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I am a Lipophile (and I am Durn Proud of it too)!

My name is Eric John Monier and I am a lipophile, specifically, a heterosexual lipophile.

A lipophile is an individual who is attracted to overweight or obese people, in my case, overweight or obese women.

Those of you who know me well enough are already well aware of this.

I’ve been attracted to plus-sized members of the opposite sex as early as age 14, but I wasn’t completely open and honest about it until about the age of 19. Since my early thirties, I have also been attracted to super-sized members of the opposite sex.

From the latter parts of 2018 until December 4, 2019, I was in a very loving relationship with a super-sized young lady. No one had ever made me so happy. I didn’t care what others thought when they saw me with her in public. I was crushed when she ended it with me and I still am crushed. By the way, she didn’t cause me to also be attracted to super-sized women, because there were other super-sized women of whom I had been madly attracted to between leaving my now ex-wife and meeting her.

My now ex-wife is plus-sized but she resented my lipophilia with a hot passion most of the time.

I catch some flak about this attraction of mine from friends and family, every now and then. However, I was more worried about being harassed about this attraction by those who didn’t like me. Friends and family are in my life, but I don’t have any contact with those who don’t like me.

From early childhood up until my very early teens, I was not attracted to plus-sized members of the opposite sex. I used to say some pretty horrible things about them because the ones I had been around always were so mean. But the reason why they were so mean is probably that they were harassed so much. My Mom even tells me a story of when I was really little there was a heavyset woman checking out her purchases and she had walked backward to put something else in her shopping buggy. Well as she was walking backward, I started saying, “Beep…Beep…Beep…Beep…” In other words, most if not all larger vehicles and all mobilized machines make that beeping sound when moving in reverse as a safety feature. My Mom was so embarrassed by that. I’m not one to favor corporal punishment at all, but I hope I got a good butt-whipping for that because I am so ashamed of myself if I indeed did that. And for the record, I do NOT have a spanking fetish! As sharp as my memory is, I don’t recall doing that and maybe that is God’s grace upon me because I would feel absolutely awful with myself about doing something like that. I’ll admit I was a mean and hateful child and I don’t like how I was at all. I was still mean by the time I got to seventh grade, but things were starting to change. There was a girl who was in sixth grade and slightly plus-sized. I think she may have had a crush on me. I also had a crush on her, but never pursued her because of my pride. She was one of the few people in the whole school that was nice to me. Now she is married and my prayer about her is that her husband realizes what a wonderful person she is and he treats her as such!

I switched schools beginning in eighth grade. I was harassed a lot at my new school, but there were a bunch of plus-sized girls who were so good to me. I had crushes on several of them but never pursued them for fear of harassment. Looking back, I shouldn’t have given a single durn about being harassed and I should have pursued at least some of them. Around this time, I also came to realize that most plus-sized females have big breasts, nice butts, very sexy legs and when a pretty face is thrown into the mixture, I feel immensely giddy at the sight. I’ve also come to associate plus-sized and super-sized females with kindness, fidelity, and innocence, at least in my own mind and heart. And not only that, I have observed that many plus-sized and super-sized females look considerably younger than their actual age, especially after age 30. I sometimes see some plus sized ladies in their forties who could pass off as a twenty-something. I don’t see these qualities when I think of a skinny or a muscular woman. So when I say how I am strongly attracted to those body types, it is certainly not out of desperation. Furthermore, if I were truly desperate, would I not go after any woman of any body type that is willing? May it never be! I know I could never be happy with any woman that isn’t plus-sized or super-sized and the few times I was in relationships with skinny girls and women, I forever found myself longing for someone that was at least chubby. The times I was in relationships with women who were skinny-that was out of desperation, because no one else was paying attention to me, but they were.

