to a very light boil.

As soon as the boiling commences, shut the stove off and combine the peanut butter.

Once again stir until the mixture is consistent and even.

Add the Special K Cereal and stir until the pieces are evenly crushed and coated.

Take a serving spoon and place the mixture on a non-stick pan and let cool for about 20-30 minutes.

Cut into sizes of individual liking and enjoy!

This snack keeps at any temperature and is excellent for traveling, just as my Maw Maw intended it to be.

If I ever have to evacuate from a hurricane again, I plan to pull an all-nighter and make some fried chicken in addition to this snack, so we can have our food and eat in the vehicle or at the shelter.

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Avionics, Travel, Belize and Other Topics

I had mentioned this memory in a piece before, a little over four years ago, but I wish to mention it again and with more details: It was almost twenty-five years ago, at the time of writing this piece, that a certain childhood memory occurred.

The memory entailed me hanging out on the western side of my paternal grandparents (now my cousin and her husband’s) house.

I had a fascination with that side of the house because it is where the electric meter, the gas meter, the telephone network interface, and the cable hookup were located.

All of that fascinated me ever since early childhood and still does, to be honest.

I hated school and wished I could have stayed home, however, I was looking forward to Christmas Break which was coming up shortly.

Also, one of my mom’s students had discarded a calculator, so she picked it up and gave it to me.

That December 1997 morning, I was standing on the western side of the house as mentioned before with that calculator in my school pants pocket.

The weather was slightly cold or at least cold enough to where I could see my breath when I exhale.

While I was standing there, a low-altitude plane was flying over me. I mean that neighborhood is under a considerably busy flight route.

I think children in the 1990s were more imaginative than children of today are, but I imagined myself on that plane helping the pilot navigate with the aid of the calculator in my pocket.

I cannot remember anything about that calculator except that it was a mid-grade scientific model made for or by an office supply company known as Royal. I also would imagine that it came off the assembly line either in the 1980s or very early 1990s, probably no later than 1991. I last saw my sister playing with it sometime in 1999 or 2000.

Also, since my breath was visible in the cold air, I wondered if the pilot and whatever passengers on that plane could see my breath and maybe thought that a ten going on the eleven-year-old child was smoking a cigarette.

In later years, when passing by a certain small airport, I could see the fuel storage tanks from the local road and always thought that everyone near them durn better not be smoking. And then in even later years, I thought how anyone near them durn better be using explosion-proof or intrinsically safe equipment.

I purposely used the word durn, because, for whatever reason, it was forbidden at my school.

Dang and darn were allowed, but durn was forbidden.

I think the teachers and staff at my school liked to make those nit-picky rules because their private parts tingled and oozed at the thought of oppressively controlling [mostly] defenseless children.

Even more fervently, I believe that the teachers and staff at my school must have durn near achieved an orgasm every time they confiscated a handheld video game.

All right, I know that I am slightly off track, but still, I feel the need to say this, because what I mentioned is just the tip of the enormous iceberg of how cruel teachers and staff at my school were.

And just maybe, I harbor this foul attitude towards my school because I have special needs, I’m sure most of my teachers realized I have special needs, and yet they refused to make any sort of accommodations for me nor did they step in when I was harassed by other students, except in really major incidents.  However, the teachers and staff at this wretched school made accommodations for other kids and they feverishly protected other kids from harassment.  They did the literal bare minimum for me.

I just thank God that for a considerable time of me attending that school, I carried a flashlight either on my person or in my backpack and it never once was confiscated. Other students viciously harassed me for my love of flashlights, though.

At one point while writing this, I was hanging out at my adopted sister’s apartment and my adopted niece was stating how she is addicted to hot chocolate. Off the top of my head, I made up a scenario where a long haul truck driver stopped at a travel center, before dawn on a cold December morning filled his rig with Diesel fuel, then went inside and bought a large cup of hot chocolate and several King Size Mister GoodBars then got back on the road. The energy-dense food and drink gave him the nourishment and comfort to effectively drive that rig for the next several hours before needing to stop again.

By the way, the teachers at my school would have sneered at such a profession, although, it is what I would love to have chosen for a career, but am disqualified from it because of the medication that I am required to take.

I know I don’t need one and I don’t plan on purchasing one, but I have had a fascination with calculators designed specifically for aviators. I believe the Texas Instruments TI-58 or TI-59 was a general-purpose calculator but had an available ROM cartridge specifically for solving problems related to handling an aircraft, among other applications. Later there were other purpose-built calculators designed solely for aviation. I would like one of those, maybe or maybe not. There are also slide rules, some even featured on wristwatches crafted for pilots.

This piece was originally supposed to be about aviation calculators and/or flight computers, by the way, but I had to add my other words of whatever you, the reader, perceive them to be.

I do and have had a fascination with calculators since infancy and I think I have made that pretty clear on this blog and other forms of media.

I also have a waxing and waning interest in avionics. I think all of that communications equipment, RADAR, flight computers, and other instruments are so neat. I am greatly fascinated by all other modes of transportation but it seems that aviation has the most interesting equipment.

Soon after that plane flew over, the school bus arrived and I boarded it. I was in fourth grade and it was a rough school year. Honestly what saw me through was my God, although I was not yet saved and my interests outside of school. I felt very relieved that Christmas Break was just days away.

The era in which I am most fascinated by avionics and handheld calculating/computing is the decade of the 1980s. It is the decade in which I was born but also a time when personal mobile phones were not yet widely used and smartphones hadn’t been thought of yet. Because of that, one needed a dedicated electronic device for each task he or she wished to accomplish. And there was something so astounding about that.

On an unrelated note, it was in the 1980s that tactical flashlights became compact, the first being in 1984 with the Mini Maglite. Well, I’ve seen and heard of many pilots carrying Mini Maglites. I carry a vintage Mini Maglite from 1993 in my eyeglass case, but that is for another piece.

I do want to either get Red Mini Maglite Spectrum in either AAA or Solitaire, for nighttime travels.

