Part Two-Severe Love Warning

The next morning Cade was looking out of the bedroom window, waiting for Amelia. Not long after, she was standing near the property line. Just as planned; Amelia, carrying her Swiss-made backpack, gave him the hand signal. Cade nodded then walked into the living room then out the door. He started up his ’57 Apache, then drove up the gravel road. Amelia waited for Cade’s truck to leave and create some distance, then took off on her bicycle and followed, just as planned. While waiting for Amelia, Cade parked his truck on the side of the gravel road, perpendicular to the main highway.

An older sheriff’s deputy pulled up in a vintage AMC Matadoor with a long whip antenna on the trunk lid and asked Cade, “Engine trouble, young man?”

“No sir” Cade replied

“Then why are you parked here?”

“I am waiting for my girlfriend.”

“Well, where is she coming from?”

“Down this gravel road, she is coming on a bicycle.”

“Why can’t you meet her down there?”

“She is not exactly allowed to see me.”

“Is this girl at least 18?”

“20 going on 21, actually.”

“And how old are you?”

“25,” Cade replied and showed the cop his driver’s license.

“Then why can’t she see you?”

“Her boss doesn’t want her to.”

The deputy then said, rolling his eyes “That sounds like Helen Hunter. Am I correct?”

“Yes sir.”

“That woman has committed and still does commit quite a few infractions over the years.” He paused, then continued “There have been numerous complaints but my boss just as soon is in bed with her. My hands are tied, she uses her money and influence to make him look the other way.”

“Somehow I am not surprised at all.”

“Just try not to get her too angry or she will make your life a living hell.”

“I’ll try, but I can’t promise anything, because I am crazy about this young lady who happens to work for her!”

“Well, you just be careful, young man. I have to go now as I am on duty, just wanted to make sure you were all right.”

“Thank you, and you be careful as well, sir.”

The deputy drove off, and a few minutes later Amelia arrived on her bicycle. She strongly grabbed Cade and then planted a heavy kiss on his lips.

“Are you ready?” He asked.

She nodded and then asked “Where should we go today?”

Cade suggested “There’s a diner right when you get into town. My aunt owns it, so I figure we can go there.”

Amelia smiled and then set her backpack, behind the seat, then Cade lifted her bicycle into the bed of his truck, covered it with tarpaulin, and closed the tailgate. He then helped her into his truck and was accidentally flashed by her. He saw right up her pink sun dress and was overcome with lust. Her white cotton granny panty caught his eyes and for a brief moment, time stopped and he stared at the beautiful sight.

Amelia ended the moment, though softly, as she smiled and said “You better give me a kiss if you’re going to look under my dress like that, Mister!” Cade then sheepishly kissed Amelia as she pulled his face into her breasts and held him there tightly while playing with his hair for just a moment.

“I could stay like this forever,” Cade said.

“I know, but we run the risk of being seen by the wrong people,” Amelia replied, then reluctantly let him go.

Cade then climbed over Amelia and into his side of the truck and they drove to the diner.

Upon arriving, they found a booth and sat down.

“Aunt Margie, are you here?” Cade called out. “There is someone I want you to meet.” He continued

She replied from her office. “Just a little bit, Cade.” Not long after, she came out and greeted them.

Cade introduced her saying “This is Amelia Schriever, she works for that crazy old hag who is next door to the family property.” He paused then said “Don’t tell anyone, that we are together because she could lose her job for going out with me. Helen Hunter is so uptight.”

Aunt Margie said “Don’t worry, Cade, my lips are buttoned. She seems like a nice girl though and she is very pretty. You have good taste.”

Amelia blushed, then said “Thank you for saying that. Helen usually cuts me down and makes me feel horrible.”

Aunt Margie replied, “Yes, she is a nasty neighbor and a source of misery to us all. You shouldn’t let her bring you down, because you are much better than her.” Aunt Margie paused then continued “Now, anyways, what could I get for you two?”

Cade looked at Amelia and asked, “What do you want?” She replied “Strawberry pancakes sound good. And I’ll have a glass of chocolate milk.”

His aunt then asked, “And for you Cade?” He replied “I’ll have two sausage biscuits with cheese, and fried eggs, sunny side up. I would also like a cup of coffee with heavy cream and a glass of V8 juice.”

“Coming up.” His aunt replied, then continued, “Cade, I think I should give you an antacid with your breakfast. You better take it.”

Cade looked at Amelia’s backpack, “So what do you keep in there anyway?”

