Character Guide-The New Generation Gap

The setting for this story series is based on Houma, Louisiana from late October 2012 until present-day.

Here is a list of characters and their background information:

Tiffany Anne Taylor-born in 1993-is a free spirit despite being brought up by abusive catholic parents. At the age of 19, she snuck out with friends to hang out at the shopping mall, and by chance and met Zack, they quickly hit it off and soon fall in love. She is into all sorts of visual arts and aspires to be a professional artist someday.

Zachary “Zack” Edward Moore-born in 1987-is a physically disabled aspiring writer. He acquired a low-income apartment after sustaining a back injury on the job when he was 19. He worked as a shopping cart attendant from the ages of 15-18, then in the shipyards as a roustabout from the ages of 18-19, when he injured his back. He was a lonely aspiring writer until meeting Tiffany at the mall when he was 25 going on 26 and she was 19 going on 20. He dropped out of high school at 17, because he was still a freshman, but teaches himself how to write properly through online tutorials. Drives a 2004 Chevy Cobalt until it is totaled by a collision with a reckless driver.

Rochelle Hughes-born in 1975-The manager of the apartment complex in which Zachary and Tiffany initially reside. She is fair, kind, and gentle to the tenants, but doesn’t allow them to harass each other. She is good friends with Zachary and later Tiffany.

Katy Luzerne-born in 1960-An apartment complex neighbor of Zachary and Tiffany. She is a bitter divorcee and busybody who often harasses my main characters. She also frequently butts heads with the apartment manager over how she thinks the place ought to be run. While not legally employed herself, she looks down on Zachary for being disabled. She is also skinny and her breasts sag, so she ridicules Tiffany for being overweight and buxom. Drives a 1976 Lincoln Continental.

Richard “Dick” Ritchenberg-born in 1941-Their next-door neighbor upon moving out of their apartment bought and moved into their fixer-upper house. He will be a grouchy old man from the Silent Generation. He is a divorced, retired, foul-mouthed, war veteran who fought in Vietnam and Desert Storm. He is a member of the local Knights of Columbus, yet somehow constantly ran around on his then-wife-now-ex-wife. She divorced him when she turned 65. He will be verbally abusive to my main characters and constantly tries to turn them in for anything possible. Runs a CB Radio base station in his house with an illegal amplifier that interferes with the TV reception of my main characters. He is known on the CB as “Tool Man.” Drives a 1992 Dodge Dakota.

Barbara “Babs” Wright Ritchenberg-born in 1946-homemaker, chain smoker, and longsuffering wife of Dick Ritchenberg. She filed for divorce upon turning 65 in 2011. She lives in the same apartment complex where Zack Moore and Tiffany Taylor are staying and becomes friends with them, even providing transportation for them when their car was totaled. She later moves in with her widowed brother to take care of him. Drives a 2003 Honda Pilot.

Michael “Mikey” Wright-born in 1945-Barbara’s retired, widowed, depressed, beer-guzzling (over the loss of his wife) but a kind-hearted brother. Helps Zack and Tiffany move into their new house with the aid of his truck. house. Was the chief electrician at the shipyard. Wanted to get Zachary into the electrical department before his injury. Drives a 2012 Chevy Silverado.

Linda Harrison Wright-born in 1952 died in 2010-Beloved wife and homemaker of Michael Wright. Was a disabled BBW and a wonderful cook, but died of complications from diabetes, causing her husband to turn to binge drinking.

Brenda Wilson Moore-born in 1951-Zachary’s Mother. Former hippie turned music and book store manager. Goes into early retirement after the store becomes unprofitable. Spends her leisure time gardening and reading to young children at the library. Drives a 2001 Mercury Sable.

Laurence “Larry” Moore-born in 1948-Zachary’s Dad. Also a former hippie, now a warehouse foreman at the distribution center for the grocery chain. Pulls strings to get Zachary hired on as a shopping cart attendant after he drops out of school. Drives a 2004 Ford F-150.

Timothy James “Timmy” McGillicuddy-born in 1982-A young, creative pastor, who serves as the hospital chaplain that leads Zachary to Christ. Later starts a small church that Zachary and Tiffany attend. Also performs their wedding. Drives a 1965 Ford Mustang.

Judith “Judy” Brezinski Bordeaux-born in 1940-A widow and member of Pastor Timmy’s church. She and her husband had been Christians since childhood. They married as soon as they were legally able. Because of this, her husband complied with his government’s draft order (lining up with Romans 13) and faithfully served in Vietnam where he was killed in a helicopter crash. No man ever measured up to her standards so she remained widowed. She later takes Tiffany in to prevent her and Zachary from cohabiting.

PFC William “Bill” Bordeaux-born in 1943 and died in 1968-Beloved childhood sweetheart and later husband of Judy Brezinski. They ran away to get married at ages 19 and 16 and have been happily married until he was killed in Vietnam. As a devout Christian, he was faithful to his wife, even while on the other side of the world. He was scared to go to war and be away from the girl whom he loved for so long but believed it was what his government and therefore God required of him.

Kandice Paisley Padgett-born in 1984-Wife of Anthony Padgett. A BBW like Tiffany but older. Has a servant’s heart for her church and unmistakable love for Christ. Also has a few health issues but volunteers her time at the church and that is how she met Anthony. Becomes a close friend to Tiffany. Drives a 2004 Chevy Astro.

Anthony Padgett-born in 1983-Ex convict, now straight man, since coming to Christ whilst incarcerated. Went from one extreme to the other and can be highly judgemental at times, though well-meaning. Works as a maintenance man at the church.

Juniper Koffman-born in 1989-Flower child, free spirit. Raised by former hippies. Fiance` of Damian Olsen. Sometimes in conflict with other church members, especially Anthony. Eventually becomes born again. Receives an SSI check for Bipolar disorder. Plays the guitar very well, but is not yet allowed on the worship team. Drives her parents restored 1969 Volkswagen Microbus.

Damian Olsen-born in 1986-Former bad boy, now born again but struggling with his former lifestyle. Was very rich, but estranged from his family after coming to Christ. Totally in love with Juniper Koffman. They met at a free concert. Does odd jobs for cash to make ends meet. Sings bass-baritone very well. Also writes lyrics. Rides in Juniper’s Microbus.

Karen Magee Taylor-born in 1953-Tiffany’s mother is a secretary at the catholic school Tiffany attended. Had several children before her, but then had to have an emergency total hysterectomy immediately after her birth. Devout but edgy catholic woman. Doesn’t ever let Tiffany leave the house except for school and church. Drives a 2006 Toyota Highlander.

Henry Taylor-born in 1953-Tiffany’s dad-very on edge since his wife’s hysterectomy. Frequently beats his youngest daughter Tiffany even for minor offenses. Not as devout as his wife, but at least faithful to her. Worked as a sandblaster, promoted to a foreman, and later an administrator in the local shipyard. Has a violent temper and foul mouth when in the wrong mood. Drives a 2005 Ford Five Hundred.

Myself (Eric John “E. J.” Monier)-born in 1987-has a brief cameo in this series on the CB Radio with the handle “Mister Flashlight.” I am frequently harassed over the radio by “Tool Man.”

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