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Synopsis-Grocer and Writer

So that my series may be better understood…

I began my Grocer and Writer series in late June/early July of 2014. It centers around the lives of a 22-23 year old grocery stocker/aspiring writer, his 17-18 year old girlfriend and the joys and struggles they share. The pieces were written in first person limited and each piece is done from both the male and female’s perspective. None of my characters have names.

Though it wasn’t written in chronological order, my characters met in the municipal park on Thanksgiving Day. My male character is from the country, but purchased a house for cheap in the working poor section of the city. On this Thanksgiving afternoon, he is sitting on a bench writing in his composition book.

My female character comes from a troubled, but well off family. Her dad constantly works and puts his job before his family. Her mom turned to pills to fill in the void once occupied by her husbands affections. My female character was an honor student until her mom’s addiction hindered her from getting a ride to school. She decided not to attend the public high school in her district out of fear of relentless torment. So she dropped out. Both of her parents were home, but fighting. She walked out of the house and to the park. She saw my male character sitting on the bench, writing and was instantly attracted to him. She paced up and down the walking path until he finally noticed her. She offered to sit next to him and he accepted. She wanted to read what he was writing, so he let her. After reading his love stories, she became more attracted to him. She asked for his composition book and pen, then wrote down her phone number in it. He was hesitant, especially when he found out her age. However, he also knew that no other girl or woman had ever been interested in him before. She reassured him that they did not have to do anything he did not want. With that, they entered into a romantic relationship and he gave her his phone number as well. For the remainder of the afternoon, he read to her until the sun and Mercury went down. He then drove her home and thus concludes that part of the series.

A week from the following Black Friday they went on their first date. He called her. She happily answered and he announced his intention to take her out for the day. He took her to the river where there were several shops and restaurants. They ate breakfast and lunch. She scarfed her food down because her mom no longer cooks and her dad had not yet given her money to make groceries. They walked the entire path and spend the day together, then into the night. After sunset, he took her home, then went home and slept, ending the second piece.

The next four pieces take place on the Winter Solstice. My male character is having a miserable day at work due to threats from a violent coworker, mistreatment from an oppressive boss and long hours at meager pay. My female character is at home in her room when her mom wakes up from her sedatives wearing off. Her mom goes on a rampage accusing my female character of stealing her pills and almost breaks the bedroom door down. She is belligerent until she finds her stash of pills, then takes them and goes to sleep. Meanwhile, my male character is showing a customer the location of remoulade sauce in the store and strikes up a friendship with him. It will later be revealed that this customer is my female character’s dad, but I haven’t penned it yet. After conversing with the customer, my male character is forced to get back to work. The customer confronts my male character’s boss for the mistreatment and ends up closing his revolving account. My male character is severely disciplined and forced to stock the entire canned goods aisle alone. Both parts conclude with my male character driving up to my female character’s parents’ house.

Following that, they drive to his home and eat dinner. Over the course of the meal, they talk of the unfortunate events that occurred during the day. My male character is concerned for her safety with her mom’s potentially violent ways. They also discover that they share synchronous thoughts. My male character is silently pondering the thought of her moving in with him, but she announces the same out loud. They mutually agree that she will move in with him when she turns 18. She asks to stay the night with him so she will not be around when her mother wakes up. The pieces conclude with going to bed in separate bedrooms and dreaming of each other.

The following pieces take place on Christmas Eve, where my male character picks up my female character from her parents’ house. They go over to his house and watch the news. There are reports of numerous local murders and global conflict. There is even a hint that the draft may be reinstated. Both are deeply troubled by the grim reality. My female character wants to be intimate with my male character, especially when she discovers that he too is a virgin. My male character is worried over the legal complications. She reminds him of the sobering fact that tomorrow is not guaranteed and they should seal their relationship. He agrees and they begin to make love. The piece concludes with him making her breakfast.

The pilot pieces take place in January. It is the pilot piece because it was the first part of the series that I wrote. *I was inspired to write while shopping at the Family Dollar that evening in late June 2014.* It contains the background my characters give in first person on their living situation and their lives in general. They tell of their love for each other to the reader and how they enjoy the stories that my male character writes. It concludes with them going to bed together and my female character wishing to stay the night because my male character is off the following day. He tells her that if it were up to him, she would stay with him every night. She reminds him that she will as soon as she turns 18.

