Character Guide-a.D. MMIV

This story begins on August 3, 2004 and spans to around 2009, concluding with the wedding of my two characters.

Eliezer James “Eli” Mouton-born 1987-Main character a schizophrenic turned high school dropout of whom this story series revolves.

Hannah Danielle “Hannah D” Bienville-born 1991-Other main character-moderately autistic but good hearted, love interest of Eli.

Beatrice Raliegh “Bea” Bienville-born 1962-Hannah D’s mother, assistant manager at a local Chick-Fil-A.

Walter Rayburn “Wally” Bienville-born 1964-Hannah D’s dad, Bea’s ex husband, employed as a foreman for a local warehouse.

Wilson “Pappy Wilson” Mouton-born 1922-Eli’s grandpa, retired chemical plant worker.

Darla Elizabeth “MeeMaw Darla” Saville Mouton-born 1923-Eli’s grandma, homemaker and retired book keeper.

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