This desire stems from traveling through the Mississippi Darkness on either the I-55 or I-59 Corridor as a passenger and not wanting to disturb the driver, yet having to locate items in the dark. My Green Mini Maglite spectrum simply doesn’t cut it.

But a Red Mini Maglite Spectrum would be ideal for nighttime aviation, especially for reading instruments in a non-glass cockpit.

Red light is easier on the eyes in total darkness than any other color including and especially white.

SureFire took the idea of compact tactical flashlights and ran with it!

About a year ago I was doing some research about the country of Belize. It seemed like a really interesting place and just about the only place South of the Border, I would want to set foot in, although God is dealing with me about that. The only way I would know how to easily get there without paying too much would be to hire a charter flight or some nice person with a Cessna and possibly take off from KHUM (The Houma-Terrebonne Airport) or possibly even L83 (probably only in a Cessna), then fly over the Gulf of Mexico. What I find amusing is that there is an airport in Belize known as “Gallon Jug Airport”, though there are a few other airports in that country. I’m wondering if anyone who reads this blog wonders what airport I am referring to when I say “L83.” I shall explain: L83 is the callsign issued to the Thibodaux Municipal Airport, which is located in the Thibodaux, Louisiana suburb of Schriever. It is also the small airport I frequently passed by, saw the fuel tanks, and had my thoughts about those standing near them durn better not be smoking and durn well better have intrinsically safe equipment. I thought L83 was a small airport, but it appears that Gallon Jub Airport is even smaller, although it has a nice place to relax, almost on par with a Swiss chalet, and possibly a longer runway, unlike L83. While L83 has a tall tree hazard Gallon Jug has mountains. Maybe I would be better off landing in the capital of Belize City, where I could then go watch marine traffic. Another humorous aspect of Belize is that fried chicken is referred to as fried chicken. I especially appreciate this because some folk from Louisiana’s Bayou Country refer to ground [beef] meat as “grind meat.” From what I gather Belize has quite a few things in common with Louisiana. I wish I could explore Belize on the ground in a Range Rover from the mid-1980s, specifically a 1984 to 1986 model but that is currently just a fantasy. Of course, in that Range Rover, I would have some sort of a scanner radio, that is a given and it would have to be one capable of tuning in both civilian and military aircraft. I would also have an amateur radio transceiver with antennas tuned for 80 Meters, 40 Meters, 11 Meters, 10 Meters, and 6 Meters. I would have to be cautious on 11 Meters because it is no longer an amateur radio band and hasn’t been since 1958. It is the location of HF Citizen’s Band among other things but now in 2022 mostly obsolete except for a few die-hard Citizen’s Band users and hobbyists that have migrated to the now unused portions in addition to the CB portions of 11 Meters. I would probably also have my EDC backpack and in it would be some scanners and portable 2 Meter and 70 Centimeter transceivers.

If you, the reader, didn’t realize, I have been thinking about all of this for some time now!

Maybe God wants me and possibly my wife to do some supportive work for missionaries in Belize and that is why He is putting all this in my head and heart. I’m not sure though. It’s quite possible that my wife maybe is called to be a pastor, but I am happy just as a servant or administrator.

I know my writing performance isn’t at what it usually is, but I will say that it is the end of the month, my breakfast consisted of sliced bread, cane syrup, and sausage, with chocolate milk to drink with that. On top of that, I am feeling slightly under the weather. My wife and I are nibbling on some Chester’s Hot Fries (one of our favorite snacks) as I am finishing up this piece and she is doing some research for her writings.

Life is much better though since I was in school.

One good thing that is still common is that I am looking forward to Christmas as it is my favorite season.

I wish to roast a goose this Christmas as I have done once before but I will have to settle for a turkey.

The reason being is that I already purchased my turkey and even the smallest goose is over $60.

As it turns out, I have just been summoned by my adopted sister to cook some white beans for her and her family, so I will cut this piece short now.

I do enjoy cooking and I don’t mind helping out my adopted family, so I will be on my way shortly.

That means this piece is now concluded.

I hope that you, the reader, have been informed, enlightened maybe even entertained.

May God richly bless you!

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A Review of the Energizer Hybrid Power Tactical Flashlight

So, in case anyone is wondering, I do not own the featured image on this page. While I bought my particular unit at Target, I acquired the image from Lowe’s. This is me giving credit whereupon credit is rightly due. It also shocks me that this product is not featured on its company website, namely Energizer.

So, as other posts suggest, I frequently shop at Target.

And just about every time I visit Target, I check out the flashlight section.

For the past year, I had seen the Energizer Hybrid Power Tactical Flashlight.

I know I said in a recent post how Target seems to be discriminating against men and I still stand by that belief, but this is one of the very few products sold at Target that most men would find appealing. However, there was only one on the shelf.

My sister and her husband gave my wife and me a Target Gift Card as our wedding present and among other things at Target, I purchased this flashlight and that is what this piece will be a review thereof.

For anyone wanting to know, the model number is an Energizer YMHT61 and my unit came off the assembly line in March of 2022.

Earlier this evening, I went to my family’s property where it is dark enough to test this flashlight out.

One of my cousins saw the light and thought it was an intruder.

An uncle by marriage later asked me if I was back there and I told him how I indeed was.

Now, some of my family has a neighborhood watch going on, I guess because this neighborhood in which I grew up is nowhere near as innocent as it once was, but an entire block is occupied by my family.

Everyone was relieved however when they found out it was only me testing out a new flashlight.

My reaction is that I was initially disappointed.

The beam distance is nowhere near as far-reaching as I thought it would be.

But that is my only complaint.

I like how it has a removable and rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery that can be charged via USB.

And in a pinch, it can also be powered by 6 AA batteries.

I also appreciate how it is long enough to be used as a melee weapon but still concealed in a coat pocket or deep pants pocket.

This flashlight also features a crenelated strike bezel for further self-defense purposes.

On High Mode, it puts out a total of 1200 lumens for 4 hours with a beam distance of 200 meters.

On Low Mode, it puts out good enough 250 lumens for 15 hours.

There is also quite an effective self-defense strobe mode that is very easy to activate!