Around the age of fifteen and three quarters, I was wrongfully and forcefully medicated on a drug that caused a little bit of weight gain. Prior to that, I was 5’4″ and maybe 115 pounds. Afterward, I was 5’6″ and 180 pounds. Looking back, this weight gain combined with my pride is what caused me to be a little more open about my attraction to plus-sized females. It also gave me enough courage to cause me to make a pass at one of them. Once I gained weight I wasn’t harassed as much. Then at the age of eighteen, I started losing weight and I was 5’6″ and 122 pounds. With the weight loss came harassment again. But as skinny as I was, I still desired only plus-sized females. By age nineteen, I was 5’6.5″ and in my 140-pound range. I also came out of the proverbial lipophile closet at this age. Many of my classmates in trade school harassed me as a result of not only being skinny and looking fourteen instead of nineteen but because of my vocalness about what size I am attracted to.

In January of 2007, I met my now ex-wife while I was pushing shopping buggies and bagging groceries at my then local grocer. She was plus-sized (still is) and that was what drew me to her, more than anything else. We had moved really fast. I mean we were already a couple on the day we met and six days later, she admitted that she wanted to marry me. We got along great for the first few years, but she suffers from hydrocephalus and after we tied the knot she needed a shunt revision. The built-up fluid on her brain caused some minor brain damage and altered her personality for the worst. She became mean, controlling and at times violent. I dealt with that for the next almost eight years, the first four because I did love her but the last four only because I fear God. I was not happy at all, but God carried me through it. I begged her to get help for herself, but she flat out refused. I left her in January of 2018. Our divorce was finalized on October 11, 2018. I’ve unfortunately seen her in person a few times since then and I will say that I am still attracted to her body, but I remember how terribly she treated me and my heart is severely repulsed though my flesh is still attracted but only to the physical.

In the latter parts of 2018, I had fallen for a super-sized young lady and the way she felt about me was mutual. No one had ever made me so happy. I’ve also never been more attracted to anyone else. I wish she and I were still together at the time of me writing this, but she gave up on me on December 4, 2019. We parted on pleasant terms. Honestly in the year and some months, we were together we never once argued, not even during the breakup process. I’m crushed as I stated before, but God will get me through it. My prayer right now is either that she miraculously comes back to me and our relationship heals or that God sends another super-sized young lady that meets my standards and doesn’t give up on me this time.

Yes, I am now gravitating more towards super-sized than plus-sized after how happy I was in my last relationship.

I used to call my lipophilia a perversion but when I spoke with one Christian minister about it he corrected me and said it wasn’t a perversion but a preference.

Still, I’m sure there are some who would maybe call me a pervert, but I don’t care.

I’m also sure there are those who think this is very disgusting, but let them, because the motives of my heart behind this plus-sized and super-sized attraction of mine are overwhelmingly pure.

Anyway, there are other types of philias and philes that aren’t so pure and good.

Lipophilia is not harmful to me or others.

And just for the record if by some unfortunate event I wind up with a skinny woman, I won’t try to force her to gain weight so she could be more attractive to me. That is, in my book, indeed a perversion and very unhealthy. Now if she was dangerously underweight, then yes I would because that would be the right thing to do. Induced weight gain was done to me when I was skinny by my now ex-wife and I vehemently resented it. There was another girl I was in a brief relationship with that gave me a several ultimatums if I wanted her and one of them was to gain weight. This is borderline abuse and I want no part of it. But in all honesty, I don’t want a skinny woman to begin with.

My lipophilia is a huge part of who I am (pun intended.)

I wouldn’t be me anymore if I suddenly stopped being a lipophile.

There are a lot of men who are looking for easy sex. Many times they make a pass at a plus-sized or super-sized woman and when she rejects them, they insult her about her weight. This is an extremely low thing to do, but I’m not surprised at all.

Well, I’m not looking for easy sex, but rather true love and happiness and yes, sex eventually comes with that. Many times, I do make an advance at a plus-sized or even super-sized woman but then she rejects me. However, I don’t insult her, because I strive to be a gentleman. Even though rejection is very hurtful, I don’t want to repay it with more hurt. I simply bid her farewell and then leave her alone. Whenever I do talk to a plus-sized or super-sized woman of whom I am interested, I make it a point early on to confess to her my lipophilia to her, but I obviously don’t use that word. However, I do ask her not to hold it against me. Some do and they are disgusted. Some don’t and they seem quite happy.

