Somehow, you, the reader, have managed to come across my About page.

Kudos for doing so!

My name is Eric John Monier, I blow out my candles in early January and I was born in 1987. I’ve been writing, at least on the amateur level, since the age of sixteen. The first time I ever wrote anything aside from school work was on April 10, 2003. What caused me to begin writing was a combination of medication or lack thereof, dreams I had experienced in the previous months, different literary works I was studying in High School English classes and, of course, just being young.

Due to the loss of a fellow aspiring writer on September 6, 2016, I’ve realized that I should not let this gift go to waste anymore, even if I never earn a solitary copper penny from it. Therefore, I created this blog exactly one month later, so I can share what I write with the world.

I am disabled and therefore get a pension from my government due to various mental conditions, of which I have been afflicted since the age of six, but they didn’t get debilitating until the age of seventeen. I also have a back injury, which I sustained at the age of twenty-seven. My mental conditions and their required treatments hinder me from holding down any permanent or substantial job. I also get frequent pain and spasms in my lower back muscles, which sometimes even greatly hinders my writing (and you, the reader, will see it in some of my posts) much less my performance of any other job. I refuse to take pain medications for my back injury because I have read and watched too many stories of how these pain medications ruin lives even more than the injury in and of itself. All in all being on disability does meet all of my medical needs and most of my financial needs but also gives me time to pursue some of my passions, the main one being writing. I try to contribute to this blog at least a few times a week, sometimes more sometimes less.

My grammar may be sub-par at times, but that is because I have very little formal training in writing. Please forgive me and just bear with me though, because I try my best and I do write from my heart. I also try to learn better grammar and writing techniques when able. I have a blog instead of a vlog because I feel that I am much better at writing than speaking. Furthermore, I hate my own voice and I don’t want to subject others to it.

I was married from 2010 to 2018 to a woman who didn’t appreciate or validate me at all. She hated most of everything I wrote. She was very cruel in so many other ways. Needless to say for the last four years of that marriage, I wanted out but tried anyway because I wanted to honor my God.

I Am Currently Single

To describe me further, I love and cook like a French person, I’m fair-skinned and strive to be ethical like an Irish person, I have a strong appreciation for and a fairly decent command of the English language, people tell me I’m kind-hearted and I frequently listen to a scanner like a Redneck, I’m curly-haired but precise like a German-Israeli and I’m passionate though sometimes highly opinionated like a Spaniard of the IsleƱo variety. That’s also my genetic makeup that I know of.

There are very certain reasons why I write and I realized this one day in 2009 while I was working.

These life events are [some of] the Factors that made Me want to Write or at least the ones I am comfortable enough to share.

Believe it or not, I used to Hate Writing because of my early education and upbringing. It is but a miracle that I like to write now, much less that I keep an active blog!

If you don’t know me that well and haven’t figured it out yet, I will say that I am Indeed a Hopeless Romantic and I initially wrote love stories, but now have since expanded my horizons.

On this blog, I will be posting some of the articles, commentaries, essays, humor, personal reflections, product reviews and stories I’ve written (and re-written) over the years. If/when I come up with anything new, I will be posting that material as well.

By the way, here are some websites I frequently use that supplement my varying hobbies and interests…

I am a Prepper and have been since my early 20’s but always wanted to be the equivalent of one since my mid to late childhood. Of course in those days “everyday carry” and “prepper” weren’t commonly known words and phrases like they are now.

Some of my writings may inform you, entertain you, provoke your thoughts, provoke your emotions or maybe all of the above.

I hope to vindicate most, but I know; in the process, I’ll unfortunately probably offend someone at some point eventually. I can live with that, for the most part, but I do sincerely apologize if my content offends you. Furthermore, to anyone whom I may offend, just know that I made you feel and think!

All in all, I hope you, the reader, have a positive reading experience on my blog and that you come back often! May God richly bless you and may you be more enlightened than previously!