The final (so far) pieces take place in early February. It is the eve of my female character’s 18th birthday. It is bitter cold outside and drafty inside. My male character picks up my female character from her parents’ house and drives her to his. He turns the news on and learns of the whole country on high alert of a terrorist attack. Once again, he is nervous. My female character makes him turn the television off and he orders her Asian food for delivery. They snuggle on the sofa while waiting for the food to arrive. Soon enough, the food is delivered and they eat. After eating they are sleepy and go straight to bed. They fall asleep in each other’s arms, but wake up from the whistle of the midnight freight train. Suddenly they hear an awful noise and the power goes out. My female character looks at her phone and the time indicates 12:01 AM. She announces that she is legal and can stay with him forever now. A few minutes later their phones display a message of a civil emergency. A few minutes after that, a policeman knocks on their door and orders them to evacuate. They comply with the policeman’s orders, grab their personal items and leave. They get in the car and my female character states that she does not want to stay with her mom. My male character then offers take her to his family’s house in the country. She agrees. They turn the radio on and learn that terrorists have derailed a freight train right where the transmission lines cross the tracks. Traffic is backed up but then begins to smoothly flow after 45 minutes of crawling. My male character gets off the Interstate and takes a back road, for fear that someone may wreck or break down and cause a major traffic jam. My female character gets angry with him, but they soon resolve their differences. He reminds her that, if they fight, the terrorists win another victory. They drive through the night and my female character tells my male character to call his mom to let her know he is coming. She offers him her phone and he places the call. While talking, they are disconnected due to a weak signal. After a while they make it to a truck stop to buy food and fuel. The waitress gives them free food and a free thermal mug when she learns of what happened to them.

Afterwards they are back on the road. My female character is worried about what my male character’s mom will think of him when she finds out they have been sleeping together. The piece concludes with them ringing the doorbell and being greeted by my male character’s mom. That is all I have so far…

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Their First Date-Grocer and Writer (Young Lady’s Perspective)

My boyfriend and I have been together a week and a day. Religiously, we text each other.

I have never felt so happy before and I only hope it continues.

I’m laying down in bed and very hungry. My mom frequently gets drunk or high, then goes on a binge eating rampage leaving me with little food. She did that last night while my dad was working late.

All I had to eat last night were some pieces of toast bread with strawberry preserves and the last few drops of milk.

I haven’t had breakfast and the hunger pangs are overwhelming.

I’ll try to sleep them off.

So, I go to my room and cover up.

I’m just settling in when my phone rings.

It’s my boyfriend calling. He usually only texts me, so it must be important.

By the way, if anyone else would have called, I would be very irritated.

But, it’s him and I’m very prejudiced in favor of him.

So, I answer, “Hey you!”

He replies, “Hey. How would you like to go shopping and eat out with me on the river?”

Oh, my! This has just made my day. I’ve had feelings since for him ever since I first saw him in the park a week and a day ago, but now I think I’m in love! I just don’t know if I want to tell him just yet.

“That would be wonderful. I’d love to.”

“How soon can you get ready?”

“Well, I’m in my night clothes right now, but give me about forty-five minutes.”

“Awesome. I need to get ready as well.”

“I can’t wait to see you.”

“I’m going to throw my arms around you.”

“And what else?”

“Well, I’d kiss you, too, that is if only you wanted me to. I feel such a reverence for you and don’t want to overstep my bounds.”

“Of course I’d want you to kiss me. In fact, you better kiss me!”

“Then yes, I will kiss you with immense passions.”

“No one else wanted to kiss me.”

“What fools they were. They have no idea what a wonderful and beautiful person they rejected.”

I don’t just think I’m in love with him; I know I’m in love with him now.

So, I tell him, “I love you!”

“Baby, did you say something?”

The cell signal must have cut out.

So, I’ll say it again, “I, told you before and I’ll tell you again, I love you!”

My God, I hope he doesn’t reject me.

I then ask him, “Do you love me as well?”

Finally, he replies, “Yes. I definitely do. It’s just I’ve been too afraid of scaring you off by telling you.”

Oh, my! He loves me too! My heart is filled with jubilation!

I then tell him, “You don’t scare me at all. I trust you! Now let me get ready so we can go out together.”

“Okay. I’ll get ready too. You know what, baby?”


“I love you!”

“I love you too!”

We both then hang up and I begin to get ready.

First, I text him, “I know you need to conserve your minutes, so I’ll text you when I want you to pick me up.”

I take a hot bath and scrub body and hair so I’ll be fresh.

Then I turn the bathroom heater on and let the warm air dry me off.

I also blow dry my hair.

Finally, I am completely dry.

I then get dressed.