I guess this, therefore, concludes my pieces on my lipophilia.

I hope you, the reader, understand me better but also have been informed and maybe even entertained…

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May 2003-The Ones that got Away

It is a sunny and dry Saturday evening.

I am downtown doing volunteer work for a fundraising 5K run.

There I see her: She is a beautiful bespectacled blonde around my age and pleasantly plump.

She is wearing the assigned lime green shirt (as am I) and she is wearing denim shorts that highlight her beautiful legs.

I think she is gorgeous.

By this point, I don’t care what people think of me for liking or even dating a plus-sized girl, but still, I don’t have a chance to talk to her.

It is a shame because she giggles every time I say something.

I wonder if she likes me as well?

I wish I had a chance to talk to her privately because I am crazy about her!

We never get the chance to talk.

I’m crushed.

I worked the event two more years in a row but never saw her again.

Years later, I thought I met her again but she was married and had a son.

However, that apparently wasn’t her.

I don’t even know her name though.

Like the others, I never forgot her.

I see skinny females all the time but never remember them.

However, just about every plus-sized female I have ever seen is forever burned in my memory!

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December 1, 2002-The Ones that got Away

It is a sunny and dry Sunday evening.

My family and I are on a shopping trip.

We all split up once arriving at the mall.

So here I am, shopping at my favorite store, Radio Shack.

There, I see a pleasantly plump girl who is about my age trying out the karaoke machine.

She is wearing a blue shirt and a medium length denim skirt.

She also has a very regal look on her face.

I think she is very beautiful and I do realize exactly how rare it is that a female shop at Radio Shack.

She and I could probably make a wonderful couple.

I feel very giddy, but I don’t know what to say to her.

And not only that, what would everyone think of me for dating such a plus-sized girl?

I want her so badly, but I don’t know how to approach her.

So, I begin to look at the CB’s and scanners and she eventually leaves.

I leave as well and I end up walking to Big Lot’s and purchasing a much cheaper world band radio there for $10.

To my knowledge, I’ve never seen her again.

But, I never forgot her, though I don’t even know her name.

By the way, I never forget any plus-sized young lady of whom I have the happy privilege of beholding!

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September 2002-The Ones that got Away

It’s a bright and sunny but humid Saturday morning.

There I am, doing school required volunteer work at a plantation museum.

I am bored out of my mind but trying to crack jokes to relieve the boredom.

Suddenly, she walks in, with her mother and another lady.

She is around my age, pleasantly plump and very pretty.

She is dressed in a light blue tank top and blue denim shorts.

She has long blonde hair and a bright smile.

I’m definitely attracted to her, but I am afraid of what people would think of me for being attracted to such a girl.

She smiles at me.

I continue doing my chores, talking every now and then.

She giggles every time I open my mouth and say something-I wonder if she likes me too.

She stays with the two ladies for a while, but then they buy some gifts then leave.

I could kick myself, for not trying to get her contact information.

I go home and think about her.

Later that day I go shopping.

It’s been years now, but I never forgot her.

I often wonder what she is doing now.

However, I don’t even know her name.

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A Review of the Casio G-Shock G100-9CM Wristwatch

For the record, I do not own the featured image on this page. It is property of Casio America, Inc.

I will never be a Special Forces Operator.

Heck, I will [probably] never be in the military to begin with because of my disabilities.

However, since my teen years, I have had a preoccupation with tactical grade equipment.

I have worn a watch on and off since the age of six, but almost permanently since the age of eighteen.

Everyone in my immediate circle will comment on how punctual I am-and I will agree with them 100%.

Me being so punctual is admired by some but it also irritates others, especially those coming from cultures and ethnic backgrounds that do not realize the need to be on time. Let me just say that the feeling is mutual and that I get just as if not more irritated by those who are frequently late!

One of the items I use to aid me in being so punctual is, of course, a wristwatch.

But I am on a fixed income due to being disabled, so I cannot afford most of these high end watches.

However, as long as it is very accurate and reasonably rugged, I am happy!

