I am a Prepper

Yes, I am a prepper, at least to a minimal degree.

I’m not counting on a disaster to happen be it natural or man-made, but I just have a compulsive need to be at least somewhat prepared for that very thing.

On this page, I have compiled a list of articles and personal reflections that I have written pertaining to all things any prepper would be interested in.

These links appear elsewhere on my blog, but I figured it would be convenient to have them here as well.

Without further a do, here they are:

Dreams and Visions  I have experienced of unconventional war tactics used against American citizens on American soil.

I always EDC and have since the age of seven.

I Carry a Flashlight on Me at all Times, you should too.

Yet,  One Time I Did Not Have a Flashlight .

I Always Wear a Watch

Weather Radios -Why you should invest in at least one.

Supplemental Weather Alerting System -For trailer parks and other residential areas with poor reception.

My interest in Swiss Army Knives .

Tactical Grade Equipment Marketed to Consumers

Citizen’s Band Radio -A [preventable] wireless wasteland.