Amelia replied, “Oh some potions I have been working on, from plant extracts. I also have my pocketbook, sunglasses, keys, an Eveready penlight, my Flavoradio, perfume, my mirror, and my diary.”

“Wow, that’s a lot of stuff. What kind of potions do you have?”

“I have created some aphrodisiacs, tranquilizers, pain relievers, elixirs, and antidotes.”

“That is so neat, especially the aphrodisiacs,” Cade replied; then blushed afterward.

“Well I tried them on myself once, and they brought up some powerful urges in me. I could never act on them until I was in my room by myself.”

“I would like to try them, you know, you only live once.”

Amelia opened up a bottle and then placed some crushed powder into both of their glasses of water. They toasted each other and drank both of the glasses.”

“Wow sure this tastes strange,” Cade said.

“Yes it does, but it is very potent,” Amelia replied, then kissed him.

The kiss was followed by an awkward silence. Little did they know, there were others in the diner that were listening in. It just so happened that Cade looked around the dining room, and saw everyone whispering and staring.

Cade noticed them and said “Gosh durn it, I hate how these small town people are so nosy. I wish it was like the city, where everyone minds their own business.”

Amelia added in, “I’m from the city actually, but I took the job here because I also needed a place to stay for cheap. Helen Williams rents out some rooms on her botanical nursery property for the ladies that work there.”

“I heard she does it all under the table. I guess that’s so she will not have to keep a lease or pay taxes.”

“That’s right. And because she does not sign a lease, she is not required to keep us there if she would decide to fire us.” The people began to point and whisper some more, to which Cade was getting highly irritated. Before they were even able to finish their breakfast, they decided to leave.

Cade paid his aunt, tipped her, and, said “Can we take this food to go? I don’t want to waste it, but I also can’t stand these nosy people in here.” His aunt nodded, packed up the food, and handed it to them as they walked out of the diner.

Amelia said, “I see what you mean about nosy small-town people. I hope that word doesn’t get back to my boss. Where could we go to be alone?”

“Well there are several places to go, but I wouldn’t take you there.”

“Why not?” Amelia asked

Cade replied, “Because, you’re a lady, and those places are either full of seedy people or thugs. I would take you back to the house, but I’m afraid Helen might see us walking in together.”

Amelia then asked, “Then, if it’s all right with you Cade, why don’t we take a ride somewhere?”

Cade smiled and said, “That’s a good idea. Now, let’s just see where we can go.” He pulled his map from under the windshield on the dashboard. He studied the map and said, “We are on Route 10, running concurrently with Route 9.” He pointed at the flashing 3 Way Stoplight, then said “That’s where the two highways split off.” He said, then continued. “We can go northwest on Route 10, or southwest on Route 9.” He then said, “We can go to the town where the two major waterways crisscross, and I can buy you some sexy clothes at this store I heard of.” It is about 10 miles southwest of here, on Route 9.”

Amelia nodded and said, “That’s a wonderful idea, but just so you know, Cade, I would go anywhere with you.” She leaned over to kiss him, and once again Cade was turned on. They drove the ten miles on Route 9, entered the town, and then into the downtown district. Cade parked his truck on the street, and they went walking along the sidewalk. After about a quarter of a block, they came to the front of the clothing store.

Amelia looked into the window and said, “Imagine how I would look in one of those skirts?”

“Let’s find out!” Cade said. They walked in and Amelia asked the clerk, “I would like to try on some of those skirts”

Cade told Amelia, “I could also get you a nightgown and maybe some cute panties.”

Amelia giggled and nodded as she stole a kiss.

The clerk was an old and old-fashioned woman.

She looked at them sternly, and asked, “Are you two married?”

“No,” They replied simultaneously.

The clerk said, “Well I can’t have both of you shopping for clothes here together, especially underclothes. It’s just not proper. A boy should not see a girl’s nightgown or underwear unless she is married to him.”

Cade showed her a handful of cash, and then asked “What if I paid a little extra for her clothes?”

The old woman grabbed her broom as she said, “What kind of sell-out do you think I am?” She continued, “I don’t care how much you want to pay me, I will not sell you two any clothes. What is this world coming to?” She then chased them out with her broom.

They ran out of the store and onto the sidewalk both laughing.

Amelia said, “I have an idea.”

“What’s that?” Cade asked.