Ten years ago, these numbers would be considered science fiction!

It is rated to withstand a 1-meter drop on concrete although it can probably take much more than that due to it being tactical grade.

It is also rated to be used in driving rain but probably not much more moisture than that.

So I don’t think this would be at all appropriate for a tactical search and rescue situation.

However, I think it would be perfect for light-to-medium-duty security work, such as at a mall, church, truck stop, or possibly even a low-profile marine terminal.

What I think it would be ideal for is home defense, either for confronting an unknown knocker at the door or even against an unarmed or even lightly armed home invader, especially in total darkness! This is where the strobe and strike bezel come into play.

So, some might not be happy that I used a wedding present gift card to buy a flashlight when I already have so many.

However, these same people need to realize that shady people are roaming around where I live and some are knocking on doors in the middle of the night harassing residents.

I needed to upgrade my flashlight for confronting someone in such a situation and the Energizer Hybrid Power Tactical Flashlight fits the bills almost perfectly.

This flashlight set me back $44.99 plus tax, which considering everything the price is almost fair.

If I had to, I would give it a 4.25 out of 5 stars, because I think the throw or beam distance could be better and the spill is a bit too wide. Everything else is perfectly fine.

I guess this, therefore, concludes my review of the Energizer Hybrid Power Tactical Flashlight.

I hope that you, the reader, have been informed, enlightened, and maybe even entertained.

May God richly bless you!

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A Review of the Radio Shack® 12-259 or 120-0522 Handheld Public Alert Weather Radio

Just to bring everything to light, I am not the owner of the image featured on this page. I am giving credit where credit is rightly due and in this case, I cropped it out of some Radio Shack literature.

I had wanted a sturdy pocket-sized weather radio since my late teen years and since then I have tried several.

I discovered the Radio Shack 12-259 at the age of twenty, though I didn’t purchase it at that time.

The model number was later changed to a 120-0522 or a 12-522, depending on the source, and given a red cabinet as opposed to an olive green cabinet.

I think Radio Shack was promoting the color red for some of their products to promote preparedness because the prepper mentality began around 2008 and has taken off full force since. Maybe they even partnered with the Red Cross and that was the idea for the color red. I think pocket-sized weather radios should be bright yellow, but that’s just me.

I am referring to it as the 120-0522 because that is how it is referred to in the literature which I acquired from Radio Shack and is so shown in the featured image.

Even though money was tight for Christmas of 2009, I was still given some cash by family members and went to my local Radio Shack to see what I could buy.

I don’t remember if it was on sale or if I paid the full SRP, but I saw one, and I bought it.

I also bought a tin that was filled with Enercell batteries.

I carried it in what was my EDC backpack for the next almost three years.

Then, sadly, sometime in 2012, it just stopped working. No matter which Weather Channel I tried tuning in to, nothing would be received. I had assumed it was dead and sadly chucked it.

I was highly disappointed because it seemed like the perfect pocket-sized weather radio.

In July of that year, I purchased a Radio Shack Weather Cube, which I had until a wicked woman named Ida did her very wicked deed.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Ida, I purchased the predecessor model, the 12-259.

I even dreamed about me carrying it in my EDC backpack in a shopping mall, trying to stay safe during a tornado. I even attempted to make it into a story based on myself and a certain young lady that I was talking to. For the record, this event occurred between my ex-girlfriend breaking up with me and meeting my current [and I so fervently pray, forever] wife.

For those who are wondering, my 12-259 came off the assembly line in October of 2004.

First of all, let me say that I have tried quite a few pocket and/or travel-sized weather radios.

The closest competing model to the 120-0522 or 12-259 would be the Midland HH54/HH55 series radios and I will say right now that the Radio Shack 12-259 or 120-0522 had a better antenna skin. And this is shocking because normally I would say that Midland makes the best weather radios, hands down and Radio Shack in the 2000s to 2010s was very much a has-been.

I have only owned my 12-259 for about a year, but it has assisted me in tracking some severe weather, especially in the months following Hurricane Ida.

I even EDCed it in my backpack from time to time.

Both Radio Shack models are Public Alert Certified.

The reception range could be a little better but that would mean a longer antenna would be required.

There is also a travel and home setting, which would make this ideal for road trips to keep tabs on the weather or keep as a bedside standby radio when anticipating a power failure.

An optional AC adapter can be purchased, allowing the end user to conserve the batteries for a real weather emergency.

The speaker is loud and clear.

The cabinet is made of smooth but sturdy polymer plastic.

The dot matrix LCD is clear enough and even has a bright backlight.

I believe the backlight on the 120-0522 is blue whereas on the 12-259 it is indigo.

My chief complaints are that it eats batteries like a starving pit bull that was locked in a butcher shop and it loses the signal way too easily.

There is a feature that will alert a siren should it lose the signal in standby mode, but this proves more annoying than usual.

I would recommend this product on the following conditions:

If one is using it to travel at all (even commuting on foot.)

If one works, plays, or is otherwise frequently outdoors.


If one wishes to use this in a safe room to monitor the progress of inclement weather and lives close enough to a weather radio station. And when I say close enough, I mean twenty-five miles or less.

My 120-0522 is long gone but I still use my 12-259 from time to time.

In later years Radio Shack products seemed to be lacking in their quality, performance, and longevity. This was not the case in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Certain countries are better at producing electronics than others, but I digress.

If I were to give these weather radios a rating, it would be about 4.25 out of 5 stars and this is because of the frequent signal loss. It seems compactness and portability were traded for antenna gain.

All in all, I hope that you, the reader have been informed enlightened, and maybe even entertained.

May God richly bless you!

PS, Here is a video of this weather radio in action

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A Review of the Realistic (Radio Shack®) 12-162 Mini Pocket Weatheradio

Just to let you, the reader, and everyone else knows, I do not own the featured image on this page. Truth be told, I cropped it from the Radio Shack Catalog.

I had been collecting various weather radios since the Summer of 2012.

In the latter part of 2018, I was divorced from my first wife and suddenly had much more financial freedom than before.

