Oven Baked Sunday Chicken with Vegetables

In the past, my family would eat their Sunday Dinners at my Paternal Grandparents’ house until my Paw Paw required open heart surgery in 1994.

My immediate family began having Sunday Dinner in the Autumn of 2014 and up until last month.

So, now I cook Sunday dinner for myself and my wife and I try to make it more special than the meals that I cook for her and me during the week.

Because we had two church services today, which is indeed Sunday, I didn’t start cooking my Sunday Dinner until well after Eight O’Clock at night.

It was served shortly after Ten O’Clock, but as I said in my social media posting: Man, it was worth it!

The meal in question was Oven Baked Sunday Chicken with Vegetables and this piece will be a description of the recipe to make it.

Yes, in the past, between breaking up with my ex-girlfriend and getting into a relationship with my current, and I fervently pray forever wife, I had fantasized about being in a relationship with an SSBBW, where I would be a lover to her (to be clear within wedlock, of course), spoil her and especially cook for her.

I and many others had prayed for God to send me a good spouse during this time.

I discovered that she existed on December 5, 2019, which is also the day that my ex-girlfriend broke up with me.

However, I didn’t make a pass at the young lady who would become my wife until February of 2022, and I guess that is because I thought she was too good for me.

Little did I know, she was also crushing on me during that time.

I am just glad that she and I are finally married.

So, even though I wear the pants in the relationship, both literally and figuratively, I also do the bulk of the cooking. This is because God has gifted me with the ability to cook well and, yes, my wife thoroughly enjoys my cooking.

So, yes, since we have been having Sunday Dinners on our own, I try to make them extra special for my wife and me.

This Sunday was no exception.

After taking her first bite, my wife expressed her total enjoyment and that made me very happy.

Without further ado, I will now describe how to make this delicious Sunday meal.

Olive Oil.
McCormick Poultry Seasoning (no substitutions please.)
Bell Pepper and Herb Seasoning (I used the Pampered Chef version- which was a Christmas Gift from my Mother-in-Law.)
Seasoned Salt.
Russet Potatoes.
Baby Carrots.
Small White Onion (my wife’s idea.)
Boneless Chicken Thighs.

Drizzle the bottom of a large deep skillet with Olive Oil.

Next, add four boneless chicken thighs in a compass rose layout or 90 degrees apart from each other. I find dark meat has a better flavor when it comes to roasting or baking in the oven, but that’s just me.

Season them with a liberal amount of Parsley, Poultry Seasoning, Bell Pepper and Herb Seasoning, Paprika, and Seasoned Salt.

Dice two medium-sized Russet Potatoes and add them.

Add two to three handfuls of Baby Carrots.

Dice the onion into three-quarters of an inch chunks and add them as well. This indeed was my wife’s idea and so I am giving credit whereupon credit is rightly due. The meal was indeed perfected by this ingredient!

Finally, add one to two fluid ounces of water.

Pre Heat oven to 400 Degrees Fahrenheit or 204.444 Degrees Centigrade/Celsius.

Bake for one hour straight.

Remove from oven and allow to cool for five to ten minutes.

Serve and Enjoy!

Be sure to say Grace before eating this and every meal, because whether you, the reader, acknowledge it or not, God is the provider of all things!

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