Amelia answered as she leaned her back against a lamp post, “Give me a big kiss and hold me tight.” Cade happily did so as she giggled, then said, “Now rub my fanny a little.” Cade complied and was now getting highly turned on, likewise, Amelia, who then said “Now lift my sundress a little.”

Cade began proceeded as he shook with excitement. The old lady came out from the clothing store swinging her broom, and yelling “Knock it off and get out of my sight before I call the police, you dirty animals!”

Filled with a rush of affection and laughter, they then ran to Cade’s truck and left the downtown district.

They came to a filling station, and Cade said “Oh better fill the truck up. Could I get you anything?”

Amelia replied, “A cherry cola would be nice.”

Cade walked into the store. He looked at the little gadgets under the counter and the soft drinks in the coolers.

He picked up two cherry colas, and then looked under the counter and asked “I see that Klein pocket knife with a sheep foot blade.”

The attendant replied “For you, $8. That’s a very good deal. It is made here in The States, not overseas. In other words, not like the junk they sell at those new-fangled department stores.”

Cade then asked “And what would you suggest for my girlfriend, she is waiting in the truck and I would like to surprise her.”

The attendant went into the back room and said “How about this?” He blew the dust off the box, then continued “It’s a mighty fine Ladies Rolex watch.”

Cade looked at the watch and then studied it very closely. It was a shiny yellow gold and had a blue face and bright sparkling hands and markings.” ”

“$350,” The attendant said.

Cade pulled out his cash and asked “Is this real?”

The attendant said “Look at the minute hand. Do you see how it sweeps instead of ticks? That means it is real my friend. I also have all the paperwork if you still don’t believe me.”

Cade asked, “Well, how did you come across one of these?”

“I have a friend who is in the jewelry business. When he has new-old stock on clearance, he sells them to me. I then sometimes resell them,” The salesman replied.

Cade then paid for all the goods.

He then placed another $10 bill on the counter, as he said, “I also need to fill up my truck.”

The cashier took the money and Cade put the watch in his left pocket and the knife in his right. He then went out to pump his fuel. He opened the door and Amelia playfully swung her legs out, to cause Cade’s lustful feelings to come forth. He kissed her and handed her one of the soft drinks.

He then said, “I know where we can go.”

“Where’s that?” Amelia asked.

“We can go to where the two waterways cross.”

He paused and then continued, “We can sit on the tailgate of my truck, and watch the boat traffic pass by.

She smiled and said, “That could be fun.”

Cadee finished pumping fuel into his truck then they drove down to the canal intersection. Cade pulled out his new knife and began to clean his fingernails. Amelia watched him and giggled.

“You like my new knife?”

“Yes, it looks very neat.”

Cade then said “I have a surprise for you later. I think you will like it.” Amelia smiled from ear to ear, and then grabbed his shirt and wildly kissed him.

Cade took his Realistic Patrolman Mini radio from behind his seat and said, “I have a radio too and I can tune in the boat captains, bridge tenders, and deckhands talking to each other on it.”

“That’s neat, my Flavoradio only gets AM, but there’s lots of good music on there.”

They sat there for a few hours, both flirting and touching each other with affection. Amelia then fell asleep in Cade’s lap to the chatter of maritime workers. She rested for a few hours. The whole while Amelia was sleeping Cade massaged her and kissed her.

When she woke up she looked up at him and said “Wow, I thought it was a dream. This is better than any dream.” She paused then said, “Now I am feeling very frisky.”

Once again, the western side of the sky was getting blue. Just as Amelia wrapped her legs around Cade and was about to pull him under her dress and slip, there was a bright flash of lightning followed by a loud and disturbing thunder.

“Durn it, looks like another storm is moving in,” Cade said

“Where will we go now?” Amelia asked.

He opened his truck door for her and she stepped in “We can head back to my family’s property. There is a storm shelter there. It used to be a bomb shelter but now we use it for weather like this. It’s dark and cramped in there but at least it is safe and private. We should go there.” He paused and then said, blushing “I’ll only take you there if you want to go.”

“Of course. I think it would be a good idea if we could go somewhere we would be alone and not be seen by anyone if you get my drift!” Amelia said as she winked and shook her dress playfully. They were both feeling extremely lustful towards each other when Cade’s truck radio sounded an alert tone for a tornado watch.

Amelia, now frightened said “Yes, I want to go there. I want to be safe from this weather.”

“Your wish is my command, baby,” Cade said, and with that pounded the accelerator pedal they drove back to the property as fast as possible. In a short while they made it back to the property and then to the entrance of the shelter.


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