Second Morning Together-The New Generation Gap

Thursday, November 1, 2012.

Zachary woke up on his futon and looked at his G-Shock. It indicated 9:38 AM.

He and Tiffany were very tired from all they had done the previous day.

He walked to the bathroom and relieved his bladder, washing his hands afterward. Zachary then walked to his bedroom where he saw Tiffany fast asleep. He watched her with admiration and then planted a kiss on her forehead.

He sat quietly and began to take notes in a composition book for his latest story. He drew his inspiration from the strong feelings he had for Tiffany and couldn’t wait to show them to her. He wrote continuously for almost a half-hour when he heard Tiffany waking up.

She walked into the living room and greeted him.

Zachary hugged her tightly as they sweetly exchanged kisses. Zachary held her even closer to him until she said, “Not any tighter, Zack, or I’ll pee on both of us.”

Zachary immediately let go, then patted her buttocks.

Tiffany continued, “Let me use the bathroom, then we can pick up where we left off.”

They exchanged one more kiss, then Tiffany pranced to the bathroom as Zachary watched her panty-covered buttocks jiggle and her thick curvy hips swivel with great admiration and considerable lust. She closed the door behind her then pulled her panty down and sat on the toilet until her bladder was empty. She then wiped her private parts, washed her hands, and walked out of the bathroom. She walked back into Zachary’s bedroom and donned her blue jeans, then went to Zachary.

He was standing in the kitchen when Tiffany came up to him, kissed him, and then asked, “Did you miss me?”

Zachary gave her several kisses in return and replied, “Terribly.”

“I missed you too, Zack, but I know we need to honor God with our relationship.”

“Indeed we must,” Zachary replied, then continued, “Are you hungry?”

Tiffany nodded.

Zachary then said, “Well I can make us some more biscuits with raspberry preserves or I can make us some instant oatmeal.”

“Instant oatmeal sounds good.”

“How do you like it, sweetheart?”

“When my parents made it they only used water and salt.”

“Well, I heat mine up in the water, then I add milk, brown sugar, raisins, and a little cinnamon.”

“Oh, that sounds so much better than how my parents made it, but I think you have an ulterior motive-you want to make sure my butt stays nice and big, don’t you?!”

Zachary blushed and said, “Well you’re partially correct: I do indeed think your fanny is very lovely. However, I want you to have a decent-tasting breakfast as well, sweetheart. And just know that your fanny could grow or shrink, but as long as your heart stays big, I would still want you!”

“I am falling for you head over heels, Zack!”

“I feel just the same about you, Tiffany.”

Their faces then met as they rubbed noses until Tiffany’s stomach began to rumble. Zachary bent down and kissed her belly then said, “Let’s get you some nourishment.”

Tiffany nodded and giggled.

Zachary then began to prepare their breakfast, placing some dried oatmeal in a large bowl adding water, then putting it in the microwave oven for about two and a half minutes.

They clung to each other with great affection, lost in each other’s gaze as the oatmeal was cooking.

All too soon, they heard the beep, indicating that the oatmeal was finished. Zachary then poured some milk onto it, then added the brown sugar, raisins, and cinnamon, stirring it thoroughly afterward.

He then told Tiffany, “Finish off the milk so it doesn’t go bad.”

Tiffany kissed Zachary then smacked his buttocks as she poured the remaining milk into a cup and drank it.

Zachary then halved the oatmeal mixture into a portion for him and a portion for Tiffany in their bowls. He then said grace, “Heavenly Father, we thank you for this wonderful meal and we thank you for all that you have blessed us with. Please keep us together come what may and draw us ever closer to you. We ask that you bless this food for the nourishment of our bodies for your service and glory. In Jesus’ Name, we make these prayers, Amen.”

They began to eat the hot cereal, to which Tiffany said, “Oh my gosh, this is amazing, bae!”

“Thank you, sweetheart! It brings me a world of joy watching you eat it.”

“Do you think I look weird when I eat?”

“I think you’re really cute when you eat or do anything else, for that matter!”

“I know I found someone wonderful.”

“And I found someone equally wonderful.”

They continued eating until all the prepared oatmeal was gone.

Tiffany then asked, “Do you think you could read your stories to me?”

“I was hoping you would ask!” Zachary replied.

“I saw you writing when I woke up and I definitely want to know what you’re writing about.”

“Well, I was drawing upon my feelings for you as my inspiration, so I hope and pray that these stories bring you as much joy to read as they brought me to write them.”

“I’m sure your stories will, bae. Now read to me!”

“Very well, sweetheart!”

Zachary then retracted the mattress of the futon, then he and Tiffany curled up and he read to her. She stared at him with much longing, smiling from ear to ear and hanging on to his every word.

There were plenty of moments where they exchanged passionate kisses and sweet caresses but kept it just a slight degree away from actual sin.

Tiffany finally said, “I am falling for you like never before and I only pray that you feel the same way about me, Zack!”

Zachary looked deeply into her eyes, then gave her an unforgettable kiss as he said, “Indeed I am and I thank God for sending you to me. I want you by my side forever!”

They embraced with strong affection, sharing many more kisses as Zachary continued to read to Tiffany until they were both getting hungry. Zachary looked at his G-Shock which indicated Noon Fifty Six.

He then asked Tiffany, “Would you like some lunch?”

“Sure. What do you have?”

“Some sliced oven-roasted turkey breasts on some wheat bread. I also have mayonnaise and mustard, if you like.”

“I think I’ll put extra mayo on my sandwich. Do you want to know why?”

Zachary nodded.

Tiffany continued, “So my butt stays nice and big for you!” As she rubbed her aforementioned body part on Zachary.

They then embraced and their tongues began to wrestle.

“If we proceed any further, it will be a sin,” Zachary said.

Tiffany replied, “You’re right Zack, let’s eat to give us an escape route from the sin.

With that, they each made a turkey breast sandwich and then ate in happiness.

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