Part Three-Severe Love Warning

They walked from the truck to the shelter door. It was a small building embedded in a hill. The shelter had only been used when there was the threat of stormy weather and when the family could get to it in time. Cade parked his truck then reached in under the seat for his 5 D Cell Maglite flashlight and turned it on. He then escorted Amelia into the shelter, as the winds were starting to pick up. He pointed the flashlight at the steps, so they could see through the dark pathway that led to the main room. Cade figured that his aunt’s children were all in school and would probably be kept there until the weather had passed. He knew his dad would be working in his office which was in the very center of the building. He then figured that his aunt and her employees would go in the stockroom of the diner which was also the safest place to be. He walked back to the entrance and pulled the keys out of his pocket. He locked the entrance door behind them and walked back down to the main room. There was a Realistic Weatheradio 5, a first aid kit, a mattress with blankets, several unused Radio Shack Powerhouse flashlights, and a box of Radio Shack batteries and PR12 bulbs. For food, there were gallon jugs of water, powdered Tang, a few boxes of Sun-Maid raisins, several jars of Jif peanut butter, and crates of military surplus chocolate bars and hardtack crackers. By the light of Cade’s Maglite flashlight and Amelia’s Eveready penlight, they sat down on the mattress.

Amelia smiled with mischief and lust as she said, “You know Cade, we can have plenty of fun in here.” She then blushed in the glow of their flashlights.

Cade asked, with a shaky voice, “You mean we can make love to each other?”

Amelia replied “Well of course! What did you think we would do, silly?” She paused then said, “Now, why don’t you come a little closer!” Amelia motioned for Cade to come. He hadn’t fully approached her when she leaned over grabbed and kissed him, as she said “Whatever we do in here, no one will ever know!”

Cade, who was now lustfully turned on, but also anxious, said “I am a virgin. Are you as well?”

There was then an awkward silence.

Cade then apologized “Sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you.”

Amelia finally replied “Yes, I am too. Well, except for my fingers that is. A girl needs some release.”

“Well, in that case, my thumb and index finger deflowered me a long time ago.” Cade replied, then continued, “If we do become intimate, I still want you tomorrow and the next day and every day after that until the end of time. I hope that’s what you want too.”

“Yes, I want that as well. You’re handsome as can be and you have a wonderful heart,” Amelia replied, lovingly.

Cade humbly stated, then continued, “Maybe it’s your potion talking, but I desire your body intensely right now!”

Amelia said, as she lifted her pink sun dress at him while saying, “Good, because I know you’ve been wanting to see under my dress all day. Don’t think I haven’t noticed. Here’s your chance.” She then pulled him on top of her and wrapped her legs around him She then spoke “Take me, Cade. Now!”

Cade replied, “I am a little nervous.”

Amelia said, “Don’t worry, we’ll get through this together.”

Cade then said, “Well I am ready then.”

Amelia pulled down her panty to her ankles, then removed it completely. It was soaked and dripping with her feminine juices as she rubbed it in Cade’s face, to which he became filled with a passion unlike ever before.

He dropped his tan trousers and Amelia yanked off Cade’s blue boxer briefs, all while they were waging a kissing war on each other.

At last, they commenced lovemaking as Cade rocked back and forth inside Amelia with tremendous vigor.

Amelia matched Cade’s movement as they hungrily gazed into each others’ eyes.

In due time, they felt the bursting of release, then snuggled together on the mattress. Amelia rubbed Cade’s hairy chest and asked “Can we really be together forever?”

“We can and as far as I am concerned; we will!” Cade said, then continued, “I had the word forever about to be spoken myself, but did not want to repel you from me.”

Amelia replied, with her heart on her sleeve, ” Well I love you, Cade, and I hope you are not repelled by that.”

Cade said, “Love was on the tip of my tongue as well and I am so happy that your feelings are the same as mine.” Amelia then kissed him.

There was a little awkwardness between them until Cade said, “Why don’t I check the weather?”

“Good idea.”