I will also say that on October 28, 2022, I married a wonderful young lady and I hereby declare that she is my biggest blessing ever. I find myself frequently thanking God for her.

Nonetheless, in the latter part of 2018, I had more financial freedom than ever before.

And for the record, my finances are in better shape now than in 2018.

So because of this financial freedom, I was able to enhance my weather radio collection among other interests.

I had seen some vintage commercials about the Realistic Mini/Pocket Weatheradio 12-162 on YouTube and wanted one.

I thought those commercials were so neat. Furthermore, they truly captured the time in which they were recorded, namely the early-to-mid 1970s, especially with the emergence of soft rock. The scenes from the bedroom window showing nighttime thunderstorms and then the waves crashing on the shore and the calls of seagulls make me think of the many soft rock hits of the era.

So, I was romanticizing such a weather radio and I ordered one, not knowing that the antenna was damaged. I ended up selling it for parts.

I ordered a duplicate in 2019 and used it on and off.

The Realistic 12-162 was put on the market before 1975, which means it technically was not supposed to tune in to the third weather radio broadcast channel (162.475 MHz.) That said frequency was introduced in 1975.

However it was able to tune in the first two channels 162.55 MHz and 162.4 MHz and since 162.475 is right dab in the middle, with patience it can also be tuned in on this radio since it employs a rotary tuner.

I was able to get footage of mine receiving KIH23 out of Morgan City, Louisiana which indeed broadcasts on 162.475 MHz.

Sadly, I lost my second one to a very wicked woman named Ida.

If I would have lived closer to a weather radio station that broadcast on one of the two original frequencies and it would have been the 1970s, this radio would have been halfway decent.

It appeared to be built to withstand light rain and uncomfortably hot or cold temperatures and maybe even a little sea spray (as the commercial implies) because of its tough plastic cabinet.

In other words, this weather radio was meant to be used outdoors to get vital weather data whilst outdoors and on the go.

This was also Radio Shack’s first pocket-sized dedicated weather radio.

The Realistic 12-162 was first introduced in the 1974 Radio Shack catalog and came up for sale on October 1, 1973.

In 1974, it sold for $14.95 which would have been the equivalent of $90.37 in 2022 US Dollars.

The price peaked in 1975 at $15.95 or $88.35 in 2022 US Dollars, although there were sales of $5 off according to the aforementioned commercial that caught my interest in the product. I would assume that commercial aired in 1975 so if it was on sale for $10.95 in that year it would be the equivalent of $60.65 in 2022 US Dollars. This means that inflation may have been worse in the 1970s than it currently is because a pocket-sized, entry-level weather radio retails for about half of what it would have retailed for in those days, inflation-adjusted.

According to my digital collection of Radio Shack catalogs, the Realistic 12-162 was not listed in the 1976 catalog.

In 1977 and 1978 it sold for $11.95, which would be the equivalent of $58.77 and $54.62 respective American Dollars.

In 1979 it was replaced by the Realistic 12-156, which I do not yet own at the time of writing this piece but do hope to own one day, God willing.

I don’t understand the use of blue for the cabinet color of the 12-162 and 12-156. Yellow would have been a far better choice.

I mean Radio Shack had other types of radios in the color yellow, but maybe the shade of blue was associated with stormy weather.

When the Radio Shack 12-162 was on the market, Weather Radio was still in its infancy or at least early childhood and nowhere as mature as it is in 2022.

I do appreciate the compact size and rugged cabinet, but the antenna is flimsy as can be.

However, this radio would have been quite useful for those in maritime hobbies or occupations, farmers, hunters, and travelers, especially anyone commuting on foot.

If it was before 1975 I would give this product a 4.5 out of 5 stars because I do not dig the flimsy antenna.

However, the Realistic 12-162 was a huge milestone because it was the first dedicated weather radio that could indeed be EDCed.

I guess this, therefore concludes my review of the Realistic 12-162.

I hope that you, the reader, have been informed, enlightened, and maybe even entertained.

May God richly bless you.

PS, Here is a video of this weather radio in action in June of 2020.

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A Review of the Realistic (Radio Shack®) 12-161 Pocket Weatheradio Alert

Just to clear the air, I do not own the featured image on this page. To give credit whereupon credit is due, I cropped this image out of the 1980 Radio Shack Catalog.

My wife and I had a little money left over for the month of November 2022. She purchased a few items and I purchased a vintage but still in very good condition Realistic 12-161 Pocket Weatheradio Alert.

For those wondering, mine came off of the assembly line somewhere in the Republic of China in December of 1979.

This means that at the time I received it, it is almost forty-three years old.

However, it works just flawlessly.

The speaker’s sound is crisp and clear.

The reception is dead on.

There is even no static in the volume potentiometer!

I have been keeping it near my bedside and listening to the weather forecasts almost every night since it came in.

The only drawback is that it only receives the three main weather radio channels and not the other four intermediate channels but in 1979, there were no intermediate weather radio channels and wouldn’t be for at least a decade.

I never owned the 12-156 (which is the step below the 12-161.) However, I have owned two of the 12-162 weather radios which is the predecessor model to the 12-156. As much as I think a rotary tuner is cool, it is not anywhere near as reliable as the crystal-controlled tuner that the 12-161 has. Also, the 12-162 seems to be much more flimsy than the 12-161.

I get it though, the 12-156 and the 12-162 were meant for the outdoors and traveling, for getting weather data on the fly. They are more weather resistant and because of that, they were made of that plastic whereas the 12-161 is made of some plastic but also brushed Aluminium.

I could picture those younger boomer teenagers and older Xer children taking the 12-156 and 12-162 while walking to school and even carrying it in their coat pockets.

The 12-161, however, was maybe meant for a traveling business person, to be placed at the bedside in his or her hotel room. The standby alert feature enforces this theory of mine.

I could also see some people using this for off-the-grid living and needing emergency weather information.

Still, a rich or nerdy boomer teen or Xer child may have also carried one of these.

