Hi. Somehow, you’ve managed to come across my page. Kudos for doing so!

My name is Eric John Monier. I’ve been writing, at least on the amateur level, since the age of sixteen. The first time I ever wrote anything aside from school work was on April 10 2003. What caused me to begin writing was a combination of medication and lack thereof, dreams I had experienced in the previous months, different literary works I was studying in Freshman High School English and, of course, just being young.

Due to the loss of a fellow aspiring writer on September 6, 2016, I’ve realized that I should not let this gift go to waste, even if I never earn a solitary copper penny from it. Therefore, I created this webpage, so I can share what I write with the world.

I’m recently divorced as of October 11, 2018, and I am ready to make a fresh start.

A second chance at love has been graciously imparted to me. I am in a relationship with a very beautiful and sweet young lady, whom I love and revere immensely.

This is Why I Write .

These life events are [some of] the Factors that made Me want to Write .

Believe it or not, I used to Hate Writing

If you don’t know me that well and haven’t figured it out yet, I will say that I am Indeed a Hopeless Romantic and I initially wrote love stories, but now have since expanded my horizons.

On this blog, I will be posting some of the articles, commentaries, essays, humor, personal reflections and stories I’ve written (and re-written) over the years. If/when I come up with anything new, I will be posting that material as well.

By the way, here are some websites I frequently use that supplement my varying hobbies and interests…

I am a Prepper

Some of my writings may inform you, entertain you, provoke your thoughts, provoke your emotions or maybe all of the above.

I hope to vindicate most, but I know; in the process I’ll unfortunately probably offend someone at some point or another eventually. I can live with that, for the most part, because to anyone whom I may offend, just know that I made you feel and think…