Cade got dressed and stepped out. It was still pouring down rain. He then made his way back into the shelter by the light of his flashlight, to see through the pathway.

He stared at Amelia for a moment and noticed she had a glow radiating from her face and body that was accentuated by the beam of their flashlights.

“My God, you are beautiful, Amelia.” They sat down on the mattress and began talking; Cade asked “I do hope and pray that we are going to be together forever, but I know there will be some hurdles?”

Amelia then answered him “I know, I know, but our love will find a way.”

He asked her, “You really think so?”

“I know so,” Amelia answered then continued “For my entire life, I wanted someone like you. Now that I have found you, I am filled with pure bliss!”

There was another awkward silence, then Amelia asked “How’s the weather.”

“The sky is still dark, and it is raining hard I think we should stay in here for right now.”

Amelia then said, “Maybe we can spend the evening together, I don’t have to be at work until seven tomorrow morning.”

Cade looked at his Micronta wristwatch and then said, “It’s one in the afternoon, let me tune in to the weather forecast.”

Amelia nodded.

Cade turned the weatheradio on, but heard nothing but static. He stood on top of the mattress and held the radio up to the ceiling. There was still much static, but finally, he heard the meteorologist’s voice coming in. “There is a significant line of severe weather moving through the listening, from the west. Expect strong to severe thunderstorms for the rest of the afternoon and all night long. We are also under a tornado watch until midnight. Stayed tuned to this frequency for more updates.”

Cade then asked, “Do you want to stay here or go into the house?”

Amelia replied “Let’s stay here, for in case there is a tornado, they are very common this time of year. Besides if Helen Hunter sees us walking into the house together, she will get very suspicious.”

Cade replied, “You’re right, we’re better off in here.” He paused then asked “So how were you able to come up with potions like that? They obviously work, just look at what happened.”

Amelia replied “Well, I was taller than all the other girls and also overweight, so I was teased a lot. It only became worse until I dropped out of school at age 13. So I would spend my free time going to the library and reading about plant-based medicine. I have read many volumes on the subject. I began experimenting with it when I was 16. That’s what made me want to be a gardener, so I could harvest the plants to make my potions. My family kicked me out when I was 18 because I didn’t go back to school. I learned about Hellen Hunter’s nursery and how she rented out rooms on the grounds of her property so I had just enough cash for a one-way bus ticket to Checker. Little did I know how horrendous her terms of employment and housing would be. It’s more than worth all of it, though, if I can now be with you, Cade Jennings.”

“I love you, Amelia, and I will do everything in my power to make this work for us.”

“I love you too. I feel as if all the wrongs are now becoming right. I now know why I am so gifted with botanicals.”

“That is wonderful, especially, how you made that love potion. I never felt so passionate. But all that lovemaking has made me hungry, especially since we weren’t able to eat much of our breakfast, and no lunch. I have some food rations in here. They’re not the best though they should give us enough energy to sustain us. Would you like some chocolate bars?”

Amelia nodded then said, “Most definitely, if we mix chocolate with my love potion, imagine the powerful intimacy we will experience.”

Cade said, “That’s very true.” He paused then continued “Well, say no more, I will get us some chocolate.” Cade reached into a dark corner, by the light of his flashlight, and reached into the crate for two bars. Suddenly he heard a hissing sound and then a painful grip on his arm. He looked at his arm and saw two bleeding puncture wounds. It was now burning. “Gosh durnit, son of a Baptist preacher, I think a snake just bit me.” He screamed in pain.

Amelia asked, “Is there anything to kill it with?” Cade was shrieking in pain and then said “Get my Magite, I am going to beat it to death.” Amelia ran to the door, retrieved the long flashlight, and handed it to Cade. With the aid of his flashlight on his right he searched around the room. Finally, he spotted the snake “Die, you miserable creature, go right back to hell where you came from!” He screamed then struck the snake’s midsection. There was an angry hiss from the snake that was immobilized and bleeding. Cade then smashed the snake’s throat just below the head with the tail end of his Maglite.

“Get a drinking cup and the snake’s head, I can heal you,” Amelia said.

Cade took his new pocket knife and cut off the snake’s head. He then handed it to Amelia. She took her penlight and examined his wound. “It’s not that deep, but I will make an antidote for you just in case any venom was injected into you.” Cade began to have chills and blurred vision. He felt a fierce burning in his arm burned. Amelia hurriedly took the cup and searched in her backpack for an antidote potion. She then opened a jug of water and poured it into the mixture as she said, “Here drink this.”

Cade immediately drank the mixture, in one gulp. Amelia then said “Now you just rest, Cade. I will take care of you.” Amelia said as she rested his head on her lap. She felt his head and spoke “Oh, you have a terrible fever, but that is your body killing off the venom proteins. The potion should do the trick in time.”

“You are truly a lifesaver, Amelia, I know before this happened I said I want you forever, but you saving my life confirms this feeling that much more. I owe my life to you and I will be your husband as soon as I am better.” Cade said as he breathed hard.

Amelia rubbed his face and spoke, “Just rest now, you will get better in time.” He smiled and nestled his head in her legs.

She kissed his forehead and said, “I will take good care of you, and when you are better, I am going to make wonderful love to you again and again.”

Cade smiled up at her.

Hours passed.

Amelia felt Cade’s forehead and spoke gently, “Your fever is going down, let me check your eyes.” She took her Eveready penlight and then said, “Your pupils are looking normal. I think my antidote potion is working.”

Cade looked up at Amelia, then said “I have my dad to thank for selling me that Maglite at a discount price.”

“Well I normally don’t like weapons or objects used as weapons,” Amelia said and continued “I am a healer, or at least I would like to think of myself as one. But I guess I can see a purpose for them.”

Cade said, “You are a healer in my book, you saved my life and I am in debt to you. I will give you anything I can afford.”

Amelia smiled and asked, “Do you still want to get married?”

Cade replied, “More than ever, are you sure that’s all you want?”

Amelia nodded and said, “As long as you promise to love, honor and cherish me for the rest of your life.”

Cade smiled and said, “It is done, and believe me I will give you that and much more.” Cade reached into his pocket and handed Amelia the watch.

“Oh Cade, it’s beautiful,” She said.

Cade replied, “And that’s just the beginning if we are to get married.”

Amelia smiled and kissed him, then said, “You rest.”

He fell asleep in her arms and she watched him through the night, looking at her new timepiece and counting the hours. Finally, it was the hour of Three O’Clock in the morning. She woke Cade up kissing him on the forehead. Cade arose and Amelia asked him, “How do you feel?”

Cade answered, “Like a million dollars. Those drugs you gave me worked.”

Amelia smiled and asked, “Are you still serious about marrying me?”

Cade replied, “I am as serious as the complications I would have had from that snake bite had you not healed me.”

She smiled and kissed him.

There was silence for just a moment then Amelia asked, “You think you’re able to drive?”

Cade replied, “I don’t see why not.”

Amelia then said, “Well, can you take me to the property line, so I can go back to work? I want to be back to my dwelling, under the cover of darkness so Hellen Hunter does not get suspicious.”

Cade replied, “Your wish is my command.”

With that, they exited the shelter. By the light of their flashlights, they walked to Cade’s truck. There was a dampness in the early morning air, as they stepped into the truck. Cade said “I am going to miss you so much. How did Shakespeare say it? Parting is such sweet sorrow?!”

Amelia smiled and said “It’s only for a little while. I cannot wait until the next time I am in your arms.” She leaned over, grabbed and kissed him. Sadly, they drove back to the house. The sun had not yet come up when Amelia said “Cade, I have to go now, so I can get home without Ms. Helen knowing anything.” She gave him a long passionate kiss, then said: “I cannot wait to see you again though.”

Cade asked, “Can I see you later today?”

Amelia replied, “I will try to work next to the property line again, just look for me.” They kissed once again then Amelia said “You rest for a while, go lay down in the house.”

“I love you, Amelia.”

“I love you too, Cade.”

They then departed as Amelia blew Cade a kiss.


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