Carefully I select my clothes. I want to wear something that is cute but modest.

There, I think this outfit will do nicely.

I slip into it, then put on a sweater.

I am ready and it is a few minutes until the hour of Noon.

So, I text my boyfriend, “I’m ready now, so please come get me. I love you so much!”

Seconds later, he replies, “I’m coming right now and I love you too!”

I go stand on the driveway and eagerly await his arrival.

Finally, that old Toyota pulls up.

He steps out. I’m so happy to see him again.

We embrace, then stare into each others’ eyes. Passionately we kiss.

I am filled with pleasure and excitement.

He pets my hair and I rub his buttocks.

We smile lovingly at each other, then I tell him, “Let’s get out of here before my mom wakes up and confronts us.”

“Good idea baby.”

So we walk to his car. He opens the passenger door for me, to which I kiss him before stepping in.

He then sits down in the driver seat and we leave my subdivision.

As he is driving, my boyfriend tells me, “I have to go to my job and pick up my check first, then cash it.”

“That’s fine. Just as long as we can be together.”

I then lean against him and we ride to the Business District.

He parks his car in the parking garage of The Downtown Grocer, then steps out. He opens the passenger door for me and we walk into the store hand in hand.

I hold myself close to him with my head close to his shoulder and my hand in his back pocket.

Suddenly an angry man confronts us and yells, “If you want to continue working here, you will stop the lewd behavior this instant. It disgusts me and the customers.”

How could someone be so hateful? I see why my boyfriend hates this job.

Humbly, he replies, “Yes sir,” Then we let go.

He then walks to the service counter then picks up his check. The cashier reminds him of a five dollar cashing fee.

My boyfriend consents to cash it anyway.

After he is handed the money, I whisper, “It’s horrible how they treat you here.”

“I know, but where else could I work?”

We then walk back to the parking garage and he unlocks the car, then opens the passenger door for me. I step in, then he sits in the driver’s seat and we leave.

“Let’s try and forget about this miserable place and focus on each other. I know I want to.”

“Good idea,” I tell him then rest my head on his shoulder.

We drive through the city streets then finally make it to the river.

We walk into the shopping area and my boyfriend says, “I dare anyone to tell me not to hold you out here!”

I kiss him and we walk together.

We come upon a coffee shop.

“Are you hungry?” He asks me.

“Yes, I’m starving. My mom went on an eating binge yesterday and ate almost all the food in the house.”

“Well let me feed you then.”

I sweetly kiss him, then we enter the shop.

He orders us each a cup of hot cafe’ au lait and a big plate of beignets, then pays the cashier.

I scarf down my food. He watches me and smiles. He even admires me even though I must eat like a pig. I can’t help it though, because I am so hungry.

After we are finished with breakfast we continue to walk, holding hands.

As we are walking in the bleak weather, he tells me, “There is something about this city at this time of year that inspires me to write.”

I reply, “You write beautiful stories, I’ve never read anything like them.”

He then tells me, “You know, you are like someone straight from one of my stories. It is as if you came into existence just from what I dreamed and penned. Hopefully, you will always be mine and give me even more inspiration.”

I grab him with all my strength, steal a kiss then say, “Not just hopefully, but most surely I’ll always be yours. You are so perfect for me!”

He passionately kisses me in return while everyone on the walkway watches.

The people smile at us, for the most part at least.

We walk together for a few hours until we are hungry again.

There is a fish and chips shop right in front of where we are standing and he asks me, “Would you like to eat here?”

“I would love to, but I’m already so fat and I’m just going to get fatter.”

“It wouldn’t matter to me, I would love you no matter how big became. Yes, I am madly attracted to your body, don’t get me wrong, but I’m also deeply in love with your soul! Besides, with your mom eating all the food in the house you need some nourishment, so let’s get you a hearty meal.”

I tightly embrace him, then shout so everyone can hear, “Oh, I love you so much!”

“And I love you just as much!”

He walks in and orders us a large platter of deep fried cod fillets and deep fried potatoes along with coleslaw, hushpuppies, tartar sauce, cocktail sauce and lemon wedges. Then he orders us each a large cup of Pepsi.

After he pays the cashier, we are served and we sit down to eat.

We happily eat. I’m very glad he gave me a decent meal.

Soon the platter is empty and we continue on our walk.

There is a cruise ship passing on the river and sounding its horn.

I pull out my smartphone then take a selfie of us with the ship in the background.

“Baby, please Bluetooth this to my phone so I can have it as the background.”

“Sure. And I’ll make it my background as well.”