Meet the Casio G-Shock!

Yes, I know, there are some G-Shocks that cost hundreds and even thousands of American Dollars. I know I’ll likely never be able to afford them.

However, I can afford an entry-level G-Shock once every few years.

I bought my first Casio G-Shock, a DW-5600E-1BV, in March of 2016. I wore it daily until the Summer of 2018. At the time, it was more accurate than any watch I ever owned. It was even more accurate than the Swiss-made Victorinox Original and also Swiss-made Wenger I had purchased as an upgrade to it. I did have a little extra money that Summer and I promised myself I would always buy a Swiss watch if I ever had some extra money. But this Casio G-Shock was off only 1 or 2 seconds per month if that. By the way it is specified to be accurate within 15 seconds a month. My Swiss watches were off by between 30 and 35 seconds a month.

By the way, I synchronize my watches and clocks with The American Atomic Clock at the beginning of every month.

At some point my first G-Shock started going on the blink. I don’t know if it needs a new battery or if there is some damage to it, but it will randomly reset itself which is very frustrating for me. The display also fades in and out which is also annoying. So, for now and until I can get it fixed, it will be a shelf queen.

From January of 2019 to early January of 2020, I pretty much wore a Casio Databank CA53W-1. I wore other watches as well, but this was my go to watch and I plan to write a review of it as well in time.

In December of 2019, I had been wanting another G-Shock. So I planned to get one for myself as a birthday present (my birthday being in early January.)

I did a little bit research and finally decided to get the Casio G-Shock G100-9CM, of which this review will be about.

I ordered it on eBay a day after my birthday and it arrived in my mailbox on January 10, 2020.

It features two digital times, an alarm clock, a stop watch, a calendar and an analog time. The digital portion has an electroluminescent display and the hands and markers glow in the dark.

Initially I was quite frustrated because while the digital times were easy to set, the analog time was a nightmare to [precisely] set.

For the first day, I went about with the wrong time on the analog portion of my new watch. Granted it was only off by a minute and some seconds, which wouldn’t bother most, but it drove me pretty insane though I was able to conceal it. Well that and my sister was getting married, so I couldn’t let it bother me too much.

My digital times were right on the money because I had synchronized them with my Atomic Clock receiver, but my analog time was off.

Then on the evening of January 11, 2020, I eventually figured out how to properly synchronize it.

One must hold down the H-SET button continuously until the hands point to just a minute before the current time. Then when checked against a clock with a referential time such as The Atomic Clock wait for the time to hit 59 seconds past the minute then when it strikes the next minute, press and hold the MODE/SET FWD button and it will advance to the next minute then quickly release and the analog portion of the watch will be synchronized. Yes this is a pain in the rear end, but once set, it keeps time very accurately. Theoretically, unless traveling across time zones one should only have to do this twice a year, unless one is like me and will do it once a month if necessary. By necessary, I mean not exactly synchronized with The Atomic Clock. Still, I am taking some points off for this. Another annoying thing is that one can only go forward, not reverse, so if one passes up the time while holding the H-SET button down, he or she must start over. Another area to subtract points.

However, this watch looks very attractive on the wrist and it seems to be quite rugged, though I have yet to put it through anything stressful.

According to Casio’s website, the G100-9CM has:
Shock Resistance-could be worn as a beater watch.
Water Resistance to a depth of 200 Meters-more than enough to take swimming.
Magnetic Resistance-perfect for an industrial setting where heavy machinery is involved.
Accuracy +/-15 seconds in a month-probably even better than that.
Runs on a 3 Volt Lithium CR2016 battery-will give the end user up to three years of service before needing to be replaced.

Mine has the module 5158, so hopefully it’s automatic calendar is preprogrammed between the years 2000 and 2099.

The MSRP is $99, but I only paid $47.95 and free shipping for it. Thank God for eBay!

I do like the stylish yellow against the black in my particular model.

Casio G-Shocks are frequently worn by special forces operators around the globe, so even though I will never be a special forces operator, I get to feel at least a little bit like one when I wear this watch. Well that and I will be turning 34 in less than a year which is the average age of an officer in the special forces.