The price of the 12-156 in was $12.95 throughout its production run from 1979 until 1982 ($39.99-$53.16 in 2022 US Dollars.) The 12-162 was at its highest price in 1975 at $15.95 ($88.35 in 2022 US Dollars.) It would sometimes go on sale for $10.95 in 1974 or 1975 ($66.19 and $60.65, respectively.) Near the end of its production run in 1978, it sold for $11.95 ($54.62 in 2022 US Dollars.) However, throughout its production run, from late 1979 to 1984, the 12-161 cost a whopping $32.95 ($94.51-$135.25 in 2022 US Dollars.)

This inflation is hurting everyone, but I won’t speak any further of it, lest this blog becomes political.

However, I will let the numbers do the talking.

I think that you, the reader, can now see why I have the theory that I have.

The 12-161 would have been a pocket portable weather radio for the well to do and 12-156 and 12-162 were for those who needed weather radios outdoors or just cheap access to vital weather data.

I am still wondering if any school children carried weather radios on their foot commutes to and from school or anywhere else they went in the mid-1970s throughout the 1980s.

I could not find any conclusive data about this.

I cannot yet write accurately about the 12-156 but I can say that in terms of longevity, the 12-162 was a poor performer in later years and both fell apart on me.

However, the 12-161 is robust and still working well almost 43 years later!

If it were 1979 or 1980, I would have to give it the full five stars.

In 2022, I would give it 4.5 out of 5, because it only has the three main channels, no S.A.M.E. feature, and probably would not be good for outdoor travel.

And there are now weather radios available in 2022 that indeed do have those provisions.

I guess this, therefore concludes my review of the Realistic 12-161 Pocket Weatheradio Alert.

I hope that you, the reader, have been informed, enlightened and maybe even entertained.

May God richly bless you!

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Is Target Discriminating Against Men?

Almost three years ago, I had written a piece describing what types of EDC items a gentleman may carry that could be purchased at Target.

In that piece I had briefly mentioned how Target is selling less and less items geared towards men and how I didn’t want to further elaborate because I basically did not want to stir any controversy.

I now think Target has taken it too far and deliberately does not want to cater towards men or at least rugged manly men.

By the way, I will be the first to admit that in me there is a battle between a rugged, prepared, dynamic man and a soft, urbane and weak man. My disabilities bring out both of these men even though one would think that the disabilities would only bring out the latter.

My local Target and several other Targets of which I frequent seem to be low key discriminating against men, by selling less and less of what men would shop for.

When I was in my late teens, Target sold some really nice flashlights, decent multi tools as in Gerber, real Swiss Army Knives in fact Target was the first place I saw a Swiss Army Knife in real life for the first time almost twenty years ago, and just good outdoor gear in general. Fast forward to 2022, Target sells flashlights that would only be useful in a dmoestic setting although the said retailer carries one or two kinds of flashlights that could be labelled as “tactical” but I question whether they would hold up in a truly tactical situation. Target also no longer sells multi tools or Swiss Army Knives

Might I also add that my local Target used to have a food court that sold some fairly decent hot dogs, popcorn, chicken tenders and other on par foods but sadly this food court was converted into a Starbucks. The thing is, though, there is another Starbucks not even a block away from this Target. I think most men would prefer a hot dog instead of a latte` that they could enjoy while their wives or girlfriends shop.

By the way, I think I should try opening a coffee shop that would cater to men. We could have black coffee severe with sugar, heavy cream both or neither. We could have fried eggs. We could have V8 Juice. We could have toast. And maybe bacon and sausage. And if anyone is wondering how I take my coffee, I will tell you: five eights of my cup with strong black coffee and chicory if available and the remaining three eighths with heavy cream, in my younger years I would have taken sugar, but now I think that sugar masks the true flavor of the coffee. And if it is cold enough, I will take it hot and black, just to warm me up and get me going on a cold morning. Recently I have also been drinking English and Irish breakfast teas as well.

I’m a little off on a tangent, but I think Target is discriminating against manly men because of what wicked people in high places are trying to label manliness as toxic masulinity. At least that is what I think is going on and maybe I am being a little paranoid. And just for the record, if I can be proven incorrect, I will happily recant these positions that which I hold.

I will admit that there is such a thing as toxic masulinity and if left unchecked, it can do great damage at all levels and even ruin society at the core. But let’s not discriminate against gentlemen and those who enjoy things that are historically labled as “manly.”

So, no, I do not believe men should be jerks, especially towards those of the opposite sex, but I believe they can still be gentleman and retain just about all of their masculinity.

I strive to be a gentleman and I believe my wife would call me a good man as would my pastor.

I’m not trying to be macho or anything like that, but I still am a man and I would appreciate it if Target would sell products that I like-I don’t think that is too much to ask.

Target used to be a wonderful place for both men and women to shop and let me just say that my wife and I shop at Target quite frequently.

My EDC backpack was initially purchased at Target as was my wallet (both SwissGear) and I will continue to purchase these at Target because I am partial to the brand SwissGear and Target is the only retailer that sells SwissGear products locally. It would be nice if Target sold more SwissGear products, but I do not like the road they are headed on and I wish things would change.

It seems as if Target is acting more like something out of modern California than Minnesota in the 1960s and I wish this could be reversed.

I will admit that the electronics section at Target is still decent and yes I am somewhat of an electronics nerd, anyone who reads this blog at length will realize that. It would be nice if Target could sell some scanners, desktop computers, weather radios and Android tablets. It wouldn’t hurt to have a wider selection of calculators as well.

I notice that they don’t sell too many electronics that work off grid and maybe because preparedness is frowned upon by those same wicked people in high places or maybe I am again being paranoid.

It was draining to write this piece, but I believe it needed to be said, because I do not like the way things are going and me pointing out what is going on at Target.

If you, the reader, are reading this then that means it has my wife’s approval.

Thank you for taking the time to read this piece.

I hope God intervenes on behalf of humanity, but still I know that this world must come to an end, but I pray that in the mean time, He still richly blesses you.

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Semi Healthy Milkshakes

My parents bought knockoff food products instead of national brands most of the time. One of their knock-off brands of choice was “Shur Fine.” They especially purchased the cereals of this brand.