I then transfer a copy of the picture to his phone.

We continue walking until we come upon a gift shop.

He buys me a Casio Baby-G wristwatch.

He then places it on my wrist and says, “I wish I could buy you something more elegant than a Casio Baby G, but this is all I can afford.”

I smile, then say, “I know you want to get nice things for me, but you don’t have to. Just give me your time and your affections.”

“Baby, I will give you all the time I can, but I just want you to have things to have and think of me.” I pause then show her my watch and say, “I wear a Casio G-Shock too. It’s so I can keep track of time while I work.”

We continue to walk up and down the walkway.

“At least we’re burning all those calories from breakfast and lunch,” I say.

He nods but then says, “Yes, it’s a good idea to exercise, but I love you just the way you are. I longingly imagine how wonderful it would feel to hold you at night.”

We both blush, afterward then share another kiss.

The sun begins to set on the river. A flock of birds takes off in flight. The street musicians are playing their harmonies and melodies. My boyfriend and I get lost in each others’ eyes as we caress one another.

The moon is now up in the sky.

I then tell him. “I have to get back home before my parents realize I’m gone, but I am going to miss you so much.”

“I’ll miss you too, but we can do something again on my next day off.”

“When will that be?”

“This Sunday.”

We kiss once more, then leave the river.

After we get to his car, he opens the passenger door for me then gets in on his side. We head to my subdivision where he drops me off then watches me go inside.

Afterward, I go to bed and sleep, dreaming many dreams about him, until my mom wakes me up.

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Miserable Home Life-Grocer and Writer (Young Lady’s Perspective)

My home life is downright miserable.

I’ve been stuck in this house all day with my alcoholic and pill addict mother.

Thankfully, she crashed on the sofa and has been in a deep sleep all day.

It’s cold in here, but what do you expect for a Midwinter’s Day?

I go into the hallway and raise the thermostat in order to keep warm.

Then I climb into bed, cover up and look at the messaging app on my smartphone.

Suddenly I get a reply message from my boyfriend. I had texted him earlier today.

It reads, “I love you too, baby and I count the hours when we are apart.”

Seconds later, I get another message, which reads, “I’ll come get you as soon as my work is done, but I don’t know when that will be.”

My heart is swollen with ecstasy! I get to visit him tonight!

I know it will be late tonight when I see him, so I will try to get some sleep now.

I tune in the Soundscapes Music Choice channel from my parents’ cable service and listen as I begin to fall asleep.

Just as I am getting comfortable, there is a banging on my door.

My mother is shouting on the other side, “You stole my Xanax and my Smirnoff, didn’t you?”

I try to ignore her, because this is a totally false accusation.

The beating on the door gets heavier and harder.

“I want my pills and booze right now!” My mother exclaims.

Now I am irritated, so I reply, shouting back, “I don’t have them and I don’t want them because I don’t want to turn out like you.”

“Shut your mouth, little girl or I will beat you!”

I lock my door and push my night table against it.

“Open this door right now and give me what you took.”

“For the last time, I don’t have it. Go back to sleep!”

My mother is now banging the door harder than ever. My night table appears to be dancing and the door frame tries to absorb the abuse. I realize that I need to call my dad to intervene before something breaks.

“Hello, princess. What’s the matter?”

“Daddy, Momma is on a rampage and she thinks I stole her pills and Vodka.”

“Oh, I cannot stand that wretched woman as of lately.”

“What should I do?”

“I bought her a new bottle of Smirnoff Ice. Tell her it is in the utility room on the other side of the chest freezer.”

“Okay, you know she wants her pills too, though.”

“Tell her there is a new bottle of Xanax that she got filled the other day under the sofa in the den.”

“Okay, I hope she takes them and sleeps until tomorrow morning.”

“You and me both. Is there anything else?”

“Yes, put some money in my checking account so I can make some more groceries.”

“Sure thing, princess. Now I have to prepare for my meeting.”

My mom beats harder on the door while shouting and cursing.

I strain my hears to hear my dad’s voice, as I tell him, “There’s something I need to talk to you about, but I want to tell you in person. When will you be off again?”

“Try for Christmas Day.”

“All right, that is in four days and it is all very good news.”

“I could sure use some good news, but I have to go now, princess.”

“Okay, bye, Daddy.”


My mom is now tearing up the house looking for something to alter her consciosness.

Quickly, I tell her “Daddy says your Smirnoff is on the other side of the chest freezer and your Xanax is under the sofa in the den.”