I sincerely hope this lasts longer than my other G-Shock, but I like Casio watches in general because they are so accurate.

All in all, I give this product a 4.25 out of 5 stars due to the difficulty of setting the analog time.

This therefore concludes my review of the Casio G-Shock G100-9CM, I hope you, the reader, have been informed and maybe even entertained…

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A Better Day and Night-Persecuted Affection

The next day as Kurt was walking to the bus stop, both of his parents approached him.

“Now, I know your excited to have Eileen as your girlfriend but as far as anyone at the school knows, you and her are broken up,” His dad said.

“I know,” Kurt replied. Then continued, “I want to meet her at the YMCA tonight. Could you bring me?”

“Of course,” His dad answered.

“But keep those hormones in check,” His mom added in.

“How can we do anything at the Y? The lifeguard won’t even let us hug or kiss,” Kurt answered.

“I just don’t want to raise a grand baby yet. Wait until you have a degree or a trade and a good job, so you can raise it,”

“And a place of your own,” His dad added in.

“Yes. I know,” Kurt said with a slight irritation.

“We’re only looking out for you,” His mom said.

“But we’re glad you have a girlfriend and we’re sorry you have to keep it a secret,” His dad finally said.

“Yes, but once you go to a different school next year it won’t be so bad, now you go and board the bus. We have to get to work,” His mom added.

Kurt walked to the bus stop and waited for the bus to come.

Finally, it arrived and he boarded.

The ride was quick and he soon arrived at school and sat on the bench.

Johacim and Matthew saw that he arrived and began to start harassing him.

He kept thinking about Eileen and was able to successfully tune them out.

Instead he pulled out his assigned book and began to read where he left off.

Matthew and Johacim whispered to each other, then Matthew came and knocked the book out of his hands.

Johacim then threatened to throw it in the toilet of the restroom.

Kurt told him, “Go ahead you’ll be vandalizing school property.

Mrs. Kraft was on duty and witnessed the latter parts of the event.

She told Johacim, “You will be suspended if you damage that book!”

Kurt then told her, “Matthew also knocked it out of my hand while I was reading it.”

“No recess for the next week for you,” She told Matthew.

“That’s messed up,” Johacim added in.

“No, what is truly messed up as you say is that both of you constantly harass Kurt and get away with it. But not under my watch!”

She then looked at Matthew and said, “Hand the book back to Kurt and apologize to him!”

Matthew rolled his eyes and did so, albeit very begrudgingly.

Kurt went back to reading until the bell rang.

All the students went to their respective classes.

Mrs. Kraft continued the science lesson on bovines. Most of the lesson was how cow’s milks is used for human consumption

Kurt listened intently until Johacim said, “I wonder if the milk I poured on my Oreo Os this morning came from Eileen Cartensen’s boobs; I mean she is a cow!”

Several classmates laughed.

“To the principal’s office-now Johacim!” Mrs. Kraft sternly said.

“But she doesn’t even come to this school,” He protested.

“I don’t care where she goes to school is still a human being with feelings and she deserves dignity! Furthermore you said a word that is totally inappropriate for class.” Mrs. Kraft said with anger.

Johacim left the classroom and went to the office, sulking.

Mrs. Kraft continued the lesson, until it was time to teach social studies.

The lesson was about the Watergate Scandal, but in a way seventh graders could understand.

After the lesson was concluded, Mrs. Kraft asked each member of the class if they had chosen their president to do a project on.

Kurt, off the top of his head chose Ronald Reagan, as he had forgotten all about it.

No one else chose Reagan so it went fine for him.

Then it was time to switch classes.

All the students lined up and exited, then headed for Bouchard’s class.

“Where is Johacim?” She asked.

The whole class remained silent.

“Well either tell me where he is, or no one will have recess today!” She continued.

“One girl at last spoke up, “He got sent to the office for saying something inappropriate in Mrs. Kraft’s class.”

“I see. Well, we need to begin our lesson. Everyone take our your religion books,” Bouchard commanded.