All in all, there was a “Shur Fine” version of Kellog’s Rice Krispies that my parents would often buy and there was always interesting literature on the back of the cereal box.

I remember, a few times, there were some healthy recipes to make meals, snacks, and desserts.

These were published when I was either a tween or an early teen something. So this would have been between 1998 and 2001

One dessert that stuck out to me was how to make milkshakes but with a healthier and cheaper alternative to ice cream.

This piece will be a slight modification of the recipe that I remember from the cereal box.

The main facet is instead of using ice cream which is expensive and not always healthy, use frozen bananas in its place.

Freezing the bananas makes them as sweet as ice cream because it allows their naturally occurring sugars to crystallize.

Also, might I add that while the price of food (especially dairy products) has been adversely affected by this gosh durn inflation we are all suffering from, bananas have pretty much stayed the same price. I do not know why but I am thankful.

I am currently newlywed and with gift cards given to me by my two paternal aunts, I purchased a smart television and a blender.

I had needed a blender for years but for some reason never got around to purchasing one.

My first smart television (a gift from my brother and his wife) was done in by a wicked woman named Ida.

I do plan to write a review on this new television in the not-so-distant future, so stay tuned everyone.

So, now that we have a blender my wife and I enjoy these milkshakes several times a week as our dessert.

At this time, I will break down how to make them.

Here are the ingredients:

3 Large Ripe Bananas
Milk (I choose Whole but the original recipe calls for Skim)
Malted Milk Powder (I choose Nestle’s Carnation Original)*
Chocolate Syrup (I am very partial to Nestle’s Nesquik)
Pure Vanilla Extract (optional)*

Take the three large ripe bananas, peel them, place them in a sealed freezer bag and freeze them at least overnight.

So, I am indeed from Louisiana and that means that I rarely, if ever, measure my ingredients when preparing anything edible.  The following are rough estimates, individual results may vary.

When ready to prepare place the three frozen bananas in a blender, and add milk until filled three-quarters full.

Next add a scoop of malted milk powder, a squirt of chocolate syrup, and a few drops of vanilla extract (if you so desire.)

Place the lid on the blender, hold it down and power up. Blend until the mixture looks like the thick version of chocolate milk.

Serve and Enjoy.

May God richly bless you and be sure to acknowledge and thank Him before consuming this and any other food that you, the reader, are blessed with.

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Southeast Louisiana Wide-Area Business Band Frequencies

Lafourche Parish:
Golden Meadow
158.160000 BHP Petroleum, WRKB891
158.325000 BHP Petroleum, WRKB891
453.000000 Chevron USA, WPKI917

Port Fourchon
151.580000 Energy XXI, WQKK548

153.050000 Transcontinental Gas Pipeline, WRCH919
453.000000 Hebert Brothers Farms, WQNR904

48.56000 Shell Communications, WPK540

Multiple Locations in Lafourche
173.35000 Texas Petroleum, WNXU926
452.82500 LOOP LLC, WNKG854

Assumption Parish:
Belle Rose
153.140000 Dow Chemical, WPWC366
451.025000 Enterprise Products, WQQA480

151.580000 UCAR Pipeline, WNJM442

Saint Mary Parish:
48.820000 Texas Gas Transmission, KKY461

Bayou Vista
463.775000 Schlumberger One Subsea, WRNR958

Morgan City
153.680000 Enterprise Products, WRJI640
461.550000 Ochsner, WQPD540

Terrebonne Parish:
47.880000 SLECA, KNBW661
48.280000 SLECA, KNBW661
48.820000 Texas Eastern Communications, KVY276
48.940000 Texas Eastern Communications, KVY276
153.395000 Shell Communications, WPJJ818
451.975000 TGMC, WRTH858
461.412500 E3 Electrical, WRMM954
463.275000 Southland Mall, WQWP687
463.987500 TGMC, WRTH858

48.740000 Transcontinental Gas Pipeline, KBZ432
153.275000 Dow Chemical, KQH911

152.960000 LeBlanc Brothers, KKX833

153.605000 Transcontinental Gas Pipeline, WRAJ490

Saint James Parish:
48.740000 Transcontinental Gas Pipeline, KBY661
153.065000 Shell Communications, WNXH501
451.075000 Shell Communications, WQNR646
451.187500 Zen-Noh Grain, WRJH730
463.925000 Ergon Saint James, WNXA428
469.325000 Saint James Rail Terminal, WQPQ699
469.375000 Saint James Rail Terminal, WQPQ699

Saint John The Baptist Parish:
173.312500 Marathon Refinery, WGL253 (Garyville)
461.250000 Cooper T. Smith Stevedoring, WQJI693 (Laplace)
461.850000 Archer Daniels Midland, WPBK434 (Reserve)
463.200000 Cargill, WPSZ628 (Reserve)
463.475000 Alton Ochsner Foundation, WQPD540 (Laplace)
464.200000 Cooper T. Smith Stevedoring, WQJI693 (Laplace)
464.587500 Evonik Superabsorber, WQOH420 (Garyville)

Saint Charles Parish:
37.460000 Entergy Services, WPLW540 (Waterford 3 Nuclear Plant)
150.980000 Shell Communications, KDF500 (Norco)
151.550000 Bisso Tow Boat Company, WQZD958 (Luling)
152.915000 Entergy Services, WQPD293 (Taft)
153.560000 Valero Refining-New Orleans, KNCQ961 (Norco)
153.665000 Transcontinental Gas Piepline, WRAJ490 (Paradis)
451.025000 Entergy Services, WPLF582 (Kilona)
451.112500 Enterprise Products, WRDX704 (Norco)
451.575000 Entergy Services, WRLD376 (Montz)
451.925000 Koch Fertilizer, WQKK450 (Hahnville)
452.175000 Dow Chemical, WPXR669 (Taft)
452.675000 Dow Chemical, WPXR669 (Taft)
460.700000 Bayer Crop Science, KEZ224 (Luling)
461.112500 Occidental Chemical, WPKZ543 (Taft)
461.162500 Saint Charles Parish, WPSK735 (Luling)
461.512500 Air Liquide, WPVU886 (Norco)
461.537500 Protherm Serices, WQHE971 (Taft)
461.562500 Occidental Chemical, WQIU403 (Hahnville)
461.575000 Bayer Crop Science, WNKM758 (Luling)
464.025000 Air Porducts and Chemicals, WQPH206 (Luling)
464.162500 SP Plus, WRDG215 (Saint Rose)
464.575000 Bayer Crop Science, KNAQ529 (Luling)
464.675000 Air Liquide, WPVU886 (Norco)
464.787500 Air Porducts and Chemicals, WQPH206 (Luling)
467.075000 Shell Communications, WRFB391 (Norco)