I watch her retrieve her pills and alcohol, take them and go on a binge eating episode until she crashes on the sofa.

She is now dead asleep.

Hours pass and my stomach is growling.

I look through the pantry and find a can of Del Monte` Cling Peaches in Heavy Syrup.

I eat the entire contents of the can and drink the syrup.

Then I drink two glasses of milk.

Afterwards, I go back to my room and get under the covers.

More hours pass but then I hear my boyfriend’s old Toyota pulling into the driveway.

I step outside, then we embrace and kiss under the glow of a street-lamp.

“Let’s go to your house,” I tell him.

My home life might be downright miserable, but the love my boyfriend gives me is worth it and so much more…

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Pilot-Grocer and Writer (Young Lady’s Perspective)

My life was once depressing that is very true. I am an honor student turned high school dropout. The reason why I am no longer in school is that my mom is always drunk or high. There is no bus service to the private school I was attending. I would endure hellish torment if I began attending the public school in my district because I am very much overweight. The reason why I say my life was once depressing, is because, despite all of this, it is no longer depressing. Last Thanksgiving I met an awesome young man in the park and he loves me immensely despite my weight and my status as a high school dropout. I know he is five years my senior, but he loves me more than I ever dare dreamed when every other person of the opposite sex rejected and mocked me. I am seventeen and soon to be eighteen, which at least makes me legal in this state. He gives me the affection and attention that I have been desiring all my life and now I cannot picture life without him.

Right now I am actually waiting for him to get off of work and spend some time with me. He works as a grocer but his dream is to be a writer. I think he writes the most beautiful love stories.

So, I send him a text and it reads, “Come get me when you’re done with work, baby. I love you!”

Hours pass. He must be so miserable at his job. He’s not supposed to use his phone while working.

Finally, I get a reply, “I am coming right now and I love you too!”

I’m so overjoyed. He’s coming to see me. I stand in the dining room waiting for that old Toyota to pull up.

At last, it is coming down the driveway. My mom is overly sedated and my dad is working, so I go out to greet him without any confrontation from my parents.

He steps out of the car, then we embrace and kiss.

Afterward, we get in his car and head to his house in the working poor section of the city.

We arrive and parks his car against the curb, the opens his hurricane fence for me.

His neighbors are sitting on their porch, lighting up joints as we walk across his yard. We both can smell the putrid smoke.

My boyfriend makes a face of irritation and rolls his eyes.

I am very nervous and he notices, so we both make a beeline for his porch and front door.

We enter his house and he locks the door.

He offers me a cold can of Best Choice Creme Soda and we sit on the sofa drinking it.

After we are finished, he kisses my forehead. I feel so loved when he does that.

“Could you read your stories to me?” I ask him.

“All right, baby,” He replies.

We walk to his rickety old desk with the equally old computer. He gives me his swivel chair and sits in one of his kitchen chairs. That is so sweet and thoughtful of him.

We sit together and he reads those beautiful stories to me. I stare at him, hanging on to every word.

I begin to lovingly kiss him multiple times and say, “I want you so much right now!”

He passionately kisses me and replies, “I’m all yours, baby, both now and forever!”

We immediately walk to his bedroom and become intimate. For hours we passionately make love.

As we cuddle into the night, I ask him, “Do you have tomorrow off?”

“Yes,” He tells me.

“Then let me stay with you; at least for tonight,” I ask him while I stare lovingly at him.

“Sure, I guess,” He tells me, following with a long kiss.

“I love you so much!” I tell him as I wrap my arms and legs around him.

He then tells me with joy “I love you too, baby and if it were up to me you would stay with me until the end of time!”

“I will when I turn eighteen!” I reply, then kiss him.

This is proof that my life isn’t depressing anymore…

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Pilot-Grocer and Writer (Guy’s Perspective)

My life is depressing, or so I sometimes believe. I always dreamed that at twenty two, I would have done so more with my life. It would be much better, if only I could get my foot in the door as a writer. For now, I share my work with someone special. Another day is done so I clock out from my miserable stocker’s job at The Downtown Grocer. I take off my uniform shirt, sling it over my shoulder then turn my Go Phone on and check for text messages.

There is only one and it reads, “Come get me when you’re done with work, baby. I love you!”