Kurt pulled out his religion book and listened as Bouchard lectured, “Sex is meant to be had only in the confines of marriage and strictly for the purpose of procreation. Sex in any other form than this is a mortal sin.” She paused and then continued, “In 1960, birth control was put on the market and since then society has morally plummeted. Before birth control was available, anyone having sex ran the risk of making more mouths to feed. That was a good thing because it more or less limited sex to only those who were financially capable. And those who had pregnancies out of wedlock were shunned from society. Those were glorious days. But then birth control came along, but let me tell you something class, birth control doesn’t always work. Of course now when birth control fails for an unfit mother, she goes on welfare and my tax dollars have to support her and her baby. If I find out that any girls in this school are on birth control, they will be expelled on the spot. It is impossible to be a good Catholic and use birth control, so I refuse to let my students use it. Sex was meant for procreation not recreation.”

By this point, Kurt began to daydream about Eileen.

He tuned Bouchard completely out and thought about how he would see Eileen later that evening at the Y.

Finally Bouchard’s lesson on the supposed evils of birth control was over and she starting lecturing about English.

By this point Johacim returned to class, with a smirk on his face.

Bouchard continued lecturing on English and had a way of sucking all the fun out of grammar and making it as miserable as possible.

Kurt tried to pay attention because of Eileen’s suggestion for him to be a journalist one day.

Finally the bell for little recess rang, to which Kurt went relieve his bladder in the boy’s restroom then got a drink of water and sat by the wall.

He thought about Eileen for the entire recess period, hoping and praying that they would spend some time at the Y later that evening.

Just as he was enjoying his thoughts the bell rang and he headed back to class.

Then there were some spelling and reading exercises.

Finally it was time for lunch. The class line up and walked to the cafeteria.

There was hamburger steak, mashed potatoes with gravy, green beans and banana pudding for dessert.

Kurt ate with everyone else but was soon finished. He pushed his tray forward then put his head down.

Matthew said, “Hey Kurt, where do hamburger steaks come from?”

Kurt ignored him until it was time to pick up the tray and head to big recess.

Once again Kurt went sit by the wall and watched everyone else play. As usual he began to fantasize about Eileen until the bell rang.

Then it was time for the PE period.

Kurt played put out once again, but deliberately got put out so he wouldn’t have to play anymore.

Finally it was over and he walked back to Mrs. Kraft’s class for math class.

Mrs. Kraft decided to teach a little ahead of their grade level and began to talk about the polygons.

Kurt listened intently and it came as a breeze to him.

The teacher then had them pull out the TI-30 calculators to do various formulas for those polygons.

Kurt had hated math up until Mrs. Krafts class, but he began to appreciate it because of her ability to make the lesson understandable.

Finally the dismissal bell rang, so Kurt went out on the benches to wait for the bus.

Mrs. Sandra Mathers was on duty, so Kurt got real quiet as he knew she was out to get him.

Instead he pulled out his two line display TI-30 and began to practice the formulas for the different polygons.

Miraculously, Mrs. Mathers didn’t harass him.

Finally Kurt’s bus pulled up, so he boarded.

The ride was boring but fairly quick.

Kurt arrived home and asked his Dad who had gotten off from work and was watching Fox News in the den, “Can you bring me to the Y tonight?”

“I guess so. Are you and Eileen going to hang out?”

“I’m going call her to see if she can.”

“Well, you need to exercise, so I want you to go whether she can go or not.”

“I know.”

Kurt walked to his room and picked up his cordless phone and dialed Eileen’s number.

“Hey you!” She answered.

“Oh, I missed you so much.” Kurt replied.

“I missed you too. What’s up?”

“I was wondering if we could hang out at the Y tonight?”

“Let me ask my Mom, be right back!”

Kurt waited anxiously.

Finally Eileen came back and said, “I’ll be there at 6:45.”

“Awesome I cannot wait to see you.”

“Now I have to do my homework.”

“I do too.”

“Well, I love you, Kurt!”

“I love you too, Eileen!”

They then hung up and Kurt went back to his Dad.

