An American Family Living through the Pearl Harbor Attack

I do not own the featured image on this page.  I must needs give credit whereupon credit is rightly due and in this case, I borrowed it from Antique Radio.  It is a picture of a radio that would likely have been used during the time of the events of Pearl Harbor and that is why I am using it for this post.

Though these events occurred over forty five years before I was born, however, I have fabricated a story about what would have likely happened to families throughout the United States on that infamous day.

Without further ado, here was go:

I envision a young housewife walking home from church with her husband and babies. After everyone is settled in at home she steps into the kitchen and begins preparing some chicken, green beans, potatoes and perhaps a cherry pie for her Sunday Dinner. Her husband purchased her a kitchen radio for her in order for her to have entertainment while carrying out her household duties. She turns the radio on and just as the tubes get warm enough for the radio to function, the news of the attack breaks. Her husband is in the back yard well bundled up and tending to the cabbage crops in his garden. The babies are equally bundled up and playing nearby in the dirt. A reporter begins to broadcast the details as they are coming in from the teletype machines. The lady calls her husband in to listen to what she is hearing. As he hears this breaking news, anger and fear soon grip him. Later that evening the couple and their children walk back to their church and begin to fervently pray, knowing what potentially lies ahead…

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