It is from my girlfriend, who is five years my junior. She is an honor student turned high school dropout. We are lovers and know each other in every sense of the meaning. Her parents are too busy focused on other priorities and couldn’t care less either which way. It really doesn’t matter anyway as she is legal in this state. I am not in this relationship just to use her. In fact; I saved myself for someone special. She is much more special than I could have ever dreamed. Nothing but a pure and deep reverence is what I feel for her. When she tells me she loves me; I am in shock and awe. I will never know what exactly she sees in me. Maybe, somehow, I give her the attention and affection she is so longing for. I do it to the best of my ability.

So, I text her in reply, “I am coming right now and I love you too!”

In the cold January weather, I fire up my old car. It is a 1989 Toyota and at least it takes me from point A to point B. It powers right up, so with that, I head to her parents’ house in the suburbs. Soon enough, I arrive. Neither of her parents are aware of us; so she walks out without any confrontation. We embrace and kiss. Immediately after, we head to my place. It is an older two bedroom wood frame house in the working poor section of the city. There are several mechanical and structural issues with my house; but it gives me shelter and warmth. I had purchased for a seemingly fair price and, at least I can call it my own. I step out of my car; grabbing my Go Phone and keys; then open the car door for her.

I open the gate to my hurricane fence and we cut across my front yard straight to the steps and then the front porch. My neighbors are sitting outside rolling and smoking joints. The smell of it is utterly disgusting to me, but I’ve come to embrace the belief of “to each his own.” They never really make trouble with me anyway, but certainly would if I ever reported them to the cops. The problem is I have the utmost reverence for my girlfriend and I don’t like exposing her to it.

So, hurriedly, I walk her into the front door and lock it.

I offer her a cold can of Best Choice Creme Soda from my old refrigerator and she takes it. We sit close to each other on the sofa and drink.

After we are done; I kiss her forehead and she says with a longing happiness, “Could you read your stories to me?”

“All right, baby,” I reply.

I walk to my rickety old desk. On top of it is an ancient Gateway computer I purchased it at Goodwill. This machine runs Windows 95 and is horribly out of date, but at least it serves its purpose. I pull up a kitchen chair and give her the swivel chair. We sit together and I read the stories to her. She stares at me intently and with great focus.

Plenty emotions are soon built up inside of us and she lovingly kisses me, saying “I want you so much right now!”

I reply with a passionate kiss, “I’m all yours, baby, both now and forever!”

We walk to my bedroom and become intimate. For hours we passionately make love.

As we are cuddling in the night; she asks, “Do you have tomorrow off?”

“Yes,” I tell her.

“Then let me stay with you; at least for tonight,” She says, looking at me with puppy dog eyes.

“Sure, I guess,” I say, then give her a long kiss.

“I love you so much!” She says, wrapping herself around me. There is a silence, then she continues, “I wish I could stay here every night.”

I then tell her with joy “I love you too, baby and if it were up to me you would stay with me until the end of time!”

“I will when I turn eighteen!” She replies, then kisses me.

I guess my life isn’t as depressing as I sometimes believe.

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If you were to die right now, where would you go?

Think, as if your life depended on it, if you were to die right now, do you know where you would go?

There is a way that you can know for certain that you will make it to Heaven when you die, but the choice is ultimately yours and I cannot make that choice for you.

Only you can make that choice.

Not everyone will make it to Heaven.

Our sins prevent us from making it to Heaven.

We as human beings are very sinful creatures and The Bible clearly states in the Book of Romans Chapter 3, Verse 23: “23 for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” It says ALL. That means you and me and anyone else who has ever lived.

The only alternative to Heaven is hell. It is a horrible place of eternal unceasing torment.

No matter how many good deeds we do, we cannot earn our way into Heaven and thus we all deserve to go to hell.

I know it must seem hopeless at this point, but there is Good News and Hope!

The Bible also states in the Book of Romans Chapter 6 Verse 23: “23 For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

Going to Heaven is a FREE gift from God, purchased by the sacrificial suffering and death of His only Son, Jesus Christ. It cannot be purchased or earned any other way. Not only is going to Heaven part of this gift, but God will also meet all of you earthly needs.

So how must you receive this gift?

Jesus Christ clearly stated and it is recorded in the Bible in the Book of John, Chapter 3 Verse 3: “3 Jesus answered and said to him, “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God.”

You MUST be born again…There is no other way.

Jesus Christ also stated and it is also recorded in the Bible in the Book of John, Chapter 14, Verse 6: “6 Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me.”

How then can one be Born Again and Come to the Father through Jesus?

Well, the Bible clearly states how in the Book of Romans, Chapter 10, Verses 9 through 11: “9 that if you confess with your mouth Jesus [as] Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved; 10 for with the heart a person believes, resulting in righteousness, and with the mouth he confesses, resulting in salvation. 11 For the Scripture says, “WHOEVER BELIEVES IN HIM WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.”