“Eileen will be at the Y at 6:45 this evening.”

“Okay, that’s cool. I’ll bring you. Now go do your homework.”

Kurt started his homework. First he did the math and everything with the polygons. Then he did science and was angered about how his classmates compared Eileen to a cow. He knew he was going to shower her with much affection later that evening. Then Kurt did his history worksheet and filled it out. Afterwards he read “Holding Steady” until it was time to go to the YMCA.

Kurt’s Dad drove him there in the blue sedan, then went in the men’s locker room. Kurt went in the boy’s locker room and changed into his swimming trunks.

Afterwards, he jumped into the pool. Eileen then jumped in afterwards.

Their eyes met and they shared a strong hug and a passionate kiss.

There was a female life guard on duty, who commented, “Y’all are so cute together. Just be careful though.”

Eileen then said, “Let’s swim together so we can exercise!”

“Sure thing, Eileen,” Kurt replied.

With that they began swimming vigorously next to each other until out of breath.

Both went into the shallow section of the pool and stood next to each other.

“Do you think I am sexy in my bathing suit?” Eileen asked Kurt.

Kurt kissed her and said, “I sure do!”

“Aw, you’re sweet!” Eileen replied, then continued, “Hold me in your arms!”

Kurt wrapped his arms around Eileen and kissed her forehead. Eileen rested her head in Kurt’s chest and they stood there holding on to each other and happy as can be.

There was music playing on a loud speaker, so they slow danced in the pool for the rest of the evening.

During the course of their dancing, Eileen said, “Everyone was so mean to me at the Lion’s Club dances, so I stopped going, but maybe you can take me there and we can dance together!”

Kurt replied, “I’d love to take you. I never went to those before because I knew no one would dance with me.”

“I sure will and only with you,” Eileen said with a big smile, then continued, “You’d only dance with me, right?”

“Yes. Only you. I can’t picture myself with anyone else!”

“Yay!” Eileen said as she kissed him.

They went sit outside on the lawn chairs, holding hands and kissing until it was time for the pool to close.

So Kurt and Eileen got dressed in their respective locker rooms then went wait in the lobby for Eileen’s parents to pick her up.

They pulled up in their white mini van and Eileen introduced Kurt to them.

“You must be Kurt, I’ve heard so much about you!” Her Mom said.

Kurt blushed and nodded.

“That’s my baby girl, so I expect you to be good to her. She has been through so much already.” Her Dad added in.

Kurt looked him in the eye and said, “Of course I’ll be good to her. I know what it’s like to be mistreated also, but I think the world and the moon of Eileen!”

“That’s what I want to hear!” Her Dad answered.

“Why don’t you have dinner with us Friday Night, Kurt?” Her mother asked.

“I’d really like that!” Kurt replied.

Kurt’s Dad was walking into the lobby and he greeted both of Eileen’s parents as well as Eileen.

“You raised a fine young man!” Eileen’s Mom told Kurt’s Dad.

“Yes. We have been praying that God send someone for our daughter.” Eileen’s Dad added in.

“Well I try. Kurt is crazy about Eileen as well.”

They talked for a few more minutes until it was announced that the YMCA would be closing so they all left.

The ride home was silent but happy for Kurt.

Upon arrival he called Eileen, to which she answered, “Hey you!”

“Hey. I was just calling to say we made it home safely and to tell you good night.”

“Okay, I have to get to bed in a few minutes myself.”

“Well just know that I love you!”

“I love you too, Kurt!”

They both hung up and went to bed happier than ever…

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The Situation Improves Slightly-Persecuted Affection

Kurt went sit on the benches to wait for his bus. He was filled with high anxiety known there would be an angry confrontation by his parents when he got home. He was extremely fidgety as he prepared himself for the worst. In time his bus pulled up and he boarded.

The ride seemed like the longest bus ride he ever took, but finally it came to his stop and he got off.

He walked the half block to his house and entered. His dad was already home watching the news.

Kurt walked into the den and was confronted, “What is going on at school now, Kurt?” He asked.

