Chicken Sauce Piquante

I grew up in Raceland, Louisiana, which for some time was known as the Sauce Piquante Capital of the World.

From 1979 until about 1994, for every first weekend in October, the Sauce Piquante Festival was held on the grounds of saint mary’s nativity catholic school and church.

Then the bishop at the time had the festival banned.

Some say it was banned because people dressed in clothing deemed inappropriate (it is still considerably hot in Louisiana in early October.)

Others say it was banned because of the drunkenness taking place on school and church grounds (I am not condoning drunkenness but I realize that it many times goes hand in hand with festivities and merry-making.)

It could be likely for a combination of these two reasons in addition to other factors, but every subsequent bishop has upheld the ban.

What is so hypocritical about this ban on something that was a source of mostly good clean fun and a decent source of income, is that those in the roman catholic church turned a blind eye to the sexual molestation of children by priests, the physical abuse of children by nuns, priests having carnal relations with nuns and married women and if you, the reader, would open up a Bible a read it you will quickly realize that the roman catholic church is also blatantly guilty of all kinds of abominations and blasphemies.

I was raised catholic, mostly in name only, but now I cannot endorse anything catholic and maintain a clear conscience.

All right, I’ve said enough about that, at least for now.

After all, this piece is meant to be about making a recipe for Chicken Sauce Piquante.

So here we go.

For those wondering, Sauce Piquante is a spicy tomato-based stew originating from South Louisiana and may be made with rabbit, domestic chicken, turtle, alligator, and sometimes even various types of fish and has been one of my favorite dishes for some time. My version is done with boneless chicken thighs.

In the earlier parts of 2022, I took it upon myself to make it and was thoroughly impressed by the results.

It was everything I wanted it to be and even more.

Here are the ingredients that are needed:

One Pound of Fresh Boneless Chicken Thighs
One 15-ounce can of Tomato Sauce
Cajun Trinity Seasoning (Chopped White Onions, Chopped Green and Red Bell Peppers, Chopped Celery)
Cajun Seasoning (I highly recommend Swamp Dog brand)
Two Cloves of Garlic (if I had to guess)
Two Handfuls of Chopped Green Onions or Shallots
Cooking Oil
Black Pepper
A Bay Leaf or Two
White Medium Grain Rice
Louisiana Hot Sauce or Tabasco Original Red Sauce (or Both) to taste
Brown Sugar to taste.

Place a medium to a large pot on medium to high heat and line the bottom of the pot with cooking oil.

Add the Trinity Seasoning, until you cannot see the bottom of the pot clearly through the oil.

Combine the garlic, shallots, Cajun Seasoning, Black Pepper, and Parsley.

Stir frequently until slightly browned in oil while adding in the hot sauce(s.)

Add in chicken and sear allowing the juices from the meat to combine with the seasoning base.

If I had to guess, do this for about 20-30 minutes but individual results may vary.

Finally pour in the tomato sauce and lower the heat.

At this time you may add some brown sugar to taste, but I advise only adding a minuscule amount.

Simmer for about an hour, stirring frequently.

During the final twenty minutes cook the rice.

Serve main dish over the rice and enjoy!

I hope that you, the reader, enjoy this special dish as much as I have.

Furthermore, if you now have your suspicions about catholicism, then you are on the right track.

Click here to know the Truth about how one can make it right with God Almighty!

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