Jefferson Parish:
152.330000 Metry Cab, KKB515 (Metairie) *MIGHT BE ENCRYPTED*
153.312500 Energy XXI, WQPN942 (Grand Isle)
158.302500 Energy XXI, WQPN942 (Grand Isle)
451.237500 American Multi Cniema, WQQB917 (Harvey) *LOW POWER*
451.687500 American Multi Cniema, WQQB917 (Harahan) *LOW POWER*
451.737500 American Multi Cniema, WQQB917 (Harvey) *LOW POWER*
451.912500 Ochsner, WPAY328 (Metairie)
452.275000 Electrocom, WPLG812 (Metairie)
452.400000 Glenn’s Cab, WPWC910 (Gretna) *MIGHT BE ENCRYPTED*
452.437500 River Birch, WRCG326 (Avondale)
452.812500 American Multi Cniema, WQQB917 (Harahan) *LOW POWER*
461.025000 Ochsner Medical Center West Bank, WQTX525 (Gretna)
461.075000 Oakwood Shopping Center, WQZN606 (Gretna)
461.537500 The Galleria, WRAT839 (Metairie)
461.950000 Blackwater New Orleans, WQNW356 (Westwego)
462.062500 Metairie Country Club, WQYZ445 (Metairie)
462.150000 West Jefferson Medical Center, WRAF772 (Marrerro)
462.500000 Ochsner, WPAY328 (Harahan)
463.212500 Ochsner Medical Center Kenner, WRJA751 (Kenner)
463.300000 New South Parking, WREP957 (Kenner)
463.350000 Ochsner Medical Center West Bank, WPTG793 (Gretna)
463.625000 Ochsner, WPAY328 (Gretna)
463.650000 Blackwater New Orleans, WQNW356 (Westwego)
463.975000 Fuji Oil New Orleans, WRKZ260 (Avondale)
464.000000 Oakwood Shopping Center, WQZN606 (Gretna)
464.212500 Nola MotorSports, WRNR815 (Avondale)
464.275000 Ochsner, WPAY328 (Old Jefferson)
464.350000 Cargill, KB21819 (Westwego)
463.350000 Ochsner Medical Center West Bank, WPTG793 (Gretna)
464.412500 Buckeye Marrerro Terminal, WRF827 (Marrerro)
464.425000 Ochsner Medical Center Kenner, WRJA751 (Kenner)
464.462500 Elmwood Fitness Center, WQKD255, (Old Jefferson)
464.575000 Chateau Golf and Country Club, WQLJ956 (Kenner)
464.650000 American Time and Signal, WRDL268 (Gretna) LOW POWER
464.712500 Lakeside Shopping Center, WRKS593 (Metairie)
464.975000 IMTT Gretna, WPUD590 (Gretna)

Orleans Parish:
160.050000 AAA Cooper Transportation, WQPH848
451.300000 In the Clear NOLA PROPCO, WRJQ791
451.225000 Saint Charles Surgical Hospital, WQPA315
451.525000 Saint Charles Surgical Hospital, WQPA315
452.450000 The Higgins Hotel, WREK383
452.650000 In the Clear NOLA PROPCO, WRJQ791
461.025000 Holiday Inn Superdome, WROV829
461.125000 Medical Center of Louisiana at New Orleans, WQLY586 *MIGHT BE ENCRYPTED*
461.500000 Marriott Hotels, WQZN814
461.587500 Professional Business Providers, WRJA823
461.625000 Ochsner, WQPD540
461.687500 Audobon Nature Institute, WQHI240
461.825000 Omni Riverfront Hotel, WRQX323
461.862500 Bluegreen Club La Pension, WQZN601
461.975000 Shell Communications, WNVF602
463.200000 Rockstep Riverwalk, WRUL532
462.750000 New Orleans Marriott Hotel, WPVB506
463.287500 Marriott Hotels, WQZN814
463.312500 Omni Riverfront Hotel, WRQX323
463.425000 Bear Communications, WNKP445
463.525000 Ochsner, WQPD540
463.662500 Mercedes-Benz Superdome, WQIJ993
463.737500 Brookfield District Energy, WQZZ321
463.862500 Audobon Nature Institute, WQHI240
463.900000 Professional Business Providers, WRJA823
464.012500 One River Place, WRDI744
464.025000 Ochsner, WPAY328
464.137500 Avenue Plaza, WRFF912
464.150000 Fairgrounds, KUD511
464.162500 Audobon Nature Institute, WQHI240
464.587500 Apple Bus, WRBS538
464.775000 Signature Flight Support, WQPS815
464.825000 Rockstep Riverwalk, WRUL532
464.837500 Mercedes-Benz Superdome, WQIJ993
464.900000 Fairgrounds, KUD511
464.962500 Audobon Nature Institute, WQIY481
464.975000 Fairgrounds, KUD511

Saint Bernard Parish:
152.285000 Rain CII Carbon, WROC395 (Chalmette)
152.375000 Rain CII Carbon, WPJV435, WROC395 (Chalmette)
152.397500 Rain CII Carbon, WROC395 (Chalmette)
451.912500 Saint Bernard Parish Hospital, WQPZ740 (Chalmette)
452.400000 Saint Bernard Parish Hospital, WQPZ740 (Chalmette)
462.500000 Domino Sugars, KJJ232 (Arabi)
464.975000 Domino Sugars, KJJ232 (Arabi)

