A Christian Couple on Vacation

Part ONE:
My wife and I have been happily married for almost a whole year. Time has gone by really fast.

I had prayed for God to send her into my life after some failed relationships and I am so thankful that He did send her.

For those wondering she is indeed supersized. I am indeed strongly (and exclusively) attracted to bigger ladies, so I was thankful to God when he sent her into my life. I think I won her over when she found out that I am so attracted to bigger ladies, but I digress. She also has long beautiful brown hair and the prettiest face I have ever seen. I thank God for her every day that He sends and my prayer is for her and me to share a long life, serving Him and each other!

It is that wonderful time of year when Summer transitions to Autumn.

A few days ago, we learned that another couple and friends of ours are taking a trip to New York City and they want to bring us along for at least most of the ride.

The plan, they revealed to us, is that they will drop us off at a charming little bed and breakfast in Old Saybrook Connecticut and then they will continue to New York City and get their business done. Afterward, they will pick us up. The best part of all is that their company is paying for most of our trip.

So with that, we are finalizing our packing. It is three o’clock in the morning. We are securing our necessary belongings as well as our favorite articles of clothing.

Now, we are ready.

In the morning dampness, we text our friends stating that we are ready for them to pick us up.

In time, they arrive in a newer Chevy Suburban.

We greet them, then we seat ourselves in the third row of seats, with our belongings in front of us on the floorboard.

We drive off and head up North.

My wife and I sleep in each others’ arms until the sun is now up and we are passing through Northern Mississippi near the Alabama border, we relieve ourselves at the rest stop.

We sit close to each other and I observe the scenery and highway signs. We also talk with our friends about how God has blessed our marriage and how we both prayed for Him to send us the right one and that He answered those prayers. I go on to say how my wife fits the standards I had for a spouse precisely and she says the same about me. Our friends seem very impressed, and they give God the Glory.

It is now near Noon and we are in Birmingham, Alabama. We all agree to make a stop for food at a Cracker Barrel. We all happily eat and I think my wife is so cute as she wolfs down her chicken and dumplings and then her peach cobbler. I eat some fried chicken and green beans. We all drink sweet tea. After our meal, we relieve ourselves in the restroom and then head out once again.

Our friends take turns diligently driving into the afternoon and evening until we stop at a motel in Northern Virginia.

We all turn in just for the evening and fall right asleep. The room is very cold, but my wife keeps me very warm with her pleasantly plump body. She holds me tight and sleeps partially on top of me all night long.

In the morning, I wake up to her lovely face and we share a kiss.

We all take turns relieving ourselves, then eat the continental breakfast and check out.

We get back on the road and I keep watch of the road signs and scenery yet again.

While traveling through Southeastern Pennsylvania, I notice that the weather is getting blue.

So, I pull out my Weather Radio and scan for the strongest station.

I learn that there is a Severe Thunderstorm Warning and a Tornado Watch for the area we are passing through.

We all pray as the weather gets darker.

We’re very nervous, but then our prayers are answered and the storm dies down.

We all praise God in Jesus’ Name, then continue on our journey.

Several more hours pass, then we are dropped off at our Bed and Breakfast in Old Saybrook.

It is late afternoon and we are hungry.

So, the owners of the bed and breakfast feed us a meal consisting of fish ‘n’ chips and some tea to drink.

We say grace then eat.

The meal is exquisite, despite being so simple.

We then go up to our room.

Upon entering, we place a Do Not Disturb placard on the outside doorknob.

My wife teasingly lifts her yellow skirt in front of me, revealing her lacy white slip and then her white cotton panty.

She then pushes me onto the bed and I fall on my back.

She climbs on top of me and places her most intimate regions in my face, pulling the crotch of her panty aside.

I lovingly go down on her until she violently climaxes all over me.

The sensation and emotion are so intense as she pulls off my pants and boxer briefs, then I remove her skirt, slip, and panty.

Fiercely, we make passionate love until she climaxes, spraying all over me again and I fill her with my seed.

Sweetly we cuddle into the night exchanging caresses and kisses until we fall asleep under the moonbeams coming through the window.

In the morning we get dressed. She dons a white blouse and a light blue skirt. I wear a black pair of pants and a creme-colored Oxford shirt.

We decide to go exploring.

I take my scanner, knowing that we can listen to nearby boat traffic.

We walk along the shoreline and come upon a lighthouse.

We both look upon it with great interest.

There is now a consistent sea breeze blowing onto the shore and it is causing her flouncy skirt to billow up.

I stare at her with a mixture of love and lust but she is quite frustrated.

Ultimately, we decide to lay in the grass until the sea breeze dies down.

She cradles me in her lap and uses me as a weight for her skirt.

She looks down at me with love and pelts my face and head with many kisses.

I take my scanner and we listen to the boat captains coordinating their movements with each other.

I blush and apologize for the content of some of these boat captains’ filthy speech.

She simply comments that they have such potty mouths.

Eventually, I turn the scanner off and we simply bask in the sunlight and watch the waves beat on the shoreline.

It is silence but a peaceful and blissful silence we share.

Now and then, she teasingly pulls her skirt and slip over my head, to which my desire for her multiplies. She then whispers, “Just wait until we are behind closed doors, mister!”

We stay like this until we are hungry, so we go for a walk and find a local restaurant.

They serve us lobster and clam chowder. Happily, we eat and then pay for our meal. We drink iced tea with that.

Afterward, we walk back to the bed and breakfast and watch movies together, until evening.

At nightfall, we go back to the lighthouse and watch it give off its bright light.

The breeze coming off of the water once again causes her skirt to billow up but this time she says she is thinking of something that the lighthouse reminds her of.

I grin from ear to ear and then shower her with kisses as she grabs me.

At once, we make a beeline back to our room and make love, reinforcing our marital bonds stronger than ever before.

We thank God for each other and petition Him to continue to bless our marriage.

We spend the rest of the night cuddling, reading our Bible, and praying together until we fall asleep in each others’ arms.

It is now dawn and our friends are here to pick us up.

We thank them for providing us with this romantic getaway and they comment on how we look happier than ever.

My wife and I simply wink at each other as we load up the Suburban and head back home.

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