Rest in Peace Calvin John “Coach Buck” Buxton

Today is January 27, 2022, which means it has been six years and one day since the very untimely passing of Mister Calvin John “Coach Buck” Buxton.

Even today, he is missed by many, myself included.

He was a kind, friendly, hardworking, and humorous gentleman and took from us way too soon.

I first met Coach Buck in August of 2001. I was in the boy’s P.E. class and his girl’s P.E. class was at the same period.

The first thing I noticed about him was that he would frequently make peacock calls, either in the gym or on the practice field-to which I found extremely hilarious.

I remember telling my mom about a certain coach who would make these hilarious peacock calls and how it made me laugh so much.

It was on September 11, 2001, Coach Buck led the entire assembly in prayer, in reaction to the horrible events of that day.

After class was dismissed, I told my mom that the man who led the prayer was the same man who does the peacock calls.

She told me that the gentleman praying was Coach Buck and how he has a wonderful sense of humor.

When he found out how much his peacock calls entertain me, he did them even more so, to which I would laugh until my eyes were watering and my sides ached!

In my sophomore year, (2003-2004), he taught me Old Testament Religious Studies and he would allow me to read my Bible in his class. Doing so prepared me for an encounter with Jesus Christ that following summer, to which I put trust in Him as my Lord and Savior.

Also during that class, he would frequently strike the metal cabinet with his fist which resulted in a loud bang. He did this to get his class’s attention, and I thought this was almost as funny as his peacock call.

Another time in his class, he was teaching how Yahweh provided the Israelites with quail to eat. And I asked Coach Buck if they had to call the quails, to which he subsequently sounded his infamous peacock call and I laughed for about five minutes straight.

I never played any sports but I must mention that those who played sports under him will tell how he was a talented and dedicated coach.

Years after graduating, I contacted him on social media and asked if he remembered me, to which he replied how he did and that I was one of his favorite students. I was very touched by this because he was among my favorite teachers.

I remember the day he passed, my mom called me on the phone crying that Coach Buck had passed away. I was crushed.

I still think of him every day that God sends.

On the day of his funeral, I was planning to attend, but I had overslept due to the troubles I have with the medications I am required to take.

I felt terrible for not attending because Coach Buck was good to me and he had a positive impact on my life.

All in all, rest easy Coach Buck, you truly were a wonderful person and I miss you!

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