A Review of the Emerson LC195EMX 19 Inch Bedroom LCD Television

All right, so we are all in understanding with each other, I do not own the featured image on this page. I am giving credit whereupon credit is rightly due and in this case, I downloaded the image from Wal*Mart’s company website.

As mentioned a time or two before, I took care of my Paternal Grandmother (Maw Maw as she was known to her grandchildren and great-grandchildren) from the time her husband (my Paw Paw) passed in September of 2018 until she, herself, passed in December of 2019.

In January 2020, when we were going through her estate, I told my Dad that he could use her bedroom television as his computer monitor and he did so for the next three years.

Earlier this year, his computer finally gave out and I had asked for the television, to use as a bedroom model for me and my wife.

He gave it to me earlier this month.

I promptly ordered a replacement remote and an antenna for it.

They came in this past Monday and my wife and I have been repurposing this television ever since.

The model and make is an Emerson LC195EMX and according to the information on the back, it came off the assembly line somewhere in mainland China in July of 2009.

And that television is what this piece will be a review thereof.

I am not exactly sure when my grandparents purchased this television, but I know my Maw Maw watched it all night long for at least a couple of years while in bed. And she kept her living room television on throughout the day.

It was either one of two things she was watching-cable news programs or Music Choice’s Classic Country Channel.

I much preferred the latter than the former.

And as much as I appreciate history and my appreciation for history comes from watching the news at my Grandparents’ house as a young child, I did not enjoy it while taking care of my Maw Maw.

Cable news, especially what is available on lower-tier cable packages, has gotten way too polarized and biased.

Since some time in 2019, I have considered myself to be a Moderate, I see good in both sides and I see evil in both sides.

However, my Maw Maw assumed I was a Conservative and that was in conflict with her values since she was an FDR and LBJ Liberal.

So, she would watch these cable news channels, msnbc being her favorite, and then pick a fight with me over whatever the panel of these smug so-called experts were opining.

I would bluntly tell her that what she was hearing was her channel’s narrative and it was very biased.

She would then accuse me of watching Fox News.

To which I would rebuff that I can’t watch Fox News because I don’t have cable.

She didn’t know what to say after that.

I hated having that argument every single day with her, at least after the argument was over she would tell me to cook both of us a piece of Boudin.

And usually, I feel that my political views are no one else’s business, but I’ve felt comfortable revealing them to friends, family, and romantic interests, including my current, and I fervently pray, forever wife. I thank God that my wife and I see almost completely eye to eye politically.

It troubles me to this day that my Maw Maw decided to spend her last days on this earth obsessing over the news, although things became much worse in the months following her death.

Well, I’ve deviated tremendously off course from what was supposed to be a review of a television set.

Let’s get back into focus, shall we?

I know that this is an outdated product by over a decade so, the specs listed on Wal*Mart’s website are not completely accurate.

I will list the specs as accurately as I can:

First of all Wal*Mart’s website stated that the resolution of this television was 720p when last night I was receiving New Orleans TV station WDSU in 1080, although I don’t recall if it was 1080i or 1080p.

Other features include two HDMI terminals, two sets of RCA input terminals for VHS, DVD, or older gaming systems, one set of Component input terminals, a VGA input, and a 3.5 mm input for connecting with older PCs as a monitor and sound system, an S-Video input terminal, an RCA audio output, a digital audio output, and a sleep timer.

The picture quality on this device is downright beautiful. The colors are detailed and vibrant and the image reproductions are very sharp. This is still very true even when receiving an image in 480i!

The sound is also loud, clear, and room-filling, especially for a bedroom model.

Not only did my Maw Maw use this television every night while in bed, she also used it while in a nursing facility for rehab. Then she used it nightly again until her passing. Then my Dad used it as a computer monitor for about three years. And now my wife and I are using it, once again as a bedroom television.

So that should speak volumes about the quality of the components in this television!

What can I say except that Emerson is a reputable brand?

My chief complaint is that the television will not turn on unless the remote is pointed directly at the infrared sensor, however, all the other remote functions aren’t as constrained, which is a relief for watching it while in bed.

The antenna I paired it with is a Clear TV Premium Mini HD Antenna and it has brought in well over 65 channels, granted I am just across the River from New Orleans, Louisiana, but still, this is above and beyond performance!

God willing, I will write a review of that antenna shortly.  [UPDATE: Here is that review.]

I guess this, therefore, concludes my review of the Emerson LC195EMX 19 Inch Bedroom LCD Television.

And yes, I give it a full 5 out of 5 stars!

I hope that you, the reader, have been informed, enlightened, and quite possibly maybe even entertained.

May God richly bless you!

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