The First Hours of 2020-Second Chances


We lay on a blanket at the river levee until our Sunday School teacher says, “Well, it’s getting too cold for me, let’s head back home.”

“Sure thing. We need to take our medicine anyway,” I reply.

“Thank you for bringing us,” My girlfriend adds.

“Yes, thank you, sir” I also say.

“Y’all are quite welcome,” Our Sunday School teacher replies.

We then help him load everything into his SUV. He loads his two grandchildren into the third row of seats. After they are well buckled up, we sit in the middle row, clinging to each other.

Our Sunday School teacher drives through the traffic, narrowly missing several impaired drivers. Amazingly he still maintains a Christian vocabulary. It is something to be admired.

My girlfriend is laying on my shoulder half asleep and sweetly snoring. She is so cute.

We arrive at her roommate’s house and I gently wake her.

“Let me just make sure that my girlfriend takes her medication,” I tell our Sunday School teacher.

“Most definitely,” He replies.

We walk up the steps, across the porch and my girlfriend unlocks the door, though half asleep.

She and I walk inside and I help her pull out the bed of her futon.

“Please take your medication, bae,” I tell her.

“Could you get me a glass of chocolate milk to take it?”

“Of course.”

I go to the refrigerator and see a half gallon of Borden Dutch Brand Chocolate Milk and I pour her a glass, taking a small sip myself.

I then bring her the glass and she already has the pills out.

She pops them, then downs the glass of chocolate milk and climbs onto the futon.

I give her many kisses as I tuck her in.

In a sleepy voice, she says, “Come see me later today,”

She then grabs me and pelts my face with many more kisses as we exchange those three little words.

I kiss her once more, then exit the front door, locking it behind me.

My Sunday School teacher is waiting with his wife and grandchildren in their SUV.

I enter, sit down and buckle up.

They then drive me to my house.

Upon arrival, I thank them for bringing us, then wish them a good night and a happy new year.

I exit the SUV with my belongings, enter the gate of my hurricane fence, cut across my front yard, walk up my steps, across my front porch then unlock my front door and enter my house.

I drink some Pepsi and take my medication, then cover up and crash on my sofa.

Finally, I text my girlfriend to let her know that I safely arrived home.

We then exchange those three little words once more.

Soon, I am fast asleep…

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