Sites I Frequently Use

This page features links to websites that I frequently use:

How to get it right with God -This decision will affect your eternity!

Social Media that I Manage:

Foamers With Scanners -Formerly known as “The Railroad Scanner.” This is a Facebook Group I manage. It is dedicated to the listening in on all radio traffic that pertains to railroads.

Victor One Three – Formerly known as “The Gulf Intracoastal Waterway Monitor.” This is another Facebook Group I manage. It is dedicated to the listening in on all radio traffic that pertains to water traffic on all American Inland Waterways. Formerly it was only limited to the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway.

My YouTube Channel -Videos made by yours truly.

Other Facebook Groups I participate in or at least follow:

LegendFire: A Group for Writers

Calculator collector

Sites pertaining to Flashlights:

Candle Power Forums-This is a forum dedicated to those who enjoy flashlights. -I contribute every now and then and some of my readers are referred from here, my username is “ericjohn”.

The Flashlight Museum -Has semi accurate material pertaining to my flashlight research.

Maglite -The best American made flashlights for the money.

PowerTac -An American flashlight outsourced to China but made nearly as well as a SureFire!

Nite Core -The best Chinese made flashlights and quite possibly the best Chinese made products period.

Streamlight -Very decent tactical and industrial flashlights.

Weltool -Thoroughly engineered high end professional and tactical flashlights and lasers.

Fenix -An excellent tactical and everyday carry flashlight company.

Lumintop -Decent budget-friendly tactical flashlights.

WowTac -Another brand of decent budget-friendly tactical flashlights.

Sure Fire -The elite of flashlights for the elite of users, but with a price barrier only the elite can justify breaking. The best American made flashlights and quite possibly the best flashlights in the world.

Pelican High quality flashlights for logistics, public safety and mechanical personnel.

Energizer -They have a flashlight for almost any consumer and a few professionals as well.

Eveready -Decent, budget friendly flashlights for a domestic setting.

Koehler-Bright Star -Decent quality flashlights for transportation, heavy industry, hazardous materials/environments and firefighting.

Sites Pertaining to Writing:

The Writer’s Beat -I am a semi active member here, my username is “ericjohn”.

Grammarly -As a self taught writer this is a true asset for helping me improve my grammar.

Sites Pertaining to Electronic Devices I Use:

Asus Rugged, powerful, long lasting computers.

BaoFeng -Makes amateur radio affordable to everyone.

Yaesu -The absolute best amateur radio equipment.

Sony -The best terrestrial broadcast radio receivers, in my opinion.

Uniden -My favorite brand of scanner radios.

Casio Watches -The most accurate watches for the money.

Casio Calculators -Very decent calculators.

Samsung Electronics -Makes very good phones, decent televisions and the best tablets.

LG -Since their merger with Zenith, they make the world’s best televisions-change my mind!

Midland Radio -They make the best Weather Radios and other very decent communications products.

Texas Instruments -My favorite brand of calculators and possibly the best.

Motorola -Hands down the best communications equipment!

Sites Pertaining to Other Cool Items (mostly knives, gear, backpacks, firearms and tools):

Victorinox Swiss Army -The inventor of the Original Swiss Army Knife.

Wenger -The makers of other quality Swiss products.

SwissGear by Wenger -The makers of my favorite backpacks and luggage.

Leatherman Tools The best multitools, in my opinion.

Ruger Firearms -My favorite brand of guns.

Klein Tools -The best tradespeople tools, hands down.

Craftsman Tools -The best tools for the money.

Kershaw Knives -Decent tactical knives.

Gerber Gear -Almost as good as Leatherman.

Sites Pertaining to all Things Railroad-Related:

Operation Lifesaver -Teaches people to respect trains as trains demand respect.

Kansas City Southern -My favorite current railroad.

Union Pacific -The biggest railroad company in the world.

Norfolk Southern -The thoroughbred of transportation.

BNSF AKA Burlington Northern Santa Fe` -Owns the railroad line in closest proximity to me, but acquired it in a dirty way.

Sites Pertaining to Online and/or Brick and Mortar Shopping:

eBay -I go here when I want something that is either discontinued or cannot be found locally.

Academy Sports and Outdoors -I shop here formerly for flashlights and currently self defense instruments and outdoor gear.

NAPA -I don’t usually shop here for auto parts, but rather flashlights and tools.

Wal*Mart -I go here for just about anything that can be purchased locally.

Target -A much more upscale shopping experience than Wal*Mart. I shop here to purchase electronics and backpacks, though I wish they had the wide selection of tools, outdoor gear, sporting goods and even flashlights that they once had.

The Dollar General -I formerly shopped here a good bit especially for dry goods, Eveready Gold Alkaline batteries, prepaid phone cards, Matchbox Cars, domestics and cleaning supplies because there are so many around me. Most are very convenient, however some and usually the ones in run-down neighborhoods which I began to refer to them as “The Ruble General” because their shopping experience is much like shopping in the former Soviet Bloc, ie long lines, cluttered aisles, food products out of stock, sometimes sub-par merchandise…

Sites Pertaining to Reference Material in my Research:

Blue Letter Bible -Very helpful to my Christian faith and growth.

DATAMATH CALCULATOR MUSEUM -Keeps me entertained and informed for hours on end with my calculator research.

Radio Shack Catalogs -I have spent a great deal of time here and still sometimes do for my research dealing with any Radio Shack product.

Radio Reference -An asset to programming my scanners and I do contribute here from time to time.

QRZ -Amateur Radio references and Callsign Database

United States National Weather Service -My source for all weather information and research.

Wikipedia -The best source of free information online. I spend a lot of time here and make corrections when I can.

YouTube -Video material that covers virtually any topic.

Sites Pertaining to my Favorite Foods and Drinks:

Tropicana -My Favorite Orange Juice.

Ocean Spray -My favorite product of theirs is the Cranberry-Raspberry Juice.

Frost Stop -This company, hand’s down, makes the best durn root beer ever!

Rouse’s Supermarkets -My Favorite [Local] Grocer.

Applebee’s -I always order the Boneless Buffalo Chicken.

Kentucky Fried Chicken -My Favorite Chicken Place. Unfortunately there are no longer any KFC restaurants in my immediate area.

Buffalo Wild Wings -My favorite wings are sold here. If you haven’t figured it out yet, Buffalo Chicken is one of my favorite foods.

Wendy’s -Hamburgers are my other favorite food.

Hardee’s -It seems very California, to me at least, but its roots are instead in Carolina. Unfortunately there are no more in my immediate area.

Cafe` Du Monde -I highly recommend visiting this place if you happen to be in or around New Orleans. They have the most awesome blend of coffee, chicory and hot milk as well the most delicious French-style doughnuts AKA beignets. Their products (coffee/chicory grinds and doughnut mix) are also sold at several Louisiana grocers.

McDonald’s -This is my favorite place to get breakfast food at any time of the day or night. I especially enjoy their coffee and hash browns. My favorite non-breakfast item is the Hot ‘N’ Spicy McChicken, though, because of its small size, I could eat five in one sitting.  I find myself also enjoying their ice cream, at least when the machine is functional.

Tabasco -My favorite hot sauce.