Believe on Jesus. Recognize that you are a sinner, you have offended God and deserve hell. But equally importantly realize that God loves you and doesn’t want you or anyone else to go to hell. That is why He sent Jesus to take your punishment and my punishment and what took Him three hours to pay for our sins in full, would take us an eternity to pay for our sins but they would never get paid. Confess Jesus Christ as your Lord and believe with all your heart that God raised Him from the dead and trust in Him and only Him as the provider of your entry into Heaven. Do not put your trust in your good deeds or your money or your family or your church or anything else aside from what Jesus Christ did for you and me and all of humanity! Surrender your heart to Him and He will gladly take you in!

That above is how one becomes born again and that is how one comes to the Father through Jesus Christ.

When one becomes born again, he or she will receive The Holy Ghost immediately and The Holy Ghost will allow and compel that person to live for Christ, but that person needs to continuously yield to The Holy Ghost moving on his/her heart. This is the mission and desire of Jesus Christ and is stated so in the Bible in the Book of 2 Corinthians Chapter 5, Verse 15: “15 and He died for all, so that they who live might no longer live for themselves, but for Him who died and rose again on their behalf.”

My current pastor frequently tells us that we don’t have to clean up our lives in order to come to Jesus and that He will take us just as we are, but once He takes us in, we will begin to have a desire to clean up our lives especially the more we yield to The Holy Ghost moving on our hearts! He will cause you to want to repent of your sins through His loving conviction and you will have more success in repentance and victory over your sins by yielding more and more to Him!

Just know that you will sin again, as long as you live on this earth you will still sin at some point or another but if you genuinely come to Jesus, all of your sins, past present and future will be totally forgiven!

Jesus Christ is knocking on the door of your heart and I know it. How do I know it? Because of the fact that you are still reading this! Furthermore, Jesus says how he wants to enter your heart and the Bible records Him saying so in the Book of Revelation, Chapter 3, Verse 20: “20 ‘Behold, I stand at the door and knock; if anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and will dine with him, and he with Me.”

Will you open the door to Jesus?

Will you let Him in?

This is the MOST important decision you will ever make and it will affect your eternal destiny and position.

I cannot make this decision for you.

Only you can.

Please choose Jesus.

If you do indeed want Jesus to save you, just talk to Him like you would talk to your best friend or a good, loving spouse. Let Him know that you know you are a sinner and you are sorry for offending Him with your sinful choices and that you know He is willing to forgive all your sins. Ask Him to forgive you and to rule your life from this point on. Ask Him to come into your heart.

If you do this earnestly and genuinely, you should feel as if the biggest burden was totally lifted off of you and you have been set free. That is exactly what happened to me in July of 2004 and it was the best choice I ever made!

If you did indeed choose Jesus and have surrendered your heart to Him, let me say Praise God and Congratulations! Now, the next step is to find a Bible believing church to join where you will be around people who will help you grow in Christ and encourage you in your walk with Him.

The other thing to do is to tell others what you have learned and what Jesus has done and is doing for you…

A Review of the Realistic (Radio Shack®) Pro-32 Handheld Programmable Scanner Radio

I am a very sentimental person.

I also frequently think about what technology was like around the time I came into this world (especially radio and computer technology.)

Because of that, for years, I had wanted to own a Realistic (Radio Shack®) Pro-32 scanner.


Because it was put on the market in 1987, the same year I was born.

In 1987 this was Radio Shack’s premium handheld scanner. It retailed for $299.99 (which would be the equivalent of $674.84 in 2019 Dollars.) I bought mine second hand but in very good condition with the original box and paper work for $25 even (more on that in a bit.)

The Pro-32 runs on 6 AA Alkaline or Rechargeable (NiCad/NiMH) batteries. It also uses three watch batteries to power what was a vast memory (200 Bank+10 Monitor Channels) in 1987. The Frequency ranges it covers are:
30-54 MHz FM
108-136 MHz AM
138-174 MHz FM
380-512 MHz FM

This scanner must have been a failure, because it was only featured in the Radio Shack Catalogs from 1987 to 1988.

In 1989, a significantly more sophisticated model was put on the market, the Pro-34. This better scanner also ran on 6 AA batteries, but did not require watch batteries for the memory. In addition to what the Pro-32 received, the Pro-34 had more frequency ranges:
806-823 MHz FM
857-868 MHz FM
896-906 MHz FM

Many police, fire and EMS services as well as some bigger businesses would begin to migrate to 800 MHz in the 1990s.