“Last night I met a girl at the YMCA and we really hit it off. We later talked online and I was moved by our conversation, so I printed out the transcript. This morning before school I was reading it and two bullies took it from me. They then handed it over to Mrs. Mathers who handed it over to Mrs. Bouchard and I already know she called you.”

“Well, there is nothing wrong with you having a girlfriend and I’m actually glad you do now, so I won’t make you and her break up. However, you should have known better not to bring that chat transcript to school, especially since you called your school a hell hole in the chat. There will be some consequence for you that your mother and I will discuss, but you won’t have to break up with her. However, no one from your school can know about the relationship. Fair enough?!”

“Yeah. I guess so.”

“Now, Mrs. Bouchard read the transcript to me over the phone and I want you to promise me something: I want you to be true to this girl and not break her heart, because she seems like a really good girl. I think you were right about some of those teachers being out to get you, but if you would have only acted better in the past, I could have backed you up.”

“I would never dream of breaking her heart, she is so sweet to me a lot of people at school are so horrible to me, but Eileen she is wonderful. And she has the biggest breasts I’ve ever seen. Actually, that was the first thing I noticed about her in the pool last night.”

“Well keep stuff like that between you and me and don’t you dare say that in front of your mother. Now go get started on your homework.”

Kurt in the dining room working on his math homework. He later continued reading his assigned book, “Holding Steady.”

Kurt’s mother came in from work and confronted him, as she was also called. However, his dad said, “I don’t want them to break up, however, he does need to be punished for bringing an inappropriate item to school.”

His mother said, “Kurt, you just better keep that pecker in your pants. You’re too young to be making babies.”

“Mom, I know that.”

“Just making sure. Now for your punishment, no BB gun and no video games for a month.”

“I could still use the computer, though, right? I mean that is how Eileen and I are keeping in touch.”

Both parents looked at each other, then nodded.

“Yay!” He said.

“But you will be grounded indefinitely from it if you bring anymore chat transcripts to school.”

“I won’t do that. Now I have to get back to my reading assignment.”

Kurt sat down and continued reading. He was glued to it and actually was three quarters done by eight o clock.

He had decided that he read enough for the night and went log on to the family computer. He then dialed into the AOL server and logged on to ICQ.

Within seconds he heard the familiar, “Uh-Oh.”

It was a message from Eileen, “Hey you! I missed you so much today and I can’t wait for us to talk again. Love, Eileen Cartensen.”

Kurt replied, “Oh, I missed you too and I love you!”

“How was your day?”

“It started out bad, but it turned out very good.”

“What happened?”

“Well, I printed out our chat transcript last night so it could be close to my heart.”

“Aw. You’re so sweet!”

“Thanks. But I was reading it before school the this morning and two bullies took it from me. They turned it in to the teachers and I got in trouble.”

“Oh. I’m sorry.”

“It gets worse: My parents were called and the vice principal who is also one of my teachers said we have to break up or I would be expelled. Now please don’t worry, my parents are not making us break up, but we will have to keep our relationship covert like 007! And my dad seems to like you as well.”

“Oh thank God! You’re so sweet to me and you’re so cute. I never want us to break up!”

“We won’t. I promise you!”

“I wish I was next to you right now. I’d kiss you all over!”

“I would kiss you too!”

“When is the next time you’re going to the Y?”

“I could possibly go tomorrow night if you want. Will you go too?”

“Of course. That is why I was asking.”

“I’d like that a lot.”


“I think you’re changing me for the better.”

“How’s that?”

“Well, I have to do a book report, something I usually hate doing, but I chose a love story and read most of it in just one sitting. It’s called “Holding Steady.”

“Oh, I really like that book. If you want, I could help you write a report on it.”

“That would be awesome.”

“Hey do you think I could have your phone number?”

“Of course. I’ll give you the house number and both of my parents’ cell numbers.”

“All right I’ll give you those as well.”

They exchanged the six numbers then went back to chatting.

They chatted until the hour of 10 PM when Eileen’s parents made her go to bed.

Lovingly they exchanged their good night messages and then signed off.

Kurt went to bed as well…

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