Plaquemines Parish:
48.600000 Vastar Resources, KFZ931 (Venice)
151.895000 Southern Seaplane, KEV563 (Belle Chasse)
152.285000 Energy XXI Gulf Coast, WRBZ500 (Venice)
152.315000 U.S. United Bulk Terminal, KJ5329 (Braithwaite)
152.330000 Lone Star Solutions, WRUL848 (Venice)
152.435000 U.S. United Bulk Terminal, KJ5329 (Braithwaite)
153.815000 Shell Communications, WNZT749 (Gulf of Mexico)
159.975000 Associated Federal Pilots and Docking Masters, WQID788 (Venice)
173.210000 Hilcorp Energy, WQKR500 (Gulf of Mexico)
451.250000 International Marine Matex Terminals, WROQ379 (Port Sulphur)
451.675000 International Marine Matex Terminals, WROQ379 (Port Sulphur)
451.675000 Texas Petroleum, WRPC453 (Pointe A La Hache)
452.250000 Hilcorp Energy, WQKH617 (Venice)
452.800000 Hilcorp Energy, WQKH617 (Venice)
461.350000 Cooper T. Smith Stevedoring, WQJI693 (Belle Chase)
462.012500 Keller North America, WRTS876 (Belle Chasse)
464.200000 Entact Environmental Services, WQPU293 (Belle Chasse)
462.250000 Daybrook Fisheries, WRA857 (Empire)
462.275000 Daybrook Fisheries, WRA857 (Empire)
462.425000 Daybrook Fisheries, WRA857 (Empire)
462.450000 Daybrook Fisheries, WRA857 (Empire)
464.850000 Cooper T. Smith Stevedoring, WQJI693 (Belle Chase)

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I am getting Married in Two Days

Yes, as the title of this piece suggests, I am getting married in two days.

Because of this, I am very happy, as is my future spouse and just about everyone around us is.

I am loved by and in love with a beautiful and sweet young lady named Hollie Denise Boartfield.

I had known that Hollie existed since December 5, 2019 (the day my now ex-girlfriend called it quits on me) but didn’t make my move until mid-February of 2022.

There are a few reasons why I took so long to make a pass at her, but the main one is, I thought she was too good for me.

I sent her a message on Plenty of Fish telling her how I thought she was cute. Almost immediately she replied, stating that she thought I was handsome.

We exchanged a few more messages on PoF until I gave her my phone number.

Hollie initially texted me on February 21, 2022.

It was not smooth sailing from that point, though.

We would exchange texts, but my text messages to her would somehow get misplaced.

And because of bad experiences prior, I thought she was ignoring me.

So I would decide not to message her either.

During this time, I discovered that she was on YouTube, and while I had thought that she was cute after seeing pictures of her on dating profiles, I had now seen videos of her and realized that physically she is exactly my type! I wanted her so badly but was tremendously frustrated that she didn’t reply to my messages in a timely fashion.

Now and then she would message me, until I foolishly put her in the friend zone, not realizing that my messages were not being delivered and she wasn’t ignoring me. That was on March 20, 2022.

On March 22, 2022, I had been tracking a tornado with the assistance of my Weather Radios and my Midland Weather Center app and discovered that it was near her, so I sent her a text message stating that I still cared about her as a friend and to please be safe because a tornado may be nearby. We exchange a few messages that evening. In retrospect, I should have apologized and asked her out right then and there but I didn’t.

For the next almost two months we didn’t exchange many messages, save a scammer who had hacked her Facebook profile and was subsequently trying to scam me out of money, but I alerted her to it. I should have also asked her out that evening but I didn’t.

Then in the early morning hours on May 19, 2022, I drove an older friend to New Orleans International Airport and decided to drive back home through Downtown New Orleans and the West Bank. I traveled briefly through Gretna, Louisiana, (the town in which she was residing) and began to want her, even pine for her. The next day, May 20, 2022, I sent her a message, laying it all on the table of how I like her and if she could just reply to my messages in a timely fashion, that I would want to meet her and be her boyfriend. She agreed that we could meet and we began finally exchanging messages in a timely fashion. On May 23, 2022, I asked her out and she agreed.

On May 30, 2022, she told me those three little words and I said them right back to her. I also stated that I thank God for her. What I found particularly amusing is: just like in my “Grocer and Writer” stories when Samantha Abbot told Garth Cooper she loved him after a week of being together.

We met in person on June 3, 2022, and our first date was amazing, yet tumultuous.

But it was on that first date, that we truly clicked and mutually decided to let things get serious.

We also shared our first kiss on that date and several other kisses.

She explained to me why she didn’t reply to my messages and how they were mysteriously routed to her spam folder. I apologized for assuming that she was ignoring me.

Our relationship then grew stronger.

Because of events in our life that are beyond our control, on June 27, 2022, Hollie strongly suggested that I propose to her, which I did on June 30, 2022, which is the eighth anniversary of my beginning my, “Grocer and Writer” stories, and, just like in those stories, Garth Cooper proposed to Samantha Abbot on June 30th of an unknown year.

There are several other aspects of how my relationship with Hollie mirrors my “Grocer and Writer” stories and other similar stories that I wrote.

I will say that being loved by and in love with her makes me feel as if I am living out the lives of the characters in several of the stories I had written since June 30, 2014.

Since 2014 I had wanted out of my former faulty marriage and in 2017 The Good Lord began showing me certain attributes that my future spouse would possess. The divorce was granted in 2018. Hollie fits these attributes God showed me to a tee. My now ex-girlfriend did not have all these attributes, though I didn’t want to listen at the time and I believe it took Divine Intervention for her to call it quits on me.

All I will say is that I am happy to be with Hollie more than anyone else.

I thank God tremendously for putting Hollie and me together and I pray that He will keep us together forever. And not only that, I pray that He causes us to honor, love, and cherish each other.

I would also like if you, the reader, are a believer to pray for us.

I love you, Hollie Denise Boartfield!

Thank you for taking the time to read…

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