New Year’s Celebrations-Second Chances


My girlfriend and I have affectionately been texting each other all day.

It is now early evening.

In a group text, my Sunday School teacher has offered to take everyone in his class out to watch fireworks on the River.

He offers to drive my girlfriend and me.

I get dressed putting on some Navy Blue pants, a white turtle neck sweater with a tee shirt underneath, and a black vintage Corduroy Jacket. I place my Streamlight Jr. flashlight in my right pocket as usual along with my Motorola Smartphone in my left and my SwissGear Wallet in my left rear pocket. I also place one of my scanners, an older Uniden BC72XLT, in my jacket pocket so I can tune in to the railroad and marine communications.

The other couple is coming in their older minivan.

My teacher is with his wife and grandchildren. They pick me and my girlfriend up in an SUV.

Soon enough, they drive to my house.

He is in the driver seat, his wife is in the front passenger seat and their grandchildren are seated in the middle row of seats. My girlfriend is sitting in the third row of seats. She is wearing a soft pink sweater, a knee-length denim skirt, long black socks, and light blue tennis shoes.

I get flashed by her as she makes room for me to sit next to her.

For just a moment I stare longingly at her peach-colored panty, clinging to her thick pelvic region in between her creamy pale thighs until she lovingly grabs me and pulls me into her embrace. We then sit close together as we share some very sweet kisses.

She wraps her arms around me and holds me tightly as we ride to the ferry landing.

“Thank you so much for taking us,” I tell my Sunday School teacher and his wife.

“Yes. Thank you!” My girlfriend adds in.

“Y’all are both welcome,” He replies.

“Y’all make a lovely couple,” His wife interjects.

“Thank you. We met because of your husband’s class,” I reply.

“I had been praying for years that God would send him to me. I just didn’t think that He would have placed this sweet young man right in Sunday School, but He is so good and I’m glad He did!” My girlfriend then says.

“I guess I had to get away from everyone and everything I formerly knew, and start a new life after a divorce and then a breakup, but, just days after moving to this city, I met this lovely young lady in our Sunday School class and besides Christ, she completes me!”

My girlfriend then steals a kiss.

The two grandchildren giggle at us.

We see a train, switching one of the city’s many terminals.

The grandchildren watch in amazement.

“Y’all want to see something really neat?” I ask everyone.

My girlfriend nods.

The grandchildren both say, “Yeah…Yeah!”

I pull out my scanner and tune in to the conductor and engineer talking to each other.

My girlfriend watches in amazement. I can see a bright twinkle in her eyes.

“Aw, that is so cool!” The younger grandchild exclaims.

“Can you tune in those on the boats too?” The older grandchild asks.

“I can, but those on the boats use too much filthy language and this is a Christian vehicle, so I won’t tune them in.”

“Aw dang it.”

“I know. It’s really interesting to listen to because you know when a boat or ship is coming before it gets here, but it seems that those marine crews will not watch their mouths. I don’t want to expose my girlfriend or your grandmother to that kind of talk. You don’t need to be hearing it either.”

“Oh, okay.” The older grandchild says.

“Well, I am hungry, what about y’all?” My Sunday School teacher interjects.

“Yes,” My girlfriend says.

“Me as well,” I add in

Us too…Us too!” The young grandchild replies.

“Well, let’s go to Rally’s. My treat.

“Let’s each get a Big Buford and the largest Banana Shake to split amongst us,” My girlfriend whispers to me. I nod in agreement, then kiss her.

We pull into the Rally’s and our Sunday School teacher asks us, “What would y’all like?”

My girlfriend says, “A Big Buford for each of us and a Large Banana Shake for us to split.”

“Okay good,” He replies.

He then looks at his wife and asks, “What would you like, honey?”

“A fish sandwich and some sweet tea,” She replies.

“I think I’ll have that too,” My Sunday school teacher interjects, then continues, looking at his grandchildren, “And what would y’all like?”

“A Chicken Sandwich and a Cherry Coke,” The older grandchild replies.

“A chicken tender basket and some orange soda,” The younger grandchild adds.

“All right, I think we are ready to order, then,” My Sunday School teacher says, then pulls up and places his order.

He then drives up to the window and pays.

In time our food is handed to us.

We sit at a table and the other couple from our Sunday School group meets us there.

My girlfriend and I look nervously at each other.

Our Sunday School teacher leads in saying Grace as we all bow our heads and hold hands.

We then eat.

I tell my Sunday School teacher, “Thank you for dinner, especially Rally’s. This should give us enough nourishment to hold us up throughout the night and I can even go home and write for my blog.”

“Yes. Thank you so much!” She pauses, then looks at me and says, “I cannot wait to see what you write, baby!”

“Well, I draw my inspiration from you!”

She giggles and we rub our noses together.

The young woman from the other couple says, “Y’all are so cute together!”

“Thank you!” We reply in unison.

“He is everything I prayed for in a mate!” My girlfriend says, beaming.

“And I feel as if I am living out the lives of the characters in the stories I write just by loving and being loved by her!”

The young man from the other couple says gruffly, “I came across his blog the other night. He’s wrong for writing some of the stuff on there.”

Defensively, I ask, “What do you mean?”

“Nope! Uh-uh! I won’t discuss it here, there are children present!”

“Well, what I write involves nothing more than what people who are in love would normally do,” I tell him.

“I think what he writes is beautiful. I’ve never seen anything like it!” My girlfriend adds in.

“Thank you, baby!” I tell her as I kiss her hand.

“All right, settle down. Let’s have a peaceful time of fellowship,” My Sunday School teacher says.

“Yes sir,” I reply.

The other young man simply gives me a dirty look.

My girlfriend and I finish our Big Bufords, then begin spoon-feeding our banana shake to each other while smiling from ear to ear.

The sun is beginning to set, so we drive to the ferry landing and lay several blankets and sheets on the River Levee.

Our Sunday School teacher prays with us while we listen to worship music.

My girlfriend sits with her legs crossed and cradles my head in her lap as I look up at her blushing face.

The other young man says, “Can’t y’all act right for just a little while?”

His wife says, “Come on, leave them alone. Besides, I would like you to lay your head in my lap.”


“Because I love you.”

“There’s more to love than showing off your affections to everyone.”

“You’re right, but it should be one of the benefits of being in love.”

“All right. I know we had Rally’s instead of Burger King, but have it your way!” The young man says with slight irritation.

His wife then smiles and giggles.

She sits near us, also cradling her husband in her lap.

We then have some real fellowship.

In time the countdown begins.

The crescendo of fireworks increases until the stroke of midnight then the sky lights up.

My girlfriend’s lips meet mine and we ring in the New Year with a long, powerful kiss.

Little do we know what we will face in the upcoming months…

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