The Pro-34 costed slightly more at $329.99 ($680.07 in 2019 Dollars)

What I find amusing though, is the Pro-32 seems to be the direct ancestor of several entry level scanner radios such as:

The Radio Shack Pro-79, which came out 15 years later in 2002 and is more power efficient (runs on 4 AA batteries instead of 6 and the memory is flash based instead of requiring those watch batteries) and costed $99.99 ($142.04 in 2019 Dollars.)

The Radio Shack Pro-82, which came out 16 years later in 2003 and has the features of the Pro-79 in addition to push button dedicated searches for certain radio services and costed between $79.99-$99.99 ($111.09-$138.87 in 2019 Dollars.)

The Radio Shack Pro-404, which came out 22 years later in 2009 has all the features of the Pro-82 in addition to a Signal Stalker/Spectrum Sweeper and PC programmable features and also costed $79.99-$99.99 ($95.28-$119.10 in 2019 Dollars.)

The Radio Shack Pro 649 which came out about 27 years later in 2014 and is almost a younger clone of the Pro-404, but can tune in more narrow frequency steps on certain bands and costed $99.99 ($107.94 in 2019 Dollars.)

The closest modern equivalent to it is the Whistler WS-1010, which came out 31 years or so in 2018 or so and has all the features of the Pro 649 but double the memory and costs between $79.99-$119.99 ($81.40-$122.11 in 2019 Dollars.)

I had checked on eBay quite a few times trying to buy this scanner, but there was always a problem purchasing it.

A few weeks ago, I had tried for the final time, when my transaction didn’t go through. Within seconds of the failed transaction, The Good Lord Himself told me stop and wait because I would be purchasing one at Ham Vention 2019 in Ohio.

I’m beginning to learn to obey Him and this time, I did just that.

And do you, the reader, know what?

The Pro-32 scanner I bought a Ham Vention was in much better condition and cheaper than any of the ones selling on eBay!

Any Christian (but only a Christian) is a child of the One True God. And God is a passionate loving Father who wants only the best for His children. This is a very small but still valid example of that.

By the way, this particular scanner is not very common. Case in point: It is vintage and it wasn’t in production very long. That means there probably aren’t too many in existence anymore. It would have taken basically an act of God for one to be available at the flea market, for me to see it there because the flea market is the size of a horse track and covered entirely with vendors and for no one else to purchase it. So the fact that God Himself told me I would be purchasing one at the Ham Vention flea market, strengthens my faith in Him and my walk with Him and it should be good testimony for believers and non believers alike!

I was planning to go to Ham Vention to purchase gently used flashlights and calculators in the flea market anyway, like I did last year.

I am indeed a ham and in fact, I do hold a General Class license.

Those of you whom were forwarded to my blog from Q R Zed already know this, but I don’t like to give out my call sign.

I’m not too active on the radio, because of where I currently live.

My lease forbids any sort of transmitting antennas and neither do I want to interfere with any of my neighbors’ electronics, because I tend to enjoy peace and detest drama.

So for that reason, I basically stay on 2 Meters and 440 with low power portable radios and usually only during emergencies.

I do all my HF, high powered long antenna activities at a friend’s house with his equipment.

So why besides it being as old as me would I want a Radio Shack Pro-32?

I mean, compared to the modern scanners: It is bulky as a brick in size and weight. It is power hungry as a starving pit bull in a butcher. It is slower than molasses in the dead of winter when it comes to scan and search speed. It is analog only which makes it obsolete, at least partially. And the coverage is limited.

Yes, that is all very true.


I find that for what I listen to most which is railroad and marine traffic, older scanners are far more sensitive than their modern counterparts. They clearly pull in signals from farther away that most modern scanners cannot even detect. Japanese electronics, which this particular scanner was made in Japan, seem to overwhelmingly outperform their Chinese and Vietnamese made descendants in ways where performance truly counts.

I interpreted the date code (5A7) to mean this particular unit was made in May of 1987. That means it was made thirty two years ago this month (the same month I bought it)!

What amuses and amazes me the most is that the model number is 32, I am 32 (at the time of writing this) and it is also 32! God definitely has His hand in this!

This concludes my review on the Radio Shack Pro-32.

I would like to thank and cite Radio Shack Catalogs for the picture (which I do not own) and the technical details.

I hope you the reader have been informed and entertained by this piece. Thank you for taking the time of reading and may God richly bless you!