Part Five-Severe Love Warning

That following Sunday, Cade was lying on the sofa waiting for Amelia to arrive and wondering if she would even be able to arrive. The anxiety and anticipation were eating him alive inside since he had no way of communicating with her.

In time, he decided on listening to his Patrolman Receiver. He initially tried tuning in local tactical traffic, but it was all quiet, typical for a Sunday morning. Out of boredom, he tuned in to the weather broadcasts.

The meteorologist stated, “A severe thunderstorm will affect Checker and the surrounding area in about ten minutes.

Cade was about to start preparing for the coming storms when he heard a knock at the door.

Upon answering it, he beheld Amelia, with her backpack and clad in a flouncy turquoise dress with a poofy white slip underneath. She smiled at him and asked, “Could I come in?”

“As if you even have to ask. Come right in. A storm is coming anyway.”

She smiled even more and walked inside as she asked, “So what is the good news? You were never able to tell me.”

Cade smiled from ear to ear and said, “I talked to my dad about what happened with us in the shelter.” Amelia got nervous and began to shake.

Immediately Cade said, “No, no, don’t worry. He is not mad at us or anything. If anything, he said that we need to get married, because of what we did. Furthermore, he commanded me to give him some grandchildren.”

Amelia smiled as she said, “Well that is wonderful, it is what I wanted, and what you promised me.” She paused then said “But what about my job.”

Cade replied to her, “Well, I have more good news; I told my dad how you healed my snakebite and saved my life. He also feels in debt to you and is willing to give you something of value. I suggested to him that it should be something to get you away from Ms. Helen.”

Amelia then asked, “How do you know that you can get me away from that bitter old hag?”

Cade replied, “Well, my dad wants us to have this old house.”

Amelia kissed Cade, then asked, “What would you like to do?”

Cade replied, “What do you think?”

Amelia winked at him and teasingly lifted her dress and her slip, revealing her gray granny panties.

Cade began to kiss Amelia from top to bottom as they passionately removed each others’ clothing.

The lovemaking once again commenced until they violently released their fluids on each other just as the lightning flashed and the thunder slammed. Amelia collapsed with pleasure on top of Cade and he planted several more kisses on her. They cuddled on the couch for an hour, tied up in each others’ arms and legs completely naked, all passionately kissing and petting.

Amelia spoke as she kissed Cade’s hand, “So, you know all about me and my story. I would like to know about you.”

Cade replied, “I would be honored to tell you. Here goes: I lived in this one-horse town all my life, but I’ve somehow come to appreciate it, despite all the nosy people here. I didn’t do well in school and I didn’t have much of a social life either, in fact, I would spend my weekends listening to my Patrolman radio and hearing about my classmates’ parties getting busted. My parents were really strict as well. I hated school but they forced me to finish, as did my other family members. When I graduated, I took up carpentry and electrical work and by age twenty-three had mastered both. So, I work for my dad’s company. I’m either building repairing or wiring any place that is assigned to me.”

“So, you’re handsome, successful and you make good money, so why would you even like a girl like me, everyone else rejected me because I’m either too tall or too chubby.”

“I always liked girls your size, but I never admitted it to anyone because I was afraid of what others would think, up until I turned 25 and was still single. The only thing is, every time I would go out, I never came across any girls that I was attracted to.”

“Do you want me for just my body, then?”

“No. I think you have a good heart, you’re very intelligent, gifted, loyal and fun. Furthermore, I could kiss you a thousand times for each freckle on that cute face of yours, I could play with your hair for hours on end and I feel complete when I get lost in your baby blues!”

“I love you, Cade Jennings!”

“I love you too, Amelia Schriever! And wait there’s more: Being under your dress and in between your thick creamy thighs is like dying and going to Heaven, your breasts are so hypnotic and marvelous and your fanny, well words can’t adequately describe just how glorious it is, except that I am drawn to it like iron to a magnet!”

“You better make love to me again, Mister!”

“Baby, your wish is my command!”

Passions were rising as the storms began to subside until there was a heavy knock at the door.

Cade asked, shouting “Who’s here?”

It was Helen Hunter as she spoke, “Who do you think it is?”

Cade whispered to Amelia, “Take your clothes and go hide in the bathroom.” She nodded in fear and left the room. Cade put on his tan trousers and white undershirt, then opened the door. Immediately Ms. Helen barged in through the doorway and into the house.

Cade demanded, “Hey! What do you think you are doing? I didn’t permit you to enter.”

“Shut your mouth, you’re just a little fledgling out of the nest, I don’t need permission from you for anything.”

Cade, walking to the phone in the breakfast nook, warned, “If you don’t leave now, I will call the sheriff’s department.”

Ms. Helen, even more angered, “How dare you! Just try it. I know the sheriff and his deputies won’t dare touch me.”

Cade, basically out of options asked her “What do you want from me?”

Ms. Helen replied, “First off, I want you to lose that disrespectful attitude you have. More importantly, I want to know where Amelia is.”

Cade once again angered said, “It’s her day off. What do you want with her?”

Ms. Helen replied with great irritation, “Don’t question me, she is my employee and this doesn’t concern you. Anyway, how would you know it’s her day off?” She paused then continued “What’s that musty odor in here? It smells like you have been screwing in here. That’s why you took so long to answer the door. Amelia is in here, isn’t she? And you are fornicating with her, aren’t you?”

Cade reached in the nightstand drawer for his dad’s old Smith and Wesson Victory Revolver. He pulled the hammer back pointed it at her and then said, “Get your old, ugly, droopy behind out of here now! You are not welcome on this property ever again!”

Ms. Helen left. As she exited she said “Mark my words, this isn’t over. You can tell Amelia she is fired, for being such an ungrateful little whore.” She stormed out of the door, slamming it behind her. Cade watched her leave the property, then knocked on the bathroom door.

Amelia asked, “Cade is that you?”

“Yes Amelia, it’s me. Get dressed and come out, we have some trouble.”

Amelia, who was already dressed stepped out of the bathroom and asked “What’s the matter?”

Cade replied, “Ms. Helen has decided to fire you.”

Amelia asked in distress, “What? Why? I did nothing. At least nothing that she knows of.”

Cade then said, “She could smell your girly scent in the room after she barged into the house. I guess that was enough proof for her to know that you and I are fornicating.”

“Well, how did you convince her to leave?” Amelia asked.

Cade replied, “My dad’s .38 Special from World War Two scared her off nicely.”

Amelia laughed, slightly, but then was overcome with anxiety. She asked Cade “Where will I stay now?”

Cade answered, “I think we should go talk to my dad, and see what he can do for us.” Amelia nodded.

Cade continued, “We can go talk to him right today if you want. He is off, and this is his only day off.” Cade paused then said, “I’ll only take you to meet my family if you want me to.”

Amelia replied “Yes, let’s go. I only hope that they help us.”

Cade reassured her, “Well the fact that we have fornicated, they will strongly encourage us to get married. Furthermore, you saved my life, I don’t think they will forget that.”

Amelia smiled and nodded.

“Let’s just wait for this rain to stop,” Cade said.

“I would make love to you again, but I’m very shook up,” Amelia said sheepishly.

Cade turned on the Realistic Patrolman again and they listened, snuggling to the weather messages played on a loop.

In time, they had heard of how the severe weather warnings had expired.

With that, Cade grabbed his keys, and they walked to his truck.

He opened the door for Amelia and she climbed in.

Cade then drove his truck up the gravel road, onto the main highway and they soon arrived at the new subdivision where his dad and aunt resided.

Amelia said, “I am so nervous, I hope your dad approves of me.”

Cade replied “He strongly wants us to marry. He even said he wanted grandchildren from us.” Cade paused and then said “Just act properly, and he will like you very much. My dad already knows we have been intimate. That is why he wants us to marry.”

Cade parked in the driveway, and escorted Amelia out of the truck. He knocked on his dad’s front door and was greeted immediately. Cade’s dad motioned for them to come in. Both Cade and Amelia sat down at the dining room table as Van talked to them. He said, “Well, she sure is a pretty young lady, Cade.”

Amelia blushed and said, “Thank you, Mister. Jennings.”

Van replied “I’m old but not that old. Call me Van or VJ.”

Amelia smiled and nodded her head. Cade’s dad then said “Now, in all seriousness, I think it is urgent that you two marry as soon as possible. I want your relationship to be right in the eyes of the Lord.”

Both nodded.

Van continued “Now I am going to have to call Aunt Margie over, so we will all agree on who gets what on the property.” Mr. Van called his sister on the phone, and immediately she came over.

She opened the door, and said, “Well hello again Amelia. It’s good to see you again.”

She then faced Van and said, “All right, I understand that they want to be given the old house. I am fine with that. I would like my three kids to have the unoccupied land adjacent to that house.” She paused then continued, “I also want you to build their houses when the time is right. You’re a very good worker.” Cade smiled and said, “Wow, that’s it?” Both his dad and his aunt nodded. His aunt then said, “I want all of us to have access to the storm shelter.”

Cade replied, “Well of course.” He paused then continued “Well speaking of the storm shelter, I had to treat it because it was crawling with snakes, and at this time of the year we will need it the most.”

Both nodded.

Amelia then spoke “I have just been fired by Helen Hunter. And the fact that I am marrying will not allow me to ever get my job back.”

Cade interjected, “Don’t worry about working, I will support you.”

“Well, I am expecting exactly that. You’ve got a durn good young lady here who saved your skin and you need to honor her for the rest of your life!” Van interrupted.

Amelia then continued “Helen Hunter will be next door to us. She will probably cause us a lot of misery.”

Cade said, “Yes that is true, I was just talking to a deputy about that situation, and he told me his hands are tied from dealing with her because his boss has been accepting bribes from that wretched woman.”

“Oh really. Is that so?” Margie said with irritation, then continued “Well, I can put an end to that. I will tell the sheriff that neither he nor any of his deputies will not eat for free ever again at my diner. At least not until this is resolved.”

Cade’s dad then said “And my company has been supplying the sheriff’s department with all kinds of equipment at a great discount. Unless he deals with Helen Hunter, I will charge him the full retail price, plus an extra 25%. We will see if she will carry on like she does.”

Amelia then said “She is also renting out rooms illegally on her property, she exposes her workers to all sorts of danger. She also pays very unfair wages.”

Aunt Margie replied, “Well again until she is brought to justice, I will not give any member of our Sheriff’s Department free food anymore.”

Van then added, “Likewise for me supplying them at discount. Now, Cade; I want you to get your ducks in a row. Since you two will move into that house; I want you to get married, PDQ!”

Amelia looked at Cade with lust as she said “Could we do it tomorrow, and just go to the Justice of the Peace? I can’t take another day away from him.”

Cade kissed her and then said “It’s fine by me, Amelia. I too don’t know how I will be able to control myself.”

“Good, I want both of you to love each other, but make it right in God’s eyes.”

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