One of Everette Mullen’s Story Ideas

So one of Everett Mullen’s Works of Fiction on his blog entails a twenty-twenty-two-year-old writer by night and days off and coffee shop worker as his main job. His girlfriend is an emancipated sixteen-going-on-seventeen-year-old high school dropout turned visual artist and is employed as a cashier in the coffee shop. Her parents were verbally and physically abusive but the cops condoned their ways. They would also take her paycheck from her when she did anything they didn’t like. The owners allow her to stay in the living space of a loft above their coffee shop, where she paints on her days off and works the cash register on her workdays. The owners sell her paintings for a ten percent fee and place ninety percent of the proceeds into a trust fund for her. The owners of this establishment cater to the Bohemian youth in the city, which by stark comparison has a majority population consisting of the lower middle class conservative types. Many times the young man writes stories in his girlfriend’s room and reads them to her as she paints scenes either depicting the stories or drawing upon abstract inspiration. This young man would sit in on English lectures at various colleges to pick up better grammar skills for his writing. He never officially enrolled in any higher learning institutions but was soon respected and welcomed by faculty and students, when he discussed his aspirations and ideas. His parents are lower middle class and he also has an eighteen-year-old brother who is still in high school but plans to join the military. His brother’s girlfriend is nineteen and employed as a school cafeteria worker and they are favored by the parents. When the owners find out that they are alone in that room together, they suggest marriage, to which they wholeheartedly agree and this angers the young man’s parents even more. What further anger the parents is when their older son and his new wife now have enough money to live comfortably and move into one of the nicer houses in that town and live out a Bohemian fantasy lifestyle indefinitely while their younger son has to join the military, his girlfriend works a dead-end job and they are stuck also in dead in jobs until they can draw Social Security. They are wed on her seventeenth (the age of consent) birthday and the coffee shop owners give them both a week’s paid vacation as a honeymoon present, since they are the two best workers and work well together. Usually, they travel on bicycles but together they buy a restored Volkswagen Microbus which they have detailed with vibrant colors. The local cops constantly profile this young couple. The authorities also monitor the coffee shop and nitpick about every code while giving significant breaks to the more conformist-minded businesses. Because many of the Bohemian Youth is that impoverished in this small town, they cannot afford cell phones, so they communicate on MURS which is a VHF version of CB radio, either portable rechargeable units with custom made long rugged antennas or simple mobile units for those who have vehicles. There is also some more fortunate youth who relay some of the MURS radio traffic onto social media. The cops constantly eavesdrop on them and are waiting to ensnare them for anything and everything. A local ordinance is passed banning base station antennas on residential buildings in the corporate limits of the town. They went on to ban all kinds of outdoor antennas on residential buildings as part of a kickback with the local cable TV company. Their frequency is 151.94 MHz which is MURS Channel 3 and they use this frequency because so many people born in [19]94 tend to be creative. I plan to elaborate more and more about this, but Everette Mullen inspires many oppressed Bohemian youth not only nationwide but worldwide. If I had to guess the setting for this story, it would either be in Northern Florida, Central Mississippi/Alabama, Louisiana between the US 80 and US 84 corridors, or somewhere in Georgia. I am thinking that everyone in this city is jealous of my main character and his wife because they have well-paying jobs that aren’t backbreaking, yet they never attained a formal higher education. All of the Bohemian youth in the city look to Mullen’s blog for inspiration. The main character’s mother is especially furious with him when she learns that his brother will be deployed on a combat mission, yet her older son gets to stay in his luxurious house and write fantasies that inspire youth to espouse lifestyles that are not in line with the values of their city or country. She drives over to his new house and confronts him immediately after learning the news of her younger son’s combat deployment. Mullen’s main character reminds his mother that he is unfit for military service and he is now a married man who needs to take care of his wife. The mother replies that she wishes he would have never met that girl because all she does is enable him to live out a fantasy. Mullen’s character snidely replies that is exactly why he fell in love with her because being with her is exactly like living out one of his fantasies and why can’t she just be happy for him? She says she isn’t happy because her younger son who did everything right is now in harm’s way while he lives in rebellion and encourages others to do the same lives in luxury and continuously writes garbage that is embarrassing to her. She then says how one day this fantasy will come to an end and everything will come crashing down around him. He asks her if that is what she wants. She says yes because then it will teach him to work hard for a living like everyone else around him and not take the easy way out. He then says that he and his wife have unique talents and many people from all over appreciate their work. She then says that many around here are offended by it. He replies that they are offended because they are a bunch of simple-minded bigots who idolize conformity. He goes on to say that the city mismanaged the public funds so much now that every resident must pay a hefty tax on smartphone services and that inhibits many from using one. His mom replies that the ones who are prevented from using smartphones only use them for the wrong reasons anyway. They are only supposed to use them for work-related purposes, but too many were using them to have illegal relationships and share dangerous ideas. He asks her what is so dangerous about wanting a living wage and having a decent work-life balance. She replies that working extra hard to make ends meet will keep the youth out of trouble and build character for them. The rest of us have to so they should even more. He then says that many companies in this city forbid their young employees from having social media or even blogging, and he believes that is encroaching on their first amendment rights. She then says for him to not dare talk about the constitution when he won’t fight for it. He asks, how is fighting some foreign war that has nothing to do with domestic policy fighting for the constitution? If anything this war in and of itself violates the constitution. His mom then slaps him across the face. He then tells her to get out of his house.

Mullen’s work is praised by some online but he has also received many